Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, June 27, 1861, Image 3

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Focal Department,
MAE Kirnep.—News reached this place on
last Saturday mornicg that an unknown man
had been shot and killed, on what is known
as the Moshannon hill, on the western slope |
of the first ridge of the Alleghenies, by a,
bunter named Swab, and the report was
soon after confirmed by the appearance of
Swab himself, who surrendered himself to
the authorities and was committed for trial.
On Saturday morning Coroner Eceard pro-
ceeded to the scene of the occurrence, and
after a careful investigation of the case the
jury returned the following verdict :
An inquisition indented, taken at the house
not occupied. near Hugh Adams’ hotel, in
the County of Centre, and ta e of Penn-
sylvania, on the 22d of June, 1861, before
me, Jonathan Eccard, Coroner of said coun.
ty, ipon the body of a man, the name un-
known, there lying dead, and upon the oaths
of Cornelius Campbell and John Emerheiser,
the jury in tho case do decide that the de-
ceased came to his death by a bullet, fired
from a rifle gun, by Jotin Swab, on the turn.
pike road leading froin Ilugh Adams’ hotel
to Bellefonte, the wound being on the neck,
near the windpipe, and causing instant
death, Signed.)
In addition to the above, Mr. Eccard gave
us the following particulars, devcloped in
the investigation. Mr. Swab and his on
had started out on Friday evening for the
putpose of capturing a deer, and the old
man, having stationed his son 1 a position to
command the entrance of a deer-path to the
pike, proceeded a short distance into the
brush to watcha lick. About eight o'clock,
‘he report of the son’s gun brough the old
men to him, when the former informed his
his father that, hearing a noise in the direc-
tion of path, and supposing it-to be a deer,
he had fired and shot a man, who was then
Tying dead in the pike, a short distance from
him. The father and son immediately has
tened to Adams’ hotel ‘and annonnced it to
the proprietor and those Present, whena
party returned to where the then was lying
and placed the body in a tédantlés house
near by. On examination 1t was discoveted
that tne ball, which weighed about one-half
an ounce, had entered the neck on the night
side and severing one of the main arteries,
pa-sed out behind, carrying away the point
of the shoulder blade. The deceased was | thirteen rattics, was killed on last Saturday,
about eighty yards from the boy when shot, | On the ground occlipied on the previous day
gy 4 y by the Public Schools fi their picnic excur-
but ran forty six steps towards him after
the ball struck him, as idicated Ly the blood
un the ground, cach step decreasing in length
until he fell. Nothing was found on the
person of the man but an old ¢lay pipe and
4 piece of tobacto. A man, sapposid to be
the same person, passed through this place
on Friday, and solicited” alms of a number
of our citizens.
fy Free Scucon Proxic.—The common
schools of this place, under their teachers,
Messrs. James A. Rankin, Robert I. Crosth=
waite, Mrs. Ruth Ward and Miss Jennie
M'Bride, repaired to a beautifiil and pleas-
¢iit trood on the farm of Major Arthok, abot
a mile {rom town, for the purpose of having
a picnic, 21d. enjoying the invigorating air
and healthfa exercise of the country, on last
Friday. Everything that could contribute |
to the enjoymetit of the children had been
prepared by the parents and teachers, and
immediately on their arrival on the ground
the fun commenced, At about one o'clock
dinner was served, ahd it was a dinner such
as only the mothers, wives and daughters
of Bellefonte can prepare, after which the
amusements were renewed and joyously
participated in by all present. The schools
at intervals united in singing a number of
patriotic songs appropriate to the occasion
and the timee. The Brass Band, which was
present, enlivened the occasion by some fine
music. The time having arrived for their
return to towh, the scholars were formed, in
the order of their grade, and hedded by the
Band, proceeded homeward. The procession
halted in the Court House Yard, where
the schools joined in singing * We arca
Band of Yankees,” to the tune of Dixie,
after which they retired to their homes,
highly pleased with their day in the woods.
A Pericous Ripe.—Dr. Elias Hale, of
Mifflin connty, now visiting this place with
his family, met with an accident on last
Thusday, which nothing but his coolness
prevented from resitlting in very serious
personal injury, if hot death itself. He was
seated in a two-horse buggy dt the corner
ot Spring and High streets, when tht horses
took fright and started up Spring street dt &
tenific rate. The lines becoming entangled
ationg the horses’ feet the Doctor was left
powerless to stop them, and after passing
up Spring street to the Friends’ Meeting
House, wher the horses left the pike and
passed down the road leading to the Burnt
Mill; dnd on crossing ane of the bridges at
this point, two wheels of the buggy missed
the track, and the horses, tearing themselves
loose passed on. Mr. Hale found Himself
standing in water tp to his knees but en-
titely unharmed. The only loss sustained
was the injury done the harress.
AN ENTERPRISING FiRM.—Business eners
gy, always commendable; is particularly so
in the case of young men. The firm of
Gray & M’Kinney, of Stormstown, has for
some time attracted much attention and
ared largely in the patronage of (heir
el As gentlemen and merchants they
rank first among our business men, Their
advertisment will appear next week.
3.88. — We last weck alluded, prospectively,
to the organization of this compsny, and
‘expressed a desire that they might be able
fo fulfill the requirments of the law relating
thereto. At about 3 o'clock P. M., on Sat-
urday, the necessary preliminaries having
Leen gone through with, the company was
officially organized at their armory, by Lieut.
Wii. B. M'Clelland, acting Brigade Inspec -
tor, under the title of the ** Union Invinci-.
les.” The commissioned officers elected
are is follows: —Capt., Robert A, Cassidy ;
First Licut., Calvin Wilson: and Second
Lieut., Harry M. Steel, Non.commissioned
officers, Third Liout., Norman M. Hoover;
First Sergeant, Geore B. Harris; First Cor-
poral, James J. Brisbin; Second, William
Graflus ; Third, Andrew Morrison ; Fourth,
Jacob Roop. The officers, ds elected, are
not if strict compliance witli the law, but
the irregularities can be quickly obviated, if
necessary. It is the intention of the com.
pany {o commence i colirse of preparation
for active duty, so that, if their services are
required, they may be ready to enter their
country's service on short ndtice. They
have been regarded as the boy company by
some of oir citizens, but when it wis dater-
mined to have the company organized it was
found that there were thirty-eight men on
the roll, asailable and competent, as pre-
srcibed by law, for any service that the
vi Eo rt? w———— pa bE i 3 .
THE DAY, BOOK stands where it hing alwaysitood, Messi Si Hoffer Brothers,
F Subseribers-have just received a new
apd full supply of Spring and Summer
Goods, which, for variety, have ‘nefer been equal-
ed by uy establishment in this section of coun
“Having qurehased, the stock of goods on
‘Mr, ‘George Jackdon, they will continue
the business at the old stand,
0. 2, Reynolds's Arcade.
protection to their property of whatever hind —
THE UNION, and as civiL wag will necessarily de-
stroy it, we shall labor to commend them to the
minds and consciences of the people wish whatever
ability we may possess.
is published every afternoon, apd a second edition
at half past 2 o'clock. Tt hes the Intest telegraph-
ic news from all parts of the country up to press.
It also contains a Price Current, giving an acou-
rate report of tue wholesale prices of all articles
of merchandise. This will be a valuable addition
£470 ements for a regnlar daily report of. the |
heretofore given.
closing sales and prices of each day, so that our
market news will be as late as that given by the
morning papers of the next day, and hence will
reach olir subscribers several hours in advance of
those pansrs,
commercial review each day, will, we believe,
render; Tig Evesixa Day-Book fully worth its
subseription price, viz, $6 per annum,
hes aa gheat 4 variety of news as any similar jourl
ew York, while its Agricultura- | chan
nal sent out of
Articles, its Market Reports of Cattie, Cotton,
countiy might require at their hands.
Considerable alarm tas occasioned in the
viemity of Houpt’s foundry, on last Thurs-
day morning, by the discovery that a stable
connected with the foundry property was
on fire. The workmen engaged abot the
establishment were instantly suminoned,
extinglishing the flames, but not until ones
half of the roof had been consumed.
cupola being in blast at the timg, it was sup-
posed the fire had originated from the sparks
arising therefrom.
Tae Krrstone Srore.—As significant as
the title of « Keystone ” seems to be, re
are glad to sce that there are those who Will
adopt and vindicate it in their business
transactions, as will be seeti by referritg ts
the advertisement of Mercerau & Co., in
another column. Their quotationa are suit
ed to the times.
Rirrimenake Kiniep.—A rattle s
measuring about four feet in length, with
rr mA he
TE Sen
Wu. Rippre, aged 64 years
sistent christian.
Jas. ALEXANDER, aged 18 years, 6 mou
22 days. _
Grain, & , are as carefully prepared, and as ac-
curate as any, while its terms, are much more lib-
Ame can citizen.
are £5 follows :
Ome Copy °r annum, 3 $2 00
Two uo (“one P.O. 3 00
Five Copii» ‘. 25 00
Twenty-one Copies ‘©
ter, or ANY OTHNR PESSON who will start a club
at id se
and with considerable exertion succeeded in | us five dollars jor five subscribers, woe will send
CR a sizth copy Gratis.
"| appliesto “nz club of five, at each officer,
The | hence,
where a club is dlready formed, additions can al-
nas be made at one dollar each subscriber, be
. a
Weekny Dvy-Book please d
in the nighborkood ?
hereafter be furnished Ine WEEKLY DAy-Book
for One Wo. Inv per year, the lowest ‘club rates.
ing the letter is kept, so that it can be furnished
us sn case it does not reach us.
apon the CONSTITUTION of * the United States; at
interpreted. by ite autborized.exponent, the Su-
frente Court, not only because it is law, but also
ecause it ia right and just. The refusal of the
Republican party to abide by that decision has
been the parent of all our troubles;
bounded confidence in the honesty of THE PEO
PLE, however much thoy may be temporarily mis-
led, we shall continue in the future. 2s in the
past, to contend that this is a government of waite
MEN ~ tha inferiority of -legal and social position
for the negro is his proper one, and that all crit
ZENS are entitled to equal rights and to equal |,
As the adoption of these principles will PRESESYE
to the paper for merchants We have ali made
ork Markets, much fuller than we have |
This report will contain the!
These features, together with a re-
the Stock Market, and a carefully collated
lacing it within the reach of the humblest |
Its terms, cash in advance, | .
: 20 00
LIBERAL OFFER 1s wery Postras:
post office where there is none now, and send
This offer, however only
¢ first who seiids will be entitled to the
ey one or many. Specimen copies sent free.
Will all who receive specimen copres of THE
distribute them a-
the most active and intelligent Democrats
Money at our risk, if the exact date of send
No. 162, Nassau St., New York.
but with un- wy
inoludin aos
such as
sortment of Casimeres,
Vesting, Tweeds, Hats and Caps
sive assortment of Boots and Shoes for Ladies and
Gentlemen and Children, with almost every other
article that may be necessar;
of the community.
inthe. habit of
TO. 4. STERNBERG & 00'S.
Thelr.apsl conifsts of a general “assortment of
- and. Glassware,
Ducals, Persian Cloths,
- | Cashmeres, Delaines; Alpacas,
French Merinoes, Plaids,
Debeiges, Coburge,
Dry” Geads, Groceries, Hardware,. Queensware,
‘ot other articles in their line,
among’ whieh ean be found an extensive and varied
selection of... :
Their gentlemen's wear consists of .a farge as-
Cloths, Satinets, Satin,
‘And an exten-
y to supply the wants
The pressure of the money market having bad
the effect of reducing the price of many articles
of merchandise. the undersigned have been ena-
bled to buy their stock at such rates that they can
sell goods at pricesto suit the times.
intend to do their best to please their customers,
both in the quality of goods, and prices, they
hope to receive a reasonable share of patronage.
All in want of goods will please call and examine
And as they
N. B.—~They will keep constantly on hand, EX-
TRA FLOUR, which they will sell at the lowest
cash :
Country produce of all kinds taken in ex-
e foy goods.
hand and for sele.
Bellefonte, March 28, 1861.—1y.
: Dried Lumber nnd Shingles constantly on
ns desirous to purchase.
_ Repairing of all kinds done on the shortest no
May 30, 1861.
Our gitizens have for many years been
ing to distant cities for their
Bugies, ad Cartiages, thus depreciating discoun-
tenancing our. home manufactories, and givin,
to foreign establishments the patronage that shoul
properly be extended to our own.
Bratis copy. Atte: a club of five is formed, or | of the foreign. gave it the preforence, ovor the
re a cli howe manufactarad vehicle, and little atten'ion
was paid to their dizrability. 1
a manufactury on Penu street near Bishop, hav-
ing had an extensive and varied expereance at
Coach making it all its depa
dent that I can turn out work )
finish equal to that of any city establishment a
degree of durability never found in city work I
réspectfully invite inspection of uy work by per-
he neatness
I have just opened
rtments, feel confi.
combining with a
$1,000 mMBEBW.ARD !
’ oh [WILL BE PAID: .
Dy mm Qe :
For the Quick cure of Headache, Toothache, Rheu-
matism, Neuralgia, Pain in the side, back or
stomach, Painters Cholie, or Cramp, Frosted Feet
or Ears, Burns, Fresh Cuts, Sprains, ‘Bruises, Di-
arrhea, and sore throat, and al simile complaints.
Toothache cured in ten minutes. . llarache
cured in five - minutes. Hoadache cured in ten
minutes, Burns cured fropi smarting in - two min-
utes. Neuralgia pains oured in five minutes.—
Cholic cured in ten minutes. Sprains relieved in
ten minutes. Sore throat relieved in ten minutes.
: 100 Cases have been cured by one Agent in a
single day |
Tryit! Tryul!! Try!!! Tryit!!?
[37 Aliberal discount made to Agents, and one
wanted in every town, also a few good traveling
ee ——t
. These things we prove on the spot and before
your eyes, only bring on your cases.
—fpiie yA
For Toothache apply it over the face and guma
of the tooth: affected; pressing the hand upon the
face ; repeat if not cured. In extreme cases, wot
cotton with the Balm.and cover the tooth and
gums For Headache, bathe the temples and ap-
ply to the nose ; and take from ten to thirty drops
in half a tumbler of water sweetened.
For Croup and Sore Throat, take from ten to.
thirty drops internally, on sugar or in sweetened
warm water : bathe the throat freely and bind on
a flannel. For Headache, Rheumatism, Neural:
gia, Lame back or Side bathe freely with Bali in
Gilead ; and generally take internally. i
For Burns mix one part Balm in Gi'ead and two
of water and flour, to make & paste, cover the burn
with the same. For Cholic take from ten to forty
drops in hot water ; bathe the. bowels and apply
wet flannels.: Inthe abova, the smaller for
Children and the larger for adults ; vary accord-
ing to age and circumstances.’ + fim
Colbert's Balm in Gilead is harmless. Colbert's
Balm in Gilead gives satisfaction.
Those who have used Balm in Gilead will not be
without it. >
Agents wanted. For terms address
No. 123 South Fourth bt., Philadelphia.
{7™ N. B. Onders sent by Express to any part
of the United States at the shortest notice,
June 13th, 1861.
aye just opened, in the stdre room on the
North West corner of the Diamond in Belle
fonte, formerly vecupied by Wilson Brothers, thei:
large and splendid assortment of Shelf Hardware:
House Trimmings of every description.
OCKET and Table Cutlery of every va-
riety and price.
~ROSS CUT, Mill aud Circular Saws of
the best manufacture, -
IFLES, Pistols, Shot Guns, and Locks of
On the 20th inst . at his residence in Héward,
The deceased wad a Dative of Ireland, but for
many years has been a citixen of the United States.
He wad a true patriot, & good sitizen, and a con-
€ i tion,
In Penn «wp., en the 25th Just. of UMAR PY he full hate in the responsthilities and dangers of
I 0
With a viel to meet a Sniversally admitted
want, the undersigned will issuc on Mosday, the
ist of July uext, & Morning Penny Paper, to,
be called * THE UNION.”
The great mission of the Democratic Party,
which has ever stoud as the bulwatk of the Union
and the Champion of the ConamiTuTION, renders its
entire unity and bold attitude in this hour of
National peril a matter vital concern. The pend-
ing sthggle is not less for the maintenance ¢f a
United Country than for the Perpetuatioh of Dern.
ocratic Principles, as expounded by JEesremsox
and Jackson. Tho most momentous results hang.
upon the issue. Mere party questions are for the
time by common consent adjourned, The past is
dead, save in its lessons of experience.
The Democratic hosts have not shrunk fro their
the emergency. They have rallied with one ac-
cord around the standard of Sur co umon éountry.
have led many country merchants to curtail thei
“ things to eat and wear,” are obliged to tak
old goods at old prices. or do without them, w
deem {t of great interest
To Every Pettin,
dented advantages in this tinis of general
in the market, where with the cash we haye ob-
tained many goods at :
Confident that we can save every one 25 per cent.
ve would most cordially invite all
which is now crowded With new and desirable
goods, consisting of Dress Goods, stich ds
Mohurs, Poplins, Silks, Gray Goods,
Lawns, &c., 5000 Yards Beautiful
rints, 2500 yards Bro and Blea
..Muslins, Silk Mantillas, Lace
Mantillas, Lace Points, Dusters
Of Cloth and ay Goods, Shawls,
Stella, Thibet, Broche, and French Lace,
We desire to call particular attention to our
Groceries, consisting of “Sugar Loaf” and “Bee
Hive” Syrups. White clarified Sugar; Coffees,
Spices, &c., &0. Wo have s rare quality of
is excollent, aud thé prices are very loW, as ill
satisfactorily appear on examination.
As our business is ’
we havo unusnal facilities for doing & large busi-
ness ata small profit, and we ask all to avail
themselves of the great inducements we offer:
Respectfully, MERCERAU & CO.
between the Fallon House and White's Hotel, Wa-
tor Btreet, Look Haven.
Bellefonte. Tuns 27, 5t
Bellefénie and of Centre arid Clinton Counties.
Ag Hard Times,” ard i Soarcity of Moiicy,”
business very inuch, or even tc suspend making
any fresh purchases at all, go that those who wish
Rich or Poor,
to know that we have mads lage purchases;
availing ourselves of the immense and unproce-
UNIO * both popular and efficient as a newspa
per, and as a fearless exponent of the great prinois
ples for which the Democratic party have ‘ever
contanded, and which'are now so urhappily im:
peritlod. ; ;
Th’ Proprietors hate perfestod, fick. drénnge-
in the Diariond, and get a suit of Spring éid Sum-
mor Clothing at Reduced Prices.
“Hang the banner on the outer wail, .
“That the people may know where to call.
A. STERNBERG & CO. is the place to buy all
kinds of Mens’ and Boys’ clothing cheaper than
at any other establishment in this vicinity.
"THE WAR MOVEMENT is driving numbers
for Clothing, Hats, Caps and Furnishing Goods to
- NEW GOODS received every week, and sold
choaper thanever at
Bellefo ute May 30, 1261.
Sri a rE et rR ea
F. J. HOFFMAN; Letvistown; Pa,
Lewistown, June 13, 1861.
of different kinds.
Large and Smill Pad Logks,
AND, Bac
Against High Prices by
lows, Hames. &c.
Best Red, at 23 to 24 ets. por Ib. Farmers,
truth of the assertion.
Bellefonte, Juiy 12, 1860.-—~1y
every description and the best quality.
ML 'ICE and Rim Locks and Latches
PBOARD, Chest Box, and Till Locks,
, Grafting and Dannel Saws,
:. Bréad, Hind, and Chopping Axes, ;
BUTCHERS Cleavers and Choppers,
Drawing Knives, Hatchets, Chisels & Adzes.
AY, Manure and Spading Forks, Edge
Tools of every degirable variety. ;
ADDLER’S Hardware—a general assort-
ment and 50 ME cent.lower than an place ole
Makers’ Trimmings, Carpen.
ters’ Tools which can not be surpassed,
ICES, Anvils, Drills, Screw FP
Rasps, Pipe Skein, and Wagon Boxes.
Syren Springs, Iron Axcltrees, Bent
lates, Files,
ermine = | But the Sunny imposes other duties ho Gov- | warns Fun Oils, Glass and Putty, Coal Oil
Rotated 4 ment will demand and receive the willing sup- A 8 2 85. 4 ore s, Varnish, Flui :
. Reported for the Watehman.] POE of every patriot, in its efforts to AL A Best Duncauan, at $2.85, 3 kegs or more. and I ps arnish, I ei &e. L
Markets, 93 ; SUGAR, IL CLOTHS, Patent Leather, Rope, and
Bellefonte Markets. ational honor and re-assert the National author. Very Best Brown; at 74 ets. Vihio oc .avery size In thurdas
White Wheat $1 10:Brton..... 10 |ity; but the Froservation of Constitutional Lib | gy p yp MOL ASSES ! HOB A RRR: T a I Si ther kind
Red do......... 1.05;Bytfer... jo |erty rests more with the people than: with Con. |” "Best Penna. or Loverings, 50 cts. : Ie T9018, Bad ail ether kinds
Ryo : 45E. 10 | gresses and Cabinets. Vigilance and Unity are | pw ORLEANS, i iy Rett 12 ‘a well roguisted
Sor 40i Lard. | therefore specially requisite in the present junc- Very Bost, 40 ots per gal. Hardware Store. eo . w
Hd 25 Tallow... Ie ture. MACKERAL.”- ! Their stock is an entirely new one, comprising
Potatoes 75: It is the purpose of the Proprietors to make Extra No. 3. 39,50 per bil. all the leading articles connecte! with the Hard-
- “TRE UN ON in every respect a first 018 | GROUND AT, UM SALT, ware trade, and their facilities for purchasing
"TOGR HAVEN ADVERTISEMENT. |Loiios ot saree of tt vioh saci] | "0018 0 404 er Su rs
; + | the need of a bold and vigorous Metropolitan dai- 7 LUI h W10y heje. qeqls dense v 19.10 28;
ly; and no effort will be spared to A “THE BURNING Fed iD: from fifcy to one hundred per cent. lower than any
other establishment in the country, and invite
hanies, and all others in need of
Hardware, to call and satisfy themselves of the
/ 1
ments #8 will place the enterprise, froin the, be- it ok i3 1g NFP x
r | 00 ; sae » ; aoe OFFMAN'S . TTCN.,
| ginning, vpon a substantial business basis, with |="? ii a ith. Jerck be BE 2
abundant means tomake a newspaper second in HOFFMANS is the store for Blacksmiths. | §, T. SiverrT In the Connors Pleas o
interest and ability to no other mn’ the city; and : mye is the store for Carpenters, . Jus Centre ounty.. hg
o | While the paper will bo fearlessly Democratit, it HOFFMAN'S : E. 8S. FricH, No. 132 4pr. Term, 61.
© Then ra Tastion, 8 the denliion asd A fa the store for Saddlers. Al. Ejectment for a tract of land situate in the
We look to te DEMOCRATIC MASSES for | 1OFIMAN'S fie Sh : townébip of Rush, in the county of Centre, con-
support, and shall labor to make ‘ THF UNION "oe 3 ¥i is tho store for Tinners. taining three hundred and acres or thereabouts,
ge per He le iE LL I MAN'S 1s thio store for Builders. | hounded on the ngrfh and Birra lies
6 8 88 Jo Ei the east theast by a0
Jijsenage, SRT) Teuably und fearless Jour- For Bellows, Anvil, paints, Glass &e., &c., Sone ee of a] BE South
Pop A Fe relia da da tS go to He .. F.J. HOFFMAN. and southwest by a tract in the warrantee, name
TERMS Per Annum, Three Dollars, or sery-| CANDIES! fo dealets 13 cents’ per pound of Sebastiar. Graff, being part of a larger trast
ed by Carriers SIX CENTS PER WEEK
7 Orders should be addressed to *:.
May 10 61. °
Lewistown Pa.
JO. SLVERNS & €0i,
ner, of Philadelphia.
which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by
Iotter patent, dated the 6th day of April 1261,
granted and confined to Frederick Bates, scrive-
No. 13) South Third St, Phildciphis, Pa:
Bellsfonte, June 27, 1861+ -% °°
notice of the medical profession of this couniry
the Pure Crystalized Chloride of Propylamine,
and having teceived from many’ sources, both
from physicians of the highest standing and from
Most Flattering Tostimnials of its Real Value
During the past year we have introduced to the
patibiits, thie .
in the treatment of this painiul. and obstinate dis-
ease, we aro induced to present it to the public in
a form READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE, which | Old Fort, in said Township,
we hope will commend itself to those who are suf
he subscriber having pit the Saw Mill
at the Bellefonte Mills in complete repair,
and having his logs hoomed in the dam, is now
ready to furnish bills of SAWED LUMBER
on short notice, of any length not exceeding forty
By having the logs in the boom a small bill
of any length can be got out ard sawed in one or
two hours.
PLASTERING LATH of all sizos kept con-
stajtly on hand.
e will also Have 4 PLANING HfLE in!
fering with this afflicting complaint, afd to the
medical practitioner who may feel disposed to test
the powers of this valuable remedy.
ELIXIR PROPYLAMINE, in the foriii above
spoken of, has recently been extensively experi-
mented with in the
Notice ig hereby given that letters of
d all those having demands against said
Administration on the Estate of Adem Stem late
of Potter Township deceased, have, been granted
to the Subscribers, who request all persons in-
debted to said Estate to make immediate pe Jaen
And pow to wit : April 234, 1861, on Jotion of
D. G. i Attorney for Peff, Rule, granted on
Deft to appear and plea’ on or before next Term
or Judgment, notico to be given by publication
(describing the land) in one newspaper published
in Centre county for sixty days. :
Certified from Record this 3d 37 of Me A.
., 1861 _ JNO. T. JOHNSTON,
May 16, 1861.9
UP! UP! UP!!!
operation to supply carpenters and builders in| \wALK UP,
time for commencing building next season. Eh
Deo. 13, 1860-6m. ACOB V. THOMAS. TUMBLE UE,
OTICE. : ; Fart up,
Notice is hereby given that letters of LIMB UP,
Administration on the Estate of James Alexander, { RUN UP,
lata of Potter township, dec’d,, have been granted SKATE UP, -
to the subscribers. who request all persons in- RIDE VP,
debted to said Estate to make immediate payment RUSH UP
and all persons having claims against said Lstate IM UP,
will present them duly authenticated for settle; PL :
ment to John Alexapder, at his residence near CRAWL UP,
: FIRE UP, .
June 13, 1861. JOHN BOOZER. TAIL UP,
any way zo that you get up tg, ‘ I
Cheap Clothing Store (above, Livingiton's Bock
Store) in the Diamond, Bellefonte.
May 23, 1861.
PENNSYLVANIA HOSPITAL, > resent thom duly suthenficaled for asian] AUTION. i
. 23-6t. M. us
sd vith MARKED SUCOBSS (as wil apins| BREE 4 ii mt sei ai somes fom
from the published accounts in the medical four- TRAY STEER propery Li) a a] silo and let fs
‘3 1. bunds of Elias Henney, as ye chased the
halt) S '* Came to the residence of tho subscriber | wh iia stock ofg oods 4) chattels Sy havo loaned
IZ Ii is carefully put up ready for ininiediats
use, with full direotions, and can be obtained from
all tho druggists st 75 cents per bottle, and At
- ss the shoulders and one on the : ey
Whslerale of ‘ BR ; wth the lower part, of the belly and part of ISTS MA
BULLOCK & CRENSHAW, the hind fegs white. No other marks are visible,
Druggists and Manufactaring Chemists,
June 27, ’61-1y. ".. PuivADELPRIA, Pa.
Ayers Cathartic Pills.
. i d to be about 2 years old.
aad supposed to be Abou HAEL MEYERS.
te, June 27, 3t.
Ayer’s Sarsaparilla.
bout a mile and a balf east of Boalsburg, some-
Sein the latter part of Degember last, a Brindle
Steer, with n star on its forehead, aud with white
them to the said Elias
onney, subject to any, or-
une 13th, 1861.
ATERIALS for painting in White Col-
ors, Oil Colors in compressible, tubes, Var
nish for Grepian Oil Paintings, Silver Toil, Gold
Leaf, Gold and Silver bronze, Camel Sable Hair
Brughes, Paper, India Ink. superior English Pro-
And for Barra enty cure Of tie fullowimgicomplai te
Serofais miid Serofulous Afections, such
as ‘Lamors, Ulcers, Sores, Eruptions
Pimples, Phutnles, Blotcehies, Boils,
Blains, and ed Skin Disensen,
. Dy Ind., 6th Jue, 1569,
out in Ulcers cn wy hands and G00 5 Foelines jt
turned inward and distressed me atthe stomach. 1 wo
Fe go it broke out on my hed snd covered ny
and cars with one spe. which was painful ano Tonthsom s
beyond description. I tried tun y medicines anid sexeant
phiysiciuns, bat without umch relief frow any iis ti
fact, the disorder grew wore, At length I was edd
to read in the Gospel Messetgor (hut You hud prepniat
an alterative (Sursupnrillu), Flnew fiom yon repria
tion that any thing you made mst bo good. 1 sent ta
Cincinnati and got it, wind uscd it Lill it cured me. 1 took
it, as vou wdvise, in sual! doses of a toaspoonin! over a
wont, and used almost thiee bottles, New and Licalthy
skin soon kegan to form under o scab, which after w
while full ofl. My skin is now el d I know by av
feelings that the disease has gone fi 1¥ system. You
can well believe that feel whint Twin saying when T teit
you, that I Lold yon to be vue of the uposiles of the aga,
and remain ever gratefully. Fours,
ALLRED B. yalamY., |
St. Anthony's Fire. Hose or Esyhinelaa,
etter and Seolt iiheun:, Sealad oud,
Ringworin, Scere Eyes, Dropsy.
Dr. Robert M. Preble writes fro
Sept., 1359, that he has cured an inveterate case of
Dropsy, which threatened to terminate fatally, by tha
persevering use of our Sarsapar aud unlso u dungerous
Malignant Erysipelas by large doses of the same; says
ke cures tho common Eruplions Dy it constantly.
Bronchocele, Golitre or Swelled”Neck.
Zebulon Sloan of Prospect, Texas, writes : «Ihece tote
tles of your Sarsaparilla cured me from a Guilre —n hid:
eous swelling on tho neck, which I hal sullered fiviu,
over two years.” if
Lencorrheea or Whites, Ovarian Tumor,
Uterine Ulceration, Female Diseases.
Dr. J. B. 8. Channing, of Naw York Olty, write
most cheerfully comply with the request of voy gait hi
saying 1 have found your Sarsapariila a ist exceller ©
alterative in the numerons complaints for which
employ such a vemédy, i :
of the Scrofuloas diatl
1 have cured many inve
paint was caus by ulceration of the ulerus. The uleer
tion itself wag shon enred, Nothing within my kuow!
eds equals it Tor these female derangements.”
“Edward 8. Marrow, of Newbnry, Aln., writes, “A dan
gerous avarian tumor on one of the females in my fiunily,
which had ‘defied all the remedies we conld employ, has
at length been completely cured by yonr Extract of Sar
sapurillal © Our phy: n thought nothing but extirps
‘tion eould afford relief, but he advised the triak of yout
Sarsaparilla as the last resort before cutting, and it
proved effectual. After taking your remedy eight weeks
no symptom of the disease remning,”
Syphilis and Mercurial Discasc.
NEW Onreans, 26th August, 1563
Dr. J.C. Aver: Sir, 1 cheerfully comply with the re-
est of your agent, and report to you some of the eflects
have realized with your Sursapurilla,
T have cured with it, in my practice, most of the com-
plaints for which it is recommended, «nd have fund its
effects traly wonderful In the cure of Venerdel und Mer-
curial Disease. One of my patients had Ryplilitic nleers
in his throat, which were consifning is palats and the
top of his month. Your Srvaparilla, stendily taken,.
cured him in five weeks: Another was attacked by sac-
ondary symptoms in his, nese, and the ulceration hand
eaten uway a considerable part of it, so that I Lelieve the
disorder would soon reach his brain and kill him. But {4
yielded to my administration of your Sarsaparilla; tle
ulcers healed, and he is well ugnin, not of couse without
seme disfignration to his face. A woman who Lad been
treated for the same disorder hy mercury was suffering
from this poison in ber bones, They had become so sen-
sitive fo the weather that on a damp day she suffered ex-
cruciating pain in her joints and bones. ‘Sho, tco, was
cured entirely Ly your Sarsaparilla in uo fow weeks.
Know from its forinuja, which your agent gave me, that
this Preparation froma your Inboratory must be a great
remedy; consequently, these ti uly remarkable results
with it have not surprised me, } Apa enity)
Fraternally yours, G. V. LARIMER, M. D.
ee fo Flo 3a gto 4
Rheumatism, Gout, Liver Compl int.
INDEPENDENCE, Preston Co., Vay, 6th July, 1859,
Dr. J.C. Aven: Sir, 1 have been nfflicted wit): a paln-
ful chronic Rheumatism for a lung the, whinh Luffled tha
skill of physicians, and stuck to mb. in Bpite of all. the
remedies I could find, until I tried your Sariaparilla., One
bottle ciired me in two weeks, and restored my general
Lealth go much, tliat 1 ath far bettsr than before 1 wa
attacked. I think it a wotiderful medicine, J, FREAM.
Jules Y. Getchell, of St, Louis, Writes: “1 Lave lison
afflicted for years with an affliction of the Liver, ‘whioh
destroyed Biy health, I tried avery thing, and every thing
fafled to relieve me; and 1 Lave licen,a Lrojken<dows ma
for some years from Tio pther cause than Berangemont of
the Liver. My beloved pastor, the Rev. Mr. Yspy, advised
we to try your Sursaparilla, becanse hg raid he knew on,
and any thing you made was worth trying. . Ry the blass-
ing of God it his cured e,.and basso purified my bldod
as {0 make un new man of me, I fee! young again, The
Lest thet ean be said of you is not half ood enough.”
Schirrus,Cancey Tumors, Enlargement,
Uleeration, Caries and Exfolintion of
he Bones. :
A great variety of cases have beon repertad to ns where
cures of these formidable comphmints have resulted. from
the use of this remedy, Lut onr space here will not admis
them. Some of them may bo found ju ony American
Almayac, which the agents below named are pleased to
furnish gratis to all who call for them. ’
Dyspepsia Heart Disease, Fits, Epnilep-
: sy, Melanchely, Neuralgia.
. Many remarkable cures of these affections have been
made by the alterative power of this medicine. It stimu.
lates the vital functions into vigarons actiov, and thus
overcomes disorders which i La supposed beyond Its
reach, Buch.a remedy has long been required by tho ne:
cessitivs of the people, and we are confidep.t that this wili
do for them sll that medicine can do.
's Chery P I
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Hoarsenoss,
Cromp, Bronchitis, Incipient Con=
sumptign, and for the Relief
of Consumpiive Patients
in advanced Stages
of the Discase.
This ja a remedy 0 nnivergally known to surpass any
other for the cure of thioat and lung complsints, (hat {t
isu here to publish tho evidonce of its virtues. Ita
nurivalied exe lence for coughs and celds, and its truly
§ s 0% pulmonary disease, have wade i$
known thronghort the civilized nations of the earth.
Few wre the cov muniiies, or even fumilios, among them
who have ned some y nal experience of: its effects ~
some living Foophy in their midst of its victory over the
subtle and Gan cerbns disorders of the throat and. lunge.
As all knew the dreadful fatality of these disorders, an
ae they ¥. now, too, tho effects of this remedy, we need not
do mov” than to assure (hem that it has now all the vir
tues Fat it did have when making the cures which have
WOF, go strongly upon the confidepce of mankind.
Prepared by Dr. J. 2. AYER & C0., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by J. Harris & Co., Bellefonte, C G. R
man, Milesburg, B. I). Cummings, Port Matilds,
J. H. Heter & cq, Boalsburg, and by one dealer
inevery vitlege in the courty.
Prepared frof a prescription of Sir James
Clarke, M. D.. Physician Extraor-
ti dinary to the Queen. :
. This invaluable medicine is unfailing in the cure
of all those painful and dangerous diseases to which
the female constitution is subject. . It moderate
all excess aud removes all obstructions, and a
gpoedy cnre :
may be relied on, «
it is peertharly suited. Tt will, in a short time
bring on the monthly x v_ with regularity.
terfeits. To
These pills should not be taken by femalesdu
ring the FIRST THREE MONTHS of Preg
nancy, as, the: 2
but at any other time they are safe.
In all cases ofi Nervous and Spinal Affeotions
Pain in the Back and Limbs, Fatigue on. sligh’
exertion, Paipitation of the Heart, Hysterics and
Whites, these Fills will effect a cure when all other
means have failed, and although a powverfal rem«
ody, do not contain iren, calomel, antimony, or
anything hurtful to the constitution. 1
., Full directions el - paiehiet around Saek
ack: which should be carefully preserved.
P Sole A gent for the Tntted States and Canads,
S, 4
(Late I. © Baldwin & Co.,) .
any authorized Agent, will insure a bottle, gon-
ing 50 Pills, -by retusa mail: >
or sala by BB
t Bt
pared Canvass, &c., can % had a 3s ongan
| Bellefo15.'58-tnte, Apiilf san
| Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral.
ate eases of Leritorrhaea by it, and some whers the com
Euch bottle, price ONg Dorr aR, hears the Gov, .
ernment Stamp of Great Britain. Boware of coun
aresure tobring on Miscarriage
: Rochester, N. ¥. »
N. B.—$1.00 and 6 postage stamp enclosed to
Agent for Bellefonts .