Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, June 26, 1863, Image 2

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Demucratic State Convention. | the Democratic party, whizn is truly the | {This reso'ution w
Chairman of the State Central Committee, | determined to save the country. Let oar | varia have been ever trie io the cause
x Mr.
several hundred of his neighbors had at
1 ! . . int pL + t »
At 7 Why have we no State Troops? Ths “War in Centre County” [wo meu into town 10 attend to ihe wat : :
ah ’ a chan y —. ¥ ! me 3 | ter, and the ballance relurned peaceably : Bt : : cause of our country: ard that, too, with | applause and enthusiasue covers for
2 ; LiL + ® Fur the past ten days the whole country j No doubt the excitemunt created BY the | 04 quietiy to their Lomes, Such are the HARRISBURG, June 17.—The Convention | such harmony and unanimity ot action that | digham.}
— ~ | has been in a furore of excitement it scems | arres Wingard, and the report that! £ ol Mai N : ‘aan calcd to order by Hon. F. W. Hughes, | will cor.vince the whole people that we ave | Resoleed, That the Domocray of Por
A AN AMAA ISAM NA AIIM SII SS 3 E U1 eXciteineul,y ce 3 gard, ahe ils SE RELS 1e silair. 0 one ever tuongh ¥
| :
: {
us though each ove manufactured his own ! of resisting the drafy, No one intended to who announced that he was ready to receive! motto be Prmciple ” Let the old Star | Union. ®+ was in the nae and for the sof
| war news, and tint everybody vied with ; fempted to rescue , will cre this reaches i taice any disturbance. bat as chiistians, as a motion for a preliminary organization. | Spangled Banoer, 10 ail its parts and fall- | ty of the Union that our party was made;
| their neighbors, in telling the most startling | the eye of the public, have been heraided | good citizens, as neighbors and a3 freemen, | J a hi Suggeshoy ei Mr. Hue, Me. : & 8, be Sop Smite. and victory, fags at we denounce the Jeast intimg ton that
Lels there, every place a person turued his | the draft in Centre county.” We, there. | had beendragged from his home in the dead | A ballot was then had for Temporary } Mr. T. W. Dughes, offered the following | siighicst 8) thy the preset gigantic
| eyes, was overrun with “rebels,” if reports | fore, deam it our duty to give n plein state: | hour of the night, and taken they knew not: Chairman, when George W. Nebinger of | resolution which was adopted » | reteilion, br with traitors in arms aga nst
could have been credited, and many a poor, | ment of the ficts, us far as we have been | ghither. : Phila. was chosen. ~ . | Hesstved, That a Committes on Resclutions the Government, or would ever consent tu a
{ blind, bigoted, unthinking fuol did really | able to ascertain them. | Ou Friday morning. Deputy Shoritt Lose, : ae aking, on fuking the cir, valde i stunt bis auigornd in ae il 4 oy DS tsa bers
: as | believe that Gen. Lee intended marching A certain Johu Hewes, who it is said par. ! proceeded to Williamsport with the prison- [ thavk you kindly for the high horor you ave { tosoluiions upped Be Titi Torta {pire ol of 1 a aud i
P. GAY MEEK, y Titer. | his forces into Pennsylvania, to pillage and | takes rather freely of spiritual refreshments, er, where he was released {rom custody, Boe Hin os a i BA the Resotutions. a gg Com | Fa igh ony ; 0 the war iu Hood and
destroy, to burn and desolate, Now the | holds the position of euroling oflicer in gev- | 54 pertuitted co return to Lis family and temporary duties imposed upon we io your entire | mittee shall have power to selec: their Chmnai. | £ , haretotcie and now being made.
commons o SomsmE ah of the matter i, at no time during | eral of the lower townships. Some three | Gicnde. Thus another same 1+ deed to Ca a en i“ 1 After S7ocoss of ten minutes, the totlow- by the hundreds of thousands of Demceratie
on araaa >) i ea he Cha Sioce ho hud boon 30 Pans towne | kins ded > Mr. L. €. Cassidy, of Philadelplia, mover | ing were reported as Commitiee on Reso- | eitizens, who were au the first to fly 10
BELLEPCRTE, PA. the panic, hag there been over thrce Aun | Weeks since hie P. | the list of Democrats whose personal secur that Mr. Barr continue to act us Secretary | lutions : {the reseae of the Union and peril their fives
| dred Confederate soldiers on the soil of | and imbibing too freely of the “Low come | ity hag been violated by permission of Fed- | until the permanent organization of the Con- P Jot Dis E © Kamerly, G WV. hiwin, Lewis | in its defence, :
FridayMorning, June 28, i563 Pennsylvania, a few cavalrymen who were you-s0,” lost his papers, and then raised | eral nuthority, and through the instance of | vention, ~The motion was agreed to. lc. Cassidy John Conner. 2 John ULB in- | {lesoleed, That as the trae friends of the
ore , —= after the valliant (2) Milroy's wagou-trains, | tae report that the “‘datel: rebels” had stole | drunken officers. | A delegate moved that the printed list of ton, 3d Memry McMillen, 4 1h OP James, ion, and feeling a profound unx for
: 5th P Johnston, th Wn Hleins, Tih i
ic State lic
| did enter Chambasbury, take some drugs,
but paid for them,
| Lvo hundred, who were trying to capture
seine of Milroy
they broke open the
turg wi
Another force of about
; men, were at McCounels-
jail, and
them. On last Monday week, he returned
to the township to complete the emolment,
| and having as usual, received his sprviiual
consolation, proceeded to the house of Mr.
ied his name and age,
J and dzmanded
ry Se A——
recommended onr readers to subscribe foy
Harper's Monthly on account of its merit,
that we deem it a'most useless 10 again call
ihere attention it. ~ But
to those who
Harerr FOR JuLy.—We have so often’
delegates be called over, and that where thers
were no objections, the delegates there named
be considered entitled to seats.
Mr. Lamberton, of Clarion. moved to
amend by adding ¢ that the delegates
| objected 10 hand in th credentials,”
i he amendment was accepied, and the
Fran. | its fate, we cl
cis W liugh Sih 1 J Hamm, 9th V E | iv consider, d »
Piollet, 10th SS Winchester, 11:4 R Brown | becoming terms upon
2th C A Mayer, 13 hIsase D Recker, 14h constituted authorities
Samuel Hepburn, 15th W. Breslin, 16th will, in our judzement
J BE Hiester Hewry Carpenter. 17th David | place pth
Small, 18th A C M'Neil, 19th R B Petri- | gether
wand will exer
¢ whole
ral Goyerament.
Jor one per
liso a ¢ Ierate soldier nq of hich was siven 4 arles \Wineai ced | to i : he : : HN
A | took a contederate soldier out. 4 then | which was given us Charles W mgd, aged ee > | motion, as modified, was adopted. kin, 20th W Ketiell, 21th J B Sansom, | Resileed, Phat when the war commenced
GFORGH went out foraging as our boys suy ," and | forty-seven. While there, a neighbor of | sant the cheapest, the largest and the best | My Hagenman, oc Berks, prescuted the | 22d 1 B Seariight, 25d WT 11 Pal tit | we had the solewn ; fr. 1
ad Wad
| cap ured about two hundred head of horses
and cattle.
i ons, — this the terrible “bugaboo”
y: y
| tat has frightened our people almost out of
thelr sen
This is the, extent of thew de-
If Lee Jad wishel to do so,
Mr. Wingard entered, with whom Hewes
got into conversation, and finally into a
political squabble, which threatened to end
in a wuss, when Mr. Wingard stepped up
to Hew
s and tapping him on the shoule
would say. take Harper's.
Square, N. Y.
creep baer
Gorey PF. Juny.—Godey, the inimita-
neutral magazine published in America. we |
00 per |
Address Harper Dros, Franklin ||
following resolution @
Resolved. il
Senatorial dis
t a ccmimitteo of one {rom each
shall bo appointed by the
a nto report officers for the permancut
wization of this Convention.
A delegate moved to amend by providing
| that the committee be appointed by the dele.
2 Wal- Administration and of they
saith, ed it in power, as expressed in the
tion upassed by Congress July 221, 1861,
that 1t is not waged on their party fo
| spirit ot opp or for any pulp
overthrow g with the rights
Dr J © Hay, Hugh Me.tfee, 24h T°
son, 268th M C Trout, 27h W A Ga
221th CL Lamberton,’
On motion of Mr. Sansom inci
tion proceeded to consider the coutested
seats, fifteen mwisutes being the me aliow-
cd to each of the contestants,
wry whieh plac-
a} mn | Lie could have sent five hundred cavalrymen | der, said he would be much oblige him | - , i Eh Lor established stita ions of these States,
LOWRIE ! bis oan s ah dig hy hor 3 4 = would Doan obliged'to b | ble, always fresh, ever entertaining and | gates bom each Senatorial district. The first case was that of PD. W, Moore, | but to defend and waiutain the suprema:y
Liv vy ’ te secur the whole Siate, and there would {if he would leave his premises, as he wonld ! amusing, is on our table. low do you {~ Mr. Lamberton moved as an amendment | delegate from Clearfield, whose seat wus | of the Constitution, and to pre he Un-
GF ALLLGLENY, | have been nothing to resist thew i. | vot allow him or any one eise to kick up manage, Mr. Godey, to make each Sui | the following : contested by Mr, Bennett, | fon with all the dignity and nights
: . . . . . Epi. ditiie 5 ’ © B : . POC fi : | z y
TR § BT CES NS ET 0 EA ia, with dadiew G. Curlin as a fight about his place. At this Hewes! credtin number of the [ade's look sur Resolved That this Convention do now proceed After the reading of papers and the mak- | of the sou nd that
Cur Cuz tes : Ler militia, was as | beams terribly meensed, and denounced | ce 2 ie Lady’s Book 8ar-, to the clection of a permunent Prosident, and that | je of statements in relation to the case, a | as S061 #
IT vad . ie a , Wa Po HY thacd, Wr cel | pass its predecessor. 300 per annum. | the delegates from each Senatorial district desig- | Fc inads thet Mr, Moore be declar- |
- tf, She had no arws to | the men as “Copperheads,” “traitors,” &e., | . aon (y : : nate one person to select tho other olficers for the | ) 8 air, ploure uotat: | fe
The Deuicrarx ton which | i 1 101 1efend iH } | ; 2 i Address L. A. Godey, 525 Chestout Sireet, | permanent organization of the Convention, and | ed entitled to the seat, | ton, acing under the i
: ma arta those who would have deiendea her, | i ]
asctoblod in Harrisburg oo the 17h ust,
will long be reshared for the Larmony ahd
enthu<t st which characioniz d its proceed- |
sen preseit of |
Ni ae Co
Aithotgh there we
shades OPINIONS 10 regi d to our pub- |
le hiticultios, and quite » pumbar of wor
rownnations made by that body are hailed
with the preatest satisfaction and delight,
aud from the tone of our cxchanges, we
cannot but believe that the same fecling
. \ a alt These are gaestions that the people should ported to Lave halted on their mareh, was | will burr : all the Peace men and Copper- 30 Bedford and Huntingdon { strugaled and fought. and wich | wasithen ialter and roenited an follows
exis thanbonend the hagih sof teesdils reflect upon. New York and New Jersey | st a still pouse, situated somewhere on | heads entirely outolsicht. Its a nstarsl | —J. Colbuew, nan | was established as they themselves express | eth . : a
of ur grand old Commonwealth, which etiuch unon. + TE RIG, SNOY Sho Mtoe Gel > rl ain thet inf: , from the exalting tone of some of | 20. Blair, Cambria and Clearfield—Q. 4. | ed it, “*to form a more perfect union, estab. : os . Gh . Pera ee rx TO
- ns EL . ar . 1e sn i aD ¥ . Wis fo ney ie *: < 1 Tes v 3 3 3 : 1 ae isy rr - =
ws a certain acguiy of the glorivus triumph can command ir a few hours thousands of) Siting recs, wm Hani RW UY the Administration journals, that the present Frangh. : | lish justice, ensure trauibity, provide for ah ae We ay : ay
armed and (quipped men, to protect thei there quenched then buraimg thirst on some | gqoqgee of Gen. Lee has been i 91. ludina and Armstong-—d. Irvin | the common cecnce, promote the geneial wige Woodward was therefore declired
which awaits us at the pulls un October
: Liucoln
no organization whatever that looked like
defence, ¢rerything had been
to the Ganeral Goverment, and Abinhain
said he needed it to protect hs
cowardly cercass.
lowed up by the General Government ? and
are we no longer citizens of the old Key-
stone State 27 Why then is our millitia
sworn mito the service of the United Staies?
borders, why caurot Pennsylvania do@e
turned over |
Such was the condition !
sion, the report of
| in the height of his g
a rile was heard, (which proved
that of a nei
at wi
1 the br
the evening on their patriotic (¢) mission,
en or fifteen stiong, under thie command of
Marshal Butts. Ihe first place they are re-
excellent whisky, and after replenishing
The party so organized, lft town late in|
to be!
whoring farmer shooting crows.) | ber of this exceilent monthly has been laid
ver turned white and | upon oar table.
threatening to have them attended to; while Philadelphn
emt ea nem mn
Prrirsox'’s ‘Magazine. ~The July num-
Its engravings are of the
No doubt the fine effects of | finest quality, and its articles from the best
by inches, the conscription was a failure, the
people sick and disgusted with the Admin-
spirit of the North can b
and such a general up
ug take place as
merely to get up other burt 8
It is now hoped that the military |
ounce more aroused |
i one person for the Committea on Resolutions.
The original motion was adopted. with a
pointiment of a committee of one from each
that district, to report officers for the per-
manent organizition.
After a 1ccess, of ten minutes. the follow-
16. Lancasier—Dr, J. K. Raub, Horativ
| 8. Kerns,
17. York—Henry Lattincr.
18. Adams, Franklin and Fulton—Dr. W.
Co Stein.
19, Somerset,
| Steele.
modification, so as to provide for the ap- |
Senatorial district by the delegates from |
On the wotion, the yeas and navs were i smal faction of niira
taken and resulted — yeas 64, nays 62. { opposed to the
Mr. Moore was therefore declared entitled § sa
to the seat,
Abolitionists, always
Union, and without the con-
{ the great mass of the people has to-
ated its ud, avawing and pro
und thus it has
| as a delegate from the Fourth Representa
| tive district, was contested by Joseph Mont- { ope for an honorable
| heimer was, after discussion, decided in Gieat enthus »owas mnifesced dari
’ oy alin his nn 1 of ufluirs ten duys ago, and such we méy | the red eye” and rot got” of which he | iow a wagazine of this kind can | : rede the comnntics f: £ Mr. Monhel 1 (72 u i f ;
hy candidates, each having his claims ar : : : } ; : ng was reported as the committee : AVOr ¢ r. Monlicime ; a vole 2 1 the reading of S. ae
es ne HR GY Lng it to-deye Pennsylvania Bae no suf. | had partalien so fredy, were considerably | ve published for two dollars, we do not | PS SRE BIR dir, C. B Kae {10 00. a Tm
friends, yell oa amditer fedding conlda net A . . “ 4 1. a Pie Aa is 5 8 H: es FE . LU. . wn bringing applause,
\ - a i t : . al ae oe | tra: those who respondid othe fast call | datnged by the fright, and he determined | knw. Address Charles J. Petersen, Phila- merly, N. K. Shoemaker, dawss Donelly, The Convention then took & recess of one | the whole wer :
nla + H Shit “ Shen . J . . 3 3 : .
rp wo ini . ; J \ : ¢ have been crowded into the service of the | to have revenge and consequently made oath | deiphin. | Charles F. Miiler. ' hour to await the report of the Committee | Vhe Cumention t 10 nomination
ni Lo cor 3 Jt the werght Sey . s z 4 : a nse CASA A ‘hagte 1 n1e-il0 acs LG ‘ * Son Cr Tits / a:
mu way . ogert it : Worght OF ited States, liable at any time io be re. that Me. Charles Wingard bad seriously in- ; . 1 so ot | 2 a Defbwars ong Rhodes. on Bo a ; jo a enndidate i niinher
Lai 1h] y tig upon hl and in = 1 : . ARTHU! ME GAZINE.-— ave . ontcomery—o n alarm, "Cds img rns Nt { « | of nzines wee
Ld fed ie Si Loved from our borders, and where then | terfered with the draft, (drauzht.) where- RY R's Howe Mags ye ne 4 B SE . a lc Y Te oe i oe Hi that tne } result 2% we
(loathe CANDINATES fur the several offices | : The haan oe en Talat dhrontadite received and glanced over the pages of this . Bucks Morrison. - | Committee would not be ready to report Gil result .
. , [1s our protection * he howling +o alists,”” j upon a warrant was 18saed, direcled to . 2 : n —T:oh iol d No ha i 3 Hut | ejet luek . I T BALLOT
8 heseed thonscves (oTthe important’ work a ! | jvimitable publications. Arthur's works 5.— Lehigh and ner:hampton : ub | eight o'clock. 3ALLOT.
= eh a gi : nie hose last dollar and last diop of blood wa, | B. Butts, assistant Provost Marshal, com- |! oN I y Merl ais i “ter. The Convention then adjourned GH halt | Duister Clyaer - - - 35
swore appoiitted to do with gex'raordi- ia on x : os a. are alwavs - 0 " +, al ise | a {dais Yin - Su
a nus A > ¢ y nie be given to sul jugare the “famished,” | mending this military district. "Plas gen- | 41¢ Ways god, sid ito = pint te i 6 Dory Jaan Baoan past seven o'clock. W, H. White - - - ~~... - dA
wry pari y oan cotness of purpose, © kt : oe : : 1h arge of ‘ 2 self i - 7. Schuylkiil— « H.W , VENTING Bid 30% Jw '
nary ul, . treninens of pi = i ; i reheliious? © slaveboiders,” will again | ieman upon the receipt of the warrant and charge of the maguzine imsell is a 1 5 a me] i oe on EVENING SESSION. Goorpe W. Woodward - - = - - een
a bo ates 80 coniatriated ai : ; ? i ; : 5 3 s nendati . Carbo Mon pe— J : : , 5 Stic Cae . o
te fons o ihulegmios 0 gush 1 seck jeruge in the wouniaing, when ancth- | anxious to 1mmortatize himself in the estis | compengution, thih which hans oan be Charles D Misdnead 2 J On the reassembling of the Convention at N. Sui Liund o
disposed, silfish ambiuun stood abashed |g de and when the victerion | uation of Lis mew fiends, (the Union! higher. Price $200 Address T. 8. Ar- |g" 0 el q Susquehanna, Wyoming and 8 o'clock, Hon. F. W. Hughes, Cunirman | John Cesta =o c= = - . -
> } S lide, 3 “ SLoriohs | td 118 8 of i . Br , Susque ra : y . nor: Zr Bian
and faciivn dismiued. Each felt that the | | 3 \ . ; Sawer, Dh Aniphia. | galli Br. Tot 5 Smith 3 of the Committee on Rosolutions, presented General Wo BL Franklin Sai cq
A : | Confederates leave the State they wil crawl | Leaguers,) suumoned a few of them to aid | ; Sullivan—Der. Jonn L. Smith, he follow i report, stati To Richoyd Vaux - --, --- - - 3 i
wiliure of the State—hLis own personal) : : ohn ne tery! a 1] Wile fiends) Ep CE | 10. Luzerne—M. Hannum, the fallowing report, stating that the reso. 000, 0 o
Jheriy— and the futwe hopes of our young | from their hiding places, with their trem. | hin, but Karing that anoug ah ins tended 77 We have been authorized to state; 11, Tioga, Potter, M Kean and Warren Itiens expiosged {hy waniisogs vale of Wii W a a 1
WFIY-— Al ae ime hope, DU i . i) 3 | = 3 3 1 . ¢ re "wi x ir]
2 } : Eling knees smitiog together, and with their | thre was none having saflicient verve and! i oh. Sores hie nlice, willbe closed 0. 10 ’ > the Committee. ‘The resolutions were then |) ihiiam gler sere ssv.s !
R: punlic were at stake, and se ed as be- | ° ; Br . ? . : : that the Stores mn tins place, wii be Cost - Brown. : read as follows ; GoW Ua mcm oe saa
: ” i h a trying cmergene cowardly bps thank God that they are safe. | viettic to arrist ous Oi iach, Soveipled wo of on the 4th of July | 12. Clinton, Lycoming, Centre tud Union George Sanderson 0
Cafie Wit I suc IDE CHrgency. } 2 . : ak : ie - 2. a > roy] iT (5 Ligh 2 = Taman Tas r-
: i ; 1 — Bt : oy | Gov. Curitu will howl for more men, and | our democratic citiz:ns into accompanying . : sh t—Dr. 3. > ig hd a | RESOLUTIONS. eth X ioent hind
ie choice o ie vuvention io n=} 3 : \ . . 3 Wray i der v hel li A | sora 6 UBBEIVE Fan] = Bong © s a,
Ji . ’ Men trade them to Abram Lincoln for a | him, They were told by the Deputy Pro- Invasion of the Ioxth. Lo Sader, Nemthomibasiand, ontour | Resolved— That we approve the resolu | pang fol allots were Tal, without a
des for Governor and Judge of the Su- | oh a: nu Sel Mutilinl who 155 piaches] Joker, that mm { and Cotumbia—-Peter nt. tious upon the state of the country, pass-d | C0000 vi al tah
slo g 7 ih & s 4 s on ) : 0 : : on, : Sn : a : 3 i analion excep tl 1 aw “
proms Court, have given gencral satisfuc- y Imisstonito Spal, snd Lavi FOURA AnG de Lu ] % : v2 3 J i ? The Abolition journals ave jubilant over | 14. Cumberland, Purry, Juniata and Mif- | by the House of Representatives of this oor rs hs Sn : HN o
m n Y airas > on orc swore merely going ak y 3 of 3 3 [rT or Ys xe ev 7 oo , . Hf sotue 0 2 Co x TH
tro, bo its friends and disappointed the hopes [THAT HE “HAS NO POWER 10 PROTECT they ware merely go ns w take a ride 1080 |i) ramored invasion of the State of Penn | tlin— Dr. E. D. Crawford. fa Commonwealth, on the 13th day of Apud ahi ama Avi
a ; , OPES Lp vNsYLYANIA, Flas cur State been swal- | the counary, and would have a fine time. | gylvania by Gen. Lee. The war was dying | 19. Dauphin and Lebanon—Dr, C. Sclier, | last, and in addition thereto, and us a forcler 0 Sinak an Ao) Fm
ot its «nomics, Mere wm Old Centre’ the ; ester Clymer 47, tie bulunce
expression of our views upon public allan
Resolve as follows: That we again renew
our fidelity to the Constitution of the United
States — the gieat charter for which our fore
th seventh, and eigh
recultéd mono cha ¢
After the ert
Witie, was wit
the name of
ie eth
sth ballon,
the nominee of ihe Convent
welfare, and secure the blessings of huerty Hovernor
8 ) ret
an ! 3
HEX. : 5 aud iT el ere. lt is a vaed thive. we Jl 22, Wegtmoieland and Fay ctte—Wesley ours ves snd posterity.” and on fgtien the : owing lion nde un
sy AC AU . : | same? Simply,because we Lave a trackling, | thetr empty canteens with the bullet-proof) ere. Mis 2 > ih 1! Fros 4 3 F ylooun ] fil Dosey: 3 al d ths wildest ent}
GEURGE YW. Woopwaud, the nominee for | 3 : : Dl urocraded ta dn. Wingard’s bod 11.5. | publican rematic ou the curs, a8 he rabbed rost Resolved, That inasmuch as the Constity | © i + id) waaay entag ;
: rcophd n the Gul i roceede Mr. paard’s house. lav. |! , i ’ : - 30 : : ; wf . we Wal: Seri wis!
Governor, is wildy known thronghout the | fawning, sycophant, in the Gubernatorial | Proceet ol i °onas SU his hands with glee and as tie smiles lit ny | 23. Washington and Green—W. 8. Col | tion cibodies the only guarantee we have Chol Justice Walier Lowrie was thon
Sint sud in 4 E county, 7 moRaity of | wir, who cares not fur the honor of thei ivg arrived at the point of destination with- Lig {i «A good thing to it vade thie | lohan. for public Liberty and private rights, as nowiva ed for Jus of the Suprame Court
Maio, 8 i: COT it 3 8 i e i. : "ars 0 : 2 : : BD acclamati A . yeh] s
\ \ i : al ¥ | State, or the welfare of the people, so that | out any accident, they demanded of Mr. | Noith,” thought we, bur will this man exe | 24, Alleghany -- Win. BH. McGee, A, J. | without it we can have no hope of protee vy an und . ¢ Convention ad.
the voters, perhae, boeane nersonally ac- | 3 ] : : - fia ipy : ia ile tS rest s. invasl wil hes Bakor. 1 x dshed. spoilation and anarchy, | Jutined with hearty ches for the now-
| he ean be permitted to lick the dust from Wingard that he should immediately sur. |p his hfe to resist the invasion, wil bh ; ion from bloodshed, spoilanon aud anarchy, Ry ) ¢
guamted with him, while tiling the posi-
ed Liss precious blood.even io sel
samuel Marshall.
3. Beaver and Butler
The man who sneers at the + Constita im
: eve he imbecile at Washi _ I render. The demand not beng complied [7. : op ; r ; ir To iter ihe adj ent of the Cor hh.
von of President Judge mm this diefrict. ! the fect of the jmieclie at W ashing, 1. : ren The g 4d, D . 5 5 p “i Nothe. lt was a good hia 26. Lawrence, Mercer and Venango—2Ar- | as it is,” proves binseil to be deficient m Aiier ihe adj a ine iid of " el ungention a
He is at present, one of the Judges of | We hope that {the exposed condition off with, they made an assault upon the door, | 0 said when Fort Sumter was fired ape noid Plumer. the first elements of i {apy | TCCnng was organized, st which Hon eis
5 . re ri CO; o of unsyly or i {our State, will open the peoples eyes to the | © bi readiiy yielded to the powerful force | + It will unite the North.” We provoked | 7.” Erie and Crawford Thes. N. Brooks, | officers of she State or Federat Government | 167 L 2a r 3 un Wan Ho Witte and othi-
= gig baal a | perfidy of the party now in power. We may of heir big guns. At this stage of the | them to fire on the flag by a wick, a de- | = Clarion, Juiieroon, Forrest and Bik— | whe swears 18 suv ort the Constiaion aud o il oh i lengthy, urging the Demo
high and exalted position he was chosen | DL fortify. frown iow util’ dont: | CLOOUTITE, & Very serions panic was nearly ception, and 10w we have provoked them to | K. L. Blood. afterwards, with that oath on his conscience, | 10 Sutil Ly the Libis ions. The
Ly an overwhelming majority As a Dem- i J y Lh : 4 OW UBLL ucUig y | 3 * | invade the North, We have not only in-| On motion of Mr. Johnson, the rules of | wiltully violates it, is wholly unworthy of of the House of Repro LS was crowd
oral, hu Is without u blot on lus politi | day, but what will that efile, when we have ercated among the forces under comand | poo their States but we have spread tire "the last House of Representatives, so far as | public confidence. a nthe mo od.
t, he i b us pu Hr States ave spre 2 oh
cul tecord—a% an Individual, wit} ol alm State troops to man them with ¥ When of Marshal Batts by the apycarance of an | a;d desolation in their pathway, We have | applicable, were adopted for government of Resolved, That among the rights which NEW DV ERTS CM EN’ T
cal tecord—as a divi 0 : fat : te xl sr - ! i - t'nti rovi rv NYY 1
hic: his ol 0 i Sn? Demoeratic Governor is elected, the borders | old lady, just inside the door, dressed in | burred their villages and cities. We have | he Convention. i ) : the Constitution provides to every civiz on. iy A LREADAMAN LS.
petuth on Lis character —and as a Jurnsi | 2 : i 5 Yared nolvate. Hroherty 5 aA in + | ie rir ROUT ti : iv - - = Seis =
: * a + lof our Site will be protected, and the prop- | her sleeping fixens. The forces, however, plundered private property and dostrojed | MI Jolson then moved that wlhien the | jg that of hei secure wi hs hie, beri | ~7- SEE : : :
Le stands 1 the front rank of his profes- ! Dn what we could not carry away. The i Convention adjonrus, it Le to meet at two | and property, so that he cannot be deprived |
ty of thie people rendered are were soon rallied and under command of | . " y ¥ Fo A . property t i > : To
sui. Never for a moment has be wavered | S19 Hepeoie tanteres soon. : : Ff {of Jacksonville Iays a wass of smouldering | © chgk P.M. of either without due proesss of law —a | = Beiween Bellefonte and Curtin's
3 his dovahion toe Slate viehts, sad 8 | Isr . | their veteran leader made a gallant charge | yuine, Even churches have not been free | The motion was agreed to. : fair tial by a competent judge and jury | Forges, a brown sith Parasol The finder will be
nou LR LN, Ge o \ . o . + . po “ 1 : 3 be ‘ : El t 3 1 uso
| ' 3 : 1 hel Licu:i. Abram Grafius. through the door, knocking down the old | from the vandalstops of the Jayhawker.— | Dr. Kamerly moved that the Convention | of 1is neighbors with witnesses to coulront ! atthis off
Skis JEU EG ons mn-- never has : | 4 ia : s ri
DavaltUlonsl Guise Revel ORS fo) bi I; ha divs uted thelr passame i + | Montgomery goes forth on a raid and comes | POW adjourn. ’ him and counsel to deferd him. This is so : .
y y Na 5 a: y who disputed their passage ant up x p. y : : . 5 : ; : 2
teen wilimg fo yield the least particls of Ts int ta eit pin! LC tials to os Gell tomm of Me Win jLoue e anather $ivaze to boast thae he | , The motion was egreed to, and the Con- | just in itself, so nesessary io the happiness {BUY INTELLIGENCE.
a : Sides ¢ LoTover gone, ; fairs : be Y Mr. Win. or fy tt to qe ara p ?
fis principles for scual popularity. He | The hing of terrors laid his rude hands apon bis | ; : His Obured flity private dwellings,” and re. | vention udjourned till 2 LM. of the people for whom all government 1s} £ Any person desiring any ntedl
in to day un ur 1: advaento of the Ties 1 Yo nin! libs, and blighted thew forever. jgard, This last gallant charge wou the { yyrps Jaden with booty. Can we, as a peo- AFTERNOON SESSION. made, and so plainly written down in the geuce of. or from their worolations in the
= ’ victery— the enemy surrendered their cas- suppose that we can allow such Federal Constitution, and in all the Siate | Army of the Porm ? ;
dim of kpeeer, tic Bbaty of the pre
sed the 1 his 6f off tlic eliizens under the
{ KH cagjrhe
The zuan that will have the |
nikon, is ceally the nan
fr the tines,
courage and ability to pote the honor
Pp lle
21: of old
Mileprily wy lvanias
thusiasin as aoisinee for the
Bupreme |
Since ihe commencement of this horrible
var we have been called upon to announce
the death of wany o brave soldier—to send
furs the tidings to loving hearts, that death,
the fell destroyer had claimed their idol
for has victim,
and now with sorrow we
the expiration of that time juined Capt,
1 ve v .
tle and Mr. Wingard was taken prisoner.
i vy. .
{ The Marshal and his forces then beat a
hasty retreat, arrivingsat this place about
the break of day, bringing ther
I alos ay a trophy of their glorious (¥) vie-
counselling together as to what was their
duty under the circumstances, coiiciuded
yet never feel the returning vengeance
If the South were never able to
1 raise up sowe nation to
punish us for our sivs. Rowe long sent her
flaming legions into every country, even to
the Rhine and the Eibe, scattermg deso!
tion in her pathway, but at last the very
withiperiodical fits of remorse, and forthwith
flies to the telegraph office and calls upon all
The Convention re-assembled at 2 o'clock,
The Committee on Permanent Organiza-
tion, through their Chaiyman, Mr. Arnold
Plumer, made the following report :
Ow. Johe Ahl, Aug, Duncan, A W. Dickin-
Ison, Dr. 4. G. McQuad, Dr. G. S. Hays,
it Call receive i
lar and addressing
6 Jf
Constitutions, that any person who ¢
unders and it has not the wental cap:
that fits him for a public station,
Resolved, That we have heard with in
tense alarin aud deep indignation, that sone
of our political opponents claim for the
President of the United States a power
Washington, b- ©.
its hideous presence is scent and felt all over | sow offered fino
| tented Lye is that
the land.
sought ot the proud poston in which be add another to the list of steeping patiiots, | ae : . men whom she stigmatized as hares | VICE PRESIDENTS. hitherto wholly unknown in America, and . ’
sa now placed, He asked not the noming- 1 OWF friend, brave. noble, generous, Lieut. EX ¢ following morning a number of Mr. |jans”’ made her drink to the yery dregs | : Alexander Diamond, 4. Brumaker, B. F, | never exercised in Europe or Asia, —except CONCENTRATED IY
thu aiid 1 art] orem iusto gt, resis whise was ff Sings mines wins Waid of Uw] Samy 0 Be mms Lo 8, 0s I ih
i : oy is are k . rr {BYOV OT. idnizhit arres i ain fo y 37 8 J 2 :ware 8 en . Hial- e :r to 8110s re CIUZtus tt eX-
oo avian of hit own, ard the democratic | and tumuli prt know 2 no Higre forey er. | midnizht Ape of their fellow ecrtizen, and i oon a Sans oh si frie an Th oe poy on Rs Family Soap Pinker,
party wily tim the suppost that his | He died near Breok Station, - Virginia, of | remainbering the many cities perpetra- | poeil us, | B. Mitchell, Dr. Charles Manly, D. W. | attains 3 and tat the President has vot only :
Lab courses blaseless le, and pure congestion of the brain, on the Oth inst, | ied Bi the authority of the Federal Ad-| We place, however, but lite reliance on : Moore,” J A. McCullough, Jolin George. | presumed to exercise ts power bumself _
prio tos deserve ; {sud bis remans are now lying in the quiet | ministration on citizens of this and other | the exaggerated reports of trembling tele- | Jonathan S. Green, Junathan Gunard, Jacob with the iodgration and mercy which his TT
Vi aectin, 1h. Lirwitn, who wes olionen by | Genelebs of Bis oa loved home. He cn. | States, they naturally feltconsidanble so- graph operators, especially when it is to the | 3. Yost, Dr. 0, P. James, Jawies Erdman, | own nature might prompt, but has delegated | a :
: 5 by . / Sh Lining : i ) J interest of “the goverement’ to create an ex- | Adam W. Koflin, Jucob Leisencing, D. 5 | it to many subordinates, and they azam to The PUBLIC are eantioned ag
acimation paid the wildest shouts of en: | listed in the three months saviee, and at | licitude in regard to his welfare. After} foment. Gov. Curtin seems to be afilicted | Cooper, Richard MeGrann, Henry A. Wade, | others in every part of the country. until | REOUS aricles®or LY 1 {or makin
Beieh, is i every way worthy the sup ! Raphile's company as a private, in which | NIA SALT M
port which we fel confident Will be giv. | he was soon promoted fo : want aod | to come to Bellefonte and see what had | Creation to come to his assistance. 1tisuow | Samuel B. Wilson, David Tidball, C."L.] Resolved, That among the numerous ofi- {yp yady nu
. = : = horily niterwards to Tt Lieu he 2d ! Beer done with him, aud IF possible, we acknowledged that a large number of the re Lebermau, C. KR, Early, cers to whom the President hs given this |r coNoB
en 0 Mr. W.otward. | Juine Lowsic, whol shovily diiciwaias ia Jt ssn), oh te oie with hil, aud iL PossIbiO, ECL nopts in circulation for the past few days are SECRETARIES. terrible power above tie laws and above the | CES of this
Ts now.a TG Tor cdeetion, was (IC. 8. A. He acted us Captain of his cow- | him out of prison by catering bail for his | not troe.and hence that our mihtary and our | F. M. Hutchinson, of Allegheny. people, there must, 1 the nature of things, | PARTIES
chosen tu the Boneh Ly a large wajority i pany iu the seven days fight on the Peninsu. | appearance at Court. With this istention | Governor have been deceived by the lying! C.F. Wolf, of Philadelphia. be a lage proportion who are totully in. | lati of tho Com
: : z cans 3 Jartins's i : pt ; ieldi .
in are tion sinee ho has Shows hime la, and for gallant conduct on the field at they started for this place, bat the news Sap of ov. i ars : Al 3 Ae of Buipiedie. oipable iis it pil Dione zy or : eantian:
i i |G ills 14 [their eomi i " 7 ci S wa 1 ence, The truth m. Wightman, of kre. wisely ; low politicians filled with partisan All MANUFACTURE
i + a abla sist aud ar { :s Mills, was evette ; 0 of their coming reached here yr be 3 : : v h Y = .
dl to be as able jurist and an upright | Gaines Mills, was Lrevetted Ist Licut. ) Aap rena I re long before will come along at lust, and when it docs, it W. C. Stein, of Adams. rancor—knaves who do not care for jusuee | LE ES
Judge, an eiticar azninst whom vaught can | After the battle of Antietam, in which he | they armved. © Our timid Union Leaguers | wil} be found, we apprehend, that only a J. C. Barr, of Allegheny. —and ruffians who delight in trampling it | NOTIFE! an
be sail, and an divida yoach. | fought ut the bead of his company, he was became teribly frightened and sent out | small force of cavairy, f ans, bas ever; E.8 M Hill, of Luzerne. under feet; and therefore we are not sur fed us their ATTURNEYS,
Lhs ability and inte
regularly commissioned
st Laeat,
of the!
men on horseback through the adjoining
set its foot on the soil of Penusylyania.—
Messenger—Owen Laughlin.
Doorkeopers—Sebastian Lieber, John 0'-
prised to learn that the worthiest men have
been torn from their families, judges knock. d GEO. HARDING, Esq. of Philadelphia.
amited fu ie snd | 2d Infantry, U.S. AL, which commuussion he ‘townships to sound the teesin of war—and ce ——teccry-—— Conner down on the bench, ministers of the Gospel
the deteemixtion of the people to Keep held at the time of his death. in every direction they cried ‘warms! to| No Haue Way Houss.—the Pacyfic Echo | Mr. Pallerson was conducted to the chair | imprisoned m loathsome dut.scon and ree | WM. BAKEWELL, Esq.. of Pittsburg.
go much bonor and mtegrity, 1s but a just
ion the edice which he bas filed with |
| charmed life,
From the beginning he seemed to lead a
busssing through the fiery or-
arms !! they come! they come ‘I'his
created quite a stie in the neighborhood and
published at Nupa, California, says: The
politichl half-way house has gone in, died
by Mr. Galbraith and Hepburn, and on taking
the chair, said :
spectable women and children treated with
a brutality which it would ke indecent to
s, without
and that all MAU ACTUF E
SELLERS of Lye, in violati
the rights
; ; : af ; : rh at t, met with its grave,and now lies burried Gentlemen of the Convention ;--My heart | pawe, and all this, in many cas of ihe Coty iil be PROSECUTED at
te to the talent and worl f a tried | deals of the Peninsula, Run, Antiets | before night ab ¢ Lun me ere | OubaID = ’ rie or 4 ¢ Vo-My . 3 } Y f the Cowyuny, will be PROSECUTED at
il \ ¢ oth aly ud worth of a tried jo $ an a s op Run An hin, jot a L ou one kur dead Don Were | with the past. Oue must now be either | overflows with gratitude for this mark of | a pretence cven of a political offtuee, much | once. ’ .
and faithinl public servant. J MRTnsolng, #ivdeno isburg, Chancellors. | assembled 1 town, armed with rifles, shot | Denocrate or Abo.itionist, either for white | your partiality. To be selected to preside | less of any crime against the Jaw.
There Domocrate of HOI Centre ve. | ville, and other batiles where thousands of | guns and muskets, The excitement which | man or for negro all over either for intellect, | over the deliberations of the chosen repre- Resolved, That a free Government can- | The SAPONIFIER. or CONCENTRATED
tera off lvanin, is a ticket which eve- |
Tei ns
ry frociaan of the State can support, freely
and {ar essiv et us do it with a
uation to lave wen of principle, wen of
! deter-
wtegnty, mea of courage and ability, to
guide cur Ship of State through the shoals
, the slightest injury,
| the nottest of the
brave men, bled and died, without receiving
although he was ever in
fizht, and his clothes
often riddled with Lalls. But death ia anoth.
er way robbed us of cur friend, and left us
to mourn his nutimely end, yet while we
prevailed here during the day was intense.
Men wowen and children thronged the
streets, with guns and without them. Some
of the U. L’s were busy woving their fumi-
lies out into the epuutry, others beseeching
Demoerats for God's sake to go oat and meet
mind, education, civilization, or for woul, a
black skin, and ignorance. There is no use
denying the fact tor it i8 as plain as the
noon-day sun, The Abolitionists, under the
names of Republican and Union, have pot
possession of your National and” State Ad-
ministrations, and what are they doing ?—
sentatives of the Democracy ol the great
State of Pennsyivania 1s truly an honor;
and for it T feel grateful. Fellow delegates ;
. Never, never, since the organization of our
| glorious old Commonwealth, have the ac-
tions of any deliberate body been looked
for with more anxious solicitude than those
LYE. is for sale by ail Diuggists, Grocers and
not exist without a free press, and he Con «
Country Steres.
stitution of this State as well as that of the
United States, bas declared that ir shall be
free. Those persons, therefore, m office,
who attempt to suppress books and new
papers by violence, are the enemies of the |
Government and ought to be themselves
Take Notice.
: ; : } ; 3 Creating laws and constantly for the ad- | of this Convention. To select a standard | suppressed. That we heartily thank the | The United Stites Circuit Court estern
and breakers that abolitionism and faunatl [hoe Yo will not forget that he won for | the friends of » lagard and dissuade them | yapcement of the negro, and the hanging | bearer for the Democracy at any time is an | loin-hearted Democracy of Ohio for the | District of Pennsylvania. No. 1, May Tem,
¢ sm bus surmounted it with. | himself lnavels which will not wither, and | from coming, The gullant Union Leaguer | of milistones, about ths necks of white | important work ; but now, when the whole | vindication they have given to the Consti- 3 in suitof 'T B PENNEY] JA SALT
i ” 3 THOMA S
rn PE
7 The war news of the wedk 1s nat of
a fawe that will ever be bright. We are
sorry that our want of space precludes a
Col. Brown procured a horse pistol in the
morning and went home and was not secn
“Black Breastworks.
civilized world is looking to the success and
prosperty of the Democratic party to restore
our oppressed and bleeding country to its
tution against the great crime commited
upon it in the arrest and deportation of M:
Vallandigham, and we assare them of our
|G. CLASSE, decr + the Compar
L vember 15 1 113
10 hy apy
uch Spariais, nantes yeobusanting get letter of condolence signed by all the officers apa during the day. Lt was supposed he a onco peaceful and happy State, it is truly | cordial sympaty in the great strugule they | prep ba 1339. Pa
after ihe excitement The (onfedorates are | of the regiment to which he was attached, | had resolved to die in defence of his own | Ju is said that Gen. Jackson used cotton | a work of great importance ; and I trust we | are making for their undoubted rights, | euad Yojimeti
cull i Maryland, very few if any in this | to the family of the deceased, which shows fireside. Some of our democratic friends | bales for breastworks at New Orleans. Gen. | shall engage iii it as it becomes the repre- Resolved, That the plain duty” of the | i rnauBur is
a | soci tha sthts of alhirs and feeling for Banks nses mggers, it is only the ditierence | sentatives of a great and worthy people : | Chief Magistrate of this Commonwealth ic | TUE PENNSYLVANIA
Vichsburg is not yet taken, and we
predict will not be vay secon. Gen. Milioy
Jost more than half of lus command, and |
o)l his artillery and aims aa the at
Ue is the wan that was going
s wha the crebles” and then cole North
Tike Copperhead,”
the high estimation in“which Le wag held
by his companions in arms.
et age Al AAs ei
Those of cur icaders who desires a copy
of the Four Acts of Despotrsin and the re-
cord of the Hon, Co in Vallandigham, wil
please send ts thar urders al ence,
the terror-stricken abolitionists, accompan-
red by a couple of Republicans, passed up
the pike aud met the “enemy” at Pleasant
{ Gap, who upon being informed that Mr.
Wingard would be released on bail, and
i receive a fair ial by judge and jary, sent
and shells from winte soldiers.
during this
where are you ?
uf wool for cotton. Whe darkies are piled
up in frontot the troops to ward off the shots
Culled pus-
sons will perceive, therefore, that they can
render important service to the country du-
war. Sambo! Cimsar! Guy!
for truly such are those that we are here to
represent. You are all aware that harmony,
order and dignity are essentially necessary,
cn the part of a deliberate body to give
weight and character to its proceedings. I
trust end hope, then, that we will discharge
the important trust confided to us with an
quires him to use whatever power the low
has placed in his hands to protect the Sate |
and the people frum lawless outrages, come |
from what quarter they may, and vo man
is fit to be Governor of this State, who will
consent to hold his own liberties and let
the peop e hold theirs at the mere will of gy, my
Sal: Manufacturing Comp.
127 Walnut freed, Phil tdelphin,
; Hurry up that black reg:
imen ! Copperhead,
eye single to the salvation and prosperity of
Y & pernty
aud Dueprcene Way, Bid
the Federal Executive. A