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    Bellefonte, Pa., April 24, 1931.
——Judge M. Ward Fleming was
<onfined to his home, last week, as
the result of an attack of the grip.
This week the State Depart-
ment of Fisheries stocked Van
Scoycc rum, in Centre county, with
trout. :
——Thus far this season the High-
‘way Department has not started any
‘work in Centre county that has ne-
«<essitated the establishment of a
«detour. $
———Barnett Bros. circus will ex-
‘hibit here on Saturday May 16. It
travels on sixty-five
and is reported as being quite an in-
teresting show.
——Up to yesterday no word had
been received by postmaster John
J&L. Knisely regarding the selection
of a site for Bellefonte’'s new post-
office, though the proposals were
opened in Washington, on Tuesday.
“The Nittany Lion,” the new
‘hotel on the Campus at the Pennsyl-
‘vania State College, will be opened
‘with a dinner dance on Tuesday eve-
ming, May 5. Reservations can be
made up to May 1 at five dollars
per person.
——The drinking fountains on
(High street bridge and in front of
‘the court house have been turned on
for the summer season, evidence
‘that water superintendent Seibert
«does not apprehend any more freez-
ing weather.
——A belated birth announcement |
ds that of Cynthia Anne Scott, daugh- |
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Scott, of
‘Erie, who was born in Erie, Friday,
March 13. Mrs. Scott, formerly of |
Bellefonte, is well known here as]
Miss Mary Orvis Harvey,
——On their way home from Ty- of Clarence, was arrested by patrol- entitled to compete for the grand
| men Turner after he had collided prize with the winners in the Cen-
field motor party crashed into a big ' with a car driven by W. E. Robert- tral Pennsylvania district which em-
bear on the highway between Bald son, of Fleming. He was charged braces eleven counties, namely: Blair,
irone, one night last week, a Clear-
‘Eagle and Sandy Ridge. From the
way the bear made off through the the influence of liquor, and at a hear- Huntingdon, Indiana, Elk, Jefferson,
underbrush it was not seriously hurt ing before 'Squire Tressell was held Fulton and Somerset.
‘but the fenders of the care were |
‘pretty badly bent.
~———Under an act of the Legisla-|
‘ture there is a penalty of $25 for |
On Sunday evening Bessie Blair, of
Buffalo Run valley, took her broth-
er's car for a drive to Bellefonte.
As she rounded the curve at the
Brockerhoff mill, at Roopsburg, she
was confroated by a car in front of
her going slowly. At the speed she
was traveling she realized she could
not slow down enough to avoid hit-
ting the car so she steered to the
left and plunged down over the
bank into the mill race.
thrown through the windshield and
the car, turning turtle, landed on
her leg, pinning her fast beneath it
Fortunately Charles Dawson and
' Blair Keeler happened to be near essays and have announced the prize
there and they both plunged into the
creek and rescued the girl, other-
wise she might have drowned. She
motor trucks was promptly brought to the Centre Home and on the Street.”
County hospital, by the two young
men, where it was found that she
had sustained several bad cuts on
the face and head, and lacerations
and body bruises, but no broken
bones. It is said the girl was oper-
ating the car without a driver's li-
cense and had taken it after being
told not to do so by her brother.
On Wednesday of last week, ac-
cording to the State highway patrol,
Charles L. Deihl, of Bellefonte, an
interior decorator on the new hotel,
at State College, in company with
J. E. Jackson, of State College, start-
ed out to do a little celebrating in
Deihl's Ford car. They had seven
pints of moonshine and ended up at
the Branch school house, where {hey
were reported as being drunk and
disorderly. Corp. Gross and -
trolman Turner arrested the two men School, Miss Janet Forcey,
and placed them in the State College
lockup for safe keeping. Later they
were given a hearing before ’'Squire
L J, Dreese, at Lemont. Both plead
(guilty to disorderly conduct and
Deihl to driving a car without an
operator's license.
On Saturday William S. Crispen,
with operating a car while under
in $400 bail for trial at court, bond
being furnished.
Last Saturday afternoon Charles
DeHass, of Howard, reported his
Some weeks ago a safety council Farmers will be interested in a
essay contest was announced for recent ruling of the United States
public school children in Centre coun- Department of Agriculture, which
ty and the response brought forth places Centre county on the list of
83 essays from thirteen different counties in Pennsylvania entitled to
! schools in the three groups specified. receive a portion of the $45,000,000
These essays were judged by the provided for drought relief by a
following committee: Calvin H. joint resolution of Congress, approv-
Troup, general manager of the Belle- ed December 20, 1930. The commit-
fonte branch of the Federal Match tee appointed by the Department to
company; Arthur C. Hewitt, chief receive applications for loans from
engineer of the American Lime and farmers is as follows:
Stone company, and Lewis R. Len- H. L. Ebright, Centre Hall, chair-
hart, assistant county superintendent man; C. E. Peters, Stormstown, pres-
of schools, The judges have com- ident of the Agricultural Extension
pleted their work of going over the Association, and J. Gross Shook,
Spring Mills, Master of Pomona
Application blanks can be receiv-
ed from any member of the commit-
tee or at the Agricultural Extension
Association office in the court house,
The amount loaned will be based
on the requirements of the applicant
for seed, fertilizer, feed for work
stock, and for fuel and oil for trac-
The applicant must give an abso-
lute first lien on all of the crops
growing or to be grown by him in
1931 in ‘such a form as to entitle it
to filing in the county in which he
If the applicant for a loan is a
tentant, or is farming land under
contract for deed or so called crop
contract; or has given a prior mort-
gage on his 1931 crop, he must se-
cure the waivers of the actual own-
winners as follows:
Group 1, grades 4, 5 and 6—Sub-
ject, “How I May Help Safety at
Louise Bryan, grade 5, Sandy Ridge
schools, Miss Adda M. Hoover, teach-
er; 2nd, Jane Ayers, grade 5, Philips-
burg schools, Miss Mary L. Lewis,
teacher; 2rd, Kemper Lee Swartz,
grade 5, Snow Shoe schools, Miss
Agnes Kelley, teacher.
Group 2, grades 7, 8 and 9—Sub-
ject, “If Daddy were Injured How
Would We All Suffer” 1st, John
Hughes, grade 8, consolidated schools
of Rush towship, Miss Louise Jack-
son, teacher; 2nd, Burnell Brown,
grade 8, Port Matilda schools, G. E.
Ardery, teacher; 3rd, Mildred Cham-
bers, grade 7, Clarence schools, C.
M, Hackenburg, teacher.
Group 3, grade 10, 11 and 12—Sub-
| ject, “How Our Community Can Best
| Promote Safety.” 1st , Geneva Rad- ers of the land, his landlord, and all
‘cliff, grade 10, Philipsburg High prior mortgage holders in the space
| teacher; provided on the mortgage form for
'2nd, Vesta Young, grade 9, Blanch- | this purpose, If the applicant is the
|ard High school, E.R. Dunkle, teach- owner of the land and farms it with
er: 3rd, James McConville, Philips- tenants or share croppers, waivers of
burg High school, Miss Janet For- such tenants or share croppers must
'cey, teacher. | be secured.
| Gold, silver and bronze pins will The application blank requires a
be awarded the winners in each statement of the amount of the loan
group, and in addition they will be desired, the number of acres of each
crop for which seed and fertilizer is
to be purchased, the amount desired
|for feed and the number of animals
|to be fed, and the amount desired for
‘fuel and oil for tractor operations.
It requires a legal description of the
land on which these crops are to
be planted, together with a state-
ment of the acreage of crops grown
by the applicant in 1929 and 1930
(and the yields obtained. The ap-
Bedford, Cambria, Centre, Clearfield,
———Call at Parrish’'s drug store
| Wednesday, April 29, to obtain first-
class advice from a registered nurse
~Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sheffer Jr., drove
to Philadelphia, Friday, on a week-end
business trip, returning to Bellefonte
~—-Miss Eckert, Supt. of the Centre Coun-
ty hospital, spent the afterpart of last
week with friends in Washington, D. C.,
returning to Bellefonte Monday.
~—Mrs. George Kerstetter was up from
Harrisburg, for one of her occasional
week-end visits back home with her sis-
ters. Mrs. Geisinger and Mrs. H. C.
~—Mrs. H. H, Schreyer, who had been
at her Florida home for the winter, re-
cently returned to Chicago, expecting 0
occupy her Lake rhore Drive home until
the summer season opens.
~Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rhinesmith, of
Uniontown, former residents of Belle.
fonte, stopped here for an over Sunday
visit enroute east on a business trip,
being guests at The Markland during
their stay.
~The Misses Sara and Francis Furst,
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. William San-
derson Furst, of Philadelphia, are ex-
pected in Bellefonte today, for a visit
with their grandmother, Mrs. Austin O.
Furst, at her home on west Linn street.
—Mrs. Householder, formerly head of
one of the departments of the Gable
Stores, of Altoona, is now in Bellefonte
with the Ritz clothing store. Mrs. House-
holder is a daughter-in-law, of the Rev.
G. E. Householder, pastor of the U. B.
—Stevens Baird, who drove over from
Philipsburg Tuesday, for the hearing of
the Moshannon Coal Co., spent the night
in Bellefonte, as a guest of John Flem-
ing, at the home of his parents, Judge
and Mrs. M. Ward Fleming, on
Linn street.
—Miss M. J. Lockard, night supervisor
in the Enterpines hospital, New York,
made an over Sunday visit with her sis-
ter, Mrs. John Ramish, at Coleville, go-
ing from there to Lamar, to spend the
remainder of her vacation with her par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. George Lockard.
—Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Reynolds will
leave Miami early next week, to come
north by boat, with plans for spending
several days in both New York and Lan-
caster before coming on to Bellefonte,
It is now expected that they will open
their Linn street house the first week in
—Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Landsy, with
| Miss Mary Cooney, as a driving guest,
returned to Bellefonte, Tuesday. Mr. and |
Mrs. Landsy had been to Allentown at-
tending the State convention of hotel men,
| while Miss Cooney’s time was spent with
her aunt, Mrs. Robert Gilmour and fam-
ily, in Philadelphia.
—Mr. and Mrs, Frank Derstine and
their son Samuel, with Mrs. Samuel
injury or removal of plants and trees car stolen by Bryan Leathers and on a cod liver concentrate, from
drom along highways or on private
grounds. It is the duty of the State |
‘highway patrol to watch for all in- |
ifractions of the law and anyone port the charge that the boys had |
caught will be subject to the above |
‘fine, as well as costs. |
——The Woman's Club will hold
its regular meeting on Monday eve-
‘ning, April 27, at 7:30 o'clock, in|
‘the director's room at the High
school building. Mrs. Robert M. |
Beach will be the speaker in the ab-
sence of Miss Linn. All members
Charles Butler, and Corp. Gross went
down to investigate. He discovered
that there was no evidence to sup-
stolen the car. Mr. DeHass had
various times engaged them to
and on Saturday they were merely
over the car and tighten up the bolts |
| which the repelling fats and nause-
‘ating taste of cod liver oil have
been removed, 17-1t
Seven members were present at
driving the car around the town the regular meeting of borough coun-
testing it out for squeaks, Unfor-
tunately the boys ran the car
the railroad track and
to the extent of $75. They were.
are urged to attend and the public 2180 operating without a license.
cil, on Monday evening. Having
| returned: from his trip to Florida
president John S. Walker was in the
chair, the first time in two months.
Burgess Hard P. Harris was pres-
will be welcome at 8 o'clock,
————An automobile which James |
[F. Hill, of Fleetwood, Berks county,
«wlaims to have built in 1868 has
‘been given certificate of title No.
2,916,413. The . Bureau of Motor
"Vehicles declined to issue license
‘tags for the old boy, however, so
that while it actually will run it is
‘too uncertain in its movements to
;permt its operation on the highways.
——It is estimated that five hun-
«red people, mostly members of auto-
mobile parties passing through Belle- |
fonte, stopped on south Water street, |
Sunday afternoon, to take a look at
the big trout in Spring creek.
from the amcunt of ground beef fed
them during the afternoon we con-
clude that there will be no danger
of any of them dying from hunger |
in the near future.
They are now working on making
ent and informed council that he
the necessary repairs to the car. had so far withheld approval of the
Paul Biddle, of Beech Creek,
ner, after he had collided with a car
driven by Hayes Strunk. At a hear-
ing before 'Squire Tressell was held
ard, he was held for court.
At four o'clock Wednesday morn-
ng the State highway patrol
ac- |
vestigation showed that a car driven
by Dr. C. F. Krug, of Spangler, and
containing in addition James Long
and Herman Krug, enroute to Belle- |
fonte, passed a Ford coupe bearing
license tags NJ-786. They had not
gone far until the Ford coupe driver
made an attempt to pass them and |
in doing so collided with their i
wa#® ,rdinance
exercising the borough's
right of eminent domain in taking a
of land on the Island over
which to lay the big water pipe line
for the reason that he desired more
specific information regarding the
legal ownership of that much dis-
cussed piece of property. Consider-
able discussion followed and the
matter was finaily referred to the
* Finance and Special committees,
A written communication was re-
ceived from Kofman & Co. request.
ing permission to trim the branches
from a large willow tree standing
along Spring creek, on borough
property, because it obscured his
sign from traffic on south Water
street. No action was taken.
The Street committee the
—-—Bellefonte firemen were called twice. The corporal discovered the
out, last Thursday afternoon, by a Ford coupe on the highway between
filye on the roof of the Mrs. Gregg Milesburg and Bellefonte and arrest-
‘Curtiz home, on east Linn street, ed the driver, William H. Saunders,
‘caused by a spark from a chimney. of Houtzdale. With him were.
-A “good-sized hole was burned inthe Stanley Gulbernot, Charles Jones and
‘roof before the flames were extin- Edward Olson, They were taken
‘guished. On Monday afterncon of pefore ‘Squire Tressell and released
this week the firemen were again after paying fines and costs for dis-
called out by a fire on the roof of orderly conduct. A charge of reck-
(opening of Church alley through to
Armor street, various repairs and
the collection of $30 for a sewer
The Water committee reported the
pipe on the ground for the 12 inch
water line on Lamb street, a number
¢f minor repairs and the collection
of $2100.00 on water taxes and
$71.70 for rent, Ete,
The Finance committee reported a
the Reuben Welty home, on east jess driving was. also made
HowarG street, but it was extinguish-
ed before much damage was done.
——Last Friday evening Mrs. Car-
rie Eckenroth eatertained four tables
of “five hundred” at the home of
Mrs. Harry Walkey, on Bishop street, TIGHWAY PATROLMEN
the guests including Mrs. Jack Deck- |
er, Mrs. James Haupt, Mrs, Bud Bck- |
enroth, Mrs. W. W. Bickett, Mrs.
Richard Heverly, Mrs. Ralph Moersch-
'bacher, Mrs. Cameron McKinley,
Mrs. T. N. Shaughnessy, Mrs. Mabel
“Morrison, Mrs, D. L. Shook and Mrs. |
‘William Ott, all of Bellefonte; Mrs. |
Kathryn Philips, Mrs. A. J. Zimmer- |
rman, Mrs. Harry O'Neil, Mrs. P. J |
——The fourth quarterly confer-|
ence of the Bellefonte Methodist
church will be held this (Friday)
evening, at 7.45 o'clock, with Rev. A.
L. Miller Ph. D., superintendent of
‘the Williamsport district, presidng.
At this important gathering the an- |
nual reports of all societies and or-
ganizations for the past fiscal year,
all activity and work of the chu
the election of church
‘official members, Bte.,
made; important interests wich by |
‘frequent presentation to congre-
gation, have greatly developed wide
information and increased
for the church's work. ‘This official
gathering will be open to members
the church, all of whom are urged
against | 1ince in the borough fund of
the operator of the car, and he has
ten days in which to pay his fine | 333546 and $1425.00 in the water
and costs on this charge.
'a water department note for $17,
STILL CHECKIN ARS. that officials of American Lime
m— ase land Stone company had stated, that
On Wednesday of last week high- day, that the lime dust collector will
way patrolmen Turner and Norris he completed this week, and they
| checked 125 cars on route 220, near expect it to abate, to a great extent,
Walker's gas station. Twenty-one the nuisance complained of.
car's had glaring headlights, five Borough bills amounting to $560,
only one light, three illegal devices, 84 and water bills for $1170.00 were
one rusted reflectors and ome no approved for payment, after which
rear light. council adjourned.
On Thursday 80 cars were check-
——Information regarding a pala-
emergency brakes, table form of cod liver oil concen-
f brakes, one no mirror trates can be obtained at Parrish’'s
and one swinging tags. ‘drug store Wednesday, April 29th.
On Tuesday 85 cars were check- 17-1t
ed on route 53, at Pleasant Gap. —————
Thirty-nine had glaring headlights, INTERMEDIATE LANDING
twelve only one headlight, S00 no FIELDS AUTHORIZED.
mo- —
rear light and one on which hue te ch of the U.
tor was not properly muffled,
On Tuesday 885 cars were check- S. Department of Commerce has an-
ed on routes 53 and 220, seventeen nounced the relocation of a number
of which had bad emergency brakes, of intermediate landing fields on the
foot brakes and two swing- midcontinental airway between New
| York and Los Angeles, and the in-
teresting part of the announcement
to Centre county people is that
Bellefonte is sepcified as one of the
fields on the New York to Cleveland
section. This should set at rest
all doubts as to the of
the field here. Kylertown will be
the nearest field on the west and
Hartleton on the east.
All delinquents are given cards re-
questing them to have corrections
made within forty-eight hours.
—S8immons “Beauty Rest” mat-
tress, nationally advertised, for $39.-
75, Friday and Saturday at $33.00.
—W. R. Brachbill's Furniture Sine,
fund. Renewal was authorized for |
| these supplies for crop production Derstine, and Mrs. Kleffner's
lon the land described.
plication blank also includes an
agreement to use the money loaned |
for the purchase of seed, fertilizer,
feed, and fuel and oil, and to
Kleffner and her two children as motor |
guests, drove over from Juniata, Sunday, |
‘for an afternoon visit in Bellefonte with |
US€ ' Mr. Derstine’s mother, Mrs. William
It requires mother, Mrs. Anne Cox.
a further statement to the effect —Mr. and Mrs. Sid Bernstein will leave,
~—Jury Commissioner J. C. Condo, o
Penn Hall, was in Bellefonte, Wednesda)
morning, on his way to Altoona for ¢
visit of two weeks with his daughter
who is a resident of that city.
~The Hon. P. E. Womelsdorf, o
Philipsburg, was in Bellefonte, Monda)
evening, getting a line on the politica
situation in the county, in so far as hi:
chances for nomination for County Treas
urer are concerned,
—Mrs. George Burton and her mothe:
Mrs. Harry Jodon, drove in from Akron
Ohio, a week ago, to spend a part of the
week with the latter's parents and sis
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Miller and Mrs
Malcolm Peters, at Coleville. The vist
at this time was made principally on ac
count of Mrs. Peters’ illness,
—Mr. and Mrs. John G. Love Jr., ar
entertaining Mrs. James Marsh, who ac.
companied them to Bellefonte Tuesday
when returning home from a busines:
trip to Pittsburgh. Mr Marsh will drive
in to join Mrs. Marsh for a week-enc
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Love, and tc
take her back to Pittsburgh.
—Mrs. James Kellerman's Saturday anc
Sunday guests included Mr. and Mrs
Lawrence Odell and their daughter, Iren
of Lewistown, Miss Annie Nale, of Reeds
‘ville and Mrs. Kellerman's daughter Mrs
Louise McClintic, her son-in-law anc
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. David P. Snare
and their son David Jr., of Huntingdon
—Mrs. A. D. Riley and her daughter
Elizabeth, who were in from Crafton
from Friday of last week until Monday
were house guests while in Bellefonte o
Mrs. Riley's cousin, Mrs. John G. Low
and her daughter, Miss Katherine. Mrs
Riley, who before her marriage was Mis:
Lucetta Brew, is a niece of Mrs. Harry
E. Fenlon.
—Mr. and Mrs. Harry Houser, o
Donora, Pa., accompanied by their son
in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. W
Voght, and the latter's two children
Elizabeth and John Jr., were in Centre
| county, over Sunday, coming here to at
tend the funeral of Mrs. Houser's broth
er, the late G. W. Rossman, at Pennsyl
vania Furnace, on Sunday.
—Mr. Geisinger, accompanied by Mr
and Mrs. Frank Galbraith and David F
Fortney, motored to Bethlehem, on Fri
day of last week, to spend several day:
with relatives there. Mr. and. Mrs
Galbraith stopped at Reading with thei
daughter, Mrs. Edward Shields, whil¢
David Fortney went on to Easton tc
| Visit the parents of Miss Verna Smith.
| ——There will be a registerec
nurse at Parrish’s drug store Wed:
nesday, April 29, to tell you al
| real, healthy children. 17-11
The home talent play given by the
“Willing Workers” class of the
Lutheran Sunday school, in the as-
sembly room of the church, last Fri-
day evening, drew a large audience
and was a decided success. The
play was entitled ‘The Community
Sale.” a three act comedy, and the
various character hits provoked
rounds of applause . The cast of
Albert Grove, Edith Olsea, Mrs
[Dained to Philadelphia by her niece, Mrs.
| Peabody, with whom she had spent the
| winter in Oklahoma.
IN WRECK ON PENNSY. | =. Charles E. Dorworth has had as |
Two railroaders were killed and Suests this week, her sister, Mrs. Rath
twenbeght people injured in 8 LiL Lent Mi Hames, sus, of
wreck on the Pennsylvania railroad, IA ye |
Mrs. Dorworth entertained |
at Spruce Creek, shortly after nine juncheon, Tuesday tn ae
o'clock last Friday evening, when | men had come up from New Jersey to!
Panhandle express ran headon into serve as chaperons at one of the frater-
the wreck of a freight train. What nity dances, at State College last week,
caused the freight wreck has Hot yet | coming fom. there. to Bellefonte for the
Bloomquist, Mrs. DeHass, Mrs. Lief
Olsen, Charles Gordon, Orville Nupp
Herman Hazel, Mrs. Rumberger
Boss DeHaas, Harry Ulrick, Mrs
Barlett, Mrs. Nupp, Mrs. Benner and
Dr. Malloy
By special request the entertain
ment will be repeated next Tuesday
evening, at 8 o'clock, No admission
will be charged but a silver offering
will be lifted.
——If you want Dollar Day bar-
gains go to Sid Bernstein's today
and tomorrow,
——On thousand
cluded in that number are three in
Centre county, that of the western
penitentiary, in McBride's gap, at
Rockview; the Citizens Water com-
pany dam, on Cold stream, Rush
township, and the General Refrac-
tories dam, at Hayes Run, in Curtin
——'"Seas Beneath,” which will be
shown at the Richelieu tomorrow
night, is in the nature of an infor-
mative picture. It depicts the Al-
lied campaign against the U-boat
menace during the World war.
George O'Brien and Marion Lessing
are featured in it, It is full of thrills
and full of revelation as to the little
known methods we adopted to com-
bat the German submarines that
might have defeated our cause had
they not been check-mated.
——A high quality inner spring-
filled mattress, covered in fine linen
ticking, manufactured by Dougherty,
maker of hospital furniture, for
$10.75, at W. R. Brachbill’'s Furni-
ture Store. 17-1t
minate her visit in Bellefonte early
then go by bus to make the return
Fenlon car, for Atlantic City,
Fenlon and Miss Cooney will
weeks or more. On Monday
to Lansford, where they
with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
on to the Shore Tuesday.
and Mrs. Thompson drove
and returned to Bellefonte Wednesday.
—H. C. Angell and his grandson, C. H.
Achmoody, of Philipsburg, were in Belle-
fonte last Friday for a few hours. Mr.
Angell has been the assessor over in Rush
the impression that seasonally we are a
week to ten days ahead of Rush town-
ship. After talkiag agriculture and gen-
eral business conditions for a bit we
drifted onto politics and the number of
ting a well Informed slant on
there he discovered he had to
and that ended fit.
week-end at the college, May 8,
and 10, are being completed rapidly
Professor J. O. Keller, who is ir
charge of the college program, an
nounced. There will be severa
and all of the visitors have been In.
vited to remain for Sunday wher
Da. Ralph W. Sockerman, of New
York City, will be the chapel speak:
Sents—Bryan—James Sents, o:
Ferguson township, and Miss Eve
lyn Bryan, of Milesburg, were mar
ried at Pine Grove Mills, last Fri.
day, by Rev. J. S. English
Corrected Weekly by C. ¥. Wagner & Co