Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, October 10, 1862, Image 2

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Ghy Vdlatchman,
Friday Morning, Oct, 16, 1562.
Reflect Before Voting.
We would entreat of you once more, men
of *‘old Centre,” to reflect well before cast.
ing your votes on: next Tuesday. This may
be the last time that we will have the privi-
lege of addressing you on this important
step— and it may for aught we know, be the
last time you will be permitted tu show your
| preference for men and measures; for who
can say that your right of suffrage, the right
to choose men to represent you in the differ.
ent branches of the government, will not,
before another y ear rolls round, be stricken
down by the same hand and ths act eudors-
ed by the sam? party that has blotted out
your courts of justice, and left your I ves,
persons. property an hberties in the hands
of a singlerran, who helds a commission
from the military authority. Already the
Come Out to the Eleetion.
As this may be the last oppor-
tunity we will have to urge our
Democratic friends to come out |
to the election in full force, we
wish once more tq impress upon
them the absolute necessity of
prompt and decisive action. The
contest is at hand—the enemy is
marshalling his forces and next
TUESDAY will decide who are
the victors. Come out, then,
Democrats, to the polls, in ALL
your strexcri! Let not one
man remain behind! The
cess of our ticket may depend on
ONE VOTE! The Republicans
are going to make a hard fight,
and 1t is necessary that we should
make corresponding exertions to
meet them, Buckle on your ar-
mor, then, Democrats, and let ev-
ery man feel that on him depends
the success of the Democratic
ticket. stir up your neighbor
——sce that he is provided with a
ticket, and bring him along to
the polls. Vote carly yourself
and then you will have time and
opportunity to bury up others.
This is the way to succeed and
{he only way in which we can
be sucessful. See to it, then,
Democrats, that our full party
vote is polled, and that none be
left lagging behind. It this be
done, we have no doulit of the
result; if it be not done, we will |
not answer for the consequences. |
aor in
Armstrong, we learn, has been
and is now engaged 1m the dis-
reputable business of circulating
papers and tickets in favor of a
third person as a candidate for
Congress, hoping thereby to draw
votes from Judge Hole and thus
secure his own election! THow-
ever much we now difler or have
heretotore differed with Judge
Hale in politics, he has not re-
sorted and we do not believe he
would resort to such contempibie
means to defeat Zus opponent.
== DEMOCRATS! reniem-
ber that William HH. Armstrong
made this District Limselt’ while
in the Legislature, for the express
purpose of electing himself to
Congress, krowing that with [ot-
ter and Tioga counties in this
District, the Democracy would
be so outnumbered that it would
be almost impossible for them to
accomplish anything! Will you
cleet him, Democrats 7 We think
we hear you answer, ‘never, ne
never.” Will youdefeat him?
«Yes I” should be the answer of
every Democrat in the Districts
B= DEMOCRATS, remem-
ber that the Armstrong faction
ave circulating false circulars in
STAMPED WRAPPERS, and that they
have been sent to nearly every
democrat in Centre county. Do
not read them ; they are only in-
fended to lead yon astray.
il ree
ing made to defeat Mr. Barren,
our candidate for the Legislature.
Remember this, Democrats, and
he sure that the name of Robert
F. Barron is on your tickets.
Fa=Vote for Slenker.
—— cero
The article in this mornings Press which
labors to prove the candidates on the Free
negro ticket convervative men, not a man
in the whole batch, (except W.H. Blair)(rom
Cochran down to Glenn, but 1s an Abol-
tionist of the most extreme school, the reg.
ular raving, rampant, black backed breed,
who would take your money, Laborers of
Centre County, to buy the lousy loafing
niggers of the South, and then force you to
feed them, after heggaring you by purcha-
sing them. 'They are amalgamationists
every one of them, disciples of Greeley,
Phillips & Co. They are the advocates of
high tax, Free negroes, and disunion BE
WARE yoters before placing such mien in
encmice of Democracy have the boldness to
avow thew real designs, and say, *‘we know
®0 law but military necessity,” and that,
“the Constitution of our fathers is no guide
to steer by in the present emergency.” Al-
ready do they openly proclaim, ‘that the
| war shall not be prosecuted for the preser-
vation ef the Constitution and the enforce-
went of the laws,” but for the Constitution
as it shouid be," ie, (as the abolitionists
wonld make it) “for the freedom of the ne.
| groes,”’ and a crusade against the institu~
tions of our sister States. lad we told you
one year ago that in twelve months your
right of trial by jury would be denied you--
tat the war would be carried on for other
purposes than the reconstruction of the Uns
ion, you would not have believed us ; yet it
is nevertheless true. The warmest friend of
the Administration cannot deny it—the
strongest advocate in the ranks of the oppo-
sition dare not contradict it. It stands out
in bold, black characters in evidence of their
hellish designs to overthrow the government
which has heretofore made us a free, a pros
perous and a happy people. Can you, WiLL
you, DARE you place power again in the
hands of a party, the record of which proves
it to be the enemy of your liberties ? Can
you, wir you, DARE you permit it longer
to wicld the sceptre of despotism, aud, un-
der the plea of military necessity,” beggar
you by taxation, starve your wives -and
children by robbing you of your hard earned
money, and murder your sons, fathers, and
friends in a war which could have bzen sets
tied honorably to both parties ¢
Riwembcr, the party that now opposes
Democratic principles, has, by its secret
p otungs and plundering contracts, placed a
debt of hundreds of millions of dollars upon
your shoulders. They have robbed you of
this money not to sustain the government,
but to fill the pockets of black hearted vil
| liane, who, vampyre like, feast on the life
blood of the nation, and, ghoul-like, gloat
over the rain they have accomplished.
Not satisfied with the taxes which their
ring peculation have fastened to your
; already, —not willing to stop with a
tional debt of hundreds of millions of dol-
inrs—they would increase the one and en-
large the other by the purchase of a lot of
worthless negroes from Southern planta
tions, until your hard earned homes, and the
little mite of property you have gathered
about you is wortgaged to pay for beings
who will fill your poor houses and prisons,
and usurp the places of your own children
at the firesides, the table and in the field.
For two years this negro worshipping,
thieving concern, has had the control of the
reins of government, and what have you,
honest laborers of Centre county, derived at
[Tas your property growu more
valuable, or is it to day worth a less amount
on account of high taxes and the prospect
Is there any assur.
ance that you will be permitted to enjoy the
blessings of your peaceful homes—that you
will not be dragged from your wives and
families to face the dangers and suffer the
privations of the battle field, if this same
party is continued in power ?
Read the history of our country from the
time of the Revolution until the election of
Abraham Lincoln, and you have the history
or the Demueratic party. Read the history
of ouy ;ountry for the past two years, and
you have (he history of its opponents.—
Choose ye then, between the two.
{ bac
its hands
of a continued war ?
Every Democrat should make 1v his duty
to devote the 21 Tuesday in October to his
country. There never was a time in our
political Listory when her loyal sons were
called npon more loudly to do their duty,
notwithstanding a certain class of “politi-
cians say we should not interest ourselves
in such matters ; but let them elect all the
effizers. If you want our State and Nation-
al debt to increases, vote for Armstrong and
thie Trump ticket —if you want the Const:
ution to be altered and amended at the sug-
zestion of Northern finatics, vote for Arm~
strong and the Tramp ticket —if you desire
the overthrow of Dewoeratic principles, and
the triumph of radicalism, vote for Arms
strong and the Trump ticket, and by so do.
ing you can aid in accomplishing such a re-
sult.— West Branch Democrat.
#-&> Vote for Barr.
That W. H. Armstrong said,
in a speech in the Court-house in
this place, on Tuesday evening
last, that it was a ¢constitution-
al absurdity to attempt to put
down this rebellion in a consti-
tutional way.” He goes for throw-
ing the Constitution aside and al-
lowing Abolitionism to take its
Remember that this Armstrong
DID VOTE against repeal-
ing the bill which repealed the
tonnage tax on the Pennsylvania
= Vote for Retr,
When the free negro party speaks to you
about the ¢ disloyalty” of the Democratic
party, and advise you not to vote the Con-
stitutional Union ticket, remember it is but
a false alarm, a ruse to lead you into their
revolutionary snares, a trick to lure you ins
to the support of the free negro ticket, so
that they may be continued in power. Do
not heed them. Their cry of *¢ s*op thief”
is not calculated to divert your attention
from their own black catalogue of treason-
able utterances and acts, and from their
criminal deeds.
Remember, it was the Free negro party
that desired to ** LET THE UNION SL1DE”
while Democrats were interceeding and
praying for its perpetuity.
Remember it was the free negro party
that published a map of the United Sta‘es,
one half of which was obliterated by a cloud
of ink, suggestive of the idea of disu-
Remember, 1t was the free negro party
that carried the Star Spangled banner
with but sixteen stars on a blue field.
Remember it was the free negro party
that published statistics, showing the
t« great advan ages” which the North had
over the Sou'h, encouraging the northern
people to rebel against the government, and
like Jeff Davis, to form a confederacy of
their own.
Remember it was the free negro party
that called the American flag «“ A FLAUN-
TING L1E,”” and declared that the ** FIL
Remember, it was the free negro party
that encouraged and aided "REASON, when
John Brown attacked the peaceable citis
zens of Harper's Ferry, murdered them, and
strove to incite a horrible insurrection.—
They aided John Brown in concocting the
grand scheme for tho subversion of the
Constitu ion, the nverthrow of Dewmocra ic
government, and the establishment of a
monarchy. They were the first to fire the
gun and apply the torch of treason. Re-
member this when they beg your votes,
and tell them that if they had not first for-
cibly seized the government arsenals aud
defied the supreme Jaw ot the land,
bath rg their hands in the innocent loyal
blood, southern traitors would never have
dared to raise their black flag. ThLe pco-
ple of the South would have crashed them
as though they had been venomous gnats.
temember, it was the free negro party
that threatened to burn the capital if the
Government would dare to execute John
Drown the traitor, calling him the * Second
Jesus Christ,” and after his execution pro-
nounced the gibbet upon which he was
hung more ko'y than the cross upon which
the Redeemer of mankind was crucified.
Remember it was the frce negro party
that pronounced the Constitution ¢ A
Remember it was the free negro party
that threatened to ** to kick or hang every
Southern State out of the Union.
Remember it was the free negro party
that threatened “violence resistance with
WEAPONS,” if the people would dare to
discard and condemn their treasonable dog-
mas ot the ballot box, refusing to abide by
the will of the majority, just what Jeft Da
vis aud his rebel States are now doing.
Remember it was the free negro party
that defeated the compromise measures ofls
ered by the venerable Crittenden. who was
anxious to save the country from the bloody
ruin and horrors of a civil war.
lemember it was the free negro party
that called George Washington a ** SCOUN-
DREL,” and his compeers VILLIANS,”
and “TYRANTS,” because they framed the
glorious fabric of democratic government
under which we prospered for more than
three fourths of a century.
Remember it was the free negro party
that told you the South could be conquered
by a ‘*dozen’’ New England yankees and
several old women armed with broemsticks
and hot water, deceiving you, winning your
suppeTts taking your hard earncd money to
carry on a War to gratify their own feeling
of hatred and nice, calling upon you to
sacrifice your lives in ® war. the horrorg
and expenses 6f which wmiglt have been hon
orably avoided. ?
pember it was the free negro plTty
{hat told you of a glorious change, that
promised you roasted beef and two dollars
aday to sit and read the New York 77s
bune, and sung sweet gongs for you of ‘a
good time coming,” promised fo make you
rich and give vou & home if you would on-
ly become a Wide Awake and vote ‘che
ticket.” Remember this too, and when you
are asked to place them in office again,
point them to the vacant chairs around the
hearthstones ; point them to the unmarked
graves in an enemies land, wherein lies the
mangled and decaying forms of your broth-
ors, your sons and your friends ; point them
to the bloody fields of Antietam. Bull Run,
Fair Oaks, the terrible Seven Days, Shiloh,
etc ; point them to the millions of dollars
that they have purloined from the + public
treasury ; point them to the fearful ragni-
tude of the national debt, which is growing
with ruinous rapidity ; point them to the
frightful and exorbitant taxes which you
will have to pay ; point them to the mill-
iors of dollars of treasury notes, the penny
«+ ghinplaster.” and their ragged old checks
point them to the idle factory furnace etc.
point them to these, and ask them to ex-
plain ; ask them whether these are the good
times which they promised, the blessings,
the luxuries which they promised to show-
er upon you. Do this and hear their an.
Remember it was the free negro party
that was opposed to the oppressed and ex
iled white foreigner secking liberty and a
home in the United States, calling them
¢ Irish thieves and beggars,” and Dutch
numskulls and krout gluttons, ranking
them with the brate crea ion, —
Remember such was their treatment of the
brave men who now compose the strongest
bulwarks of our government in the present
hcur of danger.
Remember it was the free negro party
that is now feeding your friends in the ar-
my on salty flitch and hard crackers, that
is now taxing you and taking from you
that for which you have labored hard to
purchase negroes and to colonize them, or
to send them into your midst to subsist on
you, to compete with you in labor, to be
your equal, and to have the same rights of
suffrage that you enjoy. Recollect this. —
They are bestowing upon the black savage
that which they refused to grant to the
white refugee from tyranny and persesution.
Do not doubt this fact Read the corres-
pondence between Scerefary Stanton and
Gen. Tuttle. Read the conference between
the President and the Negro Colinization so-
ciety. Read the President's emancipation
proclamation. Read these significant doc-
uments, and you will find that the white
man’s day of glory has faded, that his star
of empire has fallen from its proud orbit in
the land of Washington !
Remember it was the free negro party
that collected in mobs and rioted through
onr streets, sulting and outraging men and
women, destroying property, dragging the
disciples of Washington and
Jefferson and Jackson and Webster and
Clay from the embrace of their weeping famn-
il es, casting them into dark damp dungeons
to subsist on food too rotten and coarse for
the carrion beast, and to live mid vermin of
the most loathsome and malignant species.
This too, is worthy of remembrance.
Remember it was the free negro party
who trampled upon the Constitution, enac.
ted their party creeds to be the laws which
are hereafter to govern the people, protected
themselves and the long list of governinen
defrauders and robbers from the punitive
laws of the government by illegal enacts
ments, ana frustrated every noble plan
which wisdom and patriotism produced for
an amicable settlement of our difficulties. —
They sat in usurpation like the dreaded na-
tional Assembly of the Reign of "Terror,
holding inquisitions, passing sentéhces of
condemnation, and sending forth their man-
dates of extortion to oppress and endanger
the people. :
Remember it is the free negro party that
is casting houest patriots into prison, sup
pressing the spread of information of vital
importance to the people, binding the press
and dogging the life course of loyal men
with slander insults, and threatened assinas
Remember itis a Free Negro Adminis-
tration that has erected a despot’s throne
and crowned itself dictator. It sends forth
its commands. and the people are trembling
beneath the rigor and iron rule of martial
jaw. With a flourish of the pen, the Presi-
dent—the servant of the people, chosen but
Jour years—dares to fix the date of the ra-
ces in America ‘ henceforth and forever!’
—the negro to be forever free—the white
man 0 exist as best he can, the negro tor
his peer and competitor. 1: makes another
grand flourish, and every subject who dares
to speak a word against the high handed
usurpation of power, must suffer the sens
tence of court mnrtial.
Remember these things. Give them deep
and thoughtful attention. Ponder over
them long and sincerely, and learn who are
the enemies of the Constitution and the
Union. When the free negro party speak
to you of the disloyalty of the Old Guard of
the nation, then to their own black record
tell them bow Jeft Davis prays for
their success, and tien turns away fom
them with contempt and scorn, and rally to
the support of the Old Constitution, the Old
Union, and the Old S'arry flag.— Lewisburg
—— vert ———
Let us thank Heaven that there are at
least no Government proclamations yet dis
rect against the elective franchise. We can
still exercise that without fear of bonds,
prisons or death. No Provost Marshall can
interfere with us for saying we prefer one
candidate to another, or one party to anoth-
er, and expressing our preference through
the ballot box. Felicw Democrats, we ad-
monish you to be active, be vigilant, be
firm. If ever your country needed your
service it is now. Ifever you had a work to
perform, upon the success of which hangs
whe safety of the Republic, it is now—now,
when radical Abolitionism, in every branch
of the Government, threatens the overthrow
of the Constitution, the disruption of the
Union, a vast accumulation of public debt,
and a radical change in the social! and polit-
ical condition, by elevating the neg to
equality with the white race. Ring it out,
loud and clear, in every district, that this is
not only a contest for the preservation of
clear, indisputable, constitutional, civil and
political rights, but a struggle to maintain
the social and political supremacy of the
white race over the negro. Rally, then, to
the support of the Democratic ticket, and
let your watchword at every precinct be,
#Down with the Abolitionists ! Democracy
and White supremacy forever!”
eel AG pet.
B= Vote for Barron.
Notice To Young MeN.--A majority of
the clerks and book-keepers throughout the
United States haye enlisted for the war and
these lucrative situations must be filled by
competert and skillful business men. As
the graduates of the Iron City Commercial
College cf Pittsburg, Pa.. have accorded
them universal preference, young men can
best subserve their success by entering this
Institution and prepare for fall and winter
business. Send for a Catdlogue and Prof,
Uowley’s unequalled Penmanship. :
Keep it Before the People
collected after the election is a Republican
tax; !
blackest stamp.
000, which must have been what the Repub
what 1t would amount to before the close of |
the fiscal yeat. :
That of this tax tha peaply of Pennsyls |
vania will have to pay at least $15.000 000 |
yearly, or abont $21.50 10 each tax-payer, |
supposing the number to b: 700.000. 1
That if the debt was $2 500,000 000 last
winter, or if it will be that by the 1st of
July, on any basis of calealition assumed
by the committee, it will be at least $1,000,
000 0:0 more at the close of the war, if it
should close wit3in a year, making a grand
total debt of £3.500,000,000, and adding $60
000,000 to the tax bill ; miking Pennsylva-
nia’s share $21,000,000, or $30 to each tax-
payer, to be handed over to the collector
every year.
Assuming the national debt, then, to be,
at the close of war $3,500 000,000, the
State’s share of it would be about $350,~
000 000, to which add the existing State
debt, and we have about 399,000,000 as the
grand total of State indebteness —§130 to
every man, woman and child in the coms
monwealth. :
And remember farther, that
Abraham Lincoln, Republican, or—which
is now the same thing—Abolition President
of the United States, has issued his Procla-
mation declaring his purpose to emancipate
all the negro slaves in the United States—
those of the rebels to be freed without
compensation ; those of the loyal to bz paid
There will, therefore, be at least onev
fourth of the slaves to be paid for-—that is
about 1,000,000. These, at the compen-
sation paid to slave ewners in the District
of Columbia. (3300,) would cost the nation
$300,000,000 move. And then President
Lincoln is determined tocolynize the negroes
—4,000 000 of them in all. los much
more would that cost, supposing that it
could be accomplished?
Not a cent less than $1,000,000 G00.
Keep it before the People, then, that
The War Debt and the Negro Debt that
this Abolition Admimstration will entail
upon the mation, if it is not checked by a
change in Congress, or by other means, be
fore its designs are accomplished, will not be
less than
Of which Pennsylvania’s share will be
$450,000,000 !!!
On which the yearly tax would be
In addition to the State tax now imposed
to pay the expenses of Government and the
intercst on the $40 000,000 State Deb.
Or, in round pumbers,.each tax-payer
would have to pay yearly $38.50 national |
tax, imposed by this Abolition-Republican
Keep these facts before the People—and
keep before them, too, the disgraceful fact
that the President of the United States, an
AbolitionRepublican, declares in his Eman
cipation Proclimation, that this Government
will do no act or acts to repress slave rebel-
Fion. These are bis words:
“That on the first day of January, in the
year of our Lord one thousand eigh hundred |
and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves |
within any State, or any designated part of
a State, the people whereof shall then be mn
rebellion against the United States, shall be
then, thencelorward and forever free ; and
the Executive Government of the United
| S ates, incinciug the wilitary and naval |
{ authority thereof, will recognize and main-
| tain the freedom of such persons, (7 and |
1 |
{ will do mo act or acts to repress such persons, |
| or any of them. in ANY EFFORTS |
THEY MAY MAKE jor their actual
freedom 3
Remember that this cold blooded invita
tion to insurrection and butchery comes {yom
the Republican President of he United
S ates, and tha: every vote you cast for Re
publican candidates for Congress or the
State Legislature, who stand pledged to a
blind, unques tioning support of the Admin-
istra:ion, will be a vote in favor of this
atrocious declaration, and of increased debt
and taxation to maintain the supremacy and
infamous policy of the Aboliionists .
People of Pennsylvania, awake ! Arouse
to action! Sirike down this nefarious, in-
‘cendiary, blood-thirsty Abolition party !—
Strike for Congress, for the Legislature, for
the Constitution and the Union as they
came {rom the hands of the Fathers, aud
as you should transmit them to your
posterity !
Patience is exhausted—the country trem-
bles upon the very brink of ruin—the con-
stitutonal liberty of the white man is threat-
ened —--the equality of the negro is pro
claimed. Strike, then—strike, all, and
strike home!
== Vote for Furey.
The Republican State Convention of Mas-
sachusefts, which recently assembled at
Worcester, contained a number of COAL
In Ohio, Massachusetts and other aboli
tion States, they are also ALLOWED TO
VOTE, though they tried a short time ago
to deprive white foreigners of the same
privilege. What say you white men, can it
be possible that you will vote on the 14th of
October for such proceedings ? Can it be
possible that you will have your places of
labor, your places iu conventions, at the bal-
lot box and other privileges usurped by
black men # Turn out and vote it down.
«07> Industry must prosper,’’ as ths man
said when holding the baby while his wife
chopped wood.
i |
That the tax which will be as:essed and THE $20,000,000 TEMPORARY LOAN.
That the tax bill was drawn by Thaddeus | essed upon personal property by the Ahos
Stevens, an Ab, lition-Republican of the | lion assessors, there is to follow an assess
| ment upon real estate to pay Pennsylgania’s
That itis for $150.0)0000, which, at | share of the $20.00),000 tempor:ry loan au
six per cent., 1s the interest of $2.500,000, - | thorized by act ol Congress, approvel June
lican Committee of Ways and Means sup< | passage.
posed the national debt to amount to, or! lowing words: ¢ And be il further enacted,
‘to Pennsylvania's
Xo kind to Taxation.
In aldition to the taxes now being ass
7.1862, which takes effect onand after its |
Section 8 ofuhis:ant:is inthe: fol -
That a direct tax of twenty mil ions of. dol
lars be, and is hereby ananally laid upon
the Stars. and the same shall be, and is
hereby apportioned to the Statgs, respectives
’ Then follows the
ly i manner following.’
apportionment of the amount among the sev-
eral States, which makes Pennsylvanm’s
share $1.946 719.50 ; but in this apportion-
ment the rebellions Stetes arz included : and
as it is evident that no taxes can be collec
ted there until peace is restored, the amount
assessed upon them must be added to the
burden of the loyal States which would add
share about $800 000
more, making a total of $2,746 719. Th®
entire amount is assessed and laid upon the
real estates of the Commonwealth, sas will
be seen hy reference to section 13 of the
same act, from which we extract the follow-
“And be it further enacted, That the said
direct tax laid ly this act shall be assessed
and laid on the value of all lands and lots of |
ground, with their improvements and dwel-
ling houses, which several articles subject
to taxation shall be enumerated and valudd,
by the respective the rate of
cach of them is worth in money on the first
day of April 1862.”
The tax operates as a mortgage, and be-
comes a loan upon the entire real estate of
the Commonwealth, as will be scen by re-
ference to section 33, which is in the follow
ing words :
ti Si +
Cnt 5 in —
Faets for the Pe
Democrats can not forget Wn.
H. Armstrong, Wilinot’s ecandi-
date tor Con gress in this district,
was the man who saddled Tioga
County upon us, hoping therebh®
to Abolitionize Lycoming, Centre
and Clinton, in order tha‘ he
might be the next Representative
"in Congress; “as anally of Grow,
who was clected by Tioga county
votes for five successive terms.
Democrats can vot foreet that
| Wi HL Armistoug has repeatedly
urged the people to SOAR
ABOVE PARTY in these peril-
ous tsmes, when there was an op-
portunity to vote upon mational
isues. We now ask him to make
good his declarations by voting for
a moderate Republican, who will
not recognize party lines.
Democrats can not forget that
‘Wm. II. Armstrong voted for
{ Wendall Phillips to declare
against the Constitution and the
Union, in the Pennsylvania
House of Assembly, when he was
‘a Representative of a loyal con-
| stitueney.
Democrats can not forgot that
Wm. H. Armstrong declared in
a recent speech, that National
Democrats were in heart friends
of the Davis Government, al-
though he knew at the time a ma-
|jority ot the Union army were
composed of this class of men.
Democats Remember that
t And be it further enacted. That the
amount of the taxes so assessed shall be
and remain a liea upon all lands and other
real estate of the individuals who may be
assessed fir vhe same during two years aftr
the time it shall annually become d.e an
payable; and the said lien shall extend to
each and every part of all tracts of land or |
dwelling houses, notwithstanding the same
may have been dividdd or aliena ed in part.”
The act further provides that if the tax
shall not be pay], twenty per cent. shall be
added to the suw and the property sold at
public auction ; and if a sufficient
to cover the tax is not hid. the
shall buy it in the name of the government.
It will thus appear that if, through the
ruinous policy and reckless extravagance of
the government commercial and
embarrassment should overtake the country
and the farmer or property holder be una
ble to pay his taxes, he is to be driven from
his life long home, and his propenty taken
possession of by this Abolition collector. It
is true each individual is given the right of
redemption any time within two years ; bat
he must pay Lweenty per cent tnterest on the
amount, so that if, at the end of two years
he should be ableio redeem his property he
would have to pay in addition to the engi
ginal tax, sixty percent. more than the sum
assessed. — Patriot and Union.
Rapublican Opinion of Lincoln's Proela-
The New York Times, commenting upon
the President's Emancipation Proclamation,
Says ©
“From now till the first of Jannary—:he
day when this proclamation will take effict
—is little over three months. What may
happen between now and then. in the pro.
gress of the war, it is hard to say. We
earnestly hope, however, tliat by that time,
the rebellion will he put down by the mili
tary hand, and that the ierrible element of
slave insxrrection may not be invoked I’
This, we'take it, is a virtual acknowl.
edzement that the proclamation aumns at a
“slave insurrection’ in the South, with its
accompanying horrors —the indiscriminate
slanghter of white men, women and chil.
dren, with the accompaniments of arson.
ish cranes which Gid
rape, and all the h
i dings and his associates have for years been
desiring to see prroetratel by the negroes
upon the whites of the Shuth.
Th: Philadelphiv North 4 nerican doe,
not do ibt that this proclamation will lead
means insurrection and its infernal concomi.
The New York Lhibune
traitorous radicals, is r
a ‘‘revolution an the rebel States.”
ie organ of the
ced—it is in ec
stacies over the proclamation. It says: —
It is the begenning of the end of the rebels
lion ; the beginning of the new life of the
nation. Gop BLESS ABRAHAM LincoLy I”
Greeley is satisfied now ; ho will no more
complain of the President ; he has accom
plished his purpose. Even Phillips will be
pleased now. The President Aas -<pro-
claimed a policy,” which pleases these lifa
long enemies of the Government— of the Un
“God bless Abraham Lincoln I” will bere
peated by all the tribe of negro worshipping
fanatics, fools and fiends in human shape
who have, for so any years, been reviling
the memory of Washinglon and stigmat z-
ing the Constitution (which he helped to
frame, and which he heartily approved) as
“ea league with death and a covenant with
Greeley has given them the cue, and they
will all take up the cry : ‘God bless Aras
ham Lincoln,” though, hitherto, they have
execrated him, and pronounce | hima * ‘mud
turtle” —the “Illinois slave hound,” etc.—
They are conciliated now, and one of the
purposes, if not the main purpose, of the
proclamation is already accomplished.
Bi Vote for Kealsh.
Democrats can not forget that
Wm. H. Armstrong has repeated-
ly sustained the doctrine of Dick-
inson, that in these times of pres-
ent trouble we should let loose
our hold of the Constitution and
make a new one for present
| emergencies. |
every vote east for Wm. H. Arin-
[strong gives strength to Wilmot 's
| political ereed, that declares the
old Constitution must he modifi-
‘ed before the Government
recieves a united hold in the
Northern States.
Democrats can not forget that
Wm. HF Armstrong has uniform-
ly opposed Democratic men and
measures, and sustained principles
that must be overcome hefore our
country is restored. With these
ifacts in view, no Democrat or
| conservative Republican will
| esat their votes for Wim. FH. Arm-
strong on the 2nd Tuesday of Oc
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Are You Working?
Democrats of Centre county
are you working earnestly, ac-
tively, and unceasingly? Have
| you seen to it that every Dem-
ocrat is assessed? Are you
making arrangemente to get ev-
ery man to the polls? Are you
reasoning with your neighbor?
Be vigilant! Leave nothing un-
done to secure suceess, that can
be honorably done! There never
was a time in the history of this
nation when the ballot-hox was
as potent for good, as it will be
on Tuespay. Youmust re-
buke Abolitinism, if you would
save the country. You must
check the assumptions of arbi-
trary power’ if you would pre-
serve your liberties. Gotowork!
Leave no proper means untried’
to increse the majority in this
County! Every vote is import-
ant. One vote may prevelly the
election of some aholitionized
Republican. See to it that every
vote is out! See to it that every
voter gets the right kind of a
ticket! Let there not be a sceutch
on a Democratic ticket this fall!
We think we can safely pledge
old Centre for the largest tnajor-
ity she ever gave. What say
you? Shallitbeso? Itis for
the Demacrats and the Conserv-
ative men to say. We have no
fear of the result, if they do their
duty. ;