Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, December 12, 1861, Image 4

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wun — — : SR PROF. WOOD'S « §
ticipate in the selection of public officers. ex- $1000 FE TTA ; 5 5x 12 “5 NEWS FROM THE SEAT OF WAR. RESTORATIVE CORDI AL THE ON LY DISCOVERY
cept the Legislature, boldly advocated. with WILL BE PAID Ee ford Ab Be ER “RE UISITION 2 (WORTEY OF ANY @ONFIDENGE FOB
Isbored arguments, to prove that large con | FOR ANY MEDICINE THAT WILL EXCEL S ars a arill a ANOTH Q . AND RESTORING THE AND GRAY
1 of th le in Government is the Q : bP HAS " asd 4
ivi of al Pioal evil, Monarchy itself COLERT’S BALM IN GILEAD !! A HEAVY IMPORTATION OF BLOOD RENOVATOR, Ma v, sivoe the great discovery of Prof. Woed,
is sometimes hinted at as a possible refuge HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD. Is precisely what its name indicates, r, here 2 =pied at ou io Shit his seblorative,
from the power of the peo le. For the Quick cure of Headache, Toothache, Bhen. And for the speedy cure of the following complamta: while pleasant to the taste, Hisroviviiving, would produce results identical ; but. they Bre
In my present position could scarcely | For the 3 of 2 Faded] Nhe HE Lh Scrofula and Scrofulons Affections,such exhilarating, and strengthening to the vi- aH eome and gone, being carried away by the
be justified were I to omit raising waining matism, Youzalgla, Duin Hye he Yer as Tumors, Ulcers, Sores, Eruptions, tal powers. It also revivifies, reinstates wonderful results of Prof. Wood's reparation,
ro inst this ch of returning des- | or Ears, Burns, Fresh Cuts Sprains. Bruises, Di Riahlen BD gules Blotehes, Rolls; and renews the bloed in all its original pu- and have been forced to leave the Bad te ite zo
tis ae arrhea, and sore throat, and all similar complaints, 2 OAKLAND, Lud.. 6th June, 1850, FOR THE FIRM OF : S27 S0d tus restores snd renders the $92 sistless sway. Read thefollowing: ~~ '
It is not needed or fitting here that a gen | Toothache cured in ten minutes. 3 racks ‘ a C. Ann Sg Gents: 1 feel 3 By wry to ac- b fen inva) pi waka! Yense, £0 Barm, Marxe, April 1848, 1856. :
3 nowledge w your Su rill hia one fu 5 ) R
eral argument should be made in favor of ean ly ro oaghe wel fn ies Having tuherited Norofulows tahiti) ‘ve suri | BAXTRESSER & CRIS 7 world in a popular form 80 as to be within Pror GU. J. Woop & Co: Gents: —The jee @
institut} i § Fog : from it in vari for years. Sometimes it I the reach of all. So chemically and skill- wrote you in 1856, concerning val
popular institutions. But there is one point | ures. Neuralgie aig sured in Sve A | Tp Si WATS Lr Yong, ome ay Wis Have Sase d, in the Store Room on the | jf fully combined as to be the most powerful Hor Restorative, and which you. have published
with it a connection, not so hackneyed as Cholio cured in ten minutes. praing relieved in | 11.9 inwarg and distressed me at the stommch. Two 0 have just opened, in the i Te lefonte, f MH tonic, and yet, so perfectly adapated to as in this vicinity and elsewhere, has given rise
most others, to which I ask a brief atten- | ten minutes. Sore throat relieved in ten minutes. | yours ugo it hioke out on uy bend and covered my scalp | N. W. corner of the Diamond, in Bellefonte, for- 10 act in perfort oecordan on bn The ary numerous enquiries touching the facts in the ease.
tion. 100 Cases have been cured by one Agent in & | nud curs with vie sore, which was pa vd louthsome | merly occupied by Wilson Brothers, their large of nature, and hence soothe the weakest The enquiries are, first. isit a fact of my habita-
. : single day! beyotd description. 1 tried JiAuy In | so and splendid assortment of Shelf Hardware, House tomach, and tone up the digestive organs, tion and name, as stated in the communication, .
foting with f wok omne abo hs co | “EVERY BOTTLE WARRANTED. ek Shunde cc ors: en 5,14 | Trimmings of very deseripion aod say al nervous and other rrtaion fom la tri ofall erin cotalved ; third
pls . : i to read in the Gospel Messenger that you had prepared is alsd perfertly exhilarating in its effec n orde
ture of the Government. Itis assumed that Tryit! Trys!! Tryit!!! Tryit!!!! = rs apt esehger tins. None a P ocRER AND TABLE CULL ERY 1 i Ris i followed by lassitude or to ofnaturalcolor ? To all I ean and do answer in- .
labor is availableonly in connection with PRICE 25 AND 50 CENTS PER BOTTLE. tion that any thing you made must be good. 1 sent to ol avery LL a TL AR SAWS depression of spirits. + It is dospiied en variably yes. My hair is even better than in an
“capidal that nobody labors unless somebod i i : ayo aot 1, Wud used i tl it cured me. 110k | CROSS CUT, MI tirely of vegetables and those thoroughly =| stage of my life for 40 years past, more soft, thrif.
Capua y Y | EF Aliberal discount made to Agen:s, and one it, as you advise, in small doses of u teaspoonful over a b facture. i ;
3 > A ¥ Ase of the best manufacture. 2 werful tonic and soothin of ty, and better colored ; the same is true of my
else owning capital, somehow by tha use of | wanted in every town, aleo a few good traveling | month. und used almost three bottles, wen urs healthy combining po: E | wick the nc] ne
it, ind kim to labo Thi ed, it| Agents skin soon began to form under the scab, which afters | RIFLES, PISTOLS, SHOT GUNS, AND LOCKS roperties, and consequently can never in wiskers, and the only cause why it is not gener
1t. induces kim to labor. This assumed, it | Agents. 5 while foll off. My skin is now clear, and 1 know by my of every description and the best quality. ure. Such a remedy haslong been felt [ally true, is that the substance ‘is washed off by
3 vex; considered whetherit ia best that, SONS ANDCPACGHTERS OF AF | Lines fiat the diss bas tone ruin my system. "You | MORTICE AND RIM LOCKS AND LaTCRES| MMI bo a disderatum in the medieal world | frequent abolution of the face, when if care wers
capital shall hire laborers, and thus induce FLICTION can well iheve tint : fol what § ton say ing when 1 tell of different kinds. both by the thoroughly skilled in medion ise 2b ping he fise = ode, Somnestion yi
. > ot, thal 10 you to be vl e a) es of he 1 .
them to work by their own consent, or buy( py. things we prove on the spot and before | and remain sor gratefully. Yours. ** | CUPBOARD, CHEST BoX. AND TILL LOCKS, pi » 3 Shoh 2ve Tuferel hair. I have been in the receipt of Ri
them and drive them to it without their con. your cyes, only bring on your cases, ALFRED B. TALLEY. and large and small PAD LOCKS. SHIM oF RacitdEe vor pe re eat ieal ber of letters from all parls of Neo England, ask-
- sent. 2 om a] 5 St. Anthony’s Fire, Rose or Erysipelas, HAND, BACK, GRAFTING AND PANNEL ty follows all attacks of disease, and lays ing me if my hair still continues to be good ; as
Having proceeded so far, it is nafarally DIRECTIONS FOR USING Rotter nd Sol Rheum Seale ead, SAWS, Broad, Hand and Chopping AXES. BH: e unguarded system open to the aT there is so much fraud in the manufacture snd :
** concluded that all laborers are either hired COLBERT'S BALM OF GILEAD Dr. AE M. Preble writes il ali 2 v.12, | BUTCHERS’ CLEAVERS AND CHOPPERS, of many of the most dangerous to which ge gf Yadious som Ten Tell ae this, it has,
i . laborers or what we call slaves. And farth- Q [ Sept. 1850, that he hs cared ws inreterans sd 2H Drawing Knives, Hatchets.Chise!s & Adzes. poor humanity is constantly reliable. Such | no dou! n y een used, not
rel J y n . foe > ly without any good effect, but to absolute im
For Toothach ly it over the f: d Dropsy, which threatened to terminate fatally, by the HAY,MANURE AND SPADING FORKS,EDGE for example, as the following : Consump on
* hor fs is avid i hoe Lome 2 of the — yl the hoes uy rth a ci Sarsapnrilin and also a dangerous 2 TOOLS of every desirable variety. > tion, Bronchitis, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, jury. I have not used Juy.of yous Restorative o
: : dived. [3horer, Is Axed in RCIUON : [1 face ; repeat if not cured. In extreme cases, wet | Malignant Erysipelas by large doses of the same; snys Loss of Appetite, Faintress, Nervous Ir- any account for some months, and yet my hair
i life. Now there is no such relation between ton ey the Balan and oven oe tooth ang | he cures the common Eruptions by it constantly. SADDLERS’ HARDWARE, ritability, ge Palpitation of the as as ever, and hundreds have exam ined is
} : : i i ise, as I am now 6l-years old and not»
__ capital and labor, as assumed, nor is there ums For Headache, bathe the temples apd ap. | Bronchocele, Goltre or Swelled Neck. A general assortment, and 50 per cent H Heart, Melancholy, Hypocondria, Night (§ | With surprise, as k
any such thing as a free man being fixed for i to the nose ; and take from ten Yo thirty rps qlebulon Sloan of Prospect, Texas, writes : Three bot- lower than any place else. Sweats, Languor Giddiness, and all that S07 huis in wy head ye 2, jure Land tuprovs
] i A a : gahih ea of your Sarsaparilla cured me from a Goitre —u hid- | ARRIAGE MAKERS TRIMMINGS,CARPEN class of cases, so foarfally fatal if unattend- 88% 8 om I
life in the condition of a hired Iaborer.— | iv half a tumbler of water sweetened. y ! ¥ 3 of ca a
Both th ti fal d all i For Croup and Sore Throat, take from ten to | COU #¥+lling on the neck, which I had suffered from TERS’ TOOL» which cannot be surpassed ed to in time. called Female weakness and he ast week. Raresed) Sar favor of two quart
ese assumptions are false. and all in- : ) 3 over two years.” ties. i D 5 otties last summer, for whic am very | .
ferences fiom oh are groundless. Labor thirty drops Internal] J; OR Sugar or in sweetened Leucorrheea or Whites, Ovarian Tumor, | VICES, ANVILS, DRILLS, SCREW PLATES. dors Futaritio dis Live] Ewen ful ; I gave it to my friends and thereby
& r Torpidity, p >
Se pie ti AAD dent of capital. Cap. | AT Water: bathe the throat freely and bind on Uterine Ulceration, Female Diseases. FILFS, RASPS, PIPE SKEIN & WAGON enses of the Kidneys Bealoiie ob ace. them to try it, many were skeptical ‘after
15 prior to and independent of capital. P= | a flannel. For Headache, Rheumatism. Neural. Dr. J. B. 8 Channing, of New York City, writes; = I BOXES. ’ 8 trial and then purchased and used it with mniver
Ral is only the fruit of labor and could nev | gia, Lamo back or Side bathe freely with Balm in | moe cheerfully comply with the request of your ngent in | STEEL SPRINGS, TRON AXELTREES. B tinuence of the Urine, or any general de- sal uccess. Twill ask as a favor thar mires,
ators srr a ac | A EES | BETES | ston, shufyge gy commen, npr) chan TE kal © Sie by whieh aun ior Sy hah
Labor is the superior of capital and de- of Sil Hid to ile sian Hi a ne chnploy such a ors but especially in Female Diseases | PAINTS, OILS, GLASS AND PUTTY, COAL ers, predisposition to Slight Colds, Hacking H Restorative, sold by many, I fear, without author-
serves much higher consideration. Capital | 9%! the same. For Cholic take from ten to forty | Of the Scrofulous diniliesis. 1 have cured many inveter: OIL, AND LAMPS, VARNISH, FLUID. and Continued Cough, Emaciation, Difi- | ity from you. A pure article will insure success,
: 9 : . y i v jo i i 1 3
has its rights. which are as worthy of pro drops in hot water ; bathe the bowels and apply Er artis by 1 Su some Wherg She com. OIL CLOTHS PATENT LEATHER, ROPE AND | 5 culty of Breathing: 534 Ned) ve wight 1 at Sa02 Serta du wi toliow. the
tection as aay other rights. Noris it dented wet flannels. In the above, ihe smaller dose is for ation itself was soon cured, Nothing within my knowl- WIRE of every size in abundance. Suulierais man > ro a ri 0 es the inveutor of the good. I deem ft my duty,
that there is and probably always will be | Children and the larger for adults ; vary accord- | edge equals it for these female derangements.” SHOEMAKER’S TOOLS, ent ia i Chills and Eu but as horetofore, 10 keep youn apprised of the eentin.
: 5 3 ing to age and circumstances Edward 8, Marrow, of Newbury, Ala., writes, “ A dan- And all other kinds of Goods usually kept e y 3 yer, ued effect on my hal I 11 who i
a relation betw een labor and capital. produc- Colbert's Balm in Gilead is harmless. Colbert's | gerous avarian tumor on one of the femies in my family, i 1 inted Hardwire mone revent all attacks arising from Miasmatie rp ply y Sara hi shquire
ing mutual benefits. The error is in assutn- Balm in Gilead gives satisfaction. which had defied all the remedies we could employ, has ina well yegu : rn nfluences, and cure the diseases at once, oe Te iw, n on opinion of its valuable re-
ing that the whole labor of the community Those who have used Balm in Gilead will not be | 8¢ length been completely cured by your Extract of Sar- Their stock isan entirely new one, comprising if already attacked. And as it acts di. suits. I remain, dear sir, yours,
: thi : ” 3 : ui saparilla. Our physician thought nothing but extirpa- | al] the leading articles connected with the Hard- rectly and persistently upon the biliary A.C. RAYMOND.
exists within that relation. without it. tion could afford relief, but he advised the trial of your ware trade, and their facilities for pu chasing I il fh arousing the Lives to action, pro. : ia
A few nen own capital, and that few | Agentswanted. For terms address Sarsaparilla as the last resort before cutting, and it ra A ystem, A Pre Aarons Ru, Kr., Nov. 30, 1858.
Pp Q goods not being excelled by any other establish moting, in fact, all the excretions and se. ’
id labo: b ber few to labor ft C. S, COLLERT & Cu, proved effectual. = After taking your remedy eight weeks hemselves able to sell ng, : infalli Pror. 0. J. Woop : Dear sir.—I would certain.
avoid labor, or buy anotber few abor for s s ymptom of the di ins.” ment, they here declare t os cretions of the system, it will infallibl
th inri : No. 123 South Fourth St., Philadelphia no symptom of the disease remains. from fifty t hundred cent. lower than an liter f 3 ly be doing you a great injustice mot to make
em. A large majority belong to neither ls and M ial Di rom fifty to one hundred per Y | © prevent any deliterious consequences fol
: - 2 Syphilis an ercuria sease, d invite : . known to the world, the wonderful, as well as the
class, neither work for others nor have oth LF” N. B. Orders sent by Express to any part 3 other establishment in the country, and in lowing upon ogange of climate and water ;
5 ~ hi s NEW ORLEANS, 25th Augnst, 1859, © 1 i f rn unexpected result I have experienced from using
v of the United States at the shortest notice, . Qi Naa tale ly with the Farmers, Mechanics, and all others in need o hence all tra: 3s should have a bottle ’ 1
ers working for them. oP Tans var Ta od urn St Leafy omy RU cilects | Hardware, to call and satisfy themselves of the with them. ar # should take a table [ONE bottle of your Hair Restorative. After using
In most of the Southern states a majori Tre ot oth sor re a Jou truth of the assertion. spoonful at least before eating. Asitpre- |everykind of Restoratives extant, but without
ty of the whole people, of all colors, are JOEIN MORAN, I Lave cured with it, in my practice, most of the com- July 18, 1860. vents costiveness, strengthens the digest. success, and finding my head Dearly, destitute of
i i i - plaints for which it is recommended. and have foun 8s Ta i it shou! e in the hands of a ’ .
neither slaves nor masters, while in the DEALER IN laints for which it i led. and have found it : ive organs, d be in the hands of all jf | hair, I was finally induced to try a bottle of your
at 3 . : 2 effects truly wonderful in the eure of Vemereal and Mer- THE CHEAP CASH STORE OF f sedentary habits, students, min- Hair Restorative. Now, candor and Justice com-
Northern, a large majority are neither hirers CLOCKS WATCHES AND JEWELRY curial Disease, One of my patients had Syphilitic ulcers ee Sor Brary anid ? all ladies not el me to announce to whoever may read this, thas
nor hired. Men with their families, wives, y i! ’ in 148 theons ich i Cen is abi Audigy Messrs, Hoffer Brothers Yoisin, Hien y eh Ont (00r Sortie dn possess a new and tial head of hair,
sons and daughters, work for themselves on aving purchased the stock of Clucks, | bohegim in me weno” Surmparils, stendily ey s " $ should always useit. If they will thoy | which I proneunce richer and handsomer than the
their farms, in their houses, and in their Watchesand Jewelry lately owned by Bible | ondary symptoms in his nose, and the ulceration had HE Subscribers have just reecived a new will find an agreeable, pleasant. and eff original as, I wil Sokafore kt Seeasion te re-
shops, taking the whole product tv them. | & Moran, and having made large additions to tre eaten away a considerable part of it, so that 1 believe the T and. fail supply of ~ Fall and Winter cient remedy against those ills which rob Sommen is ray © remedy to ALL Whe may =
selves, and asking no favors of capital on the | ome, resp. :cotfully invites the attention ofthe pub. Soordee ds ae Boot Sa lh Duk Goods, which, for variety, have never been equal- them of their beauty ; for beauty cannot too © necessity of :
; t i lic to his stock, consisting now in part of Gold and | Yi¢lded to my adminis tation of your ala > tabli h t'in thi i f exist without health, and health cannot ex- remain respectfully yours, :
one hand nor of hired laborers or slaves on] av ¥ ulcers healed, and he is well again, not of course without ed by any establishment in this seetion of coun € v 353 R 8. ALLENBROCK
Silver Watches, Gold Guard and Fob Chains, | gome disfiguration to his face. A woman who lad been try. Having purchased the stock of goods on ist while the above ipsaulaiities sontinne J . .
the other. Gold & silver Spectacles, Braceleis, Gents’ Gold treated for the same disorder by mercury was suffering hand of Mr George Jackson, they will eontinue Then again, the Cordial is a perfect Moth- P. 8.—This testimonial of my approbation for
It is not forgotten that a considerable | studs, Watch Keys, Card Cases, Silver Pencils, | from this poison in her bones. They had become so sen- the business at the old stand, | er’s Relief. Taken a month or two before your valuable medicine (as you are aware of) 1s
ber of ingle thei labor | Finger Rings, Ear Rings, Breast Pins. Gold Pen. | sitive to the weather that on a damp day she suffered ex- » the final trial she will pass the dreadful unsolicited :—but if you think it worthy a plase
number of persons mingle their own BLOT | i1s and Pens Goggles. Steel Bags, Silver Plated | cruciating pain in her joints and bones. She, tco, was No. 2, R lds’s Ar d eriod with perfect ease and safety. There among the rest, insert if you wish; if not destroy
with their capital—thatis they labor with Ware, &o. Also, Eight-day and _thirty-hour | sured ou SY yom Sam a Bw yas 1 0. 4, Xeyno cade. 0" 70 ns about it; thisOordial is and say nothing. ~~ Yours, REV.5.A.B.
their own hands and also buy or hire others Clocks, at the very lowes: prices. John Moran | js Preparation from your Beran SE bea great Their stock consists of a general assortment o all we clarm for it. Mothers. try it! The Restorative is put in bottlos of three sizes,
to labor for them; but this only a mixed offers these goods to the public,convineed that they | remedy ; consequently, these truly remarkable results | Dry Goods, @roceries. Hardware, Queensware And to you we Sppes} to detectthe illness viz : large, medium andsmall ; the small hold
and not a distinct class. No principle stated | will meet with satisfaction. He is determined | with it bave not surprised me. . : . and Glassware, . a or decline not only of your daugters before half a pint and retails for one dollar per bottle ; .
is disturbed by the existence of this mixed | dispose of neither an inferior article. or offer for Fraternally yours, G. V. LARIMER, M. D. includin a hest ot other articles in their line, it be too late. hut also your sons and hus. the mediums hold at least twenty per cent. more
ol y gale anything in his line but what he can war. Rheumatism, Gout, Liver Complaint, | among which can be found an extensive and varied bands, for while the former, from false del- in proportion than the small, retails for two dollars
class : . ;. | rant. Considerable experience jn business, and a INDEPENDENCE, Preston Co., Va, tth 3 ly, 1859, selection of ioacy, often goes down to a premature a bottle , the large holds a quart, forty per cent.
Again ag has already been said, there 18 | desire to please the public, will give him an ad- Dr. J. C. Aver: Sir, I have been afflicted ii) a pain LADIES? DRESS GOODS grave rather than let their condition be more in proportion and retails for three dollars &
not of necessity any such thing as the free yajlage, Wid he intends po use to the vm : ful chronic Rheumatism for a long ime, whic baited thy such as ’ Frown 3h sine, th Sis are often coins By bottle. O. > WOOD, & Ci).. pistons, 144,
i i o {ii © particularly invites the attention o the la- | skill of physicians, and stuck to me in spit of ail the § . " ed up wi e excitement of busin al ad New York, and 114 t Street St.
yes Jabokst Song i that 2004 Hion dies 2D his ay of Pins, Rings and Bracelets, romerion] vous find, until I tried your Surapurilla. One Ducals, Persian Cloths, Debeiges, Coburgs, ifit oe not for you they would travel s; preadnay, bu old ral Su and
for life. Many independent men everywhere | yioh are of the latest styles. “And he also in. | Dottle cured mo in tivo weeks, and restored ty general Cashmeres, Delaines, Alpacas, the same downward path, until too late 0; Faney Goods Dealers.
1n these States, a few years back in their vites the gentlemen to examine a very fine lot of haath we pot hat am ar bits} thin De a French Merinoes, Plaids. arrest their fatal fall. But the mother ur John Harris & Co., Agent, Bellefonte, Pa.
lives, were hired laborers, Watches now offered for sale. BEACON TOES ces WOH ts suns 1 A aan, : : 8. v. always vigilant, and to you we confident- - Bellefonte, July 11, B11.
The prudent, penniless beginmer nthe E27 Repairing and cleaning promptly attend a Lhe Si Win TAave teen dh Na age ly appeal; for we are oy your Jove
i to. : J vary n y h ) y iling affection will unerrin, oint you :
world, labors for wages a while, he saves a Bellefonte; Jan. 5, 1860.—tf. Sy bed ey lreaith. 1 taiod rer hing, and every thing Vesting, Tweeds, Hats and Caps Aud an oxten. faire Tony Err ort You READ! READ! GREAT ATTRACTION
surplus with which to buy tools or land for TO THR WORT 5 Ars so | OF Some years fron 1o other cause thin depeasenrnt of sive assortment of Boots and Shoesfor Ladies and Blood Renovator as the remedy which NEW AND CHEAP
¢ himself, then labors on "his own account TO THE WORLD AT LARGE !| the Liver.” My veloved pastor, the Rev. My. Fay. advised Gentlemen and Children, with almost every other should always be on hand in time of need.
another while and at length hires another * | me totry your Sarsaparilla, because he said lie krew you, | article that may be necessary to supply the wants 0.J. WOOD, Proprietor. 444 Broadway, CLOTHING STORE.
new beginner to help him AND and an, thing you made was worth trying. | By the Veen of the community. ; New York, and 114, Market street, St. N THE DIAMOND BELLEFONTE
Thi gin pi a BOALSBURG & VICINITY IN PARTICULAR. porte) it Dapcird sandisk ing aut, og | The pressure of the moroy market having Jad | 2 1ouis, Mo., and sold’ by all good Drug. 3 Franch of Fciienstel -
18 15 just, and generous and prosperous FY The subscribers having taken the Store] macuare tov i of you is not half good eupughs” the effect of reducing the price of many articles gists Price One Dollar per Bottle. ity Branch of ieisonsiin Brothens, 134 North
system which opens the way to all, gives I Sotiris occupied by Messrs Johnston & Kel | Sel irra. Cameos mom ars Ents noi o gerehendite, hie Audersighod have boon ena- A John Hatris & Co., Ag't, Bellefonte, Pa. Third Street, Philadelphia. Se
3 4 D chirrus, t ii
hope to a and Sonsently ii, and Bo ler, beg to say to the people of Boalsburg and vi. Ulceration, Carics and Befoliscanent, oy i” Jag sigin Siovieat on 0108 Batiney, bi July, 18. *61-1y. a TT undersigned respectfully announce te
hg Be a ih pl cinity that they will continue the the Boies, , oss ted to us where | intend to do Keir best to please their customers, 0 oie pi SoS Counts aud $e
J DRY GOODS AND GROCERY BUSINES: great variety of Sa%es pare hess Taports us a both in the quality of goods, and prices, they above named place, th moat ext > pe
trusted than those who tol up from poverty, | {3X F001 privuctiss, and Wl Spits Bo Fine tc | She won toss oma ants Juve Femi So | fe tr oto Pa Sd patronage. ’ Cr tancol os exleneivs nd, lhe
selected assortment of
None less inclined to take or touch aught | keep up a full assortment of everything usually | them. Some of them may be found in our American | All in want of goods will please call and examir « READY-MADE CLOTHING
which they have not honestly earned. Let kept in any country store, and will sell at prices | Almanac, which the agents below named are pleased to their stock.
p t ore anac, wh | : and gentlemen’s furnishing goods that has ever
them beware of surrendering a political pow. | which we trust will solicit a share at least of your | furnish gratis to all who call for them. = i Bey wy Joop Songianily on gand, x been exhibited in this Borough, and which they
er which they slreadv possess, and which, | patronage Dyspepsia, Heart Disease, Fits, Epilep- ; » Walch they Will sail st the lowes will sell 30 per cent. cheaper than the cheapest !
ifs d 3 ill bo be a 1 o | All kindsof country produce taken at full mar- 8y, Melancholy, Neuralgia cash Price : i Our Stock ainsi complete assort-
1 surrendered, will surely used to close | joy prices in exchange {or goods. Bring along your Many remarkable cures of these affections have been I Country produce ot all kinds taken in ox $35, 00 ment of Fine Black Cloth Dress and Frock Coats,
the door of advancement against such as | Grain, your Bacon, your Butter, your Eggs your | made by the alterative power of this medicine. 1¢ stimu- | change for goods. , : for Tuition in the | Cassimere Business Coats; Satinet, Tweed, Jaan
they, and to fix new disabilities and burdens Rags, your Tallow, your Lard, your Hard Soap, lates the vital functions into vigorous action, and thus Dried Lumber and Shingles constantly en |. AYS the entire cost for Tuition in ! e en Ne oe Cass Frock aw
“upon them, till all of liberty shall be 1 of. your Bees Wax, your Feathers, and in case you | overcomes Slautiets wih wily Je supposed hesond its hand and for sule. most popular and successful , Commercial Sack Coats, Pea Jackets, &o. aot
P ’ a y 0: . 10 + reach. Such a remedy has long been requir y d of Twelve Hun- y 3
; have nothing of this kind your cask will never be org) \ 1 we are confident that this will HOFFER BROTHESRS. | School in the country. Upward o I'welve Hun Summreoats of fine Cloth, President and Moscow
From the first taking of our national cen- pi JOUN RIBLER £00, | Truss orae tuple nnd ws sre fant tha Bellefonte, March 28, 1861.—1y. ‘| dred young men from twenty-eight different States id ga Sirs Do .
tus to the last one, seventy years, and we Boalsburg, April 20, 1860—tf. ! ) i . T SP mn have been educated for business hare within Id ribbed and plain ! 3
nd ou ulation at the ei i . P J ! ast three years, some of whom have been employ- >
SRE A tle DR) Cow ous roorvea | Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, | (BSSUTION OF WAR PREPHRATIONG] bi, ms i Finn 2in Oates nd Doin ck
eight times as great as it "as at the begin {oy HOUSE, LOCRHAVEY PA. } ' silk-mixed, and other Sunes Solos, oe latest
ning. The increase of those other things € subscriber having leased the above FOR THE RAPID CURE OF 000 00 Annum styles, as well as Satinet and Union Cassimeres;
bu men deem desirable has been ny named Hotel in the borough of Lock Haven, Clin- Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Hoarseness, PEACE TERMS PROPOSED ! $2 ’ Per " Pants of strong and substantial stuff, for the La-
er. Los SOuAY, Pa, Soke ds method of informing the Croup, Bronehitisy Incioiont Con. . ay Immediately upon graduating, who knew nothing oper; Dtier 3rd Mevionie. a aon
’ . ublic generally that he has made every n sumption, and for the Relie; lege. n endless variety of Vests, such as aatin
We thus have at one view what the pop ens a ie strangers and a of Consumptive Patients JENCOURAGE HOME INDUSTRY. mien iy sul the Colege. enter | and silk-finiched Velvets, Grenadine, Valencia,
ular priciple applied to G -verment through | fre hast possible manner. in adavanesd Singes - Our citizens have for many years been at any time, and review when they please, with. | Mattalese, Cassimere, Cloth, Satin, eto.
the machinery of States and the Union has| His table will always co’ tain the choicest lux. OF the Disease: in. ibe habit of going to distant cities for their out charge. ? A general assortment of Boys’ and youths’ Cloth-
: : : Mh dy i lly k to n s A Reps > 2 J
produced mn a given time, and also what, if | uries that the country wi afford, and he is deter- PL mt Jon Sa 4 gugies and Carriages, thus depreciating discoun For catalogue of Iu Specimens of Prof. | ing and Gentlemen’s Furnishin oods, Hi
and Or P hip,
A : os ats,-
firmly maintained, it promises for the fu mined not tobe surpassed in this department by | is useless here to publish the evidence of its virtues. Its | tohancing our home manufuctories, and givin ts and , Knit Jackets, fine
, p, | Caps, U.
: 5 to foreign establishments the patronage that should | Cowley’'s B Y P ve and fancy-bosom Shirts, collars, neckties,
me ps Ee tl 8 tr hun | od A SL pop be exicuind omen Eh Seat nd ge Engng of he Coes” St nhl and Fine eto Sin, cor: neki
- There are already among us those who, be purchased in the cfty market. known throughout the civilized nations of the earth. 2h o foreign i it the Prethrance, is Ae ve y hglves, trunks, valises. carpet , umbrellas, and L
if the Union be preserved. will live to see it areful and attentive Ostlers will constantly be Faw are the exmminilies, or, grea families, anions the "me anys! rey vi) ie s 9 } he oF ten ion JENKINS & SMITH, Pittsburg, Pa. | in short everything usually found in a wol assort-
'he | on hand to take charge of horsesand see that the ow Was p. y i P March. 21. 1861 od store of this kind. Wa also keep a fine’
contain two hundred and fifty millions. The | some living trophy in their midst of its victory over the a manufactury on Penn street near Bishop, hav arch. 21. tof F s and notioas, suoh as Pooket
a a a er rE iva 2 sot oe) Know’ is drain ay of these conser, aod | I0€ had an extensive. and varied exporenaco. at F]'0 CONSUMPTIVES. books! porte. onnaies pooket Ruives am Fumie
day; itis fora vast future also. With a patronage of the traveling public, he hopes by | as they Fon tou, the effects of this remedy, we need not | Coach making in all its departments, feel confi- The advertisers, having been restored | gombs and brushes, watch chains, keys, and guards,
reliance on Providence, all the more firm | close attention to bo able to rende r general satis | do more than to assure them that it has now all the vir- | dent that I can turn out worl combining with a | (ohealth ina few weeks by a very simple remedy finger-rings and breastpins, violin and guitar
. tion. Rp tues that it did have when making the cures which have | finish equal to that of any city establishment a 4ei0r having suffered several years with a severe strings, pistols and revolvers, caps, spactaoles. y
nd pin Jor us Trovsed m the great task fern 8, *61~tf ALF BED Naxs won so strongly upon the confidence of mankind. degree of durability never found in city work I lung ey and that dread disease. Consump- ee is a great many other Re ag useful
Which events oye RAHA M LINCOLN eres (NSTR ANCE frvoa~g — | Prepared byDr.J.C. AYER & C0., Lowell, Mass, Yotpeainlly invite Ispectiohat my work by per- fhe anxious to nike known to his fellow-suf- | articles, too numerous to Jesuit, all of which w
7 < . C + sons desirous to purchase. erers the means of cure. will sell at the lowest cash prices. 3
IL | fm Ts pu | oS. Hari mle ma ty an | PEAT Pr TL Pf Sel endo of he | Sober Yorn Eh or cute
. 3% ) 3 Toa? : . - ice rescription used (free of charge,) with the direc- any other of the above-mentioned articles, to ‘favor
Wers and Mechanics’ Mutual Fire Insurance SE a May 30, 1861. _ S.A. M'QUISTION. on for preparing and using the same, which he A acall and view our Goods and Prices,
a private letter to a entleman in this cit ny isconducted upon a mutual principle, exclu-
fi P Se . 8 : uy: { A agreeable to an act of rt passed JEREMIAH TOLEN & Co.
rom Senator Green, in which he states that | the I8th of March, 1861, Within the borders of
he has no sympathy with the rebellion, nor | Walker, Marion, Spring, Benner, Patton, and
STERING ESTABLISHMENT.— vertiser in sending the Prescription is to benefit | friends where Goods and Cheap Clothing can be.
The subscriber respectfully informs the afflicted, and spread information whinh he got. We arc constantly receiving accessions to our |
his friends and tho public that he has commenced | conceives to be invaluable, and he hopes evry | stock from Reizenstein Bros,, Philad’a, with whom \
the Cabinet and Ea business 1n all its va- | sufferer will try his remedy, as it will cost them | we are connected, and shall always be supplied |
SeNATOR GREEN Or Missourt.—We have, Company of Nittany and Sngar Vallies, is now ' 1 DCD PAA RAs 0 : s
5 i oF loans ' ! they will find a sure cure for CONSUMPTION, ASTH- and we are confident that we oan give satisfaction
Just seen, says the Washington Republicun, | Pre its, appli nT SADD! E AND i RNESS ENP (RIUM, = CABINET AND iNT fy da. BroNcairas, &e. The only vbject of the ud- | and every person shall feel infil tell his
Has fitted up the shop
ae ony Q 3 M ips, i . on the northwest corner rious branches, and will be prepared to furnish | nothing, and may prove a blessing. with a good variety ofall articlosin our line, which
with Secessionism, notwithstanding he has od a ehiys 16, Cenisecunty, Ch. of {Allegheny any Sistop . hier compare with Lai in the hest | Parties wishing the presoription will please ad- | will a in pho fy workmauship, and cheap ~
8 brother in the rebel army, and that his | ton county, an Agent has been appointed in each Shoei 30d it pov ie De "Valisas, Whi. shops in sup larger fides Teving Lad praclisal dress A rarh fi Loy, y Bess those of any other establishment in this part a
ire withi ) ‘ , y J hy » y i ranch of busine 'S0D8 en- » N.Y. e country.
Tov property has bon contisented by the ToTorrE Wiis the Yordersor a hays peri a tor a eines Lefer: | i Thins : > A. STERNBERG & Ce.
United States on the plea that he is a Se. | oan do so gi bc nll URE i and fog neat. | done Jr Lpshioy WARNE adits IMPROVEMENT IN BELLEFONTE. res
ecssiooist. He complains that the govern. | nynené hwnstis "the wish. no gd dusebilisy 1s Second Fame Hil rhe di Fis PRREDERICK SMITH, J Jibgariner having put the Saw Mil CONRAD HOUSE,
f { : ermination to put his work up according to order, t t! 1lefonte Mills i mplete repa:
eons a Al ar 1 Le ET om wok Janeane Fonts| coupe by Be Hombott + “ents” | sd bavi iret hoi 1 aemplte ropa BELLEFONTE, PENNA,
but that he shall stand by the Union; and i) PER Th Se orporaiey towns will not be ac. Ions He politely asks ashare of the public pa eres tie Re ee ere Teady to furnish bills o Saw eb syanny J. B. BUTTS
tod + 4 : ronage. t notice, t t i
use his influence to crush out the rebellion. cepted.’ Sous HENRY oR. tS Hs TO THE LADIES, oy ES rar hah Tul exten ing fay AS THE PLEASURE OF ANNOUNQ-
——eete— -C. GeAry, Sec’y. Tes’t. _ Having just returned from Philadelphiafos yn 10, th ean be got out ard i ing to his friends and the publi v
” : July 25, 1881.tF, : 0 y length can be got out ard sawed in one or ing 18 friends and the public in gen
A Goop RuLk.— A man who is yeryylehy Oli JOHN MONTGOMERY with a new and splendid assortment o wy Bours BRING LATE Ratios pes eral that he has taken charge of this well knows
DOW, Was very poor When he was a boy. JP2ARM EF OR SALE. for-shlohisexnel. eapecttully informs the citizens of Belle MILLINERY GOODS, stantly on hand. OEal Stace apienas son na 3 ful peupervision of J. Hf. Morsi.
When asked how he got his riches, replied; | Tors Porm, stants a. Dare township, on the | lL. / fonte that he still continues to earry on tha | qfthe latest styles and fashion, we feel repard to He will also have a PLANING MILL in traveling publi~ in a style and manner nea.
ol My father taught me never to play when | turnpike leading trom Buffalo Run to Philips- Tailoring and Clothing business at his old stand please all, both young und old, grave and gay, who operation to supply Sarnanirs and builders in | rate with t © progressive spirit of the times.
. | burg, and within two and a halfmiles of the Bald | id Brokerhoff’s Row. on Main street, where he is may see proper to give usa call. Our stock con- | time for commeneing building next season. He is in possession of all the modern improve.
my work was unfinished, and never spend | Eos Railroad, containing about one hundred prepared to mks to arise all Sinks of Clothing | ists in part of FRAN LONNETS Deo. 13, 1860-6m JACOB V. THOMAS. | mentsand conveniences. as to Sedning appart-
: i in the neatest and most fashionable s yle. SILK AND S s : ments, and has supplied hislard it!
DY ooney Wi] Ind eemediz, IT ad raves, and under w ond [Jl keeps on hand a general variety of PLAIN AND FANCY TRIMMINGS. |'A DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. the markets afford. and his per She Sholonst
bat an hour’s work ina day, I must do 5° a bearing young orchard. There is also a| CLOTHS, CASSIMERES. AND VESTINGS, | and all other articles generally keptin a Millinery . . Notices hereby given that Lettters of Wines.
that the first thing, and in sn hour. And af. | new one and a halfstory houge, new bank barn, | of the latest and most approved patterns. Store. 3 Administration, on the estate of John Frazier, | With the most extensivestabling accommodations
} / | {Hinze o i 3 3° We have procured the services of one of the dec’d, late of Burnside towship, have been granted and attentive and skilful
this [ 11 d . and out buildings of all kinds A never failing LSO I= b > r 3 € n i P. skilful ostlers, together with as-
ter this [ was a owed to play; and then [ "spring of water is atthe door. Persons wishing a Ready made Clothing of all kinds which he is | most experienced Milliners in the city. Store on | to the subscriber, who requests all persons indebt- | siduons attention to business, he feels justified iv
could play with much more pleasare than if | desirable home, would do well to call on the un- | selling at reduced prices. He feels thankful for | Bishop street, next door to the old stand. ed tosaid estate to make immediate payment, and soliciting a share of patronage and the ~suppert
bad thi : | dersigned, residing on the premises, or Edmund the verv liberal support heretofore extended, and | Bellefonte. May 3.61. MARY SOURBECK. all persons having demands against said estate to hie friends.
1h the Se > 2» itched ae | Blanchard, or at this office = Terms will be made apes to merit a continuance of the same, M W WILLINERY GOUDS prejent {hen duly sargifiesiel tor seflenent Bellefonte, Oct. 8-’57-42-¢.
ore my mind. Tea ly formed the habit of | to suit the purchaser. ellefoute, Jan. 5th, 1860,-1y. i i y - 14. - C. HIN ’
5 2 3 3 : Sl Administrator.
doing everything in time, and it soon be.| July 11 th’61 3m H. J. CARTIN RT ; MRS. E. GRAFIUS TB DMIR TOD srr © — EN DOLLARS ¥
came per'ectly easy to do so. Tt us to this I OUSE AND LOT FOR SALE: OIE or indebted to the undersigned. ESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of _A DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. T Stolen ApS REWARD of William
it Le! : H The subscriber offers for sale a Stone | for recording Deeds. Mortgages, &c.. will please Bellefonte and vicinity that she has just re- j Whereas, letters of Administration up- | Garbrick, Sr. near Zion, on Bunday, September
Owe my prosperity. ; t every boy who House in the town of Boalsburg, two_stories high | all and settle the same during or before the N )- | ceived from Philadelph’a a splendid lot of 2 he Sstate of linus Flos, late of Boalsburg, | 29th, one black eloth coat, black. satin vest, casei-
reads this go and do likewise, Parlor and Dining Room iu front, kitchen back | vember Court. JESSE L TEST. BON ETS RIBBONS 0D TRIMMINGS Buying boun, apie to the subscriber, all persons | mere pants, and two ket books, containing
Anever failing well of wrter undor cover in. the Bellefonte, at 31 I}! y ) J jy | inde ie © said estate are requested to make | notes and due bills to the amount of sbeut thirty
“Have you any fish in your dasket?” | yard. a good garden with a number of bearing | ——— of all kinds, and a superior lot of demands aguimont, end those having claims or | seven dollars, The above reward will Perna fogy
asked 8 person of a hermen = he Was re. | fruit tross. Alto a vacant lot adjoining the SKE 1 ET 0 N S KIRT S, His die Sem will make known the fhe Apviehentivt ot Jie thief i aisha
. : { i x t . e property, or five dollars for the re oral
turning Bome, “ Yes’ a good eel,” was the Lo on) be Taaile ication by the sub: Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral to which he directs thy attention of the ladies. » SAMUEL GILLILAND, |e propery om Sl ; of
rather slippery reply. ‘eet. 17, 61-tf, JER. RANKIN, Moy 841801. ly. ov. 14. Administra. Oot. 16, 81.3 wi. GAR IDICK, Oc.