Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, June 12, 1925, Image 6

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    . pun - - — tn EE ET EAT RE SIR,
Bellefonte, Pa., June 12, 1925.
Hendershot—On May 19, to Mr. and
Mrs. David M. Hendershot, of Belle-
fonte, a daughter.
Risan—On May 20, to Mr. and Mrs.
Egin Thorolf Risan, of Bellefonte, a
daughter, Sarah Emily.
Shuey—On May 17, to Mr. and Mrs.
William H. Shuey, of Pleasant Gap, a
son, Sheldon Gettig.
Walker—On May 27, to Mr. and
Mrs. Fred N. Walker, of Pleasant
Gap, a daughter, Annabelle Helen.
Houser—On May 20, to Mr. and
Mrs. Jacob E. Houser, of Benner town-
ship; a son, Norman Edward.
Koch—On May 20, to Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Koch, of Bellefonte, a son,
Robert Eugene.
Baney—On May 23, to Mr. and Mrs.
Bruce Baney, of Pleasant Gap, a son,
Jack Malcolm.
Flick—On May 21, to Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph D. Flick, of Bellefonte, a
daughter, Louise Arlene.
Sheckler—On May 12, to Mr. and
Mrs. John L. Sheckler, of Milesburg,
a daughter, Margaret Jean.
Tanner—On May 31, to Mr. and
Mrs. Forrest Tanner, of Bellefonte, a
Oswald—To Mr. and Mrs. Girard
Oswald, of Philadelphia, a daughter,
born last week. Mrs. Oswald is bet-
ter known here as Miss Elsie Alten-
Woodring—On May 1, to Mr. and
Mrs. Harry L. Woodring, of Port Ma-
tilda, a son, Raymond George.
Pighetti—On May 1, to Mr. and
Mrs. Leone Pighetti, of Pleasant Gap,
a son, Crandale. :
Burns—On May 1, to Mr. and Mrs.
John M. Burns, of Pleasant Gap, a
son, William M.
Reiter—On May 8, to Mr. and Mrs.
George F. Reiter, of Bellefonte, a son,
George Robert.
Dague—On May 1, to Mr. and Mrs.
John W. Dague, of Ellsworth, a
daughter, Sarah Marguerite.
Brooks—On May 3, to Mr. and Mrs.
Pomeroy M. Brooks, of Spring town-
ship, a daughter, Marian Lucile.
Quici—On May 10, to Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Quici, of Bellefonte, a son, B.
Hoy—On May 9, to Mr. and Mrs.
Stuart J. Hoy, a son, Frank Blair.
Betz—On May 14, to Mr. and Mrs.
Mervin S. Betz, of Nittany, a son.
Smith—On May 17, to Mr. and Mrs. |
Irvin Smith, of Pleasant Gap, a son,
Russell. £5] 4
Benner—On May 10, to: Mr. and
Mrs. B. C. Benner, of Bellefonte, a
daughter, Martha Virginia.
McMutrie—On May 15, to Mr. and
Mrs. Harry M. McMutrie, of Belle-
fonte, a son, Charles Eugene.
Smith—On May 2, to Mr. and Mrs.
Carlton A. Smith, of Bellefonte, a
daughter. :
re fp A ee,
To Put Wings on Middies.
Beginning with the class of 1926,
all midshipmen attending the Annap-
olis naval academy must learn to fly
before receiving diplomas. They have
to qualify either as pilots or observ-
ers, according to an order issued by
Secretary Wilbur.
“The Baptism of the Rings,” a tra-
ditional ceremony in whic. members
of the second class are required to
jump off the academy seawall into
deep water with their clothes on, has
been abandoned. Last year one mid-
shipman was drowned in- the ordeal.
. °
Mercantile Appraisement.
Notice is hereby given that the follow-
ing persons and firms in Centre County
have been appraised and liable for mer-
cantile taxes for the year 1925, which are
due and payable May 1st, 1925:
FEdgefonte Filling Station, oil and gas.
‘Garver, A. G., auto supplies.
McDowell, D. A., groceries.
O'Bryan, G. W., coal.
Rote, S. E., merchandise.
Bower, A. F., implements.
Boob, W. K., implements.
Krape, J. F., merchandise
Musser, C. E., candy.
Rupp, W. G., meat.
Stover, A. S., wall paper.
Stover, E. G., oils.
Smith, Chas. A., gas and tires.
Smith, O. P., merchandise.
Boalsburg Garage, auto supplies.
Charles, F. M., plumber.
Yerguson, George, cigars.
Hazel, A. J., merchandise.
Ishler, John G.. meat.
Patterson, J. D., merchandise.
Rishel, S. R., auto supplies.
Zechman, John F., furniture.
Bowes, W. A., coal.
Clark, J. H., gas. .
Dietz, W. C., merchandise.
Hoy, J. H., meat.
Harter, N. I., auto supplies.
Kunes, T. M., merchandise.
Kessinger, W. F., merchandise.
Moon, A. R., cigars.
Page, A. E., merchandise.
Rothrock, Sarah, Mrs., notions.
Spangler, W. H., merchandise.
Vonada, W. H., merchandise.
Armstrong, Earl R., meats.
Ammerman, Blanche, groceries.
Anderson, Charles W., confections.
Aikey, J. Bliss, groceries.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
A. & P. Tea Co., groceries.
Bon Mott, confections.
Baum, Sim, clothing.
Bellefonte Hudson Sales Co., autos.
Beezer, P. L. Est., meats.
Brouse, R. 8., groceries.
Bellefonte uel & Supply Co., coal.
Bonfatto, G., fruits.
Bellefonte Hardware Co., hardware.
Blair, F. P. & Son, jewelry.
Bottorf Bros., auto supplies.
Bellefonte Bakery, confections.
Brown, Wm. H., cigars.
Brachbill, W. R., furniture.
Buddinger, K. H., batteries.
Blackford, Clyde I., cigars.
Bickett, W. W., cigars.
Big Spring Tea Room, confections.
Beezer, George A. auto supplies.
Big Spring Motor Co., auto supplies.
Beatty Motor Co., auto supplies.
Bellefonte Lumber Co., lumber.
Boal, W. T., candy.
Cooney, Elizabeth, millinery.
Cooke, C. E., furniture. .
City Cash Grocery, groceries.
Carpeneto, J. L., fruits.
Crossley, W. E., jewelry.
Cowher, H. D. & Co., clothing.
City Bakery, confections.
Colonial Restaurant, cigars.
Coxey, W. C., groceries.
Caldwell & Co., plumbing.
Crissman, L. H., cigars.
Coll, H. G., cigars.
Cohen & Co., merchandise.
Cairns, T. W., paint. i
Decker Bros., auto supplies.
Deitrick, Dunlap Cadiilac Co., auto sup-
Dann, Emma, Mrs., groceries.
Eckman & Furey, cigars.
Electric Supply Co., electric supplies.
Eckenroth, E. J., paper and paint.
Emerick, W. J., tires.
Eckel & Gettig, meats.
Fauble, A., clothing.
Finkelstine, David, cigars.
Grove, Earl, cigars.
Garman, Edw. F., notions.
Genua, Angelo, cigars.
Garbrick Bros. merchandise.
Gross, J. W., groceries.
Garbrick, H. E., groceries.
Green, Edward, confections.
Hunter, J. D., stationery.
Halderman, J. A., confections.
Hazel & Co., merchandise.
Hassinger, Robert, confections.
Haupt, G. Edward, groceries.
Herr & Heverly, groceries.
Houser, Elias R., oil and gas.
Heverly, J. O., auto supplies.
Hoover, Wm. R., groceries.
Hazel, Thomas F., groceries.
Hockman, N. J., feed. :
Hagan, Paige, Jewett Co., aute supplies.
Hoy, H. & Son, produce.
Haines Shoe Co., shoes.
Harter Music Store, pianos.
Hockman, J. C., auto supplies.
Hoover, G. B., groceries.
I. 0. O. F. Club, confections.
Imperial Refining Co., oil and gas.
Johnstonbaugh, George, produce.
Jodon, Van §., coal.
Jodon, J. C., groceries.
Kalin, Max, shoes.
Kissell, W. R., meats.
Kramer, Harry E., fish.
Knisely, George H., cigars.
Katz, William 8., merchandise.
Krader Motor Co., auto supplies.
Kofman & Co., coal. J
Keystone Power Co., electric supplies.
Lyons & Witmer, plumbing.
Lyon & Co., merchandise.
Laadsy, M. A, cigars. 3
McCaslin, George K., groceries.
Miller, David, store.
Miles, E. J., Mrs., cigars.
McGarvey, P. M., auto suplies.
Mingle, A. C., shoes.
Mott Drug Co., drugs.
Miller, George A., hardware.
MeGinley, A. L., paper and paint.
Mayer, I. M., feed.
Montgomery & Co., clothing.
MeCalmont & Co., farming implements.
Marshall, W. D., groceries,
McCrery, J. G. & Co., 5 and 10¢ store.
Mallory Studio, cameras.
McCoy, W. O., oil and gas.
Morgan. S. J., Miss, notions.
Menna, Joe., candy.
Nighthart & Son, cigars.
Olewine, John Est., hardware.
Oriole Stores Co., groceries.
Roan, Wm., groceries.
Potter-Hoy Hardware Co., hardware.
Parrish, C. M., drugs.
Parker, Wm. J., coal.
Poorman, S. H., auto supplies.
Powers, Ada, art shop.
Rossman, J. B., auto suplies.
Runkle, M. B,, drugs.
Roan, Robert, confections.
Radio Sale & Supply Co., radios.
Sciabica, Frank, confections.
Sourbeck’'s Candy Kitchen, confections.
Shaughnessy, Thomas, cigars.
Sciortino, Frank & Bros., fruit.
Sasserman, Frank, oil and gas.
Schofield, James, harness.
Spigelmyer, G. R. & .Co., merchandise.
Shope, W. R. Lumber Co., lumber.
Switzer, John, confections.
Smith, H. Russell, confections.
. Schaeffer, H. P., hardware.
Schad, A. E., plumbing.
Spangler, Wesley, cigars.
Summers, James A., cigars.
Schlow, Charles; merchandise.
Thomas, M. J. Coal Co., coal.
Thal, J. F., confections.
Twitmire, W. T., hardware.
Tate, C. I'., plumbing.
Tanner's Cut Rate Drug Stora, drugs.
Teaman, Kdward, candy.
Witten, Israel, junk.
Willard, D. I. & Son, clothing.
West, ¥'. W. Co., furniture.
Waite, Darius, implements.
Witmer, R. C., electric supplies.
Wagner, C. Y. & Co; feed.
Wion, Willis E., auto supplies.
Weis’ Pure food Store, groceries.
Winton, Harry & Son, coal.
Yeager, H. C., shoes.
Zeller, J. & Son, drugs.
Bradford & Co., coal.
Bland, W. H., fish.
Boozer, D. A. harness.
Bradford, David, implements.
Benner, G. O., merchandise.
Bender, Fred, drugs.
Bradford, Paul E., confections.
Centre Hall Pharmacy, drugs.
Coldren, M. E., candy.
Coldren, J. M., wall paper and paiat.
Campbell, R. P., cigars.
Dauberman, J. G., meats.
Emery, C. F., merchandise.
Fetteroff, James, auto supplies.
Fredericks, Samuel, feed.
Grove, H. H., produce.
Goodhart, James, produce.
Grove, Guyer W., produce.
Goodhart, I. V., furniture.
Geary, F. P., cigars.
Grove, B. Gardner, gas.
Hosterman, W. R., auto suplies.
Homans’ Garage, auto supplies.
Hockman, C. N., produce and feed.
Herr, Max, junk.
Henney, Mrs. L., millinery.
Ishler, George, meats.
Lingle, W. H., produce.
Mitterling, D. C., cigars.
MecClenahan, Wm., coal.
McCoy, Emma, Miss, bread.
Meiss, G. R., merchandise.
Nevel, W. C., produce.
Oriole Stores, groceries.
Odenkirk, W. A. merchandise.
Orndorf, Geo. D., produce.
Rossman, H. D., implements.
Smith, C. A., auto suplies.
Smith, T. L., hardware.
Schaeffer, J. Roy, produce.
Sharer, S. E., produce.
Stover, David, produce.
Widemyre, W. C., produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas and oil.
(Coburn Farm Products Co., produce.
Coburn Grain and coal, grain and coal.
Dinges, Lloyd, feed.
Eisenhuth, R. T., produce.
Kern, J. P., groceries.
Mingle, A. E., merchandise.
Malone, IY. J., produce.
Musser, C. E. & Son, merchandise.
Vonada, J. H., auto supplies.
Brown, George F., groceries.
Central Garage, auto supplies.
Clarence Co-operative Store, merchandise.
Croyle & Croyle, groceries.
Friedman, Jacob, merchandise.
Big Dandy Supply Co., groceries.
Harm, O. J., merchandise.
Hall, W. B. & Son, candy and cigars.
Koshko Bros. merchandise.
Kachik, A. M., merchandise.
Kachik, J. M., cigars.
Pinchok, Geo., groceries.
Rushnock, Elizabeth, groceries.
Reeser, Harry, meats.
Rushnock, Mary,
Bald Eagle Supply Co., merchandise.
Heaton, James, groceries.
Blackwood, J. W., lumber.
Calhoun, Roy, auto supplies.
Holt, Orrie, ice cream.
Holt, G. W. & Son, lumber.
Holt, S. W., merchandise.
Janet, Harry, produce. :
Lindenmuth, H. D., groceries.
McElwain Bros., merchandise.
McQuigg, C. J., gas.
Resides, LeRoy, ;
Stere, J. B., merchandise.
Stere, H. M., ice cream.
Smith, F. W., feed.
Sanderson, Floyd,
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
Berry, L. D., auto supplies.
Baney’'s Garage, auto supplies.
Corman, Walter L., groceries.
Condo, J. F., merchandise.
Emenhizer, H., produce.
¥ox, C. M., implements.
Gledhill, A. D., confections.
Green, Edward, groceries.
‘Harter, Walter D., furs.
Haines, J. I., produce.
Heaton, Leslie, produce.
Jenkins, Mabel C., drugs.
Kline, H. A., groceries.
Kronin, Jack, bread.
Lucas, C. C., merchandise. -
Long, W. H., feed.
Lueas, Oscor M., confections.
Miner, M., jewelry. :
McCartney, 8S. R., merchandise.
Pletcher, Harold, confections.
Pletcher, Thomas A., harness.
Pletcher, Charles E., oils.
Pletcher, I. B,, merchandise.
Schenck, A. A., hardware.
Weber's B. Sons, merchandise.
Wolf, S. J., merchandise.
Yearick, C. A., confections.
Yearick, Walter, meats.
Hoy, Geo. ¥., merchandise.
Hublersburg Supply Co., merchandise.
Myers, J. M., confections. ;
Miller, Max, produce.
Vonada, Carrie, ice cream.
Alexander, R. M., bread.
Lorrah, Mabel, coal.
Mattern, H. K., produce.
Mattern, J. R., produce.
Parsons, Lottie, groceries.
Smay, John, groceries.
Tallhelm, Walter G., groceries.
Turner, J. H., merchandise.
Diehl, Raymond, confections.
Kato Supply Co., merchandise.
Stover, George B., groceries.
Ross, Lynn W., feed .
Ross, J. H., merchandise.
Shoemaker, Philip C., coal.
Shoemaker, Philip C., merchandise.
Bohn, Geo. J., merchandise.
Evey, A. H., groceries.
Houser, Paul, auto supplies.
Evey, E. W. & Son, machinery.
Lenker, J. E., merchandise.
Mitchell, John, hardware.
Getz, J. W., furnaces.
Ross, Elmer C., coal.
Schreck Bros., auto supplies.
Klinger, Tharp, confections.
Eberts, O. D., merchandise.
Richards, D. R., auto supplies.
Jergner, Albert, merchandise.
Vulean Trading Co., merchandise.
Grove, A. A., merchandise.
Hazzard, Albert,
Lewis, LeRoy, merchandise.
Pinchok, George & Son, meat.
Provision Dept. Store, merchandise.
Bartges, C. LK. jewelry.
Confer, H. J., merchandise.
Liverett, Thomas, merchandise.
Goldberg, Ike, merchandise.
Hockman, A. IF. feed.
Hockman, A. F., confections.
Workman, C. C., merchandise.
Fund, Mrs. L. V., millinery.
srown, Lewis, drugs.
Brest, F. & Son, produce.
Boob, John M., meats.
Breon, S. M., groceries.
Bowersox, B. W., drugs.
Campbell, S. M., furniture.
Columbus, Sol, junk.
Deitrick, A. B., 5 & 10c Store.
Fye, D. K,, candy.
Frank, A. A. & Sons, merchandise.
Hosterman & Stover, hardware.
Kessler, A., clothing.
Leitzell,. H. H., produce.
McMullen Bros., feed.
Millheim Motor Co., auto supplies.
Miller, Chas. A., auto supplies.
Mauck, E. W., confections.
Nieman, D. J., clothing.
Oriole Stores, groceries.
Ripka, KE. S., gas and cigars.
Snyder's Bakery, bakery.
Stover, RR. S., jewelry.
Smith, U. M., merchandise.
Schreckengast, E. R., merchandise.
Springer, N. RR, cigars.
Spigelmyer, J., groceries.
Stover, Chas. ¥., implements.
Ulrich, T. B., cigars.
Wiser, L. L., gas.
Alexander, G. B., coal.
Adams, Mary C., confections,
Geist, Mattie, Larkin Pantry.
Jodon, C. K., Mrs. groceries.
Miles, O. KE. & Son, merchandise.
Milesburg Fire r’roof Garage, auto sup-
plies. , x
McCullough & Son, J. M., merchandise.
Milesburg Store Co., merchandise.
Newman, Wm. J., confections.
Piper, G. C., meat.
Roberts, W. A., drugs.
Scholl & Peters, auto supplies.
Sprankle, T. C., groceries.
Spicer, Kftie, Mrs., groceries.
Smith, W. W., auto supplies.
Smith, E. W,, cigars.
Wetzler, I’. L., merchandise.
Betz, M. S., merchandise.
Beck, J. H. & Son, merchandise.
Gakagan, A. T., confections.
Kessinger, W. E., confections.
Long, C. M., produce.
Long, H. A., produce.
Mauck, C. W., auto supplies.
Peck Bros., merchandise.
Strunk, W. B., confections.
Swope, E. J., produce.
Yearick, N. H., merchandise.
Gillespie, G. H., Mrs., ice cream.
Orviston Supply Co., merchandise.
Young, Fred, merchandise.
Etters, Clayton, feed.
Folk, Wm. J., furnaces.
Kidder & Raymond, coal.
Louder, R. J., merchandise.
Dixon, Jerry, Mrs., groceries.
Denchak, Jos. G., groceries.
Domnick, Joe, groceries.
Goss, R. J.,, Mrs., groceries.
Gravish, T, J., groceries.
Kasmark, Ben, groceries.
Katules, Wm., groceries.
Labock, Ollie, millinery.
Osceola Auto Sales Co., auto supplies.
Southard, Homer, auto supplies.
Wood, William, hardware.
Wright's Garage, auto supplies.
Zigner, Anthony, groceries.
Vulcan Trading Co., merchandise.
Beates, Edith, eandy.
Hoover, Edw. C., candy.
Bilger, Chas., cigars.
Baird, L. E., confections.
Horner, S. S., confections.
Jodon & Summers, auto supplies.
Lex, Joseph, meat.
Loneberger, O. M.,
Mong, John H., groceries.
Noll, H. T., auto supplies.
Noll, W. H. & Son, merchandise.
Noll, Ray C., confections.
Stitzer, C. K., merchandise.
Allison, Dean, auto supplies.
Bennett, Wm. & Son, merchandise.
Crain, Harold, meat.
Hartsock, F. R,,
Hoover, W. T., hardware.
Leitzell, 8. 8., plumber.
Lykens, H. B. & Son, merchandise.
Pringle, C. M., groceries.
Putt, E. M., groceries.
Reese, George, meat.
Reese, A. W. merchandise.
Redenberger & Baumgartner, cigars.
Williams Bros., feed.
Williams Bros., Garage, auto suplies,
Beckwith, J. T., merchandise.
Goheen, R. G., produce.
Rossman, J. ¥., merchandise.
Tressler, Aaron W., oils.
Ward, W. 8., merchandise.
Auman, E. W,, feed.
Barr, David, stationery.
Dunlap, George R., merchandise.
Elder, J. B., harness.
Keller, John & Co., coal.
Kline & Son, auto supplies.
Laack’s Garage, auto supplies.
Martz, E. C., merchandise.
Port, W. R., candy.
Thompson, W. F., confections.
Williams, J. H., harness.
Acton, Harry, groceries.
Adelman, Louis Co., clothing.
Ashcroft Floral Shop, florist.
Adelman & Ratowsky, dry goods.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
A. & P. Tea Co, No 1, groceries.
A. & P. Tea Co. No. 2, groceries.
A. & P. Tea Co., No. 3, groceries.
A. & P. Tea Co., No. 4, groceries.
Agan, J. B., auto supplies.
American Oil Co., oil and gas.
Birchfield, W. L., merchandise.
Butler, Wm., cigars.
Buzzell, Edgar R., drugs.
Brown, W. B., drugs.
Bowers, John, cigars.
Beals, J. W., groceries.
Brown's Boot Shop, shoes.
Chocolate Shop, candy.
Callahan, H. A., meats.
Cole, Raymond T., auto suplies.
Centre Co. Lumber Co., lumber.
Centre Milling Co., feed.
Carpenter, H. M., millinery.
Curtis, A. O., radio supplies.
Cole, Frank W., plumbing.
Croyle, F. C., auto supplies.
Denni’s Garage, auto supplies.
Drivas, Thomas, confections.
Davis, C. H., jewelry.
Drivas & Hoones, cigars.
Dunsmore, R. P., auto supplies.
Demmi, KE. E., plumber.
Delaney, W. F., meat.
Dennison, D. J., auto supplies.
Erhart, B. C., merchandise.
Erb, C. W,, candy.
Electric Supply Co., electric supplies.
Edwards, J. S., shoes.
Elljay Stores Co., merchandise.
Emery Candy Kitchen, candy.
Electric Co., R. & M., electric supplies.
Freeman, Wm. & Sons, meat.
Finberg, Louis, clothing.
Flegal, H. L., auto supplies.
Finberg, Max, junk.
Finberg, Isaac, coal.
Fryberger, W. 8,
Graham, R. H., paint.
Goldthorp, Ephriam, groceries.
Good Service Vulcanizing Co., tires.
Giatras, Gust, confections.
Gill, Will F., sporting goods.
Guelick, P. L., auto supplies.
Goodrich, Dora, groceries.
Glover, Kd., Mrs., cigars.
Gilbert, D. B., electric supplies.
Grebe Bros., cigars.
Hoiter’s Novelty Shop, notions.
Hopkins, James, cigars.
Hollings, Walter, groceries.
Hindle, John, groceries.
Hummel, A. H., groceries.
Hagerty Baking Co., candy.
Haworth Furniture Co., furniture.
Herman, R. C., hardware.
Hoffman, J. L., tobacco.
Henry, Merlin A., fruit.
Hudson Style Shop, cloching.
Hockman, H. L., groceries.
Hendon Stores, groceries.
Harper, H. 1, confections.
Humphrey Bros. plaster board.
Ibberson, John, clothing.
Ibberson’s Drug Store, drugs.
Jonas & Co., hardware.
Jattee, L., fruit.
Joues, Edw., G., merchandise.
Jones, Calvin, wall paper.
Juschik, KX., cigars.
Iruger, A. H., gas.
Keystone Grocery & Tea Co.,
Kennard, R. W., jewelry.
Iephurt, J. F., hardware,
Ihellock, George H., confections.
Kline, J. O., harness.
hoplin, Morris, junk.
Lupton, John C., auto supplies.
McCrory, J. G. & Co, 5 and 10c. store.
Muirhead, Pearl D., millinery.
Mayes, George, Mrs., groceries.
McCauley, J. J., auto supplies.
Maurer, J. L. & Son, hardware.
Miller, S. Z., gents furnishings.
McCausland, Thos. G., jewelry.
Modern Restaurant, cigars.
Mark, H. A., Motor Co., auto supplies.
Mock, KE. H., Miss, millinery.
Maytag Sales €o., machines.
Myers, J. W., confections.
Musser, M. A., groceries. >
Moore's Garage, auto suplies.
Mattern's Meat Market, meats.
McGuire Dros., clothing.
Michael, A. B., Mrs., millinery.
Markowitz, A., junk.
Meadow Garage, auto supplies.
Nesbit, J. 8., cigars.
Norris, 1. H. & Son, wall paper.
Nason’s Garage, auto supplies.
Newbauer, Harry N., meat.
Oregon Mercantile Co., merchandise.
Oxley Watson Co., merchandise.
Owens, C. W., auto supplies.
Olson, KE. G., groceries.
Owens, W. I'., pianos.
Olympic Billiard Parlor, cigars.
Oriole Stores Co., groceries.
Philipsburg Radiator Co., radiators.
Parsky, Louis, clothing.
Pritchard, Josiah, cigars.
Point Cash Grocery, groceries.
Pritchard, Josiah, auto supplies.
t’hilipsburg “Yuxidermy Co., sporting
Pioneer Tea Room, confections.
Philips Cigar Store, cigars.
Parker, ueo. G., florist.
Philipsburg Motor Bus Co., auto supplies
Purity Milk Co., milk.
Quality Boot Shop, shoes.
Rauckle, Lewis, groceries.
Rusnok & Sons, groceries.
Rittenhouse, H. D., groceries.
Rothrock Studio, films.
Reed, J. O., feed.
Roeling, J. M. & Co., jewelry.
Solomon, D., groceries.
Stott Motor Co., autos.
Singer Sewing Machine Co., sewing ma-
Sowers, D. A, tires.
Sloane & Sloane, merchandise.
Stemphley Furniture Co, furniture.
Schmidt, F. & R., merchandise.
Sancrott, Fred S., millinery.
Stonebraker, W. I. groceries.
Sherokey, J., groceries.
Stine, M., junk.
Sturgis & Lucas, cigars.
T'routwine, Geo. I., drugs.
Sicks, John, confections.
Weber, Frank Est. furniture.
Walton, J. Albert, drugs.
What to Wear Shop, millinery.
Woodring's Meat Market, meat.
Wilenzik, P., clothing.
Woomer, Robert S., groceries.
Workman's Cash Grocery, groceries.
Workman's Cash Grocery, groceries.
Workman's Cash Grocery, groceries.
Williams, Polly, groceries.
Yonkey, August, groceries.
Zeit, Simon, clothing.
Bierly, S. A., auto suplies.
Bierly, W. IF. & Sons, produce.
Bierly, S. A., produce.
Bierly, C. C., lumber.
Corman, Geo. A., produce.
Gephart, S. L., merchandise.
Garrett, G. P., auto supplies.
Haines, H. C., merchandise.
Hubler, T. C., produce.
Mallory, 8. O., confections.
Minning, Harry L., produce.
Spangler, John T., cheese.
Shatter, Della, Mrs., confections.
Waite, J. B., confections.
Bennett, E. S., merchandise.
Iddings, Clara E., candy.
Lucas, Annie, ice cream.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
A. & P. Tea Co., groceries.
Athletic Store, athletic goods.
Anita Imboden Shope, millinery.
Behrer, Harry, hardware.
Breon & Stover, film.
Bosley, Henry F., confections.
Brown, Henry, junk.
Bowersox, H., groceries.
Corl, Ira, merchandise.
College Quick Lunch, cigars.
Clemson Bros., auto supplies.
Cresson Lumber Co., lumber.
Deal, Albert & Son, plumbing.
Electric Supply Co., electric supplies.
Egolf, Isaac, merchandise.
Fashion Shop, clothing.
Foster, Philip D., coal.
Fenway Tea Room, confections.
Fromm, Morris I., clothing.
Fye's Grocery, groceries.
¥ye, L. D., merchandise.
Garver, D. B,, oil & gas.
Grubb, Roland S., groceries.
Gilliland, Ray D., drugs.
Gregory Bros., confections.
Gentzel, W. R., merchandise.
Graham & Sons, confections.
Gernerd, E. W., clothing.
Goss, Geeorge A., plumbing.
Hillside Ice Co., ice.
Hoy, Walter M., groceries.
Houtz, Earl H., radio supplies.
Hann & O'Neil, jewelry.
Harris, James, shoe polish.
Homan, Park R., lumber.
Haag, L. M., coal.
Hurwitz, Edith, clothing.
Housel, J. H., paint. .
Hartswick’s Garage, auto supplies.
Harper, Geo. C., auto supplies.
Haugh, John & Sons, groceries.
Highland Park Garage, auto supplies.
Johnson, C. M,, oil and gas.
Keefer-Nolan Hardware Co.,, Hdwr,
Knox, W. W,, cigars.
Kimport, Myra, millinery. .
Keystone Motor Co., auto supplies.
Keystone Power Club, electric supplies.
Ladies Sample Shop, ladies wear.
Montgomery & Co., clothing.
Musser, Harry N., merchandise.
Musser’s Garage, auto supplies.
Morris, Albert P., shoes.
Myers, H. M., cigars.
Myers, J. J., meat.
Musser C., harness.
Metzgar, LL. K., stationery.
Markle, W. F., meat.
Music Room, music.
Meek, J. B., cigars.
Musser, J. H., merchandise,
Martin, J. B., confections.
Nittan;* News Stand, magazines.
Nerhood, G. M., auto supplies.
Nittany Restaurant, cigars.
O'Neil, Bud T., merchandise.
O'Neil, J. A., cigars.
Penn State Auto Co., auto supplies.
Porter & Weber, paper.
Probst, C. E., shoes.
Peirson, H., shoes.
Penn State Hardware Co. hardware.
Platt, Lynn, cigars.
Robison, C. W., coal.
Rexall Drug Co., drugs.
State College Motor Co., auto supplies.
Struble, J. D., notions.
Sauers, H. W., clothing.
State College Fuel & Supply Co., coal.
State College Fuel & Supply Co. auto
State Shirt Shop, clothing.
Serfas, Paul 8S. V., confections.
Strubles’ Grocery, groceries.
Scherer, Chas. A., cigars.
State University Shoe Co., shoes.
Snyder, C. E., auto supplies.
Schlows Quality Shop, clothing.
Smith, W. E., clothing.
State College Floral Shop, florist.
State Gas & Oil Co., gas and oil.
Tressler, Ezra, meat.
Taylor, W. ¥., groceries.
The Crabtree Co., jewelry.
The 20th Century Shoe Co., shoes.
The University Club, clothing.
The Vogue Shop, notions.
Vance, Nellie J., toilet supplies.
Van Zant, M. H., meats.
Varsity Pool Room, cigars.
Wasson, E. G., butter.
Weiss Pure Food Store, groceries.
Winner's Meat Market, meats.
Womer, J. Lynn, cement.
Weiser Motor Co., auto supplies.
Auman, U. G., produce.
Kungard, Cleve, implements.
Breon, Willis I., produce.
Condo, S. L., merchandise.
Carson, KF. A., merchandise.
Corman, O. T., merchandise.
Dunlap, A. C., cigars.
Detwiler, P. K., cigars.
Ennist & Hanna, merchandise.
Fetteroff, Homer W., feed.
Grove, Arthur, coal.
Gramley, WW. o., sugar.
Krape, Charles A., merchandise.
Lee, W. E,, cigars.
Leaster, C. A., produce.
Long, C. P. & Co., merchandise.
Myers, J. F., meat. :
Myers, B. G., cigars.
Myers’ Garage, auto supplies.
Osman’s Garage, auto supplies.
Philips, Frank, auto supplies.
Penn Hall Garage, auto supplies.
Reed, H. C., produce.
Rote, 8. G., merchandise.
Rossman, H. ¥., merchandise.
Rishel, J. H., merchandise,
Smith, Karl, merchandise.
Smith, B. E., merchandise.
Smith, John & Bro., furniture.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas and oil.
Bland, Rena, Mrs., millinery.
Croyle & Croyle, groceries.
Confer, John & Son, auto supplies.
Harm, H. M., Mrs., merchandise.
Hall, W. B., cigars.
McLaughlin, M. J., merchandise.
Nastos, Tony, meat.
Russell, James, merchandise.
Sickel, W. A., drugs.
Stevens, Arthur, gas.
Shank, A. D. meat.
Barnett, R. J., groceries.
Cowher, Levi, meats.
Frasco Bros., groceries.
Heath, L. B., Mrs., groceries.
Marshall, Chas., groceries.
Smith, ¥. W., confections.
Smith, M. P., confections.
Twigg, S. E., merchandise.
Stover, H. H., merchandise.
Walizer, S. A., groceries.
Burkett, I. G., merchandise.
Eves, Chester, produce.
Eeves, J. P., produce.
Gray, John I1., produce.
Griffin, H. P., merchandise.
Mattern, J. C., implements.
Thomas, I. L., auto supplies.
Thomas, A. C., gas.
Thomas, D. R., produce.
Waite, J. B., produce.
Ramer, C. P., merchandise.
Feidler, S. J., auto supplies.
Long, H. F., sporting goods.
Motz, E. W. & Co., merchandise.
Orndorf, L. D., merchandise.
Orndorf, Isaac M., implements.
Orndorf, S. H., produce.
Reffner, W. E., groceries.
Stover, B. W., produce.
Confer, Edward N., merchandise.
Miller, H. O., groceries.
Hoy, John A. Est., merchandise.
Henselman, J. B., merchandise.
Klinger, Harvey.
Davidson, James & Son, confections.
Fisher, T. W., groceries.
Witmer, Ida, Mrs., merchandise.
Dearmit, S. E., merchandise.
Clevenstine, C. F., merchandise.
Showers, Claude, Mrs., produce.
Crouse, H. E., produce.
Edgefont Filling Station, gas.
Brouse, W. H., produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
Beatty Motor, Co., auto supplies.
Bellefonte Hudson Sales Co., autos.
Bellefonte Distributing Co., groceries
and Supplies.
Beezer, Geo. A. auto supplies.
Bonfatto, G., fruits.
Bellefonte Fuel & Supply Co., grain.
Centre Oil & Gas Co., oil and gas.
Hockman, N. J., feed. :
Hoy, H. & Son, produce.
Imperial Refining Co., oil and gas.
Krader Motor Co., auto supplies.
Lauderbach-Griest, Co., groceries.
Mayer, F. M., grain.
McCalmont & Co., lumber.
Musser, G. ¥. & Co., groceries.
Pott ‘r-Hoy Hardware Co., hardware.
Scortino, Frank & Bros., fruit.
Wagner, C. Y. & Co., grain.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas and oil.
Coburn Farm Products Co., produce.
Coburn Grain & Creamery Co., grain.
Malone, F. J., produce.
Bradford & Co., grain.
Dauberman, J. G., produce.
Hockman, C. N., produce.
Kerlin, A. E., produce.
McClenahan, Wm., grain.
Holt, G. H. & Son, lumber.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
Diehl, Jos. D., produce.
Kline, H. A., groceries.
Long, W. H., grain.
McDowell, H. T., grain.
Hublersburg Supply Co., produce.
Butler Oil & Sales Co., oil and gas.
Ross, Elmer C., grain. :
Gingerich Bros., hay.
Ross. Lynn W., grain.
Shoemaker, Philip C., grain.
Hockman, A. J., feed.
Ertley, G. G., produce.
Ferree, 'W. A., produce.
Kidder, Raymond, grain.
Rockey, Wm. A., produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gag.
Ceentre Milling Co., feed.
Cole, Raymond, T., auto supplies.
Gulick, P. L., auto supplies.
Gill Mfg., Co., miners supplies.
Hoffman, F. L., tobacco.
Hoffman, W. E. Co., produce.
Kephart, J. J., hardware.
Laud~rbach-Griest Co., groceries.
Philipsburg Hardware Co., hardware.
» y J. .y .
Swift & Co., meats.
Sinclair Refining Co., oil and gas.
Sturgis & Lucas,
Jodon & Summers, auto supplies,
Crain, W. Scott, lumber. :
Crain, C. W., lumber. :
Williams Bros., feed.
Bierly, S. A., produce.
Atlaatic Refining Co., oil and gas.
Fetteroff, Homer W., grain. :
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
I'ye's Grocery, groceries.
Grubb, Roland S., groceries.
Haugh, John & Sons, groceries.
Neidigh, J. D., grain.
State College Fuel & Supply Co., oil
and gas.
State College Commission Co., hay and
Serfas, Paul S. V., confections.
Snyder, C. E. auto suplies.
State Gas & Oil Co., oil and as.
Weiser Motor Co., auto supplies.
Smith, O. P., restaurant.
Blackford, Clyde I., restaurant.
Big Spring Tea Room, tea room.
Colonial Restaurant, restaurant.
Kuisely, George, H., restaurant.
Last Resort Tea Room, tea room.
Miles, E. J., Mrs., restaurant.
Ferguson, George, restaurant.
Bradford, Paul E., restaurant.
Coldren, M. K., restaurant.
Detwiler, J. H., restaurant.
Lambert, H. J., Mrs., restaurant.
Hall, W. B. & Sons, restaurant.
Kachik, J. M., cafe.
Fisher, Dora, Mrs., tea room.
Greene, Edward, restaurant. }
Lucas, Oscar M., restaurant. ’
Plecher, Harold, restaurant.
Myers, J. M., restaurant.
Fye, D. K., restaurant.
Sprankle, T. C., restaurant.
Spicer, Effie, Mrs., restaurant.
Smith, E. W., restaurant.
Strunk, W. B., tea room.
Ridenberger & Baumgartner, restaurant.
Acton, Harry, restaurant.
Chocolate Shop, tea room.
Freemans, Harry Est., restaurant.
Glover, Ed., Mrs., restaurant.
Modern Restaurant, restaurant.
Nesbit, J. 8., restaurant.
Pioneer Tea Room, tea room.
Philips Coffee Shop, restaurant.
Right Place, restaurant.
McMullen, Charles, restaurant.
Bilger, Charles, restaurant.
Baird, L. E., restaurant.
Port, W. R., restaurant.
Thompson, W. F., restaurant. !
Askey, Ruth, restaurant. 3
Mallory, S. O., restaurant.
Waite, J. B., restaurant.
Iddings, Clara, tea room.
Lucas, Annie, tea room.
Myers, B. G., restaurant.
Detwiler, P. K., restaurant.
Hall, W. B., restaurant.
Bosley, Henry F., tea room.
Campus Tea Room, tea room.
. College Quick Lunch, restaurant.
Fenway Tea Room, tea room.
Knox, W. W., restaurant.
Meek, J. B., restaurant.
Nittany Restaurant, restaurant.
O'Neil, J. A, restaurant.
O'Neil, B. J., restaurant.
Pine Tree Inn, tea room.
Smith, W. R., restaurant.
ead we. a.
© pp
Hunter, Robert F. ?
Keichline, J. M. i
Bair, W. T. i
Curtin, A. B. & Co. an
Holmes, J. L.
Lederer, Eugene H. rr
Mason, Walter R.
Patrick, Austin R.
State Realty Co.
Brown, T. C., movie.
Brown, T. C., theatre.
Hall, W. B. & Son, movie, I
Rowland Theatre, theatre.
Seven Stars Theatre, movie.
Pastime Theatre, theatre.
Nittany Theatre, theatre.
Ladies Improvement Club, theatre.
Menchio, C. L., movie.
Frasco Bros., movie.
Moon, A. R.
Anderson, Charles W.
Bickett, W. W. i
Finklestine, David. #
Shaughnessy, Thomas.
Hall, W. B. & Son.
Mitterling, D. C.
Yearick, C. A. |
Springer, S. P.
Spigelmyer, J.
Smith, E. W.
Orviston Supply Co.
Noll, Ray C.
Butler, Wm.
Bowers, J. V.
Erb, C. W.
Myers, J. W.
Olympic Billiard Parlor.
Sicks, John.
Williamson, James.
Hall, W. B.
McLaughlin, M. J.
Myers, H. M.
Platt, Lynn.
Varsity Pool Room.
Frasca, Alfred.
Detwiler, P. K.
For the purpose of correcting any er-
rors of appraisement an appeal will be
held at the County Treasurer's office at
the Court House in Bellefonte, Pa., on
Wednesday, July 8th, between the hours of
9 a. m. and 1 p, m. when and where all
those who desire may attend.
Mercantile Appraiser.