Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, June 15, 1923, Image 6

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EE co ———— ty,
Mercantile Appraisement
WW otice is hereby given that the follow-
dng persons and firms in Centre county
thave been appraised and liable for mercai-
‘ile taxes for the year 1923, which were
<due and payable May 1st, 1923:
‘White, Bond, Merchandise.
WBewer, A. F., implements.
XKrape, J. F., merchandise.
i cigars.
‘Ru alter, gas.
Rachau, F. W., merchandise.
Stover, Wm, oil.
Stover, A. S., paper.
Brouse, W. H., produce.
«Charles, ¥. M., plumber.
Hazel, A. J., merchandise.
Ashler, J. G., meats.
Patterson, J. D., groceries.
Rockey, W. G., gas.
Rishel, S. R., auto supplies.
Zeckman, J. F., furniture.
Bowes, W. A, coal.
«Clark, J. H., auto supplies.
Dietz, W. C., merchandise.
Hoy & Bolopue, meat.
Harter, N. 1., auto supplies.
HKunes, T. M., merchandise.
Kessinger, H. C., merchandise.
Moon, A. R., cigars.
Page, A. E., merchandise.
Rothrock, Sarah, millinery.
Spangler, W. H., merchandise.
Vonada, W. H.,, merchandise.
Ghaner, W. H., coal.
Lykens, H. B., merchandise.
Armstrong, Earl, meat.
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., groceries.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas and oil.
Aikey, J. B., groceries.
Anderson, C. W., cigars.
Algoe, J. H., cigars.
Blair, ¥. P. & Son, jewelry.
Blackford, Clyde, cigars.
Baum, Sim, clothing.
Beezer, P. L., meat.
Bonfatto, Guy, fruit.
Bellefonte Lumber Co., lumber.
Brouse, W. 8., groceries.
Bellefonte Baking Co., bread.
Brachbill, W. R., furniture.
Bellefonte Hardware Co., hardware.
Bickett, W. W., cigars.
Bittle, O. A., furniture.
Billett, M. L.,
Beatty Motor Co., automobiles.
Bellefonte Fuel & Supply Co., coal.
Beezer, Geo. A., automobiles.
Crissman, L. H., cigars.
«Centre County Junk & Fuel Co., coal.
“Caldwell, Jas. T., candy.
«Caldwell, Thos., plumber.
«Cairns, Thos. W., paint.
“Cohen & Co., clothing.
‘Casebeer’s Jewelry store, jewelry.
«Cowher, H. D., clothing.
“Cooke, C. E., furniture.
Coxey, W. C., bread.
City Bakery, bread.
*Carpeneto, J. L., Fruit.
Cooney, Elizabeth, millinery.
«City Cash Grocery, groceries,
Dietrick-Dunlap Cadillac Co., autos.
Dan, Frank & Bro., groceries.
Decker Bros., automobiles.
Dubbs, J. E., implements.
Electric Supply Co., Elec. supplies.
Eckel, J. R., meats.
¥ckenroth, BE. J., paper.
Finklestine, D., cigars.
Fauble, A., clothing.
Galaida, Fish Market, fish.
‘Garman, E. F., merchandise.
‘Gamble, G. M., grain.
Genua,Angelo, cigars.
Garbrick Bros., auto supplies.
“Gross, J. W., groceries.
‘Gettig, L. H., meat.
‘Garbrick, H. E., groceries.
Hazel, Thos. A., groceries.
Hoy, H. & Son, produce.
Harter's Music Store, music.
Hill, L. A, gas.
Herr & Heverly, groceries.
Hockman, N. J., produce.
Hazel & Co., dry goods.
Heverly, J. O., auto supplies.
Hunter, J. D., stationery.
Housel & Kelley, groceries.
¥. O. 0. F. Club, cigars.
-Jodon, J. C., groceries.
-Johnstonbaugh, Geo., groceries.
Kalin, Max, shoes.
Katz, Wm. S., dry goods.
XKrader Motor Co., automobiles.
-Keichline, C. C., candy.
:Lyons & Witmer, plumber.
“Lyon & Co., dry goods.
“Musser, L., auto supplies.
Morgan, Sarah J., notions.
“Miles, E. J., cigars.
_Maliory ‘Studio, cameras.
-Mott Drug Store, drugs.
-Mingle, A. C., shoes.
-Miller, G. A., hardware.
Montgomery & Co., clothing.
- McGinley, A. L., paper.
_McCalmont & Co., lumber.
“Mayer, M. Frank, feed.
_Miler, David, Mrs., groceries.
McGarvey, P. H., auto supplies.
McCrory & Co., 5 and 10c. store.
Nighthart, J. L. & Son, cigars.
"Olewine, John I., hardware.
Poorman, ‘S. H., auto supplies.
Potter-Hoy Hardware Co., hardware.
"Parker Wm. J., coal.
"Parnish, C. M., drugs.
‘Rossman, J. B., groceries.
TRulii, Harry, cigars.
Ricker '& “Shearer, meat.
Runkle, M. B., aris
Singer Sewing Machine Co., sewing
‘Sourbeck, J. D., candy.
‘Spencer’s store, clothing.
‘Smith, H. Russell, candy.
‘Scrortino, Frank & Bro., fruit.
‘Spigelmyer ‘& Co., merchandise.
“Schaeffer, H. P., hardware.
‘Schlow, Chas., dry goods.
‘Schad, A. E., plumber.
Schofiéld, James, harness.
‘Showers, J. M. & Co., coal.
Teaman, Ed., candy.
‘Thomas, M. J., coal.
Twitmire, W. T., hardware.
Thal, Jas. F., candy.
Tate, C. F., plumber.
Witten, Israel, junk.
Weaver Bros., groceries.
Witmer, R. C.. auto supplies.
Weiss Pure Food Store, groceries.
Winton, Harry & Son, coal.
“Wagner, C. Y., grain.
"Wion, Willis E., automobiles.
Wiliard. D. I. & Son, clothing.
“Waite, Darius, implements.
Yeager, H. C., shoes.
“Zeiler & Son, drugs.
Boozer, D. A., harness.
Benner, G. O., merchandise.
Bradford & Co., coal. .
Bartholomew, C. D., produce.
Boozer & Smith, auto supplies.
‘Coldren, J. M., produce.
Centre Hall Pharmacy Co., drugs.
Campbell, H. C. and R. P., cigars.
Coldren, M. C., candy.
Dauberman, J. G., meat.
Emerick, G. H., implements.
Emery, C. F., merchandise.
Fetterolf, J. T. auto supplies.
Fredericks, Samuel, grain:
“Goodhart, James, coal.
“Geary, F. P., cigars.
¢Goodhart, F. V,, furniture.
. Herr, Max, Junk.
_ Harper & Homer, oil.
_ Henney, Mrs. Lucy, millinery.
_ Ishier, Geo. E., meat.
. Lucas, Wilbur, produce.
. McCoy, Miss Emma, bread.
McClenahan, Wm., oysters.
Meiss, G. B., groceries.
“Oriole Store, groceries.
Odenkirk, W. A., merchandise.
Runkle, W. J., cigars.
h A., auto supplies.
. L.. auto supplies.
Schaeffer, Roy J., produce.
Smith, T. L., hardware.
Whiteman, Mrs. Belle, cigars.
Aflantie Refining Co., oils,
{Coburn Farm Produce Co., produce.
‘Coburn Grain & Coal Co., grain & coal.
Dinges, Lloyd, feed.
"Bisenhuth, R. T., lumber.
‘Glasgow, J. W., merchandise.
Harter, Mrs. Randall, millinery.
Kerstetter, J. M., merchandise.
‘Malone, F. P., produce.
Mingle, A. E., merchandise.
Musser, C. E. & Son, produce.
Vance, 8. H., produce.
‘Wonada & Son, auto supplies.
"Budinger, A. B., merchandise.
"Breoks, Jacob, merchandise.
"Butler, S8amuel, gas.
“Brewm, Geo. F. groceries.
“Clarence Corp. Store, merchandise.
"Hreidman, Jacob, merchandise.
Frubetza, Mike, merchandise.
Harm, O. J., merchandise,
Hall, W. B. & Son, cigars.
Koshko Bros., merchandise,
Kachik, J. M., cigars.
Kachik, A. M., cigars.
Pinchok, Geo., merchandise.
Reeser, Harry, meats.
Bald Eagle Supply Co., merchandise.
Heaton, James, candy.
Calhoun, Roy, merchandise.
Kckenroth, Charles, coal.
Holt, S. W., groceries.
Holt, G. W., lumber.
Janet, Harry, produce.
Lindenmuth, Harry, gas.
McElwain Bros., merchandise.
McQuigg, C. J., auto supplies.
Stere, H. M., merchandise.
Smith, Frank M., feed.
Stere, J. B. & J. C., merchandise.
Hoover, G. B., merchandise.
Atlantic Refining Co., oils.
Baney’s garage, auto supplies.
Berry's garage, auto supplies. .
Condo, J. F., merchandise.
Fox, C. M., implements.
Greene, Ed., groceries.
Gledhill, A. D., confections.
Haines, J. I., produce.
Harter, Walter S., furs.
Harter, Raymond, produce.
Johnson, C. E., meat.
Kline, H. A,
Long, W. H., feed.
Lucas, C. C., merchandise.
Lucas, O. M,, confections.
McCartney, Roland, groceries.
Moore, H. A., drugs.
Miner, Marinus, jewelry.
Pletcher, Harold, confections.
Pletcher, Chas. E., oils.
Pletcher, T. A., harness.
Pletcher, I. B. groceries.
Pifer, M. R., produce.
Shawley, Thos., candy.
Schenck, A. A., hardware.
Yearick, Clarence, confections.
Weber B., & Sons, merchandise.
Wolfe, S. J., merchandise.
Yearick, Walter, meat.
Hoy, Geo. F., merchandise.
Hublersburg Supply Co., merchandise.
Beals, E. E,, cigars.
Lorrah, Mabel, coal.
Mattern, H. K., produce.
Parsons, W. P., groceries.
Tallbelm, G. W., groceries.
Turner, J. H., groceries.
Kato Supply Co., merchandise.
Stover, Geo. B., merchandise.
Livingston, E. P., merchandise.
Ross, J. H., merchandise.
Shoemaker, Philip, coal.
Bohn, Geo. J., jewelry.
Evey, E. W. & Son, produce.
Evey, A. H., produce.
Hoy, R. R., auto supplies.
Lemont Garage, auto supplies.
Lenker, J. E., merchandise.
Mitchell, J. H., hardware.
Ross, Elmer, C., merchandise,
Schreck Bros., auto supplies.
Eberts, O. D., merchandise.
Richard, D. R., auto supplies.
Burgner, Albert, groceries.
Glossner, Harry, groceries.
Mann, Harvey, confections.
Vulcan Trading Co., merchandise.
Grove, A. A., groceries.
Lewis, LeRoy, groceries.
Quick, Rush, feed.
Bartges, C. E., groceries.
Confer, H. F., groceries.
Everetts, Thos., groceries.
Goldberg, Ike, merchandise.
Workman, C. C., merchandise.
Auman, N. A., groceries.
Boob, G. C., cigars.
Bowersox, B. r., drugs.
Breon, C. H., automobiles.
Burd, Mrs. L. V., millinery.
Brest, I. & Son, cigars.
Boob, John M., meat.
Campbell, S. M., furniture.
Columbus, Sol, junk.
I'rank, A. A. & Son, merchandise.
Griffith & Ulrich, 5 & 10c. store.
Hosterman & Stover, hardware.
Johnson, A. E., merchandise.
Kessler, A., clothing.
Leitzell, H. H., meat.
Meyer, T. F., merchandise.
Mauck, E. W., merchandise.
McMullen Bros., mill No. 1, feed.
Meeker Bros., auto supplies.
McMullen Bros., mill No. 2, feed.
Neiman, D. J., clothing.
Oriole Store, groceries.
Ripka, E. S., cigars.
Stover, R. E., jewelry.
Spigelmyer, J., merchandise.
Snyder's Home Bakery, bread.
Schreckengast Bros., groceries.
Smith & Adams, millinery.
Smith, C. M., auto shop.
Snyder, C. M. W., cigars.
Springer & Miller, cigars. v
Ulrich, T. B., cigars.
Weiser, F. F., gas. z
Alexander, G. B., coal.
Adams, Mary C., confections.
Hummer, E. J., drugs.
Irwin, B. H., coal.
Korman, C. W., confections.
Jodon, C. E., produce.
Miles, O. E. & Son, merchandise.
Milesburg Garage, gas and oil.
McCullough, M. J. & Son, merchandise,
Milesburg - Seore Co., merchandise.
Newman, Wm., cigars.
Pifer, Geo., meat.
Sprankle, T. C., groceries.
Stuckey, Mrs. J. K., confections.
Spicer, Mrs. Effie, confections.
Smith, W. W., auto supplies.
Wetzler, F. L., merchandise.
Betz, M. S., merchandise.
. H., merchandise.
Kessinger, W. E., confections.
Long, H. A., meat.
Mauck, C. W., groceries.
Peck Bros., merchandise.
Strunk, W. B., confections.
Vonada, E. E., produce.
Yearick, N. H., merchandise.
Orviston Supply Co., merchandise.
Watson, Alex, confections.
Young, Fred, confections.
Etters, Clayton, feed.
Kidder & Raymond, coal.
Louder, Ralph J., merchandise.
Walker, A., lumber.
Ashcroft, James, merchandise.
Demick, Joe, merchandise.
Goss, R. J., merchandise.
Garish, T. J., merchandise.
Heins, auto Co., auto supplies.
Harris, P. M., gas.
Koshmark, Ben, merchandise.
Wood, William, hardware.
Zeigler, Anthony, merchandise.
Vulcan Trading Co., merchandise.
Bates, Edith, candy.
Boak, Sallie, confections.
Confer, Harry, auto supplies.
Jodon & Sommers, gas.
Lex, Joseph, meat.
., auto supplies.
Noll, W. H. & Son, merchandise.
Noll, C. Roy, cigars.
Spicer, Robert, cigars.
Stitzer, C. K., merchandise.
Beckwith, J. T., merchandise.
Bennett, Wm. & Son, merchandise.
Gates, H. S., produce,
Hoover, W. T., hardware,
Leitzell, Samuel, plumber.
Laird, W. W., meat.
Miles, Roy, merchandise.
Putt, Ella, merchandise.
Port Matilda Supply Co., merchandise.
Pringie, C. M., merchandise.
Reese, A. W., merchandise.
., feed.
Woodring, H. a. coal.
Williams, J. 8., gas.
Williams, A., gas.
Yoder, P., auto supplies.
Rossman, J. F., auto supplies.
Tressler, Aaron, oils.
Ward, W. S., merchandise.
Auman, E. H., feed.
Barr, David, cigars.
Coxey, P. H., meat.
Dunlap, G. R., merchandise.
Keller, John & Co., coal.
Lauck Garage, auto supplies.
Mar+z, E. C., merchandise.
Stuck & Kline, gas.
Ward, S. E., gas.
Williams, J. H.. harness.
Acton, Harry, merchandise.
Atlantic Refining Co., oils.
Andrews, W. C., dry goods.
A. & P. Tea Co., No. 1, groceries.
Ashcroft Floral Shop, flowers.
Ammerman & Jacobs, vulcanizing,
Adelman & Ratosky, dry goods.
A. & P. Tea Co. No. 2, groceries.
Browns Boot Shop, shoes.
Balestrere, Frank, fruit.
Brown, W. B., drugs.
Buzzel, Edgar, drugs.
Beals, John, groceries.
Butlin, Wm., cigars
Birchfield, W. L., dry goods.
Carlton, B. C., cigars.
Copelin, Duke, grain.
Central Garage, auto supplies.
Callahan, H. A., meat.
Carpenter, M., millinery.
Cole, Frank W., cigars.
Corrigan, J. J., cigars.
Chocolate Shop, candy.
Croyle, F. C., cigars.
Cole, R. T., groceries.
Cohen, M., meat.
Centre Milling Co., feed.
Centre Lumber Co., lumber.
Drivison, Thos., confections.
Deacon, Thos., cigars.
Delancy, W. F., meat.
Davis, C. H., jewelry.
Demi & Flegal, auto supplies.
Dermis, E. E., plumber.
Drives & Hoones, cigars.
Dew Drop Inn, cigars.
Ell Jay Stores Co., dry goods.
Erb, C. W., cigars.
Emery Candy Kitchen, candy.
Edward, J. S., cigars.
Erhart, C. B., meat.
Electric Sup. Co., electric supplies.
Flegal, H. S., automobiles.
Frontino, Jos., groceries.
Finburg, Lewis, gents goods.
Freeman, Wm., & Son, meat.
Franto, Frank, eigars.
Ferguson Bros., gas.
Gill, W. F., sporting goods.
Globe Store, dry goods.
Guelick, P. L., automobiles.
Gilbur, D. B., electric goods.
Grebe Bros., cigars.
Good Service Vul. Co., Vulecanizing.
Graham, R. H., groceries.
Garfinkle, H., junk.
Goodrich, Dora, tires.
Hendon Stores, groceries.
Harper, H. E., candy.
Humphrey Bros., plaster board.
Hoffer’'s Novelty Shop, novelties.
Hamilton Music Shop, pianos.
Hirst, John, hardware.
Howarth Furniture Co., furniture.
Hagerty Hardware Co., hardware.
Hoffman, F. L., cigars.
Hagerty Baking Co., bread.
Hailing, Walter, groceries.
Heckman, Mrs. N., groceries.
Hopkins, James, cigars.
Hamoth & Ebach, furniture.
Ibbirson Drug Co., drugs.
Ibbeson, John, fancy goods.
Independent Oil Co., oil.
Jaffee, A., fruit.
Jones, Calvin, paper.
Jones & Co., hardware.
Johnson, C. C., candy.
Jones, Ed, groceries.
Juchick, Conrad, cigars.
Kellock, G. M., cigars.
Keystone Grocery & Tea Co., groceries.
Kennard, R. W., furniture.
Kassob, Casper, groceries.
Kephart, J. F,, hardware.
Kline, J. O., hardware.
Kopelin, Norris, junk.
Lounzer, S. F., fruit.
Lutz, A. D., electric supplies.
Lane, W. H., cigars. ;
Markowitz, A., cigars.
McCrory, J. D., & Co., 5 and 10c. store.
Maguire Bros., clothing.
Miller, 8. Z., clothing.
Maurer, Raymond, hardware.
Mestos Bros., cigars.
Myers, J. W., cigars.
Mock, Miss C. H., millinery.
Mattern Meat Market, meat.
Musser, M. S. & O. B., groceries.
Mark, H. A. Mctor Co., automobiles. &
McCausland, F. G., jewelry.
Model Shop, clothing.
Nason’s Garage, auto supplies.
Nash, H. R., auto supplies.
Newberries, Harvey, meat.
Norris, T. H. & Son, groceries.
Owens, W. F., pianos.
Owens, C. W., clothing.
Orecon Mercantile Co., groceries.
Olympic Billard Co., cigars.
Penn Motor Co., auto supplies.
Pritchard, Josiah, auto supplies.
Parker, G. W., florist.
Plank & Bower, cigars.
Philipsburg Milk Dept., butter.
Pioneer Tea Room, confections.
Phillips Coffee Shop, cigars.
Paint Cash Grocery, groceries.
Philipsburg Machine Co., machinery.
Parskey, Lewis, clothing.
Quality Boot Shop, shoes.
Roeling, J. M. & Co., jewelry.
Richards, G. H., meat.
Reed, J. O., feed.
Rusnok, Steve, groceries.
Rauchle, Lewis, groceries.
Runk & Demison, auto supplies.
Rothrock Studio, cameras.
Stemffly Furniture Co., furniture,
Style Shop, clothing.
Sheroky, J., groceries.
Stott Motor Co., automobiles.
Stern, Morris, groceries.
Spilman, Myer, junk.
Stonebraker W. F., groceries.
Solomon, D., groceries.
Smith, F. R., dry goods.
Singer Sewing Machine Co., machines.
Troutman, Geo. F., drugs.
Vail, Howard, automobiles.
‘Woodring’'s Meat Shop, meat.
Workman's Cash Grocery No. 1, groceries
Workman's Cash Grocery No. 2, groceries
Workman's Cash Grocery No. 3, groceries
Williams, Polly, clothing.
Wilezik, Philip, clothing.
Weber, Frank, furniture.
‘Womer, Robert, groceries.
Walton, Albert, drugs.
Yonkey, August, groceries.
Zeff, Simon, clothing.
Bender, Fred, gas.
Beyer, C. B., feed
Bierley, W F. & Son, produce.
Bierley, C. C., lumber.
Bierley, 8. A., produce.
Corman, G. A., produce.
Dareler, J. R., cigars.
Garet, G. P., auto supplies.
Haines, M. C.,, merchandise.
Hubler, F. C., produce.
Kephart, G. L., merchandise.
‘Waite, J. B., merchandise.
Bennett, E. S., merchandise.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas.
Athletic Store, athletic goods.
Behrer, Harry J., auto supplies.
Brown, Henry, junk.
Corl, John, feed.
College Drug Store, drugs.
Cresson Lumber Co., lumber.
Corl, B. F., confections.
College Quick Lunch, cigars.
Decker & Harper, automobiles.
Deatrick’s 5 and 10c. store, 5 and 10c.
Deal, Albert & Son, plumber.
Decker, C. H., automobiles.
Electric Supply Co., electric supplies.
Foust Hardware Store, hardware,
Fashion Shop, clothing.
Fye's Cash and Carry Grocery, groceries.
Fye, L. D., dry goods.
Fye’s Grocery, groceries.
Fenway Tea Room, confections.
Foster, Philip, coal.
Fromm, Morris, clothing.
Fishel, John, groceries.
Gentzel, W. R., merchandise.
Griffith, H. P., music.
Goss, Geo. A., meat.
Germerd, E. W., meat.
Gilliland, Ray, drugs.
Graham, Geo. T., confections.
Gregory Bros., confections.
Hope Chest Gift Shop, gifts.
Houser, J. H., hardware.
Harris, James, cigars.
Hoy, Walter, merchandise.
Haugh, John, merchandise.
Heneritz, Edith, millinery.
Harrison, W. T., confections.
Imboden, Anita, millinery.
Kimport, Myra, millinery.
Krumrine, Ralph, cigars.
Keller J. D., meat.
Keller, H, N. meat.
Koons & Hartman, confections.
Lohman, Geo. W., cigars.
Leitzell, W. F., confections.
Myers, J. J., cigars.
Musser’s Garage, auto supplies.
Metzgar, L. K., stationery.
Morell, H. P., notions.
Musser, C. harness.
Musser, J. H., groceries.
Musser, H. N., merchandise.
Montgomery & Co., clothing.
Martz, Mrs. Esther, millinery.
Porter & Weber, paper.
Phila. Restaurant, cigars.
Probst, C. E., confections.
State College Motor Co., automobiles.
State College Fuel & Suppy Co., coal.
Smith, J. a. & Son, hardware,
State College Fuel & Supply Co. Gas
Station, gas.
Sowers, H. W., clothing.
Snyder, Cora, millinery.
Struble’s Grocery, groceries.
Stover, G. Z., merchandise.
State College Billiard Co., cigars.
Smith, W. E., clothing.
Snyder, C. E., automobiles.
Smith, Geo. L. cigars.
State University Shoe Co., shoes.
Schillings, Chas., cigars.
The 20th Century Shoe Co., shoes.
The Vogue Shop, clothing.
The University Club, cigars.
The Columbia Stop, graphophones.
The Crabtree Co., jewelry.
The Varsity Pool Parlor, cigars.
Vanzant, M. H., meat.
‘Winner's Meat Market, meat.
Woomer, J. Lynn, cement.
Auman, N. G., groceries.
Blauser, W. H., groceries.
Boal, Mrs. J. G., groceries.
Brion, Willis E., groceries.
Carson, F. A., merchandise.
Condo, 8S. L., confections.
Corman, O. T., produce.
Dunlap, A. C., cigars.
Detwiler, P. K., cigars.
Grove, Arthur, gas.
Krape, Chas. A., shoes.
Lester, Charles A., produce.
Lee, W. E,, coal.
Long, C. P. & Co. merchandise.
Meyers Bros. gas.
Meyers, J. ¥., merchandise.
Meyers, W. C., merchandise,
Meyers, B. G., confections.
Penn Hall Garage, gas.
Rishel, J. H., merchandise.
Reed, H. C,, feed.
Rote, S. R., feed.
Rossman, H. F., merchandise.
Smith, John & Bro., furniture.
Spring Mills Milling Co., grain.
Smith, Earl, merchandise.
Stover, C. B., hardware.
Atlantic Refining Co., oil.
Bland, Mrs. Reno, millinery.
Confer, John & Son, auto supplies.
Hall, W. B. & Son, confections.
Harm, Mrs. H. M., merchandise.
McLaughlin, M. J., merchandise.
Nas*os, Tony, meat.
Russell, James, groceries.
Sickel, W. A., drugs.
Barnett, R. J., confections.
Cowher, Levi, meat.
Heath, Mrs. L. B. confections.
Kennedy, A. W., cigars.
Marchello, Chas., confections.
Smith M. Francis, groceries.
Twigg, S. E., merchandise.
Wise, W. D., confections.
Woomer, Harry, groceries.
Stover, H. H., confections.
Walizer, S. A., confections.
Burkett, I. G., merchandise.
Eves, Chester, produce.
Eves, John, produce. L
Griffin H. P., merchandise.
Gray, John I., produce.
McAfee, W. H., produce.
Mattern, J. C., implements.
Thomas I. L., produce. :
Thomas, D. R., auto supplies.
Waite, H. B., produce.
Jordon, E. T., merchandise.
Ramer, C. P., merchandise.
Rockey, W. F., produce.
Feidler, S. J., auto supplies.
Long, H. F., bicycles.
Motz & Co., groceries.
Orndorf, L. D., produce.
Orndorf, 8. H., auto supplies.
Reffner, Walter, groceries.
Stover, Baird, merchandise.
Cass, Jacob, meat.
Hoy, John, merchandise.
Confer, Ed, merchandise.
Hanselman, J. B., merchandise.
Weaver, D. B. & Son, feed.
Davidson, James, confections.
Witmer, Mrs. Ida, merchandise.
Dermith, Sam, produce.
Goheen, R. J., produce.
Rider Bros., merchandise.
Noll, B. A., merchandise.
Crouse, H. E., produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas.
Bonfatto, G., fruit.
Beatty Motor Co., automobiles.
Beezer, Geo. A., automobiles.
Bellefonte Fuel & Supply Co., coal.
Decker Bros., automobiles.
Gamble, G. M., grain.
- Hockman, N. J., grain.
Lauderbach-Zerby Co., groceries.
Mayer, M. Frank, grain.
Musser, G. F. Co., groceries.
MecCalmont & Co., lumber.
Potter-Hoy Hardware Co., hardware.
Scrortino, Frank & Bro., fruits.
Wagner, C. XY. & Co., grain.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas.
Coburn Grain & Creamery Co., grain.
Coburn Farm Produce, produce.
Malone, F. J. produce.
Bartholomew, C. D., produce.
Bradford & Son, coal and grain.
Dauberman, J. G., produce.
Kerlin, A. E.,, produce.
McClenahan, coal.
Holt, G. W., lumber.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas.
Deihl, Jas. D., produce.
Johnson, C. D., produce.
Long, W. H., grain.
'Hublersburg Supply Co., produce.
Butler Oil Sales Co., oil.
Ross, Elmer C., grain.
Gingerich Bros., grain.
Ross, J. H., grain.
Shoemaker, Philip C., grain.
Wieland, F. E., coal.
Hockman A. F., produce.
Ertley, G. G., produce.
Ferree, Wm., produce.
Kidder & Raymond, grain.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas and oil.
Balistrere, Frank, fruit.
Cole, R. mT. auto supplies.
Centre Milling Co., grain.
Finberg, Isaac, junk.
Gill Mfg. Co., mine supplies.
Guelick, P. L., automobiles.
Hoffman, Frank, tobacco.
Hoffman & Runk, produce.
Independent Oil Co., gas.
Jaffa, A., produce.
Kephart, J. F., powder.
Lauderbach-Zerby Co., groceries.
: Philipshuse Hardware Co., hardware,
eed, J. O., grain.
Swift & Co., meat.
Crain, W. 8., lumber.
Crain, C. W,, lumber.
‘Williams, Bros., feed.
Bierley, 8. A., produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas.
Spring Mills Milling Co., feed.
Spring Mills Creamery, produce.
Atlantic Refining Co., gas.
Decker Bros., automobiles.
Neidigh, J. D., grain.
Snyder, C. E., automobiles,
Blackford, Clyde.
Colonial Restaurant.
Daggett, W. L.
Knisely, Geo. H.
Last Resort Tea Room.
Miles, E. J.
Whiteman, Mrs. Belle.
Hall, W. B. & Son.
Kachik Cafe.
Greene, Ed.
Lucas, Oscar M.
Pletcher, Harold.
Yearick, Clarence.
Boob, G. C.
Herman, C. W.
Spicer, Mrs. Effie.
Stucky, Mrs. J. K.
Strunk, W. B.
Corrigan, J. J.
Chocolate Shop.
Dew Drop Inn.
Freeman, Ellis.
Freeman, Harry.
McMullen Bros.
Mastes Bros.
Pioneer Tea Room.
Phillips Coffee Shop.
Daveler, J. R.
Meyer, B. S. ‘ .
Probst, C. E.
Campus Tea Room.
Crystal Cafe.
Coffee Shop.
College Quick Lunch.
Corl, B. F.
Fenway Tea Room.
Koons & Hartman.
Phila. Restaurant.
Sandwich Shop.
Hall, W. B. & Sons.
Barnett, R. J.
Smith, M. F.
Brown, T. C., movie.
Brown, T. C., theatre.
Hall, W. B. & Son, movie.
Rowland Theatre, theatre.
Seven Stars, movie.
Pastime Theatre Co., theatre.
Nittany Theatre Co., theatre.
Menches, L. C., movie,
Dagen, J. D. movie.
McDowell, Harry, merchandise.
Hunter, Robert, real estate.
Keichline, J. M., real estate.
Bair, W. T., real estate.
Curtis, A. B. & Co., real estate.
Holmes, J. L., real estate.
Lederer, Eugene, H., real estate.
Mason, Walter, real estate.
Murtoff, Wm., real estate.
Wilson I. I, real estate.
Moon, A. R., pool.
Anderson, Chas. W., pool.
Bicketts, W. W., pool.
Finkelstine, David, pool.
Shaughnessy, Thos., pool.
Hall, W. B. & Son, pool.
Coldren, J. M., pool.
Berry, L. D., pool.
Springer & Miller, pool.
Spigelmyer, pool.
Stucky, J. K., pool. :
Orviston Supply Co., pool.
Noll, Roy C., pool.
Spicer, Robert, pool.
Butlin, Wm., pool.
Erb, C. W., pool.
Lane, W. H., pool.
Myers, J. W., pool.
Olympic Billiard Parlor, pool.
Palace Billiard Parlor, pool.
Plank & Bower, pool. :
Hall, W. B. & Son, pool. :
McLaughlin, M. J., pool.
Barnett, R. J., pool.
Kennedy, A. W., pool. a
Smith, W. F., pool. i
State College Billiard and Bowling Co.
Varsity Pool Parlor.
For the purpose of correcting any er-
rors of appraisement a final appeal will be
held at the Consey Treasurer’s office in
Bellefonte Pa., on Friday, June 22nd, be-
tween the hours of 9 a. m. and 1 p. m.,
when and where all those who desire may
68-22-4t Mercantile Appraiser.
——The “Watchman” gives all the
news while it is news.
Laborers for Construction Work
At 45c. per hour.
Ten hours a day. Good long job.
The Viscose Co.,
68-10-tf LEWISTOWN, PA.
Fine Job Printing
There is no atyle of work, from the
cheapest “Dodger” to the finest
that we can not do in the most sat-
isfactory manner, and at Prices
consistent with the class of work.
Cont on or communicate with this
{.ches-ter 8 mond Bran
Pills in Red and Gold metallic
Fake no other. Bur of your
ake no . Buy of you
Druggist. Ask for 0. TERS
years known as Best, Safest, Always Reliable
Here’s an Invitation
to Join the
Snow Shovelers’ Union
If you are roasting under the col-
lar and want to come out of the
kitchen—-if you are starting to
think that shoveling snow isn’t
such a bad job after all—
Step in and buy a Hatch Button-
less B.V. D. Zeipher Weight Union
Suit—we’ll guarantee that it will
bring your thermometer down at
least 10 %—or your money back.
Weights as light as the air that
blows around your wind-shield.
Cool Shirts, too—with collars at-
tached—which seem to have a re-
frigerator in close proximity.
This is a Hot, Weather Store in June, and we are
Cutting More Ice than Ever
Union Suits .
. $1.00 to $2.00 Silk Hose . .
Shirts and Drawers .50 to $1.25 Straw Hats .
$ .75 to $1.50
2.00 to $3.50
A. Fauble