Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, October 30, 1891, Image 1

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    Ivy P. GRAY MEEK.
Ink Slings.
Tis «trang how the laws are disobeyed (?)
In this land witn statesmen rife
Yet’s a dull day with an Insurance man
When he doesn’t take a life.
—The third Triumvirate—RHONE,
— If vou are on the fence, be sure and
slide dowa on the WRIGHT side.
--Tt should’nt be considered immo- ~——
dest to present a truth as a bare
— A dog has the better of the dude in
this ; be is never bothered with knees in
his pants.
— Tf there is no rest for the wicked,
what a tired set republican politicians
must be.
"fo think of it, a little fifth rate
power making Chile sauce out of Uncle
SAM'S marines.
—The trouble with the man who
looses his temper is that he is always
sure of finding it again.
—The trees are exposing their
naked limbs and the corn is very much
shocked, in consequence,
—4“The longest way round is the
shortest way home’ —Illustrated in the
circuit LIVsSEY 1s making.
—The refrain of the band (d)itti(e)s
is heard everv where in Mexico now.
New music, and very catchy.
..-Men who seemingly cut a big fig-
ure before an election, often turn out to
be mere cyphers after it 1s over.
—Eight years Mrs. Fitzsimmons will
sit in the penitentiary and meditate
whether she took F1rz for better or for
—Poor old Ireland ! The only thing
that keeps her from sinking completely,
now since her leader is gone, is her great
big Cork.
—The wages of sin is not always
death, In this state, ifa man is a re-
publican, they pay him for that work
with a fat office.
—4The Campbells are coming’ is the
favorite tune in Ohio, and East Liver-
pool has become quite an oasis in the
Protectionists’ desert.
-~We are scarely out of summer
months as yet, but all the same the ad-
ministration at Washington is having an
exceedingly Chile time of it.
—Next Tuesday will be election day,
and of course you'll join the throng,
that will poke its ballots in the box, for
a WRIGHT that can’t be wrong.
—4“PATTISON shot,” VicTORIA Dead”
and “Ohio’s Disgrace’ were startling
heud lines in Saturday’s papers, yet the
queen is not a corpse, BoB is not a mur-
derer and Ohio will redeem herself by
electing CAMPBELL.
—The Boston Conservatory of Music
will shortly honor a leading republican
of that city, by placing a life sized por-
trait of him in stained glass, in one of 1ts
windows. We presume it does this be-
cause he is the best representative of a
lyre that can be found.
—The new society fad is the ‘‘Jubi-
lee” waltz. It would make an elegant
step for McCAMANT and Boyer to trip
out of office on, but the name is hardly
as appropriate to their condition of
minds as it will be the good people of
the State who see them go.
—And now since spook princess Ann
Odelia Dis de Bar has gone crazy, over
the thrills of joy experienced while kiss-
ing a Chicago editor, quack doctors and
scientists are publishing columns ahout
the direful results of kissing. Ye gods,
what a sweet thing he must have been.
—There will be no difference between
the n.erchant and the bond holder after
the republicans repeal the mercantile
tax as they now promise to do, if success-
ful. Neither of these classes will be re-
quired to pay any tax then. This
work will be left exclusively to tarmers
and workingmen.
—Tt is said that the young Emperor
of Germany has been down at the
mouth ever since he realized that he
could not raise whiskers. It seemsto
have been a case of down on the chin
"dio. | Dear, oh dear! how blue must be
SATE wri
Spawls from the Keystone.
—Bishop O'Hara, of Scranton, is again ill.
—Harrisburg Asylum Trustees are officially
—Hessian flies have made Berks county's
new wheat fly.
—The McDonald oil-field wells are produc.
ing 70,000 barrels per day.
—West Fountain Hill, with 2000 people, will
be annexed to South Bethlehem.
b\ >
yw Ve
—A dog poisoner has taken the lives of
0 many valuable canines at East Bangor.
7 | —Lancaster’s Fencibles expect. to disband
as they cannot get into the National Guard.
VOL. 36.
—The Jeannette Textile Manufaciuring
Company was chartered with $100,000 capital.
NO. 42.
| Defeat the Ring and Learn the Condi-
tion of Your Public Offices.
If any republican paper or any re-
publican speaker has given any sub-
stantial reason, why any honest voter
should cast his ballot to continue in
the control of the State ring, the offices
of Auditior General and State Treasur-
er, we have failed to see them. We
have heard much of next fall's cam-
paign, of the tariff, of Brave jand all
manner of subjects foreign to the ques-
tion the people are expected to decide,
on Tuesday next, but during the entire
fall we have not read a single article or
heard a single speaker who had the
gall to say that under the control of
the ring, that seeks a prolongation of
its rotten rule, either of these offices
had been honestly conducted or that
any change would be made, in their
management, if GREGG and MORRISON
were successful.
It is a notorious fact that these two
offices have been the strong hold of the
State ring for years back. No man
to-day knows the condition they are in.
No man knows how much the people
have been robbed, nor can any one tell
the extent of profligacy, neglect, favor-
itism and corruption that has charac-
terized their management for years past.
Itis thirteen years since any one, oth-
er than a tool of the State ring, has had
a sight at the books and settlements in
the Auditor General's office, and it is
Treasury was sezn or counted by per-
sons not under the control or subser-
vient to the dictations of the same cor.
rupt power, The losses and robberies
that have come ‘0 light since the fail-
ure of the the Keystone bank, are all
cluded in a period of time extending
back less than eighteen months. How
much of the same kind of outrageous
management and dowaright corruption
has been covered up for the years prior
to that, no man knows nor will any one
ever ascertain, if the same ring is to be
management continued.
To secure a change in these two im-
portant offices that will be of any ad-
vantage to the tax payer it must be a
radical change, not only in men but in
methods and management as well.
To put out McCamant and Boyer and
put in GrEce and Morris N, while it
would be a change of mean it would
change neither the methods nor man-
agement in these offi ses, for the same
powers that controtle{ the actions of
the two officials whose rule has
ty and the State, would control the uc-
tion of these new officials and mutters
would go on just as they have been go-
ing on for years. They are the crea-
tures of Quay and his crowd, just as
McCamant and Boyer have been.
To this same ring power they are in’
debted for their
their elections, i successful, and when
installed into office their duty will be
to obey the dictations of the ring that
made them, and allow the people's in-
terest to care for itself,
Do the tax-payers want to know the
condition of affairs in the two offices
through the methods of which they
now know that daring the past twelve
months they lost or were robbed of
over one and a half million of dollars ?
Do they want a change in the man-
agement, of these offices, that will se-
cure hcnest administration and a faith-
ful performance of public duties in the
interest of the people? If they do
the dutch winds cineca they can no |
longer sigh throngh his imperial spront-
—DArwiN, the Lycoming county
horse thief, claims to be a relative of the
great naturalist and his actions in Wil-
liamsport seem to. .snbstantiate the
the evolution theory of the iliustrions
englishman, From the monkey he hac
a A
made of hunself it 5 evident thet the
cyele was not completed in his cuse,
—The Right Honorable JAMES MiL-
LIKEN is now writing his free coinage
articles under the nom-de-plume “Poor
Ricaarp 7 Colonel are’nt you depart-
there is but one way to accomplish i,
z - » 'e y
and ‘TiTat by defeating the men who
are the canaidales ia. she
it elected will do the bidding, ‘of the
same ring that committed the wrongs
of which the people sof justly com-
| ticket, i8 a vote to endorse republican
BarpsLevisM wherever it curses the
—{f Great and Morrisox should
: be elected it will be taken as an indica-
tion that the people of the State want
‘the saine method, now in vogue in the
ing a little from your wsthetic english |
habits in assuming a title made famous
by the poor Yankee lad who en‘ered
Boston with a loaf of bread under his
arm and with a red stocking tied about
‘ple’s money.
his neck ?
Auditor General's and State Treasurer's
office, continued. It will be an en-
dorsement of McCayMant and Bover's
management of these important posi
tions, and a plain way of saying they
did po wrong in allowing Barpsrey to
steal a million and a half of the peo.
fourteen years since the money in the |
kept in power and the same method of
brought open disgrace upon their par
nominations and for |
Intornot ovo
“Nothing New.”
The Republican press of the State is
seemingly rejoiced over the fact that so
far the Senate investigation has ‘dis
covered nothing ues.” In place of
gloating because no new disgrace has
been unearthed, it should blush for
shame, that every charge made by
Governor Pattison has been fuliy, and
plainly, and undeniably proven, as
against its office holders.
It requires no “new discovery,” to
show the people how the laws have
been disregarded, the tax-payer robbed,
and how profligacy, carelessness and
corruption have run riot in the state
offices under the rule of the Republi
can State ring. It was to give the
the accusations were talse, rather than
the Senate ta find new developments,
that it was called in extraordinary
Simply a verification of every charge
named in the proclamation of the gov-
ernor and of very allegation set forth
in his message to the Senate.
It has been shown that every law
regulating the duties of the State
Treasurer has been disregarded !
That every act of the Legislature
protecting the people’s money has been
violated !
That to assist a member of the Re-
publican State ring—JoHN BARDSLEY
—out of financial difficalties, four hun-
dred and twenty thousand dollars of
the people's money, were turned over to
him without warraut of law !
That this amount of money was lost
to the people ot the State, through a
conspiracy in wuich the Republican
State Treasurer, the Republican school
department aud tae Republican city
Treasurer of Pailadeiphia, were the
That the bools in the State Treasury
suo wv that warrants were charged, as
being paid, betore taey were preseaied!
That the cushier of the [reasary,
WiLnian Livsey aceepted bribe atier
bribe tor the use of public moneys, and
fled to Canada to escape coavieion
for these offenses, and that the State
Treasurer shut his eyes to Livsey'’s
crimes, and neither censared nor remov-
el him, nor has he made any effort to
have him returned tor trial and pun-
ishment !
With these facts proven by the affi
davit of the Treasurer himselt; with
this condition of atfairs—rotten, cor-
rupt and disgraceful as it is—admitted
even by the accused; we ask, in the
name of all that is honest, or just, or
decent, what ‘new discoveries’ are
needed to show the people the necessity
ot a change?
“Straining at a Gnat and Swallowing a
Ia this ealightened age, when news-
papers have become the educators of
the people, and have proven themselves
almost as much of an essentiality as
the light of day, is 1t possible that we
have in this broad land a society, how-
ever intelligent its members and noble
its aims, which should endeavor to
suppress the Sunday issues ot the news-
paper? Yes, such 18 the case! In
Pittsburg the Sabbatarian society has
inangurated an attack upoa the Sun-
day publications and proposes arrest-
ing all newspaper men found at work
oun the Sabbath. If the plan is sue-
cessful the Smoky city will have no
Sunday, and consequently no Monday
morning papers, and its citizens will
sus be cut off from the doings of the
whole world for two days each week.
, not presume to say that Sun-
day typesetting is not as much a trans
gression of the labor law as Sanday
dry goods or grocery selling would be,
vet we cannot see how the good people
of that cily propose getting over the
inconsistency they will be practicing
when they close the printing office right
in the niidst of the greatdin and smoke
of their matmoth iron and glass fac-
To which they know too well
iat a Suaday banking of the furnaces
would mean the death blow.
Not until the doors of every business
Not until the d ¢ b
place in the land are closed should the
newapaper be stopped, and then we
fear there would need be no organized
effort to suppress it, for having no mis-
sion to fulfill the weary printer would
glory in one day’s reat.
When yon vote on Tuesday next
lon’t forget to vote “for a Constitution:
al Convention,”
accused an opportunity to show that
Aad what has been shown ?
| lature.
Promising to Pile More Taxes on the
While a few professed friends of the
farmer, who have been bought by the
Republican ring to betray the agn-
cultural interests of the State, are send-
ing out appeals in the interest ot the
Republican ring ticket; the leaders of
that party are quietly trying to secure
the vote and influence of the merchants
of the State, by promising a repeal of
all mercantile taxes. On Monday
morning last, every merchaat in the
county received the following letter, in
which was enclosed two Republican
State tickets. IL was sent them from
the Republican state committee rooms,
although disguised as an appeal from
an unknown organization called the
“Dealer’s Protective Association,” and
is as tollows :
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 24, 1891.
The Mercantile Tax is unequal and vexa-
tious. It costs the State for its collection one
half the sum realized. The State does not
need the revenue derived from this source.
Although it does not amount to much in the
aggregate, this tax is obnoxious and burden-
some to the dealer—small and large. It ought
to be abolished.
How can thisbe done? Only by the Legis-
How do the two parties stand on the
| questicn of a repeal of this annoying tax ? The
‘of the county—gzoods
wealth to the amount of millions of
| kind levied upon this wealth—no road; | come to believe these taxes, paid into
‘the Treasury by the people of the
thirteenth plank of the Republican platform
adopted at Harrisburg, August 19, 1891, pledges
that party to the abolition of th tax, as
follows :
“We arein favor of the prompt repeal by the
Legislature of all Mercantile Taxes levied by the
On the other hand the Democratic party, at
the State Convention of September 3,1891, in
the twentieth plank of the platform then
adopted, pledges itself to the continuance of
these taxes, as follows:
“We oppose the repeal of the Mercantile Taxes,
and insist that they shall be fairly and equit
ably laid, honestly collected, and that the
money arising from them shall be paid into
the State Treasury.”
As a purely business matter, every dealer in
the Commonwealth should vote and use his
influence for the party which pledges itself to
do away with this offensive and iniquitous tax.
The total amount of Mercantile Tax
paid by the merchants of this county
for the past year was $2,646.75. This
went into the State Treasury. Itisthe
entire tax that is assessed against all
the wealth represented in any and all
kind of goods for sale by the merchants
dollars. There is no other tax of any
no school ; no poor; no borough. Of
‘all the taxes levied upon the farmer
and workingman, none ure charged up
“r{fTerests, by voting against the party
| used as they see proper and for such
. —Unification of home missions was resolved
: ; u; by the Ref i
Ingrden 7° Read the above letief care: pon by th eformed Synod at Harrisburg.
y —At the car shops in Reading a new wreck
fully, and go and vote for YOUR own | rear-has-beenbuitt-containing sleeping bunks.
--On the railroad near Driftwood, Thomas
McCaffrey, woodsman, was beheaded by a
that would saddle additional taxation
upon you, to benefit the merchants.
Are You Ready ?'
— Pennsylvania National Guard rifle prac”
tice has been extended from October 31 to
Nov. 14.
—Rival sets of officials are fighting for thes
possession of the Russian Hebrew Church in:
—Fifty men began work at the Lancaster
watch factory yesterday, and fifty will be add
ed to-morrow.
—A lamp exploded and fatally burned Miss:
Amelia Yoder, while she was ironing clothes:
at East Sunbury.
—“The City and the Forest” was Dr. John B.
Democrats, you have bat three days
from the time this issue of the WaTch-
MAN goes out, in which to finish up the
work for election day. Are you pre-
pared for that important event? To
many it may seem that with no county
ticket in the field, and but two State
offices to fill, the matter of going out
to vote and of getting others to go out Kieffer's theme in an Arbor day speech at.
and vote, is of little concern. We Lancaster yesterday.
know there has been no brass band | — Whil e assisting in the shifting of his own.
campaign, no paccels and fire works no ‘rein near Pottstows, Frank W. Leader was.
run down and killed.
fuss, but all the same, the necessity for
Yo toll i'l —The State College Cadet Battalion Mong
covery man, bis 10 Dejieves i) ges 80" day made a practice march over the first day's
ernment, being at the polls, is just as battle field at Gettysburg.
imperative and important, as if the —Aged Robert Lawrenee and Jacob Hine,
country had been turned upside down 30 yearsold, were both squeezed almost to.
5 i. death between cars at Gordon.
with political tumult.
! —From Danville, Va., to Lancaster, Pa., over
The two State offices to be filled at 33 iles, William Paulsen's two. Vonage
the elcction on Tuesday vext are out- pigeons flew home in seven hours.
side of the Legislature, the most im- —At Harrisburg the Reformed Synod has
portant to the tax-payers of any for taken the initiative toward establishing a
3 : : x theological seminary at Lancaster.
which they vote. The entire money at (61 B00 orth of elatils
. —burgilars-capiure: wor oF ¢ g
interests of the State, 80 far as the mat- drjewelery from william Chapman’s store,
ter of collections and digbursements of at Chapmanville, on Sunday night.
public funds are concerned—the faith- —The valve of Reading's Miller's foundry
tal oversight of the millions wrung whistte stuck and nearly whistled the whole
: i ti includi
from the tax-payers and the honest set- ~~ i
: l —Dentist C. H Thimme has deserted hi
uement of all accounts with the com- i wife and his daughter, at Reading,
monwealth, arein the hands of these gone, probably to his old home in Germany.
two State offices. —A stable in which General Washington
The loss to the people of the State of kept his horse at Oley, and the oldest barn in
3 Berk 3 i i
over a million and. a half of dollars, SERS GONNIY; Yas urnel on Friday 81k
vey —A new camp meeting association will res
within the past year, through the care- (i; 110 seventy two old cottages at Stoverdale
lessness and corruption in the offices of and at Mount Gretna new ones will be built.
the State Treasurer and Auditor Gen- —An engine and many eoal cars were
eral, isthe strongest evidenee of the wrecked by a rear eollision on the Lehigh and _
. ros Susqueh il Zei )
close connection these positions have, Se a MI Si Drie
with ihe intcrosts of the t —Kischagquilla Tribe of Red Men, of Cones~
: he Interests o ie tax-payers. toga Centre, Lancaster county, were out om
It is a pointer to every man whose the war pathi Friday, being twenty-five years
name is upon a tax duplicate, or ‘vhose old.
money is in the hands of a tax-collec- i ye sanhei Lehigh counaty,
q : : ewportville, Bucks county, sixty-fiva miles,
tor, showing the importance of going to J. Walbert and A. Baer drove a team is eight
the polls and voting for men who Will hours.
protect the interests of the people as
against the interests of a ring.
For years, as every bady knows, the Pittsburg,
financial offices of this State have been _p (ho pono Evensetisal Church Will
in the hands of men: under the absolute resist the Bowmanite control aceradised from
control of a ring of boodlers. They the Indianapolis Conference. So will the
hurch a .
have sc.ttered the people's money “'"'° 8 Bangon
Amon slavories.i alls over the: Sates —Accused of theft, Charles. Refier, a tramp,
2 Ses a : 7 murderouasly assaulted. Daniel H. and Wallace
they have used the public funds for Kunkel witha knife,at Kempton, Berks couns
private speculation, until they have ty. He isin jail.
—Suit was brought against. Dentist Schwartz, .
of Lebanon, .by a man named: Keitter who
chargea his jaw was broken while-he was hav-
State, actually belong to them te be ing a tooth extracted.
—Eigh$ years in the penitentiary was the
penalty inflicted upon Mrs. Lucy R. Fitzsim-
mons for assisting her marder ak
The Priceburg, Lackawanna ceunty, gang
asagainst the merchant,but this beggar- | purposes as they deen best; they of John Macluski, a Pole, have violently as..
ly unfelt Mercantile Tax, which the | have, at thedictation of the ring, whose
Republican party now promises to re-
peal, ifit is successful at the polls oa
Tuesday next.
To repeal this taxis simply to say
that the farmer who is now loaded
down with all kinds of local taxes,
must make up to the State Treasury
the amount the merchant is relieved
of. Some one has to make it up and
who would there be to tax but the
farmer and workingman. The tax on
corporations and license taxes are fixed
by law and cannot be increased. The
value of the farmer’s property or of the
workingman’s vocation is not. These
latter are subject to any increase that
public necessity may demand, and the
relieving the merchants of the coun-
ty of the payment of the $2,646.75,
that they are now compelled to pay,
would necessitate that much more tax
being piled upon the farmers and work-
This is the plain, long and short of
it. Exonerate the merchant of ail his
taxes, and tax the farmer double for
every thing he has. Itis the way the
Republican party has of doing things
to obtain votes.
Its leaders know, that as a party, it
has lied to and deceived the farmers;
it has levied all kinds of taxes upon
them and defeated every effort they
made to secure an equalization of taxes
until the men engaged in agriculture
have revolted against their rule, and
they now seek to make up for the loss
of the farmer yote, by making the
merchant believe that hereafter he
will have no taxes at all to pay. In
doing this they expose their purpose
of adding additional burdens to those
saulted thirty six Italians and Poles sinee
Y . July 4. in jail at last.
creatures they are; set their own judg-
ment up as against the law, and their
own necessities as against public du-
ties, and the result is a known loss, to
the already overburdened tax-payer, of
over a million anda half of dollars, in
a sipgle year and how much more, that
is unknown, no-one can tell.
To the man who is interested in try-
ing to lighten the burden of taxation
that now rests: upon him, or who ‘be-
lieves in the honest and careful man-
‘agement of the financial interests of
the Commonwealth, the election on
Tuesday next is far more important,
than would be the election of a Gover-
nor, Supreme Court Judges or any
other State officials. These are the two
offices that directly effect the interests of the
lax payer, and every tax-payer in the
country ought to think enough of his
own wellfare to go out and vote.
There is not much work in going to
vote. There is but little cost, if any,
in getting to the polls, and why any
one who desires to see the rule of the
ring of State robbers brought to a sud:
den and disgraceful end, should fail to
be on hand, and vote against the men
and the party that have been so rock-
less in their management of public af-
fairs, we cannot imagine.
Are you ready for the election, on
Tuesday next, Democrats? You never
| had a better opportunity to win, than
| you now have. You never had great-
| er reason to work than at present. If
i you but do your duty there is no ques-
| tion as to what the result will be. Will
{ you do it ?
—Haaelton’s convicted. ex-clergy man, Rev. .
H. E. Sutherland, who conspired and used the
mails to blacken a rival in the church, has,
been refused a new trial at Pittsburg.
—Trying with his foot to adjust some ma.
chinery in a wood-turning works. at Scraaton,
William Kaathold had nis whole foot and: ane
kle crushed to less thanan inchyin thickness:.
—Mechanicad Engineer W. V. Smith, of
Pittsburg, has a. plan tosupply all western.
Pennsylvania. with fuel gas by utilizing the
present waste from thousands of coke ovens.
—Reading sextons dare nos bury any more
unidentified bodies. They are ordered to.
turn over all such corpses ie the Adams Ex--
press company for Pniladeiphia medical cole
—Her baby and the cradle it was in.were all:
that Mrs. Thomas D. Weaver could. rescue
—The life of the 17-year-old daughter of
Emil Schmidt, of Bethlehem, has be en assess-.
ed by a jury as having been worth $1792.50.
She was killod ona the Roading milroad, and-
. the father sued for damages.
—To prevent the gushingJoil from. [running
down his sloping deor-yard and possibly get-
ting afire and burning him out, L. Chambon,
Sr., seeks by injunction to stop the drilling of!
a well near him, at McDonald.
—Dissatisfied that Florence. C., one of the
five sons of the late Lawyer A, H. Miller, of
Piitsburg, gets the bulk of his $500,000 estates
the other four will contest the. will, and have
hired a lawyer who has broken forty-eight
—Public admonition is all the punishment
Pittsburg’s United Presbyterian Synod ims
poses on Rev. Dr. WV. J. Raid for naiting {a fel-
low clergyman to a deceased wife’s sister and
complicating the resurrection conundrum,
“Whose shall he be 2°
Two enormous cannons have been shipped
by the Government [rom Washington to Beth-
lehem to be tested, at Redington, by the Bethe
lehem lron Company, by which corporation
their tubes, jackets, ete, were made, and likes
wise to be fired at and test the strength of
new armor plate.
Voters throughout this section
| of the State, who want laws to protect
—Mrs, W. W. Smith, of Philadelphis, caught
from her burning home at M oshaunnon, this.
county. She rushed through :flames.ito do.
already borne by the overtaxed farmer | their interests—who faver a re-enact
and workingmen, and open the eyes of | ment of the repealed fence laws, should
voters to what the result will be if the not forgot that their only hope “is
“Republicans win.” . through the aciion of a Constitutional
What do you say farmers and work- Convention,
her foot aud fell down a long flight of stairs at
the Cooper House, Lancaster, with a helpless
babe in her arms. A twist as she fell enabled
the mother to strike on her back and shield
the babe not only from instant death but from
all harm. She will recover.