Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, July 24, 1925, Image 5

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Electrocutions in Pennsylyania Num-
* ber 140"'Men.'
Every few weeks some unfortunate
individual is put to death in the chair:
at the Rockview penitentiary and it
might be of interest to many people
to know that since electrocution was
made the legal mode of death for mur-
derers in Pennsylvania just 140 men
have gone to the chair. The Legisla-
ture of 1913 passed the electrocution
bill and the first one took place on
February 23rd, 1915. That same year
four others were electrocuted. In
1916 thirteen men were electrocuted
and the same number in 1917. In
1918 there were eighteen, in 1919
nine, 1920 nineteen, 1921 eleven. The
year 1922 saw the largest number go
to the chair, twenty-seven. In 1923
there were six, 1924 twelve and seven
so far this year.
The unfortunate individuals came
from thirty-eight counties in the
State. Allegheny county sent the
largest number, 21; Dauphin was next
with 13 and Philadelphia 12. Lancas-
ter sent 7, Erie 6, Cambria, Fayette
and Lackawanna each 5; Beaver, Law-
rence and Blair 4 each; Clarion, Del-
a . Northumberland, Schuylkill
and Somerset 3 each; Adams, Berks,
/Carbon, Cumberland, Lehigh, Luzerne,
Montgomery, Northampton, Washing-
ton and Wyoming 2 each, while one
each came from Bedford, Bradford,
Bucks, Butler, Chester, Clearfield,
Crawford, Jefferson, Lebanon, Venan-
go and: York counties.
Twenty-nine counties in the State |
were not represented in the number
of murderers electrocuted, Centre
county being one of them. It might
also be interesting to know that in ad-
dition to the number electrocuted thir-
ty-nine men convicted of murder in
the first degree and for whom death
warrants had been issued, were later
granted commutation by the board of
pardons and are now serving life im-
prisonment sentences. Fully one-half
of the men electrocuted were buried
in the penitentiary cemetery at Rock-
Big Picnic at State College.
Every organization in State Col-
lege, business, civic and church, is
making preparations to lend its aid
and support to a big community pic-
pic to be held at that place on July
30th. Every citizen in the county,
large, small and intermediate, with
their children and grand-children, un-
cles and aunts, and all other relations
are invited. It means everybody.
Take a basket. Therelll be a big bas-
ket lunch in the beautiful college
woods. Committees have been ap-
pointed to furnish music as well as
games and sports of all sorts for all
sorts of people, even fat people. In-
stead of a glorius Fourth of July it is
going to be a glorious Thirtieth of
July. Every one is assured of a good
time. Pack up your basket, turn on
the spark and drive your Ford, Chevey
or Packard to State College on July
30th. +
Hecla Park Now Leads the League.
Hecla Park jumped into first place
in the Centre county baseball league
this week by winning both its games
during the week while Bellefonte won
one and lost one.
On Thursday of last week Hecla de-
feated Millheim by the score of 8 to 1.
The Bellefonte-State College game
was postponed on account of rain.
On Saturday Bellefonte and Mill-
heim played a double header, Mill-
heim winning the first game 3 to 0
and Bellefonte the second 10 to 4.
Hecla defeated State College 6 to 4,
which put her at the top of the league.
The standing of the clubs is as fol-
Ww. L. P.C.
Hecla Park - - 11 6 L647
Bellefonte - - 10 6 625
Millheim ~~ - 8 9 A470
State College - - 4 12 250
— Jacob C. Snyder, who for a
number of years has been one of the
force of clerks at the Pennsylvania
freight station in this place, has been
placed on the retired list, effective
July first, and has gone to Altoona to
make his home with his son, C. E.
Centre County Gasoline Dealers De-
It is the purpose of the Auditor
General’s Department to make an ex-
amination and strict inspection of
every gasoline tank in Centre county.
We have 128 dealers and many of
them are delinquent in remission of
the State’s share of the gasoline tax.
All dealers in gasoline, or intended
dealers, must first of all apply to the
State fire marshal for a permit for the
installation of gasoline tanks, etc.
The dealer must then file with the
Auditor General, on a form prescrib-
ed and furnished by the Department,
a certificate setting forth that he in-
tends to transact business in the State
of Pennsylvania, the place where his
business will be located, etc. Failure
to do this may be followed by a fine
not exceeding $1,000.
Many of the gasoline dealers are in
default and have retained thousands
of dollars which belong to the Com-
monwealth. Wherever possible, Aud-
itor General Martin will collect all the
money and insist upon a strict ac-
countability of the dealers of the
State. Failure on the part of a deal-
er to make his gasoline return quar-
terly will subject him to a penalty of
ten per cent. upon the amount he neg-
lected to return. Where the dealer
does not return tax collected he is
guilty of withholding public monies
and a prosecution will be entered, and
upon conviction he may be sentenced
to a fine not exceeding $1,000 or to un-
Jergo imprisonment of six months, or
Church Services Next Sunday
Shiloh—Sunday school 9:30 a. m.
Holy Communion 10:30 a. m.
Pleasant Gap—Sunday school 9:30
a. m. Preaching service 7:30 p. m.
Boalsburg—Sunday school 9 a. m.
W. J. Wagner, Pastor.
Houserville — Morning worship,
10:30 a. m.
Boalsburg—Church school, 9:15 a.
m. Evening worship, 7:30.
Pine Hall—Church school, 9:30 a. m.
Festival on church lawn on Satur-
day. Ball game with Graysville at 6
p. m.
Rev. W. W. Moyer, Pastor.
Mrs. John H. Breon spent a few
days at her home in this place.
The rains this week were very much
needed aud greatly appreciated.
Mrs. Charles Hull, of Shamokin, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. T. L. Moore.
Mrs. Roy Korman, of Sunbury, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.
M. Fisher.
John M. Luse and family, of Wil-
liamsport, were motor guests in Cen-
tre Hall on Sunday.
About thirty fresh air children from
New York city, are guests in some of
the homes in and about Centre Hall.
The bake sale given by the bible
class of the Reformed church was well
patronized and netted tne class a neat
Mrs. H. H. Longwell and son Rob-
ert, of Williamsport, spent several
days with former friends, in this
Mr. and Mrs. Gross Allison and
children, of Kentucky, are visiting Mr.
Allison’s grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs.
James Runkle.
Miss Beatrice Kramer, R. N., went
to Lewistown on Tuesday to nurse
Mrs. Foster, mother of Pz. J. V. Fos-
ter, of State College.
Mrs. William Magee and two sons,
of Wenonah, N. J., arrived at the E.
M. Huyett home one day last week,
where they will visit for a time.
Miss Carrie Sweetwood, profession-
al nurse, of Philadelphia, is visiting
among her friends in Centre Hall,
and is a house guest of Miss Mary De-
linda Potter.
Mrs. Margaret Smith made a trip
to State College one day last week, in
Miss Mabel Allison’s car, and, in spite
of her advanced age, enjoyed the trip
and was none the worse for it.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Witmer, of
Palmyra, Pa., were over night guests
at the home of Mrs. Margaret Smith,
Thursday night. They are on a mo-
tor trip through Central Pennsylva-
When You Drive West
Spend the night on Lake Erie. You
can put your car aboard the great ship
“Seeandbee,” or sister ships, the “City
of Buffalo” or the “City of Erie,” at
Buffalo, have a sound, refreshing
sleep and be farther ahead on your
journey than if you drive through.
C. and B. Line steamers leave
wharves, South Michigan Avenue
bridge, Buffalo, daily at 9 p. m. and
arrive at Cleveland the following
morning at 7. (All eastern standard
For free automobile route maps of
the East and West write the Cleve-
land and Buffalo Transit Company,
Cleveland, Ohio.
Mother—“Mary dear, you'd better
not go to the dance this wet night;
your rubbers leak.”
Mary—“That’s all right, mother;
I've got pumps inside of ’em.”
m———p eee.
Real Estate Transfers.
P. S. Richard to Ralph Smith, tract
in Taylor township; $305.
George F. Holdren, et ux, to Adda
Liddle, tract in Philipsburg; $600.
John C. Rupp, et ux, to W. H. Kel-
lerman, tract in College township;
Eleanor C. McCoy, et bar, to B. F.
Leitzell, tract in Bellefonte; $300.
Michael Luckvitch, et ux, to Slava
iii et bar, tract “in Bellefonte;
Frank W. Dillen, et ux, to John E.
Gill, et al, tract in Huston township;
D. H. Hastings, et ux, to Isabelle
Kaudle, tract in Haines township; $1.
Elias Breon, et ux, to Ida Smoyer,
tract in Spring township; $30.
Emily A. Stephens, Admr., to J. D.
Neidigh, tract in College township;
Mary O'Neil Kelley, et bar, to
Frank L. Shope, tract in Snow Shoe;
Peter B. Jordon, et ux, to Lloyd M.
Kerlin, tract in Potter township; $1.
Mike Kriss, et ux, to Mary Kriss,
tract in Snow Shoe township; $1.
Mary Kriss
tract in Snow Shoe township;
Marriage Licenses.
Robert M. Hugill and Nellie May
Croft, South Philipsburg.
Alfred F. Frasca and Mary V. Mar-
chello, Sandy Ridge.
N Hayes Letterman, Libellant, vs.
Mary Letterman, Respondent.
In the Court of Common Pleas of Centre
county, No, 187 May Term, 1925.
To Mary Letterman, of Bellefonte, Centre
county, Pa.
You are hereby notified that the under-
signed has been appointed Master in the
action in absolute divorce brought by
Franklin Hayes Letterman your husband,
against you on the grounds of adultery.
A hearing to take testimony of witnesses
will be held at my office, 75 Temple Court
Bldg. south Allegheny street, Bellefonte,
Pa., on Saturday, the 15th day of August,
1925, at 10 o'clock a. m., at which meeting
you are notified to appear in person or by
counsel and produce such witnesses as you
desire to have testify.
70-29-4t Master.
to Mike Kriss, et ux. |¢
OSITION WANTED. — Protestant
P young man desires position of
clerical-stenographic nature. Grad-
uate Spencerian business college, Cleve-
land. Age 36 years. Single, steady work-
er. Willing to accept position as an order-
ly in hospital, work in a dairy or restau-
rant. Willing to do anything. Address
“X,” care this office. 70-20-4t*
N the undersigned is owner of Cer-
tificate of Deposit No. 45 issued by
the Clearfield Trust Company of Clearfield,
Pa., depositary for the bonds of the Hunt-
ingdon & Clearfield Telephone Company,
and that said Certificate of Deposit No. 45
has been lost or mislaid by myself. That
by reason of said loss an application has
been made for a duplicate Certificate in
lieu of the said lost one.
OTICE.—Notice is hereby given that
70-26-4t Bellefonte, Pa.
OTICE.—Notice is hereby given that
on the 14th day of July, 1925, the
State College Billiard and Bowling
Company, a corporation, filed in the Court
of Common Pleas for Centre County its pe-
tition praying for a decree of dissolution,
and that a hearing upon said application
for dissolution has been fixed by said court
for the 10th day of August, 1925, at ten
o'clock a. m., when and where all persons
interested may attend and show cause
against the granting of the prayer of the
said petitioner, if they so desire.
UDITOR’S NOTICE.—Estate of Mary
. (. Fisher, late of Centre Hall Bor-
ough, deceased.
The undersigned, an Auditor appointed
by the Orphans’ Court of Centre county,
Pennsylvania, to hear and pass upon the
exceptions filed to the Iirst and Final Ac-
count of Frank M. Fisher, Executor of,
etc, of the above named decedent, to re-
state said account if necessary, and to
make distribution of the funds in the
hands of the Executor to and among those
legally entitled thereto, will attend to the
duties of his appointment at the office of
Blanchard & ° Blanchard, Teniple “Court,
BeHefonte, Pa, :on Tuesday, August 18th,
1925, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, when
and where all parties interested are requir-
ed to present their claims before the said
Auditor or be debarred from coming in for
a share of the said fund.
70-28-3t Auditor.
HERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of a
writ of Alias Levari Facias issued
out of the Court of Common Pleas
directed, there will be exposed to public
sale at the Court House, in the borough of
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, on
at 1:30 p. m. the following described real
estate to wit:
All that certain lot of ground situate in
the township of Rush, county of Centre
and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows: On the North by the
public road 140 feet in width; on the East
by School property extending back 314
feet; on the South by lands of John Miller,
140 feet in width, and on the West by the
Creek 314 feet. Being the same premises
as were sold and conveyed unto Mike
Zyupko by Michael J. Gorman, Adminis-
trator d. b. n. c. t. a. of Peter R. Gorman
recorded at Bellefonte, Pa., in Deed Book
Volume 119 at page 543 as by reference
thereto being had will more fully and
large appear.
house and other outbuildings.
Seized, levied upon, taken in execution
and te be sold as the property of Mike
Terms of Sale~No deed will be ac-
knowledged until the purchase money is
paid in fall.
BE. BR. TAYLOR, Sheriff.
Sheriff’s Office, Bellefonte, Pa,
July 7th, 1925.
N In accordance with an Act of As-
sembly, known as the Uniform
Primaries Act, approved July 12th, 1913,
and supplements thereto, notice is hereby
given that a Primary Election will be held
—Tuesday, September 15th, 1925, at
which time the polls will be open from
7 o'clock a. m. to 7 o'clock p. m. for the
purpose of nominating candidates for the
following offices to be voted for at the
Municipal Election to be held on Tuesday,
November 3rd, 1925:
State Offices.
One Judge of the Superior Court.
One Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
County Offices.
One District Attorney.
Two Jury Commissioners.
Township, Precinct, Borough and Ward
. Each political party is entitled to nom-
inate candidates for the following offices:
Judge of Election.
Inspectors of Election.
Overseers of Poor.
School Directors.
High Constable.
Justice of the Peace.
Also all other Township and Borough
offices which have become vacant by res-
ignation or otherwise, or where appoint-
ments have been made which will expire
in December, 1925.
Notice is also given that petitions to
have the names of candidates printed up-
on the ballots for the Township, Precinct,
Borough and Ward offices, for which nom-
the office of the County Commissioners at
Bellefonte on or before August 18th, 1925.
8. Claude Herr, Clerk.
Bellefonte, Penna.,
July 20th, 1925. 70-29-3t
Solicitors for Petitioner.
inations are to be made, must be filed in’
OTICE.—In the case of ‘'W. L. Tehean,
Libellant, vs. Ethel A. Tehean, Re- ARMS AND PROPERTY—Wanted
spondent. Everywhere. 3% Commission.
In the Court of Common Pleas of Centre Write for Blank. Smith Farm
county, No. 78, February Term, 1925. Agency, 1407 W. York St, Philadelephia,
s. Ethel A. Tehean, Pa. 70-11-1 yer.
Dear Madam:
Please take notice that I have been ap- XECUTOR'’S NOTICE.—The under-
pointed master to ta
for the p
Saturday, August 1
o'clock in my offices,
change Bldg.
case, and that I
are requested to attend.
HARTER NOTICE.—Notice is hereby
that an application will be
the Court of Common
Pleas of Centre county, Pennsylvania, on
the 5th day of August, A. D
lock a. m., under the pro-
tion Act of 1874
1925, at 10 o'c
visions of the Incorpora
and its supplements, for a charter of an
intended corporation
ate in the borough of Sta
ty of Centre and
for th
a home for its members,
and social culture, build up a
for mutual assistance in educa
ship and fidelity, and to exercise all the
right of ownership of, to, €
and personal property which is con-
by the said Act and supplements
The application for said charter
tary’s office of Cen-
Pennsylvania, and y
is filed in the Prothono
tre county at Bellefonte,
entered to No.
i Other expenses .
deceased, by deed dated July 6th, 1916, and | ;
{ Repairs ..
of Centre county, Pennsylvania, and to me | g 1a5i05 of Teachers
Wages of janitors ...... oe
Thereon erected a AWellilg Insurance ......c.eeeesccceecnecces
We hereby certify that we have exam-
accounts and find them cor-
rect, and that the securities of the officers
d are in accordance with law
ined the above
of the Boar
made to
to be called
e purposes
201 May Term, 1925.
(Section 2613).
July 6, 1925.
70-28-3t Auditors.
ke testimony in the
shall hold a meeting
urposes of my appointment on
5th, 1925, at 10 a. m.
20 and 21 Crider’s Ex-
Centre county,
Pennsylvania, at which time and place you
TER of the THETA
Yy,” situ-
te College, coun-
State of Pennsylvania,
to acquire and maintain
promote moral
n Association
tion, friend-
in and over real
signed executor of the last will and
testament of Frank 2icCidin, de-
ceased, of Bellefonte, Pa., hereby notifies
all persons having claims against the es-
tate of decedent to present them, properly
certified, for settlement and those knowing
themselves indebted thereto to make im-
mediate payment.
a JAMES A. McCLAIN, Executor,
70-28-6t Spangler, Pa.
of Timber and Ore Land in Marion
township, Centre county. Address
Mrs. P. McCaffrey, Executrix Estate of P.
McCaffrey, Lock Haven, Pa. 70-28-4t
Insure your Farm Property
Farmers. You are filling your
barns with the results of a year’s
jabor. Is it covered with insur-
ance? 1 am writing Insurance
on Farm Property and Crops at
a Reduced Rate.
70-28-8t* J. M. KEICHLINE.
i SSS"
101 Seuth Eleventh Bt.
Have Your Diamonds Reset in Platinum
—Get your job work done here.
Scenic Theatre
: Weeks-Ahead Program
A fine production, taken from Cosmo Hamilton’s great novel.
Murray, Wanda Hawley and Beverly Bane. Also, the 7th episode of “THE
warmth and coldness, sweetness and trag-
70-28-3t Solicitor.
iy _ — SATURDAY, JULY 25:
A the School District of Ferguson GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE,” starring FLORENCE VIDOR and MATT
township, Centre county, Pa, for MOORE. A fine comedy drama of a marital mix-up laid against a Par-
the school year ening Jay 6th, 1925: ; isian background. Also, good two reel comedy, “Clear the Way.”
22 on hand July, 1924........... Sa oe
AXES. ..00 oe rrsinan vous anieie ie viele
Rop-rosident tuition ai i % MONDAY, JULY 27:
tate appropriations .............. s
Other receipts .....oocecerereceens 85 48 “MARRY ME,” with EDWARD EVERETT . Ee
ee E VIDOR. A very delightful picture of small town life with a well balanced
Total receipts......... $21061 41 cast and fine direction. Also, Pathe News and Esop’s Fables.
General Control, (A) ¢
BEOTEIREY (oes suesurnr insets $ 100 00 TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, JULY 28 AND 29:
Tax Collector .....nuiseenrerennn- 48659 «ISN'T LIFE WONDERFUL?” Directed by the world’s greatest movie ar-
| 4uditers agit: aT > 0 tist, D. W. Griffith. This is a picture which is as life itself. It has the
| Sr an nang 57 11 same gentleness and harshness, ]
edy that mark the path of humanity. Also, two reel funny,
otal... coessennns $ 755 30 Hour.”
Instruction (B)
} Salarics Of TeaGhers, ..o.vvss- ros $ 8906 00
: 1 303¢ Donks rae ieaenr aries ae 2 2g THURSDAY, JULY 30:
| Other EXPENSES +evearscrersrssnccs 2689 39 «PATH TO PARADISE,” headed by RAYMOND GRIFFITH and BETTY
Total “$1275 86 36 COMPSON. This picture is one of the greatest crook melodramas seen
EE DS for some time, and speaking of excitement, it sure is a knockout. Don’t
Auxiliary Agencies (C) d isu it. Als Pathe N
Transportation ......cocceceeeeees $ 602 00 are miss it. Also, Pathe News and Review.
Institute, lectures, etC.....coervnen 240 00
Motal...........»..5 B42 00 FRIDAY, JULY 31:
Wier Operation (D) 3 00 «WHO CARES,” starring WILLIAM HARRIS and DOROTHY DEVORE.
See Charlie
Caldwell & Son
Bellefonte, Pa.
and Heating
24 AND 25:
A Canadian northwest mounted
Fixed Charges (F)
at | State Retirement Board .......... $ 3 2
PO vases inns arnnsss $ 255 95 MOOSE TEMPLE THEATRE.
Total of Alt Pagmcnes : FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, JULY
Ev aq ¥)......-: $15521
Bal. on hand July 6, 1925......... $ 5540 33 police story which will please all.
& Co.
By Hot Water
Pipeless Furnaces
Full Line of Pipe and Fit-
tings and Mill Supplies
All Sizes of Terra Cotta
Cheerfully and Promptly Furnished
Pipe and Fittings
out Chains.
n Beautifull Engraved WHITE GOLD,
Ask to see them.
nn s————
Bellefonte, Penna.
Think and Figure
For Yourself
eople are going to spend their
money where they think they are
getting the most for it—that’s natural.
The Economy Event
of the Season Continues
20% Reduction Sale
Think what this means—-eighty
cents (80c.) will buy one hundred
cents (100c.) worth of merchandise.
This Sale will End Saturday Night
JULY 25, 1025
We are forced by contracts to exclude the following from §.
this sale: Aerolyx Porch Shades and Whittall Rugs $
(all drop patterns) at less than 20%, reduction.
Ladies, Misses and Childrens Coats
& Co.