Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, September 20, 1929, Image 5

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An early morning fire Sunday,
ptember 9th, caused from $5,000
$6.000 damages to the Gentzel
s>ck on East College avenue, State
Jllege, while the occupants suffered
nsiderable loss in the destruction
d damage to their stocks of mer-
andise. The building was occupied
* the furniture store of Roy Gentz-
who placed his loss at $10,000,
d the Nittany Grocery, C. W.
use proprietor, who placed his
mage at $5,000. Of course both
ildings and contents’ were insured.
1e origin of the fire is unknown.
9:30 A. M. Bible School
10:45 A. M. Morning Service; Ser-
on; “Listening to Jesus.”
7:30 P. M. Vesper Service; Ser-
on: “Our Goodly Heritage.”
Clarence E. Arnold, Pastor
Trade in your home stores
first, but come to Booster
Stores for the things your
home Merchants cannot sup-
very Wednesday
bitin Day
It is a day that many people
hroughout Central Pennsylvania
et aside each week as a time to
0 their shopping and meet friends
nd acquaintances.
They have learned that it is
rofitabe at all times to shop in
3ooster Stores for the needs that
heir home merchants cannot sup-
ly and they try to come on Wed-
iesday in order to take advantage
f£ the many special attractions
3ooster Merchants provide for
‘Suburban Day.”
in the New Fall Styles
Furnishings for the Home
in the Very Latest Styles
Are now being shown by Booster
jtores in wide variety, affording
jplendid opportunities for making
satisfactory selections.
Booster Merchants not only offer
nerchandise of Dependable Quality
it Reasonable Prices, but they al-
0 give their patrons courteous
‘reatment so that one always feeds
it home in a Booster Store.
Booster Stores Are Open
Store hours are 8:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. m+
John W. Montgomery, of Belle-
fonte, formerly Bellefonte High school
and Academy football star and a cor-
poral in Troop L. 103rd cavalry, who
had been a surgical patient for the
past two weeks, was discharged on
Monday of last week.
Raymond Murphy, of Bellefonte,
was discharged on Saturday after
having undergone five days surgical
Betty Hendershot, 5-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David
Hendershot, of Spring township, was
admitted on Monday of last week for
surgical treatment.
Ralph Eckley, of State College, a
surgical patient for a week, was dis-
charged on Monday of last week.
After undergoing two week’s sur-
gical treatment Harry A. Shope, of
Bellefonte, was discharged on Tues-
day of last week.
William Reese of Conemaugh, be-
came a surgical patient on Tuesday
of last week.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Miller, of State College, on
Thursday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Musser, of
Ferguson township, are rejoicing
over the birth of a son at the hos-
pital, on Wednesday of last week.
Mrs. Marjorie Yougel and infant,
wife and child of A. E. Yougel, chief
of police at State College, were dis-
charged on Wednesday of last week.
Mrs. A. G. Dunklebarger, of Belle-
fonte, was admitted on Wednesday
of last week as a medical patient.
Mrs. Mark Grassmier, of Belle-
fonte, was admitted on Wednesday
for medical treatment.
Anna Saxion, 4 year-old daughter
of Mrs. Ruth Saxion, of Patton
township, was admitted on Wednes-
day of last week for surgical treat-
ment and was discharged the follow-
ing day.
Wallace Sullenderber, of Liberty
township, was discharged on Satur-
day after having been a surgical
patient for three days.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hartranft,
of Bellefonte, are receiving congrat-
ulations over the arrival of a daugh-
ter, born on Thursday of last week,
rand whom they have named Mary
! Alice.
Donald Frazier, eight-year old son
| Mr. and Mrs. Frazier, of Bellefonte,
i was admitted on Thursday of last
| week for treatment of injuries re-
j ceived when he was sruck by an
‘automobile in front of the Bishop
! street school house. He was discharg-
‘ed on Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilson, of Har-
ris township, are receiving congrat-
ulations on the birth of a son at the
hospital on Friday.
Mrs. I N. Haupt, of Bellefonte,
was admitted on Friday for medical
“treatment. :
i Mrs. LeRoy Resides, of Bellefonte,
underwent surgical treatment on
Saturday and was discharged the
following day. :
1 Stanley Walk and Charles Walk
both of Hannah Furnace, underwent
surgical treatment on Sunday for in-
juries received in an auto accident
, that morning at Port Matlida.
| Olonzo Grove, of Moshannon, was
' discharged on Sunday after having |
received medical treatment.
There were thirty-five patients
in the institution at the beginning of
this week,
The following generous contribu-
tion, the result of the Harvest Home
services, was received from the
Bellefonte Reformed church this
week. Flowers, 10 heads cabbage, one
half bushel tomatoes, 3 large pump-
kins, 5 pounds peppers, 3 pounds
' onions, one-fourth bushel potatoes,
peck carrots, 2 pecks beets, 5 cucum-
bers, one half peck apples, bushel
grapes, 12 glasses jelly, 1 can corn,
1 can pears, 3 quarts grapejuice and
3 bottles catsup. The hospital deeply
‘Saturday until 9 p. m.
from all sections of Central Pennsylvania
to Park Your Car in Altoona
FREE PARKING on all Streets in the
Business District. You can park un-
der police protection at the Municipal
Parking Space, 10th Ave., between
11th and 12th Sts., for 15c.
The Gable Garage, Rear of Elev-
enth Avenue Building
Penn Alto Garage, 1409,
appreciates this gift.
"The following
ligence appeared
delphia Inquirer:
"Relics and family heirlooms, in-
cluding a china pitcher more than
150 years old and a musket used in
the Civil war, are disposed of by the
will of Mrs. Matilda C. Barry, pro-
bated before Register Campbell. Mrs.
Barry, who died August 25 in Ger-
mantown Dispensary and Hospital,
bequeathed the pitcher to Dorbthy
Gearhard and to Edward W. Bar-
ry, “the musket his father carried
during the Civil war.” Several friends
are remembered by the will and the
item of legal intel-
in Sunday’s Phila-
Altoona Booster Association
balance of a $2000 estate is given her
' sons, Edward L. and James E. Bar-
| Mrs. Barry. for many years, was
Strand Theatre
Starting Saturday, Sept. 21
“The Argyle Case”
Warner Brothers All Talking Vitaphone
Selected group of Short Subjects. Vit-
aphone Acts. Pathe Sound News.
a resident of Bellefonte prior to go-
ing to Philadelphia. In addition to
the two sons mentioned above she
has two daughters living in Phila-
delphia, Mrs. E. H. Nace, and Miss
Clara, who is employed in the Fed-
eral Reserve bank. and friends of
the family - here are naturally sur-
prised that neither of the daughters
are mentioned in the will of their
As to the two sons, the present
whereabouts of James are unknown
while Edward is still possessed of the
. roving spirit that characterized him
as a boy, and does not remain long
in any one place.
S——————— i ————
—We do your job work right.
The State Federation of Pennsyl-
vania Women will hold its annual
convention at Erie October 14-18, ac-
cording to advance notices sent out
by Mrs. Charles S. Musser, State
chairman. County federations and
extensions are to be recognized and
given a place on the program as
never before. Each county president
will be asked to tell of last year’s work
as well as of plans for the coming
At the supper, on Tuesday even-
ing. distinguished guests and State
workers will speak, the program
centering about “The why, the how
and the what of county federation.”
It is the earnest desire of the
chairman to have a full representa-
tion of members of the organization
and their friends in attendance. The
meetings will be open to all. Head-
quarters will be at the Lawrence
hotel. :
The Trunk Line association has
offered the half-fare privilege if 150
certificates are presented for valida-
tion. Mrs. Ralph Black, transporta-
tion chairman, urges all who go to
be sure and request a certificate
when purchasing tickets for Erie,
and to do so at least half an hour be-
fore the departure of the train. And
further, don’t fail to present the cer-
tificate to Mrs. Black as soon as pos-
sible after arrival in Erie.
Pres. Centre Co. Conference
A community rally will be held in
the Evangelical church, in this place,
Thursday and Friday, September 26
and 27, at 7:30 P. M. The meetings
will afford a two day course of in-
struction on our form of government,
the formation of the constitution, the
eighteenth amendment, the Volstead
act, law enforcement, and will con-
sist of addresses and open forums by
two nationally known speakers rep-
resenting the flying squadron founda-
tion of Indianapolis, Indiana.
The object of the rally is to fur-
nish the voters of the community a
new understanding of prohibition re-
form and the current enforcement
Hon. Oliver W. Stewart, of Chica-
go, president of the flying squadron
foundation and editor of the Nation-
al Enquirer, and Miss Norma C.
Brown, of Bloomington, Illinois, vice
president of the flying squadron
foundation and associate editor of
the National Enquirer, will be the
The meetings are free and open to
the public. i
sick list for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miles, of State
College, called on friends here on
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Flegal and Mrs. |
Kulp, of Philipsburg, spent Sunday |
p. m., at the J. S. Askins home.
H. D. Rumberger, of Scranton, was :
a dinner guest of his ‘sister, Miss:
Laura and his son Pierce, on Sunday. |
Mr. and Mrs. Toner Calhoun, of
Altoona, spent Sunday with their
relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kerch- i
Geo. Turner, of Munson, and son
from Clearfield, were visitors on Sun- |
day of their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. |
J. 8. Askins.
Mr, and Mrs. J. E. Brugger and
Miss Laura Rumberger attended the
funeral of their brother, Geo. Rum-
berger, at DuBois ,last Friday. [
John F. Holt and daughter Sarah-
spent three days, last week, in Clear-
field, with friends and relatives, and
also attended the Clearfield fair. '
Mr .and Mrs. Harlan Kulp, of Cen-
tre Hall, have returned to their home
after a week’s visit with their rela- ;
tives, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Snoke.
Primary election went off very.
quietly. A good number of voters
showed their interest by casting
their vote for candidates of their
Miss Ella Brooks, of Florida, and
brother Harry, of Adams county,
visited the McElwain brothers and
Mrs. Martha Griest, their relatives,
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Miller and
son, of Cherry Tree, and Mr. and |
Mrs. Fred McClincy, son Lester and |
lady friend, Betty Carter, of Greens- |
burg, were over the week-end or |
tors with Mrs. Jane McClincy and
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hall. i
The annual conference of the Free |
Grant Brower, of this
lay delegate. Their minister, Rev. H.
M. Mitchell, gave a very interesting
sermon, on Sunday evening, the last
before going to conference.
John S. Askins, who is one of the
Jeffrey’s Manufacturing Co's most
reliable salesmen, left early Tuesday
morning for Greensburg, where he
was joined by other employees and
attended the funeral of a Mr. White,
who was also a valued employee of
that company, at Uniontown, and
who met a sudden death on Saturday
evening when his car collided witha
Mr. and Mrs. dan Place, of
Long Island, visited for several days
last week with old friends of Mrs.
Place, who before her marriage was
Miss Pearl Rhinehart. She spent
her earlier years in this community
and this was their first visit here
since their marriage several years
ago. Both continue to fill their
positions in office work, Mr. Place
being a magazine writer. They were
entertained at the home of Mrs.
Frances Hall last Thursday.
Mrs. C. G. Hall: has been on the. 37
© Mrs. W. E. Reed is ill at her home,
on Main street.
Wray Reed is planning to spend
the winter in the South.
Mrs. W. C. Shoemaker spent Sun-
day with relatives at Julian.
The late rains put the ground in
good condition for fall seeding.
Miss Alice Pennington is on a vis-
it with friends in Detroit, Mich.
Samuel Hess Tate is a surgical
patient in the Lewistown hospital.
Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Cassidy, of
Lewistown; Miss Cassidy, of Mon-
A. B. Graham, of Harrisburg, spent
a few days in the valley during the
Fred Bender, of Centre Hall, was
here on a business trip, one day last
Lee Krebs and son Donald, of Lock
Haven, are visiting Centre county
friends. :
Dr. P. H. Dale and family have
returned from a month’s trip through
It is rumored that several
dings will
near future.
George W. Rossman, driver of an
Altoona gas truck, has been off duty
a few days.
Mrs. D. W. Crawford, of Ambridge,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. Sumner Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Fry and Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Fry, were Bellefonte
visitors on Saturday. :
Prof. A. B. and Fred Corl motored
to Philadelphia, Saturday, and re-
turned Sunday night.
Mrs. Olive Martz and son George,
of Kansas City, Mo., are visiting
Centre county friends.
Lloyd Frank, of Williamsburg, was
here, last week, looking after his
share of the insurance business.
Roy Gates and family, of Lewis-
town, spent the early part of the
week with friends in the valley.
Miss Sarah Miller, who recently
underwent an operation, at the Al-
toona hospital, is convalescing nicely.
Samuel A. Homan has invested in
a Shetland pony to give his young
boys a chance to learn horsemanship.
Fred B. Goss and Tom Baker, of
Pittsburgh, were here last week for
a brief visit at the Mrs. Cyrus Goss
Prof. and Mrs. Gilbert Watts and
daughter, of Bellwood, were guests
at the James Lytle home, one day
last week.
Farmer H. M. Grenoble fell off of
a wagon load of silage corn, last
week, fracturing three ribs and sus-
taining other injuries.
Miss M. Lucas, of Howard, is the
new teacher at the White Hall
school, and Miss Thelma Stevenson
at the Oak Grove school.
Mrs. Minnie Wieland has returned
to her home on Spruce Creek after
a week's visit at the home of her son,
M. C. Wieland and family.
treal, Can.; Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Kid-
der, of State College, and Mrs. Fae
take place here in the
. Williams were entertained at the
S. E. Fleming home on Sunday.
William Hemphill and wife, Mrs.
Law and Mrs. T. A. Mallory, of Al-
toona, made a motor trip through
this section, the latter end of the
After a two week's visit at the
John Quinn home Miss Margaret
Everhart returned to her home, at
Mooresville, the latter end of the
Henry L. Dale and.two boys, Jack
and Charles, of Mifflinburg, and
Miss Eleanore Dale, of Bellefonte,
spent the early part of the week at
the C. M. Dale home, on the Branch.
A registered Holstein cow at the
R. W. Reed barn, is mothering twin
calves. Twin calves also arrived in
the Holstein herd of C. M. Dale, on
the Branch, about two weeks ago,
and since then eleven more made
their appearance.
Mrs. W. R. Dale and daughter El-
eanore, who have been spending the
summer in Centre county, are mak-
ing plans to return to Florida for
the winter. Mrs. Dale will be ac-
companied by her mother, Mrs. Mor-
gan Reynolds, who will also spend
the winter in the south.
The Presbyterian Brotherhood of
the Graysville church will have a
special meeting this (Friday) even-
ing, as a reception for their new
pastor, Rev. Samuel R. Brown. The
ladies are invited and the speakers
will include Rev. W. K. Harnish, Rev.
J. O. C. McCracken and Dr. Lake.
Refreshments will be served by the
Ladies Aid society.
meee ene:
Malcolm Schenk and family are
home after a two week’s motor tour
through Canada.
Miss Johnston has gone to Tyrone
church will be held in | to take a position as cook in the
Union City September 18 to 22. | Methodist home.
place, will |
represent the society here as their | home from a two week’s visit with
Miss Emma Robb has returned
her brother, in Erie.
On Saturday, September 21st,
Howard High school football team
will play Lock Haven High, at Lock
Haven. Get busy, boys.
Our foot ball team journeyed by
automobile to Williamsport, last
Thursday, to see coach Wolf put his
Billtown team through their paces.
After practice the coach gave the
boys a talk on “playing the game.”
Murdock Bros. show played all last
week here, but wet weather held the
crowds away in the early part of the
week. Friday and Saturday nights
they played to capacity audiences.
They are playing this week at Clar-
The Howard baseball team wound
up the season Saturday, at Howard,
with Boalsburg as their opponents.
Boalsburg, was the victor in an ex-
citing eleven inning game, 5 to4. Both
Kline, for Howard, and Fisher, for
Boalsburg, pitched nice ball. The
breaks of the game went to Boals.
Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Wagner spent
Wednesday at State College.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Patterson
transacted business in Bellefonte on
Tuesday. .
Harvest Home services will be held
in the Lutheran church on Sunday,
at 10:30 a. m.
Dr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Hall were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Moth-
ersbaugh, at dinner on Sunday.
Mrs. Catharine Saunders, of State
College, spent several days at the
home of her sister, Miss Anna Dale.
Dr. W. W. Woods and mother and
Mrs. Auman have returned home
from a visit with friends in Pitts-
burg. :
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wieland and
daughter, Miss Mildred, of Linden
Hall, were callers in town on Sun-
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bowersox and
daughters, of State College, visited
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Meyer, on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Devine and
daughter Winona, of Buffalo, N.Y,
enjoyed a few day's visit at the
home of Mrs. Robert Reitz.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Goheen re-
turned, Saturday morning, from a
motor trip through western States,
very much pleased with the drive.
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Rutt, of West
Philadelphia, were guests of Rev.
and Mrs. W. W. Moyer, last week.
Mrs. Rutt is a sister of Rev. Moyer.
Miss Marie Hess, of Shingletown,
spent the week-end at the home of her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.
Hess. Miss Fern Bennett, of Altoona,
was also a guest at the Hess home.
Mrs. Ellen Young had the misfor-
tune to fall, while walking on the
lawn at her home east of town, and
although not seriously injured the
aged lady feels the effects of the ac-
cident and was taken to the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Fernon Russell,
at Burnham, where she will be cared
On Thursday, the 12th, the stork
visited the L. E. Gladfelter home,
leaving an 8% pound baby boy. That
makes six boys in the family.
On Friday, the 13th, the stork
visited Mrs. P. M. Wilson leaving
her a little fat baby boy. Mrs. Wil-
son, daughter of Ben Neff, is at the
Centre County hospital.
Miss Helen Behrer, of State Col-
lege, is again teaching the Shingle-
town school this year. She is very
proud that her school took 2nd
prize at the Grange exhibit at Centre
Hall. They are all eager to get to
work at next year’s exhibit.
Mrs. Irwin and daughters motored
over to Osceola Mills, on Sunday,
and spent the day with friends.
Lew Davidson, who for some
weeks past has been a sufferer with
neuritis, is new improving slowly.
The Lord Construction company,
engaged in building the highway
from Milesburg to Curtin, started
pouring concrete this week. !
—Read the Watchman and get all
the news.
IRLS WANTED.—For clean, desirable
work. Must not be under 17 years
of age nor over 25. Must be in-
telligent, rapid workers, and have a fair
education. Apply in person to
74-37-1t Mill Hall, Pa.
UDITOR’S NOTICE.—In the Matter of
A the Estate of LOUISE T. BUSH.
In the Orphan's Court of Centre
County. THe undersigned-._having been
appointed Auditor by the Court, to pass
upon the exceptions filed to the eighth
and partial account of the Bellefonte
Trust Company, Executor and Trustee,
and to distribute the funds in the hands
of the fiduciary, gives notice that he will
sit for the purpose of his appointment in
the Law Library of the Court House at
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, - on Thursday,
the 10th day of October, 1929 at 10 o'clock
A. M., when and where all parties in in-
terest may attend and be heard.
74-37-3t Philipsburg, Pa.
1420 Chestnut St.,
Have Your Diamonds Reset in Platinum
74-27-tf Exclusive Emblem Jewelry
and Second Hand Goods. Telephone
74-33 65 J 3, Bellefonte.
0K WANTED.—Inquire at the Gar-
» man Hotel, Bellefonte. 74-33-tf
OUSE FOR RENT.—8 room House,
on Bishop street, with ‘bath, light
and heat. Possession given on Get.
Inquire of Sim Baum, Bellefonte.
elk 74-35-3t
BARGAIN to the one who acts
quickly, 7 passenger Cadillac Tour-
ing Car, in perfect condition im
every way. Must be sold to settle an
gstate, Inquire of A. Fauble. Bellefonte:
a. =
Intyre vs. Donald G. McIntyre.
In the Court of Common Pleas of
Centre County. No. 123 May Term, 1929.
Libel in Divorce.
To Donald G. McIntyre, Respondent:
WHEREAS, Nellie G. McIntyre, your
wife, has filed a libel in the Court of
Common Pleas of Centre County, praying
a Divorce from you, now, you are hereby
notified and requested to appear in-the
Court on or before the seventh day of
October, 1929, to answer the complaint of
said Nellie G. McIntyre, and in default
of such appearance you will be liable to
have a divorce granted in your absence.
Aug. 23rd, 1929. Sheriff of Centre County
of Levari Facias issued out of the
Court of Common Pleas of Centre
County, to me directed, will be exposed
to public sale at the Court House in the
Borough of Bellefonte on
The Following Property:
an Iron Pin at the edge of Turnpike
Road and Grant Street; thence along
Turnpike Road South forty-eight degrees
east ninety-nine feet to corner; thence
along lot of Joseph Stone, south fifty de-
grees west two hundred twenty feet to
an alley; thence along said alley North
thirty-five and one-half degrees West one
hundred fifty-four feet to Grant Street;
thence along said Street North sixty-five
and one-half degrees East two hundred
feet to the place of beginning, containing
Fifteen Thousand seven Hundred and
seventy-one square feet.
NING at a post on Grant Street; thence
along Liberty Street South thirty-five and
one-half degrees East eighty-five feet jo
a post; thence South fifty-five degrees
West one hundred seventy-five feet to a
post; thence North nineteen and one-half
SE Leva SALE.—By virtue of a writ
degrees West one hundred feet to Grant
Street; thence along Grant Street North
sixty-five and one-half degrees East one
hundred and thirty-six feet to the place
of beginning, containing Fourteen thous-
and Eight Hundred and Forty-one Square
Being the same premises which Samuel
A. Reitz et ux by deed of even date:
herewith and intended to be herewith
recorded, granted and conveyed to the
mortgagor, above named.
Seized, taken in execution and to be
sold as the property of Amanda Rhoad,
Edward L. Rhoad et al.
Sale to commence at 1:30 o'clock P. M.,
of said day.
E. DUNLAP, Sheriff
Sheriff's Office, Bellefonte, Pa.,
September 17, 1929. 74-37-3t
HERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of a
writ of Fieri Facias issued out of
the Court of Common Pleas of Centre:
County, to me directed, will be exposed
to public sale at the Court House in the
Borough of Bellefonte on .
The Following Property:
All those two certain messuages sit-
uated in the Township of Curtin, County
of Centre and State of Pennsylvania,
bounded and described as follows, to wit:
at a post corner of David Brickley’s land,
thence by same to the said Brickley’s
Northeast “corner, thence by heirs = of
Brazil Lucas South 55 degrees Hast 80
perches to the original corner of the
Stephen Fisher survey, thence North 67
degrees East 24 perches: to the land of
Jacob Brickley, thence by same South
10 degrees East 96 perches to corner of
land of the heirs of Roland Curtin,
thence by same North 88 degrees West
35 perches to stone, South 41 degrees
West 54 perches to the place of begin-
Containing 50 acres
six per cent.
at stone, thence by Jacob Brickley’'s land
South 67 degrees West 101 perches to
public road up Marsh Creek to corner of
the Stephen Fisher survey, thence North:
88 degrees West 17 perches to a white.
oak, thence by heirs of Brazil Lucas
North 35 degrees West 60 perches to
stone, thence North degrees East.
88 perches to pine, North 37 degrees East
42 perches to pine,
Fast 38 perches to chestnut, and
33 degrees East 90 perches to the place:
of beginning.
_ Containing 49 acres and 109 DerTnes
The two purparts combined eing’
formerly known as the Conrad Fisher
fl ti a to be
Seized, taken in execution an 0
sold as the property of W.R. McCloskey,
Sale to commence at 1:30 o'clock P. M..
of said day.
H. E. DUNLAP, Sheriff
Sheriffs Office, Bellefonte, Pa.
September 10th, 1929.
and allowance of
HERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of a
S writ of Fieri Facias issued out of
the Court of Common Pleas of
Saturday Sept., 21
Returning Sunday, September 22
Eastern Standard Time
Lv. Bellefonte . . . - . . 540P.M.
Returning, leaves Chicago 6.45 P. M.. En-
glewood 7.05 P. M. Central Standard Time
Pennsylvania Railroad
Centre County, to me directed, will be
| exposed to public sale at the Court House
in the Borough of Bellefonte on
The Following Property:
ALL the right,” title and interest of
| William F. Thompson in and to all that
certain parcel of land situate in the Vil-
| lage of Pine Grove Mills, Ferguson
Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania,
bounded and described in accordance with
a survey thereof made, November 24th,
1926 by Gray and Claflin, Civil Engineers
of Johnstown, Penna., as follows:
BEGINNING at the Southeasterly cor-
ner of the State Highway (60 feet, wide)
(formerly Horse Shoe Trail) and Gard:
ner Lane (40 feet wide); thence along the
State Highway North seventy (70) de-
grees twenty six (26) minutes East, fifty-
five and sighty-Are One Hundredths.
(55.85) feet to the line of the Township
School property; thence, along the line
of the Township School property, South:
Sixteen (16) degrees Thirty (30) minutes:
Fast, One Hundred Sixty and two one:
hundredths (160.02) feet to an alley (20)
feet wide); thence, along the Northerly”
line of said Alley, South Seventy (70)
degrees, twenty-six (26) minutes west, -
thirty-nine and eight tenths (39.8),
feet to the Northeasterly side of said
Gardner Lane and thence along the:
Northeasterly line of Gardner Lane,
North Twenty Two (22) degrees Four--
teen (14) minutes West One Hundred
Sixty (160) feet to the Southeasterly side:
of Said State Highway, the place of be-
ginning. Having thereon erected a one:
and one-half story stone cased building
known as the Imperial Inn, (84
feet by Thirty-Four (34) feet, with
three (3) large rooms and a kitchen om
the lower floor and four (4) bed rooms
and bath on the upper floor,
heated by hot water and with wide
porches at front and rear.
(For title see deed to the said William
F. Thompson from Frank D. Gardner et
ux, dated August 3ist, 1929 and recorded
in the Recorder's Office of Centre County
in Deed Book, Vol. 136, Page 237.)
Seized, taken in execution and to be
sold as the property of William TF,
Thompson. :
Sale to commence at 2:00 o'clock P. M.
of said day. .
H. BE. DUNLAP. Sheriff
Sheriff's Office, Bellefonte, Pa. !
September 4th, 1929. 74-85-3t