Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, May 05, 1922, Image 5

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Church Services Next Sunday. | POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. | Farmers and Others Take Notice.| NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.
rrgmes - FOR ASSEMBLY. hc
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. We are authorized to announce the name I will insure dwellings at $1.00 a hun- OR SALE.—The McQuistion home on
“We Aim te Serve.” of Zoe Meek, of Clarence, as a candidate ared and barns at $1.60 a hundred on the west High Sle For further in-
. : : . | for the nomination for the Legislature, oa Hehts for three years, as against fire formation inquire at the home of
Sunday services, May 7:—9:45 Bi- | subject to the decision of the Democratic tning. 2.0 Miss M. E. McQuistion, Bellefonte. 67-14-tf
ble school for all ages. Lesson, | voters at the primaries to be held May | g5.16.0m . REIONLING
«Isaiah’s Ideal for a World of Strife,” 16th, 1922. XECUTRIX'S NOTICE.—Letters tes-
Isaiah 2:2-4;11:1-9. The Brotherhood FOR STATE SENATE. tamentary on the estate of George
. pt : Ross Parker, late of Bellefonte y
Bible class invites every stranger In |y getts, of Clearfield borough, for State borough, deceased, having been granted to The nn leasure of SUCCESS
the town and every man not connect- | Senator, subject to the decision of the the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate are re-
i i '] the Senatorial dis- Curtains
ed with the church to meet with us in | Democratic voters of the rial dis Draperies quest Selves fae rw. wn
We are authorized to announce William
alse session, vey Presbyterian (ie sheng” Srmary on ay 100, of Tesonse and all the little J those having clzime agate, 06 PICT always equals the measure of service. It is the service we
and active support. : | greatly appreciated. gs Hen RY SCHOFIELD PARKER render our clients that we like to talk about. For years we
Morning worship 10:45. Special | = a GARMAN’S Executrix, h felv i ted and m d the funds of Beant
feature beginning this Sunday. The NEW ADVERTISEMENTS Harry Keller, Bellofonte, Pa. ave safely investe anaged the funds oi our ents
pastor will give a message to the boys Afieiney: eR who now number over fifty thousand. We have put approx-
and girls every Sunday morning in ; —
the early part of the regular church F OR SALE.—Desirable residence, west ; italy 4 randeed million of dollars to wah. fnithing wl
service. An opportunity will be giv- Curtin street. 8 rooms and bath.
sy All modern conveniences. Lot 60x — :
en the boys and girls, after the Jun xo, fi. Early BSC of Hobee, National Accounting Com necessities of life.
i eats wi eir y , Brocke use. : ;
a vi bo a of the service or 67-17-3t ed Owned, Bonded and Controlled by National Surety Company Safety, service and a seven per cent. income are what
i : its, Cost and Accounting Systems - {- - Federal and State Tax Service . .
to retire from the church. Parents ALE HELP WANTED.—Two men udits, g Dy :
and Bible school teachers are asked to M 21 years or over. Must be ambi- Local Office, Room 7, 82 West Fourth Street, we have secured to our clients. Ask for our literature.
i in linki tious and willing to work, a hust-
co-operate with the pastor in linking ler preferred, to call upon Automobile 67-13tf
the younger generation with the | Owners. Preference given to men with
church. A Junior choir to assist the | cars. Either full time of part time. Will
i jee i n th, Steady work. C
present choir in the church service is | Jef © JOU Te Worth, ten ane Ae. 12 THE R. L. DOLLINGS COMPANY
you qualify?
being planned. “The Divine'M 0. Box 308, Harrisburg, Pa. 67-18-8t
3 aE
mir Message, on thome, “The | J A" tein Genie povhty, Hone hal . $ 142 Davos 84
8 D, en 1 sy .,
Church of God versus the Oates of ne Tile east, of, Rock Springs, hiidiin 3 PHILADELPHIA, PA.
Hell.” Evening worship at 7:30. Ser- |as the son Gardner farm; containing Cenic ed re
mon heme, ons Time of the Singing | oe imiltags and in a high state hf eo 1) $ :
irds is Come. vation. The landlord’s share of the crop g
of Bias are all free. Acousticon serv- will be sold with the farm, for be year 4 EDWARD B. FELTY, Rep. ELLIS B. ROHRBACK, Dist. Mgr.
jee for those whose hearing is impair- M2 Terms of Se Sil be given on oo Week-Ahead Program $ Telephone 140-R Central Trust Building
ed. All are welcome. first day of April, 1923. Q BELLEFONTE, PA. ALTOONA, PA.
Spe ial Note—The second Sunday ne 4 » EEICHLINE. Cut this out and save for reference. $ ————————————————————————————————————————
ci p
in May is Mother’s Day. We are HARTER JSOTICE--Notics is hereby 3 A A
making big plans for its celebration. C given IA A Ee ion Ww e p
y, the Gov- )
Mid k al £ Bible-stud and ernor of the Commonwealth of Pennsyl- SATURDAY, MAY 6: $
1 ve Cine 0. SY ot 7:30 Yous, on Mongay, he Dis gay of Mays PEARL WHITE, in “THE BROADWAY PEACOCK,” a story of an actress ?
prayer ednesday €} £ sol, ) arrisburg, Pa., for a charter an avenging a wrong and becoming sorry. Will interest those who fancy stage @
We are studying favorite Psalms. The letters patent to a proposed corporation < $
1 t under the name and style of the BURN- life scenes. More dramatic action by star. Also, Snub Pollard Comedy. é
boys and girls are asked to come from | SIpk ELECTRIC COMPANY, the princes 2
7:30 to 8 and be prepared to recite pal ilies will be 10 fhe Borough of Snow MONDAY, MAY 8: 3
Bible verses. = Des oc en Te, 28d State of Yeuh: MACKLYN ARBUCLE, in “’SQUIRE PHIN,” a village "squire called upon S
David R. Evans, M. A, Minister. | “rhe purpose for which the proposed cor- to settle all difficulties has a hard time when his own brother, circus man ?
ST. JOHN'S REFORMED CHURCH. posaiion will be gid SS i and bully, comes home. A nice rural comedy drama. Also, Pathe News, @ : :
. in t | lic and citizens of the Township of Burn- Lioyd Comedy and Topics. $ M d H ” 1
ly “el jovi A Te A Kath ed of Centre, and State of Penn- TUESDAY, MAY 9 $ oving an ouse C eaning
«2d. > 2 5, on . 2 ’ : 4
Done This.” At 7:30 p. m., “The Four | ORVIS & ZERBY, WANDA HAWLEY, in “BOBBED HAIR.” Girl craves romance and joins ¢
Lepers of Samaria.” Sunday school | 6718-3 Solicitors. artist’s colony. Mildly entertaining feature with Greenwich village atmos- ¢
at 9:30 a. m. and C. E. meeting at | === I. EE i ma # somal g =X often uncover some forgotten, dam-
: s y. y
6:45 p. m. Strangers always wel- $ : >
come. Mother's day services Sunday, WEDNESDAY, MAY 10 (Matinee): $ aged piece of Silver, Clocks or
Balls Bats
Garden Tools Pick
MAE MURRAY, in “PEACOCK ALLEY.” A wonderful picture—be sure to
see. Gorgeous photoplay. French dancer marries small town ‘business
man. 8 reels beautifully produced. Best acting in her career. Also, Saun-
shine Comedy. Don’t miss this. At Opera House Thursday, the 11th.
IRENE RICH, in “THE CALL OF HOME,” a six reel story of husband
believing wife has eloped with another disappears, returning year later to
May 14th, with special program.
Ambrose M. Schmidt, D.D., Minister.
Services for the week beginning
May 7th: Third Sunday after Easter,
8 a. m. Holy Eucharist; 8:45 a.m.
Mattins; 9:45 a. m. church school; 11
a. m. Holy Eucharist and sermon, ° discover his mistake Also, Pathe News and Review.
«The Resurrection of the Dead.” 7:30 Dail Motor Ex ress ’
p. m. evensong and sermon, “Imper- p FRIDAY, MAY 12: :
Watches. We can make these articles
over for you to look like new.
Bring them in for an estimate.
ishable Joy.” Services omitted Wed- ; BETWEEN FRANK MAYO, in “TRACKED TO EARTH,” with Virginia Valle as lead-
nesday evening and Thursday morn- ing lady, a story of girl who saves life of man she believes is horse thief
ing owing to the Rector’s attendance Bellefonte and State College and falls in love with him and then learns he is vice president of railroad.
at the Diocesan convention in Harris- Also, the 9th episode of “THE ADVENTURES OF TARZAN.”
burg. Visitors welcome.
Rev. M. DeP. Maynard, Rector.
We Make a Specialty of Moving
Furniture, Trunks & Baggage
F. P. Blair & Son,
The pastor will speak at 10:45 on ID RIGHT PRICE | Jewelers and Optometrists
the greatest “Binding Cord” in life; Anthracite Coal at Retail. THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, MAY 4, 5 AND 6: ) :
and at 7:30 a great paradox of life, Pittsburgh Coal Wholesale and Retail “QUEEN OF SHEBA,” the big spectacular Fox production, lavishly produced ) Bellefonte, Pa.
«Qutside Losses and Inside Gains.” A 1, PETERS at a large cost. An excellent show. Ten reels of entertainment. Saturday §
Sunday school, 9:45. Juniors, 2 . . Matinee at Scenic oy
EpworisLesgns oa Praise service GPNERAL DRAYING SATURDAY, MAY 13: : $
Wena cate prepa: {og : COLLEGE, PA.. «THUNDERCLAP,” a big racing story that will interest you with its
eR Micuens | TL ioe Ne EE SSRUNBERCLAR/T.o bie slag. sry. Set yi enint Sogo 3
day and the other for the Epworth Phone No. 48-J. Terms Re Thursday, May 11, Mae Murray, in “PEACOCK ALLEY.” $
x ; 4
League anniversary.
E. E. McKelvey, Pastor. | — —
i edule. Th .
oo change in our Seven no one | Dry Goods, Notions
from bringing nice flowers. This
Get Our Prices
Sunday at 3 p. m. the Synday school TOYS, STATIONERY
parade, and then at 7: arrange- L
ments are made for our 32nd anniver- GARMAN’S on Builder's Hardware
sary of our Y. P. S. C. E., and on the
evening of the 10th there will be a
district C. E. rally, with plenty to see
in the way of our progress as regards
to C. E. Near a hundred fine views
will be shown on the screen, so come
along everybody and witness the
Our New Vaults
let us figure on your
Paints, Stains, Varnishes, - - Ready to Apply
The reinforced concrete work on our
new Vaults is completed. The next step will
be wiring for the Burglar Alarm and the
putting in of the Steel Lining
Costs no more than
ordinary Buttermilk
Is superior to ordinary
Buttermilk because of its
Delicious, Velvety Smooth-
ness, Appetizing, Creamy
Richness, Uniformity, Puri-
ty, Keening Qualities, Pal-
atable Flavor and High
Food Value.
And then you know ‘tis Mother's
day. We'll all observe the 14th of
George E. Smith, Pastor. Geo. W.
Emenhizer, Pastor Emeritus.
Christian Science Society, Furst
building, Hight street, Sunday service
11 a. m. ednesday evening meet-
ing at 8 o'clock. To these meetings
8 are welcome: A free reading room
0 e public every Thursday
p15 on ty 2 to 4. Here the
Bible and Christian Science literature
may be read, borrowed or purchased.
“The Friendly Church.”
Third Sunday after Easter. Sun-
day school 9:30 a. m., S. ‘Ward Fish-
er, superintendent. Morning worship
10:45, “Temptation.” Junior church
with object sermon and interesting
features for the young folks at 2 p. m.
Vesper service 7:30, “Majestic Night.”
Visitors always welcome.
Rev. Wilson P. Ard, Minister.
While for many years we have furnish-
ed Individual Safe Deposit Boxes to our
depositors, our supply has, for a year or
more, been inadequate, because we had our
improvements in mind and did not want to
buy until we had more vault space.
Texaco Oil Products, Lawn Mowers, ‘Fencing,
Reach Athletic Goods, Fishing Tackle, Oil
Stoves, Electric Irons, Bathroom Fixtures.
sme —
Visit Our China Department - Always Something New
You will find Courteous Service and Fair Prices.
The Potter-Hoy Hardware Co.
We now intend to install a large num-
ber of additional boxes sufficient to meet all
The First National Bank
~ Bellefonte, Pa.
Highly recommended by
physicians as a healthful bev-
erage and general conditioner.
Western Maryland Dairy
66-24-t Bellefonte, Pa.
A Parrot Can Talk But He Doesn’t I.
Know What He is Talking About. C Id Il & S
‘The human family isn’t much dif- da we on
ferent than the parrot. We all do a
number of things but we don’t know BELLEFONTE, PA.
why we do them. :
Do you know why you wink your
eyes? You may mot but I do. Pre- Plumbing and Heating
sribing glasses for a patient suffering
from eye-strain requires skill and
knowledge. The doctor should know
why and what he is prescribing, as By Hot Water
well as explain the cause.
I know what I am talking about. Vapor
Let me prove it.
Dr. Eva B. Roan, Optometrist. Li- Steam
censed by the State Board.
Bellefonte every Saturday, 9 a. m.
to 4:30 p. m.
State College every day except Sun-
day. Both phones. 66-42
mmm wm
Pipeless Furnaces
Full Line of Pipe and Fittings
Flags Bunting R Terry Cotta Pipe and Fittings
Crepe Papers for Decorating ———
Estimates Cheerfully and Promptly Scene of Ice, Snow-Glaciers and Sleigh Bell Ballet, one of the Novel Scenes in “Listen to Me”
Furnished. 66-15 QPERA IEE MONDAY NIGHT MAY 8 Prices 50 .75 81.00 ot Drag Bore =r
Seats now selling at Mott Drug