Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, September 04, 1925, Image 5

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George T. Bush Winds Up His Trip at
Toronto Fair.
Toronto, Can., August 31.
Editor of the “Watchman:”
On leaving Detroit, Mich., I went to
Mt. Ciemens, twenty miles distant,
where I spent several days. Mt. Clem-
ens is the “city of baths,” the resort
for people afflicted with rheumatism
and blood disorders. To test the effi-
cacy of the baths. I tried them and
must admit that they have an exhil-
arating effect. Baths can be had in
most of the large hotels, although
there are regular public bath houses
where one can take a dip for a dollar
with rubs fifty cents additional. The
water for the baths is pumped from
wells 1100 feet deep. It comes out of
the ground almost the color of ink and
is heavily laden with various medicin-
al salts. It has an odor of hydrogen
sulphide, but is really better than it
Thirty years ago I visited Detroit
on a football trip and our game was
played on the athletic club grounds,
which were then at the edge of the
city limits. Today the city extends
four miles beyond where the field was
located at that time. Present day res-
idents claim a population of one mil-
lion. One of the biggest and most
marvelous industries is the Ford Mo-
tor company plant. Its size is enor-
mous and at present there are 46,000
employees. In fact there are so many
that they have a pay day every work-
ing day in the month. I visited the
factory and was impressed with the
system everywhere. Workmen do not
leave their places at lunch hour but
are served from lunch wagons wheeled
to them. The best of food is served
at cost.
Extensive machinery changes are
now being made to turn out the new
models Ford cars, which will be so en-
tirely different from the old designs
that much new equipment will be
From Detroit I went by boat
through Lake Erie to Buffalo, a fif-
teen hour trip. The lake was very
rough at night and many of the pas-
sengers had a slight attack of sea-
sickness. The most impressive thing
at Niagara Falls is the night illumin-
ation of the falls and rapids. Leaving
the Falls I took the gorge route down
to Lewiston, crossing the lake to
Toronto, Canada. Before landing on
Canadian soil customs officials give
the traveler the “once over” and com-
ing back U. S. officials perform that
rite before the traveler sets foot on
land. A close watch is kept for smug-
gled booze, but the officials also keep
their eyes peeled for anything dutia-
ble. In Toronto liquor can be obtain-
ed only over the prescription counter,
but 4.4 beer and ale is sold indiserim-
inately. They, however, do not seem
to satisfy and it will not be surprising
if, at the next opportunity, the Prov-
ince of Ontario votes wet. Five years
ago the drys had a majority of 300,-
000, while last fall a scant 38,000 lined
up against liquor. Toronto, as a city,
is strongly wet.
The Canadian national exposition,
at Toronto, was my objective. It is
held two weeks. beginning the second
Saturday before Labor day. The fair
is owned and run by the city and is
managed by a committee of citizens.
It represents an investment of elevei
million dollars and a large portion of
the profits every year is put into per-
manent equipment. The admission
price is moderate, 25 cents, or five
tickets for $1.00, including grand-
stand. The Midway is unusually large
and I was surprised to see Johnny
Jones, of DuBois, holding the carnival
Auto races and auto push ball are
held on a good half-mile dirt track,
furnishing splendid sport for the large
crowds in attendance. Saturday was
the opening day and 85,000 people
went through the turnstiles. This
immense crowd was handled without
any noticeable congestion or undue
An immense pageant, “The Tie That
Binds,” is given every night. It de-
picts the progress of the British em-
pire, but more particularly the part
relating to Canada. The entire ex-
position is well worth seeing.
Expect to reach Bellefonte next
week. On my trip I have covered al-
most fifteen thousand miles by rail-
road, boat and auto. Have been in
twenty-six States, from Mexico al-
most to the Arctic Circle, and more
than ever am I convinced that we as
a people should see America first.
Mrs. Madge Shannon Roak, of near
Philadelphia, spent Tuesday with
friends in Centre Hall.
Rev. and Mrs. Moody and daughter
Miriam, of Dillsburg, visited at the
home of Mrs. Moody’s brother, John
Rearick, over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Kreamer and
daughter, Miss Rebecca, of Lewis-
town, took in the Granger’s picnic un
Sunday. The ladies also attended the
picnic several days during the week.
Clay Reesman, wife and family, of
Camden, N. J., who are making a mo-
tor tour of our beautiful State, attend-
ed the picnic for several days, where
they were heartily greeted by scores
of Clay’s former friends.
A recent visitor in our town was
Rev. G. W. Mcllnay, of Gordon, Pa.,
who assisted at the marriage ceremo-
ny of Miss Edna Bailey. Rev. Mcll-
nay served the Methodist congrega-
tions of Pennsvalley charge about
twenty years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jacobs and chil-
dren, of Steubenville, Ohio, were mo-
tor guests of the former’s mother,
Mrs. Elizabeth Jacobs, last week, Mrs.
Jennie Sandoe, of Ingram, Pa., who
was a guest on the trip east, visited
in the Bartholomew home during their
stay here.
On Saturday afternoon, Mrs. George
Robertson and Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Boone and daughter, Miss Alice, and
two friends of the latter, all of Hart-
ford, Conn., left home in two cars and
reached Centre Hall Monday noon.
Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Robertson are
the daughters of Mr. B. D. Brisbin.
Miss Tace Kreamer, of Johnstown,
visited her aunt, Mrs. Eliza Meyer,
Candidate for the Office of Judge
Who stands for equal protection of the rights of all people,
backed by a well poised temperament and legal ability ; he being
rated by the best disinterested legal authority in Class “A.”
You will Make No Mistake by Voting for Him
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for several days. She returned home
cn Monday in the S. H. Heckman car.
Mr. and Mrs. Heckman, the latter a
sister of Miss Kreamer, drove in to
Lamar to visit Mr. Heckman’s par-
companied them to their home in
is over the autumn days will be here
before we realize it. In fact it will
soon be time to start your Christmas
(Caldwell & Son
Bellefonte, Pa.
and Heating
By Hot Water
Pipeless Furnaces
Full Line of Pipe and Fit-
tings and Mill Supplies
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Pipe and Fittings
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The senior Mr. Heckman ac- |
——Now that the Granger's picnic
——For good, reliable news always |
‘read the “Watchman.”
UDITOR’S NOTICE.—In Re Estate of
Ellery _Masden, late _of . Liberty
township, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the under-
signed appointed Auditor by the Orphans’
Court of Centre county to hear and dis-
pose of the exceptions filed to the first and
final account of the Administratrix and to
distribute the funds in her hands to and
among those legally entitled to receive the
same, has fixed Friday, the 25th day of
September, A. D. 1925, at ten a. m,, in his
office on the third floor of Temple Court,
Bellefonte, Pa., when and where he will
hear all parties in interest; and further
gives notice that all parties must appear
in person or by attorney to present and
prove their claims or be liable to be for-
ever debarred therefrom.
70-35-3t. Auditor.
For Re Nomination
" Herbert Auman
Tax Collector
Your Support and Infuence for
a Second Term will be Appre-
ciated, ‘Thank You.”
t="This adv. is to remind you that
use of your Radio Set—regardless of
—if you will but call us. We will p
justments or repairs on short notice.
Radio methods are employed, and
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ionally need a little skilled service to
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It is the policy of this enterprise to serve the public in a way that will
prove agreeable to all concerned at reasonable prices.
ment of Radio Accessories can be supplied when needed. None but skilled
A complete assort-
we invite your patronage. Thirteen
years Radio experience stands behind this work.
for Water St., Bellefonte, Pa.
Telephone Bell 220-W 70.34tf
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experience necessary, as the
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Cashier and two Wrappers.
Apply in person to :
H. A. Heineman, Adjuster
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Wagon at great Bargain. Inquire
of James R. Academy,
Bellefonte, Pa. 70-33-3t
Everywhere. 3% Commission.
Write for Blank. Smith Farm
Agency, 1407 W. York St. Philadelephia,
Pa. 70-11-1 yr.
ters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned upon
the estate of Sarah Rebecca Collins, late of
Ferguson township, deceased, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to same are
requested to make prompt payment, and
those having claims against said estate
must present them, duly authenticated, for
W. A. COLLINS, Admr,,
W. Harrison Walker, Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
Attorney. -6t
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Bellefonte Trust Company
N. E. ROBB, Treasurer