Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, January 30, 1891, Image 6

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Hints for a Bachelor. Sechiler’'s Grocery. Hardware. ARPERS MAGAZINE,
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Srervel An infunt may boas old 8s Methuse- | = . 1891 alan
® lah or as young as a baby ephemeron JJ snrvane AND STOVES 4 JL owanD WW. VinLEg,
Bellefonte, Pa., January 30, 1891, | for all you can tell. Now, yon need ~AT= Iistested: WOOD, BROWN & CO.,
’ ’ ’ just one suggestion to help you out. i The important series of paperton South : Deaters in
EE is this : If the baly is inlong clothes JAS. HARRIS & CO.) S—— } America, y Theodore Child, will ba continued | HOSIERY, NOTIONS, WHITE GOODS &C
More Poultry Raising. : ¥ (remem A. £ A I Naas Ruri tie RTCRier duck 5 : NE, Wi .
call Wa year old. It won't be, but of the er 1891. The Ems har 129 Market Street:
that’s part of the diplomacy. If it’s in —AT— California, by Chaales Dudley Warner, will al- | 151 OHILADELPHIA, PA.
Farmers are now, and for some years
have been, casting about them very
earnestly to ascertain whether special
crops and more diversified farming may
not tend to make their pursuit more pro-
fitable. One thing after another has
been suggested, but there doesn’t seem
to be enough money in any one thing
to turn the tide strongly in the right
direction. Under these circumstances
itis wise not to turn away from the
minor farm industries as measures of
Of all these, there is none that seems
to suggest itself so strongly as poultry
raising on an enlarged scale. In the
first place, it is already an industry on
all farms to a greater or less extent.
The average farmer's wife and sons and
short clothes and can’t talk eallit 5
years. It won’t be that, but that’s
more diplomacy, Ifitcan talk call it
anywhere from 6 to 8 years old.
This is the course which things may
then be confidently expected to take:
The mother proudly exhibits her off-
spring. Bearing in mind the rules here
laid down you say of along skirted
youngster, “ What a remarkably devel-
oped child for one a year old I”
“But it’s really only sixj months, you
know,” answers the mother, indulgent-
ly unmindful of your mistake because of
the flattery it implies.
In the case of a short skirted, non-
locomotive youngster you will be safe
in saying, “Isn’t this a wonderfully fine
baby for one four or five years old?”
0 0
It is only those who
eat—the many who re-
quire the necessities of
life, to prolong their ex-
istence, that we address,
NOTICE—Thanking our friends for
their liberal patronage, we desire to ex-
press our determination to merit a con-
tinuance of the same, by a low scale of
We buy largely for cash, anc doing our
own work, can afford .> =ell cheaper
and give our friends t..e benefit, which
we will always make it a point to do.
so be continued. Among noteworthy attrac-
tions will be a novel by Charles Egbert Crad-
dock ; a collection of original drawings by W.
M. Thackeray, now publi-hed for the first
time; a novel written and illustrated by
George du Maurier; a novelette by William
Dean Howells; and a series of papers on Lon-
don by Walter Resant.
In the number and variety of illustrated pa-
pers and other articles on subjects of timely
interest, as well as in the unrivalled character
of its short stories, poems, ete., Harper's Maga-
zine will continue to maintain that standard of
excellence for which it has heen so long dis
Per Year:
HARPER'S BAZAR ...........
Postage Free to all subseribers in the United
> Railway Guide.
Dec. 14th, 1890,
Leave Belleionte, 5.35 a. m.. arrive at Tyrone,
6.55 a. m., ai Altona, 7.45 a. m., at Pitts
burg, 12.45 p. m.
Leave Rallefon.e, 10.25 a. m., arrive at Tyrone,
11.550. 0 of A'teoua, 1.45 p. m., at Pitts.
ourg, 6.50 p: m
Leave Bellefonte, 5.20 p. m., arrive at Tyrone,
5.40, at Altoona at 7.50, at Pittsburg at 11.55.
wneav. Hellefonte 5.35 a.m, arrive at Tyrone,
5.55, av Harrisburg 10.30 a. m., at Philadel-
hia, 125 p. m.
Leave Belletouie 10.25 a. m,, arrive at Tyrone,
11.55 a. m., at Harrisburg, 3.20 p. m., at
Philadelphia, 6.50 p. m.
daughters have a practical acquaintance 3 Those who use no. States, Canada, and Mexico 1 ] z . .
op : > he voars 0 qr 2 3 Syd HErico, eave Bellefonte, 5.20 p. m., arrive at Tyrone
with the details, and they are, there- You may be years out of phy sical reck . : 6.40 at an 10.45 p. ans
fore, not venturing into an untried field | 0nINg again, but the mother will soon thing,—who think they The Volumes of the Magazine begin with delphia, 4.25 a. 1m..
What they do not know they will ac-
quire by actual experience in the course
of time.
There is no articein greater demand
in our markets than frehseggs and poul-
try, and often the supply 1s far below
what is called for. Besides, it has been
steadily growing from year to year, and
must continue to grow as time rolls on.
The same may be said of the egg supply.
It is true that daring several months of
the year their great abundance sends
down the price to very low figures, but
during most of the year the price are re-
munerative. The consumption of this
excellent food is largely on the increase
and millions of dollars worth are annu-
ally imported. No country in the
world 1s bettor prepared by nature to
produce poultry and eggs, and we ought
to take advantaze of our opportunities.
‘We believe the raising of turkeys, if
see that it is precocity of the infant that
has misled you, and as before she will
pardon you.
Remember this as yon would the fen
Commandments : Always add to the
age of a baby and subtract from the ace
its mother. No matter how far astray
you may go it will never be treasured
up against you.
Curious Uses of Potatoes.
To sweeten new iron vessels boil pota-
to parings in them.
To keep potatoes from sprouting scald
with boiling water.
An excellent starch for the linens and
laces is made from grated potatoes.
Potato flour, so much used in ¥rench
cookery, makes fine bread and extra
need nothing,—who live
on expectation, hope or
some intangible nothing,
will save time by passing
this column by. It isnot
intended for them but the
other fellows. We write
what is here put aown for
the people who are mortal
enough to get hungry, and
in consequence of getting
hungry are sensible enough
to try to get what is good,
pure, wholesome and nec-
For Everybody.
o—JAS. HARRIS & CO.,—o
Illuminating Oil.
the Numbers for June and December of each
year. When no time is specifiad, subscriptions
will begin with the Nnmber current at the
time of receipt of order.
Bound Volumes of Harper's Magazine for
three years back, in neat cloth binding, will be
sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of $3 00 per
volume. Cloth Cases, for binding, 50 cents
each—by mail post-paid.
Index to Harper's Majazine, Alphabetical,
Analytical, and Classified, for Volumes 1 to 70,
inclusive, from June, 1850, to June, 1885, one
vol , 8vo, Cloth, $t 00.
Yemittances should be made by Post-office
Money or Draft, to avoid chance of loss.
Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement
without the express order of HARPER & BROTHERS
46-4t New York.
Harper's Weekly has never failed to justify
its title as a “Journal of Civilization,” and it
has done so with a constant regard to enlarged
possibilities of usefulness and a higher stand-
Leave Bellefonte, 4.30 p. m., arrive at Lock Ha
ven, 5.30 p. m., at Renovo, 9. p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 9.32 a. m., arrive at Lock
Haven, 11.00 a. m.
Leave Bellefonte at 8.49 p. m., arrive at Lock
Haven at 10.10 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 4.30 p. m.: arrive at Lock Ha-
ven, 5.30. p. m.; Williamsport, 6.25 p. m., at
Harrisburg, 9.45 p. m
Leave Bellefonte, 9.32 a m., arrive at Lock Ha-
ven, 11.00, leave Williamsport, 12.20 p. m.,
at Harrisburg, 3.13 p. m., at Philadelphia at
6.50 p. m. :
Leave Bellefonte, 8.49 p. m., arrive at Lock Ha-
ven, 10.10 p. m., leave Williamsport, 12.25
m., leave Harrisburg, 3.45 a. m., arrive at
Philadelphia at 6.50 a. m.
Leave Bellefonte at 6.10 a. m., arrive at Lewis-
burg at 9.20 a. m., Harrisburg, 11.30 a. m.,
Philadelphia, 3.15 p. m.
Leave nn, 2.45 p. m., arrive at Lewis-
burg, 5.45, at Harrisburg, 9.45 p. m., Phila-
delphia at 4.25 a. m.
carefully and systematically followed in Old potatoes should be pared very thin m———— ard of artistic and literary excellence. It ig 4 o
this locality, might be made the means | Usea vegetable brush to remove the essary, at prices that dot a ren lnraaod uo apodant phase atthe! E {Ge | E | Deen, | %
of adding very considerably to the far- skins from new ones. : THE BEST world’s progress, and presents a record, equal- | F | 2a | 3 | 1890 H
pan Dunc tl onl ic Tooltis : . require them tc lay cue al. ly trustworthy and interesting, of the notable 271 2 | 2
mer’s income. During the preseat sea- Ia selecting potatoes examine the eye. BURNING OIL events, persons, and achievements of our time. P| et
son turkeys have been unusually scarce | The smaller the eye the better the qual- that they eatn, to appease Spesil Supplomanss will be continued in | P ik Lv.| P.M.
in this locality a have commanded | ity. Spc t 3 L I'HAT CAN BE MADE 1891. They will be literary scientific, artistic, | 6 4 55 ...Tyrone.... 715
mi Ava y od AVS comin ide ity Spotted potatoes should be re their appetites. We have historical, critical, topographical, or descrip’ | 6: 6 48 .E.Tyrone..| 7.92
high De but Hh > i aime jected. FROM PETROLEUM. tive, as occasion may demand, and will cantin- | 6 2 6 Hay doo 7 28
rates asked the supply has been all too i in oeen in the hunger appeas- ue to deserve the hearty commer sation which | 6 6 40 Bald Eagle 7 33
hort. Last s app is I bl Water in which potatoes have been gor apn has been bestowed on past issues by the press | 0 8 331... Dix... 7 39
short. ast, season was favorable to 5 . a ¥ 3
turkey raisiuo sud the suppl fall boiled will cleansedelicate-colored wool- ing business for many ma and the public. Asa family Journal, Harpers | 6 6 30... Fowler... 7 42
turkey raising and the supply was fally | apg or worsted goods and chintzes and Siness ¥s Weekly will, as heretofore, be edited witha | 6 6/ 6 28... Hannah... 7 46
up to the average, but we understand | o31icoes iv vous. We k strict regard for the qualities that make it a | 6 06) 11 17} 6 21 Pt. Matilda.| 7 55
Lt f these birds wera sent to the larg hi many. years. Vie <now i: . safe and welcome visitor to every home. 559 11 09 6 13..Martha....| 8 05
tons of these birds were sent to the large Hy i ‘ Yaitis v 23 | yl
Hes Soiled siiks are renovated by sponging Tt gives a Brilliant Light. —_— 5 50{ 10 59 6 05|....Inlian....| 5
cities both fr he s her 1 h en y sponging A | 8 15
oils bach on ne A gi! Borie | with potato water and then rinsing in Wink RR Want, We mow Tt will No poke the Chimney. HARPER'S PERIODICALS 11/10 43 5 85. 00u vayiile 8 25
ern portions of the county. There is ye SE t will Not Char the Wick. : c phat 533 1038) 548.88 Int... | 8 35
littls more difficulty in raising half a clear water. To a pound of grated po- what women and children It has a High Fire Test. Per Year: . 530 10 “Milesburg | Soe
dozen broods of turkevs on a farm than | tatoes use a pint of water. : It does Not Explode. HARPER'S WEEKLY... 8100] 5200 10 Bellefonte. 8 49
Ue 2 ys,¢ t n ——————— desire, and we know how HARPER'S MAGAZINE. 4005101012 5 25.Milesburg. 9 01
one or two. To do this as well as to a . HARPER’S BAZAR........ 4 00 | 602) 10 01] 5 18/...Curtin..., 9 11
double the chicken, duck or goose pro- Fashion Notes. much better and how much It is without an equal HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE.......ccceue. 2 00 : 2 3 31 5 14-0 ae. 2 3
ducts on a farm, will as a matter of : . . Postage Free to all subscribers in the United | 4 25 591 Howard. o 2
¥ va : en i . AS A SAFETY FAMILY OIL. Cir Sahar ar 440, 9 37 4 a9/.Eagleville.| 10 30/5 10 40
course require *additional care and at-| Plaid woolens are in favor for school nore pleasant it is, to: fo : X States, Canada, and Mexico, 138 934 4 56Beh. Creek. 10 3515 13 55
tention on the part of the farmer’s fam- | dresses. cide in a community where We stake our reputation as refiners that The Volumes of the Weekly begin with the : 2 2 = i 3 ga al, 3 ie 2 5 o
i ’ . 7 v : sys frat N ay fi ; arv of or GRY 25 { : ‘ 54(5 27!
ily. He can’t expect to make from two | Mohair braid is seen now on autunn . first Number for January of each year. When | 4 3 4 15| 4 40/Lek. Haven] 11 00/5 30| 10 10
i hundred dollars a v f people enjoy good health no time is mentioned, subscriptions will begin | { | | 1
eT ta ta oN garments, > IT IS THE BEST OIL IN THE WORLD. | with the Number current at the time of receipt | "214: 2: 12 .] AN janie
poultry, « areful attention, ang : : ’ To at 5 than among dyspeptic com- of order.
more than he can out of his corn or i jah var MEET Ask your dealer for it. Trade supplied by Bound Volumes of Thurs Weak forthree | ~~ TYRONE & CLEARFIELD.
wheat fields without giving the latter his r Pn Sh ty plainers, growlers and suf- ACME OIL CO Joe a A ae NORTHWARD. | SOUTHWARD.
hs 5 - 2 i ; 5 0 5 § age ald, ) @ CS§ > = mn { wo
careful supervision. Any business must ory well-app inted dressing table Ts have Health gral Willi 2 expense (provided the freight does not exceed | % Bol 8 Dee. 14 2 z
be attended toif you wish to make a has its drawers lined and.perfumed. ferers. To have healthy : y : i iamsport, Pa. | 16 Gollar per volume), for §7 00 per volume. 22% ya 2 £3 7
success of it. But this is what few | Ladies’ cloth with a border for street people pure [food must be ¥or sale ai relofli by W. 7. TWITMING Cloth Cases for each volume, suitable for [ # | # : | g 1-2
farmers do with their poultry yards. | dresses among the novelties. binding Will be sensby mall, post-paid, on I=
tA > ] 3 Sa ! used. ‘We understand this receipt of §1 00 each. . M. (Lv, Ara. mam ip nm
They give them as little attention as 1s Velvet ribbon will be much used as Bo 3 i eect gwanse ! Remittances should be made by Post-Office 8 20,...Tyrone 6 50) 11 45/6 17
possible ; they regard them as of little trimming during the coming season. nd nhlerstabding it leap Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss. 32) : 2.5 Tyrone 6 43) 11 38/6 10
account and then say they do not pay. : s Machin Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement SH... Voil..... 6 37] 11 34/6 04
; ; Faille Francaise, brocades and armures ; : < Cry. tp A a Et Pao 7 48] 336 8 41|.Vanscoyoc.| 6 27 11 25/5 55
That kind of far he lied ) without the express order of HARPER & BROTHERS
at kind of farming when applied to |... among the silk importations nothing but (the purest of ne Arddess HARPER & BROTH © RS, |705 342 845 Gardners.. 6 25| 11 21/5 52
other farm crops would be equally un- Dr : : : ; 46-4t New York. | 8 02| 350 855 Mt.Pleasant| 6 16 11 12/5 46
satisfactory. That there is money in Jewelers just returned from Paris everything that can be 2 3 Hy 3 = 2 Py Smat 6 09| 11 05/5 40
i Ts : had 2 i Sy TQ \ a | 4 03] 9 10/Sand.Ridge| 6 05 11 00/5 34
poultry growing is as certain as there is bring with “them nothing essentially found in| the market. To ENKINS & LINGLE, YTTARPER'S BAZAR R16 405 9 12). Retortou| 6 03| 10 55/3 31
in tobacco raising ; not so much, it is novel. : {Sancansces to W. I Diroan & 00) H % : 819 406 9 15.Powelton... 6 01/10 525 30
true, but quite enougi to make the pur- Cut roses in glass of rare old-fashion- satisfy the demands of the a : Illustrated. a 3 2 : 5 2 i tia 2 2 10 £8 2
suit contribute very considerably to the | cd china bowls are used for floral table many different stomachs BELLEFONTE, PA., Harpers Power 4a ournal for the home. | 20] 424 9 37\..Steiners...| 5 43] 10 35.5 09
annual profit account. We advise our | decoration. ’ Bn toe Tain TrinTr ion, WHR Yegard to }o iy £20 9 40 Philipshu’g| 5 41 10 325 07
farmers to think over these things and Blue costs and brass buttons have that we try to gratify, re- IRON FOUNDERS the Fashions, its numerous illustrations, fash 3 3 : a i 3 oi 4 i 2
to act upon the suggestion laid down. — | been worn by fashionable French bride- : J and ion plates, and pattern-sheet supplements are | g 5g 4 1 9 50 Wallaceton.| 5 28] 10 15/4 49
Lancaster New Era on quires a vast variety of indispensable alike to the home dress-maker | g g=| 4 57| 10 07)... Bigler ia ais a
4 , grooms this summer. ou : MACHINISTS. and the professional modiste. No expense is | g 19| 5 02] 10 Sar 517! 2 ois 36
LL SE There are girls who buy their books duinten, sonimert an! in payed ih making i aptistio at tvenessof | 34) § 08 10 it) 830) 802 2
or - : b < A S S, 9s 2 |
4 Specimen o brah inary Agricul- | to match their gowns. It doesn’t mat- ralishes, as well as the sub- parlor plays, and thoughtful essays satisfy all ? = 3 2 10 2 Joona 20 2 os >
S ter about the contents if the binding : : . VULCAN CUSHIONED POWER HAMMER iastens ay Be Tant Digs bs Spon os A budge 938) 5 20 10 44. Riverview. 4 58 9 31/4 10
: : satisfactory. stantials; and knowing this of wit and humo n its weekly issues every- | g yal 5 26! 10 49 Sus. Bridge! 4 54 i
q y thing is included which is of interest to wo- | 9 26/4 06
The island of Guernsey has to nourish . EE gh re wil | 8 50 5 35/10 FalCwrwensviel 4 50) 9 20/4 08
S———— there is nothing that is eat- BELLEFONTE TURBINE . g g : Yi lenin la wm! AM. | AM PM
1,300 souls on each square mile, and has
a good deal of unproductiv soil. Gueren-
sev, like the suburbs of Paris, is a land
of market gardening, which has devel-
oped of late into greenhouse culture.
All over the island, especially in the
north, whereever you look you see
CrocoLATE CocoANuTs. —Chocolate
cocoanuts, which are especially fine, are
made very much like the creams save
that a little dessiceated cocoanut is
worked in a oblong shapes, then rolled
in chocolate. Other chocolates contain
able, relishable or appetiz-
ing, that we do not keep.
It is for you who want, or
write a series of articles on “The House Com-
fortable,” Juliet Corson will treat of “Sanitary
Living,” and an interesting suscession of pa-
pers on “Woman in Art and History,” superbly
illustrated, will be furnished by Theodore
Child. The serial stories will be by Walter
Besant, and Thomas Hardy.
Time Table in effect on and after
Dec. i4, 1890.
Leave Snow Shoe, except Sunday......6 45 a. m.
Leave Bellefonte, except Sunday.
greenhouses. They rise amid the fields | Walnut meats, almonds or filberts. or 0 Th
and from behind the trees , they are | The French candied fruits help one use anything eatable, eith- Works near P. R. R. Depot 1160 1y | HARPER'S BATA $4 00 Ey LIE Ypres
piled upon one another on the steep | 1D making a variety, the pineapple : — : HARPER'S MAGAZINE. 4 00 | GrsrwarD NT
slopes of the hills facing the harbor. being especially nice. One slice is suf- 9 48 mets, ASN, groceries, HARPERS WEE LY. 100 | NT i 1d] 12
The origin of this new departure was ficient for a good many bonbons, The fruits, nuts, relishes, or in Mingle’s Boots & Shoes- HARDENS YOUNG Dror Pay 2 0) STATIONS.
the raising of grapes, which was started cherries are not quite so good eating, ? — 2 fives Io Gl meer nike Yond alan o.
some thirty years ago, by a few enter- but help to make an attractive assort- fact anything from a’piece > — i i -
prising men. At present, Guernsey ex- | ment. : FACTS IN RHYME. The Volumes of the Bazar begin with the o SOULE >
ports every year about 500 tons of grapes | Some of the bonbons may be tinted of chewing gum to a first Just look this way a minute or two, Brel Faber for duntmy ol Tl Yo ree Bair gronnd.,. .
which represent a money value of $215,- | pink by adding to part of the cream a class beef steak, that we ply 10 bast th fiotesi you. with the Number current at {ime of receiptof | 5 jo g Vicksbure. 5 20
000. at the low average price of 18 cents | very little fruit coloring extract. ; i 44 x order. 250 6 Mifflinb: 3. 51
? ge p & : 3 And that is the subject I shall choose. Bound Volumes of Harper's Bazar for three 5 finburg. : 0
a pound. rE write and pay the printer ears back, in neat cloth binding, will be sent Se 7 Millmont.., 8211 455
However—and that is the chief point 3 EE It's a settled fact you can’t erase v mail, postage paid, .T by express, free of Su 7 Laurelieno. 31% 445
rat are bn loner ths Theda ——T was so much troubled with cat- to print this invitation 'for That “Mares” store is the only place ic fii Da ot a qa a iy :
tant on of the Guernsey od J BE amv issepopslyaifected mp vole, One you to come and see us jt ee leather | one dollar per volume), for $7 00 per volume. 08), FR0fed oy m. afi Bra 22
: ih Y | bottle of Ely’s Cream Balm did the 7 : Cl th Cases for each volume, suitable for | 4 00 7 53 Coburn 7 30 400
greenhouses. And when I walked : a indi ill be | ail, post-pai § lo Rish ines... ‘
throuch these ¢lass-roofed kitchen gar- To E. My voice is fully restored. —B. Ifyou live in town drop We have men’s boots in calf and split ; on U9 poll papal ol : 1 3 Ree > 7 3 3 2
Dt Nr F. Liepsner, A. M., Pastor, of the Oli. Also, cowhide, grain and kip; 1pt of eaeh, b o i 2 - a : :
dens which do not know what failure voi Bavtist Church. Philadelphia, Pa in and see what all we have And Brogans, pegged and sewed you see, Mass shod ay ous bE Dost Dice i a 83 881) 33
means, and which yield crop after erop p : ! pha, fa And long-legged boots that cover the knee. — ao a ° a RR ih as 6% 31
throughout the spring, summer, and NT . and what quality of goods Metals bittioandd without the express order of HARPER & Brorugrs. | 4 52 634 3807
autumn, I eoul ire t : CRANBERRY DumpLINGs.—Sift to- on's calf eangress, bution and lace, dres ER & BROTH 4 57 629 3(3
’ ut admire the recent we carry. In different styles to suit the taste ; ddress HARPER THERS, 5 06 Pleasant Ga 619 2 £3
conquests of man. I saw three-fourths gether one quart flour and 2} teaspoon- Carpet slippers, grain and goat, Jot Few Yorke. | 205 010 aan 610 245
of an acre, covered with glass and heat- | fuls baking powder; mix to a soft From twenty-five cents toa dollar note. v.oM | AM AM | PM.
ed for three months in the year,
yielding about 8 tons of tomatoes and
about 200 pounds of beans as the first
cropin April and May, to be followed
dongh with sweet milk; roll out and
spread with one quart cranberry sauce,
fold, place in a pudding-bag and steam
one hour. Serve with a sweet sauce.
Ii you live in the country
come in the first time you
Boots and shoes that will stand the water ;
Ladies’ kid button for C dollar and a
French kid for ladies, I have on hand
Glove kid, pebble goat, also French tanned.
An Illustrated Weekly,
The Twelfth Volume of Harper’s Young Peo-
Trains No. 111 and 103 connect at Montandon
with Erie Mail West; 112 and 114 with Sea
Shore Express East.
by two crops more during the summer come to town and learn how ple begins on November 4, 1590. 'Fhis best and H
) 2 ——————— = < ide] ; 4 | WESTWARD. Upper End. EASTWARD
and autumm. As to the results, I can- : ii Ladies’ serge congress for eighty-five cents, | most comprehensive weekly in the world for ”
not boter olinracteries them. than by TrreDp AND True.—Is the positive easy it is to get good, pure, Goat and calf buskins for a liitle expense, | young readers presents a rich and attractive = 2 | vm 2 2
? : Y | verdict of the people who take Hood's Common sense and opera toe I've got, programme. In fiction there will be “Camp- 5 = oy H 5
quoting what W. Bear, the wellknown S ill Wh sd dine fresh groceries, as low if Inkid and dongola and gipsy cut. mates: A Story of the Plains,” by Kirk Mun- o 2 5 ® 2
writer upon English agriculture, wrote Sdn nk a a oo ing 4 ? 3 roe; Nee of Iron,” a Tomanes, by Howard > ¥ Ee ?
ri . rections ood e rel- ; i i sle, with illustrations by the author; i
afier 5 visit to the same establishment ; lent as rig lt > ny ios lower Han many have eb ri Ei Fagin,” by. ihn Np ne Moon A: ME. iP. M, : AW |B
namely, that the money returns from : : ; : re sprint hie P| Prince,” by R.K. Munkittrick : and “Yellow- § 5 (5....Scotia..... 921) 447
i strength restcred, that tired feeling i i Dongola and goat, spring heel and opera toe, » i i iti 5 25(..Fairbrook.| 9 09] 4 27
those thirteen acres “ereatl ds reng Sicred, 1 S been in the habit of paying . We Ali 1 top,” by Annie Bronson King. In addition to Fa - 0 71.
1 cre greatly exceeds 1s something that’s selling not very slow. 2 ) ) SEN 5 37/Pa. Fu 856 415
Mass of an ordin Enclith f ¢ driven off, a good appetite created, these five serials, there will be stories in two 5 37 Pa. Furnace 5 .
200 ordinary Gnglsh arm ot) pezdache and dyspepsia relisved, serofu- for old, impure and On men’s congress we've had some fun : or three parts by Thomas Nelson Page, Hjal- 5 44... Hostler.. 850; £08
1,300 acres.” The last year's crops |) d and all the bad eft sof i On our “Nox Em All” line we've had a big | mar Hjorth Boyesen, Edwin Lassetter Bynner, 5 00f. Marenno.f S431 01.
vote MB thasol o : hi a cured and all the bad efiects of 1m- hl icles of di £ Harriet: Prescott Spofford, Mary E. Wilkins, 5 b7|.Loveville..| 837 3 55
ere 2) tons of grapes (w ich are cut strengthless articles of diet. run el ) 6 G4 F Rdl 831 340
from the first of May till October) 30 pure blood overcome. For agood blood And another shoe that will fill your eyes, Nora Perry, avd others. Short stories, and gos JumaeRa 1a S10
150s of tomatoes 20 ons of potatoes, 6 purifier, take Hood's Sarsapariila. If you have any good fresh is a three dollar and a-half shoe called the Bo A Lid irae, Syenmte, 6 18. W hel 819! 348
Ct ’ “Enterprise.” pines hi A hd Penni n )
¢ SA ————————————— + tions of the highest character, will render | «.. 11 20/ 6 28/Pennington| 8 10} 3 30
3 of peat sad 2 pase? Doan (the T R ap » farm produce bring it along. : a Young on for 181 unrivalled as a 11 32 6 40..Stover....| 758 318
last three in April, to say nothing of HE RrEAsoN ror IT.-—“That man, Long-legged boots we are selling most ; Tohvceliany of the best reading for boys and | «we 11 40 ‘6 50|...Tyrone....| 7 50/ 3 10[.....
other subsidiary crops.
A True BinL—Jones—I don’t think
vou ought to go around saying that
said the proprietor, ‘is as rich as Croe-
sug, vet he kicks like a mule every time
he pays his bill.”
“Still it’s natural enough to kick
Under any and all ecir-
There's nothing better to keep out the
We always try to do our best,
And that isthe cause of our success.
Now to all our customers, we wish to thank
“The best weekly publication for young peo-
ple in existence. Tt is edited with scrupulous
care and attention, and instruction and enter-
To take effect May 12, 1890.
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Robinson is the biggest coward alive. hae was when I's well heeled, you jou I ais of the | EASTWARD. WESTWARD.
Brown— Why, he shows in every way | © SECHLER & CO Foz the lsindness you have shown us, and | voung, and at the same time to develop their | 6 | 2 Tt
he’s afraid of me. > . PEI, — patronage too. lei thinking power.”—N. Y. Observer. STATIONS. -
” . .. & 68 West High S Please call this way when at your leisure, P.M. | AM AM PM
Jones—So ? Well, you're justifia- —— When everything appears unus- 35. est High St. We will show you goods with greatest | rmrMS: Postage Prepaid, $2 00 Per Year.| 620 9 10/Ar...Bellefonte. 6 00 3 00
ble. ually fresh we say the season is forward, Pleasite. Vol. X11. begining November 4, 1890. $ 2 3 0 ay 2 > : »
TT we when i person & unas ually for- In closing this I wish to tell— pes yu, 3, gd Nie Horner's Young | ¢03| 8 54/. 616| 319
Se 3 & irtv. o} ward we say he is too fresh. This fall we have goods that will sell cople bound in cloth will be sen y mail, 559 8 51). 619 823
—Seattle was founded thirty eight We will show you goods that cannot be beat ; | postage paid, on receipt of $3 50 each. The | 557 § 48 622 326
years ago by some thirty or forty men = Some of the best you ever had on your | ot .er volumes are out of print. 5 53] 8 44. 6 26| 330
who went there in the schooner Exact, | Success.—Success is but a fleeting theme, feet. Speci C t int of a two cent stamp. Sy san : > 3
which had been chartered by a party of Some people like to say ; Specimen Cony sent onzeroipt of eptstamp,. 8431.8 86 38
California miners to goto A ha Tes It i not so with ou, Now to all we wish to say, Single Numbers, Five Cents each. 539 833 6 46| 3 456
: : > Tat ‘ For it has come to stay. To those whe have not called this way, Remittances should be made by Post-Office 8 25 3 63
young men were landed at Alki Point, It cures Whooping Cough and Colds Don’t buy boots and shoes any more Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss. 819 3 59
} : ping Coug ) 3 y
anl went to the site of S2attle, which And many othér ills, Until you have visited Nuwespapers are not to copy this advertisement 8 €9 409
was then an Indian settlement and When taken in connection MINGLES GREAT STORE without the express order of HARPER & BroTurrs. | 6 241 7 26)........ 700 459
inlv ; donise J With a few Wright's Liver Pills. Brockerhoff Block, Bellefonte, Pa., ddress HARPER & BROTHERS, 5 20| 7 20|Lv.State College.Ar| 7 04] 5 04
mainly a dense forest. For sale by C. M. Parrish, Bellefate Pa. 35-38-4m | 46-4t New York. THos, A. SHOEMAKER, Supt,