Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, September 19, 1861, Image 2

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A rene
sembly, is one of the old Jeffersonian and
Jackson school of Democracy —a man who
has never sought an office, and of course, 18
free from the objection of being an office
hunter. A!l men then, who believe that
office seeking politicians have been the ruin
of our country, will of course vote for him
in preference to SamueL MoWiLLiaMs, whom
we, to be candid, must admit to be a very
polite, good looking gentl¢man, but when
we say this, we say all ‘in his favor that a
respect to truth will admit, for we believe
him to have been an office seeker ever since
he was a boy. He has been mixed up with
all the abominable isms that have ever dis.
graced American history, and as he bas been
an aspirant for legislative honors for some
years, it would be well to know before vot-
ing for him, whether he has not. by this
time, procured an interest in the Pennsylva-
The Thatchman,
Seeder eae tO rrr
Here shall the press the people's rights main-
tain, 5 v
Unawed by party or wnbribed by gain ;
Pledged but to truth to liberty and law, .
No favor sways us and no fear shall awe.
ey rrr
DrMocrACY— ‘A sentiment not to be appaled,
corupted or compromised. Ithnowsnobaseness;
it cowers to no danger ; it oppresses no weak-
ress. Destructive only of despotism, it is the
Roserr F, BarroN, our candidate for As- | Col. Blair and the Fourth Pennsylvania.
Carr. A. B. SNYDER:
in the Harrisburg Telegraph, of the 6th
your command, we wish you to state wheth
er the imputations contained therein are well
founded. The charge is leveled against ev-
inridge Democrat, by some means, has suc-
ceeded in getting the endorsement of the
Republicau Convention of Centre county, as
a candidate for State Senator.
old Republican friends of Centre county
imagined that as Blair ran so well just be-
BerLeronTe, Sept. 7, 1861.
Dear Sir.— The appended article appears
As Mr. Blair was a member under
Words of Warning.
We presume that nobody will dispute the
claim of General JACKSON to have been a
friend of the Union, and a far seeing ; saga-
cious pafriot and statesman.
the following extract from his Farewell Ad-
dress in reference to the encroachments of
the Federal Government, and its tendency to
ery one attached to the Fourth Pennsylvania overstep the limits imposed upon it by the
Regiment, but we know from your career Co
throughout the Mexican war, that such
wholesale denunciations cannot be deserved.
Read, then,
nstitution :
It is well known that there have always
en those amongst us who wish to enlarge
the powers of the general government ; and
JOHN HOFFER, experience would seem to indicate that there
“ Wirniax H. Brag, an old line Breck- ty
Probavly our
by the Constitution.
a tendency on the part of this government
overstep the boundaries marked out for it
Its legitimate authori-
is abundantly sufficient for all the pur-
poses for which it was created; and its
powers being expressly enumerated, there
oyEny attempt to exercise power beyond
imits should be PROMPTLY AND
sole conservator of liberty, labor and prosperty
1t is the sentiment of Freedom, of equal rights,
of equal obligations—the law of nature perva-
ding the law of the land.”
‘C. T. ALEXANDER, Editor and Publisher.
nia Railroad.
ready fastened upon the people ; but there
are more to come.
mammoth corporation will, no doubt, ask to
i receive full pay for the transportation of
troops and munitions of war over this road,
which their charter binds them to transport
for 33 per cent., under the usual rates. Look
to it, voters, that you are not again deceived
in tne man you select to represent you at
fifty summers, whose judgment is mature,
and who cannot be bought by monied cor-
porations, nor swindled by designing politi-
young gertleman, who can best represent
Centre county with a Captain’s commission
in the battle field :
send BARRON to the Legislature.
Dr. SAMUEL StRONECKER and Jonn S. Proup-
position could not have been found within
the limits of Centre county. They are both
The tonnage tax infamy, it is true, is al-
At the next session this
Mr. BARRON, our candidate, 1s a man of
Mr. WiLLiams is a good looking
let him go there and
For the Associate Judgeship, we have
'I'wo men better calculated for this
BeLreroNTe, Sept. 10, 1861.
Gro. LiviNesron, Wa. Cook, Joan Hor
¥ER, H. N. M’Avrvister, Joux WAY: —
GENTLEMEN. —Yours of the Tth inst, has
The scribblers who have
been re-hashing Russel’s falsehoods could
find more patriotic employment with the
| musket on their shoulders.
that I did not approve the course taken by
the majority of the Regiment; at the same
time, L am fully satisfied that if General
M’Dowel had shown himself to the men and
asked them to stay until after the battle
they would have done so unanimously. As
to Licut. Blair, he was among the most ac-
tiven endeavoring to induce the regiment
to remain, voted in favor of staying two
weeks longer, and after the majority hud
decided otherwise he asked permission of
the commander of the regiment to be allow-
ed to go on with the Brigade and was refus-
ed, as the officers could not be separated
been handed me.
fore the battle of Manassas, he having been
attached to the ever memorable and redoubt-
able Fourth Regiment of Pennsylvania, he
will run equally well as a senatorial candi-
Will the Centre Democrat or the
Central Press explain the legerdemain by
which the Delegates to the Republican Con-
vention were so completely hood winked 2—
We cherish a pride not only for the Repuh-
lican party of Centre county, but for her
entire population, and therefore feel an in-
terest in the nomination, because we have a
regard for the integrity of their representa-
It is known
FIRMLY OPPOSED. For one evil exam-
ple will lead to other measures still MORE
MISCHIEVOUS: and if the principle of
constructive powers, or supposed advanta.
ges, or temporary circumstances, shall ever
be permitted to justify the assumption of a
power not given by the Constitution, the
general government will before long absorb
all the powers of legislation, and you will
have, in effect, but one consolidated govern-
— eam
Tre Srare Comyirret or MINNESOTA have
ssued a call for a State Convention, to which
they invite the electors of the State, who
are for marntaimng the Constitution, and
rescuing it from its enemies, North as well
as South, and who are for setting it up, as
Moses lifted up the serpant in the wilder-
ness, that all who have been bitten by the
fiery serpent of sectionalism North, or the
rattlesnake of secession’ South,may look up-
on it and be healed—all whe are for maine,
taining the Union, whether by the olive
branch or the sword. or by both, or by any
compromise which does not compromise the
Constitution even if it should compromise a
party—all who believe the principles of the
Democratic party as safe and as efficacious
for good in war or in peace, as those of the
Republican party ”
from their commands.
COMMISSIONER, good Union men—men of good judgment—
AMOS ALEXANDER 5 who will make very competent. officers.
OF PENN. One of them lives within two miles of the
Court House, which of itself, granting all
AybrioR, other qualifications of his competitors equal,
GEORGE BUCHANAN, 1s a great deal in his favor. All lawyers
OF GREGC. know that it is a great advantage to have
- ee rere —re one of the Associate Judges within a few
Our Paper, minutes walk of town. The President Judge
The publication of our paper was detain.
ed a couple of days last week in consequence
of the retirement of the junior editor, and
this, in connection the printing of the elec-
tion tickets and the failure of our paper
agent lo supply us with paper in time, has
compelled us to issue a half-sheet this week.
if we have no Associate elose by, their cli
President Judge arrives at home.
Look to Your Interests, Voters.
Democrats, and Union loving Republicans,
awake. Your country is in danger—arouse
—arm, and be ready. The enemy to the for their deaision.
is often necessarily away from home, when,
Chief feels called upon at this time to addrsss
those under his command upon the condition
of our country.
ents are put to the expence of hiring a horse
and buggy to send eight or ten miles into
the country after him to transact some busi-
ness, which cannot be postponed unti! the
Fellow citizens of Centre county, vote for
beth Stromecker and Prouproor, and it
will save you money, and it will insure you
justice in all questions coming before them
Commanding Comp. H, 4th Reg., P. V.
A Nose Souri CAROLINIAN. — The fol | w
lowirg general order which has been issued | in
to the East India Squadron by Flag Officer
S. K. Stribbling, has just reached us:
“June 30, 1861—The Commander in-
‘By the last mail we have authentic ac
above all the things, for the
The Democrats of California, in the recent
call, define their position thus:
The people of California have been most
anxious for peace throughout the land, and
ill hail with joy an honorable adjustment
the future, at the sae time they are,
Union, the
wuntry. and the Flag ; against all assail-
ants, no matter who they are, whence they
come or with what power armed.
Who will deny to the Democrats of the
orth the patriotism and the wisdom which
the cr sis demands ? They proffer to the
counts of the commencement of ‘civil war’ | Government the means of war ; but they do
in the United States, by the attack and cap-
ture of Fort Sumter by the forces of the Con-
not cease to hold out to the people bf the
federate States. South (in the breasts of millions of whom
‘Tt is not my purpose to discuss the mer-
the love of the Union still survives ) the
its of the cause or causes which have resul pledge of their rights and the offer of honor-
ted in plunging our country into all the
horrors of a ‘civil war,” but to remind those
under my command of their obligaticns now
able peace.
er d——
principles of Democratic Government is in
the field. Their secret spies and emissaries
are watching and® reporting to the chief of
the rebel clan your every move. Therefore,
be ready ; buckle on your armor—the great
battle is to be fought on the second Tuesday
of October. A glorious triumph awaits you,
if you only work—work among your friends
—work on until victory perches upon your
banner. The men for whom you work—the
Democratic nominees—are the only Union
representatives in the field, They are for
the Union first, last, and all the time, now
and forever. The Republican nominees are
willing under certain contingencies, to “Jet
the Union slide.”” They cannot, they must
Penn Township, is the Democratic nominee,
and Tnomas HuremiNsoN, ot Potter, the Re-
with these two men, can not long hesitate
for whom he will cast his vote.
the profound thinker, has served one term
and the people are about satisfied with his
“‘rcutine’” of the office, has become too per-
fect to insure a proper administration of
Justice, and the people feel that a change
would be very desirable.
portant one to the tax paying people, and
one that should, above all others, be filled
not triumph. Their triumph will be your
ruin, therefore work— work—work. Show
to the world that Centre county is true to
the Union by the election of Democratic Un-
ion men. Elect Wa. H. Brar. because he
is a patriot—a soldier—an honest man—and
a statesman. Do not believe the scurrilous,
contemptible charges of W. W. Browx, in
his smut machine of last week—they are
not true—they are false—they are nailed to
the counter by the testimony of an honest
Republican—Captain SK¥DER —whose word,
as a soldier, no one will doubt. The Centre
Democrat says he (BLAIR) was a Licutenant
in the redoubtable rourth regiment, which,
when the battle of Bull Run took place,
moved away to the music of the enemy’s
cannon. What do you think of that, Eagle
Guards ? You were with him, Eagle Guards
—the charge is made against you, as well as
Lieutenant Brain, by a bragging bully, who
says, “I won't say go, boys, but come, boys.”
yet stays at howe and charges men with
cowardice who, upon the first call of our
country to arms, rushed to her rescue.
pudiate BrowN and his faction, Eagle
Guards and all soldiers and Union loving
Republicans, by voting for Lieut. BLarr, and
the whole Democratic ticket.
The Democracy presents to you another
soldier—Captain Jonny B. Mircner—who
bas showr. his devotion to his country. Will
you sapport him or will you withhold your
with an upright, honest man —a man whose
political prejudices will not cloud his sense
of justice, and who in all things, will keep
an eye single to the interest of the people.—
Such a man is Amos ALEXANDER, and we
are very much mistaken in the tone of public
sentiment, if the people won't elect him over
the aspirant to the Governorship.
very nice men—but the business qualifica-
tions of the former are far superior to the
latter. Harvey McCLuRE makes a very
good sett of harness, but will make a very
poor Auditor.
trary, is one of the best accountants in the
County, and is just the man to audit and
adjust the accotint of the will soon-be-ex-
Treasurer. ’
county, for which yeu should cast your
of judgnicit—ihey are patriots--they are
sound Union men—they are the best men in
this County. Vote for them, friends, and
our word for it, you will never regret it.
Re- |
denominated itselfa « Union (no party)
all Republicans.
support, and elect a stay-at-home “abolition
which they enlisted.
life, and.are men of sterling integrity. They
proceedings, to give the ticket nominated a
patriot ¥7 We cannot believe you will 3 | good name, a resolution
we have too much confidence in the intelli | Col. Bram, the Democratic nominee for Sen«
gence of this people, to Lelieve that they | ator, was unanimously passed. In noticine
will thus give the cold shoulder to men who | these proceedings, the Harrisburg Tologragh
volunteered in defence of our country. To which claims to be in favor of ‘ Union”
defeat them is to denounce them, and to | nominations, denounces its brethren of this
denounce them is to denounce the cause in| county for this action.
Ie | illustration of what party ** Union’ means.
For Assembly and the other offices, our | The Administration must remove all Demo-
candidates are taken from the walks of evil crats from officc—counties were the Repub:
| licans have a clear majority must elect none
For Commissioner, AMOS ALEXANDER, of ry
Any person that 1s acquainted
His acquamtanee with the
The Commissioners office is a very im-
The candidates for Auditor, are Gen. Go.
and Harvey MoCLURE—both
Gen fBucuaNan, on the con-
This is the ticket, laboring men of Centre
I'tey are honest men-— they are men
Parry “UNioN” SINCERITY.—The late
Convention of this county
The candidates nominated are
At the conclusion of the
complimentary to
And this is an
to a faithful and zealous performance of eve-
“Coming as we do from the various sec
tions of the country, unanimity of opinion
on this subject cannot be expected, and I
would urge upon all the necessity of abstain.
ing from all angry and inflammatory lan:
guage upon the causes of the present state
of things in the United States, and to recol.
lect that here we have nothing to do but t.
perform the duty of our respective stations,
and to obey the orders of our superiors in
authority to this we are ound by the solemn
obligations of our oath.
“I charge all Commanders and other
officers to show in themselvega good exam-
ple of virtue, honor, patriotism and subordi
nation, and to be vigiiant in inspectinz the
conduct of all such as are placed under their
+t The honor of the nation, of the flag. un-
C. K. SrriBerING
der which many of us have served from boy=
hood, cur own honor and good name require
us now. if ever, that we suffer no blot upon
the character of our country while the flag
of the Union is in our keeping.”
* (Signed)
Commodore Stribbling is a South Caroli-
Jian, and his conduct is in bright and noble
contrast with that of Tatnall and other South-
o-nors, who have dishonorably left the Navy
since the war begun.
a _ —
Wo ENcouraGes 11 Sourir 2—The Dem-
the power to do it.
ocrats tell the Southern rebels that the en-
tire North is determined to put down re-
b ilion, and that this unanimous North has
The Democrats tell the
Union mea of the South to stand firm, that
their rights shall be protected, and if net
sufficiently secured at present additonal
guarantees will be given.
The Republicans assure the Southern reb-
els that a large number of the Northers peo-
ple sympathise with them and wish them
success. The Republicans say to the South-
ern Union men, they shall have no farther
guaranties for their rights, and those they
have already will not be further respected
than events render necessary.
Who, then, are the true friends of the Na-
tional cause 2 Who is acting wisely and
patriotically ?
— Tetus
Bureau County Republican, Mr. Owen
Lovejoy’s paper; printed at Princeton, 1.
recently published an offensive abolition ars
ticle upon the war, and vpon Col. Dikey
(Dem ,) who is raising & cavalry regiment
The Grand Jury of Burea County at unce
took notice of the matter, and by a unani-
imous vote reprobrated * an article publish-
ed in the Bureau Counyy Republican on the
22d inst.,” and added :
“That we believe said article unfounded
are superior to the Republican nominees, in | but Republicans—but in Democratic lozali- in truth, injurious to the public safety, and
that they are true Democrats—wen who |
have never been led astray by isms of any |
ties, party lines must be dropped ; yet, in
: : making up the tickets, no firm reliable
kind, and for whom all parties ean vote | Democrat must be nominated ! That is the
withont the Ras of smsplaced confidence.
| fest, Democrats, to which you are invited !
evidently dictated by a narrow partizan and
proscriptive feeling rather tha
worthy or patriotic motive.’
Mr. Lovejoy 1s a Republican member of
n from any
supporting the government I do not ask who
admumist £< it. [tis the government of my
country. and as such I shall give it, in this
exitemity, all the support in my power. I
regard the pending contest with Secession-
ists as a death struggle for Constitutional
Liberty and Law.”—John A. Diz.
These are the sentiments of the Hon. John
A. Dix, a member of Mr. Buchanan’s Cabi-
net, now a Major General in the army, and
the sentiments of the entire Democratic
party of the North. The Democratic party
will stand by the Union, and fight for the
Union ; and the Republican party, much as
they would like it, cannot drive them from
their loyalty by calling them ¢¢ traitors.” —
The Republicans may as well give up call-
ing haid names. We must mutualiy assist
one anotherin putting down this rebellion,
and when that is acconiplished we can look
over the batle-fields and see, in this as in
every other war in which our country has
engaged, who have done the fighting and
who have been the ¢ traitors.”
Tre Grand Jury of Centre county madea
presentment to the Court, favorable to the
indicting of the editors of the Bellefonte
Watchman as dangerous persons giving aid
and comfort to the enemy through the col-
umns of their paper. Thirteen voted for and
eleven against. It is strange, yet true, that
there happened to be only two demderats in
the whole Jury, This Jury must have been
especially packed with this object in view,
This is some more of the Republican Free
Speech and Free Press doctrine !—Selins-
grove Tunes.
We have received telegraphic intelligence
from Gen. Banks’ command, stating that a
detachment of Federal troops under Col.
Geary, were attacked by a large force of
Rebels near Harpers Ferry, on the 16th inst.
After a fight of about two hours, the rebels
were completely rotted, with a loss of 70
killed and wounded. Our loss was one
killed and eight slightly wounded.
Ox the 12th inst., a detachment of 300
men, from the Fourteenth Indiana and
Twenty- forth and Twenty-fifth Ohio Regi-
ments, dispersed three Tennessee regiments
under Gen. ANDERSON, dn the west side of
Cheat Mountain, completely routing them,
killing 80 and obtaining most of their equips
ments. Our loss was 8 killed.
Toe PRESIDENT has issued an order for
the modification of Gen. Fremont’s procla-
mation, Ins'ead of the slaves belonging to
rebels in arms against the Government, only
those employed by them for martial purpos-
es are declared to be free.
et ee eee.
Snow fell on the White Mountains, New
Hampshire, on Tuesday, the 10th inst. The
visitors up there are hurrying down into a
Congress from the 3d district of Illinois. warmer climate.
From Missouri.
Route of Gen. Green's Rebel Army.
Capture of his Baggage, &c, &c.
Reported flight of Martin Green's For
Five Hundred Rebels F
Siz Hundred Taken Prisoners.
WasmiNaroN, Sept. 12.
The following dispatch was 1ecéived to-
night at the head quarters of the army :
Sr. Louis, Sept. 12.—Col. E. D. Town-~
send, Assistanf Adjutant General :—A dis-
patch from Gen. Pope. received to-day from
Hunoewell, on the North Missouri Railroad,
states that he made a night mareh on the
rebels under Gen. Green, last Sunday, who,
however got natice of his approach, but he
was successful in causing the dispersion of
3 000 rebel force, whe left behind them much
of their baggage, provisions and forage ; also
the public property seized by Ger, Green, at
Gen, Pope’s infantry were too mich fa-
tigned to pursue them. The horsemen, how-
esr, followed in pursu’t for ten or fifteen
miles until the enemy were completely scat-
tered and dispersed.
The railroad east of Brookford is now open
and no more secession camps will be made
within twenty miles.
Gen. Graut telegraphs to me that the first
gun is in the position of Fort Molt, Ky.
J C Freexont,
Major Gen. Commanding.
— FrANKFORT, Sept. 12.—The State Senate
have passed a resolution from the House or~
dering the rebel troops to leave the State.—
The vote was ayes 26—nays 8. A bill was
also reported making it felony to enlist troops
for the Confederates, and to punish by death
the invasion of Kentucky by citizens as reb-
el sotdiers—the act to go into effect within
ten days, but not to apply fo those return-
ing to their allegiance within sixty days.
Later, —A dispatch from Frankfort of the
13th inst., says, Gov. Magoffin vetoed the
resolations passed by the Legislature yester-
day requiring the removal of the Confeder
ate troops from the State, but both Houses
have passed the resolutions over the Gover-
nor’s veto!
- Bron
BE Rerrasep.—The Washington Star an
nonrnces that Thursday evening's mail car~
ried to New York an order from the Depart-
ment of State directing the release of James
G. Berret, late Mayor of the Federal Metrop-
olis, from his present confinement in Fort
Lafayette. This order is on condition that
he takes the oath of allegiance to fhe United
States against any and all enemies whatso-
ever, and also resigns his office of Mayor.
A Reger. Treat 10 CLOSE THE PoroMAC
—The Richmond Examiner of the 9th says:
—Before many hours the Potomac will be
effectually closed by powerful batteries.—
The chief of the ordarice department in Vir-
ginia, in responding to a call for all the field
artillery, says ten batteriesare now ready
for immediate duty, and eight or ten more
can be got ready soon.
reer —————
Execution oF A Wire MURDERER.—On the
6 h inst., William Weaver was executed at
New Bloomfield, Perry county, Pa., for pois-
oning his wife. The crimicel acknowledged
his buying the poison, which his wife took,
but did not say he administered it.
eee Re
AGEs OF THE GENERALS. —It is stated that
General M’Clellan is not yeu 35; (General
Fremont is under 48; General Lyon was
about 44; General Butler is 43; General
Banks is 41, and General M'Dowell is about
ON Monday night the store of James S.
Sturgis, Coultersville, Westmoreland county
was entered while the owner was asleep, by
two men, who seized him and forcibly tob-
bed him of $500 1n money.
y virtue of an order of the Orphan’
Court of Centre County, will be ex: t
sald on the premises on’ 1 Pisa opal
at 10 o'clock, A. M., the followin,
estate situate in Walker A vos]
miles below Hublersburg, Centre county, late the
property of John Beck, dec’d., hounded ang
scribed” as folie : * 5
One tract of land known as the “ 0]q i
Farm,” bounded on the North by lands Maus
Huston and Henry Beck, on te West by. land of
Jonathan 7 hilips, on the Sout; by lard of Chalres
Dinge’s heirs, and on the East by land of Michael
Shaffer, eontaining One Hundred and Eleven
acres and Ninety-five perches nett measure, about
Ninety-five acres of which iscleared and ina high
state of cultivation, and the balance is well tim.
bered, on which is erected a two Story dwelling
house, log barn aud. other out buildiogs. There
is a good orchard on the farm, and a well of
water at the house. and a never failing stream of
watgrruns through the place. The location of
this farm is in one of the best wheat growing val-
leys in the State, which renders it a most desira-
ble property.
nother tract of land adjoining lands of Jona:
than Philips, Joseph Sweyer, Dario] Pealer oe
cob Lutz and others, containing Four acres, all
cleared and in good order, on which is erected a
dwelling house, stable and other out buildings. —
There 52 thriving orchard and a good cistern on
this tract.
A lot of ground'adjoining lands of Thos. : -
ton, the <-0ld a Far." and a FL
from Delite to Lock Haven, containing One
rece and Eight perches, on which i
small dwelling house and stable. 9 sieved a
Lot numWBer Five of timber land containing
hous Tie ey bounded by lands of in
artin, Frederic! arkle, Di i
William Powell Bie
One third of the purchose money to rema
charged when the land for the widow, be Ny
2d by bond and mortgage on the promises, the in,
‘erest thereqf to be paic wnmwally to the widow
luring her life, and at her geath'to pay the prin-
sipal to the heirs ard legal representatives of John
Beck, dec’d—and one Dalf of the remaining two
‘hirds to be paic on confirmation of sale, and the
residue in one Jour Jin inte-est from the time
posession 1s given to be secu je
rye u red 7 hond and mort.
August, 20th, 6135 TLS BEL, Trustee.
Messrs, Hoffer Brothers,
fue Subscribers have Jjust received a new
and full supply of Spring and Summer
Goods, which, for variety, have never been equal-
ed by any establishment {n this seotion of coun-
iY Hovivk, Jusiased the stock of goods on
and of Mr. George Jackson, the;
the business at theld stand, 7 £i6y Will ‘ontiee
No. 2, Reynolds's Arcade.
Their stock consists of a general assortment of
Dry Goods, Groceries. Hardware
ra Glbésware, Russe,
fuabding 4 fost of other articles in their line,
among which can be found an extensive and varied
selection of
Ets diet
ucals, Persian Cloths, Debeiges, Cob
Cashmeres, Delaines. A a "gs
French Herinoes, Plaids,
Their gentlemen’s wear consists of a 1 a8:
sortment of Caifiderés, Cloths, Satinets, Satin,
Vesting, Tyweeds, Hats and Caps And an exten.
sive assortinent of Boots and Shes for Ladies and
Gentlemen and CHildrbn, With &lmost every other
article that may be necessary to supply the wants
of thecommunity. | 3 ;
The pressure of the morey iiarket having had
the effect of reduging tae price of many articles
of merchandise. the undersigned have been ena-
bled to buy their stock at such raves that they cad
sell goods at privesto suit the times. And as they
intend to do their best to please their customers;
both in the equality of goods, and f tices, theg
hope to receive a reasonab'e shate of pitrona 3
All in want of goods will please call and examir a
hal re .
~; B.—They will keep constantly op hand, EX:
TRA FLOUR), which they will sel 2 Bee Towest
cash price oe
i Country produce ot all kinds taken in ei-
change for goods. ; 5 }
Dried Lamber nnd Shingles constantly od
hand and for sgle.
Bellefonte, March 28, 1861p.
UP! UP!! UPI!)
. stim UP,
vas TAIL
dny way so tha you get up to .
Cheap Clothing Sto bove Livi , k
Store) in the rad, PRR Sgiivws Bek
May 23, 1861.
ImprOVED.—Mr. William Shriber, with
a view to better facilitate business, has re-
painted and thoroughly repaired his Ambros
type car, and now offers extra inducements
to the public. His stock of materials has
been replenished by a large stock of cases;
frames. etc:, of the latest and most improved
designs, which will be furnished to the pub-
lic at rates to suit the times” Any person
wishing a good picture will always find Mr.
Schriber at his Car, just above the Court
winter make demands upon us that sum
mer weather does not require, and with a
view to meet the necessities of the season
the firm of A. Steruberg & Co. has selected -
and had manufactured, expressly for this
market, the largest stock of clothing ever’
brought to this place. The high reputation!
enjoyed by this firm constitutes its best re-
Heavy Storm.—A most terriffic rain abd’
hail storm passed over this place, on last
Tuesday aftermoon, flooding the streets,
uprooting trees, demolishing windows, tear~
ing off window shutters, cellar doors and
shingles, stripping flags from their staffs,
and leveling all the corn 1n this vicinity.
Ox the 6th inst., by Rev. Odilo Vonder-
green, Mr. James F. GrreNwoop, formerly
of Cincinnati, to Miss B. C. Noow, of Belle.
fonte. -
On the 10th inst., by the same, Mr. Jos.
Berzer, to Miss MARY ANDERSON, both of
- Notice is hereby given that the Far-
mers’ and Mechanics’ Mutual Fire Insurance
Company of Nittany and Sngar Vallies, is now
prepared to receive applications insurance
against loss by fire. The busi ess, e Compa-
ny {omit upon a mutual principle, exclu;
sively agreeable to an act of incorporation, passed.
he 18th of March, 1861, Within Be Sdn of
alker, Marion, Spring, Benner, Patton, and
Half Moon Townships, in Centre, count , and La
iar, Porter, Green, and Logan Townships, Clin:
ton county, an Agent has been appointed in each
Townships within the borders of the Company’d
corporation, Pergons wishing to become members
can do so by making application . to the agent re-
giding in bis respective township. = Persons wish-.
ing any information concerning the bhsiness of
the Confpany will address the Secretary at fu.
blersburg, Centre co. Applications of, Tneurance
on Property in incorporated oye) SiLnot be ao-
cepted. ] EN ECK,
A. C. Geary, Sec’y. Pres’t.
July 25, 1861-tf.
The undersigned an Audito¥ appoint.
ed by the Court of Common Pleas of Centre
County, to make distibution of the moneys aris-
ing from the sale of the real estaté of Jacob Fin-
kel, t) and among those legally entitled thereto,
will attend to the duties of uly appointment on’
Saturday. the 5th day of Qutobér next, ab his of-
fice in’ Belléfontd, at 10 o'clock, A. M., of said
day, when and Where all perdons interested are
invited to attend, ADAM HOY,
Jept. 12, °61-4t Auditor.
having fitted up rooms one door north of Bishop
and Allegheny streets, offers his services to the
public, feeling confident hat he can pléase the,
most particular. Hair dressing pedi ahd
all other branches of his profession practiced on
the most improved principles.
Jacob Houser, Sr., of Harris Township,
offers himself to the Free and Independent Votre
of C ntre County, as a candidate for the office %f
Assosiate Judge, at the coming election. If you
think him worthy and capable of the office, he
will be very thankful for your support. 8
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral: