Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, April 02, 1897, Image 6

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    FY Grant’s Sarcophagus. Four Savory Omelettes. —If you have spare cash, now is the| ——Minnie—O, I’m superstitious about Travelers Guide.
or ¢ . > . a time to lay in your supply of woolens, in- | Friday ! a a oo
Pomorie: alga A Plain Stone Casket Will Hold the Dead General's Beat up four fresh ops 7 z Dine of cluding carpets, blankets, clothing. Prices Ida—Would you decline a proposal on a
— reo ey Oo salt and same of pepper ; a shalot or a | Ci) advance with the new tariff probably | Friday ? PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD AND
. = mmm teaspoonful of chives, finely minced ; also Minnie—Well—ah '—if it were satis- BRANCHES,
from one-fourth to one-third above present
figures. This is to protect the great sheep | factory in other respects I might think it
interests of Pennsylvania, which amounts | unlucky to decline.
The great sarcophagus in” which the re-
mains of General Grant will repose in the
Riverside tomb has been shipped from Chi-
half a teaspoonful of minced, scalded pars-
ley. Put two ounces of butter into the
omelette pan ; when it begins to color pour
Bellefonte, Pa., April 2, 1897. Schedule in effect Nov. 16th, 1896.
“Can you?’ he asks, with pleading voice,
“Can you and make my heart rejoice
Coolly and calmly waves her fan,
Calmly and coolly it comes, “I can.”
“Doyou ?’ he asks in trembling tone,
“Do you, and love but me alone ?"
Looking at him with eyes so blue,
Slowly, but truly, it comes, “I do.’
“Will you ?” he asks, with bated breath.
Silence reigns ; it is still as death.
“Will you ?’ he queries lower still.
Softly and slowly it comes, “I will.”
“May I" with joyful voices is said.
Quickly the pretty face grows red.
“May I?" again he needs must say.
Trembling and blushing she says, “You
may.” —Harlem Life.
The Story of Diaz’s Boyhood.
One tires of ‘lives stranger than ro-
cago to New York, and will soon be ready
to receive the body of the dead Pgesident.
The pedestal is made of dark, bluish gray
granite, taken from the famous quarries at
Quincy, Mass.
All the exposed faces of the sarcophagus
are highly polished, the finish being so
smooth that the surfaces are like a mirror,
reflecting whatever objects are close at
hand. The pedestal is square in plan,
measuring ten feet ten inches each way.
The lower course is made in pieces, with a
simple scotia moulding, and is one foot
eight inches thick. Above this isa five
inch course, also made in pieces. Under
this rest two large blocks, ten feet long and
five feet wide, and on these rest the pillow
blocks, which support the sarcophagus
proper and its cover. The total height
above the floor of the crypt will be seven
and a half feet.
The plans of the architect include two
perfectly similar sarcophagi, which will be
ultimately placed side by side. For the
in the mixture and allow it to set a little,
When nicely
set and brown turn it over to double it.
The omelette
should only be lightly set ; it must be
then stir it’ round lightly.
Serve on a very hot dish.
cooked over a clear but not too hot fire.
Prepare two sheeps’ kidneys by frying
them slowly in an ounce of butter. When
cooked add a little pepper, salt and a few
drops of made mustard. Then pass them |
through the mincing machine and keep
hot until wanted. Beat up three eggs
with a pinch of salt and fry in butter as an
ordinary omelette. When it is just set
place the kidney mixture on one half and
fold the other half over. Serve very hot,
garnished with sprigs of double parsley.
Beat thoroughly four eggs with a pinch
of salt and pepper (cayenne) ; now add
two ounces of grated Parmesan cheese.
Put two ounces of butter in the pan and
fry the omelette a good brown ; fold over
. Wilson law.—Pittsburg Post.
attention to the lines of the Chicago, Milwaukee
trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul,
all lines at St. Pauly Omaha and Kansas City for
all points West, Southwest and- Northwest. We
to about one-fifth of a sheep per head of
population. The state uses $75,000,000 of
woolens a year. The revised McKinley
extortion will have three effects. It will
reduce consumption, advance prices gnd
provide the use of cheap substitutes for the
honest woolen goods made possible by the
Subscribe for the WATCHMAN.
To Travelers and Others.
Are you going West ? If so, we beg to call your
& St. Paul railway—Block system : through
Minneapolis, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Sioux City,
Cedar Rapids and Kansas City, connecting with
——More destructive floods are reported
in the river valleys. The wasteful destruc-
tion of the forests on our hillsides is the
cause. When a woodsman fells a tree in
Minnesota it costs a human life in Louisi-
New Advertisements.
: A UPIIORS NOTICE. —In the orphans
court of Centre county, in the matter of
the estate of Delia J. Riter, late of er town-
ship, Centre county, Penn’a., deceased. The un-
dersigned auditor appointed by the orphans court
of Centre county, to make distribution of the
balance in the Dons of the executors of said
decedent's estate, to and among those legally
entitled thereto will attend to the duties of his
appointment at his office in the borough of Belle-
fonte, Pa., on Tuesday, April 6th, A. D. 1897, at 10
o'clock a. m. at which time and place all parties
interested may appear and present their claims
or forever after be debarred from coming in on
W. E. GRAY, Auditor.
Leave Bellefonte, 9.53 a. m., arrive at Tyrone
11.10 a. m., at Altoona, 1.00 p. m., at Pittsburg,
6.05 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte 1.05 p. m., arrive at Tyrone, 2.15
P. m., at Altoona, 2.55 p. m., at Pittsburg, 6.50
Leave Bellefonte, 4.44 Pp. m., arrive at Tyrone,
6.00, at Altoona, 7.40, at Pittsburg at 11.30.
Leave Bellefonte, 9.53 a. m., arrive at Tyrone
11.10, at Harrisburg, 2.40 p. m., at Philadel-
phia, 11.15. p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 1.05 p. m., arrive at Tyrone,
2.15 a. m., at Harrisburg, 7.00 p. m., at Phila-
delphia, 5.47 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 4.44 p. m., arrive at Tyrone
6.00 at Harrisburg, at 10.20 p. m. >
Leave Bellefonte, 9.28 a. m., arrive at Lock Haven,
10.30 a. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 1.42 p. m.}arrive at Lock Haven
2.43 p. m., arrive at+Wllliamsport, 3.50 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, at 8.31 p. m., arrive at Lock Ha-
ven, at 9.30 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 9.28 a."m., arrive at Lock Haven
10.30, leave Williamsport, 12.40 p. m., arrive at
Harrisburg, 3.20 p. m., at Philadelphia at 6.23
. I.
Lea Bellefonte, 1.42 p. m., arrive at Lock Haven
243 p. m,, arrive at Williamsport, 3.50, leave
4.00 p. m., Harrisburg, 7.10 p. m., Philadelphia
mance”’—in the romances ;. but, serious- | Joo Eo CCC the single sarcophagus of
ly, it would be a confident novelist who oeny Grant will pe the Do of
ventured to invent a career like that of | 4p pedestal. The block of stone from
reach all the principal cities and towns in North- 214 una
ern Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, South | *="°"
and North Dakota. Train service and equipment | == EE ——
11.15 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 8.31 p. m., arrive at Lock Ha-
ven, 9.30 p. m., leave Williamsport, 12.25 a.
and serve at once on a very hot dish, garn-
ished with toast fingers and sprigs of water-
Diaz and date it in this century. It reads | pip the socond sarcophacns. destined for 1 OF the WONT Woe waftty Spplintee ised m., arrive at Harrisburg, 3.22 a. m., arrive at
her lik hapter fi the Crusad ; Dhsgus i y app Jewelry. Philadelphia at 6.52 a. m.
rather like a chapter from 16 LTuSades | Vyg, Grant, will be made, is already quar- lah : : ol Should you contemplate a trip west, for business ’ in
than lik thing we can realize as mod- | % 2 y 4 Beat up eight new-laid eggs with a table- p P Nel Le VIA LEWISBURG.
an like anything we can r Zed ried, and will be wrought into shape in a spoontal: of tor 8 inch of or pleasure, address John R. Pott, district pas-|- = | Leave Bellofonte, at 62084 5 arrive at Lewis
ern American. Probably no other ruler more leisurely manner D iar, pineh of pow senger agent, Williamsport, Pa., naming the place burg, at 9.15 a. m., Harrisburg, 11.20 a. m.,
since She Lion Heart has run quite such a J >. 3 - dered cinnamon and three tablespoonfuls of ma aL : LOCKS Philadelphia, 3.00 p. m.. ?
The color of the stone is a rich. dark red, cream. Make the pan hot put in about | YOU desire going to, and he will either writeor | 14 » lecave Bollofo
. y ADORE 1.50, TE nS YT Ten Teeny Ree NR Sirians
onte, 2.15 p. m., arrive at Lewisbur,
visit you, giving the lowest rates of fare and fur- 4.47, at Harrisburg, 7.10'p. m., Philadelphia
nay : vad v Ts : : 11°15 p. m.
nish any information desired regarding the trip. J. B. HUTCHINSON, J. R. WOOD.
Write him for pamphlet, ‘Letters from Farmers General Passenger Agent
in South and North Dakota.” It is handsomely Y Te, eee
illnstrated and will be sent to any address upon TYRONE AND CLEARFIELD, R. R.
Hero of more than fifty battles—and not
by heliograph, but at the head of his men
—ablaze with decorations when in full
dress, but with not eneugh medals to cover
only slightly variegated by the spots usu-
ally found in granite. Itshardness, is more
than twice that of ordinary granite, and its
resistance to crushing pressure is very much
one ounce of fresh butter, and when boil-
ing pour in the mixture ; stir carefully,
and when set arrange the omelette neatly
in the pan ; lay on it two tablespoonfuls
of apricot jam mixed with a tablespoonful
‘Governor. Graduating from the four
years’ course, he entered the law office of
only been provisioned for a six months’
persons believe that, in addition to eject-
ing venom through their fangs, rattle-
tle while. We unfortunately cannot see
what effect they are to have in the future.
Juarez, becomingalso professor of Roman | Voyage and when it lengthened out into al- | snakes have the power to throw off poison- Mr. James Roberts, a citizen of Scranton, | 4 DDLES, Avan: ov. ToL TI nm,
law in his alma mater, and president of the | 10st nine the provisions became alarmingly | ous dust. Some persons are able to smell residing at 1605 Iniynbe Stree, told our | MAIL. | EXP. | : MAIL.| EXP.
taw-club of Oaxaca. scarce. During the worst of one of the | a snake some distance away. ot) ha BRIDLES. ; Iv. Zauoss
His first taste of war was under Herrera, | #3les through which the tempest-tossed | Rattlesnakes sometimes enter the tents thing may grow to if it is overlooked. It | gai Pain) 26 0 ...Bellefonte..... 7)
in revolt against the usurper Santa Anna, | vessel was driven, brave Mrs. Reed went | of western hunters snd campers, crawl up- SR a Roberts caught J soy0en cold Ci 221 635. .Axemann.. 10
In the plebiscite Diaz was the only student | 00 deck before breakfast. The man at the | on the sleeping men under the blankets, le Joma ain, aM Ws ne PLAIN HARNESS, 15 7
who dared walk up to the tables and sign | Wheel asked her to take the wheel for a few | and stay until the man is aroused by the ing attacks ; which were often so bad he | 2 34 “
against the tyrant ; and for this audacity | Minutes, which she did, and it was eight | scent, when they commonly run. Men found it necessaay to change his clothes | FINE HARNESS, 2 38 Tm wa 53
aT ; 5 h bef h * liev : WE : The complaint grew worse and bladder | ? 2 43 z Oak Hall
had to fly for his life. In the revolution | hours before she was relieved. She kept | have become paralyzed under such circum- difficulties set in. A soreness and pain } 248 701) fan Hai -
which ended jn the expulsion of that | the vessel to its course for all that time | stances. Their comrades have discovered existed in the lower portion of the abdo- | BLANKETS, Fol hee :
strange cross of ass and wolf, whom one of
the most naive of Mexican folks-songs cele-
brates in ‘‘La pata de Sant’ Anna,,’’ young
Diaz became Jefe Politico (mayor) of
Ixtlan. In this hamlet was the first fair
scope for the military bent which had been
visible even in his childhood. He drilled
© the half-naked Indians of his jefatura on
Sundays, holding them by dances, a gym-
nasium, and the like artifices until he had
a really valuable militia. When Garcia
‘‘pronounced’’ in Oaxaca, the hoy mayor
of Ixtlan marched on that capital with his
aborigines and induced the wusurper to
without relief and without food or drink.
The British steamer Tasbek, bound for
Fiume, Austria; ran across the Oakes and
turned back on her course to tow the sorely
tried vessel into port. But two of the
Oakes’ men were able to help make their
vessel fast to the friendly ship which came
to their relief. The tale of disaster told by
the members of the crew almost passes be-
lief, and through it all the captain’s wife
was a tower of strength to the disabled,
suffering crew. That woman deserves a
medal if any one ever did.
what was wrong by the smell, and the
bluish-white of their comrades’ faces.
There has been many a case in which,
divining the situation, a man’s friends
have gently lifted the blanket and shot the
snake across the man’s breast. After that
there is always one man who is sure to see
that the horsehair rope, over which snakes
cannot crawl because of the little points of
hair, is properly laid to keep snakes, par-
ticularly rattle-snakes, out of the tents.
Cravats are Ancient.
men. Urinary troubles followed, the urine
was dark colored, depositing sediment.
The kidneys were not performing their
proper functions, and this was at root a
kidney disorder. It was a difficult matter. |
to even rise from a chair to a straight po-
sition without causing pain, and for a i
great portion of the time he was rendered
jheanable to work. Then he noticed the
words of praise sounded for Doan's Kid-
ney Pills, and getting a box at Matthews |
Bros., drug store he begen taking them
With the second day of their use he felt a
change for the better, and now he gets !
around and is working with comparative
ease and comfort. Most of the bad symp-
toms have entirely left, and they are
all rapidly disappearing. Mr. Roberts is
All combined in an immense Stock of Fine
RE he Ps EH He a SS TO SO TO IO LO 8 LO LO 0 1D
EOS eeRsso IN NIRS n sawn nme]
» et dd 10 10 19 10 BO BO 1D BS BO DD $5 G3 00 00 05 05 80 C6 00 50 a vin a n°
* © 0000030 G0 U0 00 06 00 ~J =T =F =J = ~F
2 eases
‘‘take it back :’ and upon Garcia's renewal ee Th t th f ! Zu fins Dons Rigiey i a “t : i
3 nG 's. , ; : e cravat was once the name of a great at they are curing mim, and that the ces PM. : y: BX
of the pronunciamento, Diaz returned and Yass Notid Dughnien military nation—the Croats, or Cravates, ne yotushnd is bean Ris: fn Dr opped } LEWISBURG & TYRONE RAILROAD
took the city, and the small despot fled. | A dispaten from London, announces the | of the Balkans. It was their fashion to No i ever been so successful - an : ;
For this service Diaz refused the pay prof- | death of John Biddulph Martin, husband | wrap large shawls or pieces of cloth around with both old and young in righting the a dni tis
fered him. A little later he resigned | of Mrs. Victoria Woodhull, a woman who | their necks and shoulders. About thei] Kidnovd action wisn derwsbey, aid no - | ——— {fis | Li
his post as mayor to become captain in the | many will remember as Miss Claflin and | middle of the reign of Louis XIV, he uni- 50h Worn of Premio ne DBAs. Kidney IB (fF [Nov.iemama RX
National guard at less than half the pay, | who was born and raised in Beech Creek | formed several regiments in the Croat Pills. Tis easy to prove our statements. THE LARGEST STOCK OF HORSE | BER | = =
and won his first laurels in crushing the township, Clinton county. After leaving | fashion, with huge shawls about their System for thor: thoy D2 [P. m. | A.M. [AT Lve. au. |p. x |
rebellion of Jamiltepec. Badly wounded, | Clinton county with her sister, Miss Chaflin | necks. The fashion took, and the shawl matter how sceptical you may be. | COLLARS IN THE COUNTY. 495 9 ol a Scotia........| 10 00] 4 50
he saw the weak point in the insurgent | married - Mr. Woodhull, from whom she | diminished in size to the slight strip of Doan’s Kidney Pills are for sale by 408) 9 03... Fairbrook....| 10 19| 5 07
lines, and won the day. It was a week be- | was afterwards divorced. Later in life she cloth we still have with us DI dealers wire db ceils, or mated 32 in Musser No 2
f h Ned a Sto a ! A y . by Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., 3 56! 8 51(Penn. Furnace| 10 33) 5 19
ore he reac a doctor, and he carried | married Mr. Martin, who had become a —_— 3
er , C sole agents for the United States. JAMES SCHOFIELD. 350 845... Hostler..... 10 40) 5 25)..
the bullet more than a year.—From ‘The | gentleman of considerable prominence. Interesting to the Clergy. 42.9 : 33.37 BELLVONTE PA 3 44) 8 39... .Marengo...... 10 46/ 5 31}.
Awakening of a Nation,” by Charles F.|Mr. Martin died at Las Palmas, Grand aT A, . in in senile 1 Ban
Lummis, in Harper's Magazine for April. | Canary, of pneumonia. _A minister who used to preach in Somer- E = 331 8 20... Dungarvine.| 13 01] 5 48 i
ville had a little boy. A few days before Travelers Guide 3 23| 8 18/ Warrior's Mark| 11 10] 5 52|......
The Three Most Remarkable Old Men P oanerity a Me xh : his father left the city to go tohis new . 3 03 3 ool hington HER
0 . 1 the 0 2 «0 ee ee Tr) Bll eel a
Now Living. Sperity ma Yexieo parish one of his neighbors said to the lit- 2 55 7 50)..... Pa re ni 6 3 El
March 2nd, was the eighty seventh birth-
day of Pope Leo XIII. At this great age
his intellect is unclouded and his capacity
Paul Guma, formerly of New York, but
for the last four years a banker of the City
of Mexico, was in this city recently on his
tle boy :
‘So your father is going to work in Bed-
ford, is he ?”’
Ov Oat-meal and flakes are always fresh
Condensed Time Table.
P. M, | A. M. (Lve, Ar. a.m | pm.
Time Table in effect on and after
for work is still extraordinary. The Pope | way to New York. ‘Diaz makes an The little boy looked 1 p wonderingly. R READ U Nov. 16th, 1896.
is, of course, one of the most interesting | excellent President,” he said when seen at Oh, Ho,” hessid. “Only p Teach,” and sound, you can depend on them. — 2 PT] Nov. 16th, 1896. |—— or Joare Snow Shoe. wd] Sa. Wm. and315. om,
men, apart from his great office, in Christ- | the St. James Hotel. ‘‘He will probably Lan am LER & C0. | N° Ne 5|No 3 No 6/No Nos : Bove in Bejistont 3 =r vy Fd
ibn: he 35 Proud scholar and is | hold his penile until death. Mexico is ——To cure a cough or cold in one day SECHLER 0. 2 : Arrive in Snow Shoe...... 9 008. m. “ 252 p.m,
istinguis! or his ability and his learn- | prospering. Labor has gone up in the | take Krumrine’s Compound Syrup. of Tar, a. m./p. m./p. m. Lve. ~~ Ar.|p. m.[p. m.[a. m. =
ing no less than for his piety. He has al- | last few years from 15cents to 75 cents a | If it fails to cure money refunded. 25cts. H ab > fi 5 iin 10 % 5 5 5 5 FIL rONTS al HAL Ba
ways been a student and is noted for his | day.”’— Pittsburg Dispatch. —_— Th a met FE rH
skill as a mathematician, and at the age of oo a ——Muddles at home make husbands I i 8 13 4 08 HEGLAP ARK. 9 a 5 4 9 4 Schedule to take effect Monday, Nov. 16th, 1896.
. I] rn a Loh raw... eee RE pa EEGs un Kies...... 9 WESTWARD EASTWARD
{veins Wike Laka Prose A Wish —In New York, Pennsylvania and II- | roam. 752 8 19] 4 14/...Hublersburg...| 9 45 5 40| 9 39 Toad. down read up
i fastin oe a ha oo i linois, three of the greatest states of ‘the co TE —— — Ie 5a iL Snyjartown «3 > pa 2 No +No. 3/tNo. 1 Stations. No. 2/No, 4[tNO
Adoe In 5 prayer | ) "18 | Union, public expenditures have increased 800 8 27] 4 S[osvinsslioy, OST A rr
rule, hard work and plain living. his prac- the | t : INuminating Oil. 802 829] 4 935 531] 9 29
tice. He still rises at an early hour in the | 30 8réatly In recent years as to create pro- : Pal Au. | A MLV, Aryan leu. fru.
. y found alarm. Although the times are ‘dis- = — en eee 804 831 4 533 520 9% | ga 10 30| 630|....Bellefonte...| 8 451 2 10/6 40
morning. He fasts often, eats but little ¢ : Lg ; : 8 09| 8,36( 4.31(. Krider's Siding.| 9 28| 5 24 9.21 ‘37 6°37 wr. Coleville......| 8'40| 2 00|6 30
and his work is that of a Statesman. a di. | TeSig beyond precedent, legislatures SK FOR=———— : 8 16| 8 42] 4 36/... Mackeyville....| 9°23] 5 18] 9 15 | 4 26/ 10°37) 037)... Coleville..... 837) 15/625
1 : X15 thet pn ri +" | plunge recklessly into all kinds of schemes A 8 23) 8 48) 4 42|...Cedar Spring... 9 17/ 512) 9 09 | § 30! 10 42 {Lp it Ne) 8 31) 1 B06 25
plomatist and a theologian. His figure is and promise to furnish rich pickings for 8 25| 8 50 4 50]......... Salona.......[ 9 1 5 nl 9073 = 10 53 6 50|. Hunter's Park.| 8 31] 1 40/6 15
Smageisd pnd In Appeamnes he is exceed- ed a SI VLG Voy ig ie tor 8 30] 8 55] 4 55|...MILL HALL...i19 10[45 05149 01 | § 35 10 56! 6 53).....Fillmore......| 8 28 1 30/6 12
in rail. I. stone is just two = ; DIRE : re Jersey Shore....... 7 00L......Briarly....... 8 24/1 30/6 07
hs older than Pope Tico, ae nlse he iver Tet hnirentinats. —====——=="HF, BOOKLET ON “LIGHT: 10 08) 10 ii aneponr | Li 4 oo] fn > : » n 2 7 5 aver i Waddies. 3 2 ] 253 ol
been distinguished as a scholar, a states- | re SEBO | ae ys i en Horn avs) ora, or RN tmoene 3S AR
man and a literary man. His manner of hi P p A a i CARL, Atlantic City........ B01 IL 537 2 On Inn ST
life has been different from that of the | 2U8urate a campaign in the interests of 645 EW YORK..........| t4 30 5 05| 11 35|_7 25). State College.| 8 00| 1 00/5 40
: economy regardless of politics. When th T! ua | aod
Pope's, and yet the result is the same— y remnrviiess 0" roltties, eR Jone 5 EW YORE. 20 | SION TT 20 | 28|es TUDIOS wr: 7 47) 1 0215 30
d hall th faithful 7 25| 19 30 NEW YORK........ 27 30 ! |
long life, hard work, continued mental | 98Y Shall arrive the unfaithful will be iG Troi REI 1511] | 7 34...Bloomsdorf...| 7 40| 5 23
and physical vigor. These two men and |5ePt 80 far into political obscurity that { BURN CROWN ACME OIL, [ p. m.|Arr. Lve.|a. m.|p. m, | 5 20] | 787|Pine Grove Cro.! 731 . [520
Prince Bismark are probably the three
most remarkable men now living.
——One Hundred Doses One' Dollar is
peculiar to and true only of Hood’s Sarsa-
parilla. It is economy to buy Hood’s.
they will never be able to emerge from it,
strive they ever so hard.
——To cure a cough or cold in one day
take Krumrine’s Compound Syrup of Tar.
If it fails to cure money refunded. 25cts.
For Sale by The Atlantic Refining Company.
*Daily. 1Week Days. 26.00 P. M. Sundays.
110.10 A. M. Sunday.
bound train from. Williamsport at 11.30 P. M, and
West-bound from Philadelphia at 11.30 P. M.
General Superintendent.
Morning trains from Montandon, Lewisburg,
Williamsport, Lock Haven and Tyrone connect
with train No. 3 for State College. Afternoon trains
from Montandon, Lewisburg, Tyrone and No. 53
from Lock Haven connect with train No. 5
for State College. Trains from State College con-
nect with Penn'a R. R. trains at Bellefonte.
+ Daily, except Sunday. F. H. THOMAS Supt.,
one apiece the scars that earned them ; io redo) o-cent sts abn oh A VARD. 7
i, Eee ibid ed thon i CI Jon een ein jor Sos of whipped cream, and roll up quickly. |" eipt of a two-cent stamp. 42-13-3t, SENT. a
forlorn hopes ; half a dozen times prisoner, | 1a stone, it has been finally i that | Serve garnished with sponge fingers. Of ARIE hi y i B £ Nov. 16th, 1806. 8 | 2% |Z
and as often escaping by the narrowest |, = approach to shuphicity was in this | Course, any kind of jam preferred can be Invalids Seeking Milder Climates | =| 88 | 2 pe 3, 180 £ a8 3
ig Sopty Joa in fig aud a case the highest expression of artistic feel- used, but it should be of a firm kind. _ Should go by routes where they will not be sub- | retin el = ! | 4 i lL
I uni Shahn ST mat he Cont et re the mmm Tt i rr ”
story between 11 orphan boy of Oaxaca Dom heancy o the Shines of the pre or oN Ine Sen, vii oy A I, | /f 26| 3 21 ’ >
A 3 dCa ] , ’ yr ’ . ; ; 8 tre Coast a 4 .
and the head of modern Mexico. It would oD a —_ hig © Words, engraved I | it daly Lifts an Enormous Weight of Water, Southwest. Through trains and splendid service We are offering a specialty in « : = 3 x po
be impossible here to go into that career It has recently been proposed to make | to California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and | : 741 336 5 52
with any detail ; but the barest outlineis |_| nnn 1 - | use of the enormous power issuing from | Mexico, via New Orleans, If you are thinking of | 1% hy 2s
significant. : ] : Sr yeierTas ot y tis the sun in the shape of heat rays. What | going anywhere for your health or for pleasure, | ? 8 01 3 55 2
Porfirio Diaz was born in the city of ULYSSES 8. GRANT. | enormous amount of labor is done by the | write, inclosing ten cents in stamps, and we will | —— HIGH GRADE—— 8 06! 359 5 25
Oaxaca, September 15th, 1830, on the an- a ane earth alone is evidenced in part | be glad to send yon some delightful descriptive | 5 os 1 515 21
niversary of the birth of Mexican indepen- | | by the circulation of water on the earth’s.| literature. i nin : iL
dence. : There has been confusion as to the The lower course of the tomb is already | surface. Every day the heat of the sun 8. F. B. MORSE, | R Day, Half-hour Strike Mantle Clock, Soi : L 5 04
locality, and in the city itself are a score | i, hace The weight of the entire struc- | turns into vapd@ia large amount of water General Passenger and Ticket agent, | . : 825 419 Te ou
ole el , 20 Ey Seen ture is in the neighborhood of twenty tons, | on all wate surfaces, and these rising | 4213-1 New Orleans. Cased in Solid Walnut or Oak, Tip 7: 4 56
Ane ; ny > own and : | of which the sarcophagus itself will make | vapors are far above us converted into RE — ; ® 1 = 7 4 51
“It was in the city of Oaxaca, street of about five tons. oP space inside is large TE. which the cool currents of air carry South Dakota in Springtime Handsomely Carved and 2 % : > 71 : ge
la Soledad, south side, Ne. 10, in which L'onounh to contain the: metallic casket of | 0ceriand to connirios whid tre. NOLBleSOl | | riod wir serine ers and spotted with | 8 47) 4 44] 10 04 731 95343
house is now a sugar-factory.” : highly polished copper, inside the cedar | With plenty of the fluid element, and upon the bewtital hire and er flowers. | I io. 7x aude
His father, Captain Jose Faustino Diaz, | ooffin "The casket of Bessemer steel which | further condensation the clouds in the |v "5c tHe he a ies a) EVERY ONE FULLY GUARANTEED. |9 00 457 10 1 I 5 jas
was of Asturian stock which: came to Mex- | poy, Violoses the coffin. will Le dispensed | shape of rain fall upon the earth. In| 50 EASES hs i | es Re aE Wah nt bos TE ln 717 9 354 15
ico in the first years of the Conquest. He with, as it is no longer needed, its place | smaller or larger quantities water Streams > oe Moses led the children of Israel in ancien 9 a 5 06 10 28 7 o 31l4 09
died in 1833. Dona Petrona Mory, Por- being taken by the stone sarcophagus, with | again toward the sea, and during this iis ET | 020 5 10 de el rans ee
firio's forceful mother, brought him the its heavy cover. : course man undertakes to withdraw from kota outrivals its siste : te ig en ast in the PRICE ONLY $3.50 Dx 3 a1) 1 4 Curwensvill 700 9153 51
drop of aboriginal blood, her grandmother The ceremony of dedicating the tomb | the water part of the stored-up power of | KO outrivals its sister states Sf the mtn 2 dp lL 5 43) 10 52...... Rustic.. 6 3 35
having been a Mixteca. She marked the 1 pi os 3 : : . products of its soil, sown, cultivated and harvest- ——ta— 5 511 11 02 tronach 3 27
; ; will take place on April 27, and will be | the sun, using it for industrial purposes. ed inlloss time and with groatercase thninsny! =. ~~ = = © = a GG 5 57) 11 06|....Grampian 3 21
boy out for the church ; and after finish- attended by an elaborate military dis- | The Paris meteorologist, Prof. Metericht, her tortion Gitie ts 7 into. oe P.M. Pow. | A. (AT. Lv. a
ing with the primary school at seven, tak- play. . estimates the quantity of water turned in- | °°" P70" © i vl ir saa
ing his turn as errand-boy in a store. and to vapor by the sun in the Mediterranean |, . > a ube gen Ed i : Dp a Aves,
going to the secondary school from eight to ee sea alone on a clear hot summer day at not Bo y efulf hm 30 aoe oy anc oy a ann | le er IE
fourteen, he entered the seminary. The A Brave Woman. less than 5,280,000,000 tons. At that rate | ,° °F i fais rd i Si hig! g 8 & Nov. 16th, 1896. 2 g 2
family had lost its modest fortune, and he Mis. Edward Read wife af the aptain the quantity of water taken from the entire tos oa) iene umaniion Agent, pi) ; 3 ] 5 = hs
supported himself by tutoring. Here he of the Oakes, a Philadelphia vessel pi globe on one hot day, within the limits of { 0" a EH, ay
i mn fis way of the great Zapotec, was towed into that or Sunday morn- | the temperature and tropical zomes, would | — — a ; : a rr erons ANN AEN,
uarez, then Governor of the state, who ine after a vou £959 d Bac il. | amount to not less than 245,000,000,000 New Advertisements. F. C. RICHARD’S SONS, 554 20011 ot ena 8 18] 12 n in
took a generous interest in the unguessed | 18 after a voyage of 259 days, having Sar | tons 41-46 High St BELLEFONTE, PA | 5 50] 203 11 i 8 20] 12 40/7 25
lad who was to mean so much to Mexico | @d from Hong Kong on July 4th, is a : Tee = : es : : 5 46) 2 01 8 24| 12 44|7 29
and to Juarez. heroine indeed. Mrs. Reed isa native of mm RAVE COMPLICATIONS EE EE G40, 8 30| 12 50(7 35
At seventeen Porfirio volunteered, with New Hampshire, a lineal descendant of | Polson on 4 Snake, G lain ’ Saddlery. 53 iB 10 44 .... Hannah s 5 15 aly 30
some of his comrades, for the war with the | Mollie Stark’ of Revolutionary fame, The Rattler Believed to Have Some on Its Body. 528 145 10 36 Port Matilda... 8 42| 1 007 47
United States. To their grief they were | 30d the Stark blood must flow in its pristine : res oo ROS 1 E mm 5 21 1.39] 10 28 ...... Martha...... 8 49 1 067 54
not sent to the front, hut served as a home | Vigor in her veins. Tornadoes, typhoons, Louis B. Bailey, of San Mateo, Fla., OFTEN ARISE FROX LITTL g | ! 3 $ 2 aren 4 Sutign, co 3 5 1 1 %
militia—the redoubtable company of the | Sickness, death, a disabled crew and a ship | shot a rattlesnake a short time agoand cut | pHINGS—MR. JAMES ROBERTS 4 56 1 16| 10 04/Snow Shoe Int.| 9 15 1 30/8 20
“‘Better-than-Nothings,”” as ribald towns- | one hundreds of miles out of its course | its rattles off. Soon afterward his face and a aoe $5,000 $5,000 | 4 53; 113| 10 01|...Milesburg.. ... 918 1 33|8 23
amen dubbed them. brought out the heroism of the captain’s | hands become inflamed, and he showed A SCRANTON, CITIZEN, HAS § 5 % 4 wo Bollelohisn : } 8 a1
Against his mother’s hope, his patron’s | Plucky wife. She cooked after the death | some of the symptoms of ivy poisoning. | > 125) 1248] 0 alr Cugtin on] So SoH
rage, and the scandal of the bishop, the | Of the ship’s cook, she nursed her sick hus- | Later, the swelling went down and was AN EXPERIENCE. | WORTH OF— Ber 9 30/-Mount Eagle... 953 2 088 55
young theologue soon decided to be a law- | band and his men, she made gallons of | forgotten. Bailey shot another rattle- |. 408 35 > 3 i wh 10 > ju ”
i and not a priest. Thrown entirely on genet Pex vay for me Tourvey us Snes, and a Iidns ne gn hi) ot i = : 3 0 32 % 3 Jo Beach Creek... 10 11] 2 26j9 13
“his own resources, he kept in the institute | °'€W, Who dared not eat ‘‘sa orse, e | left eye swelled until it closed, and his . Ce ae is . ESS |: 3 [ee ill Hall......| 10 22| 2 37/9 24
by taking pupils and by Ee slender help of | Oly meat they had on board, and whose | hands and wrists itched and swelled. Tb DS en anes HARES WARN, Sai 8 55 Lock ly 2 £05 3
the librarianship, ured for him by the | Piteous longings for meat had to be met by The ‘Forest and Stream’’ says that some at the time. They don't seem to amount . P.M. Pm | Am. Lv. Arr| aw. | p.m. |p.
S corn and oatmeal gruel. The vessel had to much, and perhaps only annoy us a lit- =