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    W™* Ifftttlt '■ A SWliiigrtßaid ontbevVirginiaand
Tbnnaaaee Bafiroad.
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 30. 1863.
®*®' A McAllister will please ac
ce P tour for regular copies of the
DaUjf Qhbe. No more , acceptable docu
icent could be presented us.
We bave on band a letter from a
J°««« n* 4o froin Binuingbam, now in the
arm y «t Knoxville, detailing the hardships
and engagements through which he has
pa«dd. We are unable to find room for
it this week, but it will loose none of its
interest by lying over until our next issue.
Cixanoe fob a Spake,- —from Jltaine
we bpve information of an expected raid
of a band of “ roughs,” rebels and South
em sympathisers, frdm the British Prov
inces, into, the border towns of that State
ior the purpose of plundering. If Johnny
Bull 'Wishes io keep out of a spree he will
do wjeU to watch the suspicious characters'
now congregating in that part of bis do-
The Vexekak <3olo*B. —The veteran
corps: promises to be a large one. Every
day we receive intelligence of, whole regi
ments and divisions re enlisting These
old regiments remaining in the field will
be of great advantage to new recruits, pre
paring (hem much sooner for active service
teaching them how to make themselves
comfortable under all circumstances. We
hope there shall hot much longer be need
for either veterans or new recruits, al
though at present the indications are that
we shall have another year of I war.
Hon. A, McAllister. —We have paid
’some attention to the course of our present
in Congress, who went to
Washington with a popularity second to
no man in the district, and while we do
not approve of all his votes, we still find
those which we can commehd. On all
questions pertaining to the Union, the
vigorous prosecution of the war, the sol
diers, jetc., be votes with the Union party,
thus showing that he is as good as his word,
and a firm Union man, and that he can
sink politics for (he sake of the Union.—
May he so continue to act.
Qunaral McClellan's Report.
G«h McClellan’s report was transmitted to the
Horae to day. It consists of seven | hundred and
sixty five foolscap pages, and is divided into fonr
parts. ! ,
Hf concludes as follows,
I shall not, nor can l while living, forget that
when I was ordered to the command of the troops
for the of the capitol, the ' soldiers with
whom I badshared so much of the anxiety and
palheiid suffering of the war had not lost their
confidence in ine as their commander. They
N l*hflff lo my call with all ancient vigor, discipline
and ctwage. I led them into Maryland 15 days
p*d fallen back defeated before Washing
taa. ' They vanquished the enemy on the ragged
¥ South; Mountain, pursued him <o the
haratoughf field of Antietam, and drove Mm bro
ken and dispirited down the Potomac into Vir
army had need of rest after the
terrible experience of battles and marches, with
scarcely an interval of repose, which they had
gone through from the time of their leaving for the
i*eatnanl«, the rt*nm to Washington, the defeat
m Vfigmia, the rictoty at South Mountain, and
again at Antietam.
It «M IM surprising that they were in a large
<mgree destitute of the absolute necessaries to effec
tive duty. Their! shoes were worn out, their
blankets were lost, and their clothing was in rags.
In short. the “eb; were unfit for active service,
and ta interval, for rest and equipment was neces
sary. . . > * i 1
t provided supplies home to us,
the river, renovated, refresh-
in md older and discipline, and followed
the- retreating foe to a position where I was confi
dent ofdedrive victory—when, in thei midst of the
movement while my advance guard was actnallv
m contact with the enemy, I was removed from
the command.
I km devoutly greatfol to God that my lift
campaigßrtvith this brave army was crowned witiv
'ie*o»y, wh|(di saved a great nation from the grea
test petiT It had then undergone. I have not ac
uoiW&pri my purpose if by this report the Army
of the rotomac is not placed high on the roll Jf
the historical armies of the world.. Ifs deeds en-
M*hJe. the belief ;lo which it belongs. Always
reaqyjfoe battle, always firm, steadfast and trust
worthy, X never called on them in vain, nor will 1
taemuiop ever have cause to attribnid its want
of SOW*** node) my selfof under other commanders
to w fpflime of patriotism or bravery |r| that noble
bodv of A,m«rican soldiers.
So man can justly charge upon any portion of
that army, from the commanding General to the 1
private, any lake at devotion to the service of the
“ 1 ¥ IW.% , WW nt and to the cause of the !
Unio ?- '■ ha ye proved I
their fealty in much sorrow, suffering and danger
the very shadow of death. ’
Their commdes, dead on all the fields where we !
roagbt, have seucciv more claim to the honor of a ;
nation s reverence man the survivors to the justice 1
of a nation’s gratitude- !
Tim repiM corefs the period from tW'26th of
1&32. |
„ fee-Esu*tME!tTs.—The Second
yotkoad First Michigan eavalty have re
enßiM folhtee years. TThe whole of Kilpatricks
JjgJ WSioil has gone 'hi ■ for the I war. The
yaW. XfcMMor Hagjmrnt on Friday! re-enlisted
m a body for the 'war. The whole brigade will
pmMHr ;
Washington. Dec. 28.
! | , %»x t 7 Focahohtab Was# Va., Dec 21, via.
■j Mjgor-Geneml
, Halleck, General-in-Chief i—l hare the honor to
report that I eat the Virginia knd Tennessee Baii
; freed at Salem, on the 16tbinstant, and hare ar
rived safely at this point with mv command, con
ning of die Second, Third add’ Eighth Virginia
Mounted Infantry, Fourteenth Penn’a (Bob^n - * j
Battalion of Cavalry and Ewing's But lory.
• At Salem three depotswere! destro'ved.’couiam
i«g 2000 ban-ids flour. 10.000 bushels wheat.
100,000 bushels shelled com, 50,000 bushels outs!
t 2000 barrels meat, several cords of leather 10(10
jacks of salt, 31 hoxea,clothing, 20 bales cotton, a
large amount ot saddles, equipments, tools, oil,
tar. and various other stores, and 100 wagons.
; J The telegraph wire vyas cut down and posts
■ burned for half a mile. The Wuier stations, turn
i tables, and three cars were burned, and the track
: (join up and rails heated and .destroyed as much
: as possible in six hours. Five bridges and several
culverts were destroyed over ah extent of sixteen
miles. A large quantify df bridge 'timber and
repairing materials were''also destroyed.
: My march was retarded occasionally by die
tempest in the njodntain* and the icy roads. I
was obliged to swim my command and drug my
• MtUlery with ropes across frog’s creek seven.
: times in twenty-four hours, i On my return I
, found six separate command... under Generals
Early, ~lodes. Fit/ I as-, Imbisit-n. Jackson,
Echols and MeConstin, arranged in a line ex
tending from Staunton to Newport, upon all the
- available roads, to prevent my rat urn.
: 1 captured a dispatch from . General Jones to
General Early, giving me the position, that Jack
sou at Clifton Forge and Covington, was selected
t° cany. I marched from the from of Jones to
that of Jackson during the night. His outposts
were pressed in at a gallop by the Eighth Virginia
Mounted Infantry, and the two bridges across
Jackson River saved, although faggots had been
piled ready to ignite.
' My column, about -sfcviin ulilc long, hastened
across regardless of the enemy 1 , until all but mv J
ambulances, a few wagons undone regiment bail I
passed, when a strong effort was made to retake!
the first-bridge, which did not succeed. The am- 1
balances and some sick men were lost, and by the j
darkness and difficulties the last regiment was de
tained upon the opposite side until morning, when
it was ascertained that the enfimv seemed deter
mined to maintain hi*, positihn upon the cliffs
which overlooked the bridge. !
i I caused the. bridges, which were long and high,
to be destroyed, and the. ehemv immediately
Changed his position to the flatjk and rear of the
detatchment, which was cut off. 1 sent orders to
the. remnant to destroy our wagons and conn* to
me across the river or over the mountsin> Thcv .
swam the river with the loss .jof only four men
drowned,, and Joined me. ~
In the meantime the forces oi’ the enemy were
Concentrating upon me at Cojlaglmns on’ every
available road but one, which was deemed imprac
ticable, but by which I crossed Over the top of the
AUeghanies, with my eommani), with the excep
tion of four caissons, which were destroyed in or
der to increase the beams of the pieces.’ .Mv loss
is six men drowned, one officer and four men
wounded, and four officers and. ninety men mis
sing j.
We captured about two hundred prisoners, but
have retained bnt four offeers aind eighty men, on
account,of their inability to walk. WV/took also,
about one hundred and’fifty horses. My men nml
horses have .subsisted entirely .upon a very |»oor
country, and the officers and men liave suffered
cold, hunger and fatigue, with ;remarkable forti
My command has marched, -jul'imbud, slid and
swsm three hundred and fortv-five miles sine- the
Bth inst. . :
H. W. AVERILL, Brgadier-General
A Plain Talk to Kentuckians,
Hon. It. T. Jacob, the Lieutenant Governor of
Kentucky, on taking his seat as presiding officer
of the State Senate, tlms addresses his fellow-citi
zens : No one with the first instincts of a states
man would attempt to tear Kentucky from her
safe moorings in the midst of a sisterhood of
States, to place her as a frontier, subject, in all
future times, ‘to the ravages and I horrors of desola
ting wars. In the centre Of a glorious constella
tion, all the combined forces of! the World would
scatcely have touched or reached her. As a frag
ment of a dissevered tuition, die, uatufally the
dark and bloody land, the f/athway of contending
armies, would be devastated arid ruined t so that
this question of Union, however great and para
mount toother Slates, is a question of life and
death to her. The pretext for this war was danger
to slave property, not that it tvas in immediate
danger, but it might be so f giving a strange
spectacle to the world of a mighty people attempt
ing suicide. not for the present evils, hut for what
might lie in tile womb of time.
• Kentucky, governed by loyalty, pleaded in vain
for peace, and counseliod resistance only when
wrongs were attempted, andthen, infighting tor
one to .give np the flag of Washington
land the Union of our fathers, hut to fight for ail
rights. Madmen would not lisfitn to her sage ad
vice. They rushed to war wath the paracidal
hands, attempting to tear down the work of our
Ipthcrs. What has been the cSjinseqiiencc ? The
institution they rushed to an unholy war to protect
from future cfinsequencts is oiijlhe verge, of de
struction. The only slave property that is at all
safe is the property belonging no the loyal State
rtf Kentucky. If sbe bad not hejen loval her slave
property, with ail Other kind, wpnld be a tiling of
tjie past. Now, because, by tiie mad attempt of
the South, the institution! of shivery has lieeit
placed in danger, and which we predicted would
bp the consequence of the Ifisand attempts td break
up our nationality, the partisans of the infamous j
attempt to break up the Government of ottr fathers 1
roil up their eyes ih. holy rhorror, and ' ask us mi
p)ace ourselves in exactly the same position. We i
I‘livc been loyal and true, therefore our property is, |
comparatively speaking, ’’safe. dThey have la-en
disloyal, and their property Is oh the verge of ruin; !
therefore jwe must turn mad, be disloyal, and lose
onrs. ‘ ■
| But it as said the President will conscript the
nbgro slave, and thereby destroV the instiimion
of slavery in Kentucky. -He lias tot done so vet,
and sufficient unto the day is life 1 evil thereof.—
Bnt, fqr argument's sake, suppose lie does—who
.gave him the power but you zealots of the South,
who, in your frenzy, attempted ,to destroy the
temple of liberty and ail thedear rights of the past?
If lie does, will disloyalty to the Union save the
institution? Notaiall. "ll wojild hurl it to de
struction with ail other interests ot the State.
royalty to the Union, like!the past, is the only
safety to ourselves, our property,;,and. all the dear
ajld sacred rights that we posses*;. If we resist, it
njiust be in the Union and hnder;'tbe flag of Wash
ington, with the millions of strong hearts and
strong arms that we possess in the loyal North.—
Throw away these re&ontces as the South tnadlv
d|d, we would be crushed as she will be, and which
w|e wonld deserve to be for being recreant to the
great rights bequeathed to ns by our fathers. No.
up! Come wluit may ; come what will; let Ken
tucky be true. It is hot only thp path of honor
but the path of safety; any other is the path of
dpstrnction. ■. i . •
■ Afkaihs is North Cakousa.—A dispatch
fijom Ncwbern, North Carolina,: says: 'Die new
oath of allegiance has been administered to a num
ber of rebel officers and soldiers, Who have recently
come into our lines to accept the pardon offered
by the President. They bring-the intelligence
tfjat a large number are like situated,' who intend
td do likewise at the earliest opportunity. The
man of leasing out the abandoned, plantations in
Eastern North Carolina, adopted by the lion.
g Heaton, the supervising agent of the Trea
lepartweiit, is-proving a great success to
teparttnent, and also a great benefit to the
>g classes of both colors, who ate soon to
t Mr.' Heston with a beautiful testimonial.
I * ate Prizo Fight. Young Lady Mysteriously Abducted. firs Hcatny • Mbs Biuuiw. — A
between Heenan and King took The Si-rincfidd rill yZuj u „ i ca, • Vprteh from|MW|*iMonroe, dated Dec. 28th
jflace at Tninbridge, England. on the »6mrag of ft®
im '‘ Tbe f " ,ItW ” W is € dßW>ri J*' on (I>^^h bVie H ; i “ b^° n C °^ ,y ’ those: sent up GeiwrallSfeSfc
thought:- - % . i S^,^ h l^ rt^^^ftn^t^? eri - TWbellkn^Wrefuse^
Bomxl trying to measuretbeirdistunea; ot Mr. M
Heenan mo in and closed, grasping King bv the floraßichvtew o,X n iX „r iSaV.I *2?' '•“ST 1 GwernmrtW has been contending, and their ter*
■ nepk, and pm on the old-fasbionedlmg, wntiiininc writer savs dials A?’ lh l r*" of the negrnepd
to hold his man in such a wav .!,« 'rtStef ™* , ' im * u '** ‘ "*«» * f*og*i**.\ 1 They ate Stfnm Urratere
entered the ring ami strictly Rationed him u..t t<> ,1.,-ir hu-ts. tlnd armed with • «?* ? f tmee from Grnen.l Butler, or tonegotiate
the o|«rmjon in a similar maimer. ~„r,,1 themselves in Mr I !n»rin\ mV’ I""' on tlj€ ‘ sl,l> -t«' t ot exchanges, because <A
Komid King
came to the scrauTt. There uas some attempt at break down the door. Thc^oSan™^
countering by bntii ol the most homely description;. ,W was recognized as a man who had aken • q '"*, w, ! l * n «; rece,Te i •H*"**
very wild, and very plain. Hceiian rushed on luppc, at Mr. Lit,lot,s the same eveng mder T° , wT d .'Y ,t . h b,ra * notwithstanding
King: got. the bug again, and threw him, like a of having lost his wav t 0 HaXon he ,w »( «*•“»» they now ma|te a pre
sack ol malt, on die grass, On. the men being next town oj, to Majkiou. th. text lot• tlra negotiation. This is
lifted, Heenan was found to be bleeding from the ■- When ■,i.„ m i . ... shown by the tact that they have already exchange!
r „i, r,«m„., *""~ 1 > l r”
'uotnul i i a beautiful ami amiable girl of sixteen vears of
umuu J. Almr sonic hind exchanges, Heenan age, who Imcl just returned home from a boarding
udfb ~,U “r"" l!" V " KinK 0U tl,L ' rofH ‘ s bl:! '° o1 ° lliu - She having just run down stairs,
».d an awful spmik All was now going .lead to.see wlpu was the matter;* was seized bv three
k u n“ s J?' 1 [!i e ruffians and told that she in list go with them, dead
. ! a ~ t “'llheauii.Mip with a “mouse rather or alive. Her father was totally unarmed and
MSIUIC under his teft eye, fliev went lo work in powerless to defend her. The girl was dragged to
a manner that showed the first indication of slash- her room,* and after having been allowed •to dress
mg. Heenan again running in for the hug. It herself, was forcibly dragged to a buggyand driven
I my T I fisht nothins b,,t - a otr - As e birni out of the bouS she turned
1 Tern, is rn is “ 8 ‘ ? °" lv „ T ?7 sl,l, " Rli,l,lu ' “'"’ards her father, raised her hands and exclaimed,
! agents in the business. 1 his called .forth loud ex- “ Oh. God
i pr R B 3 " f Ji |«rt’»batio„. , --A liarty o| eight men were: left to guard the
...T f , e c a'.»e «p smiling at one I house' till daylight, to prevent anv alarm being
: an | .i, a J>d after, feeling. King let fly a tremendous ; given. During the night they paced around the
; light-handed thuiiderbolt against Heenan's cur \ house, koorking at fhe door,’ looking the
; that was heard all over the ring. King followed i window, rattling at the glas,s, and taunting the
| up.lns advantage and launched a fellow-hluw on wretched inmates by asking how they liked eve-
Ueenans tchiplc, Heenan. in despair, hugged ning calls. X,, clue has been obtained to the
1 "'id threw his antagonist. alKliiciurs. or to the course taken bv them, although
i Itouuu •».—xho sledging business commenced a stranger whom .Mr. Linton met at a store in
at ithia round:.hath men went in ding-dong.— ; Kichview the same day is sukpeb'ted to have been
Heenan mushed by again putting on the hug: one of them. Another statement is to the effect
what tew hits were exchanged were not of the : that a woman who had been prowling around the
slightest moment upon the issue of the contest. , : neighborhood for some rime Past was one of the
Komid '.—Give and take now betaine the order abducting partv. Mr. Linton is a Quaker by prtp
ot the day, A lew seconds, then more hammer-- fession? and it was well knbwii that he was un
ing. wnen Ucci)an was oliliged to fly to his favorite i armed. Tor some time past a tierffiet reign of
embrace. Caught King and crossVbuttockcd him tenor Ins prevailed in the region referred to alajve.
'fearfully. I eople actually held their breath a It was within a few miles of the same neighbor
moment, • iipd felt relieved Yvlier. tliei men were hood (at Ashley) that a ntimberiof robberies were
rained to their corners. During this round King : per|)elraicd recently, ot which we gave some ae
gave Heenan a rattling sledge-hammer on the nose count a couple of weeks ago. The vicinity is over
with his right, and 'brought the blood down in a run bv deserters mid rebel sympathizers
stream. (Cheers uhd counter cheers.; , v •
Kound B.—On time being called, both were nj..
recovering, of hacking, or ducking, to get awav.
Some rapid ckiumering t«x>k place. Ifeenun went
in, when the hugging was .brought into action, bm
this timi* failing woefully, Jbr King tiirncd Mu
table and floored his
K<itind J*.—Boric shaip to .time. King ]<■! nm
his right, and struck Heenan ueincnduoVv about
tiu> head. Heenan closed, ami threw Ring again.
Kound 10.—-Kxpivss hail imw iicgmi In
earnesr. King landing om heavily with bo-h ri-»-
aud. at a struggle was thrown.
IvOiilld 11.—Hv'iuiun iiOgan to*dmw tiicpmv wa<
tolling him. up, he caught and thn-w
Kintr verv‘heavily: ■ Ir funded like u.vm fulling
out of a curt.
Jiouml Ilk—Not more, than a minute: lioavv
exchanges about Uit*, anti iluvw King
Round Jo.—Suiuc heavy counk-ritlg about ihe
heuil on both sides, .when Heenun einscl. throwing
King us befoiv. v
Round H.—Heenan mer at ihv'wrv nuf
si‘t with a iVlirfijl punch from the latter’s right
hn>ui. Some sliarj> betting. A heavy fall fur
King. Notwithstanding all this throwing advant
age. Ileenun shdwod nearly ns mueh di>ties> as
Koumi Jo.—il was now plainly seen ihat ihe
rate was telling jHj\verfnily on both men. Some
swing raps on each side, lleenan Miot out his
right hand with such terrific effect that King
reeled like a drunken man, ultimately falling in
his corner. It was thought that he would not face
the storm again. Unit was tJie first, genuine
knock-down blow'. •
Hound IC.—Ai tolerably good atvimnl nf work
was done, in which King cut his o|i|H)nein's right
eye. and the round Was finished by a heavy body
blow trom Ilccnan, which made King stagger
hack, and the ground boing>liiipeiy he fell dgun.
Round IT.—liccnuns fast lighting' and throw
ing begat! to tell its own tide himself, and he
came up piping, though smiling. Nobhcrs were
exchanged and some ((ode blows, and in the end
King was again thrown.
Round 18.—King soon led olf. ami vi-iu-il the
damaged eye, and also gut in urn- on the cheek,
w-liich riled the Bcmeeia law. who gave him a
stinger on the head, closed and threw him so
heavily that it was thought he was out of lime,
and it took his seconds sometime before thev could
get him round again. Here the Kingites broke
into the ring, and the remainder of the fight wa
earried on amidst much disorder. Jp. the confusion
we missed the two succeeding rounds, but they
were very short, and in favor of Ilccnan, , King
soon recovered, mid immediately afterwards turned
the tide of fortune in bis favor. Heonan rapidly ami
suddenly getting weak, ' '
Round 21.—8 y the advice of his seconds Kin"
h-d oil and planted well on the datiiaged eve and
also on the .nose, fetching more Wood from hot!,
places. Hainan's, returns were short, and Kin"
at once closed with him and threw him a regular
liouiid 22.—Again did King got well homo on
nie nasal organ and'right peujier, hnd receiving i:
| m the rili-, closed and threw llcenan.
j Bound -o. Heenait came up quite groggy, and
I his heart seemod to bo failing him, for when King
; once more planted a straight one on the month
i he appeared quite perplexed and hclpldss. ' He
I tried to plant hill left but did not reach; After
: some sharp in-fighting, he wnsafain Hung Iwnvik
Ito mother earth,:ap(l when picked no was nearly \ i>, ■ t> . mi Tn . .
j senseless. 1 . " • A Bio Payment.— I The Illinois Central Kail-
I v . v . , ; road Company, last week by’their Attorney, John
I ~, r° t!lL '. v 111 the scratch ,M. Douglass, Esq., (mid into Treasury of tiie Stale
again than Ktnjytgain visited fits mug, and knocked of Illinois, the sum of' two hundred and shetu-fonr
i Kml £ ISvr s ... "~' l "r ,n "‘ dreii >md
I uomul _o, and. hist.—Sayers roused lleenan i mom 1 , cent*—being seven per cent, upon the cross
Kinif 0 *! at ,T 7’„ a g °- llil , n OIIC , e n ' oro t 0 f!U:e 1 eun,i,, fi s of the r °ad for the venr eildihg April 30th
Kings but the latter again planted on the mouth ; 180,3. The gross earnings for the year estinmted
lmi , , u "ye 1 sell - 5s to the gromld.— at these figures, have amounted lo the immense
Phis was a settler, tor when Keenan tried to leave sitin'of §3,776,320 80. This is an increase of
corner for another round lie was as helpless as- nearly'.*loo,ooo upon seven per cent, of the gross
i child, ami, amidst shouts ol shame, shame, to earnings of the road for the vear previous
. allow him to eoinc up again, MacDonald gave in - I ,rev,oU!! -
: ° r . i j . The Uiehmond Examiner of December
On the. arrival of Hecnan’in London he received “Ppcars to bo coming to a true sense of the
, the best medical ■ attendance,. and although his : <°nditi°rt of the Confederacy. It says: “The
bruises and eonti|sicms were (bund to be very severe, ndjeetive •Confederacy,’ as applied to, the various
none of Ids bones wore broken, and be' bad re- i ln; >he-shirts rendered necessary bv the .yar, is quite
ectyed no internal injury. His'head exhibited a j ! I|C revPFSO of eomplmentary. * Confederate coflee
most ghastly apjigaraiice. His old lip wounds bad rf ' as,u< * Confederate paper;is only fit for
reopened, and bis eyes were nearly closed. ' wrapping parcels. Confederate i swords areas
: ~,,, .... ’ , harmless as if they were made of load. Confede'r
in flmLf W V r^iT T f' U wMb ° f; "f 00 mom
m the army,, lit mg in Wiihaniyon eoontv, IJlinoi.s,
recently .received from her husband a inu*k.mre con-’ Mumvi.- nic i * - - -
taining seven hundred dollars. .. portion of which in the terrible gale wiiieh^^T'* en » > “» , * a ? ter
; the officer’s wife, and asked iHirmission to mmain , i*°
over night 'l lie n-oman refused, but the soldier columns of the London papers are rT
insisting, she finally consented. During the night of vessels lost * ■ I,ed w ! (h IlBts
: the family was aroused by the violent knocking of - - . .....
parties outside, who demanded the door to be Keiikl M mi. C vprunTr. I’ f wT'
opened, mid if qot opened tbev would break -it ’ Xew York'/W of niondav tV J*** 1 , 81 to the
1 ffi TE « p^ihing:
;r:r *"
soldier exclaimed, m a loud enough to bo : district, and new cases of seizure ‘’ S «- M " OLF
heard bv the villa ns outside, -I am unarmed, but 'daily.. Property occur *«•» inform the public that ho i, prepared ■fo Bn p p ,y
.ri bad a pistol I would fix the villains.” The’ '-i , L__ , a 7t“ u “m
floor was then boosted- open, and the men, dis- ®-A Wasbingion eorresixindenf n f>.. w , Whogire him °nc can are sureiwcair akalb; imt
gmsed iw negroes; enthred the house. Five shots paperi asserts tbilf Senator Jim TolVw "'•“ ter “ T”' W*S» «»«<*«-. i ' T ,
were find at, bom. kiUing 1, reen.f the exorcised a. the of t ,™ o“r S *
party, .and wouridtng'another; the remainder Add., i Mr. Stockton Chaplain to the LI re ‘ **•«> to #20.00
having been washed from the fac« .he, “He repeats the2:,oo “ O.flO'
of the dead, thev *eto discovered to be the wo- ' and before thi' end of this Conufj ll ’ 'lf, 11 1.25 “
man’s nearest neighbors— one ortliemlierbrothef- keptif lip till fonte of these S"" in proportion, j -,:.•.•••/ a
in-law. , I earn ed^if <•• membere wotdd have ™t« that I can render tali’ aattriSetion loaf] !
learned It . who may gtra their palrooags. I
t at lon „f mr stork and priso,. [6re|*“ «Tr'
Mexico. —Tiie late news from Mexico gives a
more favorable coloring to native Mexican ntfairs
than has been received heretofore. It is stated by
late advi-es received at New Orleans that the Re
publicans ..f Mexico had recaptured Puebla.—
There was no resistance, flie French force being
very small and retiring before Generals Beriozahel
. and 'Nt-grefte, who occupied tin- place with five
i thousand men. while other Mexican forces had*
goiia in join them, General Cbmonfori also liad
iR ronu- tired of waiting for an; attack from the
I’’o-ncli, and was marching from Qneretaro or
Mexico. a( the* head of twenty thousand men. well
with artillery and munitions of war. At
lampieo, the I'reach troops are suffering severely
fiutn yellow tever, having lost eight hundred men,
and mailing can be procured ftpm without, not
wen a Jiaiuina. the roads being generally in posses
■'lmi ot gneiTillas. and French supplies cannot be
ran’icd forward, except under heavy escort.
Ibe sick man ot Mexico may yet recover his
pristine health, and be able to strike back vigorous
blow' tor hi' independence and the integrity of
.Mexican nationality. The Mexican embroglio is
becoming heavy in France on the public mind,
and the present coinpliiatjon of 'European affairs
may lift the pressure of foreign aHns and influence
from Mexico.
Late news Irom France states that Napoleon had
to ask for another loan to push forward his'Mexi
can enterprise, and it may be that he will see the
necessity oi affecting a compromise in that -quarter,
T-eeing that his pet projeet, the famous (.'digress,
h more than likely to prove a dead failure.
How Gkn. Corcoran was The death
id General Corcoran, writes a correspondent, was
caused in the following manner;; On the afternoon
of the 2-d inst. General Meaghefj who was paying
a visit to General Corcoran, was to return to
Washington, when General Corcoran and some
members of ids staff concluded to;accompany him.
Alter leaving General Mengher-at the station, it
was suggested to General Corcoran to ride Gen.
Meagher s horse, which he did. , When near the
Headquarters ot General Corcoran, those who ac
companied him held in their horses, while he rode
on. In a short time his friends came to a small
gaby mar the General's headquarters, and found
that ;iie hor>c* had fallen upon him, 'and that, he
lay there senseless. They immediately conveyed
him tn hi> headquarters, where iny was hied by the
diicmr in attendance, tie gave-a sigh on being
bind, but never spoke after the accident occurred.
Kkoonstui’ction in Tennessee.—The Mcui
|ilus l.rrunuj /iiilktiii ot Iho 27th instant sjivs that
movements tor n-etmstrnction in accordance with
tin- I’rehlent'- lain proclamation- will be rom
mem-eil at ome. The prpehtriiation savs that
whenever. In any State in a condition ot' insur
rection. a number of {lerstm* numbering not less
than une-tenth of the number Of votes east at the
Presidential election of 1860, having taken the
liivsoribnd oath and being qualified voters at the
lime ol secession, shall re-cstablisiva.State govern
ment, shell a government shall lie recognized as
the tine government of the Suite. In 1860 the
Initiation of Tennessee was 1,108,800 atid the
total vote for President that year in the State
was 1 br.383. lienee 11,538 of|heso voters have
it in their power to “ reconstnMft”,. the Stale of
1 ennesset!. The IJn/Jifhi jicrtimjntjV asks: Can
any one doubt that it will lie dope ? Kafir Ten
nessee can do the. business it,Wdf.'t
N «
Parson JJbownlow.—At u war meeting held
in Cincinnati oh Wednesday of last week Parson
Brown low gave the following good and sufficient
reason for his recent '‘change of base;” '*• I un
derstand that this is a war meeting, and that yon
are assembled here for the purpose of dramming
up volunteers. In. this matter lam in a some
what awkward position, having recently taken to
my heels like a grey hound, and made three hunt
dred miles in short tithe, in the last two: years,
as you well know, 1 have done some brave talking,
which the rebels remember. Were I now sure
that I should be treated as our soldiers taken
by them are—incarcerated in their lonsey prisons
—their Lihbys and Castle should
have staid, for I could endure the lice, i did not
run out of cowardice, hut I well know that if they
took me I would have to pull hemp without a foot
hold, [laughter,] so I ran." ,
The Work or Gen. Thomas.— Gen. Thomas
rejsjrts that he has furnished Gen. Banka ; with
17,000 well armed colored soldiers, and that he
has had 51,000 men,; women and children under
his protection, the able-bodied of whom he has
hired out to planters in the vicinity of bis operas
lions. He has leased abandoned cotton and sugar
plantations to farmers at the rate of four dollars
per bale of cotton, one cent per pound for sugar,
and tire cents per bushel for eorp andpotatoes—
which proceeds 'go into the treasury pf the United
States, and the farmers pay a. revenue tax in ad
dition. Great success has attended this arrange
ment, which has proved\at[sfactory to all parties,
Gen. Thomas returns to bis field of labor■wune
diately, thence he goes to New Orleans and Texas,
arming the blacks everywhere; He lias ten regir
ments of them ready to send to Gen. Grant,
erTo smile at the jest which plants a
thorn in another’s breast, is to become a
principal in the mischief. ;■
The most direct method of deter
mining horse power : Stand behind him
and tickle his hind legs wiijh a brier.
Patented October 18th, 1863.
Black fur Silk..
Dark Bla*\
Light Biw
French Blue
Claret Brawn.
Ddrk Brou’n,
Light Br&tvv.
SmtJT Brown;
Dark Drab.
Light Oral,
fluvu Drab.
Light Fiiiim drub.
For dyeing Silk, Woolen am! idixod Goods, Shawls, Rcarfe,
Drives, Ribbons, Gloves, Bonnet*, Hate, Feathers.
Kid Gloves, Children 7 * Clothing, and all
kind* of Wearing Apparel.
For 25 cents yon cun color as many goods a* would oth
erwise cofct five time« that sum. Various shades ban be
produced from the same dye. The process Is simple ami
any pue/mu use tbe dye with perfect success. Directions
In English. French and German. Intide of eack package,
For farther information In Dveing, and giving a perfect
knowledge wtiat colon are, beat adapted to dye over oth*
cis, (with many valuable receipts,) purchase Howe A St©-
vcds Treatise on Dyeing üßd Coloring. Scut bv ailail on
receipt of price— lo centw. Jlunafactured by ‘
2tfo Bboadwav. Boston.
For safe by drnggistvaud dealers generally.
Nov. 18,1863.—1 y. *
” » Inform the people of Altoona and vicinity that
we fire jn»t receiving a very large and flpe supply of
jUMt bought in Philadelphia for CASH, and at reduced
prices, and are determined to dispose of them at tbe
smallest possible advance. ' •
Our slack of DRESS GOODS for tbs Winter Is now
complete, consisting, in part, of a fall line of
Itlack Silks, French Merinos, Drab and. v
figured Alpacas, Wool Delaines, Figured
And Plain Paramettos. and an entire new
Style of Figured Delaines,
Woolen Spawls, Cloaking Cloths, Hoop Skirts
Balmoral Skirts, very cheap; a Sill and
Complete line of Woolen and Cotton Hosiery
; *«nd Gloves. Wei also invite special attention
To our stock of Domestic Goods, of. which we
Have a lull line, such as Prints. Ginghams,
Muslins and Shoetlngs, Res), Grey and White
Shirting, Canton Flannels, Ac., at or near old
Prices. Boots and Shoes for Men and Boys'
, " rar t Ladies, Misses and Childrens’ Gaiters.
Fine and heavy Morocco and Goat Shoes.
Wo bsye also received a choice lot of Groceries.
Such as Coffee, Sugar, Teas, Syrups, Ac., and
A now and handsome stock of queens ware,
selected expressly for this market.
OS- We call the especial attention of all to the fact
**“ ttt : w . e * r .® BOW J l t7 l1 itig all kinds of goods at the Imcett
roxt'u's strtct ty'S<’r cash, regardless vthal they
tbß P° blic for ‘be “be™! pat-
people: XV PARTICULAR, or £yf„fi«
Choice Family Groceries,
will save money by calling at the >
Grocery, Flour and Feed Store of
* bB
i i 3. MILES M’CCJfK.
Alniouo, Pa.; Fiov, 4th, 1863, *“"s I"," o*- 0 *-
excellent new STOCK
A pure ami powerful Tonic, corrcaim, and (
wonderful effigy in .dhniM, of the '' " f
Complain., Headaek,. r/' ’
nd.jl.ty, Jrervooenre,, Depremlon of Spirit, rl,
LV ‘ I,C ’ I *“W“lKent,¥e,e«, Cramp,
«l'H«u s , and an Complaint, of either
* ri “ il >* fron * AkIII.v Weak,,.-*,. a heth...
inherent to the astern or predne.,!
-NothiSo that fa nut wholesale, ii. ~1,1 , u , .. ,
nature enters into .ho compos, !n
STOMACH BtTTRRS. Tim popular „„ '!?? “ '
no mlueral „f any kind; D 0 de4dlj h eWmZ'T
fißry yf ,xclt«nt; bht it fa a comhluati,,,, ?!
tare balsamic herb* and piano, with tr “ cu
e.t of all diffusive atimulaut. “ ,<1 Dl ' lj
It fa well to be forearmed against Ufa**,.,
the humau system can be pmteemi hu J u * '
against maladies engendered by an “ ,
sphere, impure water and other external uost
Tm S BTOMA ™ may be rH.M
guard. R * Hl,
In districts infected With /hrrr «*, Jj/Ue it . .
iouud .uhUHbie iw » preventive and irreefattble as ren!
dy, and thousands who resort to it under apprehension „
au attack, eacape the ecourc** und i »
to avail tlieiuwlven of it* protective- uiSatlta T gW ‘
are cured by a very brief coarse of tbfa m “ dv '“ t *-
cue. lever and Ague patients, alSr iK tffad To
aumine for mouths in vain, until nii. i.- . •“ d "I
rat dangerous alkalo.d, are m.t J u , »“>•
heaUh within a few days by
The weaken,much fa rapidly invigorated and
tito restored,by this agreeable iWic, aidh-nwl a“* ,1 t ‘
wonders in cases of Dispspsu anulin Its. ! * ,rl "
of IssKixsnox. Acting as n genii.- Ld i.aV,T ' fo,lus
as well as upon the liver, it “lao 'invurfabll “e“h«
CossiiPiitox superinduced hv in-gub,, s.'ii,,n ~T
gesttve and secretive organs * 11 Lll '
of feeble babit, liable to Acnw, Attach
of Spirit, and Pitt of Languor, god promui
nent relief from the. Hitters, The testimony . ,Inf p !T
is most conclusive, and from both sese*. r
The agouy ol Hiuaous Couc is immediately ... Hce ., ~
a single dose of the stimulant, acd by occasmum.. fLJ i
iug to it, the return of the complaint may be prevented'
As a General Tonic UOSTKTTtK S BIITHUS prX.
effects which most be experienced or witnessed 1 ’ belur
they can befull, appreciated, in cases of .Comlilutml
Weakness, Premature Decay and Debility and Decu ni
tude arising irom Ou> Aon, it exercises the ..fact*faa,!.
convalescent stages of all diseases it oner
atee as a delightful mvigoraut. When the Powersoft,
ifahit ' ’ dP* 1 fates u, n-soforr,- and rental,.
\ireh i,
Lav, but not least, it fa The miy ,*i/i .stimnlant. beim
ZTjr'r'l fror> ‘ Bound i H,, ‘ l innocuous materials, and
entirely fr« from the acid elements present mm, or l,„
in all tho ordinary tonics and stomachics dr the da,
fa. d } i “ ed “ l “b*s? been so universally, and? it ma»
JH. truly added, deterred!y popular with the inteliicen,
portion of the community, as HOSTETTEK’S BITTERS
Prepared by HOSTETTRR <t SMITH. Pittsburgh, Ps.
Sold by all Druggists. Grocers and PtorekcepeVweverjv
Genuine Preparations
and Speed Remedy for disease* ..f the Bladder. Kidnevi.
Gravel and Dropsical Swellings.
This Medicine increases the puwgr of Digestion, and er
cites the Absorbents into healthy action, by which die
Watery or Calcereoua depositions, and all Unnatural Lc
largements are reduced, as well as Pain and laflan.matins
■ i or „" eakness arising from Exceaeea, Habits of Dis-ii a
tion, Eearly Indiacre.ion of Abuse, attended with the fol
lowing symptoms
Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power,
boss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathinr,
akNe "“. , Tremblitu,:
HmorofltoMMn Wakefnlneß
Dimness of Vision, Pain in the Back
Universall Lassitude of the Mnscoiar System,
n^if a o od ?*u u .. Flushing of the iMj.
Drynea- of the Skin, Eruptions on the fare
Pallid Countenance, *
These symptoms, if allowed to go on, which this tnun
cine invariably removes, soon follows
hnpouncy, Ibtvity, JipUeptic
In one of which the Patient may expire.
,1 W ,st they are not frequently :fi -wto
those “Direful Diseases,” i .
Many are aware of the cause of their suderiug.
And Melancholy Deaths by Consumption hear ample wit
neas to the Truth of the assertion.
The Constitution ones affected with Organic llioftie,,
requires the aid oi Mediciuc to Strengtheu and I nVienna
tbo System,
which Ueuirold's EXTRACT BCCHC imwriablv tie,.
A Trial will convince the most skeptical. ‘
In many Affection* peculiar to Ftmaits the
ocouu Is aoeqnaled by aoy other remedy, as in Cblmaiif
or Retention, Irregularity. PataftUneas, or Suppression «i
Cue tomary Evacuations, Ulcerated or Scinhous stHiwoi
tue Utenw Leocborrhcea or White?, Sterility, and fnr ail
complaints incident to.the eex, whether uri*ing tr«lo
discretion, Hahitsof Dtsaipatiou, or iu the
2h ke no more Balsam, Jfcrctsry, or unplmsaut Jfrwut'/j.
jor unpleasant and dangerous distasts.
In all their Stages,
Little or no ch&«ige in Diet,
, And no Exposure.
t caoaee a fireqttent decise aud gives strength t-' t'n
*temo.ti “g Obstructions, Preventing am;
Curing Strictures of the Urethra, allaying Pam and Inflate
**l? *° in the class of diseases, and exj-eiling
oil Aomottr, Diseased nnd mmumt Matter.
tiros THbuaaifM -who hs.ce sttxtßr Vu
; “ nd Itare paid henry fees to be eared
the*.untsAulfL h * re fi>nn<l *hey were deceived, and that
w. 52 , N ■ ha *> by tbe "wof “ rowortiL abteuvc ksts, ’
oeen dried ap in the system,'to break out in an sggra
vated foi m, and perhaps after Marriagt.
dl«l^i^S‘ , ‘?,t£ lTßACT Bdchb all affection! and
dl«oue«of the ÜBIMAKr OHGASS, whether eiirfiog<»
ftom whatever came originaCTg snd
Trmjt\.°X\r2^°^?S n ’ raqnlr* 9 the aid dfaDIVRET,
n.hi.-J- '?'? *’ “Main to hare the desired effft -t In •!•
Ihftatttfor whteA ii U Rmrnmtndai.
~5*2 01 reliable and responsible cbaract-r
win accompany the medicine.
DeUeered to any Address, securely packed from observe-
! Uttcribf Symptom* in all Ommunicaliom.
Cures Guaranteed! - Advice Gb axis ::
Addr ““ latter. T<y Information Id. '
, H B. HELMBOLD, Chemist.
HKLMBOIiJPg Drug tndCh&Kica! Warrhoutr.
i beware J 9 * BROAWA*-, NEW YORK,
and “ OlAnm «rtfel!!L*SS* *° (,u P°*a “ "S. fir
C ' J&fractDnehn.
” ‘ r “ Rsrseperlll*.
■ improved .Roee Wash.
, 1 aaut^T
ASK Ron mflSSS®® lBlB KVKBTWH***.
0t *WTk A ?S£Ss?" ent ■ nd sendlbrU.
hy caW*.
At little hxj" up
.No incoDvei-j.-cc l
Mam I
iy„.v\,i ; f i’ . v ’
' haiui MM
lUv'taib the. p**t cntq jot
,'ioiskrfi ut.onr eataDUiituucut m I
TiW.-J*ere* ?nu, hjwr Cotter, G
•UTmOw Power au4 la
jh.vaia pbieb We gite sbui
..i xocoteanything lb th«* line u
«tiylo *lo*l t»>. h:»v (*UblUhiaet
.vir** eawUly low. W* can e*ee*
♦i %te*ol
InviUUm, Visiting, 1
! , OiWttJars, PpOj
Camptdeta, Pay and
Alt we **k U a Vrieil, IWUug com
If we have the oppord
hifltoe in LowihetV balldtog, con
,i -street's t’ppoftite ftaperiQleodeu
. Masonic SvppKK.TrOn Ch
' ,he occasion of the instnWnttn
coming year, some *wljt;or;
Mountain Lodge, A.Y. M., pa
repast, served op by “ mine h.
House, Col.'Woods. TRe-Col
ItimsoU on this occasion. c Tti,
under the weight of good thin
the luxuries as well as snbstat
and many wereVho expression
.towed by those Who sarrooside
nil bad heartily partaken of th
at* toasts were drank and resj
the rt»ponscs we may refer 4a
being invidious, to those of 1
present Woclhipful Master, an
well. District Deputy Grand
iVrred to the rise and progress
.(•otion of the State, the pn,v,
tiie members thereof, the infln
erteii on trying occasions, and
rarest to those present. Hi
t 'linplain. made a happy resnoi
liim up. The toast to the o
, w hoso wife is a Mason was wel
tespbndsd to. But we cannot
m say that the Whole afttir was
a flow, of soul.” highly enj,
remembered by those who parti
Railkoao Suit Dkoidkii -
Lnifesco Oil Company against
Railroad Company, action
concindcd recently in the (
Please of Allegheny coium.
April last shipped one humlre
rcls of refined oil On the dcfeni
tween Columbia and Lancastci
the tender broke off close to tl
two of the cars were thrown off
them felling down an *embanki
(low skirting the road. Short 1,
occurred, two men approached
•iisenssion arising between then
barrels contained oil or whisky
test the matter, imprudently
against the end of the car, wh
lire, and a terrific explosion ,
Inthmen received considerable
was, of course all destroyed,
holding that the thing oocnrre i
uence of the defendents, suit
damages to the amount of sonn
was claimed, was the value of 1
proved that the
plied with the terms of the bill
the loss of the oil was not throu
Plaintiffs took a non-anit.
Living Wond ers.— Townse
■■rs, on exhibition at Masonic 1
Saturday lust, appeared to be
traction for the time. There wa
ihe exhibition. All who with
acknowledge that they got t
money. The Arab giant. Col.
natnred fellow, judging from !;i
ihe jokes he passed with those
him. The fat girl for
rather good looking, and dou
much the men look at her. N
IDs, and she may not. We li
man in this place that can ho
-<cale*. The silver-haired, wl
“yed Albino family is a wunde
would give our readers an idea
must be seen to know w
“ Whar Is It” is, in reality, ;
something between a negro and
■ugly thing—more than an at
:human— ‘ ; What ls It'” Tin
hot there are larger ones.
Christmas in AtpooNA.
marked difference between »
other, more than that all places
candy shops and prinking sa
and everybody and ail theirfric
on the streets. In the momloi
peared with their bands full of
and in the afternoon several m
their hats full of bricks, boots f
pantaloons full of tangle-leg, u
swaging inclination of the body
-ing downward all the time, an
port of neighborly signposts,
•m kindly appriciated and )
There were no riotons demon!
heard of. Earring a few beads
all passed off smoothly.
Rand Mashed. —A man m
doctor on one of the freight 1
place and Harrisburg, bad one
tnashed,a few days since,,wbi
ling can in the yard, in this
caught between the “boil at
burned tpen between the’ th
Snd fniqt fbe little finger up
hope of did hand, connecting
was broken. He has been lyi
-ditk» fair several days, hot w«
GemaiU, that he
and-titat the band mar yet h