Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, July 04, 1924, Image 2

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Bellefonte, Pa., July 4, 1924.
Received too late for last week's issue.
_ That man is a master who uses, in
the best way, proper means to good
ends; and puts ideas into organiza-
The Children’s day exercises at the
Lutheran church, on Sunday evening,
proved a delightful entertainment.
The young people were well drilled
and carried out the program to the
satisfaction of all who were present.
The successful housewife under-
stands that by a re-arrangement of
the furniture in her rooms they may
be made to appear as fresh and at-
tractive as if they had been re-fur-
nished. It is the same old furniture;
only seen from a different angle.
There is nothing so intense, so ex-
alted, so fervent, so pure, so nearly
related to the nature of heavenly love
as the love of a mother. How many
outcasts and ungrateful children have
in all ages, born witness to the ten-
derness of her heart to the returning
Our good neighbor, Albert Smeltz-
er, is in a very bad physical condition.
He is distressingly weak and has been
confined to his bed for the past three
weeks. This is unusual, for Albert is
one of those good souls who look at
the bright side of everything and is
rarely known to complain.
Billy Ross and a few more robust in-
dividuals are busily engaged in clear-
ing up and fixing our state road.
They started up at the mountain and
have orders to make all necessary re-
pairs in to Bellefonte, and put the
road into a presentable shape. Their
efforts as far as they have progress-
ed, is showing up fine. Billy never
does things by halves.
Some people have the audacity to
say that no honest people exist in this
age. I am fully convinced that this
is a mistake. On Monday last my
wife turned over her wash to our
wash-woman. On Tuesday when the
wash was returned the messenger
handed a dollar bill to my wife and
said it was in a dress pocket. We
were agreeably surprised and fully
convinced that there still are some
honest people in existence.
Postmaster George Showers has
hired Miss Mary Swartz, of Snow
Shoe, as his assistant. She is a tal-
ented young lady and has had several
years’ experience as assistant in the
Snow Shoe postoffice. Miss Beatrice
Noll, who so satisfactorily conducted
the office, has resigned and will go to
Philadelphia in the near future to
take up the nursing proposition, a
position she is well adapted for, since
she is a natural born nurse.
‘We have one dog less at the Gap.
Some reckless automobile driver ran
over a beautiful specimen on Wed-
nesday morning and killed him out-
right. A few children decorated the
dead animal with a profusion of roses.
Animals have equal rights with man
under all Jaws that pertain to them in
common. Of course, man is sup-
posed to be higher and better than a
dog only in a moral point of view, and
just how much higher and better de-
pends entirely upon how he stands ac-
cording to the established moral
standard. Of course, there are bad
dogs, but taking all things into con-
sideration, there are not as many bad
dogs as there are bad men. I have
more regard for a good dog than a
bad man any time, because he is a
trusty protector and devoted friend,
and a conservator of health at the
same time.
A lady caller at our home the other
evening said she was tired paying
nine cents to our merchants for sugar
when she can obtain it in Bellefonte
for 73 cents. My wife is somewhat of
a judicious financier; she replied there
was nothing to it. Here is her argu-
ment: You send your “hubby” to
Bellefonte, he pays twenty cents each
way for car fare, losing at least a half
day in time while in town; other little
incidentals are costing you money, she
added. Why not go to your mer-
chants, tender them the cash and see
if buying at home will not prove ben-
eficial to you every time; and of
course, man like, I had to have a put-
in. Supposing the proposition, I said,
providing your man invests in two
glasses of moonshine, the outcome
would be you would be out enough
cold cash to purchase ten pounds or
more of sugar, instead of investing
your hard-earned money in poison.
Quite a number of our young folks
are fanatics on the dancing fad. Many
prefer patronizing the ballroom to
going to Sabbath school or to church.
Hence it is that our church people are
antagonistic to what they call this
vicious, uncalled for sport. But then
dancing seems to be one of the natur-
al habits of mankind; an outgrowth
of his nature.
goes it formed either a part of reli-
gious ceremonies or those celebrating
important events. Miriam and Moses
led the dance of triumph when the Is-
raelites landed dry-shod on the other
side of the Red Sea. David danced
because of the joy and satisfaction he
felt on account of the prosperity of
his people. Primitive christians danc-
ed in their religious services, but not
by command. They had probably
been accustomed to indulge in this ex-
excise before their deities and in the
temples of their gods before they be-
came christians, Though the Puri-
As far back as history |
Mercantile Appraisement.
Notice is hereby given that the follow-
ing persons and firms in Centre county
have been appraised and liable for mercan-
tile taxes for the year 1924, which are due
and payable May 1st, 1024:
Edgefonte Filling Station, gas.
Neese, John W., gas.
O'Brian, G. W., coal.
Rote, G. E.; merchandise.
Bower, A. F., merchandise.
Krape, J. F., merchandise.
Musser, C. E., candy.
Rupp, Walter, meat.
Rauchau, ¥, W., merchandise.
Stover, E. G., auto supplies.
Stover, A. S., paper and paint.
Boalsburg Auto Bus Co., auto supplies.
Charles, ¥. M., plumbing.
Ferguson, George, cigars.
Hazel, A. J., merchandise.
Patterson, J. D., groceries.
Rishel, S. R., auto supplies.
Ishler, J. G., meats.
Zechman, J. F., furniture.
Bowes, W. A, coal.
Clark, J. merchandise.
Hoy, J. H., meat. {
Harter, N. auto supplies.
Kunes, T. M., merchandise.
Kessinger, W. ¥., merchandise.
Moon, A. R., cigars.
Page, A. E., groceries.
Rothrock, Sarah, notions.
Spangler, W. H., merchandise.
Vonada, W. H., merchandise.
Armstrong, Earl, meat.
A & P Tea Co., groceries.
Atlantic Refiining Co., gas and oil
Aikey, J. B., groceries.
Anderson, C. W., cigars and pool.
Ammerman, Mrs. Blanche, groceries.
Blair, ¥. P. & Son, jewelry.
Blackford, Clyde, cigars.
Baum, Sim, clothing.
Beezer, P. L., meat.
Bonfatto, Guy, fruits.
Bellefonte Lumber Co., lumber.
Brouse, W. S., groceries.
Bellefonte Baking Co., candy.
Bracnbill, W. L., furniture.
Bellefonte Hardware Co., hardware,
Bickett, W. W., cigars.
Bickle, J. I., groceries. i
Beatty Motor Co., auto supplies.
Bellefonte Fuel & Supply Co., coal.
Beezer, Geo. A., auto suplies.
Bon Mot Candy Store, candy.
Bottorf Bros., auto supplies.
Bellefonte Hudson Sales Co., auto Sup.
Boal, W. T., candy.
Boal, B. F., gas. :
Centre Fuel & Building Co., coal.
Cairns, T. W., paint.
Caldwell & Son., plumbing.
Crissman, L. H., cigars.
Cohen’ & Co., merchandise,
Casebeer Jewelry Store, jewelry.
Cowher, H. D., clothing.
Cooke, C. E., furniture.
Coxey, W. C., groceries.
City Bakery, candy.
Carpeneto, J. L., green grocery
Cooney, Elizabeth, millinery.
City Cash Grocery, groceries.
Colonial Restaurant, candy.
The Cut Rate Store, drugs.
Caco, Tony, shoe repairing.
Deitrick, Dunlap Cadillac Co., autos and
Dann, Frank & Bro., merchandise.
Decker Bros., autos and accessories.
Electric Supply Co., electric supplies.
Eckel, J. R., meat market.
Eckenroth, E. J., wall paper.
Emerick, W. J., auto supplies.
Finkelstine, David, pool room & cigars.
Fauble, A., clothing.
Galaida’s Fish Market, fish.
Garman, E. F., notions.
Genua, Angelo, shoe repairing.
Garbrick Bros., merchandise.
Gross, J. W., grocery.
Gettig, L. H., meat market.
Garbrick, H. E., merchandise.
Garman, Ed, notions.
Hazel, Thomas, groceries.
Hoy, Henry & Son, merchandise.
Harter's Music Store, musical instru-
Hill, L. A., auto supplies.
Herr & Heverly, groceries.
Hockman, N. J., produce.
Hazel & Co., dry goods.
Heverly, J. O., auto supplies.
Hunter, J. D., stationery.
Hagen, Paige, Jewett Co., automobiles.
Haupt, Lewis, merchandise.
Haupt, Edward, merchandise.
Holderman, J. A., merchandise.
I. 0. O. F. Club, cigars.
Jodon, J. C.. groceries.
Jodon, Van, coal.
Johnstonbaugh, George, merchandise.
Kalin, Max., shoes.
Katz, Wm. 8., dry goods.
Krader Motor Co., auto supplies.
Keichline, C. C., confectionery.
Knisely, Geo. H., cigars.
Knisely, J. H., cigars.
Lyon & Co., dry goods.
Lyons & Witmer, plumbers.
Landsy, M. A., cigars.
Musser, L. H., machinery.
Morgan, S. J., art and beauty shop.
Miles, Mrs. E G., candy and cigars.
Mallory Studio, art gallery.
Mott Drug Co., drugs.
Mingle, A. C. shoes.
Miller, Geo. A., hardware.
Montgomery & Co., clothing.
McGinley, A. L., wall paper.
McCaimont & Co., coal.
Miller, Mrs. David, merchandise.
McGarvey, P. H., auto supplies.
McCrory & Co.. 5 and 10 cent.
Mayer, F. M., Mill No. 1, flour.
Meyer F. M., Mill No. 2, flour and feed.
Mulbarger. Charles, merchandise.
Nighthart & Son, cigars.
Olewine, John Est., hardware.
Oriole Stores, groceries.
Powers, Ada, art shop.
Poorman, S. H., auto supplies.
Potter-Hoy Hardware Co., hardware.
Parker, Wm. J., supplies.
Parrish, C. M., drugs.
Rossman, J. B., auto supplies.
Runkle, M. B.. drugs.
Ruhl, Harry, cigars.
Smith, Russell, confectionery and ice
Scortino Bros., green grocery.
Spigeimyer & Co., china store.
Shaffer, H. B., hardware.
Schlow, Charles, ready-to-wear.
Schad, A. E., pirmbing.
Schofield, James, saddler.,
Showers, J. M. & Co., coal.
Shaughnessy, Thos., pool and cigars.
Spangler, Wesley, merchandise.
Teaman, Edward, merchandise.
Thomas, M. J., coal.
Twitmire, W. T., hardware.
Thall, Joseph, confectionery.
Tate, C. F., plumber.
Van Ingen, R. N., autos & accessories.
Whitten, Israel, merchandise.
Whitmer, R. C., merchandise.
Weiss Pure Food Store, groceries.
Winton, Harry & Son, coal.
Wagner, C. Y. & Son, flour and feed.
Willard, D. I. & Son, clothing.
Waite, Darius, machinery.
Wagner, Hugh B., merchandise.
West, F. W. & Co., furniture.
Yeager, H. C., shoes,
Young, Frank, merchandise.
Zeller & Son, drugs.
Boozer, D. A., auto supplies.
Benner, G. O., merchandise.
Bradford & Co., flour mill
Bradford, David, merchandise.
Bland, W. H., merchandise,
Centre Hall Pharmacy Co., drugs.
Campbell, R. P., cigars.
Coldron, M. C., pool room.
Deitz, W. ri merchandise.
~ Musser, C. E. &
Atlantic Refining Co., oil. v
Coburn Farm Products Co., produce.
Coburn Coal & Grain Co., coal.
Dinges, Llosa, feed.
Eisenhuth, T., produce.
Kerstetter, J. M., merchandise.
Kern, I. Pp. groceries.
Malozs, EF I merchandise.
Min ., merchandise.
gle Son, merchandise.
Vonada & Son, auto supplies.
Big Sandy Supply Co., merchandise,
Brooks, Jacob, merchandise.
Brooks, George, merchandise.
- Clarence Corporation, merchandise.
Central Garage, auto supplies.
Freidman, Jacob, merchandise.
Frobetza, Mike, merchandise.
Harm, O. J., merchandise.
Hall, W. B. & Son, cigars.
Koshko Bros, cigars.
Kachik, A. M., cigars.
Kachik, J. M., grocery.
Pinchok, George, grocery.
Reeser, Harry, meat.
Bald Eagle Supply Co., merchandise.
Heaton, James, candy.
Calhoun, Roy, gas.
Holt, Orrie, ice cream.
Holt, G. W., groceries.
Holt, S. W., lumber.
Janet, Harry, produce
Fisher, J. H., produce.
McElwain Bros., merchandise.
McQuigg, C. J., gas.
Stere, H. N., merchandise.
Smith, Frank M., feed.
Stere, J. B., merchandise.
Shirk, J. H., produce.
Hoover, G. B., groceries.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas.
Carter, Walter, produce.
Haines, J. I., produce.
Kline, H. A., produce.
Long, W. H., feed.
Lucas, C. C., merchandise.
Lucas, O. M., candy.
McCartney, Rowland, groceries.
Moore, H. A Est., drugs.
Miner, M., jewelry.
Musser, G. H., produce.
Pletcher, Harold, cigars.
Pletcher, Charles E., oil.
Pletcher, T. A., harness.
Pletcher, I. B., groceries.
Shawley, Thomas, candy.
Shank, A. A., hardware.
Baney’s Garage, auto supplies.
Berry's Garage, auto supplies.
Condo, J. S., groceries.
Green, Edw., groceries.
Gledhill, A. D., candy.
Weber, B. & Son, merchandise.
Wolfe, S. J., merchandise.
Yearick, Clarence, candy.
Yearick, Walter, meat.
Hoy, George F., merchandise.
Miller, Max, produce.
Vonada, Carrie, ice cream.
Beals, E. E,, ice cream.
Lorah, Mabel, coal.
Mattern, H. K., produce.
Parsons, W. P., groceries.
Tallhelm, G. W., groceries.
Turner, J. H., merchandise.
Kato Supply Co., merchandise.
Stover, George B., groceries.
Ross, J. H., merchandise.
Shoemaker, Philip, merchandise.
Shoemaker, Philip, merchandise.
Shearer, Wesley, produce.
Bohn, Geo. J., jewelry.
Fishel, John, groceries.
Kustenborder, Hurry, gas.
Klinger & Tharp, candy.
Evey, A. H., groceries.
Evey, E. W. & Son, produce.
Lenker, J. E., merchandise.
Getz & Son, stoves.
Mitchell, John H., hardware.
Ross, E. C.,, merchandise.
Schreck Bros., auto supplies.
Houser, Paul, auto supplies.
Eberts, 0. B., merchandise.
Richards, D. R., auto supplies.
Bergner, Albert, groceries.
Strickland, A. R., ice cream.
Vulcan Trading Co., merchandise.
Grove, A. A., merchandise.
Lewis, LeRoy, merchandise.
Bartges, C. E., jewelry.
Confer, N. F., merchandise.
Evert, Thomas, merchandise.
Uhl, H. J., produce.
Goldberg, Ike, merchandise.
Hockman, A. F., feed.
Workman, C. E., merchandise.
Auman, N. A., groceries.
Bowersox, B. F., drugs.
Breon, C. H., auto supplies.
Burd, Mrs. L. B., millinery.
Best, F. & Son, produce.
Boob, John M., meat.
Deitrick, A. B., 5 and 10 cent store.
Frank, A. A. & Son, merchandise.
Campbell, 8. M., furniture.
Columbus, Sol, junk.
Fye, D. K., cigars.
Hosterman & Stover, hardware.
Johnson, A. E., groceries.
Kessler, A., clothing.
Leitzell, H. H., produce.
Miller, Charles A., auto supplies.
Mauck, E. W.
McMullen Bros. Mill No. 1, feed.
McMullen Bros., Mill No. 2, feed.
Nyman, D. J. clothing.
Oriole Stores, groceries.
Ripka, E. 8., cigars.
Stover, R. E., jewelry,
Stover, Charles, machinery.
Spigelmyer, J., groceries.
Snyder's Bakery, candy.
Soussciengast. . R., merchandise,
Smith & Adams, millinery.
Springer, S. R., cigars.
Ulrich, T. B., cigars.
Wiser, F. F., gas.
‘Weaver, L. L., lumber.
Alexander, C. B., coal.
Adams, Mary C., candy.
Hummer, E. J., drugs.
rwin, B. H., coal.
Jodon, C. C., groceries.
Miles, O. E. & Son, merhcandise.
Milesburg Store Co., merchandise.
Milesburg Garage, auto supplies.
McCollough, N. J. & Son, merchandise.
Newman, Wm., groceries.
Pifer, George, meat.
Sprankle, F. C., groceries.
Spicer, Mrs. Effie, auto supplies.
Smith, W. W., cigars.
Smith, E. W., merchandise.
Wetzler, F. L., general merchandise.
Betz, M. 8., merchandise.
H. & Son, merchandise.
Kessinger, W. E., groceries.
& Son, meats.
Mauck, C. W., auto supplies.
Peck Bros., merchandise.
Strunk, W. B., cigars.
Vonada, E. E., merchandise.
Yearick, M. H., merchandise.
Orviston Supply Co., general Mds.
Young, Fred, general merchandise.
Etters, Clayton, feed.
Southard, Homer, auto supplies.
Zigner, Anthony, groceries.
Vulcan Trading Co., merchandise.
Beats, Edith, candy.
Boak, Sallie, candy.
Heckman, J. T., merchandise.
Bennett, Wm. & Son, merchandise.
Berry & Artz, millinery.
Dean, Allison, auto supplies.
Hoover, W. T., hardware.
Lykens, H. B. & Son, merchandise.
Leitzell, Samuel, plumbing.
Reese, A. W., merchandise.
Reese, George, meat.
Sharer, Maude, groceries.
Miles, Roy, merchandise.
Putt, Ella, groceries.
Pringle, C. N., groceries.
Williams & Reese, cigars.
Williams Bros., feed.
Woodring, H. C., cigars.
Williams, A. Q. auto supplies.
Goheen, R. G., meat.
Port, W. R., candy.
Rossman, J. B., auto supplies.
Tressler, Aaron, oils.
Ward, W. S., merchandise.
Auman, E. H., feed.
Barr, David, candy.
Dunlap, Geo. R., merchandise.
Elder, Ed. J., harness.
keller, John & Co., coal
Lauck’s Garage, auto supplies.
Martz, i. C., werchandise.
Reed, George A., cigars.
Stuck & inne, auto supplies.
Thompson, Ww. I., canay.
Williams, J. H.. harness.
Acton, Harry, cigars.
Atlantic senniug Co., gas and oil.
A & Yr Tea Co. groceries.
Asheroft slower »Suop, flowers.
Aluinerinall, George ., auto supplies.
Addelnian & latowsky, dry goods.
A & © 1ea Co, No. 2, groceries.
Agan, J. B., groceries.
Adgaelman, Lewis Co. clothing.
Brown Shoe Shop, shoes.
Balestrere, r'rank, fruits.
Brown, W. B., drugs.
Buzzel, Edw., drugs.
Beals, John, gioceries.
Butlen, Wm., cigars.
Birchield, W. L., novelties.
Bodley, ri. H., groceries.
Brink, Mrs. Emma, cigars.
Copeland, Duke, feed.
Callahan, H. A., meat.
Carpenter, M. M., millinery.
Cole, ¥rank W., plumbing supplies.
Corrigan, J. J., cigars.
Chocolate Shop, candy.
Croyle, ¥. C., candy.
Cole, R. T., auto supplies.
Centre Lumber Co., lumber.
Centre Milling Co., feed.
Dinsmore, R. P., auto supplies.
Dennison, D. J., auto supplies.
Delancey, W. F., meat.
Davis, C. H., jewelry.
Demmi & Flegal, auto supplies.
Demmi, E. E.,, plumbing.
Driver & Hoons, cigars.
Elljay Stores, dry goods.
Erb, C. W., cigars.
Emery’s Candy Kitchen, candy.
Edwards, John S., shoes.
Erhart, C. B., groceries.
Electric Supply Co,, eleetric supplies.
Flegal, H. S., auto supplies.
Finberg, Lewis, junk.
Freeman, Wm. & Sons, meat.
Fullington, Paul, groceries.
Finberg, Max, junk.
Gill, W. F., sporting goods.
Guelick, P. L., auto supplies.
Gilbur, D. B., groceries.
Grebe Bros., cigars.
Good Service Vulcanizing Co., tires.
Grimm, R. H., paints.
Goodrich, Dora, groceries.
Gatras, Gus, candy.
Olsen, E. G., meat.
Garfinkle, Henry, groceries.
Hendon Store, groceries.
Harper, H. E., candy.
Humphrey Bros., plaster board.
Hoffer’'s Novelty Store, novelties.
Haworth Furniture Co., furniture.
Hagerty Hardward Co., hardware.
Hoffman, F. L., cigars.
Hagerty Baking Co., candy.
Hollings, Walter, jewelry.
Hockman, Mrs. M., groceries.
Hopkins, James, cigars.
Hindle, John, groceries.
Ibberson Drug Co., drugs.
Ibberson, Jokn, notions.
Independent Oil Co., gas.
Jaffee, A., fruit.
Jones, Calvin, paint.
Jones & Co., hardware.
Jones, Ed. G., merchandise.
Johnston, D. J., candy.
Kellock, G. M., groceries.
Keystone Grocery & Tea Co., groceries.
Kennard, R. W., jewelry.
Kassab, Casper, junk.
Kephart, J. F., hardware.
Kline, J. O., harness.
Koplin, Morris, junk.
. D., washing machines.
Lupton, John C., jewelry.
McCrory & Co., 5 and 10 cent store.
McGuire Bros., clothing.
Maurer, Raymond, hardware.
Mastos, G. T., cigars.
Myers, G. W., cigars.
Mock, Miss E. H., millinery.
Matterns Meat Market, meat.
Musser, M. S. & O. B., groceries.
Mark, H. A. Motor Co., auto supplies.
McCausland, F. G., jewelry.
Model Shop, clothing.
Markowitz, A., junk.
Mayes, George, groceries.
Meadow Garage, auto supplies.
Nason’s Garage, auto supplies.
Nash, H. R., groceries.
Newberry, Harry, groceries.
Norris, T. H. & Son, groceries.
Owens, W. T., furniture.
Owens, C. W., musical instruments.
Oregon Mercantile Co., groceries.
Olympic Billiard Co., pool and cigars.
Oxley, Watson Co., dry goods.
Pritchard, Josiah, auto supplies.
Parker, G. G., flowers.
Plank & Bower, cigars.
Purity Milk Co., butter.
Pioneer Tea Room, candy.
Phillips Cigar Stand, cigars.
Point Cash Grocery, groceries.
Philipsburg Machine Co., machinery.
Parskey, Lewis, clothing.
Philipsburg Radiator Co., radiators.
Quality Boot Shop, shoes.
Roeling, J. M. & Co., jewelry.
Reed, J. O., feed.
Rushnok, Steve, groceries.
Rauchle, Lewis, groceries.
Rothrock Studio, art gallery.
Rittenhouse, H. D., groceries.
Stemphley Furniture Co., furniture.
Style Shop, clothing.
Sherokey, J., groceries.
Stott Motor Co., auto supplies.
Stonebraker, W. F., groceries.
Solomon D., groceries.
Smith, F. & R., dry goods.
Singer Sewing Machine Co., sewing ma-
Sandcroft, F. 8., millinery.
Stine, M., groceries.
Sloan & Stone, dry aoa
Troutwine, George F., drugs.
Woodring’s Meat Shop, meat.
Workmers Cash Grocery No. 16, gro-
Workman's Cash Grocery No. 13, gro-
Workman's Cash Grocery No. 4, grocery.
‘Williams, Polly, groceries.
‘Wiltzik, Philip, clothing.
Weber, Frank Estate, furniture,
‘Woomer, Robert, groceries.
Walton, Albert, drugs.
What To Wear Shop, clothing.
Julick, Conrad, groceries.
Yonkey, August, groceries.
Zeff, Simon, dry goods.
Bierley, W. F. & Son, produce.
Electric Supply Co., electric supplies.
Fashion Shop, clothing.
Fye's Grocery Store, groceries.
Fye's Cash & Carry Grocery, groceries.
Fye, L. D., dry goods.
Fenway lea Room, candy.
Foster Philip, coal.
Fromm, Maurice, clothing.
Gentzel, W. P., merchandise.
Goss, George A., plumbing.
Germerd, E. W., clothing.
Gilliland, Ray D., drugs.
Graham, George T., cigars.
Gregory Bros., candy.
Homan, Park R., lumber.
Houser, E. P. gas.
Harris, James, cigars.
Houser, J. H., paint.
Hoy, Walter, groceries.
Haugh, John & Sons, groceries.
Herwitz, Edith, clothing.
Harper, George, auto #upplies.
Hagg, L. M., coal.
Ladies Sample Shop, clothing.
Leitzell, W. F., confectionery.
Kimport, Myra, millinery.
Krumrine, Ralph, cigars.
Keller, H. N., feed.
Keifer-Nolan Co., hardware.
Knox, W. W., cigars.
Kershaw, Robert, coal.
Myers, H. M., auto supplies.
Miller, J. Sumner, groceries.
Meek, J. B., cigars.
Myers, H. M., cigars.
Myers, J. J., meats.
Musser’'s Garage, auto supplies.
Metzger, L. K., stationery.
Martz, Mrs. Esther, groceries.
Musser, C., harness.
Musser, J. H., groceries.
Musser, H. N., fencing.
© Montgomery & Co., clothing.
Marris, Albert, candy.
Music Room, musical instruments.
Martin, J. B., cigars.
Nearhood, G. M., auto supplies.
Neidigh, J. D., dry goods.
O'Neil, Budd T., groceries.
Porter & Weber, paint.
Probst, C. E., cigars.
Penn State Auto Co., auto supplies.
Robison, C. W., coal.
Rexall Drug Store, drugs.
Schlow’s Qulaity Shop, clothing.
State College Motor Co., auto supplies.
State College Fuel & Supply Co., coal.
State College Fuel & Supply Co., gas.
Showers, H. W., clothing.
Snyder, Cora, millinery.
Struble Grocery Co., groceries,
State College Billiard Co., pool & cigars.
Smith, W. E., clothing.
Snyder, C. E., auto supplies.
Smith, George L., cigars.
State University Shoe Co., shoes.
Scherer, C. A., cigars.
State Shirt Shop, shirts.
Serfas, Paul, cigars.
Shillings, C. T., cigars.
Tressler, Ezra, meat.
Taylor, W. F., groceries.
The Twentieth Century Shoe Co., shoes.
The Vogue Shop, notions.
The Crabtree Co., jewelry.
The State Realty Co., merchandise.
The State College Bakery, candy.
The Varsity Pool Parlor, cigars.
Van Zant, M. H.. meat.
Winter's Meat Market, meat.
‘Woomer, Lynn, cement.
Weiss Pure Food Store, groceries.
Wasson, E. G., butter.
Auman. U. G., groceries
Boal, Mrs. J. G., bread.
Breon, Willis E., produce.
Bartley, Ray C., shoes.
Eungard, Cleve, Machinery.
Houser, E. J., auto supplies.
Fetteroff, Homer W., feed.
Carson, F. A., merchandise.
Condo, 8. 8S., candy.
Corman, O. T., groceries.
Grove, Arthur, coal.
Krape, C. A., shoes.
Dunlap, A. C., cigars.
Detwiler, P. K., cigars.
Ennist & Hanna, groceries.
Leister, C. A., produce.
Lee, W. E., cigars.
Long, C. P. & Co., merchandise.
Myer Bros. auto supplies.
Myer, J. F., meat.
Myer, B. G., cigars.
Philips, Frank, auto supplies.
Penn Hall Garage, auto supplies.
Rishel J. H., merchandise.
Reed. H. C., produce.
Rote, 8. R., groceries.
Rossman, H. F., merchandise.
Smith, B. E., merchandise.
Smith, John & Bro., furniture.
Smith, Earl, merchandise.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas.
Bland, Mrs. Rena, millinery.
Brooks, Harry, cigars.
Confer, John & Sons, auto supplies.
Harm, Mrs. H. M., merchandise.
McLaughlin, M. J., merchandise.
Mastos, Tony, meat.
Russell, James, groceries.
Rotinnio, Joe, fruits.
Watson, C. Gray, cigars.
Barnett, R. J., groceries.
Cowher, Levi, meat.
Heath, L. B., candy.
Frasco Bros., groceries.
Barchello, Charles, groceries.
Smith, Francis M., groceries.
Smith, F. W., cigars.
Wise, W. D,, cigars.
‘Woomer, Harry. groceries.
Twigg, S. E.,, merchandise,
Stover, H. H., coal and groceries.
Walizer, S. A., groceries.
Burkett, I. G., merchandise.
Gray, John D., produce.
Griffin, H. P., merchandise.
Eves, Chester, produce.
Eves, John, produce.
Mattern, J. C., produce.
Thomas, I. L., auto supplies.
Thomas, D. R., produce.
‘Waite, H. B., produce.
Ramer, C. P., merchandise.
Feidler, 8S. J., produce.
Long, H. F., produce.
Motz, E. W. Co., merchandise.
Orndorf, I. M., machinery.
Orndorf, L. D., groceries.
Orndorf, S. H., groceries,
Refmer, Walter, produce.
Stover, Braid.
Cass, Jacob, meat.
Hoy, John Est., merchandise,
Heinselman, J. B., merchandise,
Weaver, D. B. Sons, feed.
Davidson & Sons, candy and ice cream.
Witmer, Mrs. Ida, groceries.
Dermith, Samuel, merchandise,
Confer, Ed., groceries.
Miller, H. O., gas.
Noll, B. A., merchandise.
Crouse, H. E., produce.
Brouse, W. H., produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas and oil.
Bellefonte Distributing Co., Gro. Sup.
Bonfatto, Guy, fruits.
Beatty Motor Co., autos.
Beezer, Geo. A., autos.
Bellefonte Fuel & Supply Co., grain.
Centre Oil & Gas Co., oil and gas.
Imperial Refining Co., oil and gas.
Decker Bros., autos.
Hoy, Henry, & Son, produce.
Hockman, . J., grain.
Krader Motor Co., autos.
EE ———-. —————
Deihl, Joseph D., produce.
Long, W. H., grain.
Hublersburg Supply Co., produce.
Butler Oil & Sales Co., oil and gas.
Ross, E. C., merchandise.
Gingerich Bros., hay.
Ross, Lynn W., grain.
Shoemaker, P. C., hay.
Wieland, F. E,
Hockman, A. F., feed.
Eckley, G. G., produce.
Ferree, W. A., produce.
Kidder, Raymond, grain.
Rockey, W. A. produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
Balestrere, Frank, fruit.
Cole, R. T., autos.
Centre Milling Co., grain.
Finberg, Isaac, junk.
Gill Manufacturing Co., hardware.
Guelick, P. L., autos.
Hoffman, Frank, cigars.
Hoffman & Runk, produce.
Independent Oil Co., oil and gas.
Jaffee, A., fruits.
Kephart, J. F., hardware.
Lauderbaugh-Zerby Co., groceries.
Philipsburg hardware Co., hardware.
Reed, J. O., grain.
Swift & Co., meats.
Jodon & Summers, autos.
Crain, C. W., lumber.
Williams Bros., grain.
Bierly, S. A., produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
Fetteroff, Homer W., grain.
Spring Mills Creamery Co., produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas.
Decker Bros., autos.
Neidigh, J. B., grain,
Snyder, C. E., autos.
State Colege Fuel & Supply Co., gas.
State College Commission Co., hay.
Markle, W. F., meat.
Grubb, R. 8., groceries.
Haugh, John & Sons, groceries.
McDowell, Harry.
Hunter, Robert.
Keichline, J. M.
Bair, W. T.
Curtis, A. B. & Co.
Holme, J. L.
Lederer, Eugene H,
Mason, Walter.
Patrick, A. L.
State Realty Co.
Shelton, W. 8S.
Brown, T. C., movie.
Brown, T. C., theatre.
Hall, W. B. & Son, movie.
Rowland theatre.
Seven Stars theatre, movie.
Pastime theatre.
Nittany theatre.
Ladies Improvement Club Theatre.
Menchio, C. L., movie.
Dagen, J. G.
Moon, A. R,,
Andersan, C. W.
Bicketts, W. W.
Finkelstine, D.
Shaughnessy, Thomas.
Hall, W. B. & & Sons.
Mitterling, D. C.
Yearick, C. A.
Springer, S. R.
Spigelmyer, J.
Smith, BE. W.
Orviston Supply Co.
Noll, Ray C.
Butlin, Wm.
Corrigan, J. J.
Erb, C. W.
Olympic Billiard Parlor.
Myers, J. +
Palace Billiard Parlor.
Plank & Bower.
Brooks, Harry,
McLaughlin, M. J.
Reed, George A.
The State Billiard & Bowling Co.
Varsity Pool Parlor.
Myers, Henry M.
Blackford, Clyde, restaurant.
Colonial Restaurant.
Knisely, Geo. H., restaurant.
Miles, Mrs. E. J., restaurant.
Last Resort Tea Room.
Ferguson, George, restaurant.
Whiteman, Mrs. Bell, restaurant.
Lambert, Mrs. H. J., restaurant.
Hall, W. B. & Sons, Tea Room.
Kachik, J. M., restaurant.
Green, Edward, restaurant.
Lucas, 0. M,, restaurant.
Pletcher, Harold, restaurant.
Yearick, C. A., restaurant.
Fye, D. K,, restaurant.
Port, W. R., Tea Room.
Spicer, Mrs. Effie, restaurant.
Smith, BE. W., restaurant.
Strunk, W. B., Tea Room.
Williams and Reese, Tea Room.
Corrigan, J. J., Tea Room.
Chocolate Shop.
Brink, Mrs. Emma, restaurant.
Freeman, Harry Est. restaurant.
McMullen, Charles, restaurant.
Mastos, G. T., restaurant.
Pioneer Tea Room.
Philips Coffee Shop, restaurant.
Reed, Geo. A., restaurant.
Daveler, J. R., restaurant.
ierley, C. C., produce, Myers, B. J. restaurant.
: Dauberman, J. C, meat. Folk, Wm., furnaces, Biorle §. A., produce Lauderbaugh-Zerby Co., groceries, ? SNOW SHOE.
tans and churches decry the sinful EmeeN, Onlin Sutes. abe, Kidder & Raymond, coal. Brey 220 Mayer, Frank M., Mill No. 1, feed. Brooks, Harry, restaurant.
practice—yet the dance goes merrily | ye Jain eee nedise. Louder, R. J., merchandise. Corman, 8. A., produce. Mayer, Frank ri Mill No. 2, feed. STATE COLLEGE.
on. Frederick, Samuel, miller Walker, A., lumber. Daveler, J. R., cigars. Musser, Geo. F. & Co., groceries. Campus Tea Room, restaurant.
Goodhart, James, merchandise. OSCEOLA MILLS. Garrett, J. T., auto supplics. MoCaluont & C0, coal. woe he dware. Cotice Shop, restaurant.
0 takin ubler, . C. 1urs. = a H0sley, . F., restaurant.
“p 's Heart” Latest Fashi Goodhatt, X. Y. funiture & uhdertaking ishorogt, James. BEOCenRg Haines, M. C., merchandise. Scortino, Frank & Bro. fruits, College Quick Lunch, restaurant.
angerisiiear Ral Sasiion, Grove, B. Gardner, merchandise. Dimick Joo, EPO Kephart, 8. E., merchandise. Yan Ingen, I Ole Fenway Tea Room, restaurant.
(Te Tachionabl Herr, Max, merchandise. Goss, R. J., groceries. Waite, J. B., produce. gners Lu x, s > Lion Quick Lunch, restaurant.
If you would be fashionable you | Homan's Garage, autos. EE a. RUNVILLE. COBURN. Knox, W. W., restaurant.
should be suffering with a “dancer’s| Henney, Mrs. Fecy. merchandise. Heins Auto Co., auto supplies. Bennet, E. 8. merchandise. Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas. Meek, TL Bit Testaurant.
heart.” : Bocmiy, CN, fotd, wiles PLEASANT GAP. 1ddings, Class, candy. CE SANDY RADOE.
It is the latest affliction, according | Rogeman, FH. D., merchandise. Jodon & Somers, auto supplies. STATE COLLEGE. Malone, F. J. : Smith, Francis M., restaurant.
to physicians here and is the after-| Smith, C. A., merchandise. Horner, 8. 8., candy. Atlantic Refining Co.. gas. CENTRE HALL. FLEMING.
th ‘of the craze for dancing at all | Smith, L. L., garage. Lex, Joseph, meat. Athletic Store, athletic goods. x Fisher, Mrs. Dora, restaurant.
may o ‘ 2 Shatter, 1. 7» hotel, Mong, John, groceries. A & P Tea Co., groceries, Nartholomew, Charles, produce. For {he purpose of correcting any er-
hours, between meals and between the | gmith ‘Thos. 'L., hardware & tin shop. Noll, H. T., auto supplies. Behrers, Harry, hardware. Bradford & Co., grain. rors of appraisement an appeal will be
courses of meals. Lingle, Ww. B,, merchandise, Noll, W. H. & Son, merchandise. Bosley, H. F., cigars. Daubierman, J. G., produce. held at the County Treasurers office at
i :
Rocxman, ¢ M Produce
§ S. ¢Clenahan, Wm., grain.
phi feed. Ft Kerlin, A B., produce.
Cresson Lumber Co., lumber. FLEMING.
oY, mma, merchandise.
McClenahan, Wm., coal and grain.
Meliss, George, merchandise,
Mitterling, D. C., cigars.
It produces an enlarged heart, due Brown, Henry, junk.
to too much exercise through dancin
at the wrong times. :
the Court House in Bellefonte, Pa. om
Tuesday, July Sth. between the hours of
9a m and 1 p. m, when and where all
those who desire may attend.
Noll, Ray C., cigars.
Spice Wades, bread.
Tr, 5
Shitzer, C. K., merchandise.
i i po! Mitterling, D. C., ice cream. Koshmark, Ben, groceries. College Quick Lunch, cigars. Holt, G. W.. lumber. :
posers, only one thing to dow rovt | Bsa geen Koshmark' Bros, groceries Corl fry groceries, * rowasp. De ee
months. Ch Tobn Wo cigars. TR Maxwell Trading Co. merchandise. Deal, Albert & Son, plumbing. Atlantic Refining Co., oil and gas. rate :