Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, October 27, 1871, Image 1

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    Bellefonte Democratic tratchmn.
Ink Olings
—Sir-single—an( old bachelor
—The Pittsburg Post is running
'Nouse A. SCOTT for the next Preei•
—ls it any proof that a man has
the "itch",because he "scratched"
his ticket?
—As goes Pennsylvaniaso don't
go the Union. The ITition goes as a
—Matta the only thing tirtattir has
not taken which could be had without
"money or price," in the "email pox,"
—Oreat Oren are raging in the State
of New York. The losses already
amount to nearly a hundred thousand
—Chicago ial . now styled the city of
cinders, and ita chief wants are said to
be coverlids, coffee, candles, coal nod
cash ; CUBSCR IL has plenty of.
--W ITTJER in not the only 1100)
little "Barefoot. There are a num
her of chapa around this town whin
father a half doi.ert much.
—From till accounts, the Preside!'
of Mexico sits in no uneasy Peal
That's no explosive country and hail
lost as lief blow lip its President as
anybody else.
A. are on your track. Your vile
haunt« are known—together with the
inthwernetity pm oiler 1,. nntnglu•rling
%ming victim~
—Greenville, Tenn , ham ne%er lota a
Baptimt Church until tlitv and
the trouble glee it got the church
that there ham not been water enough
io dip a new member in.
—The Japanese have adopted the
gallows am a means 01 punishment.
We wonder now if they II do like us
--pl.t keep it to look at, and let all
Cieir log scoundrels go tree?
--Thirty lawyers and two editors say
that the other six thousand four bun.
Bred and 81xteerl, voters are "dema
gogues•' on the Law Library question.
What a sight of "dernys" there are, to
F ,•
I ~$.. qt,t ~t cam!' reCeived in
uces at U6tcagu is i';so9,-
'27li lie pniwint for ay liidi dritfis
have been drawn P. $896,709. The
entire aggrrgelr reccipt 9 II) money 1111111
tar are 5. 4 1, ISIMIS6.
—"Never despair of the Repu
could do very well it the party
power wan only halt honent fiat
when it tratoplen on all the lawn and
.team all the ftwney, the pro.pect
Isn't at all tlatterlng
—They are arresting the Mormons
out in Salt I..tke now Just because
they happen to lt,e etx or seven
wives apiece. 'floe is the height of
cruelty. NVe should think thate. 1111111
with snore than 011 e wile ought to he
pitied instead of punished
—Four or five white cadets at W. n 1
Point have been ,111.11noed by the
Secretary of War for kicking up a
high. That darkey, though, aho in
raining "Caw all die time, can stay
an long an he %mantic to Which
pillovra the advantage or being a nig.
—The 'hineee wt Lo, A tweloa, 1%111
forma, resisted an arrest by the police
on the 25th instant, opening lire upon
them from both sides of a street. This
brought a mob upon them, and fif
teen of the pigtails were sent to king
dons collie, On a rope line, instanter.
thin policeman was killed and one
-The poor, innocent Itailical city
ur. r of Philadelphia lent Nome
.1 liar honest lholical friends about
100.000 01 Ihe people s money, and
now they on't pat him hack 01 he %ill claim that ilia accounts
;Ire "nn Pt v 11,1," which it it ruillieient
ex,•11,.• 141wal t•-• whs os 1111111
010/1/i11 ,. 1 14,1 N 4,111 111 Ili, v%,,r1,j 'Loin
behind tl !111 1% 111
—The radical papers are getting
into a muddle about what theives they
shell choose as officers of the Senate.
W e suggeAl that it might be wise and
well for them to wait until they have
the choosing cf the officers, before get
ling into any muss about who they
mholl he WEAKLY 14 not Senator yet
—they have lit Pi the Senate, nor will
the Democratic party lose the control
of that body until the bribers, fraud
and general corruption of the radicals
its the XIX district are fully ventilated.
When that is done, it is icery probable
that radical papers will have veuky little
influence in the choice of officers. 1
01 two
The XlXth Senatorial District Get
Ling a Dose of their own Medicine.
Ititoheal papers ul the State are
terribly exorcised just now over the ac
lion of (lie return judges of the Nme
teentli Setuttotial thstryt, alio refused
to give it _certificate of election to
WEAK 1,1,1"
on nitglllll of the %Illations
frauds perpetrated by him and his
iiiendv at I lte pulls To mad Oleo
eharges,denunci ittoutt,tliremvuwl war
etage, ewe would almost lie induced to
believe that such :111 otitrage (?) upon
the rights of the people tool never be.
lore been attempted, that such a fear
lid disregard ot the voice of the hallo'
box had rirver, hefore been thought of
Itut, unliieltily for thette would he pre
servers ol the public peace and purity,
precedents established by tliellPielV.B
stare them in the face, awl compel
them to tolmit that the set, "ontriige
they now t h lire mien t he 1)1 . 111111101C
return nudges of I 'timberland and Frank
tin (»iinitt% been committed It,
them-telve% ilium and again.
In the Congressional election of 1 , ,70,
in the distrim composed of the you'll les
of Indiana, NVestinoreland and Fayette,
.lotto Cot env and lit Nov I) Fti.ita
were 01(3 candidates. t the meeting
of the county return judges it sus lonnd
that Nlr Foster, the Democratic eat,
&Intl', had a majority if the vale
111.1 the ludo, from the outwit. of
Weiamoreland and Fa) cite vo certified ,
but tile al judge Irani Indiana
county riflet-tttl to sign the reruns toe
because, es be %aid, it fraud watt ttlleg)ed
to have fteen perpetrated soniea here
Ili Fayette county at the polls This
certificate, with the vote, signed by
majority of the lodges 01 the th.trict,
showing that Air 1'0,71.11 had been
duly elected, wits foraartled to the
!Ladle:ll Governor of the State, whose
duty it ttrati to cerill) to the election of
M r 1: 0 , 1 IL Mil he No, but
made the exCli4e 111111 a train! having
'Well p`rl.l.!' l ßl the eleetion,
, 11.111,1 he the judge tt-t lit
which, Colour. or FosTrit, should bit , e
the seat, and wrote it letter recant
Mending, 11111111 he given In ( . .%“.1
lii thecit-enl Gard Nil and Ili .t
1,11 , caltdalatem lotr Judge of Ow 1 /1.11-1,1
Court or Philadelphia, only 111.1
when the Railleal return judges met
and bind that 1;11F.Y.,1114•1., 11. e Irani
oeflil Ctllialante, had recent,! it Inrir e
majority of the vote, east, they dent
ernt ely set to ,vork and threw 'tut
enough of Democratic pret owls to
diet I the 1111,110 ill (111111 4 1111 e, lilt time plea
that frauds had been committed in
those precincts
11 . 1111 tile,' 'krt . ...lollM ,Sllillll nor
nwn Slllle, :114i Hill, Lill' retolleetittn
11l er% render-- 111 nil he the Itadionl
pqrtv etlor.ed by every Italheiti
paper,ll..l poi pp.irted lo) It:ultra! voter,
We ?would like to know how any Rad
teal (bill rein -e• 10 acknowledge that
r etorniudgeontrittnherlatid and Frank
lii did prtioniely right in doing jokt
as they d
11 II '1 I. .111'111 Governor
11110/ whelp
11111111 ed 10 St
to 111:14. 1,1
er Iritutim h. ,
(litre the election of Il V.% at U FO Tea
to COngreto4; if it was right for the
Italica' return Judges of Philadelphia
to wty %%holier framh, had been corn
'timed to secure the election of Miter'•
11%Nh, why was it not right for the re
turn judges ,O . Cumberland and Frank
lin to say that frauds had been emu
mated to secure the election of would
lie Settutor WICAKI.CY .I Witt some
Radical Solon tell us?
The only difference in the caeed we
have alluded to t, that the Radical re
turn judgem took the mutter into their
own halide I[l.llll decided lor therneelvem,
while the Itettitittratic return judger
hitt , tery wisely referred the whole
mailer to the Senate, which lituly, the
Constitution mays, "mhnll he the jage of
the qualiffeatione of ite own membere."
-- Brother BLANCIIARI) has settled
down again into him usual dignity. lie
hasn ' t !laved a darkey mince the 101 b
of October, and hasn ' t looked at a la
boring 1111111 mince the polls closed.
(;rent 1.1 Ins own 41t1.
Walton, lint a great deal greater in l j the
"dignity '• lie carries,
Said a Western man in New York :
"Besides corn, wheat and pork, we
raise hell in our country l" Judging
from the terrible fires in the \Vest,
there was more truth than poetry in
his remark.
Death and Disaster
The recent extraordinary and Ili--
paralleled valainities by lire and
not only in this country but through
out the world, are awaking a spent
of intiairy,and men are beginning to
nnl theinselvesorliat duet it all wean ?
!Icily Writ iiiloraim 14 that m the last
days there shall he light and wonders
and weal eartlninalsew, with other is
idienomena, the !Milli
rally beginm k , !.speetilate timat the
(bat the %Yodel even
im\r trembling awl gampttig in the Met
..goitite 01 ,Inomlitittni.
rrntli every Ike y 0111,13 4 ,4
rime evil toling 4 it .104 miter 11141111mill'.
Fire, null r, aunt nwl peanlrnre vrrm
10 hut, pill the earth 111
mourning towno, ,illagen,
and men the open Clllll4 tLy__ltre
lip, !Agig 11(m(1... overv‘lit•lui uuil itlf
14.11 4141v1 II :Mil destroy. The
stalks abroad and gatht•rn
1111(111 Iliou.aml• Into the
~rtte . IYnr rilVitgi, whole countries
.thtl Minute fills the highwa)s
stricken victim. The earth
quakes in mortal tear and volcanoes
tourer, red and mating, frwit their bonds
VII the great lied til (lay, the centre
light and heat• in lace darkened by
the it 01. C101114{4 of POllle Impending
ealaturty. 'Elie Aurora flashes lilt II PI I)
wonderiul br!llinne) and stretches its
lurid lingers lielm((s the entire heltvenn
I mmenne tlibt I tVII,I, ire rullimintlr 1 ,
and Whole Irnete of land sail, oat 1,1
sight and are m 1 ,1( red Ity bursting
rivers. All natrire stAms to Ire dig
turbed, as it appreliensr‘e of same
(lire event, greater a Ili! more tendril
than any thus ilft4 )et taken place in
(lie 6lnlory ul ale world
Snell are 'ante of the extraordinary
occurrences that e I late lin, e led int,
111 speculate upon the neat approach
of Day of Judgment —that [twin', tear
lul Jay e when the heavens shall
lie rolled together 111 n scroll and the
eleitivill4 melt Milli ler‘ent heal (If
coarse these phenomena may all he,
and mom, probably tire, the result of
natural caiNes, but their trequencs,
together with the Ines, that learned
111..11 Kay that the world has of
ready exPited about as Ion) na IL cau_l
exist, according to prophecy, make
them more notable that, would other
wiQe be the ewo•
IVe ure not itariliNt., nor .lo we
e,1.11 to, ere.ite a iylr lenr it, the l)
0111 01 II sotigle IVl•enuply
MUM' 1114,1, 1111141 ui l ,J1111e4 . 111/11 with
l I.e pril.liet les tit have Leer made
111 regard to Iht• /111t1
Mat :ire le iile 'l/1,4
altti lea , ri•llilerS 10 ilritA their
" flirt ore 11.1 11M eft .
liable of pitlyong theme itom.ibtlttlem e.
we are. anti we all know that a e kattm
nothing at all about them. The Day
of ‘Vr•tlh may be near or tar, and 1;a
Itrierm tramp may startle the world
when it least expect. It. There He e w m
to be, 11,11Vel , r,an iiiii/Ttgeslo l ll l l
1,1111 , 6 illP 'last 11155 ' are 111.11
•ei . I. I •I 11,111. these
PutsJr( I II r t
The Grand Duko
Th? Russian fleet which is bearing
to our shores the I;rand Duke A LEX I`l,
fourth eon of the (:z as of Russia, of
moon expected to make its appearance
in New York Hart , Or. With this ex
pectation in anew, all New York is on
the qui owe. Fashionable eireleit are
highly excited, end belles and beaux
are preparing lor a grand round of die
xi pat me.
CAnisidering the fact that the Empe
ror of 11.stuit thinks enough of this
country to send his M: , 11 here to visit
us, it its proper that lie should hese a
decent reception, but there is no pro
priety ua our fashionable' nnobn getting
down into 'the dust at firs feet. If lie
is a man of sense, and we UnderAtand
that he is, he will despise all much
fawning sycophancy as it °fight to be de
spised, and think moat of the men who
stand tip, like men, to give hint a cor
dial and dignified welcome.
Since the torganization of our Gov
'itntnent, Russia has been our friend.
The rirn ots have always been on
the hest ••• terms, and for this reason
our (loverkinent night to make the
14rand Duke's visit a pleasant one.
But there is no cull to humble our Iron
eat republicanism at the feet of royal
It: / ail IL
.... ,••• 24 4
Among Our Exchanga
Et en the New Yolk ridiune is hard
put to find 1111 excit.t. for I;IttNI'S III•
terferenee with tbe,Sinie authority of
11Sito Carolina. conlet.tes that
"wit bin ;1 ten weeks thew have been
no very flagrant motes of oittrit , le," but
tries In give the pro.. Imitation It 8110 W
Iry endeavoring to rehire up the ion
01 RI) lillll.lellk II nnvn•
••The Itivt-ahle Empire in South
Carolaot will 110 W II It Ye 101 opporttiot
IV I/I ramaatre lIP sirem!ill with the
Untied State,* liakeroment. W/11'11111g
W/1.1 to Ole Kul lII\ In Spar, l 2: aml rlythl othet (mama, 111
lhe 'awe, on the I'_'ll, al lhatther, that,
imlm. they tlitTereetl and ! ftive op their
ttrat4 withal five tltts4, lunrllltl la%v
vtmthl he praelttlitted hey thti mat
.I,perme oar ,I,ttrot lipid I/IVV
1111 h W 4 Ihreatenrd 11111, 11141.11 i
aY 11,11111,10 of MIIS
prmtiori al the privileges al the writ of
/taheas empty under the EntarMalleta.
net, /II 011
I , ollleloll. I hull the
k "dem. - 11l South l'arodma are
the Slate ntlllun, anti are otherYl.l.4e
%well tmtoppetl Within a wee/,x
there bare been no very flags ant eases
but , n!le liv them,. rullittno, but It et well
I(ttown tlint their orLuturintioutt ire
fume e.lll .1111 limn ever, and thnl
slgh nl herd/ 01i Oil the part of the
(101 ,ntinetti woolll ben eighth tar a
venerul ouihretik The atitharatem
Hay that the praelittatt
lion ul otartml law up ill not 11111 V MIOII
1111,1111011 ,1 , 111•111 . 1 . , lait prrsent It. ken
Peal 11l ie+~9r rl• In I Ile 1111, I,lllllll'Y
—Tiut• llnihufilic9 tt, to 1111 .
It it hove Iltes not 1111,1, Nan]. tool are
they not es en now 0/1111,4
we tuske the toitotoottootott of atlairm
titottot into our own It tods--1/11
le•o4 we r tilittlil wallctn is 1111 . Hirorte,
111,11 oil the toddlers we
leant our irlir
the vtoter, ttv the
ul.dird bit) tLe Smith will go
ihunuei Wig , and we ',hall lose our
chances fur a second term in the
11 . 1itte lionise? Th. is where the
rime pinches It it Ina In , flifffflle any
— rebellion, but to keep the Inanheal
party m power at the South, that
Hosea. are If. he Relied
by the whom! .ir/lll‘on anti place
minter the Cu rantenis of war
tial law The late elections in Penn
sylvattot , (Mon and lowa, have en
VOlirtitted If It SsiT to play the des
pot tinder that Minn' , furl la , / off Cull
greca which gave lion the !mower to
the great is rim nt 11111,11 V cr,rpri
at 11, irlerimiire, and lie le ;iris by riding
rough shod riser nine nnullcndinK Conti
Iles m the Palmetto State. vbun he
ha. commenced. II he 6e lorlllnate
111 ruling, (lien its Ifi • lose 01
liberty departed Irwin the hearts ot
the American people, and They have
Inecome lit only to he the slaves id the
neurper and tyrant %VIM is 110 W trallir
ling spun the conmtitution and
him country.
lint ( . 11( %NT I% lit nniv good at de
O'arlfig marital law , hr IM 111P40 a great
bond ut malewrilang motley toward
chant the ,djecie, which he leaver,
taker people 10 [oder the prey
`llll., Ite Intel" I Wed ' 4 OOO i4l
1 . 11:1 111,1, titol the slur+
Lion its kern untied wort, ttIII ht I.ut
Alaalt Oil., the New York :out
has rwmething ii, say, as lorloWB
About two vettra ikL2O President
tirittit viiiheribed 0111, 111011141iliol dollars
toward the Mini for the family id that
noble hearted hero, (len. John A Raw
lois, then recently deceased. It wits
afterward that tli.s nom, which
was lllllONtritleol by (len Brant and
paid in his name, WHY in reality paid
by James Fis't, Jr., awl .Iq, tbould
liratit pretended to and
had the reputation of give n • ii hut
he did not furniell a rent til n, t ;mild
and Fisk h aid the whole, while lie got
the gloty of liberality tnw.ird the Mini
ly of lon devoted adviser mid itilintaht
At that now he was yen' intimate
with tbould and Fi , k. In tart, there
on every n.llOlOll to behest. that they
were engaged together in the relebra
ted conspiracy to put up the price of
gold; alla it was on account of the in
timate relations ties created between
th e m thattinulil Ittld Fisk were willing
to pay the money for their friend and
associate. Mince then they have quar
relled, and it is certain that Fink and
Gould have not bad anything to do
with rite paying of Oratite thutimand
dollars for Chicago. But inasmtwb
la his first charitable donation of a
thoueittni ilollaje Was proved to be a
matter of lalse pretense, the public will
be likely to believe that such is the
ease with the present donation. Who
WAS it OM' really paid this thouatind
._--The S,oilday of Phila
delphia confirms our article of last
week nn the Negro. It re:ill/v.l the
tact that the balance ni power in Peon
nvlvnnia an in the hands of the black
cotern, and 01118 talks about :
'l•llere air 1110111 I wenty one thou
sand negro voter!. in t hie State Cer
Molly Nevelt thousand are in thin c•ily.
It natty lie aately said that of that gro-.8
sum every negro, except, perhaps, one
in every hundred, voted the nevoid'
ran ticket. It IN, therefore, finite ob.
wort that the negro vote, whieli
cant 11.1010 HE Notedly for the Radical
part), holdm the 'admire of political
power in l'enm.)lvrtnia, and 10`111Illly
111.101-11117e$1 the nhlh• ii(oloCratir $0
ten+ of thim Commonwealth, who, not
side of the negro ‘fete, teprement It de
voted majority of the OW, voters of
What is the fair in
ferenee 'I•IuN• that the ballotm of
twenty thotiontid negroca control /MI
deride the polnu•pl character and for
1101e4 of I him gn•dl PM Mori Weal 01. 18
Om. riot homiliatoig
-It c10.cr01,4 to MI 11 11e4H the
pluck 0 1 the I 1 1111t4 racy tinder their
Into defeat,. The% take t Ittopt Pool,
attributing the lii 04 true ,1111,Ce
our own ;with) and hope for bettei
leek next lone. We still have it chance
in win in 1872, it our party will (tidy
do its duty. I.:ecouraged by the late
elections, the Radii al iiiirty and the
tia %NT administration will now rite
the whole length of then- string, and,
when they get. to the end of it, the
probability IC Iluit It will choke them.
the Titusville Courier.
A smart youth,who had pist rtatirlied
from college to his lathe' s home in the
(amid r) , obsei ring one 1111 V at dinner
the old gentleman eating rather hearti
Iv of cheese, said • "Father, you would
be surprised to know dint cheese is
tilled with animalcule ' The common
F1f . 1141 . , practical old l'ariber replied :
"Never mind, HIV 14011, 11 . the animal
el11:1 . Can stand It, I kin That is
ithinit the tray we teem over the result
of the recent elections. II the country
kin stand the continuation of Radical
ride, we Can 1/nr 14 . 1110Cflille I 011.11s
porarle.4 110111 In lIIIS 111141 1111f0
take the result as 4 onl iis though there
w,,01 lee in it Well, it Is a great deal
better to laugh than to cry The
}hide says "that those vl/110111 the Lord
lovetli. Ile chastei.eill Ile et ideritly
kites the Democratic part . The ad
ministration ol lirant has received the
endorsement of the two great central
•41,1,r4 of Ihe I . lllon, aod iv. mat now
)001, 10rnard oit carrtlug out 01 lie
!tad. al [millet with as much earnest
nes+ as the Earl Strafford, in the set
enteeth century, pushed his policy In
favor nil his royal toaster, Charles I ,
and winch he so tersely expressed by
the word "Thorough, - with a lug 'l'.
l'he party leaders will be encouraged
io gt eater boldness In 1111 . carrying lint
of their scheme to oterthrow the liber
ties of the American people We
have proclaimed again maid again that
this is the purpose of the lenders of the
Had lea I parts IVe earnestly and firki•
iv helle.e this II it is no their Inten•
lion to do this thing, then we hare
simile.' history in snit) We repeat
Doll the recent political victories won
lir the Radicals will gite them great
encouragement, mid they will no doubt
more plainly show their hands during
the coming winter, and by this means
the people may be awakened to a rem
114111 g en . 11 1 , 1. 01 their danger. This ma
our hope
--In Texas the 17erinaint voted
n.rainat the .I. l oterit, and the result Ivan
.j,lorionn Democratic victory. If the
;.•rmiins here had .lone the name I.lllllg,
tiivre would hilt 1' been no olarkey to
l'etinnylvania this hall. An
exchange nava :
At the recent election iti Texan tl Is
sitid that the Germans voted largely,
eonte localities ahnoat ottattimoutdy,
lor the Dentoerattc candidates lor Con•
greseinen. In Fayette county, where
there are many tiertnans, the white
vote wan nearly urianimoum tor , Ilan
rock, the Democratic candidate. In
COllllll comfit,containing the large
anti flonrildting OVrlllarl eetilenlcnt of
Newltratinfekt, Hancock wan lit) ahead
-"th e noble liermans, an the SIM
Antonio Heraid remai km, "going for
km almost en masse." Two years
ago Fayelie comity fare I/egerier, the
neonldaeriii candidate, more than 900
nur~or sly , now it gives nearly MOO
against liiiii--showing a change of
1,700 votes. In commenting upon
these reports the St. Louis &publtean
sap.: "Facts like these.. prove that
Senator Schurr.'s generous viewa are
shared by his countrymen, in regions
Mr distant from the state which he
represents. The Germans of Texan
have been Republicans, and they are
Republicans still ; we have no author
ity for saying that they have joined
the Democratic party ; but one thing
is certain; they are no longer adlie•
rents of the proacriptive party that
rides in '('extra and at Washingdon city.
'fliey have aided to inflict a similar de
feat inn ltatlicalimin in Texas to that
which their countrymen aided to inflict
on it la Missourt.
—Germaayought to be happy. She
has texteen female editorr.
• Spewle lrom the Keystonel - ,
—Scranton 14 to have a $2,000,0nn cotta
—'l he rillmitium editor ul,thu Sunday ilfereit
%%PM. it white nee kilo.
- , t.tolon'm mejorlty over McCotillions 1.. 1
125 , ol Pl Cooper 20,870.
obb, , of the Day, has been 11
1.11110110 the p 0.1110.11 of paying teller In tl
T Homy hos bought out tho Su
dun Imo, at Tnnnvillo,llllli to now rant in
thug pun•huien w eulaige alit Improve th
°thee 1,110 pope: in to ho neutral to politico
—Luther (trees, the Demi:wrath. candltint,
lor Areettilfly tit Wart en. ens elected by tiftco
inapt hit .y 1 Short, Ili., Republican candl
dun• The IZeplllllll 111.14111ity on the hint
to kilt xtry tint 111111thed steel 1,1), 'llll,,
decided compliment her Luther.
NO. ,I 2
-1411110 an exeltement Nll4 oecasioned o
the male street or rn,nkford, on Hatiirth
night heat. by the carrying lilt of an Moen,'
bet ashington Knott. wan WllOOll.ll (lOW
~reel lya Mr. Curlier, 1111(1 hark again I
Churl, R Owens 311,nitor.
—The Ilemocrattr of Erie county covert,
theittneiren with glory at the Isle canto
'I he ladt(.ll innJoritv of thirteen hundred 0
OW Slate• tle•kct In ails county in the entail..
they hay cneetired for twenty yearn. nod, hike
nonecian with the gradually le.eo•nit
nnualt y lor tett yearn pant, shown the Ideal
uddunre • . the Iteinocrata are making tuna
the people
—•l'he lett4e of the untied rallrotel eutztpanh
nl ;Sex Jeisey 111 the l'ettesylvania railrat
hat 111,11 1.114111.11 1,) , ail the e 1.41111,1 exeop
rug the Ironton railroad. lit milord, preside!
al that rued, 14 absent iti E 11 1 .111113, but Mr. till
....1111•1, pre bin VW 111 1.1114111.110 101.
by .1111 a 11..11 ..1 the company," as the slate
mi the pert od the I minden and Amboy—the
1.11111.4 1.. rig added to line stgaattire
- %11.1i,W 1,1,1111111 11111111 . 41 Al or!
11.11114. 1.14+ foreldly violated by
by, I named Emmet Hampton, id 11eiit (Me
tio, lOn Illy toad byte ern llrnr piney HMI ;111 . 411
ur the 1{1111 . 6 110r1.1 . W 00414, on 'I timpiday eve:
mg nod Hampton iliatggt it her woof 11 WIWI,
At /./111,11.11 thin 11111111,11 r Purpose 110 Ng
114 Al .144) .1 ,111.1 114.111 to 'mower 11
4 harge at , mot in deltodt ut $2,000 Mill
1111111 In Bigler county wnnted 11 11011' nu
Ide It le get ..41,11 11 K inry
the -.on, 111111 lie 11111.1 ed x prelllllllli I 11l el it hurt 01 t Indies her the bun,
ronne , t 1111111 111 the 1, , 11111) lit' 1,4 111 tlll 111
the 10,11111111 Ile loe. nated long time 401.
11, the ImtteKt nar so etore, bast Itnnity nleenl4
th lii han.l•..ine.l 1111411 1.111.--111.111.01(
t. 1.11111 co.. 011 t 114 VIC' 11140
1111 Sunday the nervp•r+ wire
pro;r.••+ on the JL•lhnd:rt ehnil4 I'leu•nn
111,• • 1111. 11111Krepttion were :111111111 , 1
11/1111eS imitting ihroupth the floor at the legi
t. r rwohiation nhovred that Ow furom
under the building having 1,0(.01110 Over-heat,
had conononicated tiro to the floor beta
Voroluttely,ft wick ly oil Ingolched writl
nit lotor) to the building or total interrttptit
to the Pet, tee
There flared through town 1 I a morn n
ell route ht Ole U N M nt ur I%llloololla, LH
ratio Luken trout the Uttleago tire, anti co!
14111111 g gold Cl.lll MIIIOIIIIII 111...11111M, or le
melted lir the' feel ent heat " One tot the,
weighed 1,1101 1..1111,11.1, and the 0110,
i.1111 , 1e , I hey were w n Itvrthly dilapidate
,ttelitottt. anti t•onattlerabl# trouttle watt l•
perteu i w tran.terring !Merit at the tielc
Itoot the :NO 2. to the No. I Latteanter tram
LAU /Wel
-- I lie barn belonging to the Litio•smit
county pilot house, Nl4/1 111111041 1/11 1/1111111111
s•soltor of week before lawt, together with Is
liti.hoie of wheat, WO loos of hay, three or fao
lionalreal 1/110110 Is of loiat•, VI 11110110111 of ry
I 01l lateallel. of pobateen, three or hoar bush.
111 1/1101(1, need. 111111 s lot of term tog 'mph
meet, All 11/0 11011 014 irk 001 nol.l Ihe 11
1. •opposed to hare hero (lie citric of AD I
stoolotry, ninth the loss st000nl• 11/ /11.11 t 5 1
ono, 01 1 / 1 011 1110.111811/4/ //1 1111411/181(55) 51,1,
are d for the apprehension of
I'lrhl 11, rotor 21 —ln the cntirt
pleas to-day, illiant Conn, a neon
Ow, in wee 411•1311••ett honk office, by Judg
All non, for extorting illegal lees Willi,"
Frain ell" also courteted for conspiracy t
extort Illegal fess • a• a deputy sherd?, and a.
hoed !My hollers and i.eut to prison for tw
month.. Trt judge was tery ste•ere On 111
„dicers for their extortions, and said
I cannot t lore toy eye, to the fact that it i
part of the nynt,ni of 4•Xtortoni whirl, from
lot•ginntng Ina• grown to Ire a great 1,1
tool one who t I. knottn to e*ery lawyer an
Etyma! , woo tn.. Imams.. with one pobin• tit
I I.huh lin extent l• trice
ri..l that at the present day the olL•ea write
require neither learning nor 14 previous court
0 1 study riot mien any c0t...1,414n etllol.l
fattention, have become so tit
their eniOnllnent• in mane instraires far e
etw.ll 1110 salary of the President of the Unite
A Ile. Tiro VALLEY —The Sii•miehani
river, a ii h flows through the inlet ior
Pennsylvania, and at titintiury •preittln I
hotioni in hinted and beautiful majesty,
well been miylnd oho or the grandest and nit
of atrtotlls% The Fourth !franc
which uniten with Went Branch, rine. Tie
the head ...ler. of the Allegheny river, in It
i.el Paine nurse TllO volley
ihw Went Brant h heginn at Nortliiiniberluti
l urn lininberlund I'ol/Illy, And ends at Lot
Haven, lintmi emitliy It l• not wide, but i
neenery is carted, wild and plettirenque
IA linpoetoOlo to torn a eurfret Idea of Its
tro , lnerl 1111,101 Iloilo Ihe view Irvin 1111
11111 at the mouth o' the Went Itrannh, Is
MIII passed he eye lake,. In a combinatil
of river, of olounlAln, of valley, and of tit
agriennural development, with tlbtlant
or IllenolAllh o llng town! , of Ilanvill
eleven, Lew niburg, eight, and Milton, 1... A
Mlles oil.
Lunt. II All itHOT,—Win. N. Ituynoble, rein
ding w N era Falloortield township, allot
huge hawk a short time ago Mr Reynolds
erlpple and has been for some time pa
unable to attend to duties. save thrum neon
ing but little exertion Ile was in the act
hulling Imalinits when the hawk apnearm
and here tse will let our friend tell the ato
hitt. II I lie hark soared titer one, an
p. N 1at4111111141/If on a tree clone by and secrete,
1. / r a y, ) o darned old cripple, you can liti
•a11111,41111/1 I will lima un and titnpeet yin
pooh ry ai the 1•11111 e vigor of y ou r
returned for once in a long time, and I though
yen darned old bugger, your hide won't hot
cornlodder In five 11111111 U, I rushed to th
11./11414, netted my fowling piece, rushed to it
barn and took a rent, and put my gun throng
a 110111111 the barn door, shut both e.yes all
fired, and the hawk fell before I heard the r
port of the gun. I marched up likes 11111
hell the hawk was not yet defunct and wish,
to make bailie, and In the language Jacks
I cant to him, t? 1 he eternal, you are my gam
and taking de iberatei sine and eloslag n
•yaa quietly, I gave him the euntente of tl
•ell.l barrel I d ue t 'dere.] my trophy. tot
him to the bonne and took him dinniumion
which were 4 refl. 4j Mellen from tip w lip
Weal Chester Jeffersunian.
Ile Falraavats 111 Liar W
or a rues front Kennet &luate to the Ni,
York Tribune about rn r Cheeter county enrti
junk,,, se folrowe • The shock oceurred nit
.to o'elook. 'I he first eymptom when lo
rumbling mound, which rapidly increased to
loud Jarring noise, a• It a dozen heavy iro
mares were roiling over the floor. 'rhe hot,
shank from top to bottom, and at the end t
ten or fifteen seconds both the noise sod •
brat too were at, violent an to entree •it the I
matt a I had frequently experlereued hen
earthquake shook• In other countriex, but I
no lurannees were they anoompanied wit
such a loud and long continued reverberstio
For nhont fifteen seconds longer the elute
glationlly diminlehed, but the Jarring hot
was heard, seemingly In the distance, after tl
vibration ceased to be felt. The tneu et cm
In the liehl stated that the sound wan fir
heard to the northward, that it apparent
passed tinder their festal the moment of gre
est viltretion, and then moved Pouthisor
The hurtle all flew from their
In t
trees and hedges, mid darted hack &edit,
In evident terror. The morning had be
cry xultl7 and overcast, but the sky Meer,
and is lreeh wind arose immediately nne
wer c h t Tire wooden dwellings In the ell:,
wt•re tot shaken that the people all melte in
the streets. Some crockery wan broken, I I
neve, but no damage Was done to *ldle
eillunneys. There was a light shook alto
midnight, the following night. Thr dr
mimed to me to he nearly as violent nis,tho
succeeding thefiat iial 0 4111JOI?
stroyed Corinth, 185 n ft he thirty or ,for
yenrs mince any oak line 'been felt 'ffu t
neighbourhood I
—An goes Penneylvania, so goes the Unto.
next ()et ober.