Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, May 08, 1925, Image 5

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Church Services Next Sunday
Mother’s day will be celebrated in
the Bellefonte Methodist church on
Sunday with a special program of
services at 10:45 o’clock as follows:
Silent Prayer—Congregation standing.
Hymn No. 19
Apostles Creed
Prayer - - - Mrs. L. E. Biddle
Anthem - - - - Junior Choir
Seripture Lesson - Mrs. M. R. Johnson
Hymn No. 146
Selection - Young Ladies Quartette
Sermon—*“A Message to and for Mothers’
Solo—*“Mother Machree Miss Rachel Shuey
Hymn No. 351
Homer Charles Knox, Pastor.
Mother’s day services Sunday morn-
ing, May 10th, at 10:45. A special or-
der of service will be followed with
appropriate hymns and readings.
Other services at the usual hours.
Ambrose M. Schmidt, D. D. Pastor.
Sunday school, 9:45; morning wor-
ship at 10:45, topic, “The Mother of
King Lemuel.” Evening worship at
7:30, topic, “Sowing and Reaping.”
William C. Thompson, Pastor.
Boalsburg—Church school 9:15 a.
m.; Catechetical' class 6:30 p. m.;
Mother’s day service 7:30 p. m.
Pine Grove Mills—Mother’s
service 10:30 a. m.
Pine Hall—Church school 1:30 p.
m.; Mother’s day service 2:30 p. m.
Rev. W. W. Moyer, Pastor.
Services for Sunduy, May 10:
Boalsburg—Sunday school 9 a. m.;
preaching services 10:30 a. m.; Chris-
tain Endeavor 7:30 p. m.
Shiloh—Sunday school 1:30 p. m.;
preaching services 2:30 p. m.
Pleasant Gap—Sunday school 9:30
a. m.; preaching services 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Yeiser, a representative of the
Anti-Saloon League, will be with us at
all the above preaching services. At
Pleasant Gap he will show a moving
pitcure entitled, “Lest We Forget.”
All are welcome.
W. J. Wagner, Pastor.
——On Tuesday Governor Pinchot
vetoed the judges’ salary increase bill
and signed the bill increasing the fee
for marriage licenses from $1.50 to
$2.50. Two dollars of the new fee
will go to the marriage. license clerk,
(in Centre county the Register), and
fifty cents will go to the State.
Mott—On April 3, to Mr. and Mrs.
Basil Mott, of Bellefonte, their second
child, Christine Naomi.
‘Houek—On April 24, to. Mr. and
~.Mrs.~Earl M. Houck, of Bellefonte, a
+ .Sony: James~Earl. 24th wim dat
Butler—On April 21, to Mr.
Mrs. Thomas F. Butler,
township, a daughter.
- Alterio—Oh April 7, to Mr. and
Mrs. Albert “Alterio, of Bellefonte, a
son, Frank.
Barnhart—On April 6, to Mr. and
Mrs. J. Willard Barnhart, of Belle-
fonte, a son, Kenneth Trevetta.
Brooks—On April 4, to Mr. and Mrs.
Elwood Brooks, of Pleasant Gap, a
son, Budd Ralston. ;
Mangino—On April 4, to Mr. and
Mrs. Peter P. Mangino, of Bellefonte,
a son.
Yarnell—On April 1, to Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Edward Yarnell, of Belle- |
{fonte, a son.
Thal—On April 4, to Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence E. Thal, of Bellefonte, a
daughter, Gertrude Elizabeth.
Miller—On April 6, to Mr. and Mrs.
Paul E. Miller, of Spring township, a
son, William Andrew. ;
Myers—On April 8, to Mr. and Mrs.
Willim C. Myers, of Walker township,
a daughter, June.
. Butler—On March 30, to Mr. and
Mrs. Roland D. Butler, of Marion
township, a son, Jerry Arnold.
Gehret—On April 2, to Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Gehret, of Axe Mann, a son,
Confer—On April 19, to Mr. and
Mrs. John Henry Confer, of Belle-
fonte, a son.
Johnson—On April 30, to Mr. and
Mrs. Harry B. Johnson, of Bellefonte,
a daughter, Jane Elvara.
Hartman—On April 6, to Mr. and
Mrs. Oliver Hartman, of Bellefonte, a
daughter, Lois Evelyn.
Keeler—On April 2, to Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Keeler, of Bellefonte, a daugh-
ter, Helen Veneta.
Zong—On April 4, to Mr. and Mrs.
Carl LeRoy Zong, of Spring township,
a son, Carl LeRoy Jr. ?
Tate—On April 24, to Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew J. Tate, of Spring township, a
son, Andrew Jackson Jr.
Peters—On April 24, to Mr. and
Mrs. Malcolm D. Peters, of Spring
township, a daughter, Martha Lucille.
Mesullo—On April 20, to Mr. and
Mrs. Luie Mesullo, of Bellefonte, a
daughter, Angeline.
Miller—On April 20, to Mr. and
James C. Miller, of Bellefonte, a son,
William Clayton.
Hunt=—On April 18, to Mr. and Mrs.
Jordan D. Hunt, of State College, a
son, William Morgan.
Markle—On April 17, to Mr. and
Mrs. Blair Raymond Markle, of Spring
township, a daughter, Eunice Love.
Billett—On April 12, to Mr. and
Mrs. Edward D. Billett, of Spring
township, a son, Edward.
‘Klett—On April 8, to Mr. and Mrs.
Guy S. Klett, of State College, a son,
Gerald Soulleard.
McGinley—On April 5, to Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. McGinley Jr., of Bellefonte,
a son, Abraham Lincoln IIL
Sunday—On April 4, to Mr and
Mrs. Lloyd W. Sunday, of Spring
township, a daughter, Edith Jane.
of “Marion |
The Evangelical minister, Rey. Huff,
moved his family to town this week. |
Mrs. Flora Bairfoot has been quite
ill during the week, suffering from
The Y. P. B. will give a play in
Grange Arcadia on Saturday evening.
Everybody is cordially invited to be
It is now “Grandpa” Frank, since |
Ernest Junior made his appearance at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Frank, in Baltimore.
A number of our High school and
grade pupils attended the track meet
at State College on Saturday. The
weather was rather chilly.
Philip Mingle, of Philadelphia, who
has spent a week or more visiting in
Bellefonte, left for Reedsville Wed-
nesday, on his way home.
Roy Searson and Miss Helen Tress-
ler drove down to Rev. Bingman’s last
Wednesday, and when they left there
it was as Mr. and Mrs. Searson.
Rev. Haven, of the Methodist church
had a busy Sunday on May 3rd. He
preached in the Centre Hall M. E.
church at 9:30 a. m., in the Spruce-
town M. E. church at 11 a. m.; in the
Centre Hall Lutheran church at 2:30
p.- m., and in the Spring Mills M. E.
church in the evening.
On Tuesday evening Mrs. Mary B.
Foust, of Centre Hill, entertained her
entire school at her home. She is the
teacher of the Centre Hall grammar
school, which closes today. The two
intermediate schools closed during the
week, Mr. T. L. Moore completing the
fifth and sixth grade work on: Tues-
day; and ‘Miss Mary Bingman the
third and fourth grade work on Wed-
nesday. The primary school will not
close until May 19th and the High
school June 2nd.
Real Estate Transfers.
E. R. Taylor, sheriff, to First Na-
tional Bank; tract in Worth Twp.;
$350. :
Cyrus R. Gearhart, et ux, to Mat-
thew Ivicic, tract in Spring Twp.;
Elizabeth Packer, to John Dietz,
tract in Centre County; $202.
W. R. Stanley, et ux, to Robert
Spicer, tract in Boggs Twp.; $1,525.
Mary B. Faust et bar, to Emma E.
Royer, tract in Potter Twp.; $3,000.
Robert M. Reed, et ux, to George
W. Rossman, tract in Ferguson Twp.;
W. E. McWilliams to George W.
Rossman, tract in Ferguson Twp.;
Aldah Wilkinson to Ellen E. Wilk-
inson, tract in Potter Twp.; $1.
First National Bank, exec, to J. O.
Stover, et ux, tract in Ferguson Twp.;
Oscar Zimmerman, et al, exec, to
Ralph Noll, tract in Spring and Ben-
ner Twps.; $410.
Ralph Noll, et ux, to W. H. Noll,
et al, tract in Spring and Benner
Twps.; $410.
Joseph A.:Glenn, et ux, to Charles
Strouse; traet: in- State College; $750.
Joséph' J. Rhoads, et al, to John
C. Barnes, tract in-Bellefonte; $2,000.
J. A Finkbinder, et ux, to John A.
Finkbinder, et ux, tract in Bellefonte;
$1. ¢ !
Olivia Kuster, et al, to R. W.
Mensch, tract in Haines Twp.; $475.
Robert W. Mensch, et al, to Robert
W. Mensch, tract in Miles Twp.;
Elmer Miller, exec, to Ancenetta
Bartges, tract in Miles Twp.; $1.
Walter Cohen, et ux, to Charles H.
Richelieu, tract in Bellefonte; $21,-
‘Marriage Licenses.
Clayton H. Krebs, State College,
and Hazel L. Zong, Bellefonte.
John Albert McLaughlin and Mar-
garet Edna Rapsey, Philipsburg.
Paul R. Byers and Viola M. Boob,
Millheim. ;
——One hundred fully robed Klans-
men attended church services in Hub-
lersburg last:‘Sunday night.
LANTS FOR SALE.—Cabbage, early
P tomatoes, celery and cauliflower.
3. Penn State Telephone.
F Inquire of Mrs. STUTSMAN, su-
perintendent's residence, Western
Penitentiary. 70-19-1t
ANTED.—Good girl for general
housework. Apply to Mrs. F. W.
WEST, E. Linn St., Bellefonte, 19-1t
OR SALE.—Field Grown Dahlia Hills.
OR SALE.—House and lot in Miles-
burg. 6 rooms, bath, electricity.
E. T. BURNSIDE, Bellctonte; En
G young Guesnsey cow, splendid
milker. Will be sold cheap. In-
quire of Dominic Presto, at Garbrick ice
property, Coleville. 70-17-3t
N fore Wednesday, June 10th, 1925,
the undersigned will make applica-
tion to the State Board of Law Examiners
to be examined on July 1st and 2nd, 1925,
for admission to the Supreme Court.
Philipsburg, Pa.
(A registered student at law in the
office of the Law School of the
University of Pennsylvania.)
OTICE is hereby given that on or be-
mobile Certificates 75001 to: 75025
inclusive of the Bellefonte, Penn-
sylvania Agency of this Company, have
been mislaid, lost, destroyed or stolen from
the office of J. M. Keichline and this is to
notify any person or persons holding the
above certificates that same are void and
of no effect.
J. M. Keichline, Agent,
70-17-3t Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.
E mentary having been granted to
the undersigned upon the estate of
Susy C. Taylor, late of Unionville borough,
deceased, all persons knowing thmselves
indebted to said estate are requested to
make prompt payment, and those having
claims against (he same must present
them, duly authenticated, for settlement.
XECUTOR’S NOTICE.—Letters testa-
the 1st day of June, 1920,
of the Courts of Centre County
TER.—Notice is hereby given that
the Kappa Phi Delta Fraternity, a
corporation receiving its charter from the
Court of Common Pleas of Centre County,
will make application to the Court of Com-
mon Pleas of. Centre fouuly on, Monday,
day. of June or an amend-.
ment of its.charter, to the effect that its
corporate name shall be changed from
gang Phi Delta. Fraternity’? to “Penn.
State’ Alpha ‘Chaptey, Taw; Phi“Delta Fra-
ternity,” by authority of the said‘ Court.’
Solicitors for Kappa Phi Delta Fraternity.
RIDGE LETTING.—Secaled proposals
B will be received at the Commission-
ers’ office in the Court House at
Bellefonte, Centre county, Pennsylvania,
until 10 a. m., May 26th, 1925, when bids
will be publicly opened and scheduled and
contract awarded, as soon thereafter as
possible, for the construction of five (5)
Reinforced Concrete Bridges, all being sit-
uated on State Highway Route No. 107,
Centre county, between Snow Shoe .Inter-
section and Port Matilda.
These bridges to be built in accordance
with State Highway Specifications, Form
No. 408, 1925, under inspection furnished
by the State Highway Department. Bid-
ding blanks may be obtained on. applica-
tion. Specifications and Drawings are on
file and may be seen in the County Com-
missioners office in the Court House, Belle-
fonte, Centre county, Pennsylvania. x
County Commissioners of Centre County.
S. Claude Herr, Clerk.
8S. D. Gettig, Solicitor. 70-19-3t
HERIFF’S SALE.—By virtue of a writ
of Fieri Facias issued out of the
Court of Common Pleas of Centre
County, to me directed, will be exposed to
public sale at the Court House in the Bor-
ough of Bellefonte, in Centre County,
Pennsylvania, on
SATURDAY, MAY 23rd, 1925,
ar 10 o'clock p. m., the following prop-
All that certain lot or piece of ground
situate in the Borough of Centre Hall,
Centre County, Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows: -
Beginning at the Northwest corner eo.
Hoffer and Potter streets, thence along
Hoffer street South 8 perches to lot of Levi
‘Walker; thence by d lot East 10 perches
to Logan Alley; thence by said alley North
8 perches to Potter street; thence by said
street West 10 perches to the place of be-
ginning, containing one-half acre. It be-
ing part of a larger tract of land convey-
ed to Arney and Mingle by deed of E. J.
Pruner dated March 31st, 1888, and record-
ed in the office for recording deeds in Cen-
tre County in Deed Book 56, page 244, Ete.
Together with all defendant’s personal
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of George Nearhood.
: Sheriff.
Sheriff’s Office, Bellefonte, Pa.,
April 28th 1925. 70-18-3t
A of administration having been
granted to the undersigned upon
the ostate of Mabel S. Davidson, late of
Halfmoon township, deceased, 2l!l persons
knowing themselves indebted to said es-
tate are requested to make prompt pay-
pfkent, and se having claims against the
same must present them, duly authenticat-
ed, for settlement.
id Administrator,
Warriorsmark, R. F. D.
W. Harrisen Walker, ;
Attorney, 70-14-6Gt
HERIFF’'S SALE.—By virtue of a writ
S of Plurius Fieri Facias, issued out
of the Court of Common Pleas of
Centre County, Pennsylvania, and to me
directed, there will be exposed to public
sale at the Court House, in the borough of
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, on
SATURDAY, May 16th, 1925,
at 1:30 p. m., the following described real
estate, to wit: All those three certain mes-
suages, tenements and tracts of land situ-
ate in Taylor township, Centre county,
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as
follows, viz:
The First Thereof, Beginning at a post
on line of land now owned by the said
Mary Bean, thence North 1314 degrees
East 8 perches to post; thence further by
land of said Mary Bean North 41 degrees
North 65 degrees West 11.8 perches to
| post; thence by same land North 87 de-
ees West 12 perches to post on line of
. H. Bean; thence South 503; degrees
Kast 40 perches to the place of beginning.
Containing 10 acres and 71 perches, net
~ The Second Thereof, Beginning at a post
South-east corner of Mary L. Cowher’s
lands; thence by land of D. H. Bean North
49 degrees East 40 perches to post; thence
x same lands north 4115 degrees West
5 perches to post; thence North 44 de-
grees East 41.6 perches to post; thence by
lands of John W. Bean North 51 degrees
West 35.6 perches to post; thence by same
lands South 39 degrees West 91.4 perches
to post; thence by lands of Mary L. Cow-
her South 551; degrees East 52 perches to
thie place of beginning. Containing 21
acres and 111 perches, net measure.
The Third Thereof, Beginning at a post,
thence South by lands of James F. Goss
493%, degrees East 37.6 perches to stones;
thence by land of John Seibesan North 60
degrees East 40.2 perches to post; thence
by land of Jehn C. Marks North 3514 de-
grees West 52 perches to post; thence by
land of George Beckwith South 3914 de-
grees West 34.4 perches to a post the place
| of beginning. Containing ten acres and 76
ing to the defendants named.
Seized, levied upon, taken in execution
and to be sold as the property of Anna M.
Nearhoff and J. C. Marks, Sr., defendants,
with notice to J. C. Marks as terre tenant.
Terms of Sale:
edged until the purchase money is paid in
Sheriff's Office, Bellefonte, Pa. Sheriff.
April 29th, 1925. 70-17-3t
We have a few GUARANTEED Used Cars for sale
Used S02 Car
8. D. Gettig, Fleming, Pa.
Attorney. 70-18-6t®
Beatty Motor Co.
West 13.6 perches to post; thence by same’
And all other real estate contiguous to :
the above described tracts of land belong-
No deed will be acknowl- |
Everywhere. 3% Commission.
Write for Blank. Smith Farm
Agency, 1407 W. York St., Philadelephia,
Pa. %0-11-1 yr.
XECUTOR’S NOTICE.—Letters testa-
mentary upon the estate of Harry
Baum, late of Bellefonte borough,
deceased, having been granted to the un-
dersigned, all persons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate are requested to
make prompt payment, and those having
claims against the same must present
them, duly authenticated, for settlement.
OR RENT.—Blacksmith shop and
building suitable for storage. In
"quire of MARY McQUISTION, W.
High St., Bellefonte. 76-18-2t
OR SALE.—“Big 3” Washing Machine,
FE 4 months old. New price $95, sale
price $55. Also water meter wash-
ing machine. The Neyhart—Maytag Co.,
Bellefonte. 70-18-22
W packed properly in goed erates.
We pay one cent abeve top New
York quotations and do not charge any
commission. Reference First National
Bank of Amityville, Amityviife, I.. I. Write
for shipping instructions te Amityville
ANTED.—Fresh laid brown eggs;
Orvis & Zerby Bellefonte, Pa. ., 150 Nassau St. New York
Attorneys. Serr | Creamery, ine, 150. Nas 70-17-3t
— masta
Fire Insurance
on Automobiles, Dwellings, Barns, Stores,
Churches and Merchandise
At a Reduced Rate
| 70-10-12t*
101 Seuth Eleventh St..
Have Your Diamonds Reset in Platinum
The Radio Sales and Supply Co.,
devoted exclusively to sale and
servicing Radio Equipment, with
headquarters on South Water St.
Bellefonte, is now open for busi-
—your own mother—with a
token reminding her
- of your pride and affection.
Sunday May 10th
belongs to all the Lovely
Mothers in the world. And
on that day you will want to
present the loveliest of them
& Co.