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The Blair reunion was held at the
home of Mrs. Susan Stere, on Sun-
‘Mrs. Myrtle Craig, of Julian, sper*
Sunday with friends here and at-
tended church service.
Mr, and Mrs. Toner Dunlap, of
State College, visited their cousin,
Mrs. Anna Finch, last Sunday after-
Our borough schools opened on
Tuesday with a good number in at-
tendance. Miss Nell Williams and
Prof. Hosterman are the teachers
for this term.
The social and bake sale by the
Ladies Aid society of the M. E.
church, Saturday evening, was well
patronized and a nice sum added to
their treasury.
Rev. M. C. Piper, of Milesburg,
will preach to the Grangers and
friends in the Grange Hall Sunday,
at 2 o'clock. All are welcome. Spe-
cial music for the occasion.
Union Grange will serve coffee,
sandwiches, pie and cookies during
the sale of household furnishings at
the home of Mrs. Martha Griest,
which will be an all day sale, Sat-
urday. September 13th.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Cleaver and
sister, Mrs. Bertha Marshall and
little daughter Florence, all of Ken-
pett Square, were pleasant callers
among friends here last Saturday,
while on their way to Bedford.
The report of the marriage of Mrs.
Lizzie Holter Gordon and Charles
Eckenroth was verified by them-
selves at the Hall reunion, on Mon-
day. Their friends extend congratu-
lations and best wishes for their
happiness. They will reside in our
The Hall family reunion which had
been looked forward to for some
time with much pleasure was held
on Monday, Labor day, as planned,
at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert B. Hall, on Dix Run, It is
an ideal place, large maple trees
providing shade and clear sparkling
spring water to drink. By noon a
large number of the clan had ar-
rived, together with old friends and
neighbors, who just had a delightful
time greeting one another.
had not met for years and it cer-
tainly was a pleasure to get to-
gether as one big family. The din-
per was indescribably delicious, such
an abundance and variety. A day
that will be long remembered.
During the afternoon a refresh-
ing shower of rain, much appreciat-
ed on account of the drouth, scat-
tered the company who took shelter
in their cars, After dinner address-
es were given by Mrs. Mary Hall, of
Renovo, who is 96 years young, gen-
erally known as “Aunt Mary” and
whose society is very much in de-
mand. Then followed our much ap-
preciated Rev. M. C. Piper, of Miles-
burg, who is 82 years young, and
gave a very instructive talk, follow-
ed with recitations by Walter and
Paul Bressler. Since our meeting
a year ago two who were with us
then have passed to their reward,
namely: Grant Hoover, of Wil.
liamsport, and Fred Schiele, of Lewis-
town. J.E. Hall was re-elected presi:
dent and the following committee
appointed: Mrs. Anna Finch, E. A.
Hall, Robert B. Hall, John D. Hall
and Mrs. C. R. Eckenroth. The fol-
lowing persons registered as the
book was passed around:
Mrs. Mary A. Hall and daughter, Miss
Wilburetta, of Renovo; J. M. Iddings
and Mrs. Hannah Iddings, of Fleming;
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hall, of Howard;
Mr and Mrs. Edward T Hall and six
sons, David, Howard, Daniel, Walter,
Steward and Ellis; Mr. P. B. Loder and
wife, Mrs. Tempie Hall Loder, of Lamar;
Mrs. Mollie Hall Boalich, of Bellefonte;
Some |
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Hall and fam- |
ily, of Juniata; Emily Hall Miles, of
Milesburg; Mr. R. C. Meyer and wife,
Lizzie Hall Meyer, of Oscela Mills; Mrs.
Hannah Hall and sons, Norman, Clarence,
of Fleming; Mrs. Margaret Hall Keatley,
and daughter Emily, of Fleming; Mr.
and Mrs. Gilbert Keatley and daughter,
Lois Ann, of Ashland; Harold Keatley,
of Washington, D. C.; Charles Keatley,
of Pittsburgh; Mr. and Mrs. Homer D.
Hall and son Ivan, of Altoona; L. C.
Thompson, of Bellefonte; Mr. and Mrs.
Eckenroth, Mr. and Mrs. Benner Hall
and family, Mrs. Josephine Singleton,
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hall Mr. and Mrs.
Blair C. Hall, of Harrisburg; Mr. and
Mrs. Ellis N. Hall and daughters, Alice
gS. and Clara E., of Braddock; Mr. and
Mrs John D. Hall, of Mill Hall; George
P. Hoover, of Altoona; J. Clyde Hoover,
of Wilkinsburg; Samuel H. Pletcher, of
Howard; Mrs. Francis Hall and J. E.
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Eli. A. Hall, of Osceola
Mills; Charles E. Pletcher, of Howard;
F. P. McElhany and wife, Mae Hall Mc-
Elhany, and three children, and Mrs.
Grace McElhany, of Lewistown; Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Hall, Mrs. Mary Klim Hall
and sons, Grant and James. of Pitts-
burgh; Toner Irwin and wife, Emily
Hall Irwin, of Altoona; Sarah Hinds,
Donald Hinds, of State College; Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Bickle and Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Bickle, of Warriorsmark; Mrs. Har-
riet Stere, Philip Holter and Lillian
Pletcher, of Howard; Miles Hall, Anna
Hall Finch, Mr and Mrs. Jesse Parsons
and family, Mrs. Sidney Poorman, of
Bellefonte; M&s. Alice Hall Stiffler and
daughter Olive, of Hollidaysburg; Rev.
M. C. Piper, of Milesburg; Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Bressler and four sons, of Belle-
fonte; A. W. Ammerman, of Fleming,
and son, James Ammerman, of Geneva,
N. Y., Mrs. Harriet Ingram, son Clark
and daughters, Mrs. Edna Fern and Mrs.
Anna Harpster, of Tyrone; John T. Hall
and wife, Etta Hall Hall and family,
Mrs. Cora Hall Young and three daugh-
ters, of Port Matilda;
of Wingate; Perry J. Hall and daughter
Rebecca, William Stere, Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Stere and family,
John Shank and daughter Emily,
State College; Mr. and Mrs. A. Y. Wil
liams, Mrs. Hannah Hall Scholl, Mr. and
Mrs. Kezia Williams and two children,
Lloyd Spotts and wife, Julia Hall Spotts,
and four children, Mr. and Mrs. Philip
N. Hall and son Robert nd daughter
Phyllis, of Willard, O.; Mr. and Mrs. L
Jones, of Lewistown; Misses Margaret
and Martha Schiele, of Lewistown; Mr.
Mary Summers, :
Mr. and Mrs. | Charles Caldwell and two sons,
of | toona;
and Mrs. Frank Driggs and family, Opal, |
Rosalie, Viola, Florence and Grant, of
Miss Virgina Dale is driving a
new Buick sedan.
G. R. Dunlap and family are visit-
ing friends at Indiana.
W. H. Harris and family
Sunday at Stormstown.
Paul Henry took a motor trip to
Washington, on Sunday.
J. H. Gilliland was a business
visitor in Lock Haven on Monday.
Mrs. Adeline Fye is visiting Ray
Heim and family, at Newark, N. J.
Linn Woomer, of State ‘College,
was a caller in town on Monday
J. H. Bailey and son are off on a
motor trip to Niagara Falls and
Mrs. Anna Saucerman, of Altoona,
was a Sunday visitor with friends
in town.
Mrs. M. A. Dreibelbis and daugh-
ter have returned from a trip to New
Brunswick, N. J.
Miss Dorothy English, of Harris-
burg, spent her Labor day vacation
at her home here.
H. S. Spicher and J. N, Piper, of
Alexandria, were in town the begin-
ning of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Burwell and
family, of Tyrone, spent Sunday with
Mrs. Sallie Burwell.
will Behrer and family,
toona, were Sunday visitors
Miles Walker home.
W. B. Fry, of Altoona, spent La-
bor day helping his father fill his
silo, at Rock Springs.
John and Ernest Johnson, of Phil-
adelphia, spent Labor day at the
Joseph Johnson home.
George Burwell and family motor-
ed to Barto, Thursday, to visit Mrs.
Viola Fluke and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Decker, of
Bellefonte, spent Sunday with Mrs.
O'Bryan, on Church street.
John Moore, restaurant proprietor,
left for the West, on Sunday, and
his eating place is now for sale,
The Baileyville Sunday school
realized $66 from its social and
festival held on Saturday evening.
H. C. Fry and Ernest Gilliland,
of Rock Springs, have enrolled as
students at the Lock Haven teach-
ers’ college.
Charles Gates came down from
Tyrone and spent Saturday and
Sunday with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Gates.
W. E. Hemphill and Mr. and Mrs.
T. A. Mallory, of Altoona, spent sev-
eral days, last week, among the
Grangers, at Centre Hall,
J. Edward Elder celebrated his
45th birthday anniversary by eating
a chicken dinner in his tent at the
Granger’s picnic on August 27th.
Mr. and Mrs. S. E, Goss and son
Jack, of Reading, visited Mr. Goss’
mother, at White Hall, on Sunday,
while on a motor trip through this
section of the State.
Dr. Clyde Collins and wife, of
Pittsburgh, who have been visitors
at the W. A. Collins home, motored
to Jersey Shore to spend Labor
day with Dr. R. H. Meek.
Mrs. Jennie Fortney and daughter
Beulah, of Boalsburg, attended a
family dinner party at the home of
the Dannley sisters, on Sunday,
given in honor of Charles S. Dann-
ley and family, of Wadsworth, Ohio,
who were here on a ten day's visit.
Among those from here who at-
tended the Walker clan reunion, at
Alfaretta park on Saturday, were A.
Stine Walker, dean of the family;
of Al-
at the
H. N. Walker and wife, J. E. Elder |
and wife, H. S. Elder and wife and
Paul Sunday and wife.
About two o'clock, Monday morn-
ing, H. S. Elder was awakened by
a crash in the street and going out
down and three young men
oned underneath. Securing help the
car was righted and the imprisoned
occupants released. Fortunately none
of them were seriously hurt but the
car considerably damaged, The driv-
er of the car had evidently fallen
asleep with the result that the car
ran up onto a bank and overturned.
The young men were taken to State
College by a passing motorist while
the car was towed to a garage for
Our public schools opened, on
Tuesday, with a good attendance.
An Anti-Saloon meeting was held
in the Evangelical church on Sun-
day morning.
After two week’s visit with friends’
in 'this section Miss Grace Robinson |
home on Wednesday !
left for her
Members of the Evangelical Sun-
day school enjoyed a supper on the !
top of Snow Shoe mountain, last Fri-
day evening.
It is rumored that the operator's
tower and water tank of the Penn- |
sylvania railroad are to be removed
from here in the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chapman, of
Lock Haven, were Sunday night
guests of friends here.
home, Monday morning they were
! accompanied by Mrs. Daniel Rine,
who spent a week here.
__Read the Watchman and get all
the news worth reading.
Hall Caldwell, of Curtin; Mr. and Mrs.
of Al-
Aaron Caldwell
Altoona; Mrs. Esther
Barton, Bessie Stere,
Lyda Phillips and Mr.
Mr. and
and family, of
Talbert, Helen
Hall Lucas, Mrs.
and Mrs. L. Phillips and three children, !
Miss Cornelia Barnett, of Clearfield; Mr.
and Mrs. Robert B. Hall and son Ken-
neth:; Glen Blackwood, of Pittsburgh;
Miss Sarah Lindenmuth, Lucinda Hall,
of Wingate; Mrs. Margaret Holter and
family, of Milesburg.
The date for the next reunion was not
Boswell; William Caldwell and wife, Mary | decided upon.
Morgan M, Otto, of Tipton air
field, was a recent visitor with his
mother, Mrs. John Mohr Otto,
Miss Carrie Weaver, of Lock Hav-
en, has been the guest of her uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Bower.
Mrs. Fred Rachau, their daughter,
after a two weeks’ visit with them,
returned to her home in New York
Mrs. C. M. Wolfe has gone to the
western part of the State, where she
will spend some time with some of
her children.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Haines, of
Akron, Ohio, have been the guests of
Mr. Haines’ parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Haines.
Mrs. Mabel Metherhold and son
Robert Jr., and his friends, of New-
ark, N. J, were week-end guests of
Mrs. Metherhold’s sister and husband,
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Guisewite
Mr, and Mrs. Leo Hammer, daugh-
ter Jane and son Billy, and Miss
Edith Simcox, all of Williamsport,
made brief calls on Charles Sum-
mers, at the home of his sister, Mrs.
John Wolfe.
Miss Elizabeth Stover and friend,
of Dauphin, were brief callers at the
home of Miss Stover’s grand parents.
Her call at this time was to see her
grandmother, who returned recent-
ly from the hospital.
Rev. and Mrs. G. H. Fred Greising,
Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, of Allentown,
and Miss Margaretta Smith, of Hazle-
ton, spent the past week in the
Kerstetter cabin, west of Coburn.
They reported a very pleasant and
restful time.
Mrs. A. S. Stover, who had been
a surgical patient for four weeks in
the Geisinger hospital, returned home
last Thursday. Her many friends are
pleased to know she is on a fair way
to recovery. May she speedily re-
gain her health and strength,
During the past week end our
vicinity has been visited by several
thunder showers of short duration;
however they have been gratefully
received. Notwithstanding the ex-
treme dry weather we have had an
investigate found a car upside |
impris- !
Returning .
abundant supply of water for which
we should be very thankful, as many
localities are in want.
Mrs. George C. Hall suffered a
severe heart attack, Sunday morning.
Marvy Lou Fisher, of Erie, is visit.
ing her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
George Fisher,
Dr. and Mrs. Swank entertained
their son, Howard Swank ,of Johns.
town, and Mr, Orris, of St. Michaels.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reitz and B.
P. Lonebarger drove to Dornsife, Sat-
urday, to attend the Dornsife family
W. R. Ishler, of Washington, D.C,
spent some time, last week, at the
home of his parents, Mr, and Mrs.
P. S. Ishler.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coxey, of In-
diana, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Goheen, of Hollidaysburg, were
among the week-end visitorsin town.
B. P. Lonebarger and daughters,
Misses Dorothy and Lois, drove to
Athens, Pa., on Monday, where Miss
Dorothy has secured a position as
instrutcor in the schools for the
winter term.
Prof. and Mrs. E. H. Meyer re-
4 turned to Newark, N. J., on Monday.
| Workmen at once began to tear
| down their house and expect to have
| their new residence well under way
{ before winter time.
Harris township schools opened,
| Tuesday morning, with a good at-
| tendance. The instructors are LeRoy
| Freeby, Edwin H. Dale, Miss Geer,
{ of Lock Haven; Miss Maude Hubler,
i Samuel Ross, Miss Crain, of Bell-
. wood, and Miss Anna Mary Hess.
Rev. J. H. Wagner and daughter
| Mary left, early Monday morning,
| for their home in Hudson Heights,
IN. J. after spending the month of
| August among friends in this vicin-
fity. Mrs. Wagner and two younger
| children also spent several weeks
among friends here, leaving some
| time ago to visit friends at her home.
| Mrs. Carl Nye, of St. Louis, Mo,
lis visiting her sister, Mrs. W. C.
| Thompson.
John Weber left, Tuesday, for
, Penbrook, where he is enrolled at
| the Perkiomen Seminary.
| Miss Margaret Bell spent several
| days, last week, as the guest of her
| cousin, Mrs. Winfield Thompson.
Lauretta Weber left, Friday, for
Clearfield, and Mary Weber for
Somerset, where they will teach
this year.
‘left, Tuesday, to visit friends in
Reading, Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia
and Atlantic City.
James Kane and daughter Jane
‘rave returned from York, where
they visited Mr. and Mrs, Jason
Snyder and family.
Miss Mittie Lucas, Joseph Lucas
{and his grand daughter drove here
from Baltimore and spent Labor day
with Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Reber.
A. M. Butler, who came home
from the Lock Haven hospital, last
Wednesday morning, did not seem
to be improving so he re-entered
the hospital Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Gladys Wensel and daughter
Sara, and Mrs. Thomas Stoltz and
daughter, Mary Virginia, spent
last Friday as the guests of Mrs.
‘Harry T. Lyons, of Lock Hawen.
Mrs. Winfield Thompson and sis-
ter, Mrs. Ruth Nye, Miss Annie
Spigelmeyer and Mrs. Willard Mec-
Dowell visited Woodward Cave and
: called on friends in State College,
The Storage vault and sun porch
at the First National bank have been
| completed. They add greatly to the
, appearance of the building and to
| the convenience of the apartment
{and bank.
| nnn ers Rp A —
—Read the Watchman for the news
Mr. and Mrs. Girard Altenderfer
me eee
Church Bible school, C. C. Shuey,
Supt., 9:30, with extra events and
World Service offering-special: chal-
lenging study. League, 6:30, open
air meeting, last of the season.
Worship—10:45, earnest exposition
of specially selected Scriptures; and
7:30, pungent preachment on a per-
tinent proposition. Junior chorus.
Wednesday, intermediate league and
mid-week forum, devotions and in-
tercession. Tuesday, class. Tourists,
commercial travelers and week-end
visitors welcome. Pastor responds
to all calls for his services.
The anniversary of the corner
stone laying of The Methodist Home
for Children, near Mechanicsburg,
has a fine program and exhibit pre-
pared for the friends that attena
this Saturday. Some Bellefonte folks
have this event in their plans,
On Sunday, August 31, the Rev.
L. W. McGarvey, of Sinnamahoning,
and the Rev. G. L. McGarvey, of
Westport, assisted the pastor, Rev.
H. L. Jacobs, in the morning wor-
ship, and took part with lay mem-
bers of the church in the reception
of two persons into membership. In
the afternoon the pastor baptized a
child and then an adult, who with
his wife was enrolled as full mem-
bers of the church.
Strangers from many places in
Pennsylvania and from three States
outside of Pennsylvania attended
both the church school and worship,
morning and evening,
In the morning, at the close of
the service the pastor displayed a
paper, which the church now per.
manently holds. It was a note for
a bank loan, covered by the Debt
Fund, which Bellefonte Methodists
are raising to pay off all current
expenses and loans, made prior to
March 1, 1930. The receiptsin this
fund now total just one-third of the
total indebtedness, which it is plan-
ned to wipe out by August 1, 1932.
Horace Lincoln Jacobs, Pastor.
Junior Endeavor at 3 o'clock Sat-
urday. Parents please note the
change from 2:30 to 3 o’clock.
Sunday school Sunday morning,
9:30, followed by Holy Communion
blessed sacrament and start into the
fall and winter months with a new
consecration and zeal.
Intermediate and senior Christian
Endeavor at 6:30 P. M., in their
respective places, followed by pub.
lic worship and communion.
Rev, William Snyder, Pastor
9:30 A. M.,, Sunday school.
10:45 A. M., Morning service;
Sermon: “Lights that Shine Out.”
7:30 P. M., Evening service; Ser-
mon: “A Walk With God.”
Clarence E. Arnold, pastor.
9:15, Sunday school.
10:30, Morning worship with ser-
6:45, E. L. C. E.
7:30, Dedication of Christian Flag
presented by the young people.
Rev. A. Ward Campbell, Pastor.
Francis Rine “spent Sunday with
friends in Lock Haven. |
Misses Christine Ramish and Ethel
Stover visited Lock Haven friends
one day last week.
| Samuel Bryan, of Cresson, was a
; Monday visitor at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Elmer Justice.
Chester Thomas and Wallace Ward
| motored to Akron, Ohio, and spent
| Labor day with Mr. Ward's mother.
Mr. and Mrs. John Resides were
| week-end guests at the home of
! Mrs, Resides’ parents, Mr. and Mrs.
James Kelly.
| Mr. and Mrs. Charles King had as
Labor day guests their daughter ana
| husband, Mr. and Mrs. Hardman
Gray and family."
Mr. and and Mrs. Harry Garbrick
{ and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reber motor.
‘ed to Canada to attend the big
national fair, at Toronto.
| _Read thc Watchman.
OUSE FOR SALE.—Fine brick res
idence on west Curtin St., is fo
sale. Inquire of Louise M. Valen-
tine, Bellefonte, Pa. 75-33-4t
7 room house on west Curtin St
Inquire of Mrs. H. C. Valentine or
phone iC4-R. 75-31-41
~ OR RENT.—The second and thirc
floors in the Watchman office
building, suitable for offices or
OR SALE.—Ford coupe, in good
running condition. See it at home
of Mrs. Lydia Irwin, Wingate.
mantel, fire place, hearth and all
parts complete. No broken parts,
$15.00 will take it. Inquire at his ee
OTICE is hereby given that the fol-
lowing accounts will be presented
to the Court for Confirmation on
Wednesday, Sept. 10, 7930; unless excep-
tions are filed thereto on or before Sept.
6, 1930, the same will be confirmed.
The First and Partial Account of
Farmer's National Bank and Trust Co. |
of Millheim, Guardian of Ammon
Grimes, of Penn Township.
Also—Second Statement of Account of
Elmer E. Roekey, Guardian of Henrietta
First account of Vianna L. Grove,
guardian of John E. Grove, of Benner
First account of Etta R. Grove, guar-
dian of Martin L. Grove, of Benner Twp.
75-33-3t S. CLAUDE HERR, Prothonotary
At a Reduced Rate, 20%
73-36 J. M. KEICHLINE, Agent
prc ———————
42 |
$5.25 wn
Palisades and Highlands
Philadelphia |} ~~~
Sunday, Sept., 14 SUNDAY
Bellefonte - - - 8.18 p.m.
Saturday Night preceding Excursion
See Flyers or Consult Agents
Leave Bellefonte
Saturday night preceding excursion.
See Flyers or Consult Agents
All Steel Equipment
Pennsylvania Railroad Pennsylvania Railroad
service. This will be the last com-
munion service of the conference
year. Let all the members of the |
church avail themselves of this
Friday and Saturday (This
Week) the Richelieu will
“Wild Company?’
with H. B. Warner, Shryon
Lynn, Frank Albertson and
Joyce Compton.
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Pictures of Today’s Modern Youth
Monday and Tuesday (Next
Week) the Richelieu will pre-
sent Charles Ruggles, Ginger
Rogers, Stanley Smith and an
All Star Cast in the Season’s
Greatest Comedy-Drama,
¢ Queen High ”
All This Week—2 shows Sat-
urday, 7.15 and 9 p.m.
¢ Mamba ”
An All-Talking, All Natural Color
Thrill Drama of the African Jungle.
Adults (Main Floor) 35c.
Wednesday and Thursda (Balcony) 25c.
another Great Laugh Hite. Children . . 10c
Jack Oakie in Ee ER
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oe Show 7 to 11—
aramount Pictures are the & 9 ?
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Overalls and Work Shirts
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