Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, June 18, 1897, Image 5

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    - retires with the best wishes of all our citizens.
Capt. John A. Hunter enjoyed commence-
ment at State College. ! .
Our town is now clean with a new layer of
crushed stone.
One day recently, Dr. Thompson's horse
run away out at Scotia, and played havoc
wilh his new buggy.
e Scotia band paid our town a visit, re-
cently, and gave us some fine music with
their new gold-mounted horns.
If the people of this town keep on burning
and tearing down their buildings, the once
prosperous town will soon be annihilated
from the face of the earth.
Next Sunday will be children’s day in the
M. E. church, in this place. Services will
commence at 7 o'clock p, m., and as this ap-
pointment excels any other appointment on
the circuit, it will be worth attending.
Did it ever occur to the readers of the
WATCHMAN how many very old people have
lived and been buried in Halfmoon valley,
between Waddle's and Centre Line, which
clearly demonstrates that it must be a very
healthy country.
Gradually the ranks of the G. A. R., ot
Stormstown, are growing less. Not many
days ago, from good authority we heard that
of the the 22 old soldiers buried in the Mt.
Pleasant grave yard, in Taylor township,
from this Post 498. 8 of them rest in un-
marked graves. Will the commissioners rise
and explain please why thisis? There was
a great fuss made, a couple of years ago,
when the Democratic board failed to mark
the soldier's graves and we know that sev-
eral Democratic soldiers voted for the present
Republican commissioners just on that ac-
count. What they think of their action
now the public has not found out.
Spring Mills.
The handsome portico. commenced a week
ago in front of the M. E. parsonage in our
village, is completed, and is a decided im-
J. M. Alters, one of our thorough me-
chanics, has just completed a handsome |
fence surrounding the property on the
pike recently purchased by Dr. F. A.
Van Valzah. The fencing is as straight as an
arrow and very substantially built. Mr.
Alters evidently understands his business. .
At last the postmastership of our village is
settled, and as was frequently stated in this
correspondence as a probability J. D. Long
| neck, causing death.
received the appointment on Wednesday last.
Of course there was very considerable squab-
bling and sharp maneuvering to obtain the |
office and naturally disappointments have |
followed. But Mr. Long had the advantage
from the start, and held it in defiance of all
plans and combinations, and since the ap-
pointment has been made and the contest |
ended we all cheerfully acquiescein the in- |
evitable. Mr. Long discharged the same
duties under the Harrison administration in
a very satisfactory manner, and we are all
satisfied that he will do so again, Mr. Pealer
The junior base ball club of our village had
an indifferent contest with the Centre Hall
team, on Friday last. The juniors complain
very bitterly of the discourteous treatment
they received from the Centre Hall team.
The juniors desired tossing the ball in the
diamond previous to the call of game, simply
to obtain a little insight of the grounds, a
privilege always accorded a rival team, but
this privilege was positively refused. At the
end of the seventeenth inning it being late,
the juniors wished to retire or have some
provisions made for supper, but the Centre
Hall team would not listen to their retiring
and supper they declined to furnish. Finally
the juniors concluded to play the two remain-
ing innings and obtain a very late meal at
home. The score stood 23 to 29 in favor of
Spring Mills. Of course with ill humor and
unpleasant feelings on both sides, the num-
ber of runs indicate the character of the
playing. -
Pine Grove Mention.
The new cemetery fence, and the Academy
fence are being improved with a coat of paint.
_ Edward Bailey, son of G. W. Bailey, of
Downs, Kansas, is enjoying the towering
mountains and will represent his father at
the students reunion.
Rev. C. T. Aikens is entertaining 4 number
of relatives from: Hanover, this week, who
came up to see how we enjoy a June day
outing in the new park. They are here
in the interests of the students meeting.
A few of the early farmers are making hay
which, at this time; promises to be more than
an average crop. / The late showers are caus-
ing rapid growth in the oats crop, but the
corn and barley are not doing so ‘well.
Edward Keller, W. §, Tate's farmer turned
away from his horse for a few minutes, to
look at the passing train, and fhen he turn-
ed ahout found the horse flying #t a 2:40 pace.
He canght it after half a mile fun none the
worse of its fright.
C.S. Dannley, one of Mefina’s successful
business men is here from the Buckeye State
for a month’s visit, He i looking splendid-
ly and except for the touch of time that. has
whitened his hair he is little changed from
the stalwart youth,who enjoyed his childhood
days here.
Mes. W. J. Gibson accompanied by Ler son
William, are guests of ex-treasurer J. B.
Mitchell. Mrs. Gibson has not changed for
she is just as pleasant and gracious as ever,
and her son has a good position as a com-
positor in a printing office. Bob, the oldest
one, is doing well as a lawyer.
BemJones Laport, who dispenses Jjustiee to
the Philipsburg people, has been here sey-
eral days getting a good ready to welcome
the other students as they appear on the
scene and getting himself familiar with the
old building, where the foundation: of his
education was laid. The squire is getting up
in years and some of his locks are silvered"
but not a furrow marks his cheery face. He
was one of the early students and has vivid
recollections of his schoolhood days which no
doubt you will hear all about on > 18th.
He is accompanied by his excellent wi e, who
has kindly thoughts for our town and peo-
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Mrs. Bulick, of Harrisburg, is visiting her
brother, F. G. Mattern, and family.
_ Austin Eckley and wife, of Snow Shoe,
“were guests of Edward Bullock and wife on
Theodore Tipton returned to Renovo, Wed-
nesday, after spending a few days with his
mother. :
On Monday, Byron Teller lost his glasses
and leather case. Anyone finding them is
requested to return them.
Peter Shultz, of College township, visited
his nephew W. H. Shultz, of this place,
recently. He has been here but twice since
A. J. Gandelo, of Cochranton, with the
Empire View company, was here recently,
taking ‘views of the historical places, resi-
dences and stores of the county.
L. C. Bullock came home, Friday, from
Philadelphia with his brother, Forest, who
has been in the Medico-Chirurgical hospital
being treated for brain trouble.
The members of the Evangelical church
will hold a festival on Friday and Saturday
for the benefit of the church. Sunday even-
ing a song sermon will be held by Rev.
Harris Hugg, Scotts Walters, and George
Watson returned, Friday, from a three days
fish on the middle branch of Big run. They
say they caught 648 trout varying in size
from 6 inches to 13 inches in length.
On last Friddy Benj. Hoffman and wife
had an exciting time with a black-racer on
the farm, known as the Pearl farm. Ben
called his wife's attention to the snake and
as he stepped forward with a stick in his
hand struck the snake on the back. At once
it showed fight but Ben, retaining his pres-
ence of mind, hit it a heavy blow across its
It measured 6ft. 2in.
in length and 2} inches in diameter.
» Centre Hall.
Miss Rhoads is visiting at Miflinburg.
Miss Romie VanPelt is home for the sum-
mer vacation from Wilson college.
Mrs. Annie VanPelt and family will go to
Ithica. N.Y. this week to spend several weeks.
Spring Mills and Centre Hall ball teams
had a genuine foot race last Friday in which
the former won.
James Sandoe is engaged on a saw mill
near Pottersdale, Clearfield Co., which is
operated by John Sanders.
D. W. A. Belford, of Milton, is visiting
W. A. Sandoe, on Church street. Mr. Bel-
ford is a merchant tailor.
Dr. J. F. Alexander reports that he has a
large number of patients at present in Penns
and Nittany valleys.
Mrs. Elder, of Lewisburg, and Mrs. Gast, |
of Mifflinburg, stopped a few days with the
family of William Wolf.
Miss Mame Kreamer's Sunday school class
will give an entertainment in the Reformed
church Saturday night.
Rev. WV. K. Foster, of Mechanicsburg,
stopped at this place on his way to State
College commencement.
The Presbyterians had a stone hauling
“B"” Tuesday for their new parsonage. About
a dozen teams were engaged.
Meyer finished a full course at
Franklin and Marshall college and graduated !
last week. He has not yet fully decided
what profession he will follow. :
Rev. Rearick. accompanied by Mrs. M. B.
Richard and Miss Beckie Derstine, attended
the Lutheran Missionary convention, at St.
Paul's church, near Lamar.
F. M. Crawford, junior member of the
firm of Wolf & Crawford, and family, are ab-
sent for a week on a vacation, to Mifflinburg,
Milton, Williamsport, Lock Haven and
Lamar. :
Miss Sue Jeanne Stapleton, of Lewisburg,
has organized a class in elocution in this
place. The class promises to be a literary
treat to the community and a'l who possibly
can should take advantage of this means of
Sumner Hosterman, a senior at Franklin
and Marshall, is home and shaking hands
with the boys all around. Three years of col-
lege work developed ‘‘Sum’s” mental facul-
ties, but don’t seem to give him the *‘big-
head.” :
The festival held by the members of Prog-
ress grange, at Grange park, was largely at-
tended. The orchestra was there and every-
body was glad of it, for their music did much
to enliven the occasion. Mr. Pletcher’s
cornet is very obedient to its master and
gives forth the sweetest tones. :
Commencement at State College was well
attended by parties from this place, among
whom were Hon. Leonard Rhone and family
and their guest, Miss Hill, of Kansas ; Cap’t.
George Boal and family ; Mrs. S. W. Smith
and niece, Miss Stover, of Michigan; Misses
Roxanna Brisbane and Emily Alexander.
Prominent among hotel arrivals for the
past week were: E. S. Flickinger, Pitts-
burg; H. RB. Dasher, Harrisburg; J. W.
Hass, Freeburg; C. C. Dunkle, Tyrone;
Joe Patton, Danville ; P. Fagan, Altoona ;
G. Z.Stup, Gettysburg ; James M. Fisher,
Middleburg ; Ed. L. Augstadt, Philadelphia ;
A. Stahlnecker, F. S. Riegle, W. E. Stahl-
necker, Corbon Seebold, Middleburg ; N. H.
Troxell, Mifflinburg, G. C. Dreesbach, Wil-
liamsport ; Miss Stapleton, Lewisburg ; Wm.
B. Chamberlain, Milton ; H. E. Buckingham,
Baltimore ; E. K. Hess, Williamsport ; C.
D. Spigelmyer, Williamsport.
W. W. Boob, the wheel manufacturer, is
putting new machinery into his shops con-
tinually. His latest improvements are ma-
chines to manufacture spokes, which do the
work from the butt to finish, and if the
genius had invented it he would add an ap-
pliance to make the butt. This last inven-
tion, however, is not needed at present, as
there are thousands of the choicest second
growth oaks and a good supply of hickory to
be had in Central Pennsylvania. Mr. Boob
depends largely upon foreign’ trade for his
product of spokes and wheels, and has ship-
ped his manufactures to every foreign coun-
try of note.. During last week several con-
signments of large orders were shipped to
London. The continual growth of his busi-
ness necessitates the enlargement of his fac-
tory. His export department and salesroom
are located at 11 Broadway, New York City.
‘AH Through Brush Valley.
Brush and Penns valleys are trying to ar-
range a date for a regular soldier's picnic.
‘Brush valley is well pleased with the plat-
form adopted by the county convention.
Henry A. Detwiler, one of our staunch
advocates of silver, took a prominent part in
the Democratic convention at Bellefonte last
Thomas Zeigler, 6f Rebersburg, one of our
silver widowers, had his beautiful house put
in order last week. What does this mean
Tom ?
Miss Stapleton, of Lewisburg, who has
been instructing a class in elocution is the
guest of Mrs. .George Smull. She attended
the Emerson school of oratory, in Boston,
and is an elocutionist of much ability. She is
well read in the events and literature of the
day besides being a charming conversa-
W. Harry Walker, ;of Bellefonte, visited
his relatives and many friends in our valley
recently. He is quite a dashing and promising
young lawyer, who made himself quite popu-
lar among our politicians through his fine
silver speech last fall. He is genial and
makes friends among all classes of people
wherever he goes and is liked by all our peo-
Yes! the old Rockville hill has had
some of its skull removed in order that
lime-stone may be spread on our roads. The
event was so pleasing to many people that
they watched the operation through mere
curiosity. Our supervisors Gephart and
Ocker are to be praised for their foresight in
reducing the hill gradually year by year.
The supervisors who crush sand-stone for our
township should be turned out of office. The
sand-stone crushed, at Kreamerville, last
year, is now mud several inches deep and
the roads to be good should be piked again.
afternoon was largely attended and very in-
structive. Mrs. Henry Meyer read a able
essay on memory, which so captivated the
hearers that the order passed a motion to
have it published. Bruce Moyer, of
Centre Mills, read a selection on labor and
capital which opened up an interesting dis-
cussion, which was taken part in by
Noah Corman and Jos. K. Moyer.
Prof. Henry A. Detwiler read a fine essay,
giving a comparison between the English and
American governments, a subject of which
he is very fond. The grange has appointed
him to give a series of. articlés on this sub-
ject treated from a comparative standpoint.
Mr. Detwiler was highly complimented on
his excellent and instructive paper which
was supplemented by a short address on the
history of the human government by H. E.
Bierly. The program for next time will be
another one of Mr. Detwiler’s papers, and an
essay on the history, explanation and abuses
of trusts and monopolies by Jos. K. Moyer.
Bs on ——
JoNEs—EBERTR.—On the 9th inst., at “the home of
the bride at Martha Furnace by Rev. H.' N,
Minnigh Mr. Blanchard D. Jones, of Port Ma-
Han, to Miss Frances Eberts, of the former
The new Disciple church is fast nearing
comfpletion. : Tay
Wm. Rimert lost one of his horses on last
Saturday. :
The stave factory, built by Hall & Pletcher,
is now running full blast.
Miss Lizzie McKibben, of Bellefonte, is at
present, visiting Miss Mary Mitchell, of Main
E. E. Manley and family are visiting at
Canton, Pa. They do not expect to return
for a week.
J. H. DePeu, principal of the Lock Haven
commercial school, has organized a class in
this place. .
The Normal base ball team, of this place,
defeated the Eagleville team by the score of
28 to 5 on last Saturday.
The Methodist congregation held their
children’s day exercises last Sunday. The
church was crowded.
Samuel Antes left for Mill Hall, on Wed-
nesday afternoon. He will act as freight
agent at that place for a few days.
The Howard base ball team will hold a
festival in the school house on Saturday
night, June 19th. Come, everybody, and
help the boys along.
Resolutions of Respect.
Sunday School of the St. Paul’s Lutheran church
Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
Inasmuch as it has pleased our kind and lov-
ing heavenly Father to call from among us not
only a member of our Sabbath School and church
but, also, a loving and careful mother, and a de-
voted companion and helpmate of our worthy
superintendent, brother D. C. Krebs. .
Resolved, That we, with our bereft brother and
worthy superintendent, bow in humble submis-
sionto the will of our Heavenly Father and that
ive with him say, from cur hearts. Thy will and
rot mine be done.
Resolved, That we as individual Christian
members of the Sabbath school ask God to sancti-
fy this dispensation of His divine providence to
our spiritual good. That we may, thereby, be
trought into closer union and fellowship with
Christ and His visible church.
Resolved, That we as co-workers, with our
vorthy superintendent, extend to him and his
ehildren a sympathizing word and hand: to let
him know that we feel aloss with him:
. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be
s:nt to the bereft family. :
That a copy be recorded on our Sabbath school
minutes. That a copy be sent to the Young Luth-
eran and Democratic WATcnMAN for publication.
H. W. Frantz, !
EsteLrA M. HEBERLING, Cominittee.
VioLa M. Ssirth. :
Wintersteen’s Bond Renewed.
The Accused Dynamiter Held in $7,000 Bail for
the September Term of Court.
BLOOMSBURG, June 14.—L. S. Winter-
steen, the accused dynamiter, whose trial
lasted three weeks, resulted in the jury
disagreeing and being discharged late Sat-
urday night, appeared in court to-day, and
renzwed his bail in the sum of $7,000. E.
B. Brower and F. P. Drinker became his
Cifton Knorr, who turned State’s evi-
dence, and said he was hired by Winter-
steen to blow up lawyer Waller’s house,
did aot appear, as it was not neceesary for
him to renew his bail. He is simply await-
ing bentence. Wirtersteen is to appear for
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trial again at the September term of court.
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A NNUAL MEETING.—Office of The
Valentine Iron Co., Bellefonte, Pa., the
annual meeting of the stockholders ofthe above
general office at Bellefonte, Pa., on Tuesday, July
Board of Directors for the ensuing year and the
transaction of other business.
UDITOR'S NOTICE.—In the Orphan’s
— courtof Centre county, in the matter of
the estate of Z. T. Williams, late of Walker town-
ship, deceased. The undersigned, an auditor
appointed by the said court to distribute the funds
in the hands of Sarah Jane Williams, executrix of
said decedent, as appears by her final account, to
and among those legally entitled thereto, will sit
for the duties of his appointment on Tuesday the
29th day of June, 1897, at 10 o'clock a. m. at the
law offices of Fortney & Walker, Bellefonte, Pa.,
when and where all parties interested are re.
uired to present and prove their claims or be
orever debarred from coming in upon the said
find .t W. HARRISON WALKER, Auditor.
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named corporation will be held at the company’s
20th, 1897, at 11 o'clock, a. m., for the election of