Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, June 08, 1928, Image 5

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George Fisher spent the week-end
with his uncle, Luther Fisher.
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Hoy spent
Sunday with John Kormans.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Hogan Long is on the sick list.
Miss McCartney and Laird Korman
spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and
Mrs. Mervin Hoy.
Mrs. Lucas and daughter Helen
were callers at the Mervin Hoy home,
Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haines and son
spent Wednesday afternoon at the
William Weaver home.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Yearick are
rejoicing over the arrival of a baby
boy, it being their first child.
Mr. and Mrs. John Korman, son
Clarence and daughter, spent Friday
evening at the home of Mervin Hoy.
Mrs. Mabel Peck and Walter Me-
Closkey, of Bellwood, visited friends
in Howard and Jacksonville on Sun-
Mrs. Lucas and children and Mrs.
Hogan Long and son took advantage
of the excursion to Philadelphia and
spent the day with their daughter
and son, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wins-
Miles Hubler visited at his home
here last week.
Everybody is preparing for com-
mencement week.
The Phil Foster coal yard has a
new Ford truck.
Florence Kapp is visiting her sis-
ter, in Williamsport.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pearce are
visiting in Clearfield.
Dr. and Mrs. Grover Glenn have re-
turned home, after a trip to the east-
ern part of the State.
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Henry McWilliams is driving a new
Packard Eight.
A. S. Bailey is spending the week
with friends in Pittsburgh.
John H. Neidigh, of Struble, was a
visitor in town on Saturday.
A number of farmers in this sec-
tion are replanting their corn.
George E. Harper and wife are vis-
iting their son Lester, in Harrisburg.
"Thomas McMahon, is now recover-
ing from a severe attack of pneumo-
Miss Alice Pennington spent the
week-end with relatives in Williams-
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Fleming, of
Boalsburg, spent Saturday evening in
John C. Dunlap spent last week
with his wife and daughter, in Indi-
ana, Pa.
Russell Fishburn, who has been
seriously ill for several weeks, is now
Alvin Kreamer, wife and daughter
Lois, spent Sunday with relatives at
Mrs. George Saul, of Beaver Falls,
is visiting her mother, Mrs. Ella
Krebs, at Struble.
Rev. Charles W. Rishel and wife
were dinner guests, on Friday, at the
Mrs. O’Bryan home.
Hugh C. Fry and Ernest Gilliland
attended the Sunday school conven-
tion at Spring Mills.
J. F. Mattern, of Wilkinsburg,
spent the latter end of the week wich
friends in the valley.
On account of illness in a number
of families Children’s day exercises
have been postponed indefinitely.
Dr. S. S. McCormick, of Hublers-
burg, was a week-end visitor at the
home of Prof. and Mrs. Lewis Len-
Will Martz went up into the dairy
| section of New York, this week, to
purchase a car load of blooded Hol-
| Mr. and Mrs. Harold Foster have
{ come east from Chicago and will op-
| en their Bear Meadows farm home for
| the summer.
| Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Harvey were in
Williamsport, the latter end of the
week, attending the funeral of their
: sister-in-law.
Mrs. Edith Campbell suffered a re-
! lapse, last week, which caused her
family considerable alarm, but she is
| now improving.
| Mrs. David Elder and Mrs. Charles
| Behrer, of Graysville, spent Thurs-
jday evening in town, shopping and
| visiting friends.
i J. C. Corl and wife, Fred Corl and
i Mrs. Thomas Wogan, of Altoona,
| spent the latter end of the week at
the Imperial Inn.
The regular monthly meeting of the
' Ferguson township Brotherhood will
be held in the Methodist church next
Tuesday evening, at 8 o’clock.
The Ladies Circle of the Pine Hall
. Reformed church served refreshments
on the church lawn, on the evening
of Memorial day, and cleared $182.50.
! Mrs. Driver and daughter Adaline,
of Detroit, Mich., are here on a visit
with her three sisters, Mrs. H. N.
Koch, Mrs. J. H. Musser and Mrs. H.
B. Meek.
The baseball season was opened on
the Frank field, on Memorial day,
with a game between Houserville and
Pine Grove, the latter wining by the
score of 4 to 2.
The new arrival at the Charles
Poorman home, on Friday, was a lit-
tle daughter. A little son also ar-
rived in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John Donnelly, on Memorial day. He
has been named John Ellery.
Harry Trostle, of the Carlisle Bar-
racks, spent the latter end of the
week with his parents at White Hall.
He is seriously considering the ques-
tion of withdrawing from army life
and returning to civil pursuits.
Orie Peterson, representing Penns-
valley lodge I. O. O. F., and Mrs.
‘Paul Albright, representing the Lady
| Ferguson Rebekah lodge, attended a
meeting of representatives of the Odd
: Fellows orphanage, at Sunbury, early
this week.
i Among the Memorial day visitors
in town were Roy Gates, wife and
‘son, of Lewistown; S. H. Tate, of
| Yeagertown; C. M. Fry and wife and
: Mrs. Esther Ritchie, of Altoona; Mr.
and Mrs, Jobp Lytle, of Juniata, and
«W. T. Lytle, of Mifflinburg.
Services at the Pine Hall cemetery
were held at 5.40 o’clock. Rev. C. W.
Rishel had charge of the devotions
and the address was delivered by Ed-
ward J. Thompson Esq., of Philips-
burg. The roll call of old soldiers
who have passed to their reward
showed the following:
Rev. Paul Campbell Stuart very
ably filled the pulpit in the Methodist
| church, on Sunday evening. The
young minister is rapidly acquiring
a reputation as a fluent pulpit orator,
his sermons showing, careful thought
and preparation. He is also in de-
mand as a public speaker.
Memorial Services.—Although the
weather man did not smile propitious-
ly, last Wednesday, Memorial services
here were held on schedule time. The
services were held in the town hall,
Rev. J. Max Kirkpatrick having
charge of the devotions. The speak-
er of the day was Rev. Ralph Illing-
worth, of Philipsburg, who gave 2a
splendid talk on patriotism and love
of country. Immediately following
the services the parade composed of
the Citizens’ band, escort from Boal
troop, G. A. R., I. O. O. F., Rebekahs,
P. O. S. of A. and school children
marched to the cemeteries—both old
and new—and placed flowers on the
graves of all soldiers.
Pine Grove cemeteries—James Dunlap,
John Fortney, J. W. Hunter, John Faber,
G. R. Dunlap, J. C. Murphy, Daniel O'-
Bryan, Alex Sampsel, R. G. Brett, George
Eckel, Harry Sholl, J. E. Thomas, Harry
Stonebraker, Sanford Stonebraker, J. E.
Reed, Samuel Reed, Michael Grossman,
Jacob Erb, Fred Séigel, B. F. Bloom, G.
D. Musser, Robert ‘Craig, ‘George Trumbel,
George Dannley, G. W. Allen, Fohn Mus-
ger Jr, Ralph Dunlap, 'H. 'W. MdCrack-
en, J. G. Hess, Reuben Reed, William
Henry, Joseph Ward, Cyrus Gross, Reu-
ben Hamer, J. G. Heberling, William Mus-
ser, Thomas Kustaborder, J. G. Bailey,
W. H. Musser, George W. Keichline, D. L.
Miller, Isaac Merryman, W. H. Graham,
Gabriel Lucas, D. H. Weaver, D. S. Erb,
william Thomas, W. D. Port, Charles
Smith, Daniel Shiffer, Daniel Musser.
Pine Hall cemetery—Jackson Booth,
Roger Fagan, G. 8. Wrigley, David Krebs,
Henry Royer, John Cramer, J. G. Bottorf,
Israel Albright, George W. Atherton, W.
C. Patterson, Hugh Riddle, Henry Shref-
fler, G. C. Shreffler, Abe McCollum, L. H.
Osman, S. T. Lytle, David Behrer, George
Cronemiller, Charles Armsby, W. H. Roy-
er, Elmer Hoy.
Meek’s cemetery—H. C. Campbell, C. B.
Hess, Amos Harper, D. 8. Keys, W. A.
Carter, John McKelvey, John Campbell,
Oscar Davis.
Glades cemetery—Capt. George W.
Meek, John Goheen, John B. Emery.
Branch farm—Gen. John Patton.
Tadpole—William Floyd.
A. E. Gingrich transacted business
in Mifflinburg on Friday.
Ray Lucas and family were among
the visitors in town last week.
Mrs. William Rockey is slowly re-
covering from a two weeks’ illness.
Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Kidder, of State
College, were callers in town on Sun-
Dr. W. W. Woods and mother went
to Derry, on Thursday, to visit with
Miss Dorothy Loneberger returned
home, Tuesday, after teaching the
winter term in the Hublersburg High
Mrs. John Wright went to Peters-
burg, Sunday, to spend some time at
the home of her brother, Willard
Mr. and Mrs. John Ishler and
daughters, Irene and Nancy, and Mrs.
Nannie Coxey spent the week-end in
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weber, their
son and daughter, of Huntingdon,
spent Memorial day with friends in
this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bartley and
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Spicer, of
Bellefonte, were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Kuhn, on Sunday.
Misses Arminta Ishler and Louise
Fisher represented the Reformed
Sunday school at the county conven-
tion at Spring Mills, Monday and
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Stuart and
daughter Elizabeth, Mr. and Mrs. Ed-
ward Hunter and Roy Raymond, c
Pittsburgh, were visitors in town:ov
er Memorial day.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Dale, Miss
Margaret Dale and Frederick Dale,
of Oak Hall, and Mr. and Mrs. Clem-
ent Dale, of Pleasant Gap, spent Sat-
urday afternoon and evening at the
Dale home, on Main street.
Monday noon Messrs. Snyder and
Glenn, of State College, and Nevin
Meyer left town to drive to Scranton
to attend the I. O. O. F. assembly.
Near Mifflinburg their car skidded.
Mr. Meyer, who occupied the rear
seat alone, was thrown against the
car and had his collar bone and sev-
eral ribs broken. He was taken to
the Centre County hospital where he
is yet a patient.
Commencement exercises for the
Harris township High school were
held in the Lutheran church, Friday
evening, June 1st. A class of eleven,
six girls and five boys, received di-
plomas. The deceorations were the
class motto, the class colors, gray and
gold, flowers and ferns. Dr. Champ-
lin, of State College, delivered an ad-
dress, “The Human Hand,” and the
Boalsburg orchestra furnished music
for the occasion.
Mrs. Mertz, of Northumberland,
spent the weekend with her sister,
Mrs. N. H. Phillips, on Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Orwig had
as Memorial day ests their son,
Harold Orwig, of Berwick, and Miss
Edith Hartman, of Espy.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Stover had as
guests over Memorial day their neph-
ew, wife and baby, Mr, and Mrs. Har-
old Kramer, of Jersey Shore.
Mr. Kreighbaum and his son-in-
law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Nor-
man Eddy and small son, Robert, of
Avis, spent a day recently in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bower.
Miss Rhoda Bower and friends, and
her small niece, of Youngstown, Ohio,
arrived in town, Sunday night, to
spend Miss Bower’s vacation with her
mother, Mrs. Anna Bower, and also
her sisters.
John R. Bell, J. W. Adams and
Charles Smith, of Huntingdon, spetit
Memorial day in this section, where
Mr. Bell was the speaker of the day
at the various places. While in town
they were brief callers in the Thomas
Hull home.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Mingle accom-
panied their son, Albert and family,
by motor to Akron, Ohio, where they
were guests of their sons, William C.
and Henry Mingle. Albert motored
on to Detroit, Mich., where he at-
tended a convention of radio dealers.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hinds, on Sat-
urday, motored to Pittsburgh where
Mrs. Hinds took a train for Chicago,
Ill., where she will attend to business
affairs, expecting to return by the
middle of the month, when they will
go into their own house recently pur-
chased of Rev. J. M. Stover. Mr.
Hinds returned to Johnstown, where
he spent Sunday with his aunt.
Sunday School in the Evangelical
church this Sunday, at nine-thirty
The band played at Houserville and
Boalsburg on Memorial day, after-
noon and evening.
Visitors at the Joseph Neff home,
on Sunday, were Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Wilson, of Huptingdont Cora Neff, of
Shingletown; Freda Peck, of State
College, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ishler,
of Pleasant Gap.
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June 9th.
Miss Margaret Smeltzer kas com-
pleted her studies at Lock Haven, and
is home for the summer.
The Lutheran congregation sent as
their delegates to the Sunday School
convention at Spring Mills, Randall
Keller and. Sarah Bilger.
The ladies of the Civic club have
again beautified our town by making
several flower beds. The club asks all
to help in caring for them, and mak-
ing Pleasant Gap a town of beauty.
Mrs. Bessie Clemens and Mrs. Ber-
tha Lohman, of Nescopek and Ber-
wick, spent the past week at the J. T.
Noll and H. T. Noll homes, Mr. Loh-
man coming after tne two ladies on
Our quiet village was disturbed, on
Sunday night, by a bunch of drunk-
en darkey hoodlums, who fought at
the cross roads and participated in a
free for all stabbing. They ruined
Prof. Simpson’s beautiful flower bed.
Mrs. Henry Estright is on tae sick
list at this writing.
Paul Weaver, of Zion, was a guest
of Miss Helen Estright, on Sunday.
The rain, on Monday, was badly
needed by both gardens and farms.
Mrs. John Lucas, of Runville, is
quite ill as the result of gangrene.
Lew Davidson has his new well all
walled up and ready for the cover-
ing and pump.
Preaching services will be held in
the Baptist churen, at Milesburg, on
Sunday morning.
Rev. W. C. Yingling preached zn
entertaining sermon in the Evangeli-
cal church, on Sunday morning.
Roy Summers and two cousins,
James and John Summers, visited
relatives at Akron, Ohio, last week.
The death of J. Henry Parsons, of
Unionville, last week, was cause for
in this section.
is visiting her parents,, Mr. and Mrs.
P. G. Murray, expecting to be at home
for an indefinite time.
Mrs. Irwin and daughter,
Ruth Witherite and Donald Irwin,
motored to Beech Creek, on Saturday,
oria) services in Bellefonte and Miles-
burg. last Wednesday. Rev. A. G.
Herr was the speaker at Milesburg
and made a splendid address.
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deep regret among his many friends
Miss Sue Murray, of Philadelphia,
and spent several hours with friends.
Many of our people attended Mem-
Ee mmm
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ERS.—The regular annual meeting
of the stockholders of the Centre
Building and Loan Association for the
purpose of electing officers and directors
for the ensuing year, and the transaction
of such other business as may come before
them, will be held at the office of the
Secretary on Friday evening, June 8, at
8 o'clock.
CHAS. F. COOK, Sec’y.
N Brown vs. James W. Brown: In the
Court of Common Pleas of Centre
County: No. 28, Feb.—May Term, 1928.
Libel in Divorce. To James W. Brown,
Respondent. Whereas, Emma E. Brown,
your wife, has filed a Libel in the Court
of Common Pleas of Centre County pray-
ing a divorce from you, nNOw you are
hereby notified and requested to appear
in the Court on or before the first Mon-
day of July, 1928, to answer the complaint
of said Emma E. Brown, and in default
of such appearance you will be liable to
have a divorce granted in your absence.
73-23-4t Sheriff of Centre County.
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B. festival, on Saturday evening, street, inquire of Mrs. Moersch- E signed execntor of the last will and
testament of Nannie Bailey, late of
Ferguson Twp., Centre county, Pennsyl-
vania, deceased, hereby gives notice that
all persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate must make immediate pay-
ment thereof and those having claims
against the same should present them,
duly authenticated to
73-20-6t Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
OTICE.—In the matter of the Petition
of Thompson Boggs for rule on John
W. Holt and Elizabeth Holt to bring
an Action in Ejectment.
In the Court of Common Pleas of Cen-
tre County, No.167, May Term, 1928, Pe-
tition for Rule for Ejectment.
Centre County, ss.:
The petition of Thompson Boggs, of
Milesburg, respectfully represents that
John W. Holt and wife, Elizabeth, con-
veyed or attempted to convey to Petition-
er all that certain messuage, tenement and
tract of land situate and being in the Bor-
ough of Milesburg, Centre County, Pa,
known as lot No. 64 in the plot of said
Borough, bounded and described as fol-
BEGINNING at a post at_or near the
Southeastern corner of the Diamond:
thence in a Southeastern course by lot of
Mrs. Wiedman 150 feet to the center of
an alley; thence by the middle of said
alley to corner of Lot No. 66; thence along
said lot to Market street 150 feet; thence
by said Market street 50 feet to the-place
of beginning. Containing 7500 square feet.
Being the same premises which were con-
veyed and sold to John W. Holt, April
13th, 1857, by Joseph Green and wife, (not
recorded). Wherefore your petitioner
prays that a rule may issue directed to
John W. Holt and wife, whereupon the
Court orders and decrees as follows:
«And now, to-wit, April 26th, 1928, the
“foregoing petition having been presented
“in open C»)urt, and after investigation of
“the same having been taken thereon und
“due proof of the allegations set .forth in
“said petition having been made to the
«satisfaction of the Court, a rule is grant-
“ed upon the said John W. Holt and
«Elizabeth Holt, his wife, their heirs or
“assigns, and upon all persons interested
“in said real estate named in said petition,
“jt appearing that such persons have an
“apparent interest in or to title of said
“real estate described in said petition but
“not having been in such possession there-
«of for a period of twenty-one years next
“preceding the date of said application to
“bring his, her or their action in_eject-
“ment within six months from the date of
ugervice of said rule upon him, her or
“them or show cause why the same can not
“pe brought. It is further ordered and de-
“creed that service of such rule be made
“upon such parties, claiming or having
“apparent interest in or title to said real
“estate by the Sheriff of Centre county, by
“publication in the Keystone Gazette and
“the Democratic Watchman, two newspa-
“pers of Centre county, once a week for
“gix weeks in accordance with the Act of
“Assembly in such case made and provid-
“ed. The said rule to be returnable to the
“first Monday of November, A. D 1928.”
“By Order of the Court”
H. E. DUNLAP Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Bellefonte,
Pa., May 1st, 1928.
S of Vend EX. issued out of. the Court
of Common Pleas of Centre County,
to me directed, will be exposed to public
sale at the Court House, in the Borough
of Bellefonte on
TUESDAY, JUNE 26th, 1928
The Following property: ;
All those four messuages tenements and
tracts of land situated in the Borough of
State College, County of Centre and State
of Pennsylvania:
The First thereof described as follows:
Deginning at a point on the Northern side
of East Foster avenue 211.9 feet Easterly
from the intersection of East Foster ave-
nue with Pine street; thence North 38
degrees 56 minutes East along East Foster
avenue 67.14 feet to an iron pin or pipe;
thence along Lot No. 53 in a North Wes-
tern direction 123.22 feet to a point on a
certain 20 ft. alley; thence along said al-
ley in a southwesterly direction 65.64 feet
to an iron pipe; thence through lot No.
51 in a southeasterly direction 128.5 feet
to Bast Foster Avenue and the place of
beginning. Said premises being lot No. 52
and the adjoining portion 22.38 feet of
lot No. 51 fronting on East Foster ave-
nue, which said adjoining portion of lot
No. 51 fronts on a certain 20 ft. alley
21.88 feet on plot or plan of lots of
Beaver Lawn. Having erected thereon a
modern brick residence.
The Second thereof: Beginning at a
point on the North side of East Foster
avenue 279.4 feet Easterly from the in-
tersection of Rast Foster Avenue with
HERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of a writ
Pine Street; thence along said Foster
Avenue North 38 degrees 56 minutes East
44.76 feet to an iron pipe or pin on the
line of a certain 20 ft. alley; thence: along
said alley North 45 degrees 4 minutes West
120 feet to shovel handle on the line of a
920 ft. alley; thence alorg line of said al-
ley in a South westerly cirectitn 41.76 feet
to line of lot No. 52; thence along line ‘of
lot No. 52 in a southeasterly direetion
123.22 feet to an iron pipe on the line of
East Foster Avenue the place of begin-
ning. This being lot No. 53 on the plot
or plan of lots of Beaver Lawn.
The Third thereof: Beginning at an iron
pin located on the Northwest corner of
Markle Street and a 20 ft. alley and ex-
tending in a Northerly direction along
Markle Street a distance of 42 feet more
or less to the Southern boundary of lot
No. 75; thence in a Westerly direction a
distance of 130 feet more or less to the
Bastern boundary of Lot No. 73; thence
in a Southerly direction a distance of 40
ft. to a certain 20 ft. alley; thence in an
easterly direction a distance of 150
feet more or less along said alley to the
place of beginning. Being lot No. 76 on the
plot or plan of lots of Beaver Lawn.
The Fourth thereof; Beginning at a point
on Foster Avenue 200 feet East from an
iron pin located at the corner of Keller
Street and Foster Avenue; thence extend-
ing in a Northerly direction 130 feet to
a 20 ft. alley; thence East 50 ft. along said
alley to the boundary of lot No. 82; thence
in a Southerly direction a distance of 130
feet to Foster Avenue; thence in a wester-
ly direction along Foster Avenue 50 feet
to the place of beginning. Being lot No.
3 on the plot or plan of lots of Beaver
The first three above described tracts of
land being the same premises conveyed to
Charles Z. Bearly and Charles W. Bearly
(also spelled Bearley) by deed of D. Har-
ry Pontius and Minnie K. Pontius, ‘his
wife, dated September 25th, 1926 and re-
corded in Centre County, Pa., in Deed
Book 135 Page 518. and the last of the
above described tracts of land being the
same premises conveyed by J. D. Keller
and Frances W. Keller, his wife to C. Z.
Bearley & Son (also spelled Bearly) by
their deed dated January 23, 1926 and re-
corded in Centre County, Pa. in deed
Book 134, Page 574.
All of said lots are conveyed subject to
the building restriction in said deed set
forth, which said restrictions, however,
trminate in the year 1928.
The plot or plan of lots of Beaver Lawn
in the Borough of State College is recerd-
ed in the Recorder's office of Centre Coun-
ty, Pa., in Plat Book 2, Page 98-99.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of C. Z. Bearley & Son
and Ezra B. Gruver.
Sale to commence at 2 o'clock p. m.
of said day.
H. BE. DUNLAP, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Bellefonte,
Pa., May 28, 1928 78-22-3t