Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, November 11, 1927, Image 5

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: A ——————
Scenic Theatre
records are incomplete or incorrect,
perhaps an examination of .the files
of your paper would serve to clear up
the situation = 2
] I am sure that both this office and
the graduate manager would welcome
\ 3 “| any reports or accounts of games thai
This column is to be an open forum. | Show the official files to be in error.
Everybody is invited to make use of it to | Certainly no statement in any dis-
Oh, Yes! Call Bellefonte 432
W.R. Shope Lumber Co.
1 express whatever opinion they may have | natehes sent out from this office were T1-16-t¢ : Sash tiwork and R
Each Evening at 6:18 . [mor oobi en ee Ti be | ono 10 Sarat bes Pen Soe Lumber, Sash, Doors, Millw oofing
fe me Bi EE opponent oF alt $4 mgr
Su ; : - | Academy in Bellefon
igned or initialed,
Miss Crouse at the Morton Organ | (he contributor may dearer 8 |” Very respectfully,
‘A Self-Explanatory Letter. College News Service.
WEEK AHEAD PROGRAM The Bellefonte Academy, Headmaster Hughes Has More to Say. BOALSBURG. of State Collems were recent. Vidtors aD TIS <
at the home of Geo. Rowe,
Rev. W. J. Wagner, Mr. and Mrs.
John Klinger, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Rockey, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rockey
and son Harold, Mrs. Wm. Young and
daughter, Mrs. G. W. Houtz and the
Misses Dale attended the funeral of
Bellefonte, Nov. 2, 1927.
Dear Mr. Editor:
Last week a dispatch was sent
out by a newspaper correspondent at
State College advertising Saturday,
October 29th as Home Coming Day.
Bellefonte, Pa, Nov. 8th, 1927.
Dear Mr. Editor:
Out of a sense of pure fairness the
State College News Service has sent
to me a copy of the letter which will
appear in your columns this week.
While the statements in their letter
Miss Frances Patterson has return-
ed home from Pittsburgh.
Mrs. George C. Hall and Mrs. Em-
ma Stuart spent Tuesday in Belle-
Mrs. Robert Reitz visited friends
OR SALE OR RENT.—Residence gnd'
garage at 203 east Linn 8t., Belle-
fonte. Inquire of
112 So. Harvard Ave.
Ventnor, N. J.
This Saturday Only
“Quick Sands”
Tuy 3spsich inciuded i oe Ae are generally correct, they in no wise [in Altoona from Wednesday until ih Sarah Etters, at Lemont on FIRE E
: " | dispute or disprove the statements I | Sunday. onday. : IN
z"RICHARD DIX”, “HELEN CHAD- |essary. The statement was that the | ade in my open letter to the effect | Miss Nora Miller spent Sunday with y a SURANC
WICK”, “NOAH BEERY", “ALAN |Academy had never defeated the State | that during the four years Previous to | her sister, Mrs. A. J. Lytle, at State | -—Subscribe for the “Watchman.” t a Reduced Rate 20%
A fast moving melodrama of a young
army officer who uncovers a band of
smugglers who have been the terror
of the country for years. They have
been clever enough to cover up their
tracks and thus escape detection. They
are finally wiped out through the
heroism of the young officer and a girl
who hold them at bay until the troops
College Freshmen until the game of
1926. The real fact is that for years
the Academy teams defeated the State
Frosh teams at State College and at
Bellefonte; not only that, the Academy
defeaed every single scrub team that
ever faced, them, whether at State
College or at Bellefonte, without one
single exception. More than that, to
cap the climax of it all, the Academy
team defeated the State College Var-
the establishment of the one year rule
we won four successive victories over
the State Freshmen and also defeated
every single scrub team. that ever
faced Bellefonte Academy, whether at
State College or at Bellefonte. You
will notice in the College News Serv-
ice letter the statement that “the
freshmen one year residence rule was
adopted April 29th, 1914.” You will,
also, observe that no games are ac-
counted for during the years 1910,
Miss Virginia Hess spent part ot
her vacation with her sister, Anna
Mary, at Bloomsburg Normal.
Mrs. Margaret Wireback, of Pitts-
burgh, spent the past week at the
home of her nephew, George Fisher.
Wm. Sweet, of the Lock Haven Nor-
mal, was a week-end guest of his
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
mmm—— rm
Dry Cleaning
OR _RENT.—House on 8. Spring St.
Bellefonte. Inquire of Mrs. T.
OR RENT—Two houses in Milesburg.
Inquire of Toner A. Hugg, Miles-
burg, Pa. 72-43-8t
OR RENT.—The Mrs. J. Will Conley
home on Logan street, possession
4 3 . sity eleven by a single score of 6 to 1911, 1912 and 1913. Those are the | Mrs. Nelson Robb and Mrs. Philip to be had immediately following °
A Re-issue, Re-edited, Re-titled. Bion OM Pic Gising the yore the | Torr Sorte Lar te the irate Fisher, of Bellefonte, with their | the sale on Nov. 19. : 42-tf, Pressing
Also Fox News and a fast two reel | fous “Bull” McCreery was the |of the one year rule. They are the [guest, Mrs. Dock, were visitors in
town, Monday.
The W. M. Society will hold their
annual Thanksgiving bake sale, Wed-
nesday, Nov. 23, from 1 to 6, at the
Lutheran parsonage.
Mrs. Edgar Place returned to her
home in Jamacia, N. J., Saturday,
after spending two weeks at the home
of her mother, Mrs. M. A. Woods.
Rev. Kirkpatrick will conduct pre-
paratory services in the Presbyterian
Stickler & Koons
8 West Bishop Street
Bellefonte, Pa.
four years when the Academy—-State
freshmen games were played on the
old glass works meadow, every one
of which games we won. As soon as
I can be removed from the hospital
where I have been for two weeks 1
shall seek permission to search tue
files of the Bellefonte papers to find
out the exact scores of those victories.
Again the College News Service letter
says “records of games between scrub
teams and Bellefonte Academy teams
Just 10 and 25¢ Only.
Next Mon., Tues. Wed,
varsity captain.
The old grads of State recall that
game with a good deal of amusement
and merriment. During the four
years prior to the establishment of
the one year rule, the Bellefonte
Academy teams won four consecutive
victories over the State Freshmen at
Bellefonte. Then came the one year
rule. The scene of action was trans-
ferred to the State College field. It
Free SILK Host Free
Mendel's Knit Silk Hose for Wo-
men, guaranteed te wear six
months without runners in leg or
holes in heels or toe. A new pair
FREE If they fail. Price $1.00.
—IN hard sledding, of course, for Prep have been kept in the office files.” | church Friday evening, at 7:30, and = =! le Se TT Te ue = SSSR
was ald 8 7 font th > led My statement as to our victories over | Communion services Sunday morning | [ic os
if ” Sehool leans fo dofont the so gi the scrub teams still remains undis- [at 11 o'clock. Si] i
U Varsity Teams of tomorrow,” but puted. I remember well two scores of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Goheen and Uh Bl \ A I ISED C AR Fl
they put up real battles just the same. | 6.0 jn our favor and I also, recall that Mr. and Mrs, U: W. Stuart motored oo = SH
Clara Bow, the flaming flapper, is |10 1921 and 22 the fans saw the Acad- | the year Karl Beck played against us, Sandy Ridge Saturday to visit Mrs ol 3 . HE
with us again in a tidal wave of love | €mY teams superior tothe freshmen |we were badly defeated by the fresh- Catherine Wilson Heath and family, = That Carries an 0 K. With It i
in the tropics. The shake in Cali. | teams, go down to defeat because of | men. He was injured in that contest. returning Sunday. ’ i ° =
fornia was severe but folks wait until | the rulings of imcompetent or unprine- | Later in the fall a scrub team compos- Uc Si
- : : : ed practically of the members of that| Rev. and Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Chas. | an Te
you see “Clara Bow’s” shake in Hula ined octal: Suen eam e the — same freshman team, except that |Segner and daughter, Miss Rachel, Ue Sil
and you will readily understand why | 01 athletic relations between the two wonderful player Beck, came to Belle- | Miss Anna Sweeny and Chas. Cor! | [0 gf
she is the screen’s greatest drawing |institutions, which continued during fonté and Deri defeat by the score | motored to Snydertown, Monday even- Si] Small Monthly Payments iL
card. Whatever you do don’t miss |the years 1923-24-25. The public well ing, to attend a C. E. rally. =]
of something like 15-6. I am sorry we
of our
Drive While You May
Open Day and Night
knows that the Academy champion-
seeing this one.
ship teams of 1924 and 25 would have
have never kept the scores
Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
games on file, but my memory :s
Harry Kuhn and daughter Margaret,
Also Paramount News Reel and a
: 4 had no trouble in defeating the State | pretty accurate in football affairs, I of Williamsport; Miss Blanche Rowe, | fi J
Slever two ree) comedy. Mstiness! yim teams during those years. |think the dates are wrong for the | of Henne and Miss Daisy Rowe, | 31] : Down Payment 2
Monday and Wednesday 2 P. M. Ad- : ' £, y ’
fssion 18 35 y ZT Athletic relations were resumed in {three varsity games, though the scores HE 1925 Overland Sedan 4 door, Balloon eqnuipment - $200.00 SH
mission 15 and 35¢ and worth plenty 1926 and the Academy clearly proved | are correct. As I recall, those three TT ie 1925 Ford Roadster: ' - ‘<= .. .. ~. . '. "76000 Ue
more. its superiority. ‘Tis true that on [games were played in three consecu- ° = 1927 Chevrolet Coupe, Shows but very little service - 190.00 Uc
_— -—— Oct. 29th the Academy team walked | five vears. I am sure I am right mn Rheumatism Lf] 1926 Chevrolet Sedan, F ully Equipped - - - 170.00 =
"Loff the field. Tt had no other alter- | this matter, for I remember accepting a 1925. Chevrolet Touring... -:. = - - '. . . 120.00 Sh
. native. A man had been placed in | the invitations myself over the phone! While in France with the American ic 1927 Chevrolet Truck, With 110” body - - - =~ 170.00 Uc
Thursda & Frida charge of the game who in his own to take my team to State and glve { Army I obtained a noted French pre- =] . 1925 Ford Coupe, With ruxsteel axle - - = = 140.00 lc
y y district of Pittsburgh fave tL the varsity a chance to try out their scription for the treatment of Rheu- |5f 1924 Chevrolet Truck, extra good tire - - - - 68.00 gL
rap SITIO, OF S1yisbunga) 88 Rye © | signals on a strange team. T was glad | matism and Neuritis. I have given Tc 1924 Buick Roadster, Fully Equipped, Four-Wheel Brakes 140.00 SE
DE MILLE PICTURE CORP. PRE- | informed, has been threatened on sev- |, = 5 so, and to-day would do all T (pic to thousands with wonderful re- | iS = 1924 Chevrolet Sedan, Duco Paint rena orn 10000
SENTS eral occasions by the crowd because | could to help State, for I am a Centre | alts. Th tption cost me noth Sf + 1927 Dodge Sedar, Fully Equipped - - - 250.00 Fp
: of his unfair decisions. A man who | countain and my slogan always Is | Suits: The prescription cost me noth- US 1924 Ford Coupe, Completely Overhauled - - - 80.00 i
. . in recent years has been unable to se- | « : ; , | ing. I ask nothing for it. I will mail | 21 1926 Ford Touring, Fine L king C
6 h | h 1) years has bi So Centre county against the world ana it if you will send me your address Uc Tose Ford Be g, Fine ooking Car io." 50.00 oh
lr IS g Ig cure a good job in his own district as may she be victorious.” What I have = you ee re = 19% Ford EF Rpilster, With Steel Box, Balloon Equipment 100.00
an official. This man gave the game | written, T have written in the frieng- | Postal wi g it. voi 5] tudebaker Sedan, Light Six, Execllent condition = 120.00 i
From the Story by Irvin S. Cobh. at State College that day a bad |ljest spirit. | PAUL CASE, Dept. K-218, Brockton, Mass. i Ll en
No more meaty and colorful subject
for a delightful comedy can be im-
and unfortunate start and the Acad-
emy bovs a bad spirit when he allow-
Very resnectfullv.
Extra Special
agined than the ludicrous situations |ed the Freshmen a touchdown, in di- | Woman Killed In Auto Secident ! ! n
suggested by the emancipation of the | rect violation of rule 18th, Sec. 5, of | . % Open and Cl ed Mode! v 2» f Ford
ial or. done : the rule book and in abbot deta pe 0$ Odeis, consisting of Fords,
- Sombie i Ee Ee hn De es Mrs. Rebecca Henry, wife of Calvin J! on 4 / ! Ch
legend. In her place is the Turkish |and the Bellefonte Captain. Toward ani, of Hetls, Yas ied 4 on é evrolets and Overlands—
sr—unveil -haremed d | the later part of th me he was 7 brush mountam, las ? ices 3
oy a the ER aAnIOr pi tn re SE tna i Wednesday. She and her husband ! . Pri Ranging from $20.00 up to $75.00
the good old Turkish days, Cobb shows and had reached that point in his | Wer€ returning home from a trip to Thr ow away
what the Mobammedan female of the | high handed management of the game A 2d iid Som La ! th ¢ J Al !
specie can do in the way of “high | that he denied Coach Magee and Cap- | mountain the brakes on the car failec al o i 1
Jinks” when siie casts aside the old | tain Kozicki the right that was theirs | to hold. Mr. Henry ran into the bank |, ' = No repairs needed. All Cars mechanically
conventions. to demand an explanation for his de- 2 the ¢ side of ie oh hs ane ! HA TI : overhauled; well tired and checked thoroughly
Matinee Thursday 2 P. M. cisions. Under such circmstances, the | his Wife was crushed to death benea :
Atinee *hurgday self respect of ‘he team and of the | it. i ! before leaving the garage.
Only 10 and 25c. school it represented, left no other | Mrs. Henry was 72 years old and in :
=... |course than withdrawal from the field. | addition to her husband is survived by ' ® '
Bee = mT “| Such an action is always deplor- | six children. Burial was made at fe : ®
able, but there are times when it is | Hublersburg on Sunday. ’ It may be dirty—and may eC er evro g
: Next Saturday Only excusable. Truth and justice due to 3 Ԥ1| look worn out and useless. [{ .
the splendid record of the historic rumor has come here from Bring it in t We'll
PARAMOUNT PRESENTS Academy warrant the publication of Philadelphia, of the marriage of Mrs. 1 oon ~ jo es e v BELLEFONTE, PA.
this letter. S. Cameron Burnside and John A. fs : , Corner of High and Spring streets. Phone 405
ff 1 Very Respectfully, Lane Jr., both former residents of We have the tools—we have
Nevada JAMES R. HUGHES, Bellefonte. Mr. Lane is at present | ! the right method—and we !
Headmaster. | with the Altman Store company of khow how to handle hats.
“GARY COOPER”, “THELMA TODD” rt New York City. ' : '
“WILLIAM POWELL". To the Editor: ge You «will be saltsfied :
3or ——James K. Barnhart went down |
. Mr. J R. Hughes, h s- mes K. ent down
pe B ie ot She West Fhe = 2 Fn ter of Ee Betctonty Thaw cnto Bald Eagle mountain, on election | Jy 21d save money, ?
won eh ree nn os open letter above voiced objection to | day, and inside of two hours bagged a |§* $1 00 a Hat >
cattle rustlers and bad men roamed in | # Statement that was issued from this | Wild turkey. Charles E. Gates also | : . .
ferocious bands; when wide plains de- | office prior to the Bellefonte Academy- | shot a turkey, on Wednesday morning, | §! em——
enaad ‘on he ntchness Of ¢. i0an's Penn State freshman game to the ef- | on Nittany mountain, above Hecla. i ll Mm or IIS mas
draw, It was the erm in which tn |fect that no Penn State freshman tean, ’ IG il 00S ’
: A had ever been beaten by a team rep- The Woman's Auxiliary of the |§*® ’
"Th % -
ou pe i i Tate rail] Sseniing the Bolleionis Aaedemy un | Centre County hospital will hold a Dat eg ; »
: ; ; . : : .
outlawry would no longer be tolerated. | fo c© paso Of 1926 when the Belle- | card party at the Elks club house on |} eis nls, ra ! is now being done by the “Early Birds.” We wil
Aliso Fox News and a real two reel
Comedy. All for 10 and 25c. Matinee
2P. M.
Coming Attractions
year men 27 to 6.
The statement in this dispatch,
similar to one made a year ago with-
out being challenged, was based on the
college records in the office of the
graduate manager. The official record
of all Penn State-Bellefonte games,
taken from the graduate manager’s
files, is as follows:
Thursday, November 17th, 1927, at
eight o’clock. Bridge and five hundred.
Mrs. Fred A. Clemens, of Nesco-
peck, Pa., is spending a week with
Mrs. Jack Noll.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Krebs and baby
were guests of Mrs. Krebs parents,
$ 42 we
gladly hold any purchases for you until the Holidays.
Diamonds and Watches
1890—State (varsity) 23, Academy 0 ?
SOMETHING ALL THE WORLD IS |1906—State (varsity) 12, Academy 0 Mr. and Mrs. John Mowery, on Sun-
WAITING FOR Tos Sate (varsity) 5 Academy 6 day. The Krebs live at State College. bought early, and our popular payment plan, make
1915—State freshmen 85, Academy 3 The ladies of the Lutheran church : : :
i | Mi bi " 1017 State freshmen 40, Academy 0 | will Serve their annual Thunksorren your purchasing of these lovely gifts possible.
es ISera es Ts Saie Jreshmen .§, Academy 0 dinner and supper in the Pleasant Gap
shmen 2, Academy 0 h h instead of Noll’s h
ie | Rts reiss 1 aay § ee oun ee of ule Tall A
Conceived by the magnificent im- e freshmen 14, Academy 7 y onnets and fancy
agination of Victor Hugo, the Master, Ibe freshmen ® Seademy 3 work will be on sale at the same time. Sunday, November 20
this great and moying story of hu- |1923, 1924, 1925— No games. The W. C. T. U. “Dues Social,” held SPECIAL TRAIN
manity oppressed and triumphant | 1926—State Freshmen od Joagemy 2 at the home of Mrs. Martin Keller, Leave Bellefonte ...oouurusnsrunns 14AM ®
marks one of the screen's most colossal | S oo » on Tuesday evening, proved a very Arrive [ORUSIOWR 2 84M
achievements. Laid in France at the The result of the 1914 game, 28 | enjoyable affair. All the guests wore “ East Liberty “6.20 AM 4
time the nation was awakening from to 18 in favor of Bellefonte, was not | old-time clothing; some of the cos- * Pittsburgh... ..630AM ® ® n
He mgltmers of Harter yor oil to J the records Jsntioned Shove but fumes ong rare antiques, indeed. J ELERS
: as since been found by referring to erything was done by the commit- ay ee - 4.00PM WwW
lenine and smazed din Erbping the college year book files. The Fresh- [tee to make it pleasant for those « post Liberty - 4120M E
Teall Cas ey of | Man one-year residence ruling was |present. Delicious refreshments were “ JORDSLOWD o.ooooensrorrorsnarens 6.00PM
ag. Pomray adopted April 29, 1914. No records | served and everything done for the Bellefonte, Penna.
this immortal literary epic.
Truly an Immortal Film Master-
of games between scrub teams ana
Bellefonte Academy teams have been
kept in the office files. If the above
enjoyment of the party. The W. C.
with |
T. U. is in a thriving condition,
a working membership.
Pennsylvania Railroad