Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, April 07, 1893, Image 5

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Miss Myra Holiiday entertained a
large number of her friends last night,
in honor of her guests Miss Stuckey and
Miss Suddier.
—— Editor Fred Kurtz, of the Centre
Hall Reporter, on Wednesday, sold his
flouring mill, coal and supply yard at
Centre Hall to W. H. Bartholomew a
general merchant of that place.
—— This evening at 7 o'clock the
State College public schools will give
their closing entertainment. A long
and varied program has been prepared
for the entertainment of friends of the
schools, who are cordially invited to at-
—— Last Friday afternoon while Dr.
R. L. Dartt wason his way to make a
professional call in Milesburg the bolt
holding the tongue of his buggy to the
axle broke and the team started on a
mad run down the pike. Samuel Lew-
ip and wife were coming up the road
when the accident occurred, and before
they could realize their danger the
runaways strack their buggy and threw
both occupants out. Mrs. Lewin was
bruised but not seriously. A little
farther on Wallace Gephart was wait-
ing in his father’s buggy, at the chain
works, where he narrowly escaped being
injured. As it was the buggy was
smashed up.
MARRIAGE Licenses. —Issued-during
§he past week—Taken from the
William Bell and Ida Gill, both of
Harry F. Miller and Bertha M. Robb,
both of Balletonte.
C. O. Musser and R. J. Lee, both of
George W. Conley and Bessie Gates,
both ot Stormstown.
Harry Winton aud Alice Saylor, both
of Spring township.
William S. Heath, of Powelton, and
May M. Spitiler, of Sandy Ridge.
William L. Guusallus and Bertha
Bechdel, both of Liberty township.
Edwin F. Foreman and Lydia C.
Luse, both of Centre Hall.
John G Newland and Etta E. Sei- |
bert, both of Philipsburg.
W. F. Shutt and Margaret Vonada,
both ot Centre Hall.
SAVED BY A MIRACLE. —Monday eve-
ning, about 9 o'clock, as the band was
serenading Mrs. P. B Smith at the
Eagle hotel, William W. Price, better
known as “Billy” Price, a guest of the
hotel, who had retired for the night, ap-
peared at the window of his room on the
third floor. He hoisted the sash and
looked out, and leaned over the sill too
far, when those on the street were hor-
rified to see him slide out head foremost
and then suddenly stop with a jerk. and
money from the man’s pockets fall te
the pavement The clerk, J. G. Walz,
was attracted to the front door by the
cries of the boys “There’sa man hang-
ing up there!” and looking up saw
“Billy's” predicament. He hastily ran
upstairs and saw that the man was
hanging headlong from the window,
the sash having fallen on hie ankle and
holding him there. With an almost
superhuman effort Mr. Walz raised the
Sash with one band and with the other
caught bold of “Billy’’ and pulled him
buck a short distance, lowered she sash,
took fresh hold, pulled him back anoth-
er short distance, and tugged at him in
this manner uatil he succeeded in get- |
ting the almost frightened-to death man
into the room.—Lock Haven Democrat.
——A more perfect day has rarely
been given on which to celebrate the
Eustertide than last Sunday, and a more
general celebration of the most joyous
festival of the Christian world has rare-
ly been known in this quiet little town.
With a clearsky, a radiant sun and a
bracing breeze, everybody felt iike re
joizing and the consequence was, the
churches were all filled with worshipers
who joined in the Hosannas and who en-
joyed the services and flowers.
All the churches were beautifully dec-
orated with potted plants and lilies, but
the Presbyterian and Reformed outdid
themselves and all the others, in their
music. While some of the good old
conservative Presbyterians were a little
astonished to receive a printed program
of the morning and evening service,
they acquitted themselves nobly when
the organ roared and the voices shouted
“The Heavens are Telling” and al-
though the organist, George Brandon
and the choirof twelve voices considered
this their coup d’ etat, the congrega-
tion generally thought, “Christ Oar
Passover,” “Alleluia.” and ‘Awake,
Thou that Sleepest,” far more beautiful,
In the Reformed church the evening
exercises by the little ones were particu-
larly pleasing,” Jennie Harper and Bet-
ty Brouse sang a duet entitled “The
Gospel of Flowers” and Karl Bell's
“Sing Sweet Carols” was a revelation
to those who imagine a child cannot
make music. Miss Moore's “Alleluia
Christ is Risen” with a. violin obligato
deserves special mention, and in fact
Miss Harper, who sang “Fear Not Ye
O Israel,” in the morning, and everyone
of the soloists did exceedingly well.
T. Irvin Humes, who is well
known in this place, has moved from |
Brisbin, Clearfield county, to Pittsburg,
where he will be employed by the
Hughes and Guthrie Lumber Co.
—— On last Saturday evening Harry
Miller and Miss Beriia Robb were msr-
ried at tke home of the bride’s parents, on
east Beaver street, by the Rev. W A.
Houck. Clarence Rodgers nobly per-
formed the daties of best man and Miss
Sadie Caldwell served the bride as maid
of honor. The happy couple departed
on the evening train for a short wedding
trip after which they will go to house-
keeping in Harrisburg where the groom
has secured a good pusition.
Pine Grove Mentions.
That prince of gond fellows, Prof. George W.
school, spent his Easter vacation among his
Pine Grove friends.
We desire to eorrect an error in our last let-
ter in which our informant erred ia stating to
us who was the champion player. It was Mr.
Bunnell, of Lewistown. Honor to whom hon
or is due.
On the afternoon of the 20th Mr. Charles E.
Decker, of Lemont, accompany by his intend-
ed bride, drove to the Lutheran parsonage
here where they were quietly married by Rev.
C. T. Aikens in the presence of several guests.
After which they quartered at the St. Elmo for
the night where they were most royally enter-
tained by mine host and his lady. Of course
the calithumpians were heard from and for a
time the night air was made hideous in the
effort to have the bride and groom make their
Last Tuesday, the 4th inst. was an old fash_
1oned March blow day. The kind of days that.
invariably fan sparks into flames. Some-
time about fiveo'clock p. m. Mr. Harshber-
ger’s house, below Boalsburg, caught fire from a
spark on the roofand in forty minutes was all
in ashes. The wind blowing a terrible gale
fanned the leaping flames. But littie ot the
household goods were saved. At the same
time the Oak Hall foundry caught from the
cupalo, but the race being near water was
dashed on and the flames extinguished with
but little damage, except 10 a part of the roof
Another old veteran gone. Inthe last days
of March there came the summons which all
mast obey toanswer the last roll call, and all
that was mortal of color sergeant Joseph Rig-
i els was born to its final resting place in the
| Aitooua cemetery. After the burial the ¢ m-
| rades mar ‘hed aw», leaving him alone in his
| glory, knowing full well a good and true de-
| fender of the Republic had been laid to rest in
| his tented mound of earth. sergeant Rigels
| was a member of €o. E. 45, P. V. Vol., of which
the writer was a member. He enlisted with
i the promise of carrying the regimental flag
| by Col. Thomas Welsh. This position he filled
with honor and distinction, having been three
times wounded, at Anti-tam, Sept. 17th, he
was wounded and at Poplar Grove, Palmer's
far © S~pt. 30th '61, he was shot down, but
comrade J. G. Heberling hoisted the flag to
the breeze until he fell and the entire Regt
was captured. Atter the sergeant’s recovery he
carried the flag until the close, serving over
four years as one of the conspicuous members
of thie Regt., being six feet four inches tall and
equally well proportioned. His sudden death
was caused by heart failure at theage of 82
Easter Sunday was observed with more than
usual activity in this place. After the morn”
ing services in the Presbyterian church. Rev’
George Elliott organized a Temperance socie-
ty A constitution was adopted in brief, sub-
juct to future amend 1 ents. The revered gen-
tleman was elected presid:nt, D. W. Miller
first vice president, and Mrs. A. P. Mitchell
second vice president, Mrs. M. A. Miller,
secretary and W. H. Baily to count ard take
care of the “rocks.” Mr. Elliott was elected a
representative to the Harrisburg convention
in session this week. Easter morning with
the sun pouring torth its bright rays added
much to the enjoyment and interest of the oe.
casion that brought out large congregations
everywhere. W.C Dunlap, of the Gettysburg
Tueological Seminary, filled the Lutheran pul-
pit in the morning, basing his remarks on the
| Hidden Life in Christ. In the evening very
appropriate services were held in the Luther:
an church in commemoration of the glorious
resurrection of the world’s Saviour. Easter
along with Christmas, is the most joyous festi_
. val of the church year and certainly as such it
was observed by the Lutheran Sunday school
{ and congregation. Rev. C, T. Aikens had
. charge of the services. To the reverend
| muen credit is due for his untiring efforts in
putting the church mn proper array for the fes.
tivities. The fore part of the church was
tastefully decorated with flowers and potted
plants, which certainly made a very prety ap-
! pearance to the large audience In the back
ground was a gate standing ajar and over the
portals the words. “Gate of Life” To the
right was a large white cross entwined
evergreen and bearing the inscription “He is
Risen,” from which leading to the gate wasa
white path. Midway between the cross and
portal was a miniature church fitted up with
all the external appearances of a real church
stained glass windows, steeple and bell. It too
was illuminated and attracted the attention
of all who had the pleasure of being
present. Amid the banks of flowers was a
large nest of Easter eggs, which was distribu-
ted among the children present. The services
were lengihy, some two hours was required t.
get through the program=, and space does not
permit their description, but we cannot re-
irain from a word of praise to the infant class,
of fifteen, who performed their part so well,
considering theirages. The report of the Sun-
day school was read by Secretary N. S. Krebs
which showed the past year to have been ove of
unusual prosperity. The benediction was pro-
nounced by Rev. George Ellioit aud thus elosed
one of the most joyous Easter services ever
held in our village.
In Memoriam.
Milesburg, Pa. April, 1 1893.
WuEeREAs, Death has again invaded our
lodge circle and taken from our midst our
brother, P. G., W. C. Grove a member of Bald
Eagle Lodge No. 410 I. O. F., be it
Resolved, That we bow in humble sutmis-
sion to the will of Him, who doeth all things
Resolved, That this lodge feels deeply for
the bereaved family, and tender them. our
hearty sympathy in this painful rending of
their dearest of earthly ties, and commend
them to Him who alone can heal our sorrows.
Resolved, That our charter be draped in
mourning for the space of thirty days as a
mark of respect to the memory of our deceas
ed brot her.
Resolved, That a copy of this expression of
our sentiments be presented to the mourning
family, and a copy sent to the county papers
, for publication. W. F. Furrox,
| Committee, § W. R. CampBELL,
| i Geo TavLoR,
Weaver principal of the Curwensville hign !
School Reports.
The following is the report of Laurel Rui
school, Worth townships for the 6th month,
ending March 29th, 18:3.
Nu 1 ber of pupil- enrolled boys 18, girls 9,
total 27 Willie Weston, Estes Woodrin;
Harry (ates, Wilbur Woedring, Victor Weston
Clittord Spackmen, Wilbur Winning, Mar ger.
Cowher, Viola Cowher, Effie Cowher, an:
Maud Jones, attended every day during th.
month. E.tes Woodring attended every da
during the term of 120 days. John Littl
Buad Winning, and Lulu Cowher missed bu:
one day each during the month. Willie Wex-
ton, Frank Moore and Harry G tes wer:
awarded the first prizes in the A. B. and C
spelling classes, E.J. WILLIAMS,
Following is the report of Shady Dell schoo
Worth township, for the sixth moaths endii ¢
March 28, 1893.
Number of pupils enrolled, boys 13, girls 12,
total 27, averaze attendance; boys 9, girls 9.
total 18. Percentage of attendance boys 96
£ivl= 82. total 85. Those who didn’t miss a day
wore. |
Frantz. Those wh) missed but one day were
Fa itha Adams, Susie Frantz and James
Reese. Thus ends the school term of 1892 and
er and pupils. The poor attendance was due
not to sickness nor to any neglect of the teach-
er but only to the carelessness of the parents
J. H. CowHER,
To Whom It May Concern.
range. C. W, LovELAND.
Lamar, Clinton Co., Pa.,
March 20, 1894, 38-14
WrouaeHT IroN RANGE Co.
Gentlemen :--
exactly the same as sample shuwn us.
Zion, Pa., March x4, 1893. 33-14
nouncements in
Treasurer, $3,00 ;
$5,00 ; Commissioners, $5,00.
this paper.
Register $6,00 ;
decision of the Democratic county convention.
County Convention.
office of Treasurer of Centie county subject to
Mary Adams, Sarah Peters and Pias
It was I think, profitable, both to teach-
This is to certify that the Home Comfort
Steel Range was sold to my neighbors in In-
diana when I lived there in 1887, and they
were all very well pleased with it. Being anx-
ious to know in regara to their durability, I
wrote to a friend there on March 8th, 1893,
and received a reply very flattering to the
We purchased fiom Mr. 8.
McCort, agent for said company, one Home
Comfort Range. It is superior over all other
ranges for baking and stewing, and saves one
half of the fuel used in the cast stove, and is
The following are the prices charged for an-
Sheriff $8,00 ;
All candidates
are required to pledge themselves to abide the
We are authorized to announce the name of
John Corrigan, of College township, a candi-
date forthe office ot Sheriff of Centre county
subject to the decision of the Democratic
We are authorized to announce John I. Pot
ter, of Boggs township,, a candidate for the
the decision of the Democratic County Con-
New Advertisements.
Sechler & Co.
OTICE OF SALE.—Notice is
hereby given that there will be ex-
used to publ ¢ sale on
APRIL 27th, 1893, A. D.
at ten o'clock a. m.,
«t Whitmer’s siding in Centre county, Penva.
nd manufacturing lumber. This lumbér was
nanufactured by M. G. Brown for A. B. Hoover
ind ix b ing sold for the payment of labor in
aid manufacturing as is provided in the Act
I Assembly. :
Attorney. 39-13-3t
By virtue of an oraer issued out of
ae wrphau’s Court of Centre county, there will
oe expored to public sale in front of the
vourt House, at Bellefonte, on
at 2 o'clock P. M. a
Being the property of the late Mary Ann Gil-
more deceased. Bounded and described as
follows, viz : On the south by Logan street;
‘vn tha wert by lot of T. R. Reynolds; on the
north by lot of W. C Heinle ; and on he east
hy lot ot W. W. Montgomery, being 33 feet in
width on Log .n street and extending back in
depth 100 feet to a fence : Being lot No. 78 in
the general plan or plot of said borough. Hav.
ing thereon erected asmall new 1}4 story 3
room dwelling house.
Terus oF SALE. One half of the purelaser
money to be paid on confirmation of rale, and
the balance in one year with interest to be
secured by judgment or bond and mortgage on
the premises, bonds to be given in the sum of
one thousand dollars to be approveaby the
Court or a Judge 1 hereof.
35-13-3t Administrator
Whereas the Honorable A.O. Furst,Pres
ident Judee of the Court of Common Pleas of the
49th Judicial Distriet, consisting of the coun
ties of Centre and Huntingdon, and the Honor
able Thomas M. Riley and Honorable Corlis
Faulkner, Associate Judges in Centre county
having issued their precept, bearing date the
3rd day of April to me directed, for
holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer and
General Jail Delivery and Quarter Sessions of
the Peace in Bellefonte, for the county of
Centreand to commence on the 4th Mouday of
April being the 21th day of April 1893. and to
continue two weeks, notice is hereby given to
the Coroner, Justices of the Peace, Aldermen
and Constables of said county of Centre, that
they be then and there in their proper per-
sons, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of the 24th,
with their records, inquisitions, examinations,
and their own remembrances, to do those
things which to their office appertains to be
dene, and those who are bound in recogni-
zances to provera against the prisoners that
are or shall be in the jail of Centre county, be
shen and there to prosecute against them as
thall be just.
Given under my hand, at Bellefonte, the 3rd
day of April, in the yea: of our Lord, 1893,
and the one hundred and fourteenth year of the
independence of the United St: tes.
EGAL NOTICE.— Notice is here
by; given to all
that the following inventories o
chattels set apart to w dows under the provis.
ions of the Act of 14th of April, 1851, have been
confirmed ni si by the Court, and filed in the
office of tne Clerk of the Orphans Conrt of Cen-
tre county and if no exceptions be filed on or
before the flrst day of next term the same will
be confirmed absoiutely.
1. The inventory and appraisement of the
personal property of Joseph Kreamer late of
Miles township decea-ed, as set apart to his
widow Maud Kreamer,
We are authorized to announce W. J. Carlin,
of Miles townsiip, a candidate for the office of
Regis er of Centre county. Subject to the de.
cision of the Democratic Ccunty Convention.
We are authorized to announce A. G.
Archey, of Ferguson township a candidate for
the office of county Register. Suijeet tothe
decision of the Democratic County Conven-
New Advertisements.
ANTED.— An experienced Dry-
Goods and G ocery clerk ina com-
pany store, in Clearfield county. Address
this office, care of X. Y. 38 11 3t. *
ANTED.—A middle aged single
lady for matron at Fraternity house,
Address BOX 145
38-12-tf State College, Pa.
WOOD WAN! ED.—The highest
Prive will be paid for good hickory and ash
andle wood at the Mountain Eagle Handle
Factory. Write for dimensions and prices.’
J. B.LEATHERS, Proprietor,
39-10-3m Mountain Eagle, Pa.
OR RENT.—A seven room two
story brick house on Burnside street,
Reservoir hill, with an acre of ground attach-
ed ; hard and soft water on the premises ; all
modern eonveniences. Also an eight room
2,1-2 story dwelling house on Allegheny street,
between Logan and Bishop. Inquire o. E.
Brown, Jr. 38-14
Samuel Hess, late of Ferguson town-
ship, deceased. The undersigned an auditor
appointed to make d‘stri* ution of the balance
in the hands of the executor of said estate will
meet all parties interested at his office in
Bellefonte, April 21st, 1893, for sai purpose.
38-13-3t Auditor.
Letters of administiation on the es-
tate of Joseph L. Mitchell deceased, late of
College township, having been granted to the
undersigned he desires all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate to make
immediate payment and those having claims
against the same to present them duly au-
thent icated for settlement.
38 11 6t. Gallitzen, Pa.
2. The inventory and appraisement of the
personal property of J. G. Gersuch, late of Pat-
ton township deceased, as set apart to his
widow Henrietta Gersuch.
personal property of Christian Gingerich late
of Harris township deceased as ret apart to
his widow Sarah Gingerich.
4. The inve tory and appraisement of the
personal property of David A. Lucas late of
Boggs township deceased, as set apart to his
widow Eliza I. Lucas,
5. The inventory and appraisement of the
personal property of john Write of Howard
township deceased, as set apart to his wid w
Martha J. White.
6. The inventory and appraisement of the
personal property of Jacob Gephart, late of
Milheim horough deceased as set apart to his
widow Cutharine Gephart.
7. The inventory and appraisement of the
per=onal property of Hobart Allport, late of
Philipsbure horongh deceased as set apart to
hix widow Edith S. Allport.
8. The inventory and appraisement of the
personal property of Lindaman Wingard late
persons interested !
f goods and
The inventory and appraisement of the !
ing 216 acres and 34 perches neat measure.
of Penn township deceased, as set apart to his
widow Roseta Wingard.
38 14 Register.
lowing accounts have been examined,
assed and filed of record in the Register's of-
ice for the Jaspentian of heirs and legatees,
creditors and al
Centre county on Wednesday, the 26th day of
April, A. D. 1893, for allowance and con-
1. The sccount of Wm. H. Stiver adminis-
trator of &ec., of Michael Stiver late of Potter
Twp. deceased.
2. The first and final account of Thompson
A. Snyderadministrator of &ec., of Charles A.
Courter deceased.
3. First and final account of T F. Royer ad
ministrator of &ec., of Catharine Royer late of
Potter township deceased.
4. The final account of Wm. Mulberger and
Samuel Leitzel administrator of &e., of Isaac
Mulbergerd: ceased as filed by Wm. Mul-
berger ot said admini-trators.
5. The first and final account of David L.
Kerr executor of &=., of Margaret Spangler late
of Potter township deceased,
6. Account of Clement Dale executor of &e.,
of Gabriel Fike late of Benner township de-
7. Tha aceount of Emery McAfee adminis-
trator of &c., of Henry Markle late of Patton
township deceased.
8. The account of Wm. Grossman adminis:
trator of &c, of George Grossman late of Pot-
ter tc woghip deceased.
9. Theaccount of John Wolf administrator
a. b. n.c.t. a. of John Reynolds late of Miles
township deceased.
tate of Mrs. Mary
ticated for settlement.
tivated { B. KAUFFMAN,
38- 13
Letters of administration on the es-
White deceased late of
Gregg townshlp having been granted to the
undersigned he requests all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said esiate to make
immediate payment and those having claims
against the same to present them duly authen-
Zion, Pa
10c. a package at Drug Stores or address
38 11 4t. Elmira, N.Y.
The season of 1893 will see the Misses
Ammerman’s iljnery establishment, on
west Bishop street, fille
fully selected line of
= = = = = = ~- HATS AND BONNETS
will prevail during the season, and everything
in the line of trimmings can be secured “at the
most reasonable prices.
We have our opening every day. Always
goods ever brought to
something new to look at.
with the most care-
10. First and final account of Henry Beck
administrator of &c., of Jacob Nestlerode late
of Miles township:
11. The 4th partial account of M.L. Rishel
administrator of &c., of Wm. Bloom late of Fer-
guson township deceased.
12. Account of Wm. Cronoble administrator
of &c., of Philip Cronoble late of Gregg town-
ship deceased.
13. Account of Geo. P. Hall administrator
of &c., of Charles McGarvey late of Union
township deceased.
14. The account of James S. Stahl adminis-
trator ot &c., of Margaret Bradley late of Pot-
ter township deceased.
15. The first and final account of J. W. Lee
and George L. Lee administrators of &c, of
Jno. B. Lee late of Potter township deceased,
16. The account of 8. Peck executor of &c.
of Robert W. Long late of Walker township
17. First account of E.C. Humes Jr. adminis
trator of &c., of W. H. Humes, late of Belle
fonte borough, deceased.
18. Second and final account of J. M. Gar-
brick executor of &c., of Henry J. Dunkle late
of Walker Twp. deceased.
19. The final account of J. Henry Meyer sur-
viving administrator of &c., of Henry Meyer
late Harris Twp. deceased.
20. The first account of Wm. H. Goss admin-
istrator of &ec., ot Samuel Goss late of Fergu-
son Twp. deceased.
{21 First and final acccunt of D. L. Zerby-
executor of &c., of W. J. Springer late of Mill.
! heim borough deceased. :
22. Firstand final account of H. A. Hart-
sock administrator of &e., of Hays Harlsock
late of ‘Houston township deceased.
38-13 Register.
{ said lands of the heirs of John Siere south
others in anywise interested, |
and will be presented to the Ornl ans’ Court of |
to lands oi heirs of Joon Stere, th nee along
e may live without poetry, music and
’ .
We may live without conscience and live with-
out hears; .
We may live without friends, we may live
without books;
But civilized men cannot live without cooks.”
Meredith was evidently a practical
poet and were he alive to-day he would
no doubt add « few lines in reference
to the improved ap liances whicn
make the labor of cooking almost a
pleasure. Among these we would call
your attention to the
with movable bottoms,
ROASTERS with ventilated ends.
Asbestos cooking mats, and numer-
ous other articles which areindispensi-
able after being ones used. Come and
examine them and if you are contempla-
ting the purchase of 4 Range don’t buy
until you see the
37-41-3m. DANIEL IRVIN & SON.
Sheriff's Sales.
By virtue of sundry writeof Fieri Facias
Levari Facias and Venditioni Exponas issued
out of the Court of Common Pleas and to me
directed, there will be exposed to public sale,
at the court house, in the Boro of Bellefonte,
on Saturday the 22nd day of April 1893 at 1
o'clock p. m. the (ollowing descriced real es-
All defendants right title and interest in that
certain tract or piece of land situate in Liberty
township, Centre county Pa. Bounded and
described as follows : Beginning at a Beech
and running thence north 47° E. 6814 per. to
stones on the southerly ~ide of Beech Creek,
thence along the southerly sida of said creek
sou h 70° E. 11 perches, thence south 63° E.
18 perches to the abutments of Hall's Dam,
thence south 47° west 6914 perches to a June-
berry, thence north 62° west 25 perches to
the piace of beginning. . ontaining 11 acres and
74 perches neat measure, T'hereon erected.
Seized taken in «execution and to be sold as
the property of John M. Herr.
All that certain m:ssuage of land situate ly-
ing and being i: the borough of Philipsburg,
Centre county and state of Penna. bounded
and described as follows: Beginning at a
post at tne southwest corner ot Pine and
North second streets, thence by line of said
north Second street sixty-six (v6) feet to a post
in line of lot of Joseph Haines estate, thence
by line of suid Haines lot sixty (61) feet to a
post at the corner of lot of Jas. Passmore,
thence by line o said Passmore’s lot sixty six
('6) feet to a post in said Pine street ana
thence by line of said street sixty (60) feet to
a post the place of beginning. hereon erect
3: a store building, butchershop livery stable
and other outbuildings
Seized taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Thomas Dutcher.
All that certain messuage, tenement and
tract of land situate in the township of Boggs,
County of Centre, bounded and described as
foliows : Beginning at a Hickory thence by
land of Joel Hancock south 47° west 142
p-rehes to store corner, thence south 4 © west
251 perches to a corner, thence north 5:° east
143 perches to a corner, thence south 41° east
232 perches to the place of beginning. Contain-
Thereon erected a small house, stable and
and other outbuildings.
Seized taken in execution and to be sold as.
the property of John Wa tson and Julia Watson
All that certain piece parcel or tract of land
situate and lying in the township oi Union in
the county of Centre and state of Penna.
bounded and described as fo lows : Beginning
at stove oa line of land ot Mrs Stine a .d at
corner of land of R. I. Comley, thence along
line of Mrs. Stine north 414° east 425-10
erches to post, thence north 54° west along
aud< of Hoops and Ingrams 148 5-10 perches
564° west 49 7-10 perches to ~tone on line of
lands of R. I. Comley. thence along lana of
R. T. Coml y south 5534° eaxt 1573-10 perches
to stones on line of Mrs. Stine, the place of
beginning. Containing #2 acres aud 16 perches
neat meas. re. Thereon erected a small house,
small barn and other outbuildings.
Seized taken in execution aud 10 be sold as
the property of F. G. Iugiam.
All that certain tract of land situate in the
townsh:p of Boggs, in the county of Centre
and state of Peuna. Bounded and describ-d as
follows, viz: Keginning at a pont on Bald
Engle creek adjoining lands of G. H. Lyman,
thence in a northerly direction along lands of
said G. H. Lyman, to lauds of Curtin and Co.,
thence east along lands of Curtin and Co., to
public road and the other land or said Curtin
and Co., to Bald Eagle creek, thence west
along said Bald Eagle creek to the place of bee
ginuing. Containing 125 acres more or less.
‘I'hereon erected a house, barn and other out-
Seized and taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of John Curtin and H. L.
Barnhart, surviving Jas. B .Curtin deceasd.
All that certain lot of ground situate and ly-
ing in the borough of Philipsburg, Centre
county Pa. bounded and described as follows,
viz: Beginning ata post ona street lately
laid out, thence north 80 feet to the edge of an
alley, thence west along the line of said alley
33 teet to a post, thence south in straight line
80 feet to the line of aforesaid street lately laid
out, thence east along the line of street 33 feet
to the place of beginning. Thereon erecied a
house and other outbuildings.
Seized taken in execution and to be sold as
property of C.P. Hoover,
The said building is located on a lot or piece
of ground situate In the township of Boggs,
Centre county Pa. bounded and described as
fol ows : . eginning at stones thence by land
of John Rockey south 43° east 95 perches to
stones, thence along land of John Neiman
north 874° east 18 4-10 perches, thence south
820 east 28 perches to stones, thence north
78}4° east 26 3-.0 perches to stones, thence
along lands of Daniel Lucas 43° west 118
perc es to stones thence along lands of E.
onfer south 72° west 63 perches to the place of
Beginuife Containing 40 acres neat measure.
Said building is a story and a half plank frame
building, 16x24 feet also thereon erected a sta-
ble and other outbuildings.
Seized taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of Elijah Sharp
All that certain messuage, tenement and lot,
or piece of land situate in Rush Twp, Centre
Co, Pa, bounded and described 28 follows :
Beginning at a post on west side of Lock Lo-
mond 8t., in line of lot No. 39, thence along said
street south, or nearly so, 50 feet to post in line
ot lot No. 41, thence along said lot west, or nearly
80, 150 feet to a post on an alley. thence along
said alley, or nearly so, north £0 feet, to a post
on line of lot No. 39, thence along said lot, or
nearly so. east 150 feet to the place of begin-
ning. Thereonserected a dwelling house and
other outbuildings. Being known and desig-
Daten as lot No. 44 in the plot of North Philips-
ed taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of H. C. Quigley Administrator of
&c of George Harris, dec'd.
TerMs—No deed will be acknowledged till
purchase money be paid in full.
3813 ‘ Sheriff,
IN TEAS we have Oolongs, Gun Pow-
der, Imperial, Young Hyson, Japan
English Breakfast, and our Fine Blend-
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