Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, October 28, 1892, Image 5

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Columbus Day at Howard.
Perhaps on no former occasion have the pu-
pils of the Howard schools enjoyed a day such |
as we had in our little town on Friday Oet. 21. |
All the pupils enrolled in the schocls, many of
the parents and citizens of the adjoining dis- !
triets assembled to do hon.r to the discoverer |
of America. The G. A. R.and P.O. S.of A. |
to whom much credit is due for the success of
the day and under whose direction the pro-
gram was arranged, turned outin full uniform
to participate in the parade.
E. W. Kline, principal of the schools after
distributing flags, formed the pupils in line in
front of the school house and from thence
marched to the P.O. S. of A. room where the
parade was ready to start. The procession was
lead by Nittany Hali Band followed by 13 of
Mr. Kline's pupils carrying the flag presented
to the schools and which was raisad over the
school house; along with these marched the
color guards of the G. A. R. Then came 13
boys of the same school carrying banners rep-
resenting the 13 original states ; Then came the
P. 0.8. of A. followed by the school. The pa-
rade of nearly 400 every one carrying a flag or
banner with some appropriate inscription
looked grand, especially the school children.
After marching through the principal streets
the procession filed into the school yard
where a stand had been erected for the speak-
ers. The program carried out was as follows:
Opening prayer by Rey. N. B. Smith of the M.
E. church; singing of America, by schools;
address by Rev. N. B. Smith ; raising of flag
aud music by bands; singing of Columbia by
schools ; address by H. W. Bender, of the Evan-
gelical church ; H. W. Quigley orator of the
day for some unexplained reason failed to put
in an appearance. Prof. Hamilton, of State
College, being in the crowd was called upon
by Mr. Kline for a speech, and responded with
a very neat and appropriate talk. The speech
of Rev. Smith was pronounced by all who
heard it to be most excellent; that by Rev.
Bender was also very good and wound up by
three rousing cheers for the flag.
Much credit is due the principal of the
schools, Mr. Kline, and the pupils for their
help in making the day a success. Prof. Kline
is a very patriotic and successful teacher and
always has a ready hand for any celebration
of our country’s age and independence.
The P. 0.8. of A.also return many thanks
to Prof. Kline and students for their kindness.
I ——
An Interesting Communication on the
Martha Station, Centre Co., Pa., Oct. 27, 1892.
Mg. Evrror.—By your permission I ask a
small space in your columns. The articles in
the last two issues of the Republican, “A Plea
for a Pure Court,” and “The Judge Question,”
seem to merit some rebuke because of the
misguiding tenor in which they are written—
First the election of June 1889, on the Amend-
ment, was not on local option, but on Statutory
Prohibition, and was meant for the entire State-
And while all who desire the welfare of society
would only be too glad to have a ‘“‘pure court,”
yet how the election of Mr. Gray isto bring
about such a result in the face of the present
complexion of the court, is indeed a mystery.
The situation would be exactly the same as at
the present time, and has been for the last
three years, with the increase of license.
And {o charge prohihitionists (for that is
what is intended in the last part of the second
article) with the election of Mr. Faulkner,
should he be elected, is simply too absurd for
any sane reasoner to either advance, or accept.
One might as well charge a man with stealing
his own property, simply because he was not
awake when the thief came, to prevent him
from taking it.
A corrupt fountain cannot purify itself,
neither can an impure court. It will require
outside force to do it, and proh ibitionists can
only effect it by electing their candidates un-
til they have not only one judge, but three up-
on the bench ; and their candidates never can,
nor never will be elected so long as they cater
to such foolish insinuations as are thrown out
by the non-partisan, high-license-Republican
correspondent who wrote those articles.
Yours EX xx
Justice For All.
In justice to aman whom it appears has
been grossly maligned by certain in-
dividuals, we take pleasure in publishing
the following receipt and which we hope will
sot at rest the wagging tongues of those who
had no more to do than to impugn the motives
of a friend.
Benner Township, Oct. 22, 1892.
Rerceived of Zeb. Bathurst seven dollars and
fifty cents, which is in full of all demands to
C. E. Lutz, Sec.
Knox School House. Franklin Union S. 8
EE ————
—The following letters remain uncalled
for in the Bellefonte P.O. Oct. 24, 1892,
Bilas Corning, Bertha Alexander, Charles
Moyer, (4) E. I. Rothemel, May Shaffer, Geo.
Taturn, James Webner.
When called for please say advertised.
Whitelaw Reid is an Episcopa-
lian and Mrs. Ried a Presbyterian, and
they go together alternately to their
respective churches.
Re ———————
New Advertisements.
New Advertisements,
New Advertisements.
Fauble’s Clothing Mouse.
New Advertisements,
New Advertisements.
OTICE.—AIl persons indebted to
the estate of the late Robert MeFar-
lane will please pay their accounts at the
{ hardware store now D. Irvin & Son. All ae-
counts not paid by December 15th “will be eol-
lected by law. With thanks for past patronage
and soliciting a continuance of the same for
| D. Irvin & Son we are
37T414¢ Administrators
Letters of Administration on the es-
tate of Christopher Hearkimer, deceased, late
of Buston township, having been granted to
| the undersigned, herequests all persons know-
| ing themselves indebted to said estate to
make immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same to present them duly
authenticated by law for settlement.
37 87 6t. Williamsport, Pa.
OTICE.—In pursuance of the pro-
visions of the 11th Section of the Act
of Assembly of May 24, 1871 relative to catch-
ing fish in any of the streams of the Common-
wealth of Penna. by means of fish baskets, eel
wires, kiddles, brush or facine nets, or any
permanently set means of taking fish. All of
which are declared common nuisances by said
Actof Assemb'y. Notice is hereby given by
the undersigned Sheriff of Centre county, that
such contrivances are known to exist in cer
tain streams ot Centre county, and the owners
or managers of said contrivances are hereby
ordered and directed to dismantle the same so
as to render them no longer capable of taking
or injuring the fishes of said stream, and if at
the expiration of ten days from the publication
of this notice the same are still known to exist,
they will at once be dismantled in accordance
with the provisions of the said 11th Section of
the aforesaid Act of Assembly.
Sherift’s Office Bellefonte, Pa. Sheriff.
Oct. 5th, 1892 37-39-2t.
To aE PusLic.
Having recently purchased the
Hardware store of the late Robert
McFarlane in Bellefonte, Pa., we
will continue the business at the
same place.
The stock of Hardware and
Stoves will be sorted up, increased
and sold at low prices, A large
line of Heating Stoves and other
goods now on hand will be gold at
and below cost.
The old customers of the store
are requested to continue their
patronage and every one is invi-
ted to give us a trial, with the assur.
ance that they will be treated court-
eously and dealt with honorably.
We have retained the services
of Mr. H. B. Pontius, a man of
long experience in the business,
and Mr. B. H. Shaffer a first-class
Will be pleased to make
estimates of jobs of spouting, tin
and steel roofing &e.
37-41-3m. Daxter Irvin & Sox.
Minnle’'s Shoe Store.
The steady increase in our
trade is remarkable—We can
account for it only in the
goodness of our goods, and
reasonable prices.
Our stock of winter boots is
now full. In men’s oil grain
and kip — hand-made — we
have the very best productions
of reliable manufactures.
Equal — if not superior—to
best home-made goods.
We are sole agents for Al-
fred Dolges felt shoes and
slippers. They are so well
known that they need no
special mention. Remember
we have the sale of them and
GENTS WANTED.—Salary and
$Xpetises paid. Address
. & T. SMITH CO.,
Geneva Nursery, Geneva, N. Y.
Established 1848. 37 41 4t
OARDING.—Visitors to Philadel-
Dbhia, on business or pleasure, from
this section, will find pleasant rooms and good
boarding either by the day or week, at 1211
Greene Street. Centrally located. Pleasan
surroundings. 37-32t
ARM TO RENT.—That large
. and productive farm in Furguson
township, Centre county, on the hite
Hall road, near Pennsylvania Furnace
Station, is now up for rent, from April next.
Apply to Franklin Bowersox, tenant in charge
or to 3 B. AYRES,
802 North 17th Street, Philadelphia.
Rheumatism Cure....
Catarrh Cure.........
Epileptic Fit Cure... Bee
Blood Tea, for Constipation
and purifying blood.............
Remedies for cure of all chronic diseases.
‘My name is the only gnarantee of the gen-
uineness of these medicines, I prepared them
for Father Molliger for seven years. For sale
by druggists.
37 381y nr. 187 Federal St., Allegheny, Pa,
all others are imitations.
Do you want a school shoe
for that boy that will wear
him all winter, keep his feet
dry and protect health? If
80 buy our “Steel Shod” line
—they are neat, substantial
and low in price.
Of course we lead in ladies’
gshoes—same as in all other
lines—Hand and Goodyear
welts at prices that will sur-
prise you.
37 38
God save the Commonwealth. I, William A.
Ishler, High Sheriff of the county of Centre,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do hereby
make knows and give notice to the electors of
the county aforesaid that an election will be
held in the said county of Centre, on
For the purpo-e of electing the several per-
sous hereinafter named, to wit :
Thirty-two persons for Presidential Elactors
for Per nsylvania;
Two persons for Congress at larga, to repre-
sent the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in
the Congress of the United States;
One person for Judge of the Supreme Court
of Pennsylvania ;
One person to represent the 28th Congres-
sional District of Pennsylvania in the Con-
gress of the United States ;
Two persons to represent Centre county in
the General Assembly of Pennsylvania;
One persor for Associate Judge for the
Courts of Centre county ;
Une person for Prothonotary and Clerk of
the Cours of Centre county ;
One person for District Attorney of Centre
county :
One person for Surveyar of Centre county.
I also hereby make known and give notice
that the place of holding election in the sever-
al wards, boroughs, districts and townships
within the county oi Centre is as follows.
For the North ward of the borough of Belle-
fonte, at the court house in Bellefonte.
For the South ward of the borough of Bella-
fonte, at the cc urt house in Bellefonte.
For the West ward in the bor ugh of Belle-
fonte, at the court house in Bellefonte.
For the first ward in the borough of Philips-
burg, at the Wheelman’s Club ouse, corner
of Beayer and Second streets.
. For the Second ward of the borough of Phil.
ipsburg, at the public building at the corner
of North Centre and Presqueisle streets.
, For the Third ward of the borough of Phil-
ipsburg, in the room of Bertie Haines, situate
on Spruce street.
For the borough of Centre Hall, in a room at
D. J. Bartges’ hotel.
For the borough of Howard, at the public
school house in said borough.
For the borough of Milheim, in room at the
National Hotel.
For the borough of Milesburg in the public
building on the north side of Market street.
For the borough of South Philipskturg, in the
school house.
For the borough of Unionville, ut the new
school house in said borough
For the township of Benner, at the court
house at Bellefonte. 2
For the township of Boggs (eastern pre:
cinet), at Curtin’s scheol house.
For the township of Boggs (western pre-
cinet), at tue school house in Central City.
For the township of Boggs (northern pre-
cinet), at the public school house known as
“Walker's School house.”
For the township of Burnside, at the house
of J. K. Boal.
For the township of College (eastern pre-
cinet), at the school house in Lemont.
For the township of College (western pre-
cinct), at the public hotel of S. 8. Grieb.
For the township of Curtin, at the school
house near Robert Mann's,
For the township of Ferguson (old precinct)
at the public house of J. A. Decker, in Pine
Grove Mills.
For the township of Ferguson (new precinct)
at the old school house at Baileyville.
For the East Precinct of Gregg township,
in room of house occupied by David Sowers, at
Penn Hall.
For the West Precinct of Gregg township,
in a room at David Rhule’s hotel.
For the Northern Precinct of Gregg town-
chip, at Murray’s school house.
Yor the township of Haines (eastern, pre-
cinct), at the pubiic school house at Wood-
For the township of Haines (western pre-
cinet), at the public house of T. G. Edmunds,
at Aaronsburg.
For Halt Moon township, in the Grand
Army Post Hall in the village of Stormstown .
For the township of Harris, st the Union
Hotel in Boalsburg.
For the township of Howard, at the school
house in the borough of Howard.
For the township of Huston, at the Silver
Dale school house.
For the township of Liberty, a5 the school
house in Eagleville.
For the township of Marion, at the school
house in Jacksonville.
For Milles township (eastern Seosinc in
us dwelling house of Jasper Wolf, at Wolf's
4 Store. :
‘ For Miles township (middle precinct), in the
vacated school house in Rebersburg.
For Miles township (western precinct), in
the empty store room on the property of Elias
Miiler, at Madisonburg.
Fer thetownship of Patton, at the house of
Peter Murray.
For the township of Penn, at the public
house kept by W. W. Rishel, at Coburn.
For the township of Potter (northern pre-
cinet), at the public house of D. L. Bartges, in
Centre Hall.
For the township of Potter (southern pre-
cinct), at the public house formerly occupied
by 8. D. Burris.
For the township of Rush (northern pre-
cinct), in the school house at Cold Stream.
For the township of Rush (southern pre-
cinet), in the public school house in the vil-
lage of Powelton.
for the township of Snow Shoe (eastern pre-
cinct), at the school house in the village of
Snow Shoe.
For the township of Snow Shoe (western pre-
cinet), at the school house in the village of
For the township of Spring (western pre-
cinet), at the public school house known as
the Fair Grounds Schoo) house.
For the township of Spring (northern pre.
cinet), at the court house in Bellefonte.
For the township of Spring (southern pre-
cinet), at the Hotel of Gottleib Haag, in the vil-
lage of Pleasant Gap. .
or the township of Taylor, at the house
erected for that purpose on the property of
Leonard Merryman.
Forthe township of Union, at the school
house in the borough ot Unionville. i
For the township of Walker, in the school
house in Hublersburg.
For the townshipot Worth, at the school
house in Port Matilda.
We have just received a
big lot of new children’s suits
and overcoats. Among these
goods you will find some of
the most desirable styles and
the best of wearers that the
market affords. We have
given this line a great deal
of ‘care and attention. We
have gone to great trouble
and expense to show you a
line of children’s clothing
that will compare favorably
with any seen in the largest
cities. They are the pro-
duct of the largest manufac-
tories and for fit, style and
workmanship they cannot be
We would be pleased to
have you call even if you
are not immediately in need
of anything in our line, It
is well, you know, to look
out for the future
Brockerhoff House Block.
The following is the official list of nomina-
tions made by the several parties, and as their
names will appear upon the ticket, to be voted
on the 8th day of November, 1892, at the dif-
ferent voting places in Centre county, as cer-
tified to respectively by the Secretary of the
Commonwealth and the Commissioners of
Ceutre county. :
(Presented by Party Conventions.)
Electors: —
Beujamin F. Jones, Allegheny City.
William Wood, Philadelphia.
W. Henry Sayen, Delaware county.
J. Francis Dunlap, Manheim.
John L. Lawson, Philadelphia.
John Mundell, Philadelphia.
John Hunter, Philadelp ia.
Alex. Crow, Jr., Philadelphia.
Charles B. Siver, Philadelphia.
Maxwell Clower, Chester county.
William H. Grundy, Bristol,
Traill Green, Easton.
James K. Mosser, Lehigh county.
J. M. W. Geist, Lancaster,
Heary A. Knapp, Seranton.
William J. Harvey, Wilkes-Barre.
James Muir, Pottsville.
John H. Sheibley, New Bloomfleld.
Coe Durland, Honesdale.
Pierre A. Stebbins, Coudersport,
Lloyd I. Rohrbach, Sunbury.
C. 8' Schoch, Middleburg.
J. Schall Wilhelm, York.
Louis J. McGregor, Hyndman.
James. B. Laux, Greensburg.
Robert Pitcairn, Pittsburgh.
James H. Lindsay, Allegheny City,
Thomas L. Lincoln, Carmichael’s.
Sylvester D. Bell, Butler.
Matthew H, Taylor, Erie.
Charles F. Barclay, Sinnamahoning.
Jesse E. Dale, DuBois. ¥
Congress at Large: —
William Lilly, Mauch Chunk.
Alexander McDowell, Sharon.
Judge of Supreme Court: —
John Dean, Hollidaysburg,
Congress : —
Charles E. Anderson, Clarion County.
Representatives :-—
ohn Hamilton, State College.
Alfred A. Dale, Bellefonte.
Associate Judge :—
Samuel T. Gray, Benore P. O.
Prothonotary :—
John C. Miller, Bellefonte.
District Attorney :—
Gen. W. Zeigler, Philipsburg.
County Surveyor :— §
Jesse Cleaver, Unionville.
(Presented by Party Conventions.)
Electors :—
Mortimer F. Elliot, Wellsboro.’
John C. Bullitt, Philadelphia.
Thomas B. Kennedy, Chambersburg.
David T. Watson, Allegheny City.
Samuel G. I hompson, Philadelphia.
Clement R. Wainwright, Philadelphia.
Adam 8. Conway, Philadelphia.
Charles H. Lafferty, Philadelphia.
William R. Wright, Philadelphia.
George R. Guss, West Chester.
John O. James, Doylestown.
Cornelius W. Bull, Milford.
William Nolan, Reading.
James Duffy, Lancaster County.
Chas. Du Pont Breck, Scranton.
Samuel W. Trimmer, White Haven,
William G. Yuengling, Pottsville.
Samuel 8S. Leiby, Marysville.
Azur Lownsop, Susquehanna County.
Torrence C. Hipple, Lock Haven.
Thomas Chaliant, Danville.
Wm. D. Himmelreich, Lewisburg.
Peter H. Strubinger, Adams County.
Henry 3. Piper, Tyrone.
Joseph D. Orr, Leechburg.
Charles A. Fagan, Pittsburg.
Andrew A. Dayton, Allegheny City.
John D. Braden, Washington. «
Michael Liebel, Erie.
Thomas McDowell, Port Allegheny.
James K. P. Hall, Ridgway.
Jolin Conway, Rochester.
Congress at Large :—
George A. Allen, Erie. J
Thomas Polk Merritt, Reading.
Judge of Supreme Court :— y
Christopher Heydrick, Franklin.
Congress :—
George F. Kribbs, Clarion.
Representatives :—
John T. McCormick, (Ferguson Twp.)
James Schofield, Bellefonte.
Associate Judge :—
. Corlis A. Faulkner, Philipsburg.
Prothonotary : —
William F. Smith, (Penn Twp.)
District Attorney :—
‘Wm. J. Singer, Bellefonte.
County Surveyor: —
Horace B. Herring, Gregg Twp.
(Presented by Nomination Papers.)
Electors :—
John C, Bateson, Hollisterville.
Wm. F. Boyd, Philadelphia.
Wm. B. Brickell, Pittsburg.
James Black, Lancaster.
Abraham A. Barker, Ebensburg.
Edward Campbell, Uniontown.
D. McClure Fair, Blairsville.
George H. Goebel, Philadelphia.
Edwiu R. Gearheart, Effort.
Soorge R, Greiss, Alburtis.
Charles E. Hyatt, Chester.
Benjamin Harding, Pittston.
William W. Hague, Tidioute.
Chas. W. Huntington, Williamsport,
John B. Jones, Philadelphia.
Elisha Kent Kane, Kane.
Eli L. Lowden, Nebraska.
Frank 8. Lourimore, New Brighton.
Robert F. McClean, New Bloomfield.
Antrim F. Morg an, Quakerton.
Robt. L. Montgomery, Turbotville.
A. Foster Mullin, Mt. Holly Springs.
Franklin G. Percival, Philadelphia.
Arthur J. Pilgrim, Pottsville.
William J. Robison, Allegheny.
Barr. Spangler, Marietta.
Adie A. Stevens, Tyrone.
Franklin H. Taylor, Philadelphia.
Alfred G. Thomason, Scranton.
James P. I'hompson, Johnstown.
William N. Wallis, Patterson.
Welcome J. Weeks, Fairview.
Congress at Large :—
Simeon B. Chase, Easton.
James T. McCrory, Pittsburg.
Judge of Supreme Court :—
Amos Briggs, Philadelphia.
(Presented by Party Conventions.)
Congress :—
William 8. Bigelow, Philipsburg.
Representatives : —
illiam J.-Dale, Spring Twp.
Charles Hess, Philipsburg.
Associate Judge :—
William Thompson, College.
Prothonotary : —
James W. Scott, Philipsburg.
(Presented by Nomination Papers.)
Electors :—
L. F. Armbrust, Greensburg.
J. W. Boak, Harlansburg.
Frank Buob, Philadelphia.
Robert Brett, Philadelphia.
C. A. Burrows, Sharpsburg.
M. L. Cowley, Washington.
E. 8. Crooker, Union City.
A.J. Deitz, Philadelphia.
W. E. Ewer, Corry.
John O. Exley, Philadelphia.
D. H. Fisher, Entriken.
W. A. Gardner, Andrews Settlement.
Wm. Graut, Philadelphia.
B. F. Greenman, Eldred.
J. M. Hower, Bloomsburg.
Wm. Heffler, Danville.
G. C. Hickok, Myrtle.
H. Hock, Philadelphia.
A. H. P. Leuf, Philadelphia.
S. J. McManus, Ambrose.
C. M. Morse, New Wilmington.
0. G. Moore, Knox.
W. A. Olmstead, Sanford,
Ephraim Philips, Mahonington.
Clarence Price, Danville.
H. C. Snavely, Lebanon.
C. P. Shaw, Austinville.
Perry Smith, Richardsville.
J. E. White, Elbridge.
F. M. Windsor, Burtville.
G. E. Ward, Economy.
J. A. Welsch, New Castle.
Congress at Large :—
8. P. Chase, Brookfield.
G. W. Dawson, Beaver.
Judge of Supreme Court :—
R. B. McCombs, New Castle.
(Presented by Nomination Papers.)
Electors :—
Gus. Arlt, Philadelphia.
E. M. Brandt. Erie.
Fred Bauer, Everson.
Chas. Backofen, Erie.
A. Cullen, Erie.
Jac. Diebold, Everson.
Julius Froehlich, Philadelphia.
Chas. Hammermueller, Philadelphia.
Henry Hoehl, Philadelphia.
August Lange, Philadelphia.
Chas. Loether, Pittsburg.
W. H. McGovern, Erie.
Christ Mast, Scottdale.
John Prescott, Erie.
Heary Peter, Allegheny.
Allen Pardee, Erie.
Otto Roth, Philadelphia.
Chas. Ricker, Philadelphia.
Matthew Smith, Pittsburg.
Adolf Starke, Everson.
Jac. Simon, Scottdale.
John Stam, Tyrone,
Chas. Schleicher, Erie.
John Stein, Philadelphia.
William Stappen, Philadelphia.
Jac. Sengers, Philadelphia.
Fr. Sehotte, Erie,
Wm. Scott, Pittsburg.
Joseph Tresek, Philadelphia.
P. Totzhauer, Philadelphia.
John Westwater, Pitts hurg.
Henry Winter, Philadelphia.
Congress at Large : — :
J. Mahlon Barnes, Philadelphia.
Thomas Grundy, Pittsburg,
Judge of Supreme Court : —
NB Criest, Pittsburg.
Norice 1s HEREBY G1vey, “That eve person,
excepting Justices of the Peace, who shall
hold any office or Anpoibiman of trust under
the Government of the United States, or of the
State or of any city or incorporated district,
whether a commissioned office, or otherwise, a
subordinate officer or agent, who is or shall be
employed under the Legislative, Executive or
Judiciary departments of this State or of the
United States, or ot any city or incorporated
district, and also that every’ Member of Con-
gress and of the State Legislature, and of the
Select or Common Council of any city, or Com-
missioners of any incorporated district, is by
law incapab e of holding or exercising at the
same time the office or appointment of Judge,
Inspector or Clerk of an Election of this Com-
monwealth; and that no Inspector, Judge or
other officer of any such election shall be eli-
gible to any office then voted for, except that
of an election offleer.
At all elections held under the laws of this
Commonwealth, the polls shall be opened at
7 o'clock A. M. and elosed at o'clock by M.
Given under my hand and seal, at my office
in Bellefonte, this 26TH DAY OF OCTOBER,
in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight
gacdied and Ningey: two, gad in the One Hun-
red and Sixteenth year of the Ind
of the United ET spendence
Sheriff of C ,
rin entre Co
MORITZ SALM, M. D., Specialist
Von Grafe Infirmary,
Nov. 10. Dec. 8, Jan. § Feb. 2,
30, Mch. 2, & 30, April 27, May
25, June 22,
Tyrone, Pa. Sept. 20th, 1892.
Dr. San.
The medicine you gave me for
Bronchitis and Asthma helped me wonderful-
ly. Thereare or 6 patients here who know
of my case, and want to consult you and want
to know if you will stop over here; if not we
will come to Bellefonte at your next visit.
Yours Respectfully,
Thanks to the good Dr. I feel once more hale and
Bellefonte, Pa., Oct. 13th, 1892.
For more than 5 years I have had sore eyes
and at the same time a miserable case of Dys-
epsia, I felt bad all over, became thin and pale,
Pe all appetite and energy. But now after
only a few months treatment with Dr. Salm I
have gained very much in flesh, have a good
color, eat heartily ; my eyes are as good as any
ones, and Dyspepsia is all gone. Infact I con-
sider myself entirely cured, and thanks to the
good Dr. I feel once more hale and hearty.
Attested by Miss MirLie KerLey
her mother SnowShoe, Centre Co.
P Mrs. Sarah Kelley.
Successful double cross-eye operations.
Indiana, Pa., Oct. 12th, 1892.
1 have been cross-eyed, and that very bly
for over 28 years. Dr. Salm operated on bot
eyes in less than two minutes time, without
causing the least pain, nor was I confined to
my room for a moment. I can conscientiously
say that my yes are now perfectly straight,
thanks to the Dr.
I have been troubled with some Eye disease:
for some time. The pain was “most unbear-
able at times, and I couldn't’ nink of reading
or sewing at any time. put myself under
the care of Dr. Salm, wh, visits Butler every
four weeks, and after |v three months treat-
ment, I consider m qo &ntirely cured, and I
can safely say t' of yy eyes feel better and
have better Vis’ ay thay at any time within the
last twelve ye qq us. P, GOLDEN,
Butler, Pa., W. Jeflerson street,
+ have been troubled with catarrhand deafs
ness, ringing in the ears, about six years.
Tried two different doctors in Pittsburg and
ever so many patent medicines, without the
least benefit. I have now been under Dr. Salms
treatment four months, and the improvement
is remarkable, and I am certain that within a
short time I'll be entirely cured. He is thg
Doctor to go to, to get cured.
Kelley Station, Armstrong Co., Pa. Oct. 3, 1894
Dr. Salm has removed a hard, gristly growth
from my left eye with perfect success and but
little pain. The sight has also improved to a
great extent. Respectfully,
Mes. ELMIRA Abas,
Wick, Butler county, Pa., January 22, 1891.
A few months ago Dr. Salm removed from my
left aye-ball a tumor size of a small hazel nut
with perfect success and no pain whatever,
and was not kept in the house a single day on
account of the operation.
Aric Work.
Rochhster Mills, Indiana Co., Pa., Jan. 14, 1891.
I have had a tumer growing in the ear al-
most attached to the drum. Dr. Salm removy-
ed the same four weeks ago without any pain,
and as I can see now, with splendid results.
He is a great physician.
Somerset, Pa., January 16, 1691.
On account of having heen Attending Physi-
cian at Hot Springs Dr. Salm has never failed
to cure a case of Private Disease peculiar to
either sex, no matter of what nature or how
long standing.
Our little son Brinton has for the last five
years bad running of both ears, and the same
was so offensive that it was almost impossiole
to be near him ; he became emaciated pale
and puny, and was nearly always crying on
account of the pain. We had him treated in
Linesville, Clarion and Oil City by the best
home physicians. but no cure resulted and we
might just as well haye thrown our money in
the fire. Dr. Salm has been treating him for
three months, and an entire and splendid cure
has been made by bim on Brinton.
Kingsville, Clarion Co., Pa., Jan. 27, 1891.
Having heard of successful cataract opera.
tions Dr. alm has made, particulary of one
case of an old lady in Columbus, 1 decided to
have him operate on my right eye, in which I
was blind for nine years. The operation was
performed some time’ in July; the pain wag
not worth mentioning and no chloroform wa
given. Asaresult I can to-day see far an(
near, read and write again, and from havin(
been in ill health and puny, I am slso rapidly
improving in strength. I will gladly answe
any correspondence and personal inquiry, re
garding this successful operation. I was2
years of age when the operation was performea
Ashley, Delaware Co., Ohio,
Address all communications to box 760, Col.
umbus, O,
37 4 2