Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, February 13, 1931, Image 2

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    » |will be scolding about the milk get- idly in the warm, clean nest he
+ | ting cold.” gel | made for it and it was not long un-
| he meal Wis simple, serves BY [MI the bandages and splints were
‘a bent, toothless ancient who - taken off its leg. Then a curious
= | flaq ynsteadily about in esparto san- thing took ; the bird would
Bellefonte, Pa., February 18, 1981. 4q)s, Warm goat's milk, maize ban- limp continually following
————— noc oranges and a handful of the boy wherever he went. Itslimp
CLOTHES ‘olives and chestnuts. ‘almost duplicated Jaime's and the
—— “Father Perez; isn't it a shame rough villagers poked great fun at
It takes more than clothes to make a! that the custom does not permit a the pair whenever the aus.ere Padre
man, 'man to be custodian of “The Sil- was not around to give them a can-
And more than well shined shoes. ver Flowers’ more than once?” Old ing. The nightingale’s flying ability
It takes a little pluck and sand, Esteban gabbled. was not impaired and it loved to
And a heart that can stand to lose. = “Still about the ‘Flowers,’ fly to the boy's shoulder when he
Old One?” The priest asked good- would sit in the evening under one
Most folks judge by the things men pumouredly, then added,” A worthy of
yi his
found, my Esteban, mandolin. The bird's lauid notes
saw this, and I am ready for it.
The name that this cheap poltroon
has profaned was that of my only
brother whom I unwittingly killed
whilst destroying a street barricade
during the uprising, The Crown, in
deference to my feelings, kept the
‘incident quiet and the rumor was
‘allowed to spread that my brother
had escaped. The talk of a reward
is only popular fancy. The death
‘of one I loved, even though he was
a rebel, drove me into the priesthood
to seek forgetfulness. I have never
regretted that I have given my life
to the service of God." As the
wear, lone will be priest finished speaking, a jernibie
Forgetting they have a heart, The ‘Flowers’ have not as yet lack- would often accompany “Linda” or look came over ace an e
That's heavy with the load they bear oq a custodian.” ye “Los Clavelitos,” The nightingai¢: started to unbutton his black cas-
And often torn apart. “But never a one like you, Padre song grew sweeter as the days sock from feet to neck. When he
mio!” Jaime put in. went by and Jaime mentioned this dropped the gown from his should-
They look at the house he calls his own, ",.g , “ neue me, Cherub,” the to Padre Perez. ers, the agers gasped—their
And judge bY 4 table oF Ship : | priest laughed deprecatorily. “Yes, Chico, and there is a rea- Padre stood forth ia the Fesplenden
seen content ig . i” Er of a general and a long,
Of the worth of the man living there, | The legend of “The Silver Flow- son;" the priest said. “Have you uniform g g
ers” was an interesting one. For not noticed that there are quite a
nearly a millenium they had repos- few ants about lately? Well, your
led in their crystal case on the feathered friend is aating the ants
altar in the chapel. EI and the formic acid of their little
himself, was reputed to have bodies is what gives him such a
placed them there to commemorate clear call.”
Is a better man than the ones who live a notable victory over the Moorish Jaime's nigntingale kept the rec-
In a house with marble stairs, ‘invaders. Every twenty-five years a tory garden quite clear of the pests,
Or the men who very easily give custodian was to carry the flowers but elsewhere, the ants had multi-
Things that aren't quite theirs. in procession on every May the plied to such astounding numbers
fifteenth, the feast of San Isidro. that they were turning the fertile
So don't judge a man by appearance, 14+ wae not an empty honour either, fields into a desert, The pasturage
my friend for poets, warriors, landowners, was destroyed and the villagers had
Judge only by virtue, true, priests and scholars had vied jeal- to take their sheep and to the
And you'll find as you grow near the ously for the office. The custody of mountains. By fall conditions had
Journey's end the flowers was only to be given reached such an extremity that the
What a real true man will do. to one who had signally benefitted townspeople were subsisting almost
—By John M. Fleming. pis fellows. The award was also entirely on fish.
made on San Isidro’s day and the One day little Jaime burst into the
judges were always the cure, the priest's study with the excited cry,”
alcalde and the wealthiest er. Come quick, Padre, mio, my night-
On the next award day, still four- ingale has a brother!”
teen months away, Father Perez The priest went to the casement
would have two votes, being priest and looked into the patio and there
and mayor, He was the present Saw the limping bird showing off
| holder of the honour; it having been before a stranger. He could ruffle
‘awarded to him nearly twenty-four his feathers, puff himself up, pirou-
years before. He dearly earn- ette as best he could and emit thrill-
oured vainly to peer through the of the office for his strenuous duties ing runs in different keys. The
streaming panes out into his cher- guring the plague when he had been Padre took one look at the strange
ished garden. There would be vines priest doctor, nurse or undertaker for bird's pulled plumage and said to
to restrain after the storm; broken most of the villagers. At that time, Jaime, “Your friend has taken unto
stalks to be bound and props to be he had come a newly ordained priest himself a wife. The fall migration
raised under the drooping having the bearing of a soldier, to has
ters, The fitful extravagance of na-| gucceed the old cure who had been lonely female
ture was a sore puzzle to this nine | gtricken by the black death.
year old boy. In a few short months while this intimate scene was be- Jaime named his birds ‘Conjo and
his verdant charges would have ing enacted in the kitchen of the “Solo” and by spring there was a
to endure a worse and more pro- cyrato, another of a different por- nest of fuzzy babies.
longed bombardment of fine sand tentousness was going on at the The cripple came one day with a
cles borne on the wings of the village's small wharf. Felipe San- complaint; “Padre, when “Conjo"
ery siroco. His guardian, Padre cho's rakish smuggling felucca had is on the nest he will let me pick
Perez, with whom he lived, had | tied up a few minutes before ‘up the young ones and stroke them,
often told him that the ways of the the innocent goletas of the village but when “Solo” is at home she
Almighty were not lo be question- 3 was now on the sea bites me if I even point a finger at
30, now, the anxious orphan wall talking to his sweetheart Luz them.”
Martes. The priest grinned one of his rare |
But every man has a heart you know,
And some are pure as gold.
Perhaps the man who is meek and low Virgin's
Or even outward cold.
All through the scent laden night,
the warm equinoctial rains
beaten violently against the upper
casements of the white-walled cur-
Little Jaime, the cripple, endeav-
breathed a fervent prayer that the
dawn would not reveal too great a “Did you have trouble riding out white tooth grins and told the lad
havoc. ‘the storm, mi Felipe?” She asked. ‘That's a woman for you, Jaime.
The booming of the tempest-| “Not more than usual, Querida. It .You know the sense of on is
whipped surf grew less and less. is only in bad weather that we dare always more developed in the fe-
venture out, with these fiendish male.”
started toward Africa and a
in the air heard the
love call of a male on the ground.”
slender rapier hung at his side in
a shoulder scabbard. He drew the
rapier and went down from the
platform to face Sancho.
“Thou hast thy choice, dog,” he
thundered, fight or throw your steel
away and get upon your knees to
apologize to the memory of a brave
The rapier in the Padre's hand
seemed to turn into a sentient flame
that licked at the face, neck, breast
and knees of Sancho, though pur-
posely withheld from cutting him
until he should raise his cutlass.
The smuggler's knees banged to-
gether, his teeth chattered like cas-
tanets and a cold sweat enveloped
him. He was not really a coward,
but, in the face of such cold cour-
age, iron will and expert skill, he
knew there was but one way to ¢s-
cape with a whole skin. He drop-
ped the cutlass and fell upcn his
knees to make the apology. Padre
Perez gazed at him awlh’le in scorn
and then said, “Tne agen!s that you
so fondly hoped were coming for
me are really on their way here to
search your dwelling and the houses
of your crew,”
Sancho needed no more; he fled,
and with him went nine choice ras-
cals. They were never sesn again
in Almeria.
The priest's anger was once more
within bounds and he muttered
“Forgive me, Father for this lapse,
but thou knowest O King of Kings
that I was a soldier first.”
The ceremony was resumed and
Jaime drew himself up, resting his
weight on one leg so that his de-
formity would not be so noticeable,
and received the award while the
villagers cheered lustily. He later
justified the Padre's fond hopes by
carrying an ancient honor worthily.
—John Peter Rush--from the Echo.
This is a tribute to Abraham Lin-
's sense of humor.
his memory each year by ob-
| serving his y as a legal holi-
day. Because he was one of its
greatest Presidents, the country has
. coln
‘was a
his name and his fame by
erecting an imposing memorial in the
national capital, writes Marjorie
Elaine Porter in the Detroit News.
in our educational institutions, where
Because he
American, Americans
The Winning Way
“If you put a little lovin’
Into all the work you do,
And a little bit of gladness
| And a little bit of you,
| And some pride to sort of make it
Straight and clear and strong,
ot a day will seem
Not a day will
! And the world will stop and look,
his speeches are studied as examples B. M. Chandler
of the finest and purest of English
‘prose. Because of his undying pa-
triotism, he is revered; because of
his noble manhood, he is respected;
because of his remarkable attain-
ments, he is admired; but because of
his sense of humor, he is loved, and
endeared to the hearts of his coun-
trymen as a man, who with all his
greatness was human enough to tell
a good joke or to laugh at one.
Indeed Lincoln could tell good
jokes, and he seemed to have an in-
exhaustible supply at his command.
There are volumes of them now
published which prove amusing ana
profitable realing iaatter. But Lin-
coln's “jokes” consisted of more
than mere comedy. They were gen-
erally told for some purpose—to
clinch an argument, prove a state-
ment, or point out a moral.
In many a trying crisis he show-
<1 himself to be master of the situ-
tion by relating some humorous
anecdote that helped to carry his
point and swing seatiment in favor
of the cause he espoused. Under
the stress of emotion or excitement,
he relieved the strain of his nerves
by giving vent to his irresistible
sense of humor In telling some
funny story. When he was wait-
ing for the returnsc from the Re-
publican convention in Chicago in
1860 he was under great nervous
tension, but he amused himself and
entertained the staff of the Spring-
field Journal by telling one good one
after another, until he received the
' telegram announcing his nomination.
There was never a time, his biog-
raphers claim, when Abe Lincoln
was too grave or to melancholy to
fail to see the humor of a situation,
‘Even at times when he seemed most
careworn, and weighed down by
great problems and responsibilities
with which he was struggling, he
would suddenly chuckle to A
‘a twinkle would come into his eyes,
and he was ‘“reminded”of some an-
ecdote that applied to the case in
On one occasion 1t 1s told of how
a very sad and solemn member of
Congress paid a visit to President
the other. Wide picture
the |
| Time rolled backward thirty years
in Parisian salons
where sp styles are shown.
| The finery of 1901 is being dished
up for the miss of 1931,
sleeves, ruffled
ers and buyers.
Ribbon bows and double ruchings
of chiffon and intricate embroidery
are all used to recall the fashion
days of the early nineteen hundreds,
More than one e gown is
made of satin almost s enough to
stand alone, while others of moire
and lace sweep into trains that
Lavendar flowered chiffon, reminis-
cent of the mauve decade, is shown
double ruchings of gray chiffon. A
silver gray satin ball gown made on
fitted lines with graduated tiers is
worn with a three-quarter length
gray satin coat pinched in at the
walst ang Hw : og down the back
a garland of white
Afternoon dresses of i Denies,
cut, made of dark flower-patterned
silks, are designed with puffed short
sleeves, bertha collars and tiered
8 "
Ribbon bows at the waistline and
nosegays placed on collars accen-
tuate the old-fashioned touch. Bows
and flowers nestle in the heading of
ru *
Hats are shown with more brim
than they had for several seasons.
Some of them are reminiscent of
the sailor vogue. Others have brims
lifted at one side and on
two inch deep crowns are worn well
back off the face. They constitute
some of the most in models,
Many of the spring hats are decked
| with clusters of roses or forget-me-
excellent cleanser for the bathtub
and bowl and also enameled ware
PRESIDENT MONROE'S Lincoln at the White House during and crockery. This removes dirt
The rain ceased as suddenly as it
begun, and roseate streamers of coast guards always to be reckoned This was over Jaime's head, and, HOME A SHRINE. ote of the dries ? hide ns "uy Stgas yitiont wrdding
dawn broke over the su bosom with. However, Chica, our trip was a5 he ted the Padre of hav- . . o. .. poe of Jay 'W. | déeply depr So. did th -—
of the Mediterranean. With a crow- worth while and I have two pres- ing fun with him, he grinned back. ; a RENCE of Say W.lseeny Sopressed. e Presi-' _QOnce in a while it will pay the
ing of cocks, and a bleating of ents for you. Something for your When the migration started north. Johns of Bridgeville, president of dent, hee ound his busiest mother to take a day off
lambs, the medieval south Spanish outer and inner ears: as he spoke, Ward “Cojo” with his clarion | ihe. Atlas Fuel’ Company, President Stiise of humor sufliciently activets|ang lay.out a plan ofihome. games;
town of Almeria came to a lei- Felipe undid a silk bandaniaand id call attracted a flock of nightingales nroe’s home at Ash Lawn, near ih i of a Sunn y story. He began Once started the children will prob-
surely awakening. Snug in its little posed a pair of pearl : |and it looked as though they meant | Shaclotteaville, Va, haa become, lite} i vina he was inenupied | yhly have enough ingenuity to car-
land-locked and flanked by Luz emitted a little of de- to establish a permanent colony “plot PR-ONE ail ar DANS Was ry on. One suggestion to an-
fe Pointe So, stom ul, “ror ma, Pepe? agave og Jog Fh tn “Sa pom he JAR Tall pnt 5 a ny Se Soe LEY IS
| ‘on ’ A en § < bi : i
i oy ty ay gua o Ve Hetied. ote other, Corazon mio;" of San Isidro came around SHASed the CWEUnE and adiacent the twinkle depen froooked the proper hint is dropped at the
Jaime could hear Padre Perez her lover hastened to assure her. 88ain, and with it the day of the ble to pair eye, but he motioned th berto| Proper Save. ,
tramping the floor in the next “And now for the greater offering. |aWward, the birds had done their | FAT Bose! . ben Place | and said, sit — Tait | ean My “game it does 30%
room. He would be telling his ro- How would you like to be (work so well that verdancy was re- "or tion of President down, and let me explain. I have y mean the regular organ-
sary before going to the chapel to down La Puerta del Sol in Madrid | established and denuded trees began With the co-operation of President down, and let m TeapeCt for yvee| 20d Play that involves competition.
say eaply mass, the boy reflected. my Lady; with Salads uskled | © ut forth new shoots. ™ ' Charlottesvill e many relics of Presi- and ‘a regard not much less {ar Jnstanes, Hroding ue
Son thee “at lc "8 ping or poets pn on fo iy ly came. The CHRHETON TAD, THELESS (08, Dk eres en Ge bo np
| . »
tone, voice called, ‘Art ready, Chico city caballeros stop to stare at our church after mass and then march- | Chased and assembled in the house. |large; but if I didn't get a chance
i There are still a few of d
One of the relics in the houseisa to laugh sometimes I'd die in my pag left, but not OO Jue
“In ’ | transplanted rustic beauty?" or (53 arvusd oe i the 35d back 10 gesk uesd by Monroe, which was tracks. I can be as serious as you Ee tops your house, turn
the a little minute, mi’ Padre;” “Why talk in riddles, Fell ih plaza ido be loaned to Johns by W. O. Watson, are, but not all the time. ch a room over to the children for the
boy's musical treble made ule} Tae girl asked with a frown. ow | or co. dud. the re freight agent of the Chesapeake & reminds me—'" and he concluded day.
so, 2 ros i SE 8 08 ale To Tea hd fn, Aer, to, ler S30 al i Rn Re Sor BS hry oe ci at ot
for the old priest and a proud one, er me out, Chica;” her lover he successful candidate? There Whose Jathef was’ President Motors | of oC rs, lo rt | or pel Jag hag of
even though, he had to limp through commanded. “What would you say bad been no i all through the “4 garden of fine old box hedge, coln’s sense of humor was not only hes. or he such a
the service dragging one short and if I told you that our proud priest | S3pectant Weeks ere the padre's ii Vo be the best of its kind in 8 strong stimulant for him in times get all the ws, odds and :
shrunken leg behind him. is no priest at all but anim ry” your " the old priest » | America, has survived almost as of stress, but that it was also a goog ne gewgas you can from:
His Slight figure soon Be eo. Fuligel” the | girl in| Children, priest neal’ President Monroe planted it. Value Powergel Jveapon ith which he al- | friends and relatives.
steps of the tall, ey priest, at once. Just think of his sacri- been of incalculable service to this | of “39 000 to $250,000 I cause. On one occasion when & ma- | gine Show), SY oY fay a
ST tir walked slowly under the legious hands elevating the Host Community. He has recently been .& ios "04 encinee jor who was calling on the President 5i'C easy story
Moorish arch of the chapel, where each day!" the agent of the Lord in preventing ™ , is and eh) A of the with Col. Silas. W. Burt, remarked, | NSM, get at some paper and
already, there was assembled a “Not so fast, Girl;” her lover Our fair Belge from echnlng A me kitchens, which | “Now, Mr. President, tell us one of poarq will ite sit pap and wings,
Jogre of worshippers, mostly old WHTHCE. 3s Is going Pe be Worth [alld waste, He has been the agent | re extensive, and chimney which your Jood Stone”. with particular for they will be anything from
The eight hundred year old church the story of the rebel Carlist, gen- Sil back from the invasion of man's pies AePlACCE IB, IWC gh the | coln defended his reputation as & Wr onenade easels or drawlig
the more modern curato, eral Alfonso Perez, have you not, WOrst enemy—the insect. Can any opioid “pl bottom being arched story teller, by : HIT ally an OUR
and its reddish-gray walls of tufa and the great reward that was post- 4MODg you lay claim to a greater | {"Cllow room for the y. _ “Ibelieve Ihave the repu- | White Sif paper ryan op pelt
blocks were almost hidden in a ed by the Crown following his mys- aT though ab) Ash Lawn faces the Piedmont tation of being a story-teller, Ion is sive, or a roll of white
thick mantel of hiedra vines. terious disa . i tod about. Who St Souk Soup and the homie of Thomas do not deserve the name in its gen- naner to be cut in desired sizes.
The mass hour was soon over “Who has not heard it, Felipe, | sheculate carned the priest's eulogy | Jefferson, President Monroe's close eral sense, for it is not the story it- Water color paints, crayons or chai
and Padre Perez and little Jaime even in this outlandish place?” | They were not left long in doubt; the Iriend. at Monticello, is visible from self, but its pu or effect that .,a) are also ve, and
had a chance to learn what dam- “Well, Luz, I have lately seen oO : : pid to Jaime the front porch. An ancient mount- | interests me. often avoid a long | tne children use them if they
age had been done by the storm to an oil painting of the fugitive and oo him up onto the plat- 8 block in front of the estate has | and useless discussion by others, or gypplied.
fe garden serom from the curato. I am positive that Be is none other rm are thie begutital and deli. Survived also. a la Li Bh on my we | Other possibilities are beaubazd
vas not Barmed on anead¥ Felipe ‘ended with a sneer. The oid | Cately wrought “Flowers of Stiver”| | MO ap ah months In 8 |my point of view. So, too, he | Be ee of
of its protection within four walls. priest has long been a thorn in the Tested on a small table, The boy's | li) for @ bust of President Mon- sharpness of a refusal or the edge gmail beans They can be thrown
They were relieved to find that there side of the smugglers, and now was | {a0 Balt pussled.” though tne Toor | 108 reputed to have been dome BY of sebiuks ay be Hunted by an gt a mark, five puints a bit and 5S
e ction. A - Cc or i | Houdon. Ol the or one 8
fhe ee Civ, 5 UGE OSC wy, Se, 36 "LET "pT ins oe doi roar SO Tether af ut soe il Spl fad
propping, bu i Oppose you " | : s ’ comes “it.” ICE,
weaker vines and flowers had come as candidate for custodian of “The | SaViou” fe Pe Sommanged, | Governor Pollard announced re- story-teller, but story-telling as an * A resourceful mother can make
through well. ‘Silver Flowers;” the girl remarked. | Pre then went on to tell the story Cently that if the bust is obtained emollient saves me much friction ,, ner own suggestions. All the
as tone flutlering | Alla who is more Po) Ho ery | of the nightingales and how the | tor B Is Virginia's Hall | ang distro ess ie way fond of ten- | SBI i ER Bore
er;” | Ing + | vill ~ dom is ,
Jaime called out as he made his Peasant women are wearing laces DHAEST OWeC thelr salvation to; ho statute of President Monroe ing a good story for its own sake, ural They must be busy, and busy
rill tt whet bow Sot ht BT Fo Pet Bw i ee 1 JORIS une Ti i ls ofS I Pre Tn
h z B ) "er Perez asked, as was the custom, | - , " of -.
fe mei, ao, il 2G Ti ogi pl Soe SEE I SR wvromcan pices fe ot ol GRR SS cu aot 10 er
bird tenderly to the priest. “Look Ingly. br Ag Rey VECED Ton FV “Davis fined me $5. Mr. Lincoln § 8% I 0 CPOE Roing Clay
you Father, its poor leg is broken. [Felipe visibly swelled It was .ii"oe the gathering and Felipe | The Pennsylvania Federation of had just come in and leaning over Lu) 'ymuse them. They can make
Yu rll Bs ou Jotyn aa | Sood 30 he linia bY tna slen- | Sancho made. his unceremonious way | Historical i etics prepared two I a pan tol me a in. all kinds of figures from either, if
’ ; pla tform recommen ons today for resen- shown how.
priest looked down into the great | indescriable beauty and grace of the |t0 the. ] on his eyes. Diasing a tation to the Legislature seeking gp | 10:4 loud Judit Ti, Mage igallid o
fave & Aso 3 je, He "ran Felipe was a handsome fellow toe. pg Bh but r am here 0 Dr ites 1 "the State. of | Stopped, Mr. Lincoln, you are con- | gaa Cheeascl th curtains Wil k
Rl Mack pompior ‘end smeweres, SWAGEered About with piste and | LaF (be mask from ono who should One, wee for the purchase, of the SOUL, TLE (PSC Nou 1s"Laded to the water when
at may not be of much avi, cutlass stuck through his sik sash for an Accum tin of moerilericlt | adelphia, where William Penn land: may Sue yoursf 350 1 apulogiaed, | Mg: “
Querido ie Of ‘coutee; 1 Why isd il, wARY Wi Liz," he admonished | YOU are no priest; you are a fraud- d on his arrival in America. chase Worth the money. : When mending a rip in the
A nearly always the girl" mot a Rint to a di ul, |ulent renegade! Do not attempt to The other urged State purchase WC tC inutes the judge call- | glove, buttonhole the two
A NS They oy sich yl 5 going to. try to arrange Sango, escape, Senor Don Alfonso Maria a fhe Ss WSR Fo Augusta pe ‘ed me to him, ‘What was the story with a fine needle and fine
y song, ow with unbury. r pple, . N these reads
that tragedy finds them unprepared that emissaries of Crown Berea; im oi Bi “seoret Northumberland, will introduce a that Lincoln told you? he _ aiked | never ip Now. cai th 8 te and
and unresisting victims.” ‘arrest him during the ceremony of agents are on the way here to lead Dill for that purpose in the Legis- I told him, and he aughed alou B {together 0a. a eat and lasting
i way the work of few minutes | the awarding. gr for him You to the dungeon that you have so lature next week. ub i Remit your fine, [pon
bind. it, at Ed ieg uo spiintsund, add the warning, for the girl's STLuny Jud Senty-six Journ. | Johnny Bull: “We have some : | Serve jams jellies and
man was for one of his va- Sense of cupldity was aroused and |. multitude,” is he who has always | Very large birds in England. Why | “Funny, ain't it pa, said Johnny, .-1odes in glass dishes. They al-
rious duties in the isolated town was she was dreams that led admonished us to be as heedful of once while I was standing in 8 | rat eve body in our house is some | iook more appetizing. A
that of doctor. He was also the into glorious places and even ended |.) "0. 0." 40. f the zoological garden I saw a man EY 1" | ayn is very
alcade in get! rid of this } when h ; s rees as ol laws ” kind of an animal. dish with a covered t
n or mayor, and it must be in getting over eof God!” .. come in on an eagle. “What do you mean?” | practical, as it saves .
said that he ruled the little town Brew tiresome. : A frosty . smile fiitted over the Yankee Dude: “Brother that's] “Wh Moyen 2 dear and baby’s | PT " pe
with a hand of iron. He knew | Sancho's veusel had brought some- ace of Padre Perez as the smuggler nothing. Once while standing in al ttl ra I'm alda—Toap't) Never knot the darning thread
the temperament of his life and beside a cargo of contraband. ceased speaking. The priest held up ball park I saw a player go out On | think what you are pa.” Dy OE A aInE rc Wat
pleasure “enamoured buopl, wi Sametting which was to con the| C13, Ung; The SGP Dil 1p (0, | i |i gaan to fern At
Gothic or Celtic. No one but little ot be felt fo several months. = This Padres wi a Tare ame an So! “Hasn't BI returned from that | — a I rae of the {he cotton ;
Jaime had ever seen the tender sids| Wasa colony of large, voiatiode i | African cruise yet?” “What will the modern girl be molsteh the Soll Fen Times, it will
this martial old priest. ropitel Jt wiles re op (ven | "WT see that an explanation is in| “He got so sunburned they would | twenty years from now? !
“Come, Child, let us hurry into
breakfast or grumbling old Esteban “I for-
Jaime's nightingale recovered rap- | order” the priest began.
| not let him come back.”
“Oh, about three years older.”
not slip through.