Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, August 03, 1923, Image 5

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Anderson—On July 9, to Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Anderson, of Spring town-
ship, a son.
Poorman—On July 10, to Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Poorman, of Spring town-
ship, a son, William Henry Jr.
Munroe—On July 6, to Mr. and Mrs.
D. Munroe, of State College, a daugh-
ter, Henrietta.
Corman—On July 1, to Mr. and Mrs.
Harry M. Corman, of Spring town-
ship, a daughter, Berenice Irene.
Presl—On April 9, to Mr. and Mrs.
Dominic Presl, of Bellefonte, a daugh-
ter, Eva.
Delallo—On July 7, to Mr. and Mrs.
Peter A. Delallo, of Bellefonte, a
Watson—On July 6, to Mr. and Mrs.
Austin Watson, of Milesburg, a son,
Austin Taylor Jr.
Foust—On July 12, to Mr. and Mrs.
Theodore A. Foust, of Tyrone, a son,
Theodore Jr.
Wian—On July 10, to Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Wian, of Bellefonte, a daughter,
Betty Adeline.
Larimer—On July 8, to Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert Furey Larimer, of Belle-
fonte, a son, Richard Furey.
Boal—On July 8, to Mr. and Mrs.
John F. Boal, of Bellefonte, a son,
Harry Dean.
Moerschbacher—On July 12, to Mr.
and Mrs. Cyril Moerschbacher, of
Bellefonte, a daughter.
Smith—On July 12, to Mr. and Mrs.
Jay Albert Smith, of Bellefonte, a son,
Jay Albert Jr.
Yearick—On July 5, to Mr. and
Mrs. Willard Yearick, of Nittany, a
daughter, June Astral.
Miller—On July 16, to Mr. and Mrs.
Paul E. Miller, of Spring township, a
son, Walter LeRoy.
Wells—On July 15, to Mr. and Mrs.
Guy Wells, of Pleasant Gap, a son,
Richard Guy.
Solt—On July 22, to Mr. and Mrs.
William Solt, of Bellefonte, a son,
Martin Luther.
Broomquest—On July 21, to Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Broomquest, of Belle-
fonte, a daughter.
Yarnell—On July 27, to Mr. and
Mrs. George F. Yarnell, of Mingoville,
a daughter, Della Louise.
Eskman—On July 28, to Mr. and
Mrs. Ray W. Eskman, of Bellefonte, a
son. -
Marriage Licenses.
Harry R. Jordan, Woodland, and
Mary N. Barnyak, Moshannon.
LeRoy Smith, Jersey Shore,
Lottie May Mincer, Mt. Eagle.
James H. Musser, Aaronsburg, and
Margaret M. Snavely, Spring Mills.
Minnie eGntzel, of Philipsburg, is
visiting at the Charley Bilger home.
Joe Huntsinger, of Pottstown, is
visiting with Miss Anna Mae Lambert.
“Abner Musser, wife and three chil-
dren, of Pitcairn, are visiting in our
Miss Thelma Wallace, of Pitcairn,
is spending a few days with Beatrice
Helen Glasgow, of Centre Hall,
spent the week-end with Miss Marga-
ret Keller.
Miss Jennie Zeigler, of Madison-
burg, spent the week-end with Miss
Helen Gettig.
Mrs. Ray Melroy is visiting this
week in Williamsport, in the Dr.
Langley family.
Miss Bess Eckenroth, who had been
spending the summer in California,
returned home Sunday.
The huge cherry crop harvest is
over; blackberries are now attracting
the attention of the pickers. The
blackberries are finely developed and
the yield is a very prolific one.
T. E. Jodon, our cattle buyer, is
again busy buying cattle. He has
about 25 head in his spacious pasture
grounds and more coming in daily.
Tommy is partial to the handling of
choice blooded stock, however, he
turns down nothing that is marketa-
ble. Mr. Jodon disposed of a car load
of choice cattle Monday last.
Qur farmers are agreeably surpris-
ed since our thresherman, Collins
Baumgardner started in on his thresh-
ing tour. Wheat is yielding far above
the average; the wheat heads are
much larger than usual and exceeding-
ly well filled. This is good news for
our farmers, as under existing circum-
stances they need all they can get.
Adrian Primrose and daughter Ol-
ive, of New York, are visiting George
Harrison, of Bellefonte, and the fam-
ily of W. A. Hoover, of our village.
Mr. Primrose is a manufacturer of vi-
olins, while his daughter is a superb
manipulator of the piano, her quali-
fications in that line being unexcelled;
both have made many friends during
their brief sojourn here.
Some of our office seekers are mak-
ing frequent inquiries as to how many
registered women voters we have in
Spring township. I am in possession
only of the number that were entitled
to vote at the time of their first vote,
as follows: South precinct, 245;
North Precinet, 191; West, 168; a to-
tal of 604. A svfficiency to cut quite
a figure if all would vote. However,
not one-fourth voted; and the vote has
been falling off annually. Now that
they are obliged to pay taxes same as
men they may recuperate and declare
Miss Margaret Robinson, of Altoo-
na, is visiting at her parental home
Miss Edith Sankey, of Centre Hall,
is visiting at the Charles Smith home
in this place.
Mrs. Emma Saunderly and her twin
sister, Mrs. McCartney, both of Altoo-
na, spent Sunday at the home of their
nephew, Hon. J. Will Kepler, in" this
place. . 4A
Word was received here yesterday
morning that Elmer Barr, who was
taken to the Geisinger hospital, in
Danville, ten days ago, underwent an
operation on Wednesday afternoon
and so far as results were concerned
it seemed very satisfactory. His sis-
) ter Sallie and Mrs. Minnie Goss are
with him.
The anniversary of the birth of Mrs.
Susan Goss was celebrated at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Elsie Corl,
on the old Goss homestead, with a din-
ner yesterday, to which many of her
relatives were invited.
Alvin Johnstonbaugh recently pur-
chased a new Ford runabout.
Mrs. Anne Patterson, who had been
quite ill, is slightly improved.
Mr. Floray purchased the late John
Charles’ property at public sale on
Saturday, the price being $2,025.
Mrs. Leonidas Mothersbaugh and
Mrs. Susan Keller spent part of last
week with friends at State College.
Rev. William Wagner and A. W.
Dale visited Wallace White, who is
confined to his home near Linden Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brooks and
daughter Evelyn, of Spring Mills,
were visitors at the home of Jacob
Meyer, recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reitz, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Reitz and Fred Reitz vis-
ited at the home of P. B. Jordan, at
Colyer, on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Owens and
Reuben Kaup, of Bellefonte, and Ja-
cob Kaup, of Wilkinsburg, were in
town on Sunday evening.
Misses Gladys and Mary Hazel re-
turned home after a visit of several
weeks with their sister, Mrs. Charles
Maxwell, near Albany, N. Y.
College to Train Men for Cow Testing
Because of the great shortage of
men trained for cow testing associa-
tion work, the dairy department of
The Pennsylvania State College will
give a short course of six days begin-
ning August 13th, to train men for the
positions now open. The only quali-
fications for entrance regu:ired by the
college officials are accuracy with fig-
ures, practical dairy experience, hon-
esty, and good judgment.
Testing associations in fifteen coun-
ties of Pennsylvania are organized
and ready to begin the testing work
as soon as capable men can be secur-
ed. A number of other counties plan
to start associations in the near fu-
ture. The counties in which associa-
tions are already organized are: Cen-
tre, Potter, Clarion, Bedford, York,
Lawrence, Monroe, Bucks, Erie, Craw-
ford, Huntingdon, Bradford, Clear-
field, Lehigh and Perry.
“Officers of associations are offering
from $75 to $100 a month and board
for good testers, and several large as-
sociations will pay more,” says C. R.
Gearhart in commenting on the short-
——About the only way to recon-
cile State Treasurer Snyder to the new
conditions at Harrisburg is to let him
in on the patronage.
. Real Estate Transfers. .
James Eckenroth, et ux, to Harry
E. Eckenroth, tract in Spring town-
ship; $1,500.
Philipsburg Coal & Land Co. to
James L. Dixon, tract in Rush town-
ship; $100.
Philipsburg Coal & Land Co. to
John A. Dixon, tract in Rush town-
ship; $100.
Philipsburg Coal & Land Co. to
Thomas C. Lingle, tract in Rush town-
ship; $100.
Wheyland David’s heirs to George
W. Emenhizer, tract in Curtin town-
ship; $1.
George W. Emenhizer, et ux, to
Floy T. Woomer, tract in Curtin town-
ship; $700.
Toner K. Dunlap, et ux, to H. B.
Wagner, tract in State College; $600.
John Brandt, et ux, to William
Kreamer, tract in Penn township; $5.
Katherine Lewis to Orvis Fleck, et
ux, tract in Philipsburg; $4,700.
John A. Erb to John Sikes Jr., tract
in Philipsburg; $90.
J. D. Neidigh, et ux, to Reed R.
Randolph, et ux, tract in Ferguson
township; $600. ;
Orvis Fleck, et ux, to Ray A. Brag-
onier, tract in Philipsburg; $4,500.
Mary Ellen Hess’ heirs to Nellie R.
Segner, tract in Harris township; $1.
Miss Ida Hess to Nellie R. Segner,
tract in Harris township; $1.
Rachel I. Segner to Neilie R. Seg-
ner, et bar, tract in Harris township;
Sarah E. Wieland’s Exr’s to Kathe-
rine J. Lauck, tract in Patton town-
ship; $1,520.
James E. Zeigler, et ux, to D. Wal-
lace Bartges, tract in Millheim; $2,-
Jacob Sharer, et al,” to Pomona
Grange No. 13, tract in Potter town-
ship; $1.
Charles D. Bartholomew to Eliza J.
Stump, tract in Centre Hall; $175.
John J. Arney to Reformed and
Lutheran cemetery association, tract
in Centre Hall; $1,700.
Joseph Mayko, et ux, to Joseph My-
ko, tract in Rush township; $150.
James A. Wert, et al, to Sarah J.
Bohn, tract in Harris township; $1.
James A. Wert to John B. Wert,
tract in Potter township, $2,000.
James A. Wert, et al, to Claude E.
Wert, tract in Potter township; $2,000.
James A. Wert, et al to David S.
Wert, tract in Haines township; $4,-
Andrew Yaresynski, et ux, to Ma-
ry Yaresynski, tract in Clearfield
county; $800.
Ida Miller, et bar, to O. M. Zonge,
tract in Spring township; $1.
Ada M. Bullock, et bar, to William
W. Knox, tract in State College;
Anne T. H. Henszey, et bar, to Ir-
ving Hansen, tract in State College;
W. H. Limbert, et ux, to Sarah Vo-
nada, tract in; Miles township; $5,900.
Howard Canning company to Wil-
liam H. Thompson, tract in Howard
township; $159.
James 1. Thompson, Exr., to Joseph
I. Weaver, tract in State College; $1.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Goodhart, on Monday.
Ellen Gilliland, of State College, has
been spending the week at the Mrs.
Margaret Smith home.
Mrs. J. C. Harper and daughter,
Miss Helen, of Bellefonte, are visit-
ing at the George Emerick home.
Mrs. H. W. Kreamer and Mrs. Jen-
nie Sandoe spent Thursday at the
home of N. M. Miller, at Potters Mills.
Mrs. Ellen Miller and Miss Caroline
McCloskey, of Potters Mills, spent
Several days at the Bartholomew
W. A. Sandoe, recently transferred
from the Pittsburgh offices of the P.
R. R. Co., to Philadelphia, spent Sun-
day in Centre Hall.
Mrs. W. B. Garis is entertaining two
of her grand-children, Miss Grace
Garis, of Altoona, and Miss Olive
Mowery, of Burnham.
Dr. and Mrs. Longwell expect to
spend several weeks visiting their
home people in northern Pennsylvania
and the New England States.
Mr. Smithgall, of Franklin, came to
Centre Hall on Wednesday evening to
join his family, who are visiting Mrs.
Smithgall’s grandmother, Mrs. Susan
Mrs. Ruth Thomas Reitz is visit-
ing her mother, Mrs. Margaret Thom-
as. Later Prof. Reitz will spend some
time here. At present he is doing
work in a summer session of college.
Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Lansberry
spent Sunday with Mrs. Lansberry’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith.
They now live in Nerthumberland.
They came by auto and brought with
them the Misses May and Romie
We are authorized to announce that E.
R. Taylor, of Bellefonte, will be a candi-
date for Sheriff of Centre county, subject
to the decision of the Democratic voters
as expressed at the primaries to be held
on Tuesday, September 18th, 1923.
We are authorized to announce that F.
S. Ocker, of Bellefonte, formerly of Miles
township, will be a candidate for the nom-
ination of Register of Centre county, sub-
ject to the decision of the Democratic vot-
ers as expressed at the primaries on Tues-
day, September 18th, 1923.
We are authorized to announce that Her-
bert H. Stover, of Miles township, will be a
candidate for County Auditor, subject to
the decision of the Democratic voters as
expressed at the general primaries on Sep-
tember 18th, 1923.
The “Watchman” is authorized to an-
nounce that Arthur C. Dale Esq., of Belle-
fonte borough, is a cundidate for the nom-
ination for District Attorney of Centre
county, subject to the decision of the Re-
publican voters as expressed at the pri-
maries on Tuesday, September 18th, 1923.
We are authorized to announce that
Lyman L. Smith, of Centre Hall, will be a
candidate for the nomination for County
Treasurer, subject to the decision of the
Democratic voters at the primaries on
; Tuesday, September 18th, 1923. ,
‘We are authorized to announce the name
of Edward J. Gehret, of Bellefonte bor-
ough, as a candidate for the nomination
for Treasurer of Centre county, subject to
the decision of the Republican voters as
expressed at the primaries on Tuesday,
September 18th, 1923.
We are authorized to announce that John
S. Spearly, of Benner township, Centre
county, will be a candidate for the nomi-
nation for County Commissioner, subject
to the decision of the Democratic voters as
expressed at the Primaries to be held
Tuesday, September 18th, 1923.
‘We 1re authorized to announce the name
of James W. Swabb, of Harris township, as
a candidate for County Commissioner, sub-
ject to the decision of the Democratic vot-
ers as expressed at the primaries to be
held Tuesday, September 18th, 1923.
‘We are authorized to announce the name
of John T. Harnish, of Wingate, Boggs
township, as a candidate for County Com-
missioner, subject to the decision of the
Republican voters as expressed at the pri-
maries to be held Tuesday, September
18th, 1923.
We are authorized to announce the name
of J. W. Yearick, of Marion township, as
a candidate for County Commissioner, sub-
ject to the decision of the Democratic vot-
ers as expressed at the primaries to be
held Tuesday, September 18th, 1923,
‘We are authorized to announce the name
of Frank Doll, of Bellefonte, as a candidate
for Overseer of the Poor on both the Dem-
ocratic and Republican tickets, subject to
the decision of the voters of Bellefonte as
expressed at the primaries on September
18th, 1923.
We are authorized to announce the name
of Sinie H. Hoy, of Benner township, as a
candidate for the office of Recorder subject
to the decision of the Democratic voters as
expressed at the primaries to be held Sep-
tember 18th, 1923. .
XECUTOR'S NOTICE.—Letters testa-
mentary upon the estate of Jared
Harper, late of Bellefonte borough,
deceased, having been granted to the un-
dersigned, all persons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate are requested to
mdke prompt payment, and those having
claims against the same must present
them, duly authenticated, for settlement.
Bellefonte, Pa.
Gettig & Bower, Schenectady, N. Y.
68-30-6t Attorneys Executors.
REAL ESTATE.—By virtue of an
order issued out of the Court of
Common Pleas of Centre county for the
payment of debt, the undersigned: trustee
of the estate of John A. Witmer, absent
and unheard from person, who resided in
Bellefonte borough, Centre county, Penn-
sylvania, has sold to Josiah Zeigler, the
undersigned, one-half interest in and t
all that certain messuage, tenement and
lot of ground situate in the borough of
Bellefonte, county of Centre, and State of
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as
Beginning at the southwest corner of
lot No. 27 in Reynolds Addition to Belle-
fonte borough on the eastern side of Rey-
nolds Avenue, thence along the southern
line of said lot No. 27 conveyed by W.
Fred Reynolds to 8. H. Williams in an
easterly direction 100 feet more or less to
Logan Branch of Spring creek; thence in
a southerly direction along the course of
said Logan Branch 40 feet more or less to
line of lot No. 29; thence in a westerly
direction along line of lot No. 20 100 feet
mere or less to Reynolds Avenue; thence
in a northerly direction along Reynolds
Avenue 40 feet to the place of beginning.
At private sale for the price or sum of
$950.00 in cash and a return of said sale
| will be made to the Court on Monday, the
24th day of September, 1923, and if no
exceptions will be filed to said return
within four days after confirmation Ni 8i,
said sale will ‘be confirmed absolute, and a
deed will be delivered by the trustee to
the purchaser in accordance with the de-
cree of said Court.
Trustee of the estate of John A. Witmer,
absent and unheard from person,
68-29-3t Bellefonte, Pa.
Smith, who had spent two weeks with
them. On their return they took with
them Bruce and Verna Smith for a
two week’s visit.
A — A —————————
—For all the news you should read
the “Watchman.”
ANTED: Salesmen and saleswomen
to sell high class restricted resi-
dential property at State College,
Penna. No better proposition has ever
been offered. Sold on easy terms. In-
quire State Realty Company, 224 E. College
Ave, State College, Penna. Eell ’phone
256. Preferable call in person. 30-4t
EGAL NOTICE.—Notice is hereby giv-
en that the petition of Nathan Ich-
kowitz and Betsey Ichkowitz has
been filed in the Court of Common Pleas
of Centre county, to No. 87 September
Term, 1923, for the purpose of changing
their names from Nathan Ichkowitz and
Betsey Ichkowitz to NATHAN KOFMAN
and BETSEY KOFMAN, and that a hear-
ing in said matter will be held on the
FIRST day of October, A. D., 1923, at ten
o'clock a. m., at the court house, in the
Borough of Bellefonte, County of Centre
and State of Pennsylvania.
Sealed proposals will be received by the
undersigned up to 11 o'clock a. m. on Sat-
urday, August 11, 1923, at the office of the
Commissioners of Centre county, Belle-
fonte, Pa., as follows:
FIRST. For the removal of a certain
iron bridge across Spring creek, in Benner
township, Centre county, upon lands of the
Western Penitentiary, and transporting the
same to Bald Eagle creek, immediately
south of Snow Shoe Intersection station, in
Boggs township, said county, and for
cleaning the same with wire brushes, giv-
ing it two coats of graphite paint, and for
re-assembling said bridge and placing the
same upon abutments across said Bald
Eagle creek.
SECOND. For building a new concrete
and stone abutment with wing walls, on
the south side of said Bald Eagle creek,
upon which the above mentioned bridge
may be placed.
The bids will be publicly opened imme-
diately at the above stated hour.
All of the work to be performed accor-
ding to the plans and specifications on file
in the office of the Commissioners.
Copies of the plans and specifications
may be secured from the office of the Com-
missioners upon payment of $5.00.
A certified check for $200.00 must accom-
pany each bid, subject to the usual rules
of forfeiture.
The undersigned reserve the right to re-
ject any or all bids.
The Supervisors of Boggs township will
pay all the expenses connected with the
contract covering the first paragraph
Commissioners of Centre County.
Attest: W. C. Armstrong, Clerk.
68-29-3t Supervisors of Boggs Township.
Costs no more than
i. ordinary Buttermilk
Is superior to ordinary
Buttermilk because of its
Delicious, Velvety Smooth-
ness, Appetizing, Creamy
Richness, Uniformity, Puri-
ty, Keeping Qualities, Pal-
atable Flavor and High
Food Value.
Highly recommended by
physicians as a healthful bev-
erage and general conditioner.
Western Maryland Dairy
66-24-tf Bellefonte, Pa.
OR SALE CHEAP.—A Horton Hand-
Power Washer. Only used a few
times.—Rev. D. R. EVANS, Spring
street, Bellefonte. 68-29-
Laborers for Construction Work
At 45c. per hour.
Good long job,
The Viscose Co.,
68-10-tf LEWISTOWN, PA,
Ten hours a day.
:| Farmers, Take Notice
I will insure your crops against Fire and
Lightning for 6 months at $1 per hundred.
68-28-4t* BELLEFONTE, PA.
101 South Eleventh St.,
Have Your Diamonds Reset in Platinum
Fulda louie
on delivery.
Coal Notice
Owing to the difficulty in secur-
ing coal under present conditions,
beginning August 1st
All Sales will be on a
Strictly Cash Basis
payable at time order is placed, or
We trust all our customers will
co-operate with us in our effort to
secure a good quality of coal at
the lowest possible price.
$ Bellefonte Fuel & Supply Co.
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