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Affsctwo*, ,
DrskUfceri' ; ■
rew Spirit*,
W«* Diwun avd -
'"Trim 1' .. .
ed eooSriqa of the SooSy*£
A.' BQtp,
to»«f • .tovpattofl,,^
lh>Ucb Mu oat ««7k^ M
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■Maittamanatc: |talfata* (Mt
l **» to •»»», aadaet toton*
>«xmeafcartolaor-.. *l* i,.. 1L
" *•* •"•«> «m»U ttan of iMM
*“* •»» •piHM. aaik^
e»«r getting writ, u I kid tiUm.
»*»d th*jdi4 n» no gooi in g^
*to fadaetd to try - Law, I*.
bod M(Uth
at after 1 bod Med three feattbv at
•ertea My bead and ana began to
raalit or tea botUee, and teybead
i»ae*c»|K t%e ecws.raaaiaiasTfiaß
■W ) Wiki (hcaaauha
•**W- ®* Bead Searcher alee i
eto now a evil soon, ever forty
i and yonns «» Ididwbn
B iacreaaed in weight twenty poeada
the dieeaee in tbj forefaeard vue
id and lifted anything heavy, the
re. Dr. Kryaer had a phntograpi
igo. tbeartUt, after 1 began to get
» ■> appearance ae bad u li vu
King the medicine. Too can aec
’ *% b *a now in my r iimliin.
«Iyd Wood street, I vronhl alw
lood Searcher which.was made be
aneMed making it. although It
tot recover fast oata I got tbe hiod
toeelt One bottle of hie did me
thaoM- 1 b»)iev»it laagroaldeal
1 ‘Save recommended the Stood
•t °t wy friends for variuae die
ke |klped the whale of them. Tea
I an anxione thstali
■eijneybecored. lliveinthiadt;,
■Mtmqdeyed at Goiivttlaft Aadcr-
P*M* : *ayneetr»ot. ‘
• ®fb,aad foots kva .Marly
I called aa Dr.
«C»aada*ad oaa to gin at
«c tbrw
.w nM tai
»*•«»**>»•■(* .«-.*•» altar I
*■' »y ; ife* »*» «►
£*» iNHfca ar a Ml Mn* af
m+xmani mr Mitt rad ■;
f>l» ajar., Zha
mtlo xuarour,
Oiau»J|liat > WcL
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tent? Mrtfr ttet ■
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MlcnUnot ntfcigr MMlr
iow iwiHi t>i>ur
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•talk atnat, atm wr
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3Ufl«# Sriims*.
PnlW( | «i CtffMTi sg» “Csntry ftmT
5 o
PRINTING office.
, irithin the pa»t two years, made cwuidvrablr
"’'Hiauiir «tah!i*hnteot in the way of Dew fancy
r rtw l‘rr«>, Paper Outer, Card Cuuer. Killing Ma
r ■ ‘"...j Power Prees, and Urge Newapaprr Power
f ■ lent #! Which we jive above) we are bow prepared
f ~‘aorlhiug in the line of printing nr ruling in
r' tanjl til an f eatabliahtnent in the ,-tate, and at
l«w. We can execute, on abort notice, all
kidding. lariuOon, Visiting, Ball * Business Carts,
1 Circulars, Programmes,
r*".:. ms)
bifflpiUet%Pay and Check Bolls,
I nifes ts, and blanks of all kinds.
„ ,-t {1 i trial, feeling onnftdent that we can give
:;k-tina if we bare the opportunity.
i 1 Uwtbrr’e bnildlxg. corner of \ irgioia and An
' opposite Snpertnteodenfa Office.
7 B [ Belief Committee. —The labors of the
.-iißiiitcc for lire relief of soldiers’ families are by
~ mean? light and are rendered gratuitously, yet
'..members come in for no small amount of cen-
I-,. In their search for the families of yoloa
thcv met with very diversified cases. Some
rid wire really re dywtinld' scarcely admt it, and
ilratU wa- tendered thankfully received whin
t ,, pven them. Others positively refused
retrive anything, and others again were
. -,rt!nJ ill-poken and not sparing in their de
-adsnoas of the committe, the government and
..-‘rcsi of mankind” because they were not snp
t-dVi:h the lest in the market. A few days
re complaint was made to us that the family of
voiastecr was not attended to by the committee
,j «as suffering for want of the necessaries ol
On mating inquiry we learned that aid bad
r( n tendered the family and was rejected. The
stho who made the complaint hod not gone to
, cummittee, as he sbookl have done, and foimd
j: the truth in the case, but at once set about de
•accing the committee. It was his dnty, as it is
s doty of every other citizen, to make known to
,ae member of the committee any needy families
may know, and then, if they are not attended
la that member be censured or dismissed. If
ee family referred to suffers, it is IKK the fault of
la a previous article we expressed a fear that
xt were some who, from a false sense of delica
•. would suffer and almost starve, rather than ap
y for relief. Let such cases, be seached out and
tk f afforded in a manner least wounding to their
eiuigs. In contradistinction to this, we may note
x: a woman who receives aid, recently threatened
. -ue the committee because it did not “ shell ont"
s fast and plentifully as she would like to receive,
foe Board will no doubt be compelled to refuse
-.oof in some cases, for in evety community there
t persons who will apply, from mere greediness,
■j- not from necessity, and yet these are the first
ruse the cry about “starving soldiers’families.”
;: s not to be expected that the Board will con
■bute to the relief of all families of volunteers,
only to the really necessitous.
In the above wo have no desire to shield the
Tmmitte from censure, wherein it! has failed to
terrorm its duties. Our intention is to show our
xiens that they have a duty to perform also.
Bad Bot».—Some time since me published an
k-icie warning parents! to b* careful of their boys,
specially those mho hare arrived at the age at
'-;th they feel themselves at liberty to stay put
p ■ i - e' ening, smoke cigars and take a glass be-
I the door. Our former aniele mas general
I- -'i character, but this ono is particular. We
I" the names of some half-grown boys, in this
lace, together with a history of their late con
l-tc;, which, if given to the public, mould open
I i! 'T'* »( the citizens of the town, and give
parents an idea of the character of their sods
the habits they are finning, that mould be
I cubing but agreeable to them. These boys are
I 'ptag it” rather fast for their ages, and one step
tore rill assuredly lead to their exposure and most
-Kb secure them a situation at stone-breaking,
some oilier laborious business, in the Western
Katcaiiary. If put through a due coarse of
*• d* recent transactions of some of these boys
consign them to the institution named for a
w months or years. Indulging the hope that,
T cealieg mercifully with them on their detection
- the outset of their criminal career, they may be
poiimii, they hive been borne with this time,
kit must not expect to escape again. Some of the
1 ■ ?-' to whom we all ode may imagine that their
• " i is not known, but they will discover their mis
■«t ere long, on receipt of a visit from Constable
U:- ,
"ho are they 't we imagine we hear the reader
-pue. Father or mother, do yon know where
-ni how your son spends his evenings ? If you
/•- ta'-. it is quite likely your boy is one of those
} - =rra]to.; Thi 9 article will be read by the pa
j of some’ of these fad boys, and we hope it
Vi indue: them to look after their sons in future,
-rt msgrace to them and nun to their offspring
upon them suddenly. We bare no imagina
ptese* in allude to facta, with names,
1 1®** and transactions at hand. Mark our words,
sane of you have sons on the near cut to
“* PWtteotiaiy, in which they will soon land,
I R’k ' TOU P*? more attention to them hereafter.
|K V are not at home at proper hours, in all
I •ojtjiiity you might find them in some of the
I or drinking saloons about town, learning
I ' n ° tller ,^aD those of virtue. Wo
I lout after your boys
Walch,,* Wrtuam TO OOp
*.A ‘ re 'S* u trains between this place and Har
aj?’ is attempting to get upon the train i while
“ ,he vidnit > of Mill Creek, on Tuesday
f,., , 1 ! missed his footing and fell on the track,
itj!* arm ”P° n **» in such a manner
fl. cruill «i from bis hand to his shoulder,
tun * r ° Ughl to hu hame in this place, where his
j j Bt^®* about an inch below the shout*
lion. ‘ . and Christy, and he is now
te “W«ed. Oheof his
Boldiebs biTEesan. —r-The circle in the centre
Cemetryv serhphri by theiAreocia
tion for the remains iff soldiers fromthis place and
vicinity who may be killed or die from any cause
daring the war, received three accession-yon Sun
day last. viz:—the bodies of Isaac Maritley and
Joseph McLaughlin, ofcompanyD.
who tell at the battle of Aintiethm> and George
Everson, of the Bth Pa. Reserves, who fell at
Sooth Mountain. The bodies of John E. Davis
and John Rose, of Co. D. 125th pegt. will be
brought borne this week, and laid beside their com
panions. The body of Idem. S. C. Potts was
taken to Hollidaysbnrg, ion a special train, on
Sunday, accompained by the Good Will Fire Com
pany, of which he was a member, and the Moun
taineers. Efforts have been made to secure the
return of the bodies of Capt.: JWayne, and the
nKSnbers Of his company, who thay be Skilled or
die in South Carolina, but we cannot say whether
they will be successful. We hope they may.
The first three named. were buried at ithe same
bom, on Sunday, the procession matting from
Logan Hall, to which place the corpses had been
taken, but owing to a mistake in the notice of
the funerals from' the pulpits,- the attendance
thereon was not as laige as it would have been.
A. L. S. or T.—We have had revere) letters
from company D, 125th Regt. P. V., complaining
of an anonymous scribler in this place, who signs
himself “ A. L. ‘S.”or“ A. L. T."who is endeavor
ing to create a disturbance among the members of
the company by writing letters derogatory fto
the character of the <st Lieutenant, A. .W.
Marshal. A paragraph in the last letter received
from the company reads as follows—
“We would ask him, (A. L. S. or T.) to give
as his name. If what he writes be facts, -he ought
neither to be afraid or ashamed to give his. name
in connection with them. A- man who is afraid
to come out and fight for his country ought not
r o endeavor to create disturbances among those who
have left their homes and friends and offered
themselves as sacrifices on the altar of their conn
tty, We esteem Lien:. Marsliall a brave soldier
and fully competent for the position he holds and
shall continue to so regard him until we have tet
ter evidence than that of anonymous letters that
oof confidence is misplaced."
We think it wrong -for any man: to attempt
thdstostab another in the daik. If the anony
mous scribler treats on-facts he owes it to the
company and the good of the country to give his
name with his charges. If they are not facts. Lieut.
Marshall and the whole- company -owe him a good
booting and we hope he will get it.
- Oak Hall akd the Holidays.—As usual.
Oak Hall is filled to overflowing with all manner
of fine and fancy, plain and pretty, > cheap and
costly knick knacks far the holidays, suitable for
old er young, rich or poor, grave or gay, senti
mental or otherwise, married or siagle, :> in love or
not in love, all of which is now on exhibition at
this famous notion and variety establishment.—
Fet. can’t be beat in his selections in this line. He on hand a very large stock of gift books,
embracing all varieties, among which maybe found
photograph albums ranging in prices from $1.50 to
$lO. We cannot name all the articles! in the gift
line which crowd his shelves and show; oases, nor
can we convey an idea of their beauty. ■ The store
must be seen to be comprehended and admired.—
For the children be has piles on piles of elephants
“rfainoserahosses,” dogs, dolls, whistles, drums,
tops, balls, and plenty of “ minstick” for the boys
to feed the girls on. He has a npmber i»f beanti
ful table and mantle ornaments tp which be invites
the attentionof the fair sex. . Call early, ladies,
and have your choice.
fiyThc remains of General; Conrad Feger
Jackson passed through this place on Friday last,
on their way toPittsburgh, where they were in
terred at 1 o'clock P. M on Satnrdayi The de
ceased was, for a number of yean, conductor on
the Mail Train between this point land Pittsburgh,
and was well known and much respected by most
of our- citizens. He was born in Beading.
He entered the service, some eighteen months
since as Colonel of the 9th Pa. Reserves. He
shared all the hardships of hit men ohj the Pen
insula, was with them at Sooth Hotthtain and
Antietam, and by bis soldierly conduct On all oc
casions made himself diaringnidsed to the extent
that when Gem Ord was ordered to the ; We*t, he
(Col. Jackson) was promoted to the office of Brig.
General and assumed command of General Orel’s
Brigade, at the head oTwhich he fell, oh the 12th
inst., nobly battling for bis country's honor.
Pensstlvaxia Cejsteal— PUuiurgh'to Boston.
—The Pennsylvania Railroad Company will prob
ably be enabled, in a short time, to mate a through
connection between Pittsburg arid Albany and
Boston, avoiding both Philadelphia, and New
York. The route will be as follows : Pittsburgh to
Tyrone, Pennsylvania Central Railroad; Tyrone
to Lock Haven (in progress.) Tyrone: and Lock
Haven Bailroad; Lock Haven . .to Wiilamsport,.
Philadelphia and Erie Railroad'; New York to
Elmira, Elmira Railroad : Elmira to Binghamp
tpn. New York arid Erie Railroad: Binghampton
to Albany progress.) Albany and Susquehanna
Railroad; Albany to Boston, Western Bailroad.
The total distance from Pittsburgh to Boston
will be about 650 miles, of which (be Pennsylvania
Central Uoilroaa will control over onejthitd.
Gbaud Musical KtfrttßTAnoißKT.^-ThcAlle
gbanians and Swiss Belt Ringers, one jaf the must
noted and veiy best companies of and
artists travelling, now on their way toPittsburgh,
will stop over at the Logan House front Saturday
until Monday next, and wilt'give atiEntertain
ment in Logan Hall, on Saturday evening, 27th.
This company has travelled almost alt over the
world and received the very highest testimonials
from med in high positions, among others the fol
lowing: ■ ! I
;“If yon would hear music :of 'the heart, music
that VUi take yon back to! Other, anc( maybe to
happier and better days, go add hear the Alleghe
nian s."— Methodist.
‘•Evetything is good, in excellent [taste, and
Means to virtue's aide.’ ”•— Baptwl ItegiMer.
Holiday Eictraatos.—Excursion pickets will
be issued from all stations on the Pcnn’a Bail
Road on the.34th and 25th of December, good for
a return trip until the 27tii of December; also on
the 31 st of December gnd Ist of, January,good for
a return trip until the Sd of January. The old
fashioned plan of giving a week, or ten days ex
cursion during the holidays is “played out," and
'probably it is blest. Excursions ore of little or no
beiiefit to rail-road companies, and are given more
for accommodation than profit. If die time be
short, fewer persons leave their work to tkarel, and
those who go to see their friends must make then
visits “ short and sweet.” 7 5'
Bosoms,—The following outlandish advertise- !
meat appeared first in a Salem (Mass.) paper.— |
Strange that such things should be tolerated in
the hind of, the Puritans. Read it understand
‘ Baeom?—jHst ogened. A fine bosom for 17
i**tt—a'very nice bosom for 25 cents. Oar stock
of borons is foil, and at ror loir prices.”
Oh! how- oar Puritanic Uretbern nave fallen. The
above is truly a frightful picture of the immorality
of the country settled by the pilgrim father*. The
“ fall" and “very nice” bosoms are all well enough
—will pass—in fact, they are .rather favorites with
the community in that shape, bat the idea r.f
“ opening!” them at 17 and 25 cents is shameful.
Salem can never say anything about New York,
or Paris after that. Tire morality of the place
must be as “ low” as the prices. Bosoms “ open
ed” at 17 cents. . Ugh ! Ugh !
Thanks.—Our young friend, Jacob Wilson, of
the saloon, a few doors above the Post Office, has
placed us under obligations by sending in a basket
of fine apples for the printers, and doing the agree
able at different times when we hare dropped in
to see him. Jake is a clever fellow, os we have
said before, and by the war he has on hand a fine
stock of apples, nuts, confectioneries, and all kinds
of fancy candy fixiu's for the holidays, together
with prime oysters, prime we say, because we
have sampled, the delicious bivalves and found
them to be snefa. For sale by the dozen, pint,
quart or can. Go and get a can with which to
stuff your turkey. We’ll stuff ours with oysters, if
we get one.
Curiosity.—A few days since we were shown
a book printed in IGBI, i2l years ago. Compared
with the books Usned at the present day, it pre
sents a wide contrast. The improvement in the
art of printing, both in the appearance of the work,
the speed in execution and the price, can also be
comprehended by comparison. More improve
ments have been made in the art of printing, with
in the last cenfnry, than in any other, and almost
every day adds something more in the way of
beauty, speed or durability. The printing art has
been justly, styled the " art preservative of all arts.”
Moke Facujties. —For some time past we
have been much cramped for presses to execute
the increased amount of job woik received, conse
quently we have -added one of Ruggles’ fast card
and bill-head presses to our establishment, and
also purchased some fifteen founts of display type.
We are now prepared to get up better work, and
execute it more rapidly than heretofore. If you
want a neat job, step into the Tribune office and
examine oar samples. They recommend them
Dead.— John Delaney, a member of Co. F.
76tb Regt. P. V., died at Hilton Head, S. C., on
the 7th of November. He had beer, in the hospi
tal at that point for over a month, ill of diarhoea,
but his disease did not assume a dangerous form
unlil about one week preceding his death. Thus,
one after another, the gallant defenders of the
stars and stripes fall into their graves, struck down
by the missiles of traitorous adversaries, or by dis
ease contracted by camp life, the march, or ex
posure. Reyuiescal en pice.
At Howe .—Capt. Pat. Walsh, of the gallant
Eighty-fourth has resigned his command and re
turned home. His company was reduced to ten
men fit for duty. Seeing no chance for recruiting
his company to the : required number, he trans
ferred his men to another command and gave np
bis commission. The Captain looks hearty, and
wears his honors becomingly.
Wounded. —-Among the ■wounded in the late
fight at Fredericksburg, we notice the name of
George M. Tipton of the 52th U. S. Infantry.
Tipton enlisted under Lieut. J. S. Campbell in
this place, some eight months since. The char
acter of the., wound is not stated. We hope to
have the particulars ere we go press.
On the outside of this issue will be found a
letter from Hilton Head, S. C., and extracts fiom
a letter from our correspondent “ Brain." The
Hilton Head letter, although; principally coined by
our correspondent from the A’erc South, apaperpub
i liedat Portßoyal, is nevertheless interesting, and
will repay a perusal.
Not Ykt Takes.— The offer of a fine lot of
brick clay, a short distance from town, over a
good road, has not yet been taken. The chance
to secure an opening for what must become a
profitable business still awaits a brick-maker to
take it up. Somebody wiH make money out of it.
Sad Accident,— A child named James Rogers,
about three years of age, whose parents reside on
Walnut street, was so badly bnrned by its clothes
taking fire from the grate, daring the mother's ab
sence, on Tuesday morning last, that death ensued
on the following day.— Register.
Burned, to Death.—A little child of Henty
Martin (miner) was burned tp death one day last
week, by its clothes taking fife, daring the absence
of its parents. Parents should be careful of their
little children at this season of the year, and keep
them well guarded from fire —Register.
tWThe services of the Quarterly Meeting
which commenced in the Methodist Church, on
Saturday evening last, will be protracted daring
the present week and probably longer. Preaching
evetr evening.
Take Notr e. —Kerr hosjnst received a large
lot of new currants, huge : and' seedless raisins
which he sells cheap.
Also a great lot of spenh c indies, which he
sells at 25 cts. per pound, which bring* them full
one-half cheaper than oil or tallow candles.
Once more we say to our friends, when you buy
for cash do not overlook the fact that he sells
cheaper than any house this side of the citv.
Dec. 5-4 t,
The Rer, Wm. Cosgrove. whileUboring as aMbaionary
I i Japan, was cured of. Consumption. when all other means
had failed, by a recipe obtained from a learned physician
in the great city ofJedUo. This recipe has cured great
numbers who weredutferiug from Consumption. Bronchi'
tis, £t>re Throat, Cuoghsand Colds, and the debility and
nervous depression canted by thele disorders.
Desirous of Wueflting others, 3 will send this recipe,
which 1 hare brought home with me. to all who need it,
free of charge. Address,
| Dec. 2J, 1862-1} .]
FOR RENT.—The subscriber offers
for rent tbe Store-Room on tbs corner of Annie Bud
Harriet streets. Kut Altaaak. laid; occupied by Foust
A Renter. Possession riven imniediitely. Apply to
Oct. 2.1862—tf ASDBkVKIPMJL
1439 Fulton A venae,
Brooklyn, N. T.
A Word to Married People.—
If it be true that “ A penny saved is twenpence
made,” the shortest way to get rich is to buy your
Groceries at FIUTCHEVS, corner of Main and
Caroline streets, Altoona.
, Browned Bye creistamly on hand.
Pickles, ready for table use, by the dozen or
Shrivcr’s Baltimore Oyster Ketchup.
Pepper Sauce and Tomato Ketchup.
Fresh Tomatoes, Quinces, Peaches, Fetus and
Plums, in cans.
The: American Excelsior Coffee, superior to
anything in the market—good as Java and cheap
as Rve. Trv it
His stock of Groceries, Fruits, Confectioneries,
&c., cannot be excelled in the place.
Cigars and Tobacco of all brands.
Call and he convinced that it is to your interest
to buy at the New Family Grocery.
Letter “A” Family Sewing Machine.
all Sewing Machines. Thu Machine wit] sew anything,
from the running of a tuck in Tarletan to the making of
an Overcoat—anything from Pilot or Beaver Cloth, down
to the softest Gauze or Gosaamer Tinoe, and Is ever ready
to doits work to perfection. It can fell, hem, hind, gather
lock, rjnilt. and has capacity lor a great variety of Orna
mental work. Tliis is not the only machine that can fell
hem, bind. kc. but it will do »o better than any other Ma
chine. The letter u A ” Family Sewing Machine may be
had in a great variety of cabinet cases. The Folding Case
which is new becoming so popular, is, as its name implies,
one that can be folded into a box, or caac. which, when
opeik' makes a berutiful. Balatajicial, and spacious table
for the work to rest upon. The case* are of every ima
ginable —plain as the wood grew in its native for
eat, or aa elaborately as art can make them.
Tbr Brandi Offices are welt rupi’l lV.l with Silk-Twiet,
Thread. Needle*. Oil etc. "f the very best quality.
Send for a copy of - SINGER A CO.'S GAZETTE.”
458 Broadway, N. Y.
Mr. D. W. A. Belford, Merchant Tailor, Virginia Street,
Agent in Altoona.
Altoona, Nov. 13, 1562. 1 [1 yr.
sniiiETur of fobm.
By using that Safe, Pleasant, Popular and Specific Rem
edy known aa
Read tbe Advertisement in another column, and profit
by it
Diseases and Symptoms Enumerated.
Cut it out, and Preserve it. You may not now require it.
But may at some Future Day.
" It giver health and vigor to tbe frame.
And bloom to tbe pallid cheek. 1 ’
It Save! Long Suffering and Expoenre.
Beware of Cbunter/eile! Cures Guaranteed ,
Altoona, Nov. loth, ISC2. 1 ™ 3iu.
Baltimore Express Weslarrive* 7-35 A.M. leaves 7 55 A.M.
PMladePa u .. .. - •• 8.40
Fast Line v *• M 8.30 P. M. “ K.45P.M.
Mai) Train u 7.4'l(runsDnfutther West.)
Express Train East 9.25 P. M., leaves 9.451*. M
Farit Line “ - 4JUO AM, *• 4.06 A.M.
Mail Train “ - 11.30 - “ 11.35 •*
Trains on Ifollldayshurc Branch mn to connect with
Express Trains and Fast Line West and Mail Traju East
and West.
Train* on Tyrone A Clearfield Bnnrh and Bald Eagle
Valley IL it. run to connect with Express Train West and
Mai! Train Ka&C aud West. *
Eastern Through, Baltimore and Washington, 7.35 A. M.
- “ Philadelphia. **
Western Through... 9.29 P. M
Western Waj, 11.2 C A. M
Eastern Way 1 7.40 P. M-
Ilullldaysburg...: 725 A. M. A 7,30 P M.
WeslernWay 7.20 A. M.
Eastern Way.. 11.00 4 *
Western Through J 7 30 V. M.
Eastern Through, 7.30 ••
Holiidaysburg 8.00 A Al, A 7.D0 P M
Oitici UoXT&sDuring the week 6.45 A. M. nutil
7,30 P. M. On Sunday* from 8,00 until 9.00 A. M.
lo Duncan'rille. Dec. 18th, 1862, by Dev. S. J. Berlin
Mr. WM.B.BARTLKT. of Altoona to Mas ANNA SUB AN
daughter of Mr. John Walter, of Duncausville, Blair Co.,
POSITIVELY one occasion only.
LAThJ.Y returned from a four years’
lour nwiml the world, and having since tbrir return
given SIXTT-TWO COXCtUTS in the city
of New York: also visited Washington. Baltimore, and
many of the principal cities of the United State*, in al) o!
which their Concert* hnve be-n attended liy Die largest
moat Di-hiouablt* and delighted audience* that evei greet
ed musical artists. would now respectfully ammnnceONE
of their highly popular MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENTS
Their Repertoire embrace* a choice collection of Vocal
Quartet* arranged in their own peculiar atvle, also a va
riety of the sweet at English. Irwh. Scotch.* German and
Spanish ballad* extant. Hum >nra-t Duet*, Ac- Ac„
Aria*. Cavatina* and Seen as, tin* work* of the mo*t
popular Italian and French Master*. In a MltloO to their
usual choite election* ol V<ical Mask, they will- phiy *ev
erut pieces on the celebrated SWISS BELIES.
Thfc ALLKOIIANJANS beg !*wve to state to theirnn
memos friend* and nktrona of former yean, that about
four year* ago they add*d the SWISS BELLS to their al
readv aupeHor Concerts; and the Pres*, a* well as all com
petent musical critic*. liave pronounced their Bel) Playing
■ti|*rior to anyth! gof the kind ever hear.! In thl* coun
try. not excepting that of the original Bwi« Bell Ringer*
wh» appeared in the U !t*d State* about fifteen year* ago,
A4ml«don 25 cents: Children 15 cent*. Commence* at
TJ4 o'clock. .
Daring their aojoam in foreign laud*, the concert* of
the ALLBOUEXIANS were honored by the attendance of
hundreds of thousand* of delighted JUtenera-r-Kinga,
Qm-ens. Xoldea. and the most distinguished men of the
age patronized Uieir entertal iiwitt*. and Hvislied npon
them the most flattering demonstrations of approral.
J. M. BOULAKT). Manager.
It.] D. Q. WALDRON, Agent.
IDKKCE of the subscriber, in Logan township, on or
about tbe Ist of September last, a RED BULL about two
▼ears old next spring: also, on or about the 20th of M iy.
1562 a LIGHT RED BULL. with white **
back, white hind legs, half of tail white,
about four year* old next spring. The
owners are requested »u ciane fUHrard.
prove property, pay charges and take
them away, otherwise they will be
paeedof acoordit gtolaw. JOHN WOLF.
Dec. % 1862.-31*
IDENCE of the suhecriber Id Do- - . f -.
K»n township, on or sbont tli« Qr.l of
October, a. TdARLIBfI IIKIFFKR. red
color, with white quit, on her hinder SWWtf
parts. The owner is requested to
forward, prose property pay
»nd take her a««y, : otherwise she will be dinned nfao-
Dec. 8, l*pl—lt*
To Datny Jfott, StceJta, ale.
To Datny Mice, JMo, <ad mtt.
J\o a iTtb, fld ftip.
niHttnjy Jfartir fa fttq'flOiii A
7b Datny Meeytataa cm! Man.: .
To Destroy himeti «t pints cad FWdo.
7b Destroy—tom U m Animate. Ac.:
71a Deitrwy——Every Jprm end tpteia yf Fbmdx,
“ Costar’g" Hat Roach, Ac, Exterminator.
•• Cogtar’s" Bed-Bug Exterminator.
“ CootarV Electric Powder for Insects, 4e.
Is 25c. 60c. .XU $l.OO Bottlu ago Flaizg, s3o» $5 Six*
Fob PuHTATion, Sain, Boats, UunuTkc
u Free from Faisons.”
u Not dangerous to the Tinman Family.”
u Rats do not die on the premesia,”
“ They come oat of their holes to die;”
49* Sold JBreryiDhcrt —by
All WBOLK6AU IIICG6IBTS in the lam cities, end By
Decqoists. Utocnk Siiitcuaiu, and kr4kuu gener
ally, in all Country Towns and Villages to!the United
States. «
Sold by G. W. KESSLER, AJtoon*.
AVCocbtbt Duixm can order u »bov«.
Or ad drew order, direct—{..r far Pricea, Toth, Ac.] U
PKiacirai Bum— So. 482 Broadway Now Fork.
Hat & Cap Store.
1 “ EXOjSI.SIOR" HAT nod CAP Store
w**nld inform ku ciiMmuvn, and the Public generally,
that be fau removed hie more In lit. new building, on Vir
stiiiin Ktrret. next door to Jaggxrd’i (tore, where he hu
jn-t received . Targe atock of
Hie Stock of Hats and Capa are of the very brat selection,
of eve y etyle. color and ehape. for both old and toque.
All be sake it,that Hie people call and examine'hia Mock
and be feele confident that he can Kud them away re
pacing, if not in lb. pnrefaaee of inch an article aa tfarv
wanted, at tbe remembrance of having looked upon tbe
lian.iaomrat stuck of Hate, Cape, FUte, Ac. ever exhibited
in this town.
1 Lave also on hand ad entirely new stick of
embracing everything in that line, which I will eel) at
fair price*, ae I do nut intend to keep any of my etock over
Nov. 6,1882..
Root and herb doctor, who
cao be consulted at the Altoona House, one day in
e:ich month daring the year ISC3, vix;—January 9tb
Feb. loth and March Tilth. At Mrs. Ward's National lio
tel. Tyrone, on thaStii of January, 9th of Feb. and 9th oi
lie treats all di«*ws tbatfie-h is heir to. lie iovitat
all female* that may be suffering wirli dlnaa-te* peculiar i<
their sex. U rail and examine his new mode Of treatment
as thousand* have been restored .to health who have been
a'landoned by otheis. lie lain pwsesion of |»erfect in
struments Cur sounding the lungs and chest, and Is then
fore to determine the exact condition ofthe vital or
gaus—consequently am treat such complaints with greatei
<u ety an l certainly than it is possible lor those who guev
at tin* di4ea*e an I experiment f*r its cure. He
tha*, for every malady, there is found in our soil a sure ana*
never-failing remedy.
Or. Levinp«t«n lias formed acopartuersbip with a squaw
who ha* sjient all her life a* adoc ress.and her wouderfti
cures through**!! the United States have &«Uinlshed thftu
She i* a native of the Rocky Mountains and Jr
called the ** Belle of the Prairies.**
Patient* can receive treatment for $5 per month
ex.ept in cases of Cancer* and Tumors, they varying from
|lO to *IUO. Examinations tree. See handbills.
Kov, 26,1862-tf. Mias BiXL H JON.
Glorious ews!
r PHE Subscribers would respectful})
I announce to the citizen* of Alt-ooa and vicinity
that they have just returned from the East with their
BOOTS <Sc SHOES. stock of HATS & CAPS h»T, bm se
lected with great care, autt with the view of salting all
who may favor them with their patronage. Their tine d.
Boots and Shoe* i* complete.
are of City make, and warranted. Their Balnmraf Sbra*
for Ladies and Diases, are jost the thing forfitll and
winter. *
Thankful to the public for their very liberal patrooag*
heretofore, they hope to merit a coatiouance of the -imr
Store on MAIF 47. next door to Bowman** Kxchang*
NOTICE. —1 would hereby notify those
who are owing me small bill* for meat that !
have placed their account* In the hand* of John W
Unmet, Esq., for collection, not for the purpom of toeing
them out, hut merely for collection, (a* 1 have not Unit
to go around and eue each person,) and I wish all tlx**
upon whom be may call to be prepared to square up old
account* and sta t anew, la the meantime 1 will con
lioue to keep on hand as floe* an article of b-eC pmk.ol
mutton, as can be found In this softhm, aad rapedUl}
invite all my customer* to call asusuaL
Nov. 26,1862 tf M. ftUXTBX.
Particular notice i i—Notice
U hereby given to all persons .knowing themasjvc*
Hulebtdd to the nndenrigned, in store acctmnt* or other
wise. to come forward and make settlement, oo or befor*
the loth <*f December, tu no longer indulgence can be giv
en. After that all onset tied account* wBI be placed
in the hand* of % projier offleerfor collection with cost.
Nov. 6,1862.—3i*J R. U. McOOKMICK.
A large and varied stork of FRESH OBOCKSUK
AND PROVISIONS, just received, and (urMhaiebcun
the chwp«t, at MUBPIIV A McPIKITS Store, :
Cor. of Virginia and Caroline «t*.
Altoona, June 26,1662.
TION will beheld on the second Thursday eveoln*-of osc%
monlb. in the Council Koum. ii. CLABAL'GIi.
Ji«. LosTHtt, PraAMtat.
•Secretary. [Msy lh-’«Jj
Abdominal supporters, This
aeaaod Sboulderßracrs for sale at 1
1-tf- O. W. KESSLER'S,
In endless variety, st LAUGUVAN’B.
Altoona. Hsy t. 1563.
J~\ Jewelry. Hair and Clothes Brashes, Combs.
Pocket-knives, Ac., >t LAUGUMAVS
COifS can be found St LACODMAN'S.
Excellent heavy boots &
SHOES just received at LATKIin(AM!S.
■ heap <>r jSner— *o to LAGGIIMAN’B
Great piles of pantaloons,
for Men and Boys, at LAjDbIDIAirS,
style aad color, Of «3d quality. at /
for Men and Buylt, Ladles and Misses, lost rac'd it
■ ' 1 LAtMUMWR.-
Oil-Cloths crabs food at LACOBMAITS.
- highly oaNtinmunv*
A toMtnami SfwcMc tally
For Mww at Um BLADDBk, KHH(«n. QBATBL,
IkklliaeiHiaeniMaMfn(t«t M|i*lbAwl as
citaa tha ABaOBBBNTS ialo health? acMoa, hjr which »a
WATBBT OK CALCAKKOUB drpoattfaa* oat *ll OH
NATURAL KKLABOBMBMTB, «r» reduced, M nil u
PAIN An INFLAMMATION, ud bpodteSta, !*.
For mkM ariaias tai Ekeaaaaa, Ilahitaof DW|>-
tioa. Early ladiacretisat or Akaaa.
Indiapoaitloa to Exertion, DlilWalty nflwrtl)i|i
Loan of Memory Va^fFonr,
Weak Name, Treatblias,
Honor of Piwiif, ■ T(MU>m,
Dimnaaa of Tiataa, \ Palo ha tka Bock,
t 1 nircraal UiiitmU of the Maacniar Syatem,
uS Hand*, Harking of tbo B«Sy,
Dryuoaa of the Skin, Kraptioaa of tka faea,
There aymptoana, if alknrod to go aa, wkkh tU> medi
cine tanittililjf mum, tooo fellowa laroiuci, lutm
inum tiff, la one of which tko patient mmj czpira.
Who cob «•; tkat Ihf in sot freqaantly followed ~ky
Many ere aware of tka eanae of tkeiraaOrriag,
And the ueUackoly Deatka by Oinaamptloa boar aaa
pla witneaa to tka trwtk si tka aaaertioa.
Raqoirea tka aid of medicine to ttraagtkea and In rigor,
ate tiie Syatem, whick lIEKBOLD'B EXTRACT BUCHD
inrariahly dote. A trial will coorinca tka moat akeptlcal.
0u o> Yocaa, Stasis, Fmm« CoxrnrrniTixd Max
Id many eUecttooa peenllar to Femalra, the EXTRACT
BL'CIIC ia noeqoeled by any other remedy, aa in Chtoro
ela nr Retention, Irregularity, Fainfolncae or EnpprcaMoa
»f Coatomary Eracnationa, Ulcerated or Scirrboaa atata
of the Uteraa, Lencorrboe or Whiter, Sterility, and fcr all
camplaiata incident to the aex, (rum la
discretioo, Uabita of Dieaipelion, or In tka
m moron tion
No Family- Should be Without It.
• Tiki no more B*l«ta, Mercury, or maplseeeotMedidse
for oopleMsst *oJ dt&sfron "
Improved Bosk Wash
No lacoeT^eieeee
in nil their etacee,
Little- or no change in Diet,
And noXxpaean-.
It caaece ■ bequest deelr* nod gieee etmgth to Hrteate,
thereby Kemoring Obetractiona, Preventing ad Ctr**),
dtrietane of the Urethra. Allaying pda and Üba
tkm eo treqnent in the clam of dieeaete, aad apaUiag all
PoiaoooaeDieaaaeaaad worn-oatMaUer.-
rictimeofftaacka. aad who hare paid Warp Is'bte
cured in a abort time, hare foand that they vere deaaiead.
ind that the “POISON” haa, by the nao of •‘powecfhl
tringenta,” been dried np in theayataaa, to break eat ia
an aggravated turn, aad perhapaafter Marriage.
CaaltKmaa’a Xztucr Been facaHadhcttawaad
Jiwaara of the
Whether eziatiag ia
MALE OK wna^Tjat
Pram whatever caaaa<arigiasthv,aMsandßKat
Dueaeeaoftheaeoegmne require the aid of a DtoOm.
ft the Great ihnunc, aad ie certain to haee the iialrad
effect in a'l dimes'* for which it ‘r rmiimmcaleif
Evidence of the moat reliable aad i im|i 11 maltila ihMeilai
wi'l accoatpaay the medidnea.
CertiAcatee ofGaree, frcea eight to teeaaty yauaatasA
ing, with naaiea known to eeieaee aad fear.
Price $l,OO Per Bottler Six Hr $5,
Delinnd to aayoddnn, Meanly yackod IraMoayofe
Docuu Snmn a *u.
Corn OoonatmL
Ptnewllj appaarad brfcae me. u Aldrrmaß tt the city
of PhiUMpUa, O. t. Hn.»ami>, who bßta^'jww.
luth «ay. hie preparation oooUim wo aucottc. BO mcrca
rr, or other iajarioai drop, bat are parafy regataWa.
Sworn end tabaelibed betm me, this 23d dey sf Jfo.
reabrr.MM. W.F. HI MU HD. Alilanawi,
Addrm letter* for iabrmatioa is to
**<“» °*
Who Meatar'todtipai* **p note «n» tad "am?
r> ’ ‘
4b 4b | btract Mm. '
d» '4a ,d» tlirMpllllle,
■ 4b : 4b..j ■j! 1 ,
B"** by Dnqhß W«l»w> bb aCW. Oat
uot Ihaadrertißßaiitaad acsdbr tt, aad B*M|B|NaMsb
udapnn. * '*• i ■'• :
Feptambar ITtX IMS-lj. 'V
' Adrics Gratia.