Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, December 19, 1930, Image 5

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Mrs. F. F. Weiser, of Millheim,
spent Monday afternoon with her
sister, Mrs. John Wolf,
Mrs. J. F. Krape, Mrs H. D. Krape
and Thomas Hosterman drove to
Lewistown, Saturday, on 2a shopping
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bartges, Cath-
erine and Esther Krape spent Satur-
day in the shops, in Sunbury, doing
their Christmas shopping.
Mrs. Anna M. Stover gave a din-
ner, Saturday noon, at which Mr.
and Mrs. James Wert, Mrs. J. J.
Fiedler and Mrs. W. H. Phillips were
Mrs. Fiedler spent several days
with her nephew, Mr. and Mrs.
william Musser and family, near
Coburn, where she assisted at the
Mr. and Mrs. Shem Aurand, their
son, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aurand, of
Milroy, and Mr. and Mrs. Rufus
Beaver and children, of Mifflinburg,
were Sunday afternoon callers at
the home of their uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Stover.
Mrs. C. S. Bower accompanied by
Mrs. Doyle Best and two children
and Miss Jennie Hull, drove to Mill-
heim, Monday afternoon, Mrs. Bow-
er will drive to State College later
in the week where she will visit her
sisters, Mrs. George Taylor and Mrs.
Wallace Kerstetter.
Mrs. A. W. Winkleblech,
John Winkleblech and Mr. and
Mrs. Sherwood Springer drove to
Lock Haven, Thursday last, where
they were guests of Mrs. Winkle-
blech’s sister, Mrs. Irvin Barner,
They also spent some time in the
shops doing Christmas shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Guise-
wite gave a turkey dinner, Sunday,
at which their son-in_law and daugh-
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rachau, of
New York City, and their only grand
child, Miss Mae Bower, of this place,
were guests of honor. Mr. and Mrs,
Rachau returned to New York, Sun-
day, taking advantage of an excur-
gion. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stover
were included in the dinner party,
and Mrs. Guisewite’s father, A. P.
Maize, who is living with them, was
also present.
tt ——
— $1.50 buys a fine quality port-
able smoker at W. R, Brachbill’s
Furniture Store. 50-1t
flltoona Booster Merchants Say :
Trade in Your Home Stores First.
Come to Booster Stores for the Things
Your Home Merchants Cannot Supply.
Saturday, Dec. 20
Booster Stores
Rares Open
Until 9 O’clock
For the Convenience
of Christmas Shoppers.
This arrangement will enable those
who cannot visit the stores during
the usual daylight hours an oppor-
tunity to do their Christmas Shop-
ping at a time that will be most
convenient to them,
May we suggest, however, that those
who can arrange to shop during the
morning hours will find the stores
less crowded than in the busier af-
ternoon and evening hours.
Late Gift Buyers
Will Find
Booster Stores
‘and his assistant went to Clearfield
Ready to Supply Their Every Need
Regardless of what kind of gifts
may be desired, a feature that late
shoppers will be sure to appreciate.
This is a year in which practical
gifts, and gifts for the home, are
being selected more liberally than
in former years. Booster Stores
are especially well equipped to offer
an unlimited variety from which to
select gifts of this character.
Good Reads
Lead To Altoona
From all sections of Central Penn-
sylvania, making driving in winter
safe and satisfactory.
You can park your car on all Al-
toona Streets, with restrictions in |
some sections.
TECTION, at a moderate charge, at
the Municipal Parking Space, 10th |
Avenue between 11th and 12th |
Streets, i
moderate charge, at Bhe William F. |
Gable Co. Garage, Rear of 11th
Avenue Building; and at Fleck’s |
Penn Alto Garage, 1409 13th Avenue,
Free Parking Space for their Cus- |
tomers at Rear of Their Stores. i
: {
You Can Always Shop With
Greatest Satisfaction at the |
Stores of Members of The]
fitoona Booster ASSociat’n
A little son arrived recently in the
Charles Laird home.
A Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year to everybody.
James Kline and wife visited
friends at Penn's Cave over Sun-
Frank Kuhn spent a portion of
last week in Philipsburg, on busi- |
ness. ¢
Mr, and Mrs. D. H. Ewing made
a business trip to Huntingdon, on
Robert Williams visited friends
down Bald Eagle, the latter end of
the week.
Samuel Hess Tate and wife, of
Burnham, spent Sunday here and at
State College.
Charlotte Hoy, of Williamsport,
is a guest of her parents, Mr. and |
Mrs, W. A. Hoy. i
The Presbyterian Sunday school |
will have its Christmas exercises |
on Sunday evening.
Comrade J. W. Sunday is plan-
ning to close his house and spend
the winter with relatives.
Mrs.Ida C. Williams returned home,
last week, from a visit with friends
in Pittsburgh and Wilkinsburg.
W. A. Fye, who is now employed
at Hollidaysburg, spent the early
part of the week with his family.
Owing to the scarcity of that
great American bird, turkey dinners
will be quite rare here on Christmas. |
Mrs. Henry S. Elder and Mrs.
David Elder spent the latter end of
the week visiting friends in Altoona.
J. M. Keller, of Pittsburgh, was
here for the last days of the deer
season but failed to bring in his
The butchering season is about
at an end. Owing to the scarcity
of corn farmers were compelled to
kill early.
* Mrs. Bertha Kennedy was sum-
moned to Wilkes_Barree, recently,
owing to the death of her brother,
M. S. Steffen. i
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Mallory, of
Altoona, attended the funeral of Mrs.
Armstrong, at Cedar Springs, on
Tuesday afternoon.
The dedication of the tablet erect-
ed to the memory of John B.
Goheen, at Rock Springs, has been
postponed until spring.
Charles Gates and family, of Ty-
rone, spent the latter end of the
week at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gates, i
Miss Florence Port has been noti- |
fied that she will be admitted to the |
nurses training school of the Jer- |
sey City hospital on February 12th, |
Ernest Gilliland, a student at the
Lock Haven teachers’ college, was
stricken with appendicitis, last
Thursday, and taken to the Altoona
hospital ‘for an operation.
Owing to car trouble the Hun-
tingdon amateurs who were to give
an entertainment in the I. O. O. F.
hall failed to arrive and the money |
was refunded to all ticket buyers. |
Last. Thursday. ..Charles A. Stuck 1
county with a load of oil. At Big-
ler the big truck upset. . Mr. Stuck
sustained a number of cuts and
bruises while his assistant escaped !
with a few minor Injuries. The
truck was considerably damaged. !
On Monday morning fire was dis- |
covered in the basement of the W.i
H. Goss house, occupied by the a
R. Port family. Local firemen kept |
the flames in check until the ar-!
rival of the State College fire com. |
pany, when they were quickly ex-
tinguished. The fire is believed to |
have originated from a defective |
flue leading from the furnace in the |
basement. Until repairs are made |
the Port family is depending on oil
stoves for heat.
Now that the deer season is over
estimates place the kill on Tussey
mountain and in the Barrens, in this '
section, at about eighty, with a
number of illegal kills. Late on |
Monday an unknown hunter shot a!
deer on the State highway in the |
Glades, loaded it on his car and |
continued on his way. Elisha Shoe- |
maker brought in from the Alle-
ghenies a 200 pound buck that had!
a rack of antlers with 18 points
and six knobs. John K. Miller and
will Wagner, of Juniata, were !
among the lucky ones to get a buck |
each near the close of the season.
re |
Henry L. Dale, of Mifflinburg; was |
(a caller in town on Friday. !
A beautiful Christmas tree has :
been placed on the public square.
Mr. and Mrs. Clement G. Dale, of
Pleasant Gap, were guests of the
Misses Dale on Saturday.
Miss Virginia Hess and Fern
Bennett, of Altoona, spent the week- |
end at the E. W. Hess home.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Durst, of!
Centre Hall, and Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Mothersbaugh spent Thurs-
day at the George Mothersbaugh ,
home and assisted with the slaugh-
tering of ten porkers,
The Victor Grange players won
first place ‘in the contest for rural
players at Centre Hall on Monday
| night, and will be sent to Harris-
burg to participate in the activities
during Farm show week. i
The Lutheran Sunday school will
have their Christmas service Sun-
day evening, December 21stat 7:30.
The schools of the town will render
a Christmas program Tuesday eve-
ning, December 23rd, at 7:15, and |
the Reformed Sunday school has se-
lected Wednesday evening, Decem-
ber 24th at 7:30, for it's Christmas
The Harris township Soccer team
were guests at a turkey dinner, Wed-
nesday evening, at 7 o'clock, at the
country home of Mr. and Mrs.
George Mothersbaugh. The team
and substitutes, the coaches and
sponsers, in all numbering about
forty persons, enjoyed the affair
given in celebration of the team’s
.are to be white gifts for the King, |
' through the Conference White Cross; |
the Methodist Homes—For the Aged |
‘ning at 7:30.
John’s Episcopal
i 000)
We Give You This 4-pe.
Aluminum Set . . . FREE!
To promote complete under-
standing of the superiority of the
electric range surface units for
waterless cooking, West Penn
is giving, for a limited time, this
4-piece $13.90 set of “Wear-
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customers who purchases an
electric range from us or any
other range dealer.
Three sauce pans—15, 2145
and 314 quart capacity—and
large frying pan for simplified,
practical waterless cooking . . .
Black gyptal bottoms for quick
non-warping aluminum.” Heavy
lids prevent steam escape and
allow foods to cook in their
own juices with minimum of
water . . . All appetizing flavors
and food values are retained.
heat .absorption. Triple-thick |
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Easy payment plan offered. When
bought with electric range the
terms are unusually liberal.
Church Bible school, C. C. Shuey,
Supt., 9:30. League, 6:30. Worship,
10:45. Cantata, 7:30, “The Story of
Bethlehem,” presented by twenty
voices, Mrs. John T. Taylor, State
College, director, Mrs. Mark Mullin,
organist. tableaux very impressive,
one of the leading characters taken :
by a native of Syria, a service of ber 26th, St.
surpassing beauty and meaning. {and + on Saturday.
Christmas celebration in the St.
Methodist church, Sunday, December
‘has been extended
mas, beginning at
also be held on
Johnson, Miss Mary Fleming and
Miss Martha Johnston. All offerings |
they will be equally divided between |
Children at College,
at Tyrone and the
| Sterling, Ohio.
Horace Lincoln Jacobs, Pastor | Walter J. Breon,
| Lydia M. Warntz,
Sunday school at 9.30 a. m., R. R. and Clara
Davison, superintendent. i
| Guild. An invitation to this service!
in neighboring parishes.
A midnight service will be held in
the church the night before Christ- '
special program has been arrranged, ly
with music by a full choir.
Communion will be
Christmas morning.
Clarence E. Arnold, pastor.
eee lyre
Melvin Johnstonbaugh, of State
and Estella Bauman,
A, Ramser, of Orviston.
to Priests and
lan over for this season,
The funeral of the late Mrs. Sarah
11.30 o'clock. A Walker, last Wednesday, was large-
Holy | With the approach of the holiday
celebrated on season the traffic in Christmas trees
Services will is now in full swing.
Friday, Decem- | Mrs. Levi Fye has returned to her
day, home in Moshannon, after being
_ December 27th, here for some time helping care for
John Evangelist’'s day,
at10 a.m. her mother,
F. Gast, Rector.
Mrs. Sarah Walker,
' during her late illnesss and death.
« West Penn Eleectrie Shops e
Butchering in this section is about |
—— —
| Make The Watchman your
| Christmas Gift to some friend.
mm ——— commen. +
OR RENT.—Five room apartment,
with bath, heat and water, on sec-
ond floor Keystone Gazette Build~
ing, Allegheny St., Bellefonte. 76-50-2t
ANTED.—An old
‘Belden, the
Col. James Brisbin.
tion of book and price. Harry Hess,
Hess, Belmont and Conshohocken Ave.,
Philadelphia. 75-44
book entitled,
White Chief,” by
State condi-
{28. In the church school session, | ain |
the beginners department, Mrs. J.| St. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. FT"
K. Barnhart, Superintendent, will, 9:30 a. m, Sunday school, HOT- | ums soi 0 So TS TSR SATA STS
carry through a very appropriate man Hazel, superintendent. ! REAL TOYS AND GAMES
service. At 6:30 p. m. the general 10:45 a. m., Morning service; Ser- 3 Lovely little Oil Lamps, a real ¥
program by the primary department, ' mon: “Rejoice in the Lord Always.” J X-mas gift, 25 and 30c. Genuine J
Miss Hazel Johnson, Superintendent, | 7:00 p. m., Christmas service, un- Kiddy Sats $1.25 an Bool Doll y
interesting exercises, and by the ger the auspices of the Sunday XK Sle d.Flyers ting at $1.00, oy ol
classes taught by Mrs. Richard school. Gammon 50¢, the greatest and new- ¥
Heverly, Mrs. William Nighthart, | There will be a service Christmas B est. Open evenings until Christ- §
Mrs. William Williams, Miss Grace | day morning at seven o'clock. mas,
Friday and Saturday—The
Richelieu will present
Victor McLaglen in \
“A Devil With Women’
Victor McLaglen, laughing and lov
ing his way through a cyclone of
of Millheim, and
of Aaronsburg.
of Lock Haven,
Preaching at 10:45 a. m. by the |
pastor. !
~And Thou Shalt |
adventures under a tropical moon —
Also, Saturday afternoon
Chapter No. 3 *
Morning subject:
Call His Name Jesus.”
: < thi OTICE IN DIVORCE.—Howard T.
In the evening, at 7:30, the choir Lucas vs. Hattie S. Lucas. In Mond
will render a Christmas cantata en-' the Court of Common Pleas of onday, Tues., (Next Week)
titled “The Holy Child.” , Centre county, No. 23¢ May term, 1930. Richelieu will present the
y . 'In Divorce A. V. M. Avst ran Teatire Coraad
Quarterly conference Monday eve- To Hattie S. Lucas, the respondent y
Prayer and Bible study Wednes-
day evening at 7:30. !
Junior Endeavor Saturday at
Please take notice
' appointed Master to
3 | the above case, and
at 10 o'clock a. m.,
G. E. Householder, Pastor.
— Temple Court buildin
: to attend,
A special service will be held this '
Sunday evening, at 7:30, in St. {113
ghoye named, Letclonorth Village, Thiells,
{ meeting for the purposes of |
: ment on Saturday, December 27th, 1930.
in my
{ which time and place you are requested
Very truly yours.
“The Indians Are Coming?’
“Are You There?”
with Beatrice Lillie (Famous Si
Star) Lloyd Hamilton and Olga jae
that I have been
take testimony in
that I shall hold a
my appoint-
Wednes., Thurs. (NextWeek)
Continuous Show Christmas,
2 to 11 p. m.—Charles Farrell
and Maureen O’Sullivan (the
beautiful girl
of “Just Imagine”) in
“The Princess
office, No. 17
g, Bellefonte, Pa.,
church when the!
local guild of Acolytes will be
stalled as a branch of the National
Guild of St. Vincent. The Rev.
Thomas Worral, rector of St. Mark's
church, Lewistown, will preach the Little: Migses Si
i wool, cashmere Sport Hose, fleece
sermon, and the Rev. Charles E. lined. All the sizes and widths
McCoy, rector of Trinity church, that are generally hard to find.
Williamsport, will be in charge of |
the installation. Father McCoy is
one of the founders of St. Vincent
in- |, : a wt
Gold Coupons, ask for them.
and The Plumber?’
a Charming Comedy Romance of
country not on any map.
Hose, silk and
& Black Boards, 59¢ and up. Toy
Carts 50c. Holly, Gold, Silver Tis-
3 sue Papers. We will sell you a
Others will
Don’t forget our
& lady’s Glove at 59.
ask you $1.00.
R Gold Coupons.
" Friday, Satur. (This Week)
Adults 25 & 35¢ Children 10c
Bob Steele with Nita Rey in
“The Oklahoma Cyclone”
Talking Talking Talking
Comedy Cartoon Act
, Monday, Tues., Wed. (Next
Week) The State will present
the very funny feature comedy
“What A Man”
All Talking, with Reginald Denny
and All Star Cast.
Coming Soon—
Harold Bell Wright's
“Eyes of the World”