Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, December 07, 1923, Image 5

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    ——For the kiddies, X-mas doll
carriages, toy cedar chests, rockers,
high chairs and strollers at W. R.
——Mens’ $12 hunting shoes now
$5.85—Yeager’s. 48-1t
Brachbill’s. 48-1t
Two Mules For Sale
Will sell cheap or give one for his keep
over winter.
Costs no more than
2 | 68-47-3t Bellefonte, Pa. . .
a ordinary Buttermilk I
. AN I ior to ordina;
IRA D hi Buttermilk because of its WE EXTEND TO YOU THE
101 South Eleventh St. Delicious, Vel yety Smooth
PEILADE COTTIA, ness, Appetizing, Creamy
Richness, Uniformity, Puri-
ty, Keeping Qualities, Pal-
atable Flavor and High
Food Value.
Have Your Diamonds Reset in Platinum
Gils Wanted
i Ages 16 to 25 Years
i | Paid Well While Learning
Best wages and working conditions. Girls’
Dormitory for out-of-town girls. |
Write us in regard to Dormitory and
The Viscose Co.
Season's Greetings |
and a Cordial Invitation to join our 1924
Highly recommended by
physicians as a healthful bev-
erage and general conditioner.
Western Maryland Dairy
66-24-tf Bellefonte, Pa.
Christmas Savings Club
which is now forming.
He’ll Like These Gifts
First, because they come
Lewistown, Pa.
You May Join One or More of the Following Classes:
from you
and next, because they Class 25 fixed. Members paying 25
cents a week for fifty weeks will
come from us
He knows our quality. He knows if
it’s here it’s right and if it isn’t—it
Class 50 fixed. Members paying 50
cents a week for fifty weeks will
Wrist Watches in White Gold, Green
Gold and Yellow Gold—in round, square,
octagon, tonneau and rectangular
He respected our label when he was
fixing up for his vacation this summer
and anything that comes to him via
Fauble’s has a place in his heart be-
Class 100 Fixed.’
$1.00 a week for
Members paying
fifty weeks will
The gifts are here
fore you add the holly.
The names are on your list.
We are at your service to help you as
well as profit.
A. Fauble
P. R. R. Erecting Large Ice Plant at
One of the largest and most mod-
ern icing plants in the country will be
put into operation by the Pennsylva-
nia Railroad system, at Huntingdon,
thirty-three miles east of Altoona,
early next spring. The completion of
this station, at a cost of approximate-
ly $900,000, will greatly facilitate the
handling of the large volume of fresh
meats, fruits, and ue Sse Gettiz & Bower, A
i t ennsylva- Atto X 18-43-6 :
DPOAYSIS MOVING OT6T Ke Tenney ey Sh no one likes to hear them.
Two 700 foot “island” platforms
will be provided at the new station,
one for the eastbound and the other
for the westbound movement. Tracks
will be laid on both sides of these
platforms, making it possible for each
platform to accommodate two trains
at one time. Entire trains will move
directly to the platforms on main run-
ters of administration upon the es-
tate of Peter Bondzunas (also
known as Bennett,) late of Snow Shoe
township, deceased, having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate are re-
quested to make prompt payment and
those having claims against the same
must present them, duly authenticated ac-
cording to law, for settlement.
signed executrix of the last will
and testament of Henry Freeman
Stecker, deceased, late of State College
borough, Centre county, Pa., hereby noti-
fies all persons knowing themselves in-
debted to said estate to make immediate
payment and those having claims against
the same to present them, properly au-
thenticated, for settlement.
Every Watch regulated for 3
weeks before putting on sale.
A Full Assortment,
F. P. Blair & Son,
Jewelers and Optometrists . . . Bellefonte, Pa.
Class 200 Fixed.
$2.00 a week for
Members paying
fifty weeks will
with 3 per cent. interest added if all pay-
ments are made regularly or in advance
Bellefonte Trust Co.
Bellefonte, Pa.
ning tracks, the cars will be iced on | w. Harrison Walker, Stat Executrix, 2 :
an D a "of one a minute, and the ON Ae tlovmre College 3: on this for Christmas.
trains continued to destination with-
out break-up or change of engines.
Delays incident to switching and re-
classification will thus be entirely
Working to capacity the new plant
NFAVORABLE WEATHER for Winter Clothing has brought about this
lamentable condition, but lamentations don’t help the situation; besides,
But the public will be pleased to hear that
we are going to give everyone An Opportunity to Buy Merchandise at Less
than wholesale price.
When it comes to a Real Value Giving Sale this one will Eclipse Anything
that has ever been offered at this time of the Season.
Be sure and cash in
n Re: pplication of George F. Gray
and Clyde G. Gray: For Dara ?
Notice is hereby given that George F.
This Sale
End Saturday,
December 15th
will manufacture 225 tons of jee gaily, | 5 sr Mgr Ny of ok Ay “ “Plage > B i
i iliti i ; 1 P lvania, who w 3 : i
Weer quses in making ice will be of a Crime of Larceny, nicked to Nos. 5 De. Ladies Coats Ladies Dresses Miscellaneous Bargains
, : from | Cember Sessions, 8; No. ecember + : : i i
A obtained TRO | Sesion, Voi Wad No. 9 Degember "les $25.00 to $29.50 Coats - - at $18.75 $15.00 Silk and Poire Twill Dresses $ 9.75 27-in. Dress Gingham, Reg. 25c - 19
oe Sions of Yeacs nnd for the County of $35.00 to $45.00 Coats ~~ - - at $28.75 $17.50 Silk and Poire Twill Dresses $12.50 82-in. Dress Gingham, Reg. 40c - - 29¢
——Your choice of any pair of high | The said George F. Gray was, sentenced $47.50 to $57.75 Coats - - at $39.75 $22.75 Betty Wales Dresses - $14.75 32-in. Imported Gingham, Reg. 50c ~~ 39¢
d h in mv store $5 25 Yen- on the 24th day of February, 1919, in No.
ay y dt EI I $67.50 to $77.50 Coats - - at $57.75 $25.00 Silk and Poire Twill Dresses $18.75
. Delusyivalia tor.ChL Jung 8 pened $87.50 to $125.00 Coats - - at $69.75 $30.00 to $35.00 Silk Dresses ~~ - $22.25 81-in. Wearwell Sheeting (Bleached) 57¢
Real Estate Transfers. Rint, and RR Iyanmun, 1 $55.00 to $70.00 Betty Wales Silk 81x90 Heavy Seamless Sheets - $1.29
Elmira G Tete Lov Held. tract imprisonment In He Western penjtentigey and Velvet Dresses - $35.00
e 0 ennsylvania, n 3 i i i
In Mer Bl © en Of not less than two years and six months Juniors, Misses apd, Childrens Costs 36-in. Unbleached Muslin - 13c
y 3 n
Eliza Beatton, Exr., to Isaiah Ped- in No. 9 December Sessions, 1018, to un- Reduced at the same rate : sii 36-in. Bleached Muslin - - 15¢
razzani, tract in Rush township; $217. Jerfo imprisonment in the Western peni. $18.75 Junior and Misses’ Dresses = $13.50 .
Philipsburg Coal & Land Co., to a ie 2) ot ar toro hg Swing . $14.50 Childrens’ Taffetta Dresses §$ 9.50
Mike Novak, tract in Rush township; maximam. BE Sud three years All Linen Toweling - Cw 19¢. $ 8.50 Childrens’ Wool Dresses $ 6.00 Extra Heavy and Exceptionally Full
Fred Leathers, et ux, to A. D. Har- on the 2ith day ot “rebriury. for, in No. i Outing Gowns - - $1.75
3: : ‘ ” essions, 7 > -
dy, tract in Worth township; $120. prisonment in the Western, Sb Tot | 36-inch Messalines - - - $140 86-inch Satin Duchess
W. Scott Crain to James E. Cow- otEVALL: 108 Cf ing six months Black and Colors Black and Colors - - § 1.57 40-inch Crepe-de-chines
her, tract in Port Matilda; $1. | minimum, and three years maximum, in Black and Col - $1.75
Myrtle A. Watson, et bar, to Albert No. 8 December Sessions, 1918, to undergo an olors = Y
Bierly, tract in Boggs township; $800. ee. the i Renin 40-inch Canton Crepes - -. $2.40 ilk 2 ff
Robert Lucas’ heirs to W. B. Hall, of Bot less than two years and six months Black and Colors All other S S at o 0 40-in. Brocaded Canton Crepes - $3.00
tract in Snow Shoe: $249.92. is aimum, and three years maximum, and
3 n No. ecember Sessions, 1918, to under-
J. R. Patton, et ux, to Dennis Reese,
tract in Port Matilda; $1,320.
go imprisonment in the Western peniten-
{ Hany of Pemnsylvania, for and during a
| period of not less than two years and six
‘ months minimum, and three years maxi-
William Wensel to D. P. Wensel, et Thon!
ux, tract in Curtin township; $1.
R. B. Boob to J. W. Beaver, tract
in Millheim; $1,000.
Philipsburg Coal & Land Co, to
Frederick A. Cowher, tract in Rush
They will by their Attorneys, W. G.
{ Runkle and David R. Perry, Esquires,
, make application to the Board of Pardons
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for
a pardon for the said crimes, at the next
sitting of the said board, to be held at its |
offices in the City of Harrisburg, State of
Complete Qutfit - - Bed, Springs and Mattress
$ 25.00
Extra Large Comforts Reg. 6.75 to 8 at $5.00
Iron Beds in wood finishes - $10.50 to $22.50
t ip; $35. | P lvania, on. Wednesday, the 19th day |
ownship; $35 | of ‘Detember, 1023, at ten clock in the MATTRESSES . Plaid Cotton Blankets 64x76 - $2.98
WR Hs oli 01a Full size Mattress sso | Heavy Woolene Outing - - 19¢
. nson, tract in ate vollege; . . ull S1z - - - 5 . % L Z
$650. Ze) att: W. G, RUNKLE, % Cotton and Felt Plain Cotton Blankets 11-4 $2.19
rge Kaminski, et ux, to Clair gg.47. yr vie G Co : ili al J Plain Cotton Blankets 12-4 - $2.98
oebinson, tract in State College; | 7:3 = Civile S. any Full size Mattress Felt $15.00 Plaid Wool Blankets 12-4 - $ 6.75
C. M. Fox, et ux, to Ross B. Sones,
et, al, tract in Howard; $40. t
Lehigh Valley Coal Co. to Clyde H.
ick, tract in Snow Shoe township;
Charles 0. Bilger, et ux, to E. J.
Eckenpoth, tract in Bellefonte; $3,-
Farmers, Take Notice:
| I will insure Dwellings for $1 per hundred
rand Barns for $1.60 per hundred, on the
‘cash plan, for 3 years, as against fire and
lightning. J. M. Keichline, Agent.
68-46-12t* Bellefonte, Pa.