Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, October 10, 1861, Image 4

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Messrs, Hoffer B
RESTORING THE BALD AND GRAY. G ANTI RHEUMATIC BAND PD 11 Jom ari : HE Subseri ve just received 8 new |
Many, since the at ators of Prof. Wood, BLOOD OVATOR. IS THE ONLY KNOWN REMEDY yo FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD. A HEAVY IMPORTATION OF Gonder min a raps oqual- |
Five ater: ted gokerly to initite Lis redlorsiive; : Aud for the speedy cure of the following Shae: &l by 287 Crab oman fn 1 oe i
but profess to have discovered something that
# Is precisely what its name indicates, r,
try. Having purchased
gection of
the took of goods on.
: while pleasant to the taste. it is revivifying; Bcrofula and Scrofulous Affecti 2 . George
’ I SD Gore exhilarating, and strengthening to the vi- 0 Y ( as Tumors, Ulcers, Sores, Eruptions, un 4 oily 3 the 0 asheos r a Bat
worderful results of Prof. Wood's preparation, tal powers. It als veviyifes, veinsiates AND A SUSE CUREWOL Fivhlen Tustin Hioiches, Bots, onolda’s Ar 3
and have been forced to leave the field to its re- | 4d renews the blood in ull ite prigiual pu- ALL MERCURIAL DISEASES. ’ San FOR THE FIRM OF No. 2, Reynolds's Ar cade.
sistless sway. Read the following :
Barn, Maing, April 18th, 1859.
Pror 0.J. Woop & Co: Gents:—The letter
I wrote you in 1856, concerning your valuable
Hair Restorative, and which you have published
in this vicinity and elsew here, has given rise to
. numerous enquiries touching the facts in the case.
he enquiries are, first. isit a factof my habita-
tion - name, as stated in the communication,
* second, is it true of all therein coutained ; third;
does my hair still continue to be in good order and
_ of naturaleolor ? To all I can and do answer in-
tem invulnerable to attacks of disease.
is the only preparation ever cffered to the
world in a popular form #0 as to be within
the reach of all. So chemically and skill-
fully combined as to be the most powerful
tonic, and yet, so perfectly adapated to as
to act in perfect accordance with the laws
of nature, and hence soothe the weakest
b rity, and thus restores and renders the avs: 0
stomach, and tone up the digestive organs,
and allay‘ail nervous and other irritation.
1t is also perfertly exhilarating in its effects,
and yet + is never followed by lassitude or
It is a conveniently arranged Band, containing
a medicated 2ompound, to be worn around ths
Waist, without injury to the most delicate per-
song, no change in habits of living is required, and |
it entirely removes the disease from the system
without producing the injurious effects arising,
trom the use of powerful internal medicines which
weaken and destroy the constitution, and give
temporary relief only. By ihis treatment, the
medicinal properties contained in the Band, come
in contact with the blood and reaches the disease,
OARLAND, Ind, 6th Jane, 1859,
J. C. Aver & Co. Gents: I feel it my duty to ae-
knowledge what your Sarsaparilla bas done for me.
Having inherited a Scrofulows infection, J have suffered
from it in various ways for years, Sometimes it burst
out in Ulcers on my hands and arms; sometimes it
turned iuward and distressed me at the stomach, Two
years ago it broke out on my head and covered my scalp
il and loathsome
ines aud several
1 any thing, In
and ears with one sore, which was p
beyond description. 1 tried many
physicians, bat without much relic
fact, the disorder grew worse. Atl he 1 was rejoiced
to read in the Gospel Messenger that you Lad prepared
an alterative (Sarsapariiln), for 1 knew from your reputa-
tion that any thing you made must be good. I sent to
Cincinnati and got it, and used it till it cured me. I took
Who have just opened, in the Store Room on the
N. W. corner of the Diamond, in Bellefonte, for-
merly occupied by Wilson Brothers, their large
and splendid assortment of Shelf Hardware, House
Trimmings of every description.
of every variety and price.
Their stock consists of a general “assrtment of
Dry Goods, Groceries. Hardwaro, Queensware,
yuliogn oko a in their: Tine,
including a host ot other eg in 8
Seong wl ih can be found an extensive and varied
selection of tems
a Cloths, Deb) Coburgs,
ashmeres, Delaines,
French Merinoes, Plaids,
&e. |
Their gentlemen’s wear consists of a 1
variably yes. My hair is even better than in any depreseion of spirits. It is composed en- fl Tt : s |
; Ly Mh ny 2 hiv irough the pores of the skin, effecting in every { it, as you advise, in small doses of a teaspoonful over a best fact: as.
SnD Foam past. more 208, rie tirel Al sguiniles and. those dhorongity bd instance a perfect eure, and restores the parts af-. month, and used almost thres bottles, and Yeatton ofthe oy So nee. vS. AND LOCKS gortment of Casimeres, "Cloths, Satinets, y
i AB kera, and the only cause why it is t J omy ti 8 Jor eonsegaently ah neveris flicted to a healtliy condition This Band is-also | skin soon began to form under the scab, which afters | RIFLES, PISTOLS, SHOT GUNS, 5 Vesting, Tweeds, Hats and Caps © And an exten-
whiskers, an y y not gener roperties, seq ¥ cd | a most powerful ANTI-MERCURIAL agent, and will | While fell off.” My skin is now clear, and I know by my of every description and the best quality. sive assortment of Boots and Shoes for Ladies and
, ally true, is that the substance is washed off by
frequent abolution of the face, when ‘if care were
used by wiping the face in close connection with
. the whi kers, the same result will follow as the
“hair. I have heen in the receipt of a great num-
ber of letters from all parls-of New England, ask-
ing me if my hair still continues to be good ; as
there is so much fraud in the manufacture and
lure. Such a remedy has long been felt
to be a disderatum in the medical world
both by the thoroughly skilled in medical
science, and also by all who have suffered
from debility ; for it needs no medical
skill or knowledge even to see that debili-
ty follows all attacks of disease, and Iays
6 unguarded system open to the attacks
| entirely relieve the system from the pernicious ef-
| fects of Mercury.
Moderate cases are cured in a
few days. and we are constantly receiving testimo-
nials of its efficacy in aggravated cases of long
Price $2.00. to be had of Druggists generally, !
or can be sent by mail or express. with full direc-
tions for use, to any part of the country, direct
feelings that the disease bas gone from my system. You
can well believs that I feel what I am saying when I tell
You, that I hold you to be one of the apostles of the age,
snd remain ever gratefully, Yours,
8t. Anthony’s Fire, Rose or Erysipelas,
Tetter and Salt Rheam, Sc ald ri
Ringworm, Sore Eyes, Dropsy.
Dr. Robert M. Preble writes from Sal
of different kinds.
and large and small PAD LOCKS.
SAWS, Broad, Hand and Chopping AXES.
Gentlemen and Children, with almost every other
article that may be necessary to supply the wants
of thecommunity. ? “
The pressure of the morey market having "had
the effect of reducing the price, of many articles
of merchandise. the undersigned have been ena-
bled to buy their stock at such raves that they can
sell goods at prices to suit the times. And as they
le of vari ds as well this, it has bi the t de us to whiel : 3 taal 8 a : .
hime a To on it) ks ing he oy from the Principal Office, 8ept., 1559, that he has cured an inveterato case of |, Drawing Knives, Hatchets. Chisels & Adzes. intend to do their best to please their oustomers,
* only without any good effect, but to absolute in for example, as the following : Consump- No 409, BROADWAY, New Yoxk. Dropsy, which threatened to terminate fatally, by the HAY MANURE AND SPADING FORKS,EDGE | both in the ‘quality of goods, and 3, they
+ jury. I have not used any of your Restorative of
tion, Bronchitis, Indigestion, Dyspepsia,
G. SMITH & CO, Sole Proprietors.
persevering use of our Sarsaparilla, and also a dangerous
Malimant Erysipelas by large doses of the same; aye
TOOLS of every desirable variety. .
hope to receive a reasonable share patron .
All in want of goods will please call and examir es
any account for some months, and yet my hair is Loss of Appetite, Faintness, Nervous Ir- he cures the common Eruplinns by it constantly. ‘SADDLERS’ HARDWARE, § hoi nr Em
as good as ever, and hundreds have exam ined it ritability. Neuralgia. Palpitation of the N. B.—Descriptive Cirenlars Sent Free, Bronchocele, Golire or Swelled Neck. A general assortment, and 50 per cent | “x B hey will keep constantly on hand, EX
with surprise. as I am now 61 yearscld and nota Heart, Melancholy, Hypocondria, Night 2 Zebulon Sloan of Prospect, Texas, writes : « Three bot- lower than any place else. TRA FLOUR whi h tiicy wilt sell ab ‘tho Town
gy dainin ny head or on my % ot pany iki a 9 all ti) I A gente Name Everywhere: EY | Gesof your Sarsuerilly cured je fom a, Goirre—a bid- CARRIAGE MAKERS TRIMMINGS,CARPEN | cash price c] y jes
is fact, I send you a lock of y hair taken o class of cases, so fearfully fatal if unattend- B fi i 1. dy. eous swelling on the neck, which I had suffered from i * inds )
the past week Ire ive : Loiriaye of two quart | ed to in time. called Female weakness and Ray = over two ean ) Nu i ye Se Tip Ai, Counted produse of all k taken in -
bottles last summer, for which I am very grate- Irregularities. Also, Liver Derangement nl r Leucoryhoa or Whites, Ovarian Tumor, \ s : x
: I 3 ? ive it to my friends and Pejeny induced or Torpidity, and Giver Complaints Dis- ELIXIR PROPYLAMINE, Uterine Ulceration, Female Py ’ FILES: RASPS, PIPE SKEIN & WAGON j.Duied YX umber. and Shingles constantly on
them to try it, many were skeptical until after | eases of the Kidneys, Scalding or Incon- IR NT 3 rT Dr. J. B. 8. Channing, of New York City, writes; “T XES. . +
trial and then purchased and used it with univer tinuence of the tirine, or any general de- THE NEW REMEDY FOR moat cheerfully comply with the request of your agent in STEEL SPRINGS, IRON AXELTREES, BENT lef M 28 Hore BROTHESRS.
eal uccess. T will ask as a favor. that you send rangement of the Urinary Organs, Pain in rR BH x u MAT I S M sing dave Sand your iti eg Sis oshellon: FELLOWS, HAMES, &e. Bellefonte, March 28, 1861.—1y. :
- I Vi 1 1 ero nuplainis for viel vi
discover fraud in the
me a test by which I
Restorative, gold by many, I fear, without author-
the Buck, Side. and between the Should-
ers, predisposition to Slight Colds. Hackiag
During the past year we have introduced to the
sploy such a remed,
of the Scrofulous di
but especially in Female Diseases
esis. 1 have cured many inveter-
UP! UP!! UP!!!
ity from you. A pure article will insure success. anfl Continued Cough, Fmaciation, Diffi- ine i a85k i to cases of Leucorriices by it, and ok WALK UP,
and I believe where good effects do not follow. the | ™ culty of Breathing. and ‘indeed we might Dotios of the medieal pofettin of thle country a than Yr eS OIL CLOTHS, PATENT LEATHER, ROPE AND ROLL UP
failure is caused by’ the impure article, which curs-
eg the inveuter of the good. I deem it my duty
enumerate manly more still, but we have
space'only to say, it will not only dure the
the Pure Crustalized Chloride of Propylamine,
as a
ation itself was soon cured, Nothing within my koowl-
" equals it for these fomule derangements.”
WIRE of every size in abundance.
as horetofore. 10 keep you apprised of the contin- debility following Chills and Fever, but n ANT. ward 8. Marrow, of Newbury, Ala., writes, “A dan- And all other kinds of Goods usually kept P UP. .
ued effect on my hair, as I aseure all who enquire prevent all attacks arising from Miasmatie REMEDY FOR RHEUMATISM ? gi ete a t eo Pah mya in a well regulated Hardware Store. CLIMB UP,
of me of my uushaken opinion of its valuable re- Influences, and cure the diseases at once, and having received from many sources, bot t length been completely cured by your Sha of Sar- Their stock isan entirely new one, comprising HUN UP,
eults. I remain, dear sir, yours, Bis if already attacked. And as iv acts di- from physicians of the highest standing and from | apariila. Our physician thought nothing but extirpa- | all the leading articles connected with the Hard- SKATE 5
A. C. RAYMOND. rectly and persistently upon the biliary v » “tion could afford relief, but he advised the trial of your trad d their facilities for purchasing RIDE UP,
: system, arousing the Liver to action, pro- patients, the . Sarsapariila as the last resort before cutting, and jt hg Hy Eh excelled by any or establish- .. RUSH UP
Aaroxs Rox, Kr., Nov. 30, 1858, motingygin fact, all the excretions and se- Most Flattering Testimonials of its Real Value | Broved effectual. After taking your remedy eight weeks | £00 they here declare themselves able to sell SWIM UP,
Pror. 0. J. Woop : Dear sir.—I would certain- cretions of the system, it will infallibly od BH aIDion: of the disites Fenaing from fifty to one hundred per cent. lower than any .. FLY UP,
ly be doing you a great injustice not to make prevent any deliterious consequences fol- { in the treatment of this painiul and obstinate dis- Syphilis and Mercurial Disease. a i RETR in the country, and invite’ CRAWL UP,
onexpectod zomutt] have. Sxponeuced Rom wong | Ry bene ons warp ind vitor: | eno, we are induced to prasent 1 0 the publo in| py 3 0 pes 6 chou cmyly with the ro | Earmors, Méchanios, snd wil others fn need of STEAM UP, ©
: > hay erien nm using hence all travelers should have a bottle EADY ; ISR. whi - J. C. Avr: Sir, 1 3 ti emselves of the \ y
ONE bottle of your Hair Restorative. After using with them. and all should fake a table a form READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE, which eu pl yor apn, ard report do yor some of tho effects Hapdware, «sal and satisfy thi ves of TAIL UP,
every kind of Restoratives extant, but without spoonful at least before eating. As it pre- wo hope will commend itself to those who are suf- RE with 1, In ER most of thetam- Si 18, 1860 : PUSH UP, :
success, and finding my head nearly destitute of vents costiveness, strengthens the digest- fering with this affiicting complaint, and to the | plaints for which it is recommended, and have fimnd its : ; any way go that you get up to )
hair, I was finally induced to try a bottle of your
Hair Restorative. Now, candor and justice com-
pe me to announce to whoever may read this, that
now poms a new and beautiful head of hair,
which I pronounce richer and handsomer than the
original wes. I will therefore take occasion to re-
commend this invaluable remedy to ALL who muy
feel the necessity of it.
* I remain respectfully yours, =
P. 8.—This testimonial of my approbation for
your valuable medicine (as you are aware of) is
ive organs, it should be in the hands of all
persons of sedentary habits, students, min-
isters, literary men. And all ladies not
accustomed to much Put door exercise,
should always useit. If they will they
will find an agreeable, picasant, and eff
if cient remedy against those ills which rob
them of their beauty ; for beauty cannot
exist without health, and health cannot ex-
ist while the above irreguldrities continue.
Then again, the Cordial is a perfect Moth-
er's Relief. Taken a month or two before
medical practitioner who may feel disposed to test
the powers of this valuable remedy.
ELIXIR PROPYLAMINE, in the form above
spoken of, has recently heen extensively experi-
mented with in the
and with MARKED SUCCESS (as will appear
from the published accounts in the medical four-
effects truly wonderful in the cure of Venerecl and Mer-
in his throat, which were consuming his palate and the
top of his mouth, Yur Sarsapariila, steadily taken,
cured him in five weeks. Another was attacked by sec-
ondary symptoms in his nose, and the ulceration had
eaten away a considerable part of it, so that I believe the
ditorder would soon reach his brain and kill him. But it
to my administration of your Sarsaparilla: the
ealed, and he is well again, not of course without
some disfignuration to his face. A woman who had been
treated for the samo dicorder by mercury was suffering
from this poison inher bones. They had become so sen-
sitive to the weather that on a damp day he suffered ex-
surial Disease, Oue of my patients had Syphilitic ulcers |
For the Quick cure of Headache, Toothache, Rheu-
matism, Neuralgia, Pain in the side, back or
tomach, Painters Cholie, or Cramp, Frosted Feet
or Ears, Burns, Fresh Cuts, Sprains, Bruises, Di.
Cheap Clothing Store (above Livingiton’s Book
Store) in the Diamond, Bellefonte,
May 23, 1861.
Notice is hereby given that the Far-
mers’ and Mechanics’ Mutual Fire Insurance
Company of Nittany and Sngar Vallies, is now
prepared to receive applications of insurance
against loss by fire. The bnsiness of the Compa-
unsolicited :—but if you thunk it worthy a place |p the final trial she will puss the dreadful Sls v 5 : eruciating pain in ber joints and ones. She, too, was | rrhea, and sore throat, and all similar complaints. M Hi plo; ox.
among the rest, insert if you wish; if not destroy 0 period with perfect ense and safety. There A B57” 1t is carefully pat up ready for immediate | cured entirely by your Sarsapariila in a fow 1 |a Toothache cured in ten minutes. Earache 37 Lseopiute) pon ih a Wh ht
and say nothing. Yours, REV.S.A.B. is no mistake about it ; this Oordial sf {| use, with full directions, and can be obtained from | Know frow its formula, whic ur agent gave me, that 1eovo0q in five minutes. Headache cured in ten the 1th of March, 1861, Within the borders of
The Restorative is put in bottles of three sizes,
viz : large, medium and small ; the small hold
balf a pint and retails for one dellar per bottle ©
the mediums hold at least twenty per cent. mor"
in proportion than the small, retails for two dollar
a bottle , the large holds a gnart, forty per cent
more in proportion and retails for three dollars a
bottle. 0.J. WOOD, & Cu.. Proprietors, 144,
Broadway, New York and 114 Market Street St.
all we clavm for it. Mothers. try it! Nd
And to you we appeal to defect the illness
0 or decline not only of your daugters before
it be too late, hut aiso your sons and hus.
bands, for while the former, from false del-
icacy, often goes down to a premature
grave rather than let their condition be
krown in time, the laiter are often so mix-
all the druggists at 75 cents per bottle, and at
wholesale of
Druggists and Manufacturing Chemists,
June 61-1y. Prrnapernpnra, Pa.
this Preparation from your Is
remedy ; consequently, these
with it have not surprised me.
Fraternally yours, G. V. LARIMER, M, D.
Rheumatism, Gout, Liver Complaint,
INDEPENDENCE, Preston Co, Va., 6th July, 1859.
Dr. J.C. Ayer: Sir, I have been afflicted with a pain-
ful chirouic Rheumatism for a long time, which baflled the\
skill of pbysicians, and stuck to we in spite of ull the
remedies I could find, until I tried your Sarsaparilla. One
tory must be a great
uly remarkable results
minutes, Burns cured from smartingin two min-
utes. Neuralgia pains cured in five misutes.—
Cholic cured in ten minutes. Sprains relieved in
ten minutes. Sore throat relieved in ten minutes.
100 Cases have been cured by one Agent in a
single day! ~ ‘
Tryst! Trytl!l Trg! Tryit ll!
Walker, Marion, Spring, Benner, Patton, and
Half Moon Townships, in Centre Sounty; and La
mar, Porter, Green, and Logan Townships, Clin-
ton connty, an Agent has been 2fpdin ed in each
Townehips withinthe bordersof the Company's
corporation. Pergons wishing to become members
oan do 80 by making application to the agent re
siding in his respective township. Persons wish-
ing any information concerning the bhsiness of
Louis, Mo. And sold by all good Druggists and I 1 I =i HE SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY bottle cared me in two weeks, and restored my general PRICE 25 AND 50 CENTS PER BOTTLE. the Company will address the Secre at Hu-
Fsney Goods Dealers. = the same dcwnward path, until too late 0 1 tottyae he eilizons oF Coin eos anh health so uh that ¥ am fr hulier than bet C blersburg, Centre co. Applications of neurance
arrest their fatal fall. But the mother uy
the public in general, that he has leased this Ho-
Gortus medic ue
attackec. thing iu
[57 Aliberal discount made to Agents, and one
on Property in incorporated towns will not be ao-
k if it weze not for you they would travel sr
John Harris & Co., Agent, Bellefonte, Pa. {oi
- 2 ‘ always vigilant, and to uw fident- Jules Y. Get is, writes: © 3 travel
= Bellefonte, July 11, ‘61-17. ly rs for we are ie roe tel, and is now ready and prepared to accommo- RL Rs nt 8 Tmo ben Fanted fuevery tows, sls a few goo fraveling cepted. 4 HENRY B CK,
1 1 failing affection will unerrirgly point you date travelers in a style, which he flatters himself n iz. and every thing gents: Gens A. 0. Geary, Sec'y. Pres’.
READ! READ! GREAT ATTRACTION to Prof. Wood's Restorative Cordial and will meet with public approbation and patronage. cen a broken-down man | mo pHE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AF | July 25,1861-tf.
rer »
These things we prove ig, spot and before TO THE WORLD AT LARGE { .
your eyes, only bring on your cases
190 than derangement of
the Liver. My Loloved pastor, the Rev. Mr. Expy, advised
me to try your Sarsaparills, because he said he knew you,
and any thing yon niade was worth trying. By the bless-
ing of God it Las cured me, and has fo purified my blood
People from the County during their sojourn at
Bellefonte on weeks of Court, will find the Penn-
sylvania Hotel, un agreeable resting place. The
House is spacious and furnished in superior
Blood Renovator as the remedy which
should always be on hand in time of need.
0. J. WOOD, Proprietor, 444 Broadway,
New York, and 114, Market street, St.
ed up with the excitement of business that b
City Branch of Reizenstein Brothers, 124 Nort
Third Street, Philadelphia.
fhe undersigned respectfully announce to
the inkabitants of Centre County aud the
public in = eral, that they have opened at the
above nu: -ua place, the most extensive and best
selected assortment of
and gentlemen's furnishing goods that has ever
been exhibited in this Borough. and which they
will sell 30 per cent. cheaper than the cheapest!
Our Stock embraces a full and complete nssort.
ment of Fine Black Cloth Dress and Frock Coats,
Cassimere Business Coats; Satinet, Tweed, Jean,
Farmers’ and Mechanics’, Cassimere, Frock nd
Back Coats, Pea Jackets. &c., &e.
Bummreoats of fine Cloih, President and Moscow
Beavers, Seal and Lion skin, Union Cassimeres
‘ribbed and plain.
_ Pantaloons of fine Cassimere and Doeskin, black,
‘#ilk-mixed, and other fancy colors, of the latest
Blyies, as well as Satinet and Union Cassimeres;
Punts of strong and substantial stuff, for the La.
borer, Farmer and Mechanic.
An endless variety of Vests, such as
and silk-tiniched Velvets, Grenadine,
Mattalese, Cassimere, Cloth, Satin, ete.
A general assortment of Boys’ and youths’ Cloth-
ng and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods,” Hats,-
Caps, Undershirts and drawers, Knit Jackets, fine
white and faney-bosom Shirts, collars, neckties,
handkerchiefs, ‘stocks aud cravats, stocks and
gloves, trunks, valises. carpet bags, umbrellas, snd
in short everything usually found in a well assort-
ed store! of this kind. We also keep a fine assort-
ment of Fancy goods and notions, such ‘as Pocket
‘books, porte-monnaies, pocket-knives and razors,
eombs and brushes, watch chains, keys, and guards,
finger-rings and breastpins, violin and guitar
strings, pistols and revolvers, caps, Spectacles, spy
glasses, and a great many other fancy and useful
articles, too numerous to desaribe, all of which w
will sell at the lowest cash prices.
We invito every person in need of Clothing o.
any other of the above-mentioned articles, to favor
us with a call and view our Goods and Prices,
and we are confident that we can give satisfuction,
and every person ‘shall feel inclined to tell his
friends where Goods and Cheap Clo! hing can be
got. We are constantly receiving ace ssions to our
stock from Reizenstein Broe., Philad’a, with whom
we are connected, and shall always be supplied
with a good variety of all articlosin our line, which
will surpass in style, cut, workmauship, and cheap
ness, those of any other establishment in this part
of the country.
aatin, silk
PR PrerruiLY informs the citizens of
ovived from Philadelphia a gplendid lot of
of all kinds, and a superior lot of
May 9t1h,I859-tf.
WG T alarge and fresh stock of
the terminus of the Bellefonte & Snow yy
hoe Rail Road, invite thé citizens of the
$ their stock. They are detérmined to sell
cheaper than the chea est, and always have
business >
December 15, 1859.
Bellefonte and vicinity that she has just re-
6 which she directs th) attention of the ladies.
udersigned having just open-
urrounding country to call and examine ©
. a full stock of everything in their line of op
Ayer's Cathartic Pills.
Louis, Mo., and sold by all good Drug-
gists. Price Oue Dollar per Bottle.
John Harris & Co., Ag’t, Bellefonte, Pa.
July, 18, '61-1y.
in the Borough of Bellefonte, tegether with th
patterns, notify their friends and the pnblic in
general, that they are prepared to make all kinds
of Grist, Saw Mull, Forge, Furnace and Rolling
Mill Castings, as well as any other kind of ma-
chinery Castings. They are also making a large
variety of
including the Wortz Plow, the Wortz Improved
Plow, and several others of the most approved
styles, and at the lowest rates for cash or prompt
ay; or at fair rates for trade of all kinds. Mr.
yan being a practicable workman he flatters him-
self that his work will give entire satisfaction.—
They have now on hand,
suitable for either Coal or Wood. which they will
sell on reasonable terms according to size and
style; also nine plate, air-tight. egg and other |
soal stoves, at reduced rates. They would call |
attention to a neat pattern of Coal Stoves exclu-
sively of cast iron, which they are now makind
and for neatness and durability cannot be excel-
led.—They have also on hand every size and kind
of sled and sleigh eoloy, wagon ‘boxes, kettles,
Brice and Durkee wheels, &2. .
They are also prepared to make Iron Railing
any kind aud description, also Waterand Blas
Pipe of every size from a half inch bore top what
ever size desired. ;
All erders from a distance will ba prom eatly a
tended to as heretofore, and they hope by care and
a desire to please, to keep this, what it nowis, the!
leading establishment in the county.
Bellefonte, August 4, 1859,
$35, 00
AYS the entire cost for Tuition in the
most popular and successful Commercial
School in the country. Upward of Twelve Hun-
dred young men from twenty-eight different States
have been educated for business here within the
past three years, some of whom have been employ-
ed as Book Keepers at salaries of
$2000,00 Per Annum!
with all the eubstantial provisions, delicacies and
luxuries, which a productive Country can furnish
or industry vigilance and exertion can procure.
ment of the very best liquors, that the
market affords, adapted to suit the ost capri
having leased THE LOGAN FOUND R [| }
and obliging Ostler, well qualified to discharge the
duties pertaining to this important department of
a public establishment, designed for the accommo-
dation of travelers generally.
tendance to suppl
comfort and sat
posed to patronize the Hotel of the subscriber, by
his customers comfortable and happy.
signed has devoted to this branch of business, ard
his experience, he hopes to merit and receive a
easonable share of the patronage of the
of the latest styles and fashion, we feel prepard to
please all, both young und old. grave aud gay, who
may see proper to give usa call.
sists in part of
and all other articles generally keptin n Millinery
most experienced Milliners in the city.
at his well known stand on the North-eastern
ner of the public square, Bellefonte, keeps
stantiy cn hand a large assortment of
| Also, a large variety of
on the city prices.
Timediately upon graduating, who knew nothing
of accounts when they entered the College. |
{25 Ministers sons half price.
at any time, and review when they please, wiih-
out extra charge.
For catalogue of 38 pages, Bpecimens of Prof.
Cowley’s Business and Ornamental Penmanship,
and a large Engraving of the College, cnelose
twenty-five cents in Postage stamps to the Princi-
’ JENKINS & SMITH, Pittsburg, Pa.
March, 21, 1881.
fue subscriber respectfully informs the
public that he has erected a Lime Kiln near
the Borough of Bellefonte, where he is making
E+ | Lime of a superidr quality —which is acknowledged |
to be as white and pure as the Vermont lime. All |
He asks is to give it a trial, and he is satisfied the |
purchaser will come back again. |
Apl 12-°60-tf. LEON MACKALL |!
etn tiene beeen iri ete a
having fitted up rooms one door north of Bishop
pablie, feeling confident hat he can please the |
most particular. Hair dressing shampooning and
all other branches of his profession practice:
fie mest improved principles. :
Students enter ' yicing:
| ufactnr
| which will be
kegs Or varreis, ui acsirable rates.
| are manufactured pure and are warranted to be a
| good as ean be purchased in the State. |
| Martin Stone in the
— | faut.
of any length ean be got out ard sawed in one or
two hours.
and Allegheny streets, offers his services to the | stantly on hand.
operation to supply carp 1
on | time for commencing buildin
THE TABLE of the subscriber will be supplied
HIS BAR, will always contain a general a
THE STABLE, will be attended by an attentive
Accommodating servants will always be in at-
the wants and contribute to the
ction of those who may be dis
whom nothing will be omitted which will render
From the attention and time, which the under-
\ Having just returned from Philadelphia
with a new and splendid assortment o
April 12, 1360.
Our stock con-
{5 We have procured tht services of one of the
Store on
Bishop street, next door to the old stand.
Bellefonte. May 3,60. MARY SOURBECK.
0 0 K $T02R BE
of the hest quality
PORT FOLIOS, &e. &o.
£3 Books brought to order at a small advance
pectfully announce to the people of this
ty, and the public generally, that he is en-
as to make a new man of me. I feel young again. The
best that can be said of you is not half good enough.”
Schirrus,Cancer Tumors, Enlargement,
Ulceration, Caries and Exfoliation of
the Bones.
A great variety of cases have been reported to us where
cures of these formidable complaints have resulted from
the use of this remedy, but our space here will not admit
them, Home of them may be found in our American
Almanac, which the agents below named are pleased to
furnish gratis to all who call for them,
Dyspepsia, Heart Disease, Fits, Epilepe
y sy, Melancholy, Neuralgia.
Many remarkable cures of these affections have been
made by the alterative power of this medicine. It stimu-
lates the vital functions into vigorous action, and thus
overcomes disorders which would be supposed beyond its
reach. Such a remedy has long been required by the ne
cessities of the people, and we are confident that this will
do for them all that medicine can do.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Conghs, Colds, Influenza, Hoarseness,
Croup, Bronchitis, Incipient Con=-
suniiption, and for the Relief
of Consumptive Patients
in advanced Stages
s of the Discase.
This is a remedy so universally known to surpass any
other for the cure of throat and lung complaints, that it
is useless here to publish the evidence of its virtues. Its
unrivalled excellence for coughs and colds, and its truly
wonderful cures ef pulmonary disease, have made it
known thronghout the civilized nations of the earth.
Yew are the communities, or even fumilies, among them
who have uot some personal experience of its effects —
tome living trophy in their midst of its victory over the
subtle and dangerous disorders of the throat and lungs.
As all know the dreadful fatality of these disorders, and
a8 they know, too, the effects of this remedy, we need not
do more than to assure them that it has now all the vir-
tues that it did have when making the cures which have
won so strongly upon the confidence of mankind.
Prepared by Lr. J.C. AYER & C0., Lowell, Mass,
Sold by J. Harris & Co.. Bellefonte, and by one
dealer in evry village in the county.
Pp Our eitizens have for many years been
in the habit of going to distant cities for their
Bugies and Carriages, thus depreciating discoun-
tenancing our home manufuactories, and givin
to foreign establishments the patronage that shoul
properly be extended to our own. The neatness
of the foreign gave it the preference, over the
home manufactured vehicle, and little atten‘ion
vas paid to their durability. I have just opened
2 manufactury on Penn street near Bishop, hav
ing had an extensive and varied expereance at
Coach making in all its departinents, feel confi-
dent that I can turn out work combining with a
Bnish equal to that of any city establishment a
| gaged, at Roopshire. near Bellefonte, in the man- |
‘Ale, Porter, Lager and Table Pee
furnished w :olesale to purchasers in
These articles!
Fresh Brewer's Yeast left daily at the Store of
borough of Bellefonte, for sale. |
Bellefonte, July 9-29-1y. |
he subscriber having put the Saw Mil
at the Bellefonte Mills in complete repair,
and having his logs boomed in the dam, is now
ready to furnish bills of SAWED LUMBER
on short notice, of any length not exceeding forty
By having the logs in the boom a small bill
PLASTERING LATH of allsizes kept con-
have a PLANING MILL in|
enters and builders in|
next season. |
He will also
Des. 13, 1880-6m JACOB V, THOMAS.
degree of durability never found in eity work I
respectfully invite inspection of my work by per-
sons desirous to purchase.
Repairing of all kinds done on the shortest no
iW 30, 1861. S. A. M'QUISTION.
The sabseriber respectfully informs
| his friends and the public that he has commenced
the Cabinet and Upholstering business in all its va-
rious branches, and will be prepared to furnish
wo:k that will compare with any made in the hest
shops in our larger cities, Iaving had practical
experieace in every branch of business, persons en- work to him will be assured that it will be
done in a Siisiacteny ni ondot
REPAIRING promptly attended to.
Allegheny street, Bellefonte, in the shop form or
cupied by Mr Rembold. apl 8.
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral.
+ For Toothache apply it over the face and gums
of the tooth affected, pressing the hand upon the
face ; repeat if not cured. In extreme cases, wet
cotton with the Balm-and cover the tooth and
gums For Headache, bathe the temples and ap-
ply to the nose ; and take from ten to thirty drops
in half a tumbler of water sweetened.
For Croup and Sore Throat, take from ten to
thirty drops Internally, on sugar or in sweetened
warm water : bathe the throat freely and bind on
a flannel. For Headache, Rheumatism, Neural
gia, Lame back or Side bathe freely with Balm in
(ilead ; and generally take internally. :
For Burns mix one part Bal in Gi'ead and two
of water and flour, to make « paste, cover the burn
with the same. For Cholic take from ten to forty
drops in hot water ; bathe the bowels and apply
wet flannels. Im the above, the smaller dose is for
Children and the larger for adults ; vary accord-
ing to age and circumstances. * i
Colbert’s Balm in Gilead is harmless. Colbert’s
Balm in Gilead gives satisfaction.
Those who have used Balm in Gilead will not be
without it.
Agents wanted, For terms address
No. 123 South Fourth st., Philadelphia.
{77 N. B. Orders sent by Expressto any part
of the United States at the shortest notice.
June 13th, 1861.
J. B. BU s
ing to his friends and the public in gen-
eral that he has taken charge of this well known
hotel, lately under the supervision of J. H. Morri-
pe subscribers having taken the Store
formerly occupied by Messrs Johnston & Kel
ler, beg to say to the people of Boalsburg and vi
cinity that they will continue the 2
in its various branches, and will spare no pains te
keep up a full assortment of everything usu
kept in any country store, and will gell at prices
which wo trust will solitit a share at least of your
patronage , JE ;
All kinds of country produce taken at full, mar-
ket prices in exchange for goods. Bring along your
Grain, your Bacon, your Hutter, your Eggs. 2
Rags, your Tallow, your Lard, your Hard
our Bees Wax, your Feathers, and in case
nothing of this kind Jou cash will never be
refused. JOHN HIBLER & CO,
Boalsburg, April 20, 1860—tf.
. ING STO: :
mer Clothing at Reduced Prides.
: — & ded
“Hang the banner on the outer wall,
“That the people may know where to call.
» #4 rr— * pinohy ck
A STERNBERG & CO. is the place to by all
Finda of Mens’ and Boys’ clothing cheaper than
at any other establishment in this vicinity.
THE WAR MOVEMENT is driving numbers
for Clothing, Hats, Caps and FUInishiS Goods to
.NEW GOODS received every week, and sold
cheaper than ever at ) Thea A
. . “ A! BTERNBERG & CO.
Bellefonte May 30, 1861. 1 Ce
son, ard is fully prepared to d the
traveling publi» in a style and manner commensu-
rate with the progressive spirit of the times.
He is in possession of all the modern improve-
ments and conveniences, as to sleeping appart-
ments, and has supplied hislarder with the choicest
the markets afford, and his Bar with the purest
With the most extensivestabling accommodations
and attentive and skilful ostlers, together with as-
siduous attention to bufiness, he feels justified in
soliciting a share of patronage and the -support
hie friends.
Bellefonte, Oct. 8-'57-42-tf
espectfully informs the citizens of Belle
fonte that he still continues to carry on the
Tailoring and Clothing business at his old stand
in Brokerhoff’s Row, on Main street, whers, he is
prepared to make to order, all kinds of Clothing
in the neatest and most fashionable style.
He keeps on hand a general variety of
of the latest and most approved patterns.
Ready made Clothing of all kinds which he is
selling at reduced prices. He feels thankful for
thewery liberal support heretofore extended, and
hopes to merit a continuance of the same,
Bellefonte, Jan. 5th, 1860,-1y.
The subscriber offers for sale his excel-
lent Farm, situate in Patton township, on the
turnpike leading from Buffalo Run fo Philips-
burg, and within two and a half miles of the Bald
Eagle Railroad, containing about one hundred
acres 45 of which are cleared, and under a good
state of cultivation; ten acres of meadow land
and a bearing young orchard. [There is also a
new one and a halfstory house, new bank barn,
and out bwildings of all kinds. A never failing
spring of water is at the door. Persons wishing a
desirable home, would do well to call on the un-
dersigned, residing on the premises, or Edmund
Blanchard, or at this office Terms will be made
1 it th rchaser. we :
© uly 118. HJ. CARTIN,
The subscriber having leased the above
named Hotel in the borough of Look Haven, Clin.
ton county, Pa., takes this method of informing the
public generally that he has made every nédess
preparation to entertain strangers and travelersin
the best possible’ manner, i
His table will always co" iain the choicest lux
uries that the country wi’ afford, and he i¥‘deters
mined not to be surpassed in this department by
sey other Hotel along the West Branch. |
° h in the cfty market. ey
"Careful and attentive Ostlrs will constantly be
on hand to take charge of horsesand see that they
ate properly attended to. } yitudd oh
Trusting that he may receive a portion of the
patronage of the traveling public, he hopes by
close attention to be able to rende 55h. tis
faction. ALFRED MANN,
June 6, '61.~tf PROPRIETOR.
2 Has fitted up the shep
on the northwest corner
of Allegheny and Bishop
streets, and is now prepared to manufacture
dles, Bridles, Harness, Trunks, Valises, Whips,
&c., &o., in a style superior to any manufactur: d
in Central Pennsylvania. His work is made ofthe’
best materials that can. be procured, and for neat
ness and durability is second to none, with the de:
termination to put his work up accordi to order,
and sell lower than any: manufacturérs in' Centre
county. He politely asks asHare of the public pa-
tronage. 3
Aungusp 8,61-1y. | yy
e undersigned is about opening a New
Office, in connexion ‘with his Book Stor"
where Daily and Weekly papers may be had &
rates noarly corresporiding with subsoription prie:
Also'monthlies at the usual prices. Ad
arch 24-'59-t1. agh. LIVINGSTOY.
{ A
July 11th, '61-3m.
in the Diamond, and get a suit of Spring and Sum 4
is Bar will contain the choicest liquors that can