Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, June 23, 1893, Image 5

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    PS OU SE.
—-In a few days the receiver of the
defunct First National bank of Clear-
field will pay the fourth dividend to the
creditor: of that institution. It will be
dollar for dollar to all creditors. The
stock holders have not been assessed and
will receive fifty cents on the dollar.
— Go to E. Brown Jr’s. for your
wall paper.
—— A Lock Haven sewing machine
agent thought he would improve hi®
time while waiting on a companion in
business, by going in swimming at
Flemington the other day. According-
ly he undressed and putting his clothes
in his wagon jumped into the water.
In a very few minutes a passenger train
came steaming along and frightened the
horse into running away. The agent
realizing the condition he was in jumped
out of the water and tock across the
fields to bead his horse off which he did.
Aud when he succeeded in getting it
stopped it didn’t take him long to
change his birthday clothing for the ones
he had left in the wagon.
——For well made clothing go to
LigarNing STRUCK ~ IT.-—During
the severe thunder storm of Wednesday
night lichtning struck the shanty on the
rear of the house occupied by James
Eckenroth and family in Spring town-
ship. The electric bolt completely
wrecked the shanty, knocking the
pump into splinters and killing two
dogs that were sleeping under the build-
ing. Two children who were asleep in
the main part of the house only escaped
being struck by the bolt by about one
foot as the burn’t mark where the cur-
rent ran down the wall was that close
to their heads.
You should certainly not miss
seeing our line of ladies and misses
blazer coats with or without capes, wraps
&e for spring wear. Blazers from $2.00
up. The finest coats $2.50, $3.00, $4.00,
5.00, up to $10.00 and $12.00. All
shades tan, pearl, blue and black. Ly-
on & Co.
—Sheridan troop N. G. P., of Tyrone,
dedicated its new armory, in that place,
on Friday last. Governor Pattison and
staff and many of the prominent officers
of the guard were in attendance at the
The building which the brag troopers
will call their home was begun October
1st 1892 and was completed by the fol-
lowing January. It is 81x56 ft. built of
pressed brick, with stable room for sixty
horses on the first floor. The second
floor is fitted up as a drill hall together
with a kitchen and an office. The third
floor ' has been arranged as sleeping
quarters for the members. Everything
is complete and the boys are proud of
their new home.
MarrrAGE Licenses. —Issued during
the past week—Taken from the
Theodore Gaiting, of Montour Co.,
and May H. Wertz, of Liberty Twp.
Elery O. Brown and Minnie Carson,
both of Millheim.
J. Harry Williams, of Bellefonte,
and Myrtle Bullock, ot Milesbarg.
Joseph E. M’Kelvey, of Altoona,
and Edith S. Jones, of Port Matilda.
Jenjamin Aikey and Sallie G. Car:
sor, both of Spring Twp.
Audrew T. Solt and Lucinda M.
Sheets, both of Beaver Mills.
Patrick Hayes, of Snow Shoe,
Mary Bronoel, of Milesburg.
Wiliiam H. Wicks and Minnie C.
Robinson, both of Philipshurg.
E. J. Burd and Lenora Swabt, both
of Aaronsburg.
Pine Greve Mentions.
Mrs. Dr. Gibson, of Washiagton, paid a brief
visit to her sister, Mrs. J. B. Mitchel, the early
part of the week.
The barn raising on the burnt site of Jacob
Weaver's barn took place last Friday in charge
of Jacob Kelley, as contractor.
Among the arrivals from the Columbian ex-
position sight seeing, was N. E. Hess who re-
ports himself well pleased and says he was nct
robbed either.
—Wm. Sausserman Egq., one of Altoona’s.
Democratic ward politicians, tarried in our
town several days, after attending the funeral
of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Hammer.
W. C. Dunlap, of Gettysburg Theological
Seminary, is spending his summer vacation at
his home here, spparently enjoying the moun-
tain air and scenery of old Tussey.
And still they come. Now it's supervisor
David Reed who is anxious and willing to
serve the dear people in the capacity of sher-
iff, as a Republican candidate of Centre county,
thinking, as he does, that the office should
seek the man, and not the man the office. ©
Candidate for treasurer, John H. Beck, of
Walker Twp., floated round here last week
looking up his chances ‘to handle the county
finances. Although we have not had the
pleasure of meeting him, itis said that be is
very much of a gentléman and well qualified
for the position to which he aspires. A
The prolonged dry spell still continues with
10 signs of a refreshing shower, which is so
much needed, for the growing spring crops.
Barley especially will be a failure, while oats
and corn will have a longer time to. mature.
At present the corn crop is presenting an ua-
promising appearance, caused by the drought,
worms and birds. !
We are sorry to note a relapse in Mrs, Wm.
Garner’s condition. Some months ago she re-
ceived a partial paralytic stroke and for a time
her life was dispaired of. She recovered how-
ever sufficiently to converse with her friends,
until last week when she was attacked ‘with
heart failure, so that her relatives were hasti-
iy called to her bed
her condition’ is’ but slightly improved.
bedside, and at this writing
It is our pleasure this week to record the
marriage of one of our town's ladies, Miss El-
gie Housman to Mr. Wm. C. Lytle, of Benner
township, the event was celebrated at 8 o'clock
p.m. in the parlors of the Andrew Housman
home,on Main street, being strictly a family
affair, Rey. C. T. Aikens officiating. As usual
they were the victims of a calithumpian dem-
onstration, which honor they bore good
naturedly. Mr. Lytle the groom, is one of
Benner township’s well to do farmers. The
bride is a lady of fine appearance. and a most
excellent and amiable young lady quite equal
to the domestic duties that will devolve upon
her, and will do her part to make his home
ove of pleasure and happiness. To them the
WarcHMAN adds its blessing through all the
troubles of this mur dane sphere.
We record with regretthe death of Mrs,
Margaret Hammer, wife of Reuben Hammer,
of our town, which took place at the old Ham-
mer home, on Main street, onthe evening of the
14th inst., after a lingering illness with stom-
ach troubles, which culminated fatally in hem-
orrhages of the stomach. Her maiden name
was Miller and on the mother’s side she wasa
descendent of the Reed’s, early settlers and
founders of Reedsville, Mifflin Co., Pa., where,
she was born Nov. 1st, 1832. During her girl-
hood her parents moved to this section where
she formed the acquaintance of Reuben Ham-
mer, possibly one of the best known men in
the Valley, who with three children and six
grand children, three brothers and three sis-
ters, greatly mourns the death of one who was
always found first in every good and charita-
ble work, visiting and nursing the sick and
poor; engaging in everything with an earnest
conscientious desire to do her whole duty ;
regular in attendance at Sabbath school and
all church work as long as health permitted.
Connecting herself with the church early in
life she continued doing good all the three
score years alloted to her. The funeral took
place in the morning of the 17th. Her minis-
terial friend and pastor, Geo. Elliott, of the
Presbyterian church, of which she was a mem -
ber, officiated, assisted by Revs. Dunlap and
Reselutions of Respect
At a regular meeting of Lemont Lodge No.
T17 I. 0. O. F., the following resclutions were
unanimously adopted.
‘Whereas, God in his allwise Providence, has
seen fit to remove from our midst so suddenly
our worthy brother Frank Resides, and
Wuereas, Brother Resides by his honesty
and stilet integrity during life, had won the
esteem and respect of all who knew him, and
Wiereas, By his death we sincerely believe
that his family, now consisting of a widow and
six orphan children has sustained an irrepara-
ble loss, (Brother Resides being a kind and
indulgeut husband aud father and of a very
generous disposition), and this lodge losing a
strong supporter of the principles of our order
be it therefore,
Resolved, That while we humbly submit to the
Divine will of Him who doeth all things wel
and whose ways are not our ways, we deeply
sympathize with the bereaved family and
friends in this their hour of great affliction»
and that we beseech a great and Merciful
Father to lighten the burden which they ara
ealled upon to bear, be it further
Resolved, That we drape our charter for the
period of sixty days and wear the usual badge
of mourning and that a copy of these resolu-
tions be sentto the family of our departed
brother and be published in one or more of
our county papers.
G. R. Roan. >Com,
Ww. E.GROVE. )
Jurors Drawn for the August Term of
Quarter Sessions Court.
George Shimmel, miner......... Philipsburg.
Jacob A. Crider, luraberman....Boggs Twp.
L. M. Walker, farmer.... Snow Shoe.
Foster Beatty, farmer.. .Howard Twp.
John Summers, teamster.....S. Philipsburg.
James Butler, laborer.. Howard Boro.
E. C. Rowe, Supt iii ..Philipsburg.
Wesley Crain, laborer.. ..Huston Twp.
David Murphy, laborer ..Huston Twp.
Wilham Garner, farmer......Ferguson Twp.
John Kenyon, clerk......c.c...ce Philipsburg.
Jacob Hicks, farmer. Half Moon Twp.
John Carson, farmer.. ...Patton Twp.
S. T. Lobaugh, printer.... ...Centre Hall.
Albert L. Schaefler, carpenter, Walker Twp.
Amos Dunkle, earpenter........ Howard Boro.
William Ross, mason................Rush Twp.
Philip Young, gentleman........Worth Twp.
W. H. Reifsnyder, auctioneer....Millheim.
Frank Spatzer, miner......... Rush township.
Clayton Etters, miller..... .College Twp.
F. D. Hosterman, farmer......... Gregg Twp.
Rob’t J. Haines. gentleman, Snow Shoe Twp.
Chas. Humphrey, laborer........ Philipsburg.
R. H. Crosthwaite, saddler......Spring Twp.
Fred Robo, farmer.................Liberty Twp.
George Hodollar, laborer.....Burnside Twp.
Henry F. Bartley, carpenter,.....Bellefonte.
Calvin Wieland, coachmaker, Harris Twp.
Clayton Brown, Jr. merchant....Bellefonte.
George Ream, farmer .. ...Gregg Twp.
D. P. Shirey, farmer.. Union Twp.
Daniel Royer, farmer..... Miles Twp.
Reuben Crone, chairmaker.....Worth Twp.
John Confer, clerk... ........ Milesburg Boro.
John J. Orndorf, farmer, ...Haines Twp.
Joel Kling, farmer...... ... Marion Twp-
Chas. Whitehill, laborer.. .College Twp.
Elias Breon, carpenter...... ...Spri: g Twp.
Wm. M. Hartman. machinisi......Millheim.
S. M. McMururie, brickmaker, Spring Twp.
H. G, Meese, teacher. .Benner Twp.
Morris Furey, farmer pring Twp.
John Hagan, sawyer. ..Howard.
Sinclair Batchelor, dr ush Twp.
J. E. Royer, clerk..
Thomas McGowan,
Amos Ty:on, farmer....
Andrew Lytle, farmer.
George E. Mensch, labo;
Clement Dale, teacher....
Daniel Harter, laborer....
guson Twp.
wGollegs Twp.
..College Twp.
Marion Twp.
Richard O'Neil, laborer. ..Rush Twp.
Charles Loraine, clerk..... Philipsburg.
Vinton Beckwith, farmer.......Taylor Twp.
Charles Richards, jeweler......... ellefonte.
William Homan, carpenter...College Twp.
Chas. F. Cook, bookkeeper........Bellefonte.
Calvin Meyer, farmer...... .College Twp.
Albert Hoy, gentleman College Twp.
J. N. Hal}, farmer........... Howard Twp.
John Korman, laborer.
James C. Boal, justice. Centre Hall.
John Breon, farmer
Thomas M. Adams, farmer
Allen Brickley, farmer............
Thomas M. Weaver, farmer....Spring Twp.
Charles Kennedy laborer. Rah Twp.
Douglas Waugh, laborer, ..Philipsburg.
Wilson Heaton, laborer.......,....Boggs Twp.
Jas. M. Hartswick, teacher, Ferguson Twp.
William Wasson, farmer.,......Patton Twp.
Isaac Behers, farmer...... ...Half Moon.
A, F. Markle, butcher .College Twp.
Augustus Newman, merchant, Mllesburg.
John C. Marks, laborer...........Taylor Twp.
W. R. Haynes, farmer..... .Snow Shoe.
Geo. Blowers, undertaker....S. Philipsburg.
A. Y. Cassanova, gentleman.....Philipsburg.
: H.'D.S8howers, farmer...........Walker Twp.
Wm. Brachbill furniture dealer, Bellefonte
Lemuel Bierly, musician......... Boggs Twp.
J. H. Lutz, laborer......... weesnnte Spring Twp.
Geo. W. Gray, forgeman.. ..Milesburg.
Orrie Miller, plasterer.... ..Bellefonte.
Christian Buck, mill owner......Unionville.
Thomas Hasel, laborer Walker Twp.
Thos. A. Frye, laborer. Snow Shoe.
S. M. Buck, machinist. ..Bellefonte.
George Schoff, clerk.... ..Bellefonte.
William Shope, laborer. ..Milesburg.
Scott Holter, teacher... Liberty Twp.
Samuel Baisor, laborer ... Patten Twp.
John Hunter, laborer.. vi. Liberty Twp.
Ira Barger, carpenter ...Gregg Twp.
Jacob Baum, farmer. wenn Twp.
W. H. Winklebech, ca Miles Twp.
J. A. Kline, farmer F TEUson Twp.
Thomas Miles, roll ilésburg.
Philip Leitzell, bute Millheim.
James Durst, farmer
William Hutton, labo!
..Haines Twp.
James Duck, farmer....... Gregg Twp.
Samuel Parker, blacksmith....Philipsburg.
Emanuel Peters, farmer. oliege Twp.
Rush Larimer, grocer.. -.... Bellefonte.
Oscar Holt, farmer... Burnside Twp.
James Noll, laboret.. Milesburg.
——The following letters remain uncalled
for in the Bellefonte P. O. June 19, 1893.
William Brandon, Michael Cody, Branson
Knitting Co., Mrs, C. F. Mokle, Mrs.- Maggie
Beck, Ada Shank, E. H. Bullock, Josephine
E. Beck and Mrs. J. F. Teller.
When called for please say advertised.
The following are the prices charged for an-
nouncements in this paper. Sheriff $8,00 ;
Treasurer, $8,00; Register $6,00 ; Recorder
$5,00 ; Commissioners, $5,00. All candidates
are required to pledge themselves to abide the
decision of the Democratic county convention.
We are authorized to announce the name of
John Corrigen, of College township, a candi-
date for the office of Sheriff of Centre county
subject to the decision of the Democratic
County Convention. .
We are authorized to announce G. B. Craw-
ford, of Gregg township, a candidate for the
office of Sheriff. Subject to the decision of the
Democratic Ccunty Convention.
We are authorized to announce Cyrus
Brungart, of Millheim borough, a candidate
for the office of Shentf. Subject to the decis-
ion of the Democratic eounty convention. *
We are authorized to announce John P.
Condo. of Gregg township, as a candidate for
Sheritt. Subject to the decision of the Demo-
cratic county convention.
We are authorized to announce Geo. E.
Parker of Philipsburg as a candidate for
sheriff subject to the decision of the Demo-
cratic county convention.
We are authorized to announce H. F. McGirk
of College township, a candidate for the office
of Sheriff of Centre county, subject to the de-
cision of the Democratic County Conventon. *
We are authorized to announce John I. Pot
ter, of Boggs township,, a candidate for the
office of Treasurer of Centre county subject to
the decision of the Democratic County Con-
We are authorized to announce the name of
J. T. Lucas, of Snow Shoe township,a candidate
for the office of county Treasurer. Subject to
the decision of the Democratic county conven-
We are authorized to announce A. J. Griest
of Unionville a candidate for the office of
county I'reasurer. Subject to the decision of
the Democratic county convention. ¥
We are authorized to announce John Q.
Miles, of Huston township, a candidate for the
office of county Treasurer. Subject to the
decision of the Democratic county convention.
Weare authorized to announce John H.
Beck, of Walker township a candidate for the
office of county Treasurer subject to the de-
cision of the Democratic county convention.
We are authorized to announce George D.
Johnston, of Howard township, a candidate for
the office of county Treasurer. Subject to ihe
decision of the Democratic County Conven-
We are authorized to announce Howard
Moore, of Howard borough, a candidate for the
office of County Treasurer. Subject to the de-
cision of the Democratic county convention.
We are authorized to announce W. T. Speer
of Bellefonte a candidate for the office of coun-
ty Treasurer. Subject to the decision of the
Democratic County Convention.
We are authorized to announce G. L. Good-
hart, of Potter township, a candidate for the
office of county Commissioner. Subject to the
decision of the Democratic County Convention.
We are authorized to announce T. Frank
Adams, of Bellefonte, formerly of Boggs town-
ship, a candidate for the office of county Com-
missioner. Subject to the decision of the
Democratic County Convention.
We are authorized to announce S. B. Meyers,
of Milesburg, a candidate for the ofiice of
County Commissioner. Subject to the de-
cision of the Democratic County Conven-
tion. #
We are authorized to announce W. Galer
Morrison, of Bellefonte, a candidate for the of-
fice of county Recorder. Subject to the de-
cision of the Democratic County Convention.
We are authorized to announce W. J. Carlin,
of Miles townsi.ip, a candidate for the office of
Register of Centre county. Subject to the de-
cision of the Democratic County Convention.
We are authorized to announce A. G.
Archey, of Ferguson township a candidate for
the office of county Register. Subject to the
decision of the Democratic County Convean-
tion. ie
We are authorized to announce C. A. Weaver
of Haines township as a candidate for Register
subject to the decision of the Democratic
county convention.
We are authorized to announce G. W. Rum-
berger, of Philipsburg, a candidate for the
office of Register of Centre county. Subject
to the decision of the Democratic County Con-
vention. *
New Advertsemernts.
OR SALE.—Lot of ground con-
taining 6 acres, fronting 914 rods on 15th
street, having erected thereon two buildings
12x70 teet fitted up with divisions and yards
suitable for chicken raising, good location for
truck-farming. For information address
38-22-4t Tyrone, Pa.
@ Write for Samples— Name your price. :
Ly In Price, Fabric, Fit and Finish,
<4 Largest Stock of Pantings in the State
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Bright's Disease, Dropsy, Gravel, Ner-
vousness, Heart, Urinary or Liver Diseases.
Known by a tired languid feeling. Inaction of
the kidneys, weakens and poisons the blood,
and unless cause is removed you cannot have
health. Cured me over five years ago of
Bright's Disease and Dropsy.—Mrs. I. L.” Mil
ler, Bethlehem, Pa., 1000 other similar testa-
monials, Try it. Cure guaranted. Cann's
Kidney Cure Co. 12: Venango St. Philadelphia,
Pa. Sold by all reliable druggists.” 338 23-1y.
The season of 1893 will see the Misses
Ammerman’s millinery establishment, on
west Bishop street, filled with the most care-
fully selected line of goods ever brought to
will prevail during the season, and everything
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Y. P.M.
Y. P. M. is the best Whisky in the mark-
et for Family Use and Medical Purposes. Y,
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old Whisky is not surpassed by anything
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the 7Tyear-old $1.25 per quart. Orders hy
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Send for Frice List. iho
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838-23:3m Opposite Monroe 8t., Philadelphia.
New Advertisements.
Sechler & Co.
OTICE.—AIl persons indebted to
the estate of John M, Wagner de-
ceased or the firm of John M. Wagner & Son
will save cost by suit by paying within thirty
days from this date. June 10th 1893.
38-24-3t* Attorney.
OME FOR SALE.— At Linden
Hall, Pa. A pleasant home consisting
of one acre of land, with good house, complete
set of out-buildings, excellent fruit, water, ete.,
can be purchased cheap, by addressing or in-
quiring of the subscriber '
38 22-3m Spring Mills.
TRAY HORSES.—Came to the
residence of the subscriber on Buffalo
Run 24 mile from Waddle Station, on or about
the first of June two mares a bay and a black,
the bay blind of an eye, both having the ap-
pegrines of farm Nioroess The bwhss is I
quested to prove property, pay chargesan
take them away otherwise : 5 will be dis-
posed of as the law directs.
38-24 3t DAVID THOMAS.
CHARTER.—Notice is hereby given
that an application will be made to Hon. A.O.
Furst President Judge of the Court of Common
Pleas of Centre county, on Saturday the first
day of July A. D. 1893 at ten o’clock a.m. of
same day for the charter of a corporation to
be called the “Board of Trade of Bellefonte
Pa.” the object of which shall be organized
effort to foster and develop local industries,
already organized, to promote new industries,
and increase trade in Bellefonte, and facilitate
cheap transportation to and from Bellefonte.
Solicitors for Applicants.
Letters of administration on the es-
tate of T. V. Hunter having been granted, the
undersigned by the Register of Wills of Law-
rence Co., Pa. All persons indebted to said
estate, are requested to make immediate pay-
ment, and those having claims against the
same vill present them without delay to
SARAH C. HUNTER. } Administrators.
203 Elwood City, y
38-25-6t. Lawrence Co.,
is hereby given that the undersigned
having been appointed executor of the estate
ot Terrance McAlarney, deceased, of Worth
township, Centre county, Pa., requests all per-
sons knowing themselves to be indebted to
said estate, to call and make payment of same,
and all persons having claims against same to
Present them for payment or iorever be de-
arred from a share thereof.
hereby given that the undersigned
an Auditor appointed by the Orphans Court of
Centre county to make distribution of the
fonds in the hands of the accountant of the es-
tate of John Reynolds, late of Miles township,
deceased to and among those legally entitled
to receive the same, will meet the parties in-
terested, in the offloo of Orvis, Bower & Orvis
in the Borough of Bellefonte, on Saturday, the
24th day of June, 1893, at 10 o'clock a. m. when
and where all parties interested may attend, if
they see proper or be debarred from coming
in on said fad.’ J.C. HARPER.
38-23-3t. Auditor.
¥ Orphan’s Court of Centre County.
Iu the matter of the estate of George Grossman
late of Potter township said county deceased
The undersigned, an Auditor appointed by said
court, to hear and pass upon the exceptions
filed restate account in accordance with his
findings and make distribution of the balance
in the hands of the accountant to and among
those legally entitled to receive the same,
hereby gives notice that he will meet all par-
ties in interest for the purposes of his appoinf-
ment, at his office in Bellefonte, on Friday the
30th day of June 1893, at 10 o’clock a. m. when
and where all parties in interest will appear
and present their claim for settlement or be
forever debarred from making claim upon
said fund. H. H. HARSHBERGER.
38-24 3t Auditor.
In the Court of Common
Eveline Graham)
vs. { Pleas of Centre Co.
Chas. F. Graham { No. 43 April Term 1892.
J Subpeea in Divorce A. V. M.
To Charles F. Graham, Defendant : Please
take notice that you are hereby notified and
required to appear before said court on the
Fourth Monday of Aug.1893 to show cause
why a decree of divorce Vineule Matrimoni
should not be made and entered in favor of
libellant in above case, personal service upon
vou having failea on aceount of your absence,
should you fail to appear as commanded the
libellant will proceed exparte.
Sheriff Office June 121893. W. A. ISHLER.
38 23-41 Sheriff.
Sarah M. Wert. [Inthe Court of Common
VS. J Pleas of Centre County
Elias Wert. Judgment No 257 Aug. T. 1892
. Fi Fa No 34 January T. 1893.
Sur exceptions to acknowledgement of Sher-
iffs deed.
The undersigned an Auditor appointed by
said court to hear and pass upon the excep-
tions filed to the return of the Sheriff to the
above writ of Fieri Facias and to report a
schedule of distribution of the funds arising
from the Sheriff’s sale of the real estate of
said Elias Wert on the Fieri Facias to No. 84
January T+ 1893, hereby gives notice that he
| will meet all parties in interest for the pur-
oses of his appointment at his office in Belle-
ig Pa., on Tuesday, the 18th day of July
1593, at 10 a. m., when and where all parties in-
terested may attend if they see fit.
38 25.3t. Auditor.
e may live without poetry, music and
We may live without conscience and live with-,
out heart;
We may live without friends, we may live
without books; = i, oof hue
But civilized men cannot live. without cooks.”
Meredith was evidently a practical
poetand were he alive to-day he would
no doubt add a few lines in reference
to the Improved appliances which
make the labor of cooking almost a
pleasure. Among these we would call’
your attention to the, i
with movable bottoms,
ROASTERS with ventilated ends
Asbestos cooking mats, and _numer- . .
ous other articles which are indispensi-
able after being once used. Come and
examine them and if you are contempla-
ting the purchase of a Range don’t buy
until you see the
7-41-3m. DANIEL IRVIN & SON:
This space is reserved for
whose great bargain sale of
Childrens Clothing has giv-
en them no time to write
anything for you this week.
! 0389.
fy ECHLER & CO.——*
IN TEAS we have Oolongs, Gun-Pow-
der, Imperial, Young Hyson, Japan
English Breakfast, and our Fine Blend-
ed Tea is something that will please any
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ment, Rio— Finest Brazilian. All ex-
cellent quality and always fresh roasted.
Baker's Premium Chocolate and, Break-
fast, Cocoa, Van Houten's Cocoa, Wil-
bur's Chocolate, and German Sweet
a line of Joseph Burnett & Co's, (Bos-
ton) goods, they are the finest we can
find, also a line of Knight's extracts.
BEANS, California Limas, New York
Marrow and Pea Beans, dried Green
RICE New Crop Carolina Head Rice.
‘Cottage, Home and Worthington Brands
—CoRrN Persian and Mountain Brands,
—CoRrN Granules, Lima Beans and
Succotash, Dew Drop brand. GREEN
Pras, Early Junes, Scottish chief and
Cecelia brands. PINE APPLE sliced and:
grated, Strawberries and White Cher
ries, Dew Drop brand. Boston Baked
Yellow Crawford, Lemon Cling, and
White Heath Peaches, White Cherrid
and Apricots.
FRUITS, French Peas and Mush»
rooms, Preserved Cherries, Straw-
berries, Brandy Cherries and Crosse
Blackwell's Jams all in glass.
Syrup, Honey strained and in combs,
Plum Pudding, Armour’s Corned Beef
Potted Tongue and Ham, Condensed
milk, Dunham's Shred Cocoa nut.
Rich Mild Cream Cheese, Small Family
Cheese, Bradford County Dairy But-
Buckwheat Fiour, Corn Flour, Gluten
Flour, Vienna Flour.
Fine Confectioners and Cut Loaf Sugars
Extra Fine New Crop New Orleans
Syrups, Pure White Sugar Table
Syrup, Pure Cider Vinegar.
NUTS, Princess Paper Shell, Califor-
nia and DBordan Almonds, Assorted
Nuts, English Walnuts, Pecans extra
large, Cream Nuts, Fresh Roasted
Peanuts, Cocoa Nuts extra quality.
Fine Mixtures, Cream Chocolates
Roast Almonds, Cream Dates, Rosi
and Vanilla, Jordon Almonds, Frencl
Glace Fruits, Fine Chocolate Caramels,
Chocolate Marsh Mallows, § Cocoa Nuy
bon bons, Chocolate Madridos, Lozenges,
Clear Toys, and a large assortment of
2 ads in this line all carefully se-
ected. :
French Bouillon, Consomme; Oz Tail,
Mock Turtle, Mulligatawny, and
Terrapin. 2 Hid
OLIVE OIL, S. Rea §& Co.'s} Pint,
Pints and. Quarts. The finest ana.
lystsin the World pronounces it pure.
PICKLES , IN - GLASS, Crasse &
Blackwell's Chow Chow, Gherkins,
Mized, White
" Picalilli, and Walnuts.
| CEREAL. GOODS. Oat Meal, Rolled
Oat, Cracked Wheat. Pearl Barley,
. Breakfast and Dinner Hominy, Ma-
caroni and Vermacceli.
MEATS. Fine Sugar’ Cured Hams,
Breakfast Bacon and Dried Beef,
White Rose Lard.
\ GREEN FRUITS, Florida Oranges,
Messina, Lemons, White Almeria
Grapes, Catawba Grapes, and Jersey
CURED FRUITS. Evaporated Cali-,
| fornia Pared and unpared Peaches,
and Apricots. = pe bn
RAISINS, Imperial Cluster, Fine Lay-
ers, Ondaras, Valencias, Sultana’ and
California Seedless and Loose Mus
catels. hd .
FISH. New Mackerel very fine, Qodfis|
boneless and evaporated, SALMO}
| "Magnolia, Astoria and Glacier brand
* Hoey's Spiced’ Salmon, Shrimps, Leb
sters, Crab Meats and Spiced Oysters,
|! * Sardines, French }s, and }s Boneless.
Onions, Cauliflower,