Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, April 24, 1891, Image 5

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    Pine Grove Mentions.
Mrs. H. M. Meek and Mrs. Wm. Sausser-
man of Altoona, are visiting their parents and
a host of other friends in and about our town.
John F. Krebs has been summoned to at-
tend United States district court at Pittsburg.
Grandmother Krebs, mother of Judge Krebs,
is again corily located in her former home
where she has spent over three score years of
her busy life.
Mr. Wm. H. Miller, a noted trout angler,
who always has his fishing traps in order,
while winding his way over the mountains to
the head waters of Stone Creek, discovered an
unusual large opening in the trunk of a large
tree, and upon closer investigation found that
a bear was making it his habitation apparent-
ly sound asleep. The news was conveyed to
several of his Shingletown nimrodie friends
who went in search of the lad next day and
much to their delight bruin was still unmove
ed. A consultation of attack was held when it
was thought best to fire a shot, hit or miss.
At any event he would be aroused out of his
winter’s nap. The first shot at random took
effect in the jaw and front foot which was no-
ticeable as he came forth to show fight, but
another load of shot in the head guaranteed a
six dollar bear hide.
JOHNSON—BARR. — At the home of the
bride’s mother,on April 2nd,1891, by Rev. W.
A. Houck, Milton R. Johnson and Tura C,
Barr. Both of Bellefonte, Pa.
BUCHANAN—SYMMONDS.—April 16th, 1891,
at the home of Cyrus Solts, Logan St., by
Rev. W. A. Houck, Thomas H. Buchanan, of
Bellefonte, aud Elizabeth A. Symmonds, of
Pleasant Gap, Pa.
HiCKLEN—PETERS.—April 16th, 1891, at the
home of the bride’s mother, by Rev. W. A.
Houck, C. K. Hicklen and Rhoda S. Peters,
both of Bellefonte, Pa.
MOORE—MOORE.—April 21, 1891, by Rev. W.
A. Houck at the M. E. Parsonage, Bellefonte,
J. W. Moore, of Taylor twp. and Lucinda
Moore, of Huntingdon county, Pa.
Jerry’s Sad Mistake.
The Kansas Congressman Learns Some-
thing About Hotels.
New York Recorder.
Let the Hon. Jeremiah Simpson re-
late the incident as it occurred, and no
more will the Kansas farmer fear him or
scorn him because he was the guest of a
$6 a day hotel.
When the weary statesman—hungry
because he had been boarding for a
week in New England— dropped his
carpet bag on the floor of the New York
Hotel, he said to the clerk:
‘How much for room and board ?’
“Six dollars.”
“Does this include washing such
things as soc—hose and so on ?”’
“Laundry charges are extra.”
“Guess I can stand it,”” mused Jerry.
“I never got it for less than $4 in Kan-
sas.”” And down went his name, and
several admiring bell-boys took him in
charge. :
By the dim light, as Jerry lay in half
sleep and wondered why he heard not
the clarion call of the feathered Alliance
songsters of his native State, his eve fell
upon a legend that brought him to his
feet :
“This room $6 a day.”
‘And I thought it meant by the week’
he groaned, and when breakfast was
over he paid his bill and went away a
sadder ard a poorer man.
A Great Labor War Imminent.
PirrsBURG, April 19.—Over 125,000
men are ready to strike for eight hours
work per day, or an increase of wages,
on the morning of May 1 next. The
most eventful May day labor ever had
will occur this year. Omincus mutter-
ings from all over the civilized world in-
dicate the coming of the fiercest battle
that has yet been fought between capi-
. tal and labor. The growing discontent
among workmen of every class has
reached its culmination, and operators
not only in the great cities of this coun-
try, but in Europe, have been warned
that on May 1 the storm will be upon
them. * More than 125,000 workmen are
ready to strike for an eight-hour day or
more wages, and the coal miners, build-
ing operators, iron-mills, carriage works
and stone quarries of the land will be
numbed with paralysis. The end of the
bitter struggle cannot be seen at this
They Swapped Wives.
A House and Lot as an Incentive to
‘WILKESBARRE, Pa. April 19.—Last
November, Peter Schmidt, a young Ger-
man, ran off with Mrs. John Evans,
and took up his residence at Port Bowk-
ley, where he furnished a house.
Schmidt left a wife in Germany, who
heard of the husband’s escapade, and
she came here. Mrs. Schmidt promptly
caused the arrest of her husband upon
the charges of adultery and bigamy. Ev-
ans, the deserted husband, furnished the
deserted wife with all the evidence
needed. Schmidt was arrested and
placed in jail. The wife said that they
Sold prosecute the case to the bitter
Now the strangest part of the whole
affair is to be told. Mrs. Schmidt was
good looking and only 33 years of age.
Evans was not what might be termed
prepossessing in appearance, but he was
capable of making a good living. Evans
and Mrs. Schmidt fell in love. Evans
proposed marriage, and to show that he
meant business he offered to sign over to
has intended a small house and lot. Mrs
Schmidt now found herself in a predic-
ament. If she married Evans she was
liable to be arrested un the seme charge
as her husband had been held to an-
swer, and she would probably be placed
in jail.
Kvans suggested a compromise. He
proposed that Mrs, Schmit go to her
husband and offer to withdraw the
charges of bigamy and adultery if he
would allow her to get a divorce. Of
course, Schmidt was only too glad to do
this. The result was that when the case
was called in Court there was no prose-
cutrix. Schmidt was discharged and re-
turned to his house; where he is now
living contentedly. As soon as the di-
voree is granted Evans and Mrs Schmidt
will be married. At present Mrs.
Schmidt is keeping house for and at
tending to the wants of Evans’ two
esl ——
——Read the WarcHMAN for political
and general news.
Books, Magazines, etc.
In curious contrast with Kennan’s papers
The Century begins in May a brief series by
the late George Mifflin Dallas, United States
Minister to the courtof the Czar, in which are
described the magnificence and luxury of the
Nicholas I. A frontispiece portrait of Nicho-
las accompanies this article.
The English singer, Mrs, Margaret Watts
IIughes, will print in the forthcoming Century
an article on “Voice Figures,” in which she
will give the curious shapes of flowers, ete.,
which she produced by means of her own
voice. Mrs. Herrick of the Century, staff ac-
companies Mrs. Hughes’ article with some ex-
planatory scientific notes describing the cause
of these shapes, and telling of other and simi-
lar experiments.
For Musica Prorre.—The Song Friend for
April contains a biographical sketch, with por-
trait, of the German Pianist, Frantz Rummel;
“The Mind in Keeping Time,” by E. W. Good;
“At the Beginning,” by E. I. Stevenson, and
other articles of great practical value to sing-
ers, players and teachers. Italso contains the
following choice music: “Drifting from
Home” (ballad), “Come Unto Me” (anthem),
and “Visions in a Dream” (piano). The Song
Friend is a 32-page journal of rare excellence.
The subseriptioa price is only $1.00 a year,
with a premiam of three pieces of select mu-
sic. The publishers, 8. W. Straub & Co., 243
State street, Chicago, offer to send one sample
copy for ten centsand make liberal induce-
ments to canvassers.
How To Pray Barn.—The popular *“‘Buck”
Ewing, captain of the New York’s, has written
an article for the Boy's Department of The
Ladies Home Journal for June, on the ‘Ins
and Outs of Base-ball,”_in which the fam ous
catcher will tell how to play the game; how
to form a nine; the hardest positions and how
to fillthem ; how to throw a ball, ete, This is
Ewings first article, and it is said to be the
best which has ever been written for boys on
the great national game.
Rudyard Kipling will contribute to the forth
coming number of Harper's Weekly, a new
story of life in India, entitle “The Last Relief,”
James Lane Allen’s new book, Flute aud Vio-
lin, and other Kentucky Tales and Romances, is
announced as ready for immediate publica-
tion by Harper and Brothers.
“Princeton College” is the subject of an il-
lustrated article by Robert Bridges to appear
in Harper's Young People for April 21st. Mr.
Bridges was a member of the class of '79, and
he will tell several things which, although not
found in tire College Catalogue, every Fresh-
man or prospective Freshman ought to know.
err ————
The following letters remain in the Belle-
fonte P. O. unclaimed, April 20th, 1891.
Gertrude Dippery, C. C. Kealer, G. W. Mus,
ser, Dora C. Money, Rev. Frank Pen, Mrs!
May Peters, Miss Susan Reyer, Winfield Sum-
When called for please say advertise.
J. A. F1eEpLER, P. M.
New Advertisements.
—f FOR {—
— AT {—
This is a big cut—one-half the
former price—but it is genuine.
Of late some of those first class (2)
leading (?) photographers of this
section have been putting the
prices way down to catch trade.
Now I propose to put down the
bars for a short time to give a little
amusement to the people and make
it interesting for my professional
This week I engaged several
good workmen to assist me upon
the great rush that will follow for
good photos at low prices.
“While the band is playing”
don’t miss the opportunity to stop
at my gallery. While the prices
are down, I will continue to do the
best of work, promptly and satis-
This is no Fake, like others
advertised. No deception, no fraud,
and above all no poor work will be
turned out. Call at
Allegheny st.
Prersl SALE.
Muslin underwear!
We have just opened a fine Jine
of muslin garments, at prices
never before equaled.
Night gowns, drawers, chemise,
shirts and corset covers.
We are offering these goods at
bargain prices, you can buy
then cheaper than you can
make them.
Come in and see the tull assortment.
35 21 1y No. 9, Spins Street,
ellefonte, Pa.
TT D. &6.C
Four trips per Week Between
Petoskey, The Soo, Marquette, and Lake
Huron Ports.
Every Evening Between
Sunday Trips during June, July, August and
September Only.
Rates and Excursion Tickets will be furnisheq
by your Ticket Agent, or address
E. B. WHITCOMB, G. P. A,, Detroit, Mich.
36 14 Tm *
The changing seasons once
again bring back this same
old question to every man—
course you are going to
spruce up a little this Spring
as every one else does!
Nothing extravagant, a new
suit which will be more com-
fortable and appropriate for
the warm days that are com-
ing and a few articles from
our furnishing goods depart-
ment will perhaps be all that
is required to put you right
before the world. Still there
will be no dodging that oLD,
Where shall I buy ny
clothing ? It is bound to
come up and must be decid-
ed before you make your
purchases. Now what say
you? Let us answer the
question for you this time.
We will pay well for the
privilege and you shall be
more than satisfied. This is
our offer to those who will
let us name the place where
they shall buy their Clothes :
First a square deal—SEc-
OND, a saving of several dol-
lars, more or less, according
to the amount of your pur-
chase. Tuirp, that good
quality, material and make
which is only found in cloth-
ing that will stay by you. 4th,
the newest, best of styles, in
fabric, cut and fit and a gen-
erous assortment in every
grade that a first class cloth-
ing establishment could be
expected to carry in stock.
Now these shall be yours
if you leave to us the decis
ion as to where you shall
buy your clothes this season.
There is no disputing that
our new line of spring and
summer goods is a marvel
of fine qualties and good
values at fair prices, Infact
it is the largest and most
completeassortment of cloth-
ing and Gents furnishing
goods ever brou oht to Center
If you favor us with your
patronage we promise you
the best values which your
money can obtain for you.
Give us a call.. You shall
have the most careful atten-
Unlimited lopportunity for
a satisfactory selection, a
perfect fit and the fairest
prices you have ever re-
M. FAUBLE, Prop'r
Rochester Clothing House,
Bellefonte, . Pa.
Opp. Brockerhoff House.
New Advertisements,
New Advertisements,
HERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of
Sundry writs of Fieri Facias, Levari
Facias:and Venditioni Exponas issued out of
the Court of Common Pleas, of Centre county
and to me directed, will be exposed to pr blic
sale, at the Court House, in the Borough of
Bellefonte, on Saturday, the 25th day of April,
1891, the following property to wit :
_All that certain messuage and tract of land
situated in Gregg township, Centre county,
Pa., bounded and described as follows, to wit :
On the west by ‘McCool and Harter, on the
north by land of George C. Breon, on the
south by Caln’s heirs, and on the cast by the
public road, containing two acres, more or less,
thereon erected a log frame dwelling house,
two stories high, stable and other out build-
ings. Seized, taken in execution and to be
sold as the property 5% Datel Kennelly.
All that certain lot or piece of ground, situat-
ed in the Boron: of Philipsburg, Centre coun-
ty, Pa., bounded and described as follows, to
wit : Commencing ata post at the corner of
Warren Dillen’s lot on 10th st., thence along
10th st., 33 feet to lot of A. J. Gearhart, 94 feet
to an alley, thence along said alley 33 feet toa
post at the corner of Warren Dillen’s, 94 teet
to the place of beginning, baing a part of a
larger piece of ground of the Richard Ather-
ton estate, having thereon erected a two story
frame dwelling house, stable, and other out-
buildings. Seized, taken in execution and to
be sold as the property of F.P.Smith and his
wife, Susannah Smith.
: : ALSO
All that certain tract of land, situated in
Warriors Mark township Huntingdon county,
Pa., containing 72 acres and 139 perches, the
fee of which is owned by the mortgagor :,
bounded and described as follows: Begin:
ning at a small pine, thence north 82°, west
133 4-10 perches to a black oak, thence north
25° west 19 4-10 perches to a pine, thence
south 52)4°, east 49 416 perches to a post,
thence south 20° east, 57 2-10 perches to a post;
thence north 52° east 10 perches to a post;
thence south 3114°, east 60 68-100 perches to a
post: thence north 58°, east 38 32-100 perches
to a post; thence north 50, east 115 32-100
perches to a small pine, the place of beginning:
thereon erected two 2 story frame dwelling
houses, ten 14 story dwelling houses, pump
house with boiler, 2 engines, water tank, 2
wells, derricks and reels, washer building
and boiler, 2 engines, 1 Thomas churn washer,
and 1 Bradford 3 log washer, 8 ore jigs, 8 large
water tanks with pipes and connections, en-
gi en engine, railroad track,
ssels, sidings, ete. repair sho -
smith shop, 3 stables, ete. b Ply Blade
_All the iron ore and other minerals, and the
rights and privileges relating to the mining
and carrying away of the same, on and under
a large tract of land situated in Warriorsmark
township, Huntingdon county, and Halfmoon
and Ferguson townships, in Centre county, in
the State of Pennsylvania containing 3292
acres and 106 perohss of land, being described
by metes and bounds as follows: Beginning at
a post, supposed to be the corner of Franklin
township and Warriorsmark township in the
county of Huntingdon; said post being also
located on the county line dividing the said
county of Huntingdoa from the county of
Centre; thence south by lands of G. K. and J.
H. Shoenberger, 559130, west 895 perches to
post and stones; thence north 39° 30, west 129
perches to post; thence south 3614°, west 39
48 100 perches to a post; thence south 1734°,
west 22 2-10 perches to post; thence north
644% west 65 3-10 perches to post ; thence
south 20°, west 59 6-10 perches to post; thence
south 27 vo West 14 perches to post; thence
south 344° west 40 3.10 perches to post;
thence north 64°, west 8 9-10 perches to post;
thence south 214°, west 75 6-10 perches to
post; thence south 20%4°, west 100 5-10 perches
to post; thence north 71° 24), west 10 perches
to post; thence north 73° 12', west 20 perches
to post ; thence nortu 75°, west 20 perches to
pust; thence north 76° 48’, west 20 perches to
post; thence north 78° 8%, west 4 perches to
post; thence along other lands of said G. K.
and J. H. Shoenberger, north 22° 20/, east
549 faq perohos to stone heap ; thence by land
of I. N. Simpson and the said Shoeberger’s
uorth 28° 45/, east 162 perches to post; thence
along lands of Joseph Waite north 61° 45, east
148 perches to pine stump ; thence along same
north 29°, west 61 perches to stones; thenca
along same north 74°, west 9 perches to stone 3
thence along same north 44°, west 18 perches
to post; thence along same 90 perches to post;
thence along lands of Joseph Braunstetter,
Abednego Stein, Benjamin Beck and Abedne-
go Stevens’ heirs, north 52° 15’, east 356
perches to a post ; thence by lands of said
Abednego Stevens’ heirs, north 43° 45, west
89 6-10 perches to a post ; thence along lands
of Dautel Beek north 51140, east 110 25-100
perches to post; thence aong lands of the
Snow Shoe railroad company, south 38149, east
168 perches to a post; thence along same
along same south 37°, cast 6 perches to post ;
thence along same north 5314°, east 103
perches to post ; thence along lands of 1 hom-
as Rupp, south 14140,east 116 perches to stones,
thence along lands of Shorb, Stuart & Co.,
south 3314°, west 30 9-10 perches to white oak
thence along same south 1° 52, west 433
perches to post ; thence along land of J. W.
Ellenberger south 67149, east 68 5 10 perches to
a post, the place of beginning , thereon erect-
ed a well, derrick foundation, and lumber for
washer building, known as Wrye bank. Seiz-
ed, taken in execution and to be sold as the
property of Amy Smediey Powell, Robert Hare
Powell, De Veaux Powell, Julia De Veaux
Peters, Amy Ida Powell, and Henry Baring
Powell. ALSO
(All that certain plantation or tract of land
situate in Walker township, Centre county,
Pa., bounded and described as follow to wit:
Beginning at stones corner of lands of Wm.
Gates and Adam Decker, thence by lands of
said Adam Decker and Wm. Robb, North 4384°
East 138 3-10 perches to stone, thence by lands
of heirs of P. Seiles, S. ine E. 51 perches to
stones, thence by land of I. Markle S. 64° W
43 3-10 perches to a pine, thence south 4614°
west 87 9-10 perches to stones, thence
by land of Wm. Gates nortii 43° west 28 3-10
per to stones the place of begining, containing
29 Acres and 145 perches neat measure, about
26 acres cleared, thereon erected a dwelling
house barn and other out buildings, including
a mine of valnable clay. Seized, taken ine xe-
cution and to be sold as the property of Jacob
Dunton. LSO
All the right, title and interest of defendant
in a certain lot of ground situated in the Bor-
ough of Philipsburg, county of Centre and
State of Pennsylvania, beginning at a post on
Presquile st., thence south 80° 30, west 255 ft.
to Cold Stream; thence along Cold Siream
south 26°, east 176 ft.; thence South 229, west
48 f1.; thence south 35° 15/, east 30 ft. to a
street; thence along said street. north 73°,
east 216 ft. to a 30 ft. street; thence along said
street north 17° 15), west 204 ft. to the place of
beginning, containing 1 2-100 acres, thereon
erected a small two story frame dwelling
All that certain Jot or piece of ground situat-
ed in Rush twp., Centre county, Pa., bounded
as follows, to wit: Commencing at the north-
west corner being a mile stone; thence south
30 rods along old line to a pine corner;
thence east 49 rods toa post ; thenze north 80
rods to old line; thence along said line to
place of beginnig, containing 20 acres net,
being part of a larger tract owned by Palmer
Elliot ; thereon erected a story and a half
frame dwelling house, frame stable and other
outbuildings. Seized, taken in execution and
to be be sold as the property of J. H. Hall.
All that certain lot br tract of land situated
in College township, Centre Co.;Pa. Begin.
ning at the corner in the Boalsburg & Belle-
fonte turnpike road, adjoining lands of Dan-
iel Ximpors and Mrs, Margaret Whitehill,
thence by land of the latter North 6014°
West 8 5-10 perches to a corner, thence
by land of Decker and Alexander, S 11°
W 20 per. to a corner, thence by land of
John Huey 8, 79° E.8 per. to a corner, thence
along said turnpike road by land of Daniel
Kimport N. 11° E. 17 5-10 per. to the place of
beginning containing 150 rods, thereon erect-
ed a two story frame dwelling house stable and
other outbuildings. Seized, taken in execu-
tion and tobe sold as the property of D, F.
All those two contiguous lots of ground, sit-
nated on the northeast side of Sycamore
street and north west side of Fifth street,
( also called Moshannon Avenue ) in the
town of Snow Shoe, in the county and State
aforesaid, being lots No. 637 and No, 638 in the
general plan of said town, containing together
in front and breadth on the said Sycamore St.,
120 feet, and in length or depth north east-
ward 200 feet to a 20 feet wide street. Bound-
ed, northwest by lot No. 636, northeast by the
20 feet wide street, southeast by 5th street
aforesaid, and southwest by the said Sycamore
street, thereon erected two 2 story houses,
one 2.story shop, stable and other out build-
ings. Seized, taken in execution and to be
sold as the Property of Gemge Fravel,
All that messuage or tenement and tract of
land, situated on Bulletts Run in the township
of Howard, Centre county, Pa, bounded and
described as follows, to wit: Beginning ata
st, thence by other lands of the a2aid John
ughes, north 68°, east 41 perches to a post
thence north 37°, west 33 perches to a maple
thence north 15°, west 14 perches to a stump ;
thence north 46°, east 26 perches, south 44°
east 12 perches, north 46°, east 72 perches fo
stones by pine; “thence by lands of Isaac
Packer and Curtin’s heirs, north 44°, west 13
erches to a pine ; thence by lands of Philip
arnhart, south 46°, west 145 perches to stones
by a chestnut oak; thence by land of F.
Leathers and others, south 44°, east 136
perches to the place of beginning, containing
109 acres and 147 perches and allowance of six
per cent. etc.; thereon erected 2 dwellin
ouses, barn and other outbuildings. Seize
taken in execution and to be sold as the
property of George D. Johnston.
All that certain messuage, tenement and
tract of land situated in Howard township,
Centre county, Pa., bounded and described as
follows to wit: Beginning at a marked white
oak, thence North 50°, East 150 perches to
white oak, thence South 32°, East 170 perches
to birch on the side of Muncy Mountain,thence
by said mountain South 55°, West 150 perches
to stone heap, thence 32°, West 170 perches to
the place of beginning, containing 150 acres
and 60 perches and allowance. Seized, taken
in execution and to be sold as the property of
A. G. Curtin, Jr., H. R. Curtin and Vireiniy E.
Curtin Adminiseratrix of &e., of James B. Cur-
tin, deceased.
All that certain tract of land situated in
Boggs township, Centre county, Pa., beginning
at a post, thence north 50°, east 202 perches by
land of Humes’ heirs and’ P. W. Barnhart to
stones; thence north 32°, west 5514 perches to
a white oak; thence south 7520, west 11
Perales to white oak ; thence by Jand of P. W.
arnhart north 19°, west 155 perches to stones,
thence by land of Roland Curtin’s heirs south
6814°, west 221 perches to post by rock oak,
thence by land of Curtins, south 20°, east 12°
perches to white oak; thence by land of
Samuel Bumont, south 10°, east 152 perches to
the place of beginning, containing 310 acres
and 27 perches and allowance ; thereon erect-
ed a two story frame dwelling house, bank
barn, straw shed and other ontbuildings.
Seized, taken in execution and to Le sold as
the property of Mary Neff.
All that certain lot of ground situated in the
Borough of Unionville, county of ('antre, State
of Pa, bounded and described 1: follows, to
wit: On the northeast by Walnut street, on
the southwest by Place alley and on the
northwest by lot of Harris Calhoun , fronting
on Walnut street 60 feet and extending back
to Place alley 120 feet ; thereon erected a two
Slory frame dwelling house, stable and other
out buildings. Seized, taken in execution and
to be sold as the property of Mrs. Susan Blair.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, p. m. of said
No deeds will be acknowledged until the
purchase money is paid or arranged for in fall
Sheriff’s Office, WILLIAM A. ISHLER,
Bellefonte, Pa. April 1, 1891. Sheriff
36 13
lowing accounts have been examined,
passed and filed of record in the Register’s of-
fice forthe inspection of heirs and legatees,
creditors and all others in anywise interested,
and will be presented to the Orphans’ Court of
Centre county on Wednesday, the 29th day of
April A. D., 1890.
1. The first and final account of William R.
Barnhart, Executor of, &c., of Levi Dickson,
late of Boggs township, deceased.
2. The account of M. L. Rishel, Administra-
tor of, &ec., of John Peters, late of Potter town-
3. The first and final account of John L
Smith, Executor of, &c., of James H. Smith
late of Ferguson township, deceased.
4 First and final account of S. S. Lyon,
Trustee appointed to sell the real estate of D.
W. Kline, deceased.
5. First and final aceount of Josiah J. Hoy,
Guardian of Araminta and H. H. Hoy, minor
children of Susan Hoy, late of Marion town-
ship, deceased.
6. First and final account of J. B. Fisher,
Executor of, &e., of Polly Fisher, late of Gregg
township, deceased.
7. First and final account of J. B. Fisher,
Administrator of, &c., of Margaret Weaver, late
of Gregg township, deceased.
8. Account of Jasper A. Williams, Adminis-
trator of, &c., of Newton Williams, late of Hus-
ton township, deceased.
9. The axcount of F. P. Bower, Administra-
tor of, &e., of Jacob Bower, Sr., late of Haines
township, deceased.
10. First and Final account of W. F. Courter,
{| Administrator of, &e., of James Wagner, late of
north 50°, east 188 perches to a post ; thence | > o a
Liberty township, deceased.
11. First and final account of Jonathan
Schenck, Administrator of, &e., of Peter Van
Horn, late of Howard township, deceased.
12. First and final account of J. M. Parker,
Administrator of &e., of Samuel Holderman,
late of Boggs township, deceased.
13. First and final account of John H. Sny-
der and James A. Ott, Executor of, &e., of Levi
Snyder, late of Potter township, deceased.
14. First and final account of Jno. BH. Mec-
Cauly, Executor of, &c., of Jacob McCauly, late
of Marion township, deceased.
15. Account of James P. Coburn, Executor of,
&c., of Elizabeth Reese, late Millheim Borough,
16. First and final account of Sarah L. Gray,
acting Executrix of, &e., of Isaac Gray, late of
Patton township, deceased.
17. Final account of Henry Brown and David
Dunkle, Administrators of, &c., of Rebecca
Rockey, late of Walker township, deceased.
18. The final account of Pefer Hoffer and
Carrie E. Osman, Adninistrators of, &e., of Hon.
8.8. Wolf, late of Potter township, deceased.
19. First and final account of W. E. Hart-
sock, acting Executor of, &c., of Christian
Hartsock, late of Patton township, deceased.
20. Second and final account of Jesse Swartz,
Administrator of, &c., of 8. C. Thompson, late
of Walker township, deceased.
21. The first account of W. C. Meyer, Execu-
tor of George Meyer, late of Ferguson township,
22, The account of M. I.. Rishel, Trustee te
sell the real estate of David Reese, late of Gregg
townshiy., deceased.
23. The second separate and partial account
of B. H. Arney, one of the Executors of, &c.,
of Jacob Arney, late of Potter township, dec’d.
24. The account of:John H. Beck, Adminis-
trator of, &c., of W. C. Porter, late of Walker
township, deceased.
25. The second partial account of M. D.
Rockey, Executor of, &e., Jonathan Spangler,
Sr., late of Miles township, deceased.
26. The account of C. T. Fryberger, Guardian
of Wilbur H. Smeal Charles D. Smeal, Eleanora
Smeal and Laura E. Smeal, minor children of
Benjamin Smeal, deceased.
27. First and final account of T. A. Long,
Executor of, &e., of Bridget M. Lonnor, dec’d.
28. First and final account-of C. P. Hewes,
Administrator of, &e., of Jas. C. Rankin, late of
Snow Shoe township, deceased.
29. The account of Wm. A. Neidigh, Admin”
istrator of, &ec., of J. H. Neidigh, late of College
township, deceased.
30. Firstsand final account of Jeremiah Fek-
inroth, Administrator of, &ec, of Peter Shiflier,
late of Centre Hall Borough, deceased.
31. The final account of Jas. B. Curtin,
Guardian of Lida Gregg, minor child of Lida
E. Gregg, as filed by Virginia E. Curtin, Ad-
ministratrix of Jas. B. Curtin, deceased.
32. The final account of Jas. B Curtin, Guar-
dian of Fannie Gregg, minor child of Lida P.
Gregg, as filed by Virginia E, Curtin, Adminis.
tratrix of Jas. B. Curtin, deceased.
33. First and final account lof Jno. B. Linn,
Executor of, &c., of Mrs. A. M. Rockey, late of
Spring township, deceased.
34. Firstand final account of Geo. W.and R.
N. Ellenberger, Executors of, &c., of John H.
Ellenberger, of Ferguson township, deceased.
36-13 \ Register.
ANTED.—A’ reliable, energetic
young man who is determined fo
make money, te sell our lubricating and har-
ness oils to farmers and threshers in this and
adjoining counties. We can offer paying posi-
tions during the next three months, and if
your work justifies it, a permanent paying
position. Address, stating age, and naming
Cleveland, O.
M. GALBRAITH, Plumber and
Gas and Steam Fitter, Bellefonte, Pa,
Pays purticular attentien to heating buildings
by steam, copuer smithing, rebronzing gas fix.
urest, &e. 20 26