Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, January 10, 1930, Image 5

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tion and enlist your
ing later.
your labels.
the limit.
Notice to Subscribers
On copies of the Watchman of Jan-
uary 24 will appear labels that will have
been corrected so that they should re-
flect all payments on subscription and
changes of address received at this office
on or before Saturday, January 18. In
other words, our mailing list will be cor-
rected on the latter day, and every pay-
ment on subscription that has been made
within the last six weeks should show
itself in the dates to which labels on
papers of January 24 will be extended.
We are giving this matter unusual
prominence for several reasons. First,
because we want it to attract your atten-
end that there will be no misunderstand-
If your label on the issue of January
24th does not show that proper credit
has been given you, please write or
call us at your earliest convenience so
that corrections can be made that will
save much inconvenience later.
We make errors. We try very hard
to avoid them, but some creep in occas-
Because we are conscious of
that fact we do not take the position
that we are always right.
very laborious job to dig through files
and books several years back when a
subscriber writes in or tells us that in
December, 1926, he or she sent $1.50 for
which they did not receive proper
Please check up on us by watching
+The other matter that we want to-
call attention to is one that concerns
only those whose labels do not show that
they have paid up to some date in 1929.
As between the Watchman and its
subscribers, there isn’t a person on its
list whom this paper wouldn't trust to
We have the utmost confi-
dence that every subscriber we have
who is in arrears will ultimately pay his
or her bill. The post-office authorities
don’t look at it that way, however.
We are anticipating a call, very
soon, from Washington that will compel
us to list every subscriber who is in ar.
rears one year or more. When that is
done we will be ordered to discontinue
sending papers to them, or put regular
postage “on each paper.
that we will be denied the usual pound
rate for newspapers.
In the light of these circumstances and
especially since we will correct our list on
Saturday, January 18, we are urging those
who have just “not thought about it,”’ to
send in their remittance by that date if con-
venient, and, if not, as soon thereafter as
Mrs, Emma Krebs ~has gone to
Ohio to spend the winter,
W. B. Fry and wife and H. C. Fry
and lady friend spent Sunday in Al-
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lohr motor-
ed to Tyrone and spent Sunday with
Mrs, David Hill, of Pittsburgh is
visiting her rents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Rr
Pierce O'Bryan and wife, of State
College, were Sunday callers on
friends in town,
A ten pound baby boy was a re-
cent arrival in the John Trostle
home, in this place.
Mrs. James Kline and daughter
Hilda spent Sunday at the Frank Al-
bright home, at Guyer,
Word has been received of the ar-
rival of a son in the family of Mr.
and Mrs. Harold D. Foster, in Chica-
Dr. Hugh L, Fry, who spent the
past four years at Little Rock, Ark.
has been transferred to Nashville,
H. S. Elder is having a new gar-
age erected on his premises on east
Main street. Charles Louck is doing
the job.
Mrs. J. H. Neidigh is quite ill at
her home, at Struble, and her friends
are considerably alarmed over her
Hilda Loneberger, a nurse in train-
ing at the Geisinger hospital, is vis-
ting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Har-
ry Loneberger.
Young Daniel Mothersbaugh, who
has been a hospital patient the past
nine months, is back at his home and
getting along nicely.
Mrs. Harry Homan,
good position in Harrisburg, spent
the latter end of the week with
friends in this section.
The week of prayer is being ob-
served in the Bethel Reformed
church with the pastors of the town
taking turns in officiating.
Charles Gates and wife motored
down from Tyrone, on Monday, for
a visit at Mr, Gates’ parental home,
the son accompanying his father, J.
C. Gates, on a trip to Bellefonte.
Samuel Harpster, of Gatesburg,
who has not been in good health for
several years, was taken to the Dan-
ville State hospital, on Saturday, by
his brother, Ira Harpster, and J. F.
The last butchering for the sea-
son was held at the D. R, Thomas
home, on the Branch. One of the
porkers had an unusually hard skull
as it took almost a dozen pop shots
to bring him to earth.
Quarterly conference was held in
the Methodist church here on Sun-
day afternoon. Rev. J. McK. Reilly,
superintendent of the Altoona dis-
trict, presided, with Rev. C. W. Rish-
el and Rev. C. C. Shuey assisting.
Master George Sunday, who swal-
lowed a silver dollar several weeks
ago was taken to the Centre Coun-
ty hospital where an X-ray showed
the silver piece to be lodged in a sec-
tion of the small bowels. Just what
will be ‘done ‘to give relief
been decided.
co-operation to the
who has a
But it is a
Miss Anna visited Max Ward, at the
Centre County hospital, last Friday.
The young man is still suffering
from a gunshot wound in the leg re-
ceived early in the deer hunting sea-
son although he is now so much im-
proved that his attending physician
has hopes of puttng the leg in a
plaster cast in the near future when
he will be able to get around on
creme perenne
Mrs, Orrie Holt was a week-end
visitor with relatives here.
On Tuesday Mrs. W, B. Parsons
went to Johnstown for a day's visit
with relatives,
John Resides and family are now
among the owners of radios, one
having been sent them by a relative
last week, ;
Union Grange, No, 325, will serve
an oyster supper in Their hall, next
Tuesday evening, January 14th from
5 to 7 o'clock.
Rev, ' M. H. Crawford and
daughter Loraine, and Rev. Park,
were dinner guests at the home of
Mrs. J. H. Fin¢h, on Monday even-
ing. :
Miss Mary Turner left here, last
Saturday afternoon to resume her
work in Washington, D. C,, going
by way of Harrisburg and stopping
off there for a day’s visit with rel-
The first meeting for this year
of the Ladies Aid society, under
direction of their new president,
Mrs. Estella Parsons, is called for
next Monday, January 13th at 2
p. m., in the Sunday school room
of the M. E, church. A full attend-
ance is desired.
On Monday Mrs, « res Bullock
accompanied her sister, Miss Grace
Smith to Johnstown, where they
will visit for a short time at the
home of Mrs. Bullock’s daughter and
husband Rev. and Mrs. Robert Keel-
er, after which Miss Smith will go
to Connellsville and visit her aunt,
Mrs, Frances Showman. :
That means
The Democratic Watchman.
Tan [sku Mie Gerda. unt
Mrs. Katherine Fisher, who has
en suffering with . heart trouble
. some time, had
oll on Wednesday of last week,
t is now considerably improved,
)st of her children came home to
» her during the serious stage of
r illness.
Miss Sue Murray, nurse in the
esbyterian hospital, at Philadel-
ja, spent a week’s vacation at the
me of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P
Murray, returning to Philadelphia
© uesday. Miss Marie Murray,
jo is a nurse in training at the
ntre County hospital, was also
me over Sunday.
A double oirthday celebration was
id at the P, G. Murray home, on
cember. 31st, in honor
quite a sick |Those present included W. S. Fisher,
of their | lion.
The meetings in the M.. E: church
services conducted by the pastor,
Rev. Crawford, are - enjoyed: ‘very
much; also, the sermons ' by Rev.
Park who is endowed ‘with deep
spirtual thoughts. He expressed a
wish to answer any question of a
Mrs. Susan Fisher and daughter, | religious kind that any one might
Mrs. Jack Summers, Mrs. L. E | Wish information on if they were
Davidson and three daughters, Mr. Written and dropped in the collec-
and Mrs. Roy Fisher, Mr and Mrs, - tion plates. Some interesting sub-
Ralph McLaughlin, "Mr and Mrs, i jects have been presented and very
Charles Reese and three children, | satisfactory answers given.
Mrs. Lydia Irwin and daughter, Mrs,
Florence Lucas, Donald Irwin, Miss
Julia Summers, Mr. and Mrs. P. G. |
Murray, Mr. and Mrs, Mack Murray
and little son.
son k. A big dinner was a feature
and in addition there was music,
games and other entertainment.
Marriage Licenses.
Edgar W. Miller and Edna Neff,
both of Centre Hall.
Robert Archer, of Houtzdale, and
| Mary Leskovansky, of Morann,
— __Famonn de Valero simply | Charles Fred Rodgers and Sylvia
can't stand Ireland's prosperity. He Czar, both of Philipsburg.
is going to organize another rebel-
—Read the Watchman for the news
as not yet'|
Mrs. W. S. Ward and daughter, |
aré being well attended. The song 3
17th day of January, 1930
“A telephone’ typewriter to operate
as a part of the State-wide commun-
ication system planned by the Penn-
sylvania State Police has been in-
stalled in the Galeton police station
by E. H. Martin of the Bell Tele-
phone Company of Pennsylvania.
Galeton is one of the 40 cities and
towns in Western Pennsylvania be-
ing provided with this intercommun-
ication service, which was placed in
operation about Jan. 1.
According to the State Police pro-
gram, approximately 100 Pennsyl-
vania communities will be equipped
with these machines for the instan-
taneous dissemination of police in-
formation. -
Headquarters for the Western
Pennsylvania zone will be located in
Pittsburgh in the county detectives’
office where both receiving and send-
ing machines will be placed,
From these sectional headquarters
information will be flashed over the
system to other cities and towns,
which will be equipped with receiv-
ing instruments only. The outlying
stations will be placed in State or
municipal police quarters, or some
other advantageous point, and will be
strategically located with regard to
the main highways,
At Harrisburg, which is to be the
main headquarters, experts will be
maintained to operate the telephone
typewriters. The sending machines,
which resemble huge typewriters,
are equipped with standard key-
board. When the key is pressed,
electrical impulses are released
which speed over a network of Bell
telephone wires to the machines at
the outlying stations, where the let-
ter or symbol corresponding to the
key touched by the operator on the
sending apparatus is printed clearly
on a sheet of paper.
Switchboards and other equipment
will be installed at zone headquarters
so that messages may be dispatch-
ed to one city only, if desired. The
equipment, however will permit the
sending of the same information ta
all stations, at the same time, at the
rate of forty words per minute.
Police in communities served by
receiving machines only such as
Galeton will telephone to zone head-
quarters the message they wish to
be flashed over the system.
Pennsylvania is the first State to
adapt the telephone typewriter to
police work on such an extensive
scale. It is expected to facilitate the
capture of criminals and aid sup-
pression of crime, as it makes possi-
ble the broad casting of details of
a crime to all important points in
Pennsylvania within a few minutes
after it has been committed.
The telephone typewriter repre-
sents the most modern equipment
available for this important phase of
police work, and was perfected by
scientists of the Bell system only
after many years of research and
experimental work.
Upon completion of the installa-
tion work at Galeton and all other
points in the State, the system will
be subjeced to a series of thorough
tests before the service is formally
inaugurated. :
eee pellet:
Charles F. Cook to Charles T.
Stine, tract in Bellefonte; $1.
William A. Leech to Fred W,
Hollabaugh, tract in Harris Twp.;
Jennie Stine, et al, to Thomas
Hogancamp, tract in Union Twp.;
H. E. Dunlap, sheriff, to Michael
Rossman, et ux, tract in Potter
Twp.; $500.
Lloyd M. Morris, et ux, to H.
O. Smith, tract in State College;
$1, :
Lewis Davidson, et al, to Harold
Davidson, tract in Boggs Twp.
Moshannon National Bank to
Fred E. Ibberson, tract in Philips-
burg; $25,000.
Ammon G. Bashoar, et al, to J.
B. Thomas, tract in Bellefonte;
$3,000. :
William F. Markle, et ux, to West
Penn Power company, tract in Col-
lege Twp.; $1.
Adam H. Krumrine, et ux,
Douglas S. Mead, ‘et ux, tract in
State College; $1. 2a
0. E. Osman, et ux,
Worth England,
Twp.; $800, °-
Margaret B. Haupt to Frank L.
Baird, et ux, tract in Milesburg; $1.
Boyd E. Smith to Orvis W. Lee,
tract in Potter Twp.; $1400.
Amanda Morrison, et al, to Bond
to William
R Farmers National Bank, No. 13118
at Bellefonte, in the State of Penn-
sylvania, at the close of business on De-
cember 31, 1929.
Loans and discounts
Other bonds, stocks, and secur-
ities owned 10,715.00
Banking House........ $25,000.00
Furniture and fixtures, $2,500 27,500.00
Reserve with Iederal Reserve
Cash and due from banks
Outside checks and other cash
Capital -8tock paid in.
Undivided Pp
Due to banks, including certi-
fied and cashiers’ checks out-
standing ' : 3,069.56
Demand 215.
Time deposits ..... .
Bills payable and rediscounts 30,531.
TOLAL : iinniniscsrsssssesnenisnsrssnsin $250,895.30
State of Pen Nani County of Centre,
"8. 8: I, HAYS W. MATTERN, Jr, cash-
fer of the above-named bank, do solemn-
ly swear that the above statement is
Fue Ho the best of my knowledge and
b ,
HAYS W. MATTERN, Jr., Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
15th day of October, 1929.
Notary Public.
. Directors. .
Correct Attest:
to |
tract in : Ferguson |'
James M. Alexander, et ux, to
Joseph K. Alexander, et ux, tractin
Union Twp.; $1.
Bertha Houser, et bar, to F. L
Hartman, tract in Millheim; $1.
Mary Weber, Exec. to David K.
Keller, tract in Centre Hall; $3,000.
The New Union Cemetery to J.
B. Mitchell, tract in Union Twp,;
OR RENT.—The third floor apart-
ment for Night house keeping, in
the Jennie organ home, on east
High street. 50-1t
OUSE FOR RENT.—An eight room
house, with bath, good hot water
system, hot water heater and all
ences located at No. 30, west Lo-
an street. The house is so arranged
that renter desiring to sub-let a two or
three room aj ent can very conven-
iently do so. It has a Jarge lot and three
car garage. For further information in-
quire at this office. 75-2-3t
nual meeting of the stockholders of
Whiterock arries will be held at
the offices of the Company in Bellefonte,
Pa., on Monday, January 27, 1930, at ten
o'clock a. m., for the election of direc-
tors for the ensuing year and to transact
such other business as may properly
come before such meeting.
; Secretary.
We offer subject to Market changes:
per 100lb
Quaker scratch feed .............. 2.50
Quaker Full-O-Pep egg mash 3.50
Quaker 209% dairy ration........ 2.50
Quaker 249, dairy ration....... 2.65
Quaker calf meal...................... 4.50
Quaker sugared Schumacker.. 2.30
Wayne 329, dairy ration....... 3.00
Wayne 249, dairy ration........ 2.70
Wayne 209% dairy ration... 2.65
Wayne egg mash... 3.25
Wayne 189, pig meal............. 3.00
Wayne 289% hog meal.............. 3.25
Ryde’s calf meal...................... 5.00
Bran... i... oi. 2.00
A..middungs ...................... 2.30
B. middlings .......................
Corn and Oats Chop.....
Cracked corn
Cotton seed meal.....................
Gluten feed
Alfalfa - meal ............................
Beef scrap or meat meal
Hog tankage
Oyster shells aie
Mica spar grit............................
Stock salt...
Common Fine Salt................
Quaker oat meal ................
Menhaden 559, fish meal........
Bone meal
Dried buttermilk ..
Dried skim milk
Pratt’s poultry worm powder.. 1
Pratt’s poultry regulator.......
Cod Liver Oil cans gal...........
Cod ‘Liver Oil bulk gal... 0.0 "~
Orders for one ton or more de-
livered without extra charge. .
We make no charge for mixing
your rations.
Your orders will be appreciated and
have our careful attention.
Feed store—28 West Bishop Street
‘Phone 98-J
Mill—Hecla Park, Pa. ‘Phone 2324
pd DO
Showing 2--7 and 9 P. M.
: Another Great Paramount Super-
With Nancy Carroll, Helen Kane,
Stanley Smith, Jack Oakie—co-ed
Beauties making Whoopie. Catchy
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—see the newest dance craze, “The
Prep Step,” and a hundred other
thrills that will make you feel great.
'M. Hartsock, tract in: Patton Twp.; |
Production —first time in Centre Co.
XECUTOR’S NOTICE. — Notice -i8
hereby given that letters testament-
ary in the estate of Harry ik
Hutchison, late of the Borough of e-
fonte, , have been granted to the
undersigned by the Register of Wills
Centre County, All persons indebted to
the said estate are requested to make
payment of the same and those having
claims against the estate to present them
duly proven for adjustment and payment,
75-1-6t Bellefonte, Penna.
ters of stration on the es-
tate of Esther K. Gray, late
Patton jownship, Centre county, Pennsyl-
vania, d , having been granted fo
the undersigned all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate ave
requested to make immediate payment of
such indebtedness and those having
claims should present them, properly aude
thenticated, to
GEORGE M. GLENN, Administratier
Harrisburg Academy .
74-50-6t Harrisburg,
S HERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of‘ a
writ of Levari Facias issued out of
{ e Court of Common Pleas of Centre
tunis to me directed, will be exposed
to public sale at The Court House in the
Borough of Bellefonte on >
The Following Property:
ALL that certain messuage, tenement
and lot of ground situate in the Towm-
shi of College, County of Centre and
State of Pennsylvania, bounded and des-
cribed as follows, to-wit: — :
BEGINNING at the Northeast corner of
lot of Mrs. Annie E. Rosenberger, form-
erly lot of Ezma Lee, thence East along
centre of Turnpike, now State Highway,
Route 56, a distance of 75 feet to a corn-
er to be established by Jacob R. hots
Harry Stover and Margaret Stover,
wife,” thence along the described lot and’
other lands of Jacob R. Hoy in a South-
erly direction to a corner to be establish-
ed between the d Hoy and Stovers, on
line of land of R. G. Bressler, Westerly
a distance of 75 feet to corner of lot of
Mrs. Annie HB. , formerly.
Eva Lee, being the Southeast corner of
Annie E. Rogehberger a distance ap-
proximately 217 feet to the place of be=--
Seized, taken in execution and to be
sold as the roperty of Harry Stover and
Margaret Stover, his wife. :
Sale to commence at 1:30 o'clock P. M.
of said da; .
E. DUNLAP, Sheriff
ye. H
Sheriff's Office, Bellefonte, Pa.
fy 75-1-3t
December 26th, 1929
R First National Bank, No. 924¢ at
Howard, in the State of Penusyl-
nia, at the close of business on Decem=
ber 31, 1929. :
Loans and discounts
United States Governme
.... $154,084.38
curities owned 28,800.00
Other bonds, stocks, securities,
OWIIBA - vevovisersngensprsegss sevtssnssossgtasns 214,863.98
Banking house, $3,800, Furni-
ture and fixtures, $3,827.16... 7,627.18
Reserve with Federal Reserve
BANK | .oouseremnrisersresssermmmnsyirssssssiesss 16,545.00
Cash and due from banks .... 29,059.67
Redemption fund with U. .
Treasurer and due from U. 8.
MreASUTOr ..ccceeeessssrerses 1.250.00
OLA] .oemicieresrreriraisiorsssesses $452,230.09
Capital stock paid in 25,000.
Surplus sevaesvanisesgasressseosar 25,000.
Undivided profits—net .. . 32,070.
Resofves wr dividends, 75h
encies, eC. ....orirveersscicrssenes 750.04
Circulating notes outstanding 25,600.00
Due to Danks including oot! :
fied and cashiers’ s out- ;
standin 332.18
Demand p4z.o%
Time deposits
of Cenire. ss:
s ghier of the
above-named bank, “do ‘solemnly sweag
that the above statement is true fe the
best. of my knowledge and belief.
© W. K-McDOWELL, Casbivr. .
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
6th day of January, 1930.
Notary Public.
My commission expires March 2, 1933.
Correct Attest: :
State of Pennsylvania county
Ww. K. MeDOWE L,
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