Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, December 12, 1855, Image 3

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omm) of tho Dopamfitnlo Agr'} Sonicty,
Irnrrinburgnéepc. 12m,1855. }
Th 9 Board of Truatgus of tho Flu-moml
Iligh‘Schob} of l’ennsflvnnin met “my day
Members prcsoniz Gov. games Polloqk,
Jm’uéa (10mm, I’rcnidonl'of j’onnsylvinin.
Stale 'Agyiuultunll 'Booioty, Andrew G.
(jut-tin“; Sccm‘my of fine Oommofiwegltb,
Frederick WnlfgfllfimN. MoAlliuth-fiJhmos
Miles, Alfold L. Fllwyn,'A. 0. Heialcn
John Strnhm. nutl llobefl. C. Walker; ,
The Governor, James l’ellook,'in 'tho
chsir. , ‘-
Fredcriok Wettl from the Committee to
view eomin land: with 1 view to the loop
I lion of the Former! ,High School, mode
tho following"ro§ort : ~, ~
' Since the last meetinglof the Board, the} ‘
Committee by two ol’ their member: took
occasion to examine thol'fnrml of Mr. H.
Eamon, of Franklin county. Two 6! them
farms, wliigh lie near to the town of Lou
den, on tho I’itloburg turnpike, are situated
upon tho Cnnndoehcnguo creek, and each
contain about two hundred some of excel
lent limcslouo lend, well improved and
cultivated. The improvements are of
brick, undone tho dwelling: ond burns,
the; ore of the boat kind. ’ljhoaq {arms
are now worth sixty dollar“!!! -n°r¢'. " Up.-
£1366 bi? ‘iiél’rbirtlio‘ twin of London,
than! li a large nnd never failing spring of‘
water. Another form ol Mr.‘ Enaton'o
which he calls the Welford Form, is nitna. l
ted'nhout two and n half miles from Low ‘
den, and about the some dlutanoo from
Mérceraliurg, and on the great road between ‘
thoso'plucot. This ixo‘lzoontit‘ul flrllhfof l
two hundretl ond forty acres, shoot 0‘)?»
third at which is slaumderhid with lime-J
atone, one-third in limenonern'nd one-third ‘
of clny meadow land‘mxufllbnt quality.
The dwelling is a fine brick house and tho
horn in built of coHime-tono, This is :1
most doairnhlo property, and having-upon
it njv‘oryiarge and never failing spring of
limeston'érwntcr. erEnston does no pro
pole M‘givc 11l of this Wolford Form to
tho‘Ft'rm School, because he considers it
from three to five thousand dollars more
valuable than either of tho other two which
ho docs propose to grout grntuitonsly ; but
the citizens of Mercersbijrg propose to
moke up nnd pay the difi'eronce in value
between the forms, no that‘ihia Wolfqrd
Form msy be considered as offered to the
( Trustees gntuitously. Your eommittoc
nlso hog leave to report the following oom
'muuieolion mode to.thcul by Mr. Blnir : ..
~ IIUNTINGDON, Sept. Bd, 1855.
To the Trailer: of lho'Stulo Agricnllu
ml Cullrgo,»Gontlrmcu:~—l propose to
nonvoy to the Trustee! of the‘Gollege or
School aforesaid, for the purpose for which
the sumo was inoprpomtcd, a form oflimc
ntonclandnitualo in Dublin township-in
the county of Huntingdun, containing
nearly two hundred acres. This form nd-'
joins the road leading to Mount Union «in
tho Pennsylvania Railroad to (lhninbern
hurg, within one mile of' Slindu Gap, sov
outcuu “tilt-rout. of Mount. Union and
thirty west of Uhnuibcrsburgl About om»
hundred Ind thirty notes of it hro cleared
and cultivuoti, and About twenty of it me
meadow. The land in quite level. Lime»
Mono qulrrica are oponod on it in several
plooaa, and every port. of the. promim has
abundance of spring and running water.
This proporty is located in A very healthy
moral and improv‘ing neighborhood. This
form I propose to noun-x3O“ on candilion
that. the College Il'orcsaid be located than
on. DAV“) BLAIR.
The follnying proposition wu patio hf
Gen. Jnmu Irvin : l
To the Trustee: of the Farmerl' High
School of Pennsylvanin,——Gentleuen:—-
Tho nhovo diagram (sec letter on lilo?l r:-
proscnta one of tho tact- ofl-nd effort: 1)
mo sumo time since to the l’nmrn’ 11ng
School, and turbo Uommittgg nod those of
the Trustees who viutcd’the ground, thot’
it would be desirable to have n lnrgcr tract
rlmn two hundred some, I hove laud laid
off one hundrod acres on tho west And one
hundrod ncrcl on the out, making in nll
four bandied wrcs This tmct in tho, noo
ond one visitod by the committee, and lies
on the north sidc'ol' the public road loud-_
in ma; Donlrc Furnace 't9 the l‘onnrylll
vnuin Rnilrood at the mouth nf Spruce}
Crook, nnd distant from there about twen—
ty-oue miles. I proposo, on condition llu:
Institution be locntul on the above tract,
0 convoy to the l’nrmcru’ Iligh‘School ol'
Penna lvnnio in {co aim in, at any time
nl'tcrtlm location “lull lino been made
that tho Trustees may require, tho two
hundred acres included in tho black lines.
I also propoao to lease to tho Institution,
lftho frustccsdcsire it, the adjoining two
hundred norms for the term of tire years
from the first dnytof April next, at the rstc
of six hundrod dollars per year, with the
right to coll upon me at any timo within
amd term to convey the some to tho Insti
tution in fee simple, clonr of all incumbc:
rnnec, on the paymcut’of sixty dollars per
more, my twelve thousand dollnria, one—half
thereof on making the conveyance, and the
hnlnnco in two equal nnnuul [nymonu
thereafter. I will give the Trustees in:—
medium possession of the whole, exqept m
for us lhrtonnuta now on tho property 'msy
require possession to enahlo them to gath
in the present orgps.
‘ ' ours rel ott‘ull ,
The following gunnntoe was presented
by l]: N. MoAllistar: '1 _ F
To the ’l‘ruutoel, kc.-Gcntlcmen :—«
Whereas the cilizons of Contrc'nml Hunt»
ingdou counties have snbsenbod upwards
"of ten thouéuml dollars to the Formers'
High School of l’eunsylvnnio, on condition
that Institution be located on the lands
offered by Gen. James ‘lrvin, of Uéntro
county, and whereas, the responsibility‘flnd
_ ‘q‘lnding of‘ many of the subscribers are
unknown to the Trustees, we do horoby
finnMntéo [but the sum of tqu tho'umgd
o]!an shall be deflected nmj paid upon
and subscriptionfi'lto the Farmers {ligh
Sl-llool,'ngrnoubly to tho" terms {ln coudi-‘
lions llkue‘ruofi :
',JA,MES nwmmk
“4 ‘ ~ “A. G. CU‘I TIN.
Sept. 12th,’1855. , . l l
‘ Ob}. zElia}; Bohr, of Blair cqunlyfl‘lwing
pmaont, ‘proposed Show Lube Ifafmora’
High Flohool, upon condition the Ishm
fig}! b‘olécnlod- tLemo‘fi, two hundtog notes
3! land, mantel-about two miles dodihwost
omnobnu, Mr. Imm Colflyygll being
also presenhrpmposed on'bulmlf of tilt) cit- ‘
hang?! Blair county to givdlo tho Trua
tooa two bandied acres of luml~ in addition ‘
Ind 131$!!ng tho said land‘of’lfiiu 35hr, ‘
and in Idoition also to piy tfie' sum of ten
monitor! dollars, upon condition the Insti
tutloq’Mnted upon the said land of
Eliza Baker.
Mr. Onldwcll then offered the following
gulnntbe : '
Wu, the subscribers, horqb anntoo
to tho Trunks: ofthq Farmer-'{i [£lBoth
that tho numpf tan thouinnd (£o?!qu shall
be mined by subboriptién 9nd pick! to the
said Trusmos-‘one-third to be paid at the
time of the comb anco of the title to the
land of Elias Bnior, and the balance in
three cqunl Innuul paymrnts. . ‘
' (Signod,) ELIAS BAKER,
Frederick Watts offdtod the follqwing
Micah, H ’ ‘ ~
's?csolp«?,‘Tlrnt this adoption of tile pro
position ofGen. James Irvin-for the loo»
tion oftlre Farmcra’ lli lr School will best
promote the interests 61$ the Institution,
:ntl (hot the some in liorelty adopted.
The question being ran the ndoption of
the resolution, James Gowan‘ moved to
strike from the resolntllm the mmo ofJoa.
Irvin and insert that of Col. Elias Bnlror.
Tho question being taken ,onlAho-smend
ment,’ it 'wss decided in the negative. A.
L: Elwyn moved to strike from the resolu
tion the name of Gen. Jlmcs Irvin and
insert that at ILEnston, which ‘vns 'deoi
ted in the negative. Frederick ,Wltts
moved that the question be postponed for
the present, and that JomcsGowno, A 3 0.
Heister and'Jobn StrnLrth be sppaint d I
(iomniittce, whose duty it shall be to ex
nmino the lands proposed 40 be éonated,
and determine ”kick shell Bo adopted.—
The Question was t on taken on the motion
to postpone, nnrl diangreod to. Robert C.
Walker moved to strike from tho resolu
tion the more of Gen/James Irvin, and
insert tint of ‘ George A. 'Blyll’df-‘llich
motion ,vyns nlsoffléoiilod in the negative.
The question: then re nrring on the origi.
no] resolution, it: pngsel a ' ,
" Alfred‘L: Elwlu {rorrr tho ’Uommiuco
appointed u the lust mac-ling to selectou
rt'port upon a Principal {c' the Inatituti a,”
reported that the Committee lnd/ngrcgto
recommend Ohm-lo- B. Troy);
Frederick “Qua morchthnc' the Com
mmco beretoforn appointed an llm Inbjnnt
be instructor!l toaproouro ‘tho sériricea of
Charles Eyre/go as Principal of 5130 In
stitution}, In. a. salary not, exceeding fifleun
lnuyolrfd dollars, and HIM/in one he dola
not accept; to seek Homo other person for
tlxc.posilion. and which was Igrcod 'to.’
On molion, Frcdcrlck Watts, H. N.
McAllistcr and Alfred L. Elwyn wcnuflf
pnintml to procuro from Gen. June: Irvin
lllu litlu to tho [and proposed to be dm
Imm). '
0n inntion, it Wis resolved that Freder
ick Wm, H. N. Mainline. .ud June:
Milcq' be nppoinwd 1: Committee to not.
with the Pp‘ncipnl of the Institution in
mnking propantiou (or building and {qr
other purpoica, In}! that Moses Tnonippon,
ochntru Furmco. be "queued to net with
nigl Principal Ind Committee.
Cu méliun of James Gov-n, Frgaorick
Wnlu was unnnimoualy elected President
ofthc Board of Truétcel. ,
Frcdocick W-tta presentgd the following
resolution, which, on motion M Jlmoa ‘
Pollock, was agreed to: l
Rook-ed, 'l‘hnt the Truck-a ofh tha
Fumcn' High School of Peouuylum'l up
prccisto with I high degree of {nor tho
cnntributnona which have been undo to
practical science, M it may ho applied to
commerce and navigation, by Licut M. 14‘.
Maury. of the United States Navy, nnd
that his gem-mun olfur that tho influonco Qf
tho (lovcrumcntbo extended to enable him
to prosecute the cam-o inquiriqg for the
helium of ngrinilltoxc, meets with our moat
onrdinl npprobnglon. V ' ? ' ' ,
On motion, it was resolved, that tho'
President of Um Bond [)0 dircmd‘ to pre
puro n memorial to Congress representing
tho wishes of this Bond on that subject
The following it the memorial ngreod
upon :
Té (he Senate and ‘lsqu q’fl Reprmnéz
tivca composing the Copyrm of (he
Um’lcd States.
The memorinl of the Board of Trustees
of the Farmera’ High School of Pennsyl
vonia relpeetfully reprerenta, that they are
deeplfv impressed with the idea that the
excel once of our political institutions and
their permanent security depend mlinly
upon the intelligence and consequent vir
tue of the people, that the minisition of
knowledge and the progress of loienoe and ‘
uufulnrta no entitled to tho fosteriqg care
of the Govermueut, and that thn‘eu‘o
should extend to the egriculturilt :- well
an the merchant and mariner. We, there- l
fore, look with the highest degree of inter 1
out and desire to express the liveliest feel
ings of approbation of the practical and
beneficial results which have been already 1
l attained for the benefit of commerce and 1
l navigation thiough the instrumentality of
‘ our oflieorn. \ We, therefore, pm your
honorable bellie‘b to make such adilltionnl l
appropriation of means no will enable the
otfiificnt oflicer who hue the subject in ‘
'ohar e to oxtomlhia observations t ugh- 4
out the oountryahd luviiq the 00-0 tien l
of other dountries, that meteoro ogieal l
T.“ 1
' ‘
observers I'm-V' nut. in concert. lh nughoh“
the christian Kwurld, and establish a gym")
for “no land auolrfl’hus “flmdy bmmdis:
covered fun-11m Eon“ ' -: -~
Qn m'nlinn of John Strohm, t‘wu ro~
solved, thnulm Umuks of llniéllionrd bu
tendered m u“ tlmsa'iho'lmvo #blibcrally
proposed to aid in {he catnbliohfncnt of “IO
Farmers High Schoo'l‘of"l’onqsylvnnin.
On motion, Um Board ndjnnrnod. '
, ' “'ROBT. CTXVAJJKER, Hwy-q;
lflnn‘ist‘mrg, 0530.. 20th;‘1855.
Latest [’oer News.
wa Your, Nov. .80.~—'|f_bo uteumaMp
Atlmtio, from Iliqgrpool, with «inlet to
Satan]: tho 17th inn, arrived It. her
whurf (Kin evening at 9 o‘clock. ,}
The latqal dearnlohea from the seat of 1
ur reg-on ofiicinly from Lord Sm'fl‘m-d
Redo“ e, a victory gRiMd on thé 6th of
November, by Omar Palm, over I forcoof
tenthopsnnd Russian, mostly Georgian
Malitin‘, at the rivar’lngouf. which Gina;
Puhn, with the Tun/in, 20,000 atron on"!!!
mod 1,! four difl‘ercnc points, taking 05 pris- ‘
{oncrnythrod gum, and Cnusin a loss of
400 in killed and wounded. Em Turkish
loss is 300. ’ I
A pvivnw dunpntcli which evidently rc
rm to the some encounter, says the Turks
crossed the river at tho soaportofiAusklin,
sud stormed the Russian redoubla, nftvr
which they pushed forward towards Kutn
is, distant. sixty miles from Annklin.
Therein nothin new from the 0""th
852 th armies uro'wfiixiiitfi-iwupici in but
ting, prqparing for winter. ‘
A déauflory fire is kept up‘ begin-on {he
north and south sidp of Scbutopol nrfil lhu
fortifications of had: aides am being nug
mentcd. ‘ " . ‘
Tho Intent, dates by' Holler arc to‘ Ilm 8d
of November. Tbe'hnlhdl' was fine. '
Count ancrski has been appointed to
raise and command a division of Cossacks
and L’ules fur {ho British service. ‘
Rumor} of fienco are cxlremclyl prem
{cnt but. va ue. ‘ Diplomnqv is active, as
pecinlly at. gtockholm, Vienna and Brus
llnumx, Dee. fi.——=Tho steamship A
merica, from Liverpool 09 the 24th ult.,
arrive here today.
The” oomspoudcnco fl'om the allied camp
on the Tobernnyn is to the 10th afiNoverm
but, find relateaaololy to the butting of the
armies, the [lg-aim and tho Allie: being
both the’n under cover. ‘
Letters auto that the town of Murlonh
pol, on the north coast or the sea ot'lAiofl”,
was bombarded by the Allies 0q,.41fc fillet
of getbber. Ono hundrefi’fihelln «we
thro u and the town not on fire, till Aus
trian merchants hoisted the Austrian flag
om the Warehouse-mlwn lb; lirillg ceased.‘
It was rumored that Gmeml‘ “'rangle
meuaecd VMnlliod position at the Straits
of Ye; ikalc. ’l‘lm Allies lmd, however,
30.0% man there, and expected to be re—
’mfor'ted by 15,000 ‘
Admirals Dundu and Pannud, with
their fing—alnips and part. of ‘lllo flpcl, Me
in the Bay of Kiel. -A steamer h'doujled
to watch for an Ambricun cljfipur, supposed
who in the Baltic with a cargo of l'ujul
vcm '
Respecting Cnnrobert‘a mission to‘SWe
ilen; We‘hne only a Parjs rumor. but the
rumor is importantrnnd is as followe;Tlmt
terms ofn militnny convention are agreed
t 6 : that" Sweden mll furnish a contingent
to Act with the Allies, nexupring, if'fu-tcc
bo'not previouply restored, and that an ar.
my of French, Engliah nnrl Swedes will he
sent to (lourlund to form: l’ruhsla and Am
trim to declare tlunnselvenfn furor of the
Allica,—-nnd in return for her alliance, lhe
Alliua will guarantee Finland to her. _
Sumo" of: dinposition on the part ol
the Ruuinn Government to, make the firsl
advancel to negotiate for pence, eonlfiauc
ao preqil” I _
Mensa. Iliolnnlaon, Spence 6; Co report
brl-Ddunfi'l M hvin Ilightl declined.—
Wbcnt in About 2d.§owbr. Fleur 6d. and
Corn 6d. The westhar bu been quite fi
wonhlo.” ‘ ' ‘“"‘ ‘ '
Tho provision who! cloned utudy,
prices being Itifl'er, but not quoubly high-
Egcitihg Néw- From Kama s.
ydpplicaliou (a (he Presultnlfln troop:
‘7 ' Sr. Lathe, Doc. 3 1855.
, Advicesl i'ocaived from Kama state that
Governor Shannan bud telegraphed to the
PFclident in reltlion to tho illwatqning as
pocc of shun, stating Rm. a flame of 1000
men Ind Irti 71 3mm town “Lawrence,
and rescued/life ringicndcr in the nltnck
upnn Mr. (Idicnmn, of Hickory Point, who
lmd been taken prisnncr by Sheriff Doug—
lua. ’l‘hu mob burncdu number of houses
and other property.
Governor Slmunon has requested the
.Pmlidcut to orfirvtba troops from Furl
lLeavenworth to aid mflho‘lgxooutiou of the
awn. -
1 Dcspntobcl from-Waugh announces} the
Humbug news from Atchison,lhnttha froo‘
State omccmhnd tnkon possession of im‘
porunt papers. ‘
An Attack upon Alchib’on was nmicipa—
End, and a rcqucnl had boon aano Wanton
‘fur 50 armed men to aid in repelling the
man". /" _ x
‘ ‘1 " Wunmar‘on, Dec. 3g
Tho Nulionnl‘b'm’lltymwr confirm. the
reports received from VKansna. Tho dth
spate): from Gov. Shannon making a da—
mand fur tmpa m received by President
l’icroo yeswi'day. {lt in stated that civil
war was threatened and “aqua-Md rompt
mislnnw. The immediate transforofaroops
from n“ the ncarost pasta ma unnamed
by telegraph by the Praaidont. M '
UT'chnsiu wii‘nd on the Ambrici'm quak
tipn.—N. Y. Exfrma.
’l'oxm; has bu lawfully elected elected a
Dcnuwmiiv gnwrnm’f: roturncd n Ih-mm-muu
qungmnuiumij dvlugation : chosen a. “cum
rmt‘m h-gmlnmm. which-hm) just returned in
Dumbt‘mlic (Luiu'd Status Senator. The Ex
pl‘vNSifiH rightw“ Tum; is sound on the
American quuntmu.”—Allmuy Argus.
[l7’l‘ho «touch of the Niagara rixcy, under
the bplfipcllsh’ll bridge. it is csfiumtmi to be
seven hundred fuct. This in deeper lhnn any
utilt‘r rapidly running ntrcnm in the world.
Ufi‘i'l‘ho other- day a. Imm Wm: flmml
mounted on n ladder with his lip“ pressed to
the mlcgmph ,inos. Ho was kissing his
wife H by telegraph.“ - ‘
BAILROA D Mi'll‘l'i'l‘tG I, iN‘ ["AVtili
on Irina Nl'l'TArY’RUU'l'l‘T- v . i in, .
At i 1 meeting of tlui ilituns (If Nitlnny l' " ' ' "’T ’ i 7‘
. - , ‘l. in t'nnnuxM‘nox.~—Tlm ludln oldie boron hr
Vfliieyuiifiid M the M 313“? high?“ Home, R'thyfl runin to i‘oqm‘nd to every movement tcfidf
near 1 al‘lbUl’g! in Hinton bounty, on in“ 1.; HlO 1,‘\.,,M..,..m‘ [mum m 1 impmdtdrmtii
Th‘llml‘y ““c'lmgy‘ NP" 1855.) Ar I". of .lsollel'imtul presented nnmt-lwmfll‘ul lilllhiml
1 BEST. EN}, was nppmllwti i’rc‘sldent,‘ nlldl ting 30 tho ilu‘lll‘flil’fllifnll‘ l‘mlrrtfimmy (Emu/1y;
‘ JOHN LEIDY and BSLOMON li. Tlllmtl'rum, unilvr tho toinmnuil of Captain 1L 1) Curinnlngl.
‘ Vice “residents, rm Jag. lentpxoii, Séca.‘l‘i‘u.lirvvcntntion look [limo on tho lutfii‘at, from
i “3k"!- . ‘ ~ 4» ‘ ; | Ilia lnilouny in fl‘flllitlfnle Pennsylvania lible'i, and
i On motion a committee was Fppointcdiw‘" '“"_°"*°" W H Imm mml. Brfl-m "m
‘i to prepare resolutions 'nxprciiaire of [IIO I [irrm-iitulmn, thv troop. nndrr tihnrrnl Buclintnui,
‘ "mm of "m meeting. The fOliOWillg PR- 2:3l‘2‘3‘l'lm' t‘l:rli‘ir{;h tlu- llrinolphl‘ Mme“, nnil
iumblo nud'reuautipns were reported 1—- I Mitn m“ I‘m“ mm film"), ”mine”
‘ . ' , 1 , . , nflrr ulncli‘thoy rm drawn .up in fn of the
i “Ham“?! _.|‘th mrotlng ulidcrltandsgt i’vnmylruntngflohel. The mnovnuiliotli animating
i “m" m" l "Md‘ifi‘ “‘a M'ilnlgarfl 0‘ ”‘3 nml linen-Minnow {ill long In) rcrnt'mhi'n‘tl liytlio
‘ [100" Have“ and I'm“) mum“! Oomfin- troop. Upon tho huloony- my noticed thdrfllrni 1.5.
by seriously contemplaw'r survey on .30 lturmhlo,wlio wulnrmundcd iiyunnfimioium
route through Nithuy-Vplie this way {Mr daughter» or llellofunto. The cenmouyofprc
of Beilafonte,_(}chtm (,‘ontl , and notwith- Fouling lho‘ilng Gnu conducted liylitiv.hurinr. no.
standing the very able lint] ihfiomhic re. fans delivering the gift he indulged in some very
port of MI“. hfoMinn all to thu‘Btiidtltin lo] "PPl’t'l'Yiuto n-mnrkii. rerflndinz {Wery‘nolilhir pm.
route, in; beliora tho Nludu‘y ionic wing)” Ft‘nlliml it in. no ordinary Intitivamillch imlnbcd
found quite no favorable for constructing ii ”I” '"dh'fmi’" wa’m ',“"“'°)' “.WW' “‘3’
"mm”! ; Ind these with ow" comic,” “zero their wlvca‘ti-uid dniightcfi'. mine to honor thy:
tiona will'wo hope influence the company iiiitlriiiii :"ild'" ""h'm’ "ml“ mmu’fwnm 'l'“
to decide in our in: r,’l‘licrefuro, mm” WEEKS?"”I:2S:3S 'IOII'I‘I"":""M :13?
li’cxnlcml, That (iii! "mating rcapccti'ul- iiinv «rid iiiliiut to 14,2013} ’ilii'iii w]; rib“ll‘lll:";
irufgu’yphh ““3 Y'fmflel“ Mid Other 809‘ itiihllfiio [denim-of contidi‘nci- Whirh tlioyvnnhl ofl'r‘rx
l omen "' authority "3 u'q matter, the pro- The Judgq inndt‘roin’c (-ioquont npponln in helm” of
pricty of aorvaying the Many route err: the Ivrem~rwttinn at ”in Union; and concluded by
the; determine on n fimd lmmtion. handing the cvvluri to Captain (i‘uiniiiiitzi _
i’cwlvml, 'l'lint, having in view the “9(71e ti. “wimp. Err] ,nn illt‘ )i'lrtnl the ilm;
(grant advantage it would be to Niuilny, g'mnm Implied tanilgii Burnt-hip llt‘ M/flu’t‘tilibtl
Sugar, ”run“ and.fcn", Vuiiey'a,'we Wiil thr'ihmon thin tithing no the undign rtjiiniiiri! in
‘nttcnd n gcncrnl mass meeting, to [,O held their lurxlmlinnz‘llirynonlilrinailtlnin ii7/i,.,,,,,nm.
in Salem m. n uhlorshurg for the purpose Inlhml, rind its glory \iritnriiirhod,niiivrifullrul upon
’ “f: mm? f H ndcrstundlog the \‘iCWI and .to httlut‘ fnr freedom. or in defame (ifvliherty. their
l Wishes ”(kapnny « . lrrnuliluLltng should be an inuentiru to noble iind
levm’r"’l‘hfl comma or mung 1:31: mii“.§£.'l.§l"£3.l.2:l23:s3Affili‘lf’nlfii
at“! Power bcmg “o°?“th ‘o' “m 3.“ ft mul- ’ he ler‘Vn,lH' thr- Bimtru Dragoon! milk-ii into aetivn
m" o‘s" ‘l‘uc'l 'mflgmmd‘ey Will] i!“ over-i. ruriicé It'ut if itnhoulillw fll‘Cl‘llnl’] for tho any.
towering intercqts! "0 I!“ (it). all _wo can ‘1 "nor of tho State, nr'llio l‘rm-idi-nt'of tho Unltt‘d‘
to aid the cntcrprge and hwliltnlo 118 com- strum, um." upon them" to defend "it mm, the
pletion. .. § - V , hm'fth-i-tuncni raid the fll‘oflitil‘siflf cur vim, (7m
Wucgl' Thu. John S.'Fursl, A_ ‘l]. written, our daughter: with“ mothers. "will ever
Best and Geo. Hartman ho a committee to "”m ""M‘l'" 5" "“5159“ to MW!“ ‘0 ‘hflenllti
invite the President and others to attend i "“"m ’W“"“lv 9mm """d "i" ""Mdrfln.
the mugs ineoiing‘l to be held in Snlonu or l'iiin “" ‘fi‘l':/l:“,,i"dl°:f:“ 2': ”1:9 'rlfihh'n" "WW
' '"l W ever i on I!!! nnti \irtory nhnlli
‘hliiizirc‘yngli-ithd rooecdiii s of thisi-h?"°l‘”°‘°““l“"Umi "Rum m'iwnkcr m
_ ’by d_p h Log ‘ lhgpp’y In his niliinlifnsfn the rcinlirhnol' Jiiilgo “urn:
meeting b 0 p“ [Blm "l i a 01‘ “‘ch flda, and “Minor Mquntul him" croditnhly.
“m! Beut‘rf’nw P'Peni.!m' "In“! {3301' Amrr “mot-minoiiicn Q": tmpa rem («mind in
“It! rcspocttyo (Milton '1" DO'CDEIUC |0 llillc, mid inureheilto the pariulr ground. whdro
our thunkg.‘ . A4l B ‘, 1),. ‘I :::t)(‘ll‘:lll;‘ti’uil‘ nl‘.\'nil’)’ drill in the pruning
I“ 1 . . E 8 i, u . iy pur on of b llllllptllOllH input at the lmum (if
immizm “smm WM W“ WM "w W» or
Rumors hnru pass into L'll'cnilllltlll to the ""U‘K 1""?in but turn thin the many”. m. om
etioct- tluit the l‘r "hint has nuthnrisril the "r s‘") (“9""5‘7 "W. W”, ’"kamt
'einploymcnt‘ mu ii of the United States
in the To ' or 'of Rum; to, bid the loci—d
uutluptrfi-x in the exocutjon of the hum. No
ism-ii authority hurt been gin-in, ln only; to
lillOW’T'ltlt‘liy ulmt hriii'liiim‘iiri-il, vw have
uhtnincd permibsmn to‘pnhlis i thi-l‘nlloning
do intrhm.
' “1' . 4 “:mrmn'r. (M 0.,) Dev. I’, lh’fiz'i.
i nosirmuthnritf to hall on the [7- S.
hirer-ii nt IA-nvriiwort i to preserve the peace
or this 'l'vrritm‘y, to protect the Sliviitl' of
lhiiiglnu‘i-oim‘ty. and mahio him to (mu-lite
tho lvgtil inner-w in his linnds. it the hum
am not cm‘utml i-ivii war is inevitable. An
nnnml form-lot (me thousand nit-n, \iltli all'l
the iinpli-nu-nla of \vnr,.it is said, am at
Lawn-lice. 'l‘hny have rem-nod n prisoner
{min ”in alioritt'. [innit ilflusgk,nilti tliicut
i-iii-il the lives or citizcnnu luinn-iliiiii-ns
simmer in desired. This i 8 the. only mums
to save litmilslivd. Pnrtnnilnrs 1:) until.
, . \ \Viuiox SHHHHLV.
y, ' Wmulixnmw, “CC. 3, 185.6. J
Your dysratch rm-civod. All the parser i
vthrd iii tn: Hittx‘utivr “ill lictxvrtuit in
prom-n}- nrdvr nod gnt'nn‘e thiglnux ()n
the n-oi-ipt of your lrttcr the (ln‘illlllllfll'y
iiii~:i.siirc.~: llt't‘t‘brlll‘y to be taken hut‘oii- (“all
i'iignnt troop" \iill he promptly (‘\'t‘(‘lllt‘(i,
and you WI“ then be fully iv‘lvist‘d.
FRANKLIN l'iniuut.
It is to he observed that the [in-sent i-i tliu ‘
timt ix‘riLsi'un on uhieh tlu- intcipmi ' n “M
l’iusiih-iit has ifl‘t'll invnkfiil in r.-rt-l%i.‘-.- tn ‘
all) dilliuultyuixiug under the Inn t'ui this
ammunition of the u-rriloriea of Ni«liiii.-.L;‘
mid Kniis'iw. In hint, their liux llt'l'il gimit
Illifx'l’l]lpl‘t'ilt‘lh‘iioll iii ”in lllliiiil'lllllltl in to the
Powers; of the i‘kt‘t'utii'e i 1 thin rclatinn.
i‘huuc powers lI’C htriitly defined by law,-
nnd Vc liiiiituh Under the uninitltution,
it in trig, the I’m Sllh'nt iii to take cure that
tho laws - fuithl‘ully oxeeiinl : but the au
thorit ' a thin mhjcrt 'H to he eniiutnml in
nuliord'in tinn to the pmvitmi of the Wm“.
tut'um, which «it-clams that gums” him“
have ‘power. to pminli- f‘u' lug forth the
militia to execute the l ws of the l’ninii,
suppress insurrectinm, arid rcpt-l iiivuinns.
Accordingly, Congress littt i'nwctcd limit Ap
lplicnhle m term» to thi‘ ii-iinlmgl-noy of in
iiurroction in mlfi' Suite ugainnt the gnu-ril
rmint tlierml'. ‘hl' prom-in ratio is one of
i ri'ninlam‘o to the llnrw of tho Trrl‘ilory. that
of Ruin-s, tn which the nmu rule of Action
‘iippiit-s. hon HVt‘l', N 1 in tho case of y State.
fin consulcrutiun that by the nut of Congrt'bs
orgnni'uiig this TCI’I’IIUI‘), as well mi Ollir‘rd,
it iii pmVMl'ti that tho i-mi‘ititiition, iinil ull
iliiws M the Unitul Status Willt‘ll ll‘t‘ not 10~
‘mlly iiinpplimlile, hllllli hurt) the same force
iiiid ull'ci't Within the mud i‘cri'itniy of Knn~
NM its else-whom within the United Sillt‘fl, ‘
with me‘ptlflll of n single cliiniie of Mi Mi ‘
not mntcrinl to the tint-Alton. Amunnni: thix. i
‘ then‘, the statute pi‘ni'iii‘innn'l‘lht- “A". of 1795 ‘
‘il, tlint iii cum ot iniiuirir'tioii in any Stutv,
‘(or Territory.) it shalt in" (In fut for tln- Pre~ ‘
‘flitit’nt ol‘ the United States, on upplirntion‘
'of the ltginlntum thereof, or of tho (“Ct‘llLl‘U‘
iwhi‘n tliu li‘gmlamn: Cnu'lllL lu- (’lllHl'llt'll, toI
icnll forth such number of the militia of any i
‘ other State or Stiiti '4 M utny he applied for,‘
or (who may judge Mlmt‘it'nrm i‘i-pron-l such
inuur'hw‘tion. lty :i iiulm‘qui-nt nfl—Jhflfof‘
1807 ~rit is provided that In all How. of “hi
surruction or obstruction to tlfliiw-i of any
State or Territory Wheru it is lawful for the]
President to call forth the niii'n'in, for Hint
purpose of Hupprrssing such illfltl‘n‘t'tll)", oi ‘
of hunting the hgwi to l); duly executed. itl
iihnll ho lawful fur him to employ {or tilci
inc pur mat-x Mil‘h purtnf the liiiiil or naval
F 3111) of the United States pi alinll Ill‘ 'tnlged
liccefi‘tdry, liming limt observed rd‘ the pro
rcquisiu‘s of tho law in that respect. Among
the pfk‘i‘i‘qlliflihffl lii-re rein-mi to. it in w: it
understood, in tho issno of ii. pmelmnntinn
comnuinding the insurgents toilispcrsc iiml
retlro pram-ably to their Napcctivu uhodt-s
within it liliiited time. Tliu'pmclnmntiuu
must undoubtedly [in-node tliu MW!“ me of
tho military force, but not net-emaiin the
mcauiircs requisite to prepare and warnnblo
it in order to enforce obedience to the pm.
elumntton. ' ‘
It in further to he ohservod tlutt the pre-‘
sent, in no for as tho fucti A or, is ri-sisty
nncc, not to rany luw of ilwmiiitcd Slutvs,
but to a law of the Territory, and the power
of the President'ifi “matrix! the flinnoi'tlinit
in tho hitter 0M0: for it' nlrstrnétiou tn nn‘
not offhngreau wore ini'uli'vil, thi- Innrnlml
of the 'l‘vrrit‘ory might wanna" the imam
cmutnlm to mil him in limintnining his iiiiu
thority—«vtlmt is. the entm' nopuintioii of tho:
’l‘crriwry. But ilt‘l‘t‘. the Luv to he t‘xct‘ute-l ‘
being one of tho 'l‘cn’itnrf, Ind the minis-J
tor-ml olh’ct-r the shorili' Uf-«b country "b
-th'mi; regarding it (‘llll ho dono'hy the Pro-
Miduut Illitii his interpoiutnm be invoked for
tho emergency of iiwuirixxtion, And at the
drill either: of the legislation Or the Vernor'
of the Territory. in the former $350 that
Pmsidclig‘lptghlrgivo direction. but in that
latter ho Gannon—v— War/iingtmtvuion '
Nrmwmn anu‘. “'nnx ——Mr H A (Him-n
(I! Lock llnvon, mliuilnllm pnlmmugc' of in“ pun-lulu
winking to adorn the gun-l of their :lomrlrcl min.
lives and friends with a suitable (antimonm hr llu-ir
n-flpecl, in Hm wly ul' 0 monnmrnl or (01111» no
culul in the mpfl. nrlmliu wlylu of nculplurv, nml on
the heat qunfi'y of mnrl'vh- “r thstn hm- lmurhl
the \ nlhnlxlc infirm-.1 01' Mr Llnnlig. ulmuc acknowl-
Mi‘mal nbilhy u n wulptnr nfwupcriur talent: by ml
film»! by not, ono Inn lug n (utt- I'or tho fine «flu,
who.“ «harm: of his csdelinhmcnt. Mr 1) has
morn-« Lin Ihmlthurgn l nmnumcnl nu‘r tllu rrumim
uf “Mill Uncle. 15‘9” which munimmlv the ndmim.
(ion or ou-ry nnv wlm lucbolnln it TM 1111;!“ it prlu
migmu wen! “Muir-l (u h.“ (lilmtm, nl. Ru: Ccntn
C-yunly Fair Wu ink ml hum-flu Iu lpmtk mum
n! mug! h in n-lnliuu lo the prmlmtiqnl at (In; éamh»
Luur ~Thc following is u “3th cusu trim! at
”no Nun-mlwr Torn: ‘ .
Jump.- M lmmlnfrs “in. Smith Verdict for
.1. fund-HIV, (“hem 05 , ~ '
Jnmcu mu! lliclmnl‘ Fax u Jame: Llpu, 6 AK.
\'crlllct furllufcmiwu " ’ _ -
Imngt'm-‘ckcr, U rlhb h CO. H. A‘. “flu-IM. cl a 1
Fuigued imam.- \'unlicl for lilnhlllfid.
“'1 Hum Mtonlfon to Hm mlmflim-mrnl at Mr
l‘mk. who bun Again apcuod the "Non in tho mull»
and 0! Nu: Cmm‘d "omm Wu in" Icahnl his
nlnllfiu m n cnkrc and know Hm" (n be cqud‘ to
11w bud ~uhile lhfi’kn‘hxuflus which he cuuz'imnlly
km W on hum], um nuflivicnl to n-mpv Hn- umwmc
"f lilo Innsl‘l‘qd'nliuus cp'u'nfl‘ hin' him n mll
M Munch nu. Slwuu. Ibo “cnzngwl.” ur l-ngming,
wlm nro unxluul lo pmcum a fulllll‘ul and vlngnn
“finned, nl lho mullet! nany n! llmllr‘y, “nlllll J
wall 141 on." 1):: Mr. qulmrt. in llmhrlwlr 3 Row l
hound llama uh dupumtypua no [IN-ml. ‘
fly uumpctcnt judges, In b 0 cqu.“ In In] ymdmcd
by Qua but upcnwn in our largo silical
1m Tumult Doconnu-v will Ihoflly’bdmmcme
n neriunl' lecture: in thin bpwugh, (m the nuhjccl
of Chemim‘xy ' Thu will he 5 rich (NlL—nun! vu
hopc that the ”9mm Wm be fullnwcd by other It
\s ccnulnly‘ufill tho‘fant «f ulenl deprive: as of
a counc nl' lmlurcd on all lulg’oulr, during thu‘lol‘;
wink: cvuninxb. -
Tun PARKIII;I mould lunar in my»! Hm Danie)
Durr in now mnmlfmlur'ulx I mm flht‘llillk w.u.lnm
that. goes nhcnd a! any Ihing’ no bnvvmtcr‘finmemul
in tho way nf duckling It run! (Mk-r. llxulh more
our“, soul: has, and lulu longer (bun my uuchlno
mr gotten up.
W 2: “(Inn nu r. n lawn ulmk~and as man In
the court Imam: iw flnishml, it will be plncml In Mic
dunno, than in mark “.16 pal-h; W" It wm mu
8680; half of which hu b'cen ndau‘d by anhmri'»
Hun, Councils having prum'lsod to Hupply Lho bg',
WP. murmu- um um our friend Somb‘xk 1n-
Lnndkmminpgnucmiwmkry (might Ml'l‘jmucn‘or In“.
on Um hlJll lwtwm-n \h‘ll bumug): W pl Willinmqmuv
m nl‘n‘fiuuclu llio cukuprix wnll meet, Mn, ‘1".
urns. grout amass ,
Dmuxr. rulgnggfigmg an mg m illllnnjleglV'f
l‘ n. \Vll'qn mu wry {lam-1y nuvcmly ind-Amhiy
hung lhruwn firm hi< hora ~ llu Lucalml, hduu'lér,
mm a llfuiud (not... ‘
J (Thanh: Gouno‘t, Esq , of Churfihlxl dounty
mu! mlmii',ml w pmctlon u an (gum-no, in um um
and (‘ ami‘ of. Centre counly. '_ ‘ ¢
R’7‘Attentlon! Centre Dmgoouabfll‘he
(h-uulru Drnauium mu mquvslovl to Meet in I'll" uni.
6m“. for Dull nvnl'l‘ ”II; Town of Huhlorn- ‘
hung. on TUESDAY, the In any of {ulnar}, 1856,
m. 10 u'umkA.M. _ > ‘ ‘
~ IVA Unntl Mllilnrf‘nn." will be Kin‘l tn Um
Conqmuy in an ovumnxm’ MM «lay A full Mum!-
Inrn‘lvf uwnulwln i 4 mqm-slml A _ “
By unlm uf mu Unptn‘u. ,u' ‘
duol') ANTHONY (“MINI-111. 0 b"
CHEAP «mum, on“ ma- 7“
\Vlm 1m jun! malvul from l'Mlmlclpmu‘ah-rgo
nml Impulilul glwk ul‘ ”mull! cunnifliu'f uf |ha "mat
fushimmblu hm“ (hyulu‘for flame! nn Umflcmnn,
such M Frmwll Marlin-u. Airman, Par-Mum- Ullflh,
l‘urnmn Clo‘m, Delxllnr‘n, Du wan, Hula, l’rintnof I“
duwfipti-m, Mm» Cloths, Dnmimom Plain and
Funny L‘qushwtn, leinxadnu n hugqu, of up.”
'l'riunuingfi. llnllnnl. llih ml, Ulufl‘fl, Mi"! Wllol
lm "ml Comm "mu-Iy, and A variety ur I’4NUY
(HIGHS 100 uumvmm tu nmulinn
( Plum...“ at an kllldi‘. 6mm”. ulvmfifd mg “11- ‘
Illumhvtl Muslim, 'l‘iclnin'w, Chl‘cki, (h I‘vlumu, M
' Abujum-urinwnf nll kin-ls, Haw Ind (‘npfl‘ noon
and Nun”, “nrnlwuru mul lnm..Qlwemvfi;n'. Muck
-4-H Tum, ”.wkth and u" “with lmmlly kept in n
' doJulx} nwl‘l' .
' ' (DUNN-ZR '
All kinds (7!“ Lumbar fm mlo M n n-nwnublo
prlm- ~ “
BC‘lufimh», w w. u‘. I
lii'v in I. mk llxnvull.!fi. A GIBSON ntllloflfl
(hum! h «up l hun (rmlauh MhtH worth of Mn hm“
fiful nuinhil Mnflglu lbmugh By. In“ "I Cvmtm
o»de ”m uroélglju was ushl'ino M {fitljuulru
.Cuuuty 1:211. “”' 'l2-“ -
`ilsintss (gttorb'.
Y 211013 me vavmou. W.
Repmflfly (In? W'uyfiynmi‘by IV. J. Kmlal;
« ‘ linmmrgrt, Décomhc'rfi. 1355‘
TE: murkut‘fur uvor‘y‘flcnprlpnon of pmh'wo FM
mom wlfvo Int wvoek Hum [my farmer vinok. Tho
mm, wad li'miteul mm amid“ ion fir!!! ,ln
“le fuflmn, 1.?
anh—Jfifim mm. tmp’ntg «241.73. M:
heard of n “urifngloc bgiln; sold at 31.87 portal-cl.
[Ln n-L'l'ilß—fimply inmutore I» veryJimltod, and
p :03 [any [Mm 112' to R 7, an [n qunllty,
“Ann—Thin i 4 an much; “It pnnh huh--
y‘mngl. Thefnuighli is doflciont—prifi'bl'qtmngc {mm
mm" a m'qulny: _ “ V q
Colin—'4l”: Image of Gym in “SM, «uh flab
limo ofloyhig. film"! no nm a 50 'eh. pot bu
slid?" n ."M '
OAn—Sonrcé 1111-] (he demand grant. flood {idl
mwm readily brim; 3111.15 cu. perbmhor we
mlico lh‘} um oats 00 um you'l mvlfi ll mom
mmmd-‘nirfly fight?“ .. . ..-
Cho‘ftn Snflzur—Vory limo ofl'oflng. and no vujn
«on 311 pricu. ’ I ‘
'lAi’—6fl all. por kindred [noun-h. ' ’
I'oruann—Veyy mama, “(mm 4110 :01, of
which n“ nu‘rljprmerl mnpln‘m. Thu pmpem price
for, Hm ordinary pawn in nemlyntaou'énu per
hurllql ‘
BrrrmtT-TI. In’jmat domhnd Ind lino lump}, in
limited. 11. vuuld lo“ M. honor vrica if mom mm!
wnn lulu-n in its propnnflun. l'rirmora should he
pmlipplnr m fmvo .tholr butler put 'np mm pound
lumps, or'lmnllrr than (he mum! km. The fire--
ch! prices mpg-3 from 20422 cu. per pound.
Enos—Am scum, Ind nudity bring from Illa
I"; all. pct dated. ;‘
I‘l‘onxdbomnqq‘cxcooda the supply. [wing “(the
we diufl'l which were me. on". dnflnd "m pal-l
summer. Prion um au'mly nit 7:17] pet lb Wu
recommend lo m 3 fir‘mvn of Comm county inm'm
uhmllm in lhp riifihm of flgnk, And moth pnlrunu—
lnvly gt). sunk limo-11‘.” «ma ”not!!! Arrive at
nm uflty' . _ . o
ficpl‘hfna'l'urfsiu 500%! 25, according to aim
Chickens, Half: an ' - '
BALnyéuz, firm 8, m 5 ..
Wing)! fill dull. ml the Wimp-chu- hlvo -
cllnmlv 2n3 nbnln Cam In dn‘u M. n rimnur dcclln
Flour ls Insulin st 58 8'! fur Ohio
Pmi..uml§ruu. D’cc 8,1855
"Our ngn mmkm h'flnnvpricca are on the d
olino. I. ‘ .
I 00!: HAVEN Imus Wom_
HIGHEST l'luchl‘M AW \RDHH" rm:
Tu the pcp'pln uf Centre County I: lm! mm Im-
Jmne nun-Mod fun! 01M mu 5: use"! Ibo hum-u,
chm veal, and very hm mmnrlvd eunbnmumun “I
(ha hut] in Hm Imdrinr of Pcnniylmnin If in
quid I?! Mr. H A Uilmm, nml aulmmllcmlunl hv
"no cvlc mum! R-nlpmr, Mr (3 l" “min ul'N Y)
Mr Liming m 1! fur Innny yvurs 15",; ngecf 11l mm ul
Ihu lu-Il zs'dhhnhml-nlu in Um cny of New York
wlu-n- hv Kninul nu mnin‘rlo lUIIIIIM'IUII M n lur-
AJlnnir u! llu- MM unlrr" \Vr luwc unhnnll and {m
:mh- IM‘IIT" fin) llulnlnvl lmmlllul tlr.|',:nluf ”I'M l)
mnl r‘OU'I H'I‘UNHS, Mruul m '37!" in 4 at u.)’l‘ "I
“m nrfi. hvgvflmr wivh Pruw'n (Emu-hm, (Irwin)
'l'olnlnl. Mmuuuuuu, ler- 5‘ (‘nrvml l..uu|m .u large
”file, and hmwns at M rr’ nl.--«~r|l.\inu. ull nlvriguod
ha! ('lmumd 1y Mr I,imli,; ['vrlulm VI-Iluux
mmmhiug rz‘n’o 111-Ii hruulnul. I» mark llm Jvaan
lulu-4- of their downed fnmuh mama rim: mum,
Iy nelnliu‘ 2nr|r «uh-m luv «Mu-r nf nw mun-m. wlm
um [ma "er hm day wrung); an lhn [-11:54 I'm!
(mum and mllu-yw in Fontnv ('limummul luv-mun:
u‘numirn, nml hnvfl Hh‘lr \wlk cuwulull Ivy (lul
mprgul—n‘lwwnul and junk.” wh luau-41.1”“!
Lg‘Wu lune Kuhn-ml mu yrivu (mm \h'H «Luu.
unl wiU lnml mmwlu-uto m-ll 1:5 tor eenl luduv the
reg-1h: ulliuu prim of ’4") Mnhllmmem' in [MI-'-
filnlo, Milw‘lmqg. nf'l'u'lvmlnwn. :Ilul vh-iiwr \hc
work I'm”! ulmign to any plan“ ‘lvsiml
‘ . 5 A unwx. ,
Auvx‘n run (‘v\lv.>z ('0! Hr
fim'l A simmh-r. w... Alum] jr..lnckml
mnllv; Marlin “nusvr, jr , lluuu r'fl Mull. 'l‘lu
mzu IlnhhAn, Bunlsburg . dvx-L‘de‘
Mullahs. Ho‘rm. KEI-rf‘mm, mu ".1
(n‘mzns iNTEI\I-)H'I‘ED, Wm ‘11) mun ‘m
Tmmwrs ‘ , .
A nit‘éliug or all ponwn-I mun-Moll in [he mun
{mturu nlnl lulu "1’ “erikmi and Funncnwd l
quutu, In“ ho held In t m
~ ~mnmwnl OI“ DELLEFUN'I'H
A. il itlmv mm! '5 Mn ll luru‘un-n lu wlmh ull
the (rmlv In lLin cvumy mill ho dm-rtly inlvro-tml,
u. in confidlnlly tquclcrl Hull :lulwgnlmm will l-r'
[mm-m [mm “H (hr 'l‘ummlnm Tln- ’mml rw't nL
umrkml ern‘nllnn Uh \lm put 01 n wv‘rvl» lum-l
wt‘" kmnw u llw Uarmu In'ngm', or 'l'rmpcrum-‘u
Allimw . jnxnlh 4 m In null”): ulmu I" Jmlmm op
luaod (u mml‘thry law, muklll‘r-h‘vm wallowing
I-Pmpflrir in and m U“: mlh l th‘lwrl, m x'uw
N‘rt Mgr-l IL‘T nml mutually ugh-o upon ihr Inmmur: .
kl he Mlu'n lvcn‘nfifl. mum (Mm-Hull)! In prullcl
(an vorwrty. lull] ”In-urn: mll‘ qnll liburuua fnvm
flu- I «‘nlrlll‘livo cuumqnnnreu and muruk at all unu
Luv Donpolinm
-4 LD'A nun-her 0! (llullwuluhal lpt‘nlu‘n lmva
been invilml uml ulll oerlamly mlxlnw Ilwnu I'hug
{ltal} ‘ _ MANY (‘I'NZHV'S
ESTB.A Y 8. ~— 4 - -
Cum: In [he promises (if le
llulmcrilwr, lh In): on an! "Md Eagle Cym» . in
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ESTATE OF (mo. mm. mac-'1).
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fig. ~.. STAGES FOR 1730“"
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runs ll «lxuly Inn: of Slag»: h. T'Hmnu—Tn-wmkly
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me Tynan-nu "Ir-lEI alum-day ml Friday;
mm Tnfilrfunlv on m Iy. Thanh-by ml an“.
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Maury: 6:?be AUCTIONEiER,
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22% D E N T I 8 T R Y. —-
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«kW-[m I'wa t 3, I‘
l’urfnmlud lfflml, l’runu Wmlulg (Jutlun. Conan
Flu-u, Huh Flt-u, uld Linen Films, A! ‘
Oak-u mill Hun Jamel T. H wwjl
JAKE E 2mm.
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Vim-gm. Applm. iv A Km‘l'lu‘l I'm-II nnanrlmuul
In. uulu by [man ‘I'IIUNKB,
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omm. ‘ AN mm VARIETY,
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I‘m "wanna ”1913;. I Min
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