Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, October 20, 1871, Image 1

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    Bellefonte Democratic Watchman.
Ink Slings
—The Democratic rooster is all right
in Centre county. It's on top now, and
always expects to be.
—Ohio, Indiana, and lowa have all
gone to the or to Radicalism—
which is the same thing.
—The "sassage" BOMPOTI is approach.
and ROOD the squealing of pigs
will be heard in the land.
---An earthquake shock wakened up
the people of Lake Village, in New
H a mpshire, last Sunday night.
—The hewhiskered old Emperor of
Germany to trying to get. hie newly ac
quired domain in working order.
--The Chicago fire ham been a god
send to some newspaper editors. 'flteir
papers don't. contain anything elm..
—Bantu/tit YOU14(1, the 11111C11.11111r
tied, ham been before the court for big
The old sinner plead "Not
Guilty !"
—London, the metropolis of the
world, contributes 420,000 to roaming
Chicago. how about the Alabama
claims now
-Arrangements are innlong for nn
o oerview between the Utar of Russia
and the Sultan of Turkey. What are
the.+e chaps after now, we wonder?
—Taking kerosene lamps into stables
to milk COWR by, don't pay—as is
proved by the late bonfire in Chicago.
['here's considerable flame ;fl a drop of
coal oil.
--A young man named Hock, was
periorated by a pistol ball, in Blair
county, the other day. It bored right
through his leg. lie is expected to go
up the spout.
-There were three doctors and one
undertaker in our sanctum, all at one
time, on Wednesday. We hope noth
ing serious will come of it, hilt the
thing looked ominous.
- The land of the pig-tails has re
cently been overwhelmed by disastrous
floods. About three thousand "heath
en Chinee" are said to have perished.
Which the same is a sad fact.
-A gay young fellow of ninety-one
wan married in Indiana, the other day,
r. , a lihivhing maid of one hundred and
'n"c unnophi.ticated young con
ple are Fmk' to have been quite happy
—Judging from the number of
'Thickens - now displayed in the Ikad
wal newspapers, we guess that their
editors hare been paying surreptitious
visits to all the hen roosts in the coun
--The reign of terror has been re
stored in sonic enmities in South Caro
linn, where (hit wr tins suspended Abe
urit of habeas rorpttx No eilizeif of
either of those counties is now safe
train arbitrary arrest.
—The election of JuuN DEAN, tie
President 'Judo. of the Huntingdon
and Blair district, le a triumph for
Item Neat). Well, he needed one. It
1.4 the first s 11CCC9A he line had sivice lie
came to tine part of the country.
—Considering the tart that Ilion
sands of people are lionielees and
starving in Chicago and the Weft, a
little less dißplay over the funeral of
the darkey Caro, in Philadelphia, the
other day, would have been in good
-ROTIIVRIIIECA picture of the "Rsl•
Ile of (iettymburg, — for which nor State
paid $ . 20,000, wits not burned in the
I lorago tire, as at first reported. [hi
iortunately for the reputation of the
"artist," the gre.e t k•liaub is still ui el
—Sarcastic pajlwe now, mpeaking of
the burnt countries out in Wimconsin
aril rstirhi o tn, any that they hn•e been
"Shertnatitzed." It lii tan inapprnpri
ate name, either, when we conettler the
demnlat on that dimtinguimhet. the
"morel) to the sea "
- -A young lady nt a vireos, recently,
didn't oinks nny toss when a limb of
the las, pot his itHII about her waist
anti etitnite.l her lour with his lingers.
lier "cruel ',orient" wax very indignant
shout It, however, and took the iuno
cent tom hen out with a shingle.
—Ths Confederate dead at Gettys
burg have been exhumed and sent to t
be reinterred among their own people.
This is right. It is proper that the
gallant "men in gray" should sleep
their last sleep among the brave hearts
for whose liberties they toil lit and fell.
—ltadienli , on and the dieorgani
zero within our own party, were no
certain that they would carry the
county that about the time of closing
the polls they sent a dispatch front thin
place that the Democratic county ticket
wbuld be defeated by about thirty
votes. It wasn't inuchly, however.
VOL. it;
What Did It
We suppose every one has their out)
idea 88 to what caused the result of
the recent election. We certainly
have our's. There is no use of di"
guising the fact that as Democrats tie
are beaten, and the naked truth stares
us in the !lice that we are beaten be
cause We had not voles enough.
But why not votes enough ?
We may say it's because or "corrtip
lion," "bribery," "nigger,' and "new
departure." These causes no doubt
aided much to bring about the result.
In sortie places the earmarks ul the
most unblushing corruption are Jle
rnithle ; in others the boldest bribery
was resorted too; the niggers Voted by
tens of thousands agititiHt IL S, and the
'.new departure - disgusted thousands
upon thousands of the beet Deitiocratiii
We have in ille State, so completely
that they would mit go to the polk.
That all these together miere 1101 soli
'lent to give it victory to radmali•iii
Ball the right spent previttlid m the
I real orgtiiiiLdtionB or the Democratic
Ilia chief cauxe waft local doown
Ifail we been united an we should
have been, bad democrats thought more
iit principle and lens of men ; had the(
recognized ilie ur eNsitt of working
nhoidder to shoulder, with those who
were more lucky than they in County
COll ventioins; hail they remembered
that in dni run there is defeat, who,
in Union there in victory, the general
renult would have been very differeni,
and our good old party could have
waded through to a glorioun victory,
notwitiintanding the radical corruption,
Intid, their niggers and the "new de
But when mien who claim to be coo
sistant Dentocratti get mail and won't
vote, because their own particular to
vorites are not nuiuiner•v; wht•n profess.
ed democrats are willing to sacrifice an
entire ticket because some tinli , ,idual
candidate may nut please them , when
their own little personal hatreds and
jealousies have a greater control incur
them than the success of the party o r
love of prneiple, it is not to he no/01er
ed at, that radicalism glories over iii
victory and gets drunk over our de
There is not a county in the State
that allow.' a decreased Demovratic
majority but can trace the cause ,it
that decrease directly to personal hat
red and local disputes. In Caiiihria
county where weloone a member of the
Legislature, and the tititjority tor:the
State ticket is some three hundred 1e..,
than it should be, they hate at light
shout the county seat, and pi eirool,l
democrats there vote as it the location
of their Court Horne was of more u -
portance to them than the success of
Democratic principles , in Clinton
county it light about who should lie
Atiociate .111.1ge, demoralized the Fairly
to such All extent that we lost MIMI'
three liiirdreil ; L....ming a tits
graceful per-oo.ti 112 In on the can&
date for shrill!. 100 aunt. of religious
belief—a tight made by men who have
been favored by the Democratic party
and who have no inure Democracy
about them than there is christianity
about perdition—lost our State ticket
over three hundred votes; in Nor
thumberland and Slontour a disgrace
lid scramble alter office, anti the refusal
of a lot of dusorganizers to abide by
the nominating convention, turned
those counties over to the radicals
completely; inn Luzerne,whern weshot.l I
have had three thousand majority
local fights among aspiring, entuthtlates
and their friends cut us down to less
that, One thousand. hi Schuylkill,
Cumberland, Franklin, anti in tact
almost every Democratic county in the
State, the same causes are discernable,
the same petty,shatneful reasons uplift
"A bonne divided against iteelf can
How can we expect to succeed
wuh divisimis and dissensions within
our own ranks? And who is to blame
f u r d ticli divi4ibn; and diasensiotni?
Is it the party, or the individual dem
ocrats who set their own opinions lip
against the deciison of the party
through its regularly organized bodies
—the county Conventions? If one in•
dividual Democrat has a right to op
pose any single nominee of his party
has not every other Democrat the
sante right? And il each it right ex•
inn!, what is the use of County or Stale
conventions? Simply none at all. The
question of ho shall be candidates,
becontre'it matter of personal prelerenee
and the organii.ittion at the party unity
ac well he abandoned et once.
\Ve hope Ihmiocratm in this, am well
tin la all the other emintiee ... .mt the
Stale will reflect ovt r ilie , ,e . tontters.
Tel succeed 11t. (life/ biter !MIK' of ae
harmony of feeling arid unit(d,
vigorous work. (Mr eomity conven•
tion must Inc the final aiiiiters in the
choice of candidates, and he who re
hows to abide 1,1• their deci.mii should
he played among iI n curare, ..I the
A lulu who c oimnmt/ porter
encen are stronger Him. hi, love of
principle I• 1 1141 PeltllV`r,ll
loiter, hide lot al de+pule ,, , be emit to
the tied let tt.t tl¢ht un lien who
are les,lling for the .tilere44 nil a great
141 pin, :Ito! site , ..o. null br th, tesuit.
The ottilmrg Cwittrie ritst and other
[indica! paper,. hate been Irving to
creme the miprefouou that the Deutoe'
racy 11'1,•• II rt carrie.l Tout! , TheY
ery .;‘ e do%n your Itoop•ter+, - un.l
then go on to ',tale that he Iladienlor
}lnv(' carried the Slate ke it honey ton
The truth the 11. toocrat • 111% e
elected the entire eittigre-.oilial dele h ni
tion, ittid their iitajortty In sotnt•u here
between thirts and forty thou-anti
rhe attempts of these ItabicAl
to pr o se the eontravy is a piece o f the
moot titihhOth rig effrontery, and 11411011 e
in the hope that they 'nay by these
mean. In able to bri,s ht•at the Item
ocracy out of their hr.iril eutned and
glorinus yirtiir% littillCHlN 111111 t
lYitttt 0,14 Dettywratte eonuesstonal
delegation Irolll TeX:I.. , to got their seat ,
and they thitik that hy r.usnig the or)
of "Iran& now, and as-eriing that it is
thr Itatilealm who have been virt”rioitm.
they may he Ode to aecoinplish their
purpose of having them counted out
game this wretched party has
played sueee.srolly heretofore, and the.
hope lo queeee,i ta the same
however, the Democratic majority
114 a little too heavy, :Lod the proola of
the election ul Cwr lori;!rv , ,rieth it hill he
too MirOng, lo ,er% malt got mil ‘,l
the wav The ly /14 well
nehnuwle , l^•• the o..rn, ntnl sulotillt
grru•eltrily 1., :I olele'll ii 1111•11 Ow) .11d
trot eX pi, I and v.,
tiat‘r 111k111:! 1,,
CM' Irl,lll the revolt tilt I 1114 11,
Peiiiisylvaiti.i, Unto, Indiana .1,1 lowa
Taking it for granted that the people
of theme States will uphold hint in his
base designs. he lots wade haste to de
Clare the writ of 1 bibtei v (Tot in, 1 Mlle
pelltleil in certain counties rn South
Carolina, under the pitiful plea of
"lit Klux when there I,ll'i it 1.1111.111.
I\ . 111 I 11, 1 %%11 , 111• tittle, iilllll,
the Radical carpet.
bagger, who are ro.tining through that
country, trying to incite the people to
open acts of violerive fur the very pur
pose of having martial law proclaim
Other States will soon feel the iron hand
of the Administration. The last Con
grew+ gave Oat ST the power to suspend
the writ of Habeas Corpus all over the
country, North its well its South, when
ever he considered it necessary to his
own interests to do so. Availing hi in
self of this power, lie lots determined
to hold on to die presidency, and the
placing of South Carolina under fi I r
toil law is the first step toward the at•
ai nrnent of that object. Notice al
ways that the counties thus tyrannized
over are Democratic counties, and mar
tut) law will prevent Mon from voting
Such is the inkling given us of
CIRANT ' S future programme. If lICCCei
miry to his success, even Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Indiana and lowa, the very
States that have just pronounces! in
his favor, will be treated in the sauce
way and their people forced either to
vote for hint or not vote at all. Such
is the voiditiou to which we have been
reduced by our own apathy. The ty
raut uuw ban his heel gum our necks.
—The Dnko of Wellington, a shrewd
business man as well as Onneral, is cred
ited witb thu saying that MO Interest
is but another name fur poor security.
/t\ , ‘
Among Our Exchanges
It heptilv to uri that a witch hotter
loan than Thum' SliEattl Iri might
have been put It command of the tle.,
ulnted eity or (1,1,a g 0, if, lnllccll, It was
neeeloary to place any military lender
there. SuvitiouN tit the man who
ravaged, burned nod destroyed the
Shenandoah Valley, making of that
lieautiliil gardi•ii nothing but a howl
ing the hearts
iit na people Willi gut mill Litter
Wherever he he leaves
iwriely in his trails, awl the wonder
14 that the Preethil . lll could so tar lor•
get it lintevvr teeling,4 of humanity lie
may p0...e...14 a. to pot this cruel vulva
IN 11101 111 %%heti. Vile+ cull
, 1,114 , 1114 , ” 111,y 1111 . 111 Luu t.. lily c 4,111
even il,eiis Mills 1111.11`
his name inttniiiiis m dial
hr 11101111 I Ille oh , • I )J.I 11, II II nl "
Alter lutvmq their rill. ilesirolisi 1(1111
Isla 'Nitrite by lire, It dues net 111 111 lIM
like soltlieg inHalt to iiiiiiry to mewl
to the l'liiragoari-, who will
tl.ailitleeti loot, 11;1011 1111111 itk only RII
ittliir vial ill wrath and woe 10 lie pour
ed out 1111111 theta. IClitiwoig hint nil
1114 In the Valle‘ oI Ilie Sile 11311•
.1. a. , Eat guarantee have they that
lie Till not treat thew )not aM lIC 111.1
1111 . pnwcrlvw 4 , iiiirettiettv.tttitl ',moven(
petti,:e of tilt rnnotrl Truly may
t lit V e‘, ;Awl, "NI% e IS from our
triet.le! Commelittio!, upon tic,.
ItiVattp‘s - presence at the liwrtit elle,
and the irre-pun-thle tytt% m ,vlltelt hr
e,lelds the pensel pl•tel•,/ nI lIiN ha
Ile billed Vier qtwiltig
troth! the New York Wwid, a, l draw-
Ina It a little milil, say.
i litholigh much good lias been June
by i-dierblari and los troop-, a. well as
lilt id tire sppluuu ex It his colunland,
hinder direction 01 the he IS
nut 11.• man to Ire eft!,l wII l, lire
dire, (lon ot atllury at t•liii•agii, u 1 itn
present emergency The New Voris
11'erii well oliser%es than whenever
any great dinamter billet Upon it
t It, , 111$ epidemic ill .n.picion seemm 11l
attack the eitiLciut. We till remember
how crazed the Parisians became dur
lug the siege upon the subject of spies,
and how inios•ent wen were banged to
lamp l eedr, lit node. who, Wit/Will aril
~,11 1 1 . r t uri;”l, 1.1141111 . 111 . % elmme to sets
peel the uuhuppy Sir UM , (II 111.111 g tier
loan ettobsttries The fact that there IY
a disposition in Chicago to attribute t he
spread id the fire to inCelolittriett, and
that several men base already been
hung Upton ma-pleloll, looks
as though 16tr eXcitelitent elaihetillent
upon the tremendous disaster of Sian
.hit had Made the people lo.e their
J udgment and sell control, In buck
i•ircitni.tani OA General Stiertilum who
1311101,4 h.r hi. head whenever
he In phurd u 1 the miiird of any great
e XCileuoutt Iy t.sidentl) nut the sort oh
Orson lo exercise etnitrul 111 Climago.
To u s ;LI a .11,11 trice, Who do not leel the
bi pill,eal excitement of the drister,
the si ecricle of Sheridan . .., bobber.
men without trial, 101 though
Chit ago eitlietiv deserve nn more con
than Ptegan squawsom not it
pleasant 111,1' I t Neettl.l hardly pommtble
that such an unnecessary Work as that
of nddu,g In tile tire could have been
attempted. At all events Sheridan
I bold lir , men in check until the
persons sbnll have
lot tin protect
The calitimi y of tire has not been
confined to Chicago alone. Vast tracts
of etlutitn in Wisconsin, Michigan and
Moittenol4 have been desolated by ii,
and hundreds of lives and millions of
lothire worth of property Inst. The
Ion; drought had made everything as
dry as inlet anti immense prairie fires,
which got into the woods, have raged
to an unlimited extent, conguining not
only house., barn, and fetic,es in the
country, but even whole
Under the heading ul "A se o•on of
Horrors," an exchange remarks
The present han been a season, or'
rather month of horrors ; and,ii is now
feared that t hedest ruction (tainted by thin
tremeinfoion fires whorl', for weeks have
been ravaging watt( tracts of country
Wisconsin and Alichigan, will equal,
and perhaps exceed, the devastation in
Chicago. The news front these sections
is of the most alarming character. At
Pinlitego, Wisconsin, the loss of life has
been terrible, 395 persons having al
ready been Mimi! and as litany more
still iniesing. At Lode Sturgeon Bay,
Wisconsin, 75 persons have been burnt
to death. In Michigan there hue also
been a frightful loss of life and proper
ty. Half the town of Manistee has
been burnt, involving a loss eniimated at
$1,300,000. Along the lake coast from
Lake Huron to Saginaw Bay, at least
half a dozen Iluurishing villages trace
been destroyed and many others are
still qxpeme.i to the tires in the Out's.
Ltundreils of ltseediarei. been RM. nod
runny people linve been driven into the
lake to escape burning. The revenue
steamer Pessenden, hoe been cent to
their assistance. It IA limed that the
worst is now over, the rain having
eliecked the progress of the flames
Disastrous tires also rage in the woods
,if Western Ofilarter. In ‘Vimigor It
whole block, voinioriming the principal
business portion of the town, was burnt
on Wednesday night. The loss is very
heavy In till , . ease an neendi,r,ry was
caught to "Impala(' detect,' mod was at.
--There is tt sensation going the
rounds of the papers in this country
11110111 good Queen Vic. They say that
she is going vritzv. Ilow trite this is,'
there Is no tellow, but it will he re.
nivintiereil that ill saiiiiy is hereditary
in the (it 11.141 family King Gi,oituti
the Third, who Was 011 the British
throne lit the 1111114 of nor
riV war, was idiotic, and oilier Cover
eigdn 01 the same llom.e have since
been suspected to tieing non rom pus
meues. ljueen Vlclutttl is one of the
most estiavible women that ever lived,
and that .11c11 should 1.4151
her is vert sad, and will he It matter or
regret the world over Perhaps, hov
ever, the story 11111• eXiitt more in the
iimtginationn 01 sen.ational news wri.
!ern than in fact. We hope so, at least.
We know the good Queen hue been
inelaneholy ever since the death of
Prince AIDE:HT, her but We
trust that her reason may not desert
its throne on that net oust. The led
qtr alluding to this report, says
T 1,.• gravest apprehensions are ex
pressed in England it) reference to the
health or Queen Victoria They ill)
not refer so much to her physical as 10
her mental condition. The death 111
the ri igning sovereign in a contingency
that sooner or later most come, will
the Peince of Wales stands ready to
astillaie the sceptre, UM 1118111 an heir
has succeeded a dying monarch here
iiilore Psil the
the sinereigli 1s n Vitich more difficult
twitter for the rfoseronierit to deal
11th, especially as Iler dlnjesty hits
titan, j-itlioisiit her urerol;atlll%
and Is 1111 w More No than user Fiir
ninny niontlin the Queen has heel,
Icrereil and and the 11111111
are lie L finning to think ill the tendency
to insanity w hick is hereditary 111 her
and to fear the worst in her
own ease The latest letters and tele
grains from England all 1 , 01111 11l
as an uldsorhing 10111 c of ilivconsion in
England, and It is regarded ait
what. t , roliatile 11111 1 , II ail
merlin continue and ifierease, till' 1,111.
erionent 111 1 1 V find 11 necessary to titualre
her atidiration There is an universal
feeling, of regret at the end condltloti of
so e.tirtiable n lady--afeeling shared
alike on both sides of the Atlantic lint
the good of !he mllhonswho pita' late
the and, , the
integrity of the realm itsell, may noon
require Iler Majesty to retire 11.1111 the
active labor of a reigning sot ereign
-----The woman suffrage movement
appears to lie gaining grUllnil. An at'
tempt to to be wade this winter to get
t',oligress to loans a declaratory act
affirming the right of the petticoats to
vote, all of which is to be done under
the stiperintelidenCe of Mrs. VI, TOlll%
(*. ‘Voulillt Lt., the female candidate
for President. Should the thing sue
ceetl, what a nice tone there will be in
157'2.! The Washington l'atriot has
the following item in this regard :
It is announced that a combined el •
fort to le made upon Congress this
winter to induce it to pass It "Declare
tory net, affirming the right of women
to vote, and that this pressure is to
come !rota Mrs. Victoria Woodhull
and those who sympathize with the
woman suffrage movement It is also
mysteriously hinted that Senators awl
Representatives are pledged to the
movement, in sufficient unit hers to at
tack some importance to tie scheme of
the wart amituffritgisto in their atteini t
On Congress A lively, but perhaps
nut very profitable, time may therefore
be expected at the coining me ..11,11
nmorig the ranks of the 1ri0n41..,,i I, inale
suffrage when Mrs. IVoofllll shall
tahlish herself here in her new guar
term. *or
Go in, Vic—go in and win. We'll
bet on you
Daily News of October 4ili 1871, says:
The tire which has been raging in the
six or seven northwestern counties of
Wisconsin have neve had a parallel,
there being 3000 ettue miles of valu
abler pine forests den royed. The en
tire population ftregliting the lire
without success. supplies of food
A 14, ,
for men and beasts I 41 been destroy
athroughout at least fifty townships.
Llousen and their content/4, haystacks,
cum, wood and other property, logeth•
er with hundreds of toilet, of fence are
—A canal driver at Akron, for
twistifig a tottle'e tail to make it go,
received ► kick in tile face which ex•
tracts(' his trout teeth very uneeremo.
niouely, crushed his jaw, and distorted
his phyeiogooloy not a little.
Spawis from the Keystone.
—William B. Mann, Esq., has sued tho pro
prietorn 01 the Age and Mercury for libel.
- ibrlnwure enmity ban mix lodges of Itnighte
Af Pytiono, numbering nine hundred mem
—“Gen." Cori an, of Huntingdon, WM
.1 rownml in the river at Lackawanna, on the
Irdli instant.
Ur li, Chriaty, of Hollidaysburg, whilst pick•
ing grapes, roll 01l a chair, breaking Ills wrist
and two ribs
--Mr Jame, Beatty and wife, of Nheaklel
Mereei eounty,.recently celebrated their
golden wedding.
NO. 41
—The Lehigh coal operators have advanced
25 vents per ton on all sizes of Cos for the
moot!. of t let 01
--At the I hoyleetown fair (lona 35,0tt0 to 40,
1011 111.1/1/ lo Were in attendance. liver We head
.remile erre OFI
—I but met s picture of the battle of Get
t ynhnrg, whu•h, It In sent, won burned in Um
t I ow lire, Is now reported nate.
rho ottlcete of the Mita fair report that
new I y v,,(140 people attended the Slain fair
,ittrlttyr the tottr ,11,y1+ of ttg enutteuettee.
Harrbdiurg elected a eolored constable on
Toosilav —the first Fifteenth Amendment over
it utlh Wilmot honors in that city.
Smtnrttny night four Indies hnd their
41.1 h ci in liermantown by some du
inr•lly .00rupirvi throwing varol upon,thoin.
-A s• 0,11311 in Helorylk ;II courtly hail twins
ought, noticing 1111101CP. Children,
ull it t•, nhc hur contributed to lino popula•
t.1.1i11, the Mail who waft lately shot in
\ Itrlallltra, lea llyilla tteelatittlell that
1,. 1... i vial I. at ihu hand of Jame"
I ihithie. 1; hf f'offei. Ittm,lllo 1., hunter, killed tlru N !hi turkeyn (me
,11..1111/11Y,1114( NtLel, Nfii \,/ h. killed Imfoxen
%II apple oroliar , l ui F:a•t Wllttoland town
he.ter eountv, vonlsinining . L 5 trees,
has pr...luee.l the present nesr"n 4111) hurtle's
fii I A
—'l he grain fields of Chedier county are
now looking fine The whoa( has mune up
rogulaily nud curare the ground where It well
POVViI P rly
—Mr Mien, of Franklin township, Butler
oonnty, hen. in boring (or 011, strnek call water
of +IN I, grni ny that three 1n0.r41. of water will
11111 k .• 1101• of .ell A+ good Ho nn oil well. Alioonian named Allen
t 04 4, •otripaiiion Ruinehe's poeket honk and
aloors, Ie I •4,1110. Si VI lii.t week, for which
111,. rty illt•LIVO bOUTI.I 1111110,er fur tits!.
--11111,1111 , 1111SWItZeT, of Farmitugh township .
mull/4 ~. ,11illy got ilia right arm into the ma•
hin i gew• which tore mot mangled It in inch
king manner at to votopril amputation
at elit .hotild,
-On Howley lent n little child of Mr. R. C.
Moe , i 1 \ .‘‘ • 101 month.
in rrelnt• mann. r within rverli ofteapot lll,l with 1,1 Ira mini bi•fore• Itentild be pre
venit•li Willed II ~ ‘ ..r .on llPelf.Pelilltilng itself
btu! ) that It dlr.! 111 Ili. 4.0111,e It few
- ot.l wtonen 111 41 neighboring county,
it re en Imp• l wII,IKII R^^e wa, k Wed two
by • letogloo; eport "moo, hoe eom
,„,.nee,l it for leo tlwoolge, pile claims
thet If the•e , tool hero ttllowett to It, ILA
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enterprieing Lea hontere In Crew•
ford minty lately performed the difficult feet
oft Pi limb I°Wattling a eolinty of
to e• /11 a .11.1 m),..• of eight) nII h•et rr.m the
eriemil, with tee a +lngle Ilflihbelmoell II and
the groom' A Mere boy watm hulled Up. and
44, d,•,+plto Ihr ntl ign
11. nith officer Willem., of Allegheny,
report• that the email pox le that elty hue wit
•ii reed it very mild form, nett that th• number
or, • OOP 'PI ha, Mierettoed For the week ending
on , r‘atur.lnv only P..1/011 new Caere were re
port. 1 'I he preeeding week there were four
itien. and Me work proviiten there were forty-
- • I • he r.•mnlnn of a human body were found
nt Priniz s boxer I,riek yard, Lewistown, on
the loth nit The I.oies, 011 •‘1,41•10 - 14 to the
air, rapidly dissolved and most have been
burled there y years ago The rnyolery
.•anuot les solved by any of (km present p.m"-
ratitor, wild its eoloibot moat he left to th• toy of the future
—Last week Mr of Delmar town
ship, '1 ioloi runup•, had thornlsfortuse to have
his born hurried It was the largest In the
eminty Ile hi..., alsoot 120 tons of hay, be.
the grain stored In the barn , also, a Tel.
liable lot of farming implamenta, Including •
reaper nnn newer, a threshing machine, wag.
ohs, 4i. 9 10.•nd plows
treali ha+ reeeiVOl a t•lngrani front
Indiana . n•yurnnng 111111 to h.O a lilt orb•
look for Iwo men who had ntelon a fine,
hers and a tiny mare fr the
•üb.rrita r .lann•s Kolln.•r It wan stated that
the I sir MOII.IOIO Ihn hornen and net tire CO
the hare 'I
hey were on the road to thin etty
or had already arrived here, t rac i ng boon beard
of at Saltateirg •case wee given into the
hands of Otheer t upplem —Poet
—After all the g•mition about the PlllllOOl.
phii• eleetion rimy, It turn 4 out that they wet*
by RatWel nogroev beating men of
their own rite., !ruin the polls bream., they
proposed i n on t o tho fietnooratle ticket This
Is only following the ailvlee of the saintly
Jenkins In lilt epoch at Hteubenvllle, Ohio,
.og every negro who loan not vole the
ttool,,tl tick of 'l,ithe LllllOOl
•• Promo 1.11 from whom all blos4ings flow."
-- (hove Dentnerats in the clone eminties ha
Petinsylvenia and Ohio who threw away the
Iwo hegisisiiiires, on actentint of perennial
ambition or factious impraetieshility, ale
wholly to MIMI , for the gerrymandered ColS
stresnional divtriete, which will he Attempted
end no doubt •noemplished. (laving dtsfitelle
chilled themselves, let them suffer the rem*
of their own folly In silence, ant) learn beef
to preservo the pr Inelples of :self-governmad
In the luture.—Post. ,
Deasario laratictrr —Mrs Mary A. Deism%
residing at the southwest corner of 'ChM.
Womb and Hansom streets, appeared before
Justice Becker at the Central station Yells!
day afternoon, and charged Miss Nettle Musgp
lend, residing at No. 141)7 Pine street, with
harboring her husband, and also with Punte*
and battery. Mrs. Delaney stated that the
defendant had broken up her home, and that
she was the cause of her husband ninnies
through all Ws means. In support of t
charge of assanlt and battery 4ie testified that
about two weeks ago the defendant met het
In the street and' tore the yell from her host
MINN Nellie was required to enter bail lb tot)
cum of 1700.—Day.