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“WwfitSEi I
Si ss* m
Site hMiart.t»SJS5 < gg* «y s* i
to wll m low it notTsSall r* tGiPr I
iltoe. He smU thnSjii i*** 1 42 1
«4ue their Ml rSSSSBtt to «n 1
hi*, new stock |
Mtfiedthat hacsa gtfSSSJfjHshs, |
of the best luhUtyeel^iS^S* 6, l
i Gooda at Old Xx&mT* I
, Mia’flrai6W,^ j|| i- 3
™" aton Dtlaiut «-SS£"H
tod Defenses, all ami, at SrZ J® 1
Mf, Omettoga and Aimiout
yard* for $l, LancatUraitd‘ ]
i Gingltanu /row Ifl .far -
all tixM Flannel /row 2g to i J
«jr Sheeting Muilin 12V ctt
to/row 6^to cto/aSk,
rid J«« o/ ewrjf |
land Bhoet; Women, •
i Show; IJaia sad Cope, "ShMCkj. s
Coffee at 17 flen
se White, Sneer 11m. j
; Imperial, Y. Ojior and-lK£2 8* i
«t».; Odarand Wfllov WtSSrSf** '
•>• A. SPBAskSl”’ J
Übe public generally, that 1m
beautiful abutment of . w
Bee. extent uid variety, ban
InUlair county. Particular
a Sitkiy CheUlies , ifereye*,
ChitUss, DeJkfictf Orttpcif
Sfcnofe, ifaMltßa*, CmfersfeecM
efc anrf Ribbons, Collars, Bami
d Curves. Hooped Skirts, Skirt* .
v Zacs JKft*,rfc., tfc,
limorea, Teetlnge, Tweed*. ..
mid do troll to Can
Is for Boj*. ■ u **
■rare. GUMWare, QoMnnran, W~j
i Clothe, CarpeU, *c,ln innaZ
mot tall to plena*. ' '
s la more extensive than mt, tai
iva Coffoo, Crushed, Loef ud
. uhl Black Teas; Mnhww,a,^
nl'llc tor the ray liberal patresax
'.hope* by strict attention to fcaS.
u> please, to merit a oootlnnaacs of
' of all kinds taken in
3. B. inZiKMAN.
uoonnee to the cltlxone of Altoona
ry.tltal bo baa just relumed beg
> Sc CJ-A.I*S.
arc of the very beet rtlectkn,
; shape, for both old and yodag;
Id Misses’ Kart Is the beet ever
kmsistins of every variety, which
suit the times. J
! people call and examine bis stock,
that he can- acrid, them away re
m chase of such an article a* they
snee of having looked anon the
u. Cape, Furs, Ac, ererexblUM
<>ppotiU the Lutheran, Church,
and Fifty Dollar
» of my superior NEWSPAPIR
Irircn by hand with ease at ths
n a colored poster down, and do
rlinder Press In the world.
Is a form with two rollers of 26
3,000 lb«, and cau be put up and
iary printer.
ten done on this press. In pam*
s cut of It, tod will
y to tlioee who hare not received
wrCrom them.
ng* this advertisement, to the
Hog me a paoer containing lb
ptt of their blll towards payment
ordered after one year from Sep
ird within. One year, $2O wfll 1*
ordered within six months |3O
within three months,-$4O wUIU
ur Interest, to communicate dfc
sat the press to beilM repre*
unit s can easily find out ftr yon
Kr in New York. For further
No. 16, Spruce street, N. Y-
ILLER, Principal
itnee on MOST)AT, Hot- *&■
on of Prof. Miller u no ne«o»-
»ful Teacher 1* amtoraunUt
other*, that - the school iB "
I Mtitfurtloo.
h-«raph,. Competition,
, Mental and Adnuieed 1
7, Trigonometry, Latin
itiou to be nude moaM) Is ft*
FOOD offers his Pro*
i the cltiaen. of AUoonn t** l
a Strut, near), oppotlt* C. -•
•», “
■ PitUbotgh.
[»os, Tyroot CRy.
Tit p«r Month, nail nffJWM*'
e a eoMMfadea.
i -st] . - iSSaa*
fornafeni ' ' ’
: o.y. iaajßtW?!
lOLOONBB, .mft
' loß * t
hJpruMMf nt ■
il) EYE
s-tt] ; "
i-tr. i
jUtooim Cribimc.
Eastern Way
.Veitwn Way
Western Through..
Extern Through..
_ „u. w ,hnru. 7 00 A. M. and 6 20 P. M.
- **w-
E"'" 11 r ugh nooa. m.
y ..“ 0 30 P.M.
nmez HoBM During the week, from 8 43 a. M. till
. to Sundays, from 8 43 till 7 43 i. si.
jMr.Jtwuo j, JOHK suOBMAKKU, P, M
E«,'re* Train K«t arrives M» A» ; leaves 4.43 A. M
.. “ -8 30P.M. “ 8,50 P.M
f,,t << S “ 7.35 P.M., “ 8,10 P.M.
“ 11.00 A. SI. “ 11,20 A.M.
M»il “ .< 6.30 P.M., “ 0,50 P.M.
irm.LIDATSBDRG BRANCH connects with Ex-
The_* w M t. and Mall Train East and M est.
Gnu'll BRANCH TRAINS connect with Johnstown
omnoMi at lonT rain a Hast and IVest.-Expreas « and
y„ t Line and Mail train Easl and IN est. _
For some time past we liavc been prom
ising our readers that if those who are in
debted to us would come forward and set
tle up, we would, on or about the first of
October, show them something never seen
in this section of the country. W ell, the ,
first of October has gone by, and wchave i
not announced our show os opened. Ofj
coarse you want to know the cause, and, ,
to begin with, we would say that the first
and most important condition of the terms,
upon which we promised to furnish the
exhibition, has not been complied with,
viz; but few have called to settle their
bills, and thus supply us with the means
to purchase it. Now it is not to be 05-
pected that we. can get up a show worth
looking at Without money. We won’t go
“on tick,” for it, and could notget it “on
tick” if we would. Again, the gentleman
who is engaged in getting up the exhibi
tion lias given us notice that hg cun not
have it completed in less than sixty days
from the Ist inst., which will be about the
Ist of December. Delinquent friends, you
have still time enough left to settle your
accounts and get in to see the show on the
first day that it is opened to spectators. —
Come right along, and make no delay in
settling up. The show is coininy, and we
must have tKc money to pay for it. Don’t
delay payment because the time is six
weeks in advance. It will be up before
ye are aware of it, and then you’ll feel bad
about not having paid us —at least you
ought to,
The Sweet Little Man.
[Hew is a very appropriate poem, respectful
ly dedicated to the “ Stay-at Home Rangers,”
The truthfulness 0 f the picture presented will
not bo questioned, and the point will be easily
arrived at. Let all the “ sweet little men” read,
Now while the soldiers arc fighting our battles,
Each at his post to do all that he can,
Down among rebels and contraband chattel?,
What are you doing my sweet little mau ?
All the brave boys under canvass arc sleeping,
All of thorn pressing to march with the van,
Far from the home where their swtot-heartt are weeping.
What are you waiting for my sweet liltlo man ?
You with the terrible warlike moustaches,
Pit for a Colonel or chief of a clan,
You with the waist made (or short belts and soahc-i.
Where are your shoulder-straps, sweet little man?
Bring him the buttoulc?s garment of woman,
Cover his face, lest it freckle a.pd tau ;
Master the Apron-String Guards on tin; common,
That is the corps for the sweet little man.
Give him for escort a file of young misses,
Each of them armed-with a deadly rattan;
They shall defend lym from laughter and Miscs,
Aimed by low boys at the sweet little man.
All the fair maidens about him shall clustery-1
Pluck the white feathers from bonnet and fair,
Stake him a plume like a turkey-wing duster;
That is the crest for the sweet little man.
0, but the Apron-String Guards arc the fellows!
Prilling each day since our troubles began I
“ Uaudlo your walkiug-sticks!” Shoulder umbrellas!’
That is the stylo for,the sweet little man!
Have we a nation to save! In the first place
Saving ourselves is the sensible plan,
■Surely the place where there’s shooting’s the worst place,
Where I can stand, says the sweet little man! .
Catch me confiding my person with strangers 1
Think, bow the cowardly Bull Runners ran!
lu the Brigade of Stay-at-home Hangers 1
Marches my corps, says the sweet little man!
Such was the stuff of the MaUkoff takers,
Such were the soldiers that scaled the Uedau;
Truculent housemaids and blood thirsty Quakers,
Brave not the wrath of the sweet little man.
Yield him the sidewalk, ye nursery maidens!
fiauae guipent! Budget, and right about Ann-
Fierce u a shark Id a school of meuhadeus,
See him advancing, the sweet little man!
When the red flails of the taUle.ficld threshers
Beat out the Continent's wheat from its bran,
While the wind scatters the chaffy Scccsbcrs,
What will become of our sweet little man?
When the brown soldiers comeback from the borders,
How wfU he look when his features tbeyscan?
Uow will he feet when ho gets marching orders,
Signed by bid lady-love* Sweet little man!
Fear not for him, though the rebels expect him—
Life is too precious to shorten its span;
Woman her broomstick will raise to protect him;
Will she hot fight fur the sweet little man?
Now then three cheers foi the Stay-at-home Ranger,
Blow the great Fish horn and beat the big'pau!
First in the field that is farthest from danger
Take your white feather plume, sweet little man!
J®- The Blair County Whig, of last week, in
speaking of Gen. Sherman’s body guard says;—
“It was originally intended for-General Rob 1
ert Anderson, and the suggestion, coupled with
—■a steam biscuit-bakery has been pnt in oper
ation at Honolulu, Sandwich Islands,”
Why the tuggeetion should be coupled with a
tleam litcuit bakery, at Honolulu on the Sand
wich Islands, is more than wo can understand.
Will our friends of the Whig explain.
lO 40 A. M,
■7 00 “
7 00 A. M.and 6 00 P.M.
... 6 00 P. M,
.: 7 20
BS* We copy the following paragraph from
a correspondent of the Pittsburgh Post, who is
in Col. Blacks regiment. We arc informed by
one who was present, that CopL Crazier, and
not Capt. Patterson, was in command of the
pickets. It will be seen that the “ Blair County
Sharp-Shooters” are getting a touch of Picket
Two or Three days since, companies B and M,
Captains Patterson and Crozier, were detailed
from onr regiment to go out on picket, about
two miles from camp on fhe Lewinsville road,
north of Fulls Church. Capt. P.nnd Lieuten
ants McKee and Salisbury, with Capt. Crozier
aud Lieutenants Potts and Murray, with their
men, responded promptly aud reported them
selves tp Col. Skillan, of the New. .Vork Four
teenth, who was in command of a.battallion of
picketers from our Division. Capt. Patterson
was placed in command of one hundred and
fifty men, and daring the three days the boys
were out they bad a good time. While out,
one of his command captured seven cows, sup
posed to belong to a secessionist named Sher
wood, and reported them to Captain Patterson.
The Captain was disposed to consider them con
traband and drive them into our camp, but
when a woman presented herself and stated that
her husband was absent from home, and that
these cows wore the main support of several
children, the Captain caved in and permitted
'the woman to send after the stock. A great
many other little incidents occurred while we
were out, but as 1 have not time to note them
and you have not room to publish them, will
let them go. ;
For the Altoona Irihunc.
'Mountain Brigade, !'. V., 1
- Cash* Grossman, V
Oct. loth, 18G1. J
Messes. Editors :■ —Wo send you a card of
thauks to the kind ladies ofTipton, and to Mrs.
Lieut. Holliday in particular, for -the magnifi
cent present of comfortable clothing Which they
sent us. May eternal sunshine light up their
pathways, and may,misfortune’s Withering blast
ne’er reach them.
In behalf of the Company.
■ Mas KxiiLKD. —Oa Friday Evening week a
man apparently an Irishman, whose name is
unknown, was killed by the Fast Line West,
about three miles above Mifilintpwn. He was
sitting on the track, and was struck by the cow
catcher. The train was stopped and the man
was picked up, still breathing but was un
concious. He was taken to Lewistown and
medical attendance provided, died on Satur
day at 11 o’clock. He was burled iu the I’oor
House grave-yard., He was apparently about
40 years, of age. , Nothing was found about his
person to indicate Lis name or residence.
A Curiosity. —Our old friend, Joe Metzgar,
brought to Our office, this '.Friday) morning,
a stalk of cabbage containing seventeen well
shaped heads, and iwo or three in embryo.—
The centre head is large and sound, and several
of tho outside ones are lit for use. It was
raised on the farm of Andrew Hartman, in
Sinking Valley, Can any one else produce
such a tutus natures?
Jgjg“A heavy press of job work, lincl the ab
sense of one of the editors and our journey
man at Court, fur two days, will account for
the late appearance of our paper this weeji, and
the want of attention to the different depart
We have received a long letter from our old
friend, Jas. T. Moore, of this place, now iq
campon Meridian Hill, 'near Washington City.
He says their regiment (Ist I). C. Vols.) has
been under marching orders for ten days, but
where- they arc to be Sent none of them know,
The &ays arc quite warm for the season, but
the nights are quite the reverse. They have
plenty of good wholesome food, and warm wool
en clothes, with the exception of bed-clothes. —
There is but a single blanket to each man.—
The boys from this part of the country, whose
names will be found iti the list below, are e.ll j
in good health. They arc well contented. The
only dissatisfaction manifested arises from hav
ing to remain in their present camp and not be
ing sent over the river along with the main
body of the army, lie speaks in terms of
praise of all their officers us Being kind and
courteous in every respect. In; speaking of the
grand reviews which take place there every
few days, he says they arc pleasing to specta
| tors put very fatigueing to the soldiers. lie
I then adds a muster roll of the company, which
Iwe publish below. Any .letters or packages
' forwarded to them should be directed in care of
j Capt. Eodicr, Ist D. C. Vols., Washington City.
: Mustek ROLL.
C. If. Rodier, Captain.
John M. Clark, Ist Lieut.
James W. Uigg, 2d ”
Robert J. Clark, Orderly Sargent.
Chas. E. Laub, 2d ’!’
Oscar Beatty, 3d
Samuel Stewart, 4th y
William Wilgis, Ist Corporal.!'
John Smith, 2d “
John Barnacle, Sd “ !
Jas. Reed, 4tU “
Wm. Ambrose, sth “
Thos. Coleman, 6(h “ I
Wm. Bresalcr, 7th “
Samuel Paul, Bill : “
Brown, William Maurer, Abraham
Bowman, Veter Maurer, Isaac
Burns, John s Moyers, George
Bowman, Samuel Mohr, William
Black, Sanjuel Meadvillc, Joshua
Cassiday, Geo. IV. Moore,'James T.
Cassiday, David .O’Brian, Thos.
Cherry, Alfred Philips, Patrick
Carter, William ;Qaarry, Levy
Chrissman, Harrison Rutherford, James
Chnrtiors, Wm, Higgle,-Martin A.
Cook, William Read, William J.
Decker, William Rigglejnan, Jonathan
Davis, John P Smith, Adam
Delaney, Daniel Sneatli, Robert
Garrett, Jacob Smith, r A.L.
Glunt, William 'Sharer, William
Green, Franklin Snyder, William B.
Garret, Adam ' Sivels, Ezekiel T
Hocffer, Alexander Bonders, Christopher
Hollingabead, John Sherman, Robison
Hopkins, Wm- M. Steele, Newton
Hubert, Ficholas Thompson, Huston M
Houck,. Marshal Wright, Levy
Hoover, John Wright,; John F.
Hall, Adolphus Williams, John
Laybold, John Webb,: John B.
lowther, Samuel Webb, Henry
ggk, Header, hare yon seen Prof. Wood's
advertisement in our paper. 'Read it; it will
interest you.
The Effects of Civil War, —The
division of families caused by the war,
particularly in some of the border States,
is painfully illustrated in "two instancies.
A Louisville correspondent of the Cincin
nati Commercial writes as follows ;■ —Capt.
Henry Clay, who has just received a com
mission as Assistant Adjutant under Brig
adier General Richard W. Johnson, is a
young man of fine abilities, a West Pointer,
though, not a graduate, and of undoubted
and strong Union sentiments. His posi
tion is a very strange one, and is one
among the many romantic stories of the
day. His grandfather was the sage of
Ashland, and his father died at Buena
Vista. His uncle, James B. Clay, is a
secessionist, now under bonds to appear
for trial for treason. Another uncle,
Thomas, in the U. S. service, is responsi
ble for the appearance for trial of James
B. Clay. A brother, Thomas Clay, jr., is
on the rebel General Beauregard's staff,—
His sister’s husband, with whom young
Clay resides iuj this city, has lately enteied
the U. S. servipe with two other brothers,
for the war, and now comes young Harry’s
turn, and lie accepts the unsolicited com
mission which General Johnson has ten
dered him. Here is another example ;
John J. Crittenden has one son who is a
Brigadier General in the rebel service.
Another son is a Brigadier General in the
army of the Union, but holding his com
mission from the State of Kentucky.—
Another holds the rank of Captain in the
Federal army. John J. Crittenden him
self, at the agp of 70, bears arms as a pri
vate in the Home Guard of Frankfort.
B@U The Peuusylvania Railroad Company
has dcclarud a semi annual dividend of three
per cent, out of the profits of the last six
months. The dividend is clear of State tax,
and payable to ! the stockholders on and after
the 15th of this month.
To Consumptives
And those aflliclcd with
The undersigned, now seventy-five yearn old. had for
years devoted ins time to curing his Pariahonur.i ami the
poor in New York of thehodreudfulcoinplaintiu which curry
thousands and thousands to au untimely ■'grave; ho has
seldom failed to cure all who have applied 1o him lor re
lief, aud believing it to bo a Christian's duty to relievo
.tboe abroad, as well as athouu*, he will fitful to those who
require it, a copy of Trcserptiuns used, (Fu-e of Charge-;*,
with directions for paring and using the same. Also
rules on Diet, Bathiug. Ventilation, and Exorcise fertile
Soil;,they will find these remedies a sure curefirCousum*
tion, and all diseases of the Throat and Lungs, Fever raid
Ague, Constipation, Heart Disease, Dyspepsia, Nervous
Debnity, and Female Complaints, and he hopes every one
'filleted will tend for a copy, as it'will cost nothing, and
those suffering should apply before it is 100 late. These
Prescription are used by the most eminent Physicians in
London, Paris, and New York. "Those wishing them will
please address REV. DU. CHAMBERLAIN.
Nov. 15,’60,-ly. New York.
Dr. Velpeau’s Cankerine
DU. VELPEAU’S CANKEUINE cures Putrid Sore Mouth
DU. VELPEAU’S CAN KERINS cures Sore Nipple?.
DK. VELPEAU'S CANKEUINE cures Ulcerated Sons
DU. VELPEAU'S CANKEUINE cure. Chapped Lip*.
DU. VELPEAU’S CANKEUINE cun* Ulcerated Cum?.
DU. VELPEAU’S CANKEUINE is the host Purifier of the
Drouth of anything known,
Mouth, Throat, or Stuoinacit, resulting from Scarlatina r
Typhus Fever?.
Ladies, if you delight in e white teeth,.use the CAN
KEIIINK. and jvur desires will ho realized. Wo pledge
our word that itis entirely free from acids and all poiso
ous substance.-', nlnd can be given to an infant with perfect
safety. It will preserve.the teeth and keep the gum? free
from ulcers. Iti is equally efficacious for nursing sore
mouths, lu Jill the thousands remedies that have been put
forth for the nine of the various diseases above, none can
equalthe Caukerine. Sold by all druggists. Price 25
cents per bottled - J. BUUUILLACO.,
.Proprietors. 03 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
For sale In Altoona, by G. W. KESSLER.
To Consumptives,
The advertiser, having been restored to Ju-alth in a few
weeks by a very, simple remedy, after having suffered sev
eral years with a severe lung affection, and that dread dis
ease consumption—is anxious to make known to his fellow
sufferers tho means of cure.
To all who desire it he will pend a copy of the proscrip
tion used (free of charge,) with the directions fur preparing
and using the same, yhich thdy will find a sure cure fur
Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis. Ac. The only object ol
the advertiser lu sending tho Prescription is to benefit the
afflicted, and spread information which he conceives to b t .
Invaluable, and. he hopes every sufferer will try his reme
dy, as It Will cost them nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing tne prescription will please address.
King? County, New York
Oct. 4, ’GO.—ly
Military Uniforms. —There is, perhaps, no department
of military business in which there has been a more
marked improvement than iu the clothing of soldiers.—
Not since, officers and privates were clad in
garments which were almost skin-tight. They wore leather
stocks, which were worthy of the name, for they kept tho
wearer jn tribulation; while th*ir padded breasts and
tight sleeves made volition a matter of great difficulty.
Duriug the present war, such of our volunteers us pro
cure their uniforms at the Drown Stone Clothing Hall of
Kockhill & Wilson, Nos. 693 and 605 Chestnut strset above
Sixth, Philadelphia, obtain clothing that is perfectly easy,
substantial and becoming. Tho firm named hrve gone
largely into the business of making Military Clothing,
and their facilities enable them to fill tho largest orders In
tho shortest possible time.
A Card to the Suffering*
Tlxa Rov. Wm. Cosgrove, while laboring as a missionary
in Japan, wai-cured of Consumption, When all other means
had failed, by a recipe obtained from a learned physician
residing 1 in the great city of Jeddo. This recipe haS cured
gr*jAt numbers who were suffering from Consumption,
Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Coughs and Colds, and the debility
and nervou- depression caused by these disorders.
Desirous of beneUtting others, I will send this recipe,
which I brought homo with me, to all who need it, free of
Charge. Address
439, Fulton Avenue.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Prof. Woood’a Restorative Cordial and Blood Repo j vr I? TT ,r P f PT XfY'' IP'D’C
vator, for the cure of general Debility, or Weakness arising > LI. i; i/J X 1. Xlv VJjJilv O
from any cause; also, Dyspepsia, Nervousness, Night | ApNPR AI, NEVYS AGENCY
Sweats, Incipient Consumption, Liver Complaint*,Bilious- i ;
ucss. Loss of Aprotite, Jlwwlc Meafoien in till stages ; also | No. 1, ALTOONA HOUSE.
to prevent the- .ntraction of disease, is certainly the best | g c |, 00 | BOOkS, Blank BOOkS,
and most agreeable Cordial Tonic and Renovator ever of- :
fered to the afflicted, and so chemically combined as to be : STATIONERY, CONFECTIONARIES,
the most powerful tonic eu*r known to medical science i r r—, * o rp y— v * v
Reader try it. It wiU do you good. IVe have no hesitation, ■ T * iUoALiVjU,
In recommending it, since w« know it to he a safe, pleasant | TOYS & NOTIONS IN GREAT VARIETY,
and auto remedy for the diseases enumerated- Seeadvcr- • CONSTANTLY ON XIVND.
lisemcnt! October 24, ,15*61.
On Thursday evening, the 24th in«L, by Rev. A. 11.
Sembower, Mr. WM.W. BURBANK and Mia* SUB
FIG ART—both of Altoona, Pa.
On the 24th iost., by Rev. C. I*. Ehnmfeld, Hr, FRANK
LIN M. CHERRY and Mi m MARTHA HOOK—both of
Altoona, Pa. €
On the 15th last., by Rev. S. Berlin, Mr, WILLIAM
STIFFLER end Mi as EVE CLAPPER—both of Umton
township, Blair county, Pa.
Id this place, on the 23d iost., CLARA KOZBLIN,
oldest daughter of Zachari&h A. and Sarah A. Neff, aged
B years, 8 months and C days.
Our little Clara, 10. is deadS
The cold aud lifeless clay
Must make in dust Its silent bed,
And there it shfiU decay.
But, Is Clara dead? Ah, uo—-she lives!
Her nobler spirit flies
To worlds of bliss, where Jesus gives
The life that never dies.
Near Williamsburg, on the 7th Inst., SARAH, daughter
of C. D. and Martha Sparr, in the 10th year of her age.
In Williamsburg, on the Bth inst., THEODORE, sou of
Mrs. Catharine S hollar, aged 7 years. -
Near Williamsburg, on the 9th inst., Mrs. ELIZABETH
ACKER, aged 76 years, 10 months and 12 days.
In Williamsburg, on the 15th inst., MARTHA ALICE,
doughter of Mrs. Catharine Sholler, aged 9 y. and 24 d.
Near Williamsburg, uu the 15th inst., JIENKY 8.
EIHuLTZ, aged 24 yeors. 4 months aud 14 days.
lu Williamsburg, ou the 18th hist., JONATHAN BEANS,
in the 66th year ul his age.
NEW 0-00 IDS
JuM Arrived and Now Being Opened at
WE respectfully invite Purchasers ta
call aud examine our stock of Fall and Winter
Goi*is, as we think they will he found, upon examination,
to compare favorably uith -any oilier assortment in the
place, as well in quality as in price, although we are not
prepared to say (an some of our Brother Chips havej*aid.)
that some descriptions of goods have n«*t advanced in
price, for in doing wo would come in contact with the
intelligence of the 'people, as every boy of six years old
knows better—thu* we cannot sell domestic goods ut old
prices, unless we buy au inh-rior quality.
We have a lull assortment of G.nids. embracing all the
usual varieties, each -as FRESH. COFFEES. TEAS. SU
GARS. SYRUPS. SPICKS, AC., to make up the full
AUo. BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS, Ac., ic., with a
general assortment of
Ready-made Clothing,
FOB MEN AND ROYS, Bom a flue dress coatVdowu to a
monkey-jacket. . / . . .
Also, a lull assortment of HARDWARE* '
CROCKERY WARE, d-C’., dC., drC.
And as to ■
our assortment incomplete; and as we have adopted the
CASH SYSTEM, as hear «,s wc can. we are enabled to sell
ut much lower pin e* than when w<- gave a general credit.
We tlu rt-fmv Iwl vejy grateful to our friends and a gen
erous Public for the very liberal patronage h-ivtufore
given us and hope, by strict attfiition to business and a
full determination to pleas;* our patrons in prices and
qualities, to retain flu* s-arue—util! adhering closely to an
old motto— "Q : u’rt: and Si.inil Pri.fitsP
[Oct. Gl, 'Ol-lf] OLD STAND, North Ward.
11. H. LLOYD & CO.’S
Elegant Sew laps ami Charts
Phase see New Trice List aud Circular before en
gaging elsewhere.
A specimen of either < f the following will be mailed,
post paid, for GO cents. The whole five for $l. u
ENGRAVED from the most reliable
Government and other sources, in accordance with
the mast recent information, on a very large scale, is the
latest and
as well as the
Iu its preparation, especial attention is given to the
position of Troop?, Forts. Railroads. Ri-ers, Distances,
Harbors, Sea Coast, and sill Towns, huge and small, cither
already important, or likely to become so in the future.—
Size 34 x 44 indies. Price 50 cents. ' /
Thirteen of oar most noted Field Generals
on Horseback,
In two groups, very large, besides the IPads only of
jcceral others.
Cl''HIS CHART is pronounced by all who
I' Imvc seen it to give ihe best Likenesses of our lead
ing Officers yet engraved, and to be altogether tho most
work of the kind yet issued. No pains are spared to make
the coloring and finish as nearly perfect as possible. This
splendid new Chart is now; all nady. Size'-SSx3B. Price
3U cents.
PIECE exhibits a soldier iu each of thef uniforms
worn iu our army, protecting the .Shir* and Stripes with
Muskets and Rifted Cannon. In the foreground are Zou
aves trampling on tho Rebel Flag, and a serpent under
neath—--the./fay being plainly shown. Under tills are cor
rect portraits of Generals Scott. McClellan, Lyon. Hutlur,
Fremont. Dank?. Sprague, Prentiss, Dlenker. Wool. Rosen
crauz, Burnside, Dis. Sigcl, McDowell, and ComnuKlore
Stringbam. Cols. Corcoran. Meagher, and several others.
At tiie bottom is a new Map. just engraved. 14 x 28 Inches
in size,'showing tho whole of Missouri, Kentucky, Temres
hoc, with parts of Kansas. Arkansas, Ohio, Indiana and
Illinois, according to the-latcst information. The Border
of this Chart is composed of Military Figures, showing
fourteen positions for the Muskets, according to llnrdfre’e
Tactics. \
ttw.This Chart can be had with tho Military Map of
Virginia. Maryland, etc., in place of the Map of Slissouri,
Kentucky, etc. Size 2S x 38. Price 30 cents.
npiIIS large and carefully prepared work
£is ready with many recent additions,and nowcontaina
a very distinct MapofVlrginiaand Maryland. 14x27 inches.
A small Map of tho United States;- with Secession Line,
very clear Maps of tho North Carolina Coast r,nd Bull
Bun Duttle Field, with explanations. Aiso, distinct Mft.p*
of the District of Columbia. Mississippi Diver. x ew Or
leans vicinity; Unround vicinity; Savannah and vi
cinity; Cb“*.**.eslun and vicinity; Mobile and vicinity;
Galveston and vicinity; pen?acula Day, Fort Pickens, etc.,
etc. Size 28 x 38, Price 3d cents.
New Political Chart for the Times.
CHART has large, life-like En
graving* of Lincoln and all liis' Cabinet, and of
General Scott, Gen. Butler, Gen. Anderson, Col. Ellsworth,
Hoad-Piece with Flags. Washington, etc. Map* showing
the Free States, Border Slave States and seceded States
and Territories, in different colors: Salaries cf Officers,
Statistics of the .Election of 1800, Census of 1860, and
other things to make the Chart attractive and useful.—
Size 2S x 3*T Price 25 cents.
32X. Be careful to address*
[Oct 31,
Notice is hereby given that Letters of Admipfctra
j turn on the estate of -JOSHUA UOOPEU, lato of Altoona,
\ Blair co., deceased, have been granted to the undersigned
; residing a* aforesaid. All persons knowing themselves
j ind‘d»ted-to said estate arc requested to make immediate
! payment, and those having claims will, present the same
1 duly authenticated for settlement. •
I joiin McClelland, Adm'r.
j Altoona, Oct. 24.18C1.-8t
H. 11. LLOYD £ CO.,
25 Howard street, New York.
Universal Confidence and Patronage.
Indies and Goutteniflii, in all parts of the world testify to
the efficacy of ProL O. J. Wood’s Hair Restorative, and
gentlemen of the Press arc unanimous lu its praise. A few
testimonial* only can be here given: see circular for more,
and U will bo impossible lor you to doubt. - v - •
47 Wall street. New York, Dec. 20,1858.
ORtruottsYour note of the 16th inst., has been re
ceived, saying that you had heard that I had been bene
fitted by the use of 'Wood’s Hair Restorative, and request
ing my certificate of the fact if I bad no objection togivoif.
I award it to you cheerfully, because I think it due. My,
ftge is about 50 years; the color of my hair auburn, and
inclined to curl. Some five or six years since it began to
turn gray, and the scalp on the crown of my head to lose
fta sensibility and dandruff to form upon It. Each of these
disagreeabilitics increased with time, and about 4 months
since a fourth was added to them, by hair falling off the
top off my head and threatening to make me bald.
in this unpleasant predicament, I was induced to try
Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest tlio falling off
of my hair, for 1 bad really no expectation that gray hair
could ever b« restored to its original color except from
dyes. 1 was, however, greatly surprised to And after the
use of two bottles only, that not only was the felling off
arrested, but the color was restored to the gray hairs and
sensibility to the scalp, and dandruff ceased to form on my
head, very much to the gratification of my wife, at whoso
solicitation 1 was Induced to try it.
For this, among the many obligations I owe to her sex,
1 strongly recommend all husbands who value the admi
ration of their wives to profit by my example* and use it if
growing gray or getting bald. Very respectfully,
ben. a. Lavender.
To O J Wood A Co., 441 Broadway, New York.
My family are absent from the city, aud I am no longer
at No; II Carroll Place.
Siamaston, Ala., jnly 20th, 1859.
To Prof. OJ Iffoxf.* Dear Sir—Your Hair Restorative
has done my hair so much, good since I commenced the
use of it, that I w ish to make known to the PUBLIC of its
effects on the hair, which are great. A man or woman
may lie nearly deprived of hair, and by a resort to your
“ Hair Restorative,” the hair will return more beautiful
than ever; at leaSt this ia my experience. Believe it all!
Yours truly. WM. 11. ‘KENEDY.
1L S.—You can publish the above if you like. By pub
lishing in our Southern papers you will get mure patron
age south. I see several ol your certificates in the Mobile
J/ercury, & strong Southern paper. W U Kbxedy.
- Prof. QJ Wood: Dear Sir —Savin a had the misfortune
to lose the best portion of my hair, from the.effects of the
yellow Ibver. in New Orleans in l&ol, I was Induced to
make a trial bt your preparation, and found it to answer
as the very thing needed* My hair is now thick and glossy,
und no words can express my obligations to you in giving
to the afflicted such a treasure. - FINLEY JOHNSON.
The IU-sturative is put up in bottles of three sizes, vi/:
large, medium, and small; the small holds \A a pint, and
retails for one dollar per bottle; the medtutn.liolds at least
twenty percent, more in proportion than the small, retails
for two dollars per bottle; the large holds a quart, 4U per
cent, more in proportion, and retails fur $3.
0* J. WOOD A CO-, Proprietors, 411 Broadway, New
York. nnd'TM Market Street. St. LoußrMo.
Fb» sulu in Altoona by A, ROUSH and G. Wl KESSLER,
Agents, and all good Druggists and Faucv Goods Dealers,
July Ist, 1861-lyeow * :
Invite attention to their LARGE, VARIED and HAND
SOME assortment of . _ • .
Embracing all tho NEWEST STYLES in SILKS, DRESS
Also, a full nssonrat nt of MOURNING GOODS, WHITE
#tf-This stock is’ principally T. W EVAN 3 & CO/3
OWN' IMI'OKTATION, having ” been selected in the best
European Markets. expressly for their own Retail Trade,
and will be found unsurpassed fur Style,• Quality, and
Nos. 818 and 820 Chesnut St.,
X, B."—Wholesale buyers will iiud it advantageous to
examine this Stock. [OctK-2m.]
ron the
Belonging to tlie 2d Eeg. Pa. Volunteers,
Pay Ranges from $l4 to per Month.
Rations furnished from the time of enlistment, and
clothing and equipments procured as soon as mustered
into service.
A recruiting office for this Company has been opened at
tho ALTOONA HOUSE, ALTOONA, where all persons
wishing to culbt iu a good cavalry company will receive
all necessary information.
Ist Ljiut. GEO. W. BOGGS,
J Recruiting Officer,
Oct. IT.-It* Late of tho U. S. Army.
U. S. INFANTRY, REGULAR SERVICE,’a lew more nblo
bodied meu, between tho ages of eighteen and thirty-five.
Pay ranges from $l3 to $23 per month, according to the
rank of the soldier. Each man will be fhruUhed with
equipments, ample clothing and subsistence. Quarters,
fuel*aud medical attendance free of charge. Tho pay of
each soldier commences as soon-as he is enlisted.
Dy an act lately passed, the term of enlistment has been
changed from five to TUlltiE YEARS, and every soldier
who serves that time is entitled to
from tho Government. Attention is drawn to the fact
that the Government has wisely commenced lo promote
soldiers from the ranks. Advancement is, therefore, open
to all.
- For further information apply at the Recruiting Office,
on Virginia street opposite Lowthcr’a Store. Altoona.
Llout. J. S. CAMPBELL.
12th Infantry, U. S. A. Recruiting Officer.
i FORM the citizens of Altoona and vicinity that his
supplied wuh the very best articles fu be aud in great
variety, lie has also au
attached to his store, in which ho will serve up OYSTERS
in every the season.
FRESH-BAKED BREAD d PIES always on hand .
lie f« at all times prepared to supply cakes, candies, Ac.,
for pic-uics and other parties. He invites a share of public
patronage, believing that be can render full satisfaction to
Remember, his store and saloon Is on Yirginiaatteot.two
doors below Patton’s Hall. OTTO ROSSI.
Altoona. Oct, 10,1861-tf
THE pleasure of announcing to our customers aud
all others, that w© arc on hands again with a largo aud
varied stack of
and as our old stock was beautifully cleaned out. those who
feel inclined to patronize us w»H have the advantage of
selecting from an almost entirely Q
61 poods, which wo feel confident will be sold as cheap as
the ch;»p«,st, Wo particularly Invite our lady friends to
cull and Examine our splendid line ol
Dress Goods, &c ,
Which we think cannot fall to please.
1 J. & J. LOTYTUEIt.
Altoona, Oct. Oth, 18Gl-3t.
—JAMES McELWEE, having returned to'Altoona,
and opened a ' K
Plumbing & Gas Fitting Establishment
on JULIA STREET, adjoining the Banking House o
Wm M. Lloyd & Co., respectfully solicits the patronage
of the many friends and customers lie had, while in the
employ of W. M. Ogclsby, Esq., somo two years ago.
Lnad. Iron, and gulvanized pipes introduced. tor Water
and Qa* purposes, at short notice, and !n the most ap
proved manner. Gas Fixtures and everything connected
with the business furnished and put up on reasonable
terms. [Oct. 10, ’6l-tf.]
given to all persons not to purchase a judgmentiote,
given by me to William Carr, for the sum of $2OO, the pay
ments on which arc to be made monthly, vte.: —$20 per
month—■cnmnu'iiHng on the 15th day of June, 1863, as I
am determined .rot to pay the same unless compelled by
law, never having received value therefor.
, Altoona, Oct. 17,1861-3t*
X \ f \/ to make Army Shoes for the United States.
Liberal wages given. Apply-to
Altoona, Fa.
Aug. 22,1561
ELECTION. —The Annual, Meeting of
tlie Stockholder!! of the “ ALTOONA AND CLEAR
held at the office of the Secretary, tn Altoona, on Monday,
I 1 jVowmher tth, 1861, af 2 o’clock P. Mm ihr the pnrpone of
: electing A President and Board of MAnagera for the ensuing
I year. O. W. KESSLER, Sec'y.
1 Oct. 21, 1561-2 t
Bilious Affections,
THEBE is scarcely any disease in w&fch
purgative medicine* an not nquhrod; ud aqßh
Btcicneu and anfferfiiK might be prevented wereth mj man
generally need. N 6 jwroon can feel well whilea agn
S.bH of body prevalfcr beeMee, It non gemma Miooe
and unon fetal djeeuee, which might be avoided i) the
timely and Jndicibne nod of pfoper Cethat tie ntedkiaee.
Convinced of (he totrectneen of theee viewe,
Are recommended with the greatest confidence, experience
having demonstrated them to he Ur superior to. any other
in nee, being more mild, prompt, pafe and naiJono to their
operation. While using them no particular care is in
quired, and patients may cat and drlnjt.flh pnjde AgevQl
not impair thorn, as to always readily dissolve So the atom
ach. .In small doses they are alterative lad gently Ins,
live, but* in large doses are actively cat Cleansing the
whole alimentary canal Irani all putrid, irritating and fecal
matters. , ,
For DYSPEPSIA, these Pille are really an invaluable
article, gradually changing the vitiated secretions Of the
Stomach and Liver, and producing healthy getion in those
important organs. In casus of long standing, a euro will
bo more speudilv effected by using, in couiqucUoD «Hh the
MIFL'GK, according to directions.
For Liver Complaint, Uour, Jaundice, Affections Of the
Bladder and Kidneys, Fevers, Kc-rvou*pesB, |>isvOA£s of the
Skiu, Impurity of the 81-hkl. Slk Headache* Costiveues*,
Piles, Female Diseases, and Billions Anecti»>ns, these Pills
have proved themselves cmiLeutly aucoraalul. All that is
asked fur them is a fair trial. - . ,
As these Pills so eminatiy sue*
cesaful In removing, diseases of the Liver, Dyspepsia and
diseases of tho s Sblu,Z have thought it advisable lv a*Jd tho
following remarks on ''
Tht* is a disease much talked about,but__at tho taui j
time very imperfectly initkTaTuuX ’ '
Properly'speaking* every derangement of the Liver or
Billions ty.Htcm U;v Liver Complaint, Liu the peculiar state
of tho Liver to which 1 now have reference is a CArom'c
JJll'clion. and usU-hJIv arises from a torpid or congestive
state of that important organ. Sometimes the hilo U de
tlcient in quantity, or vitiated in quality, or both those
states prevail at the same time. Sometimes the dtaeauu is
owing to obstruction in the duct pipe which Convoys
the bile from the liver into the bowels; This ohstruciiou
is very frequent, and is usually caused by the pipe being
clogged up by thick tenacious slime or mucous, nad some
times by gall stones. The tiie Is then thrown Luck into
the gali-bhuider. w here it is absorbed by ni'.ni'.Uv'ns small
vessels wljuli rorrvey h into the Thoracic I)uct. a pipe
that runs up along flic spine, and terminates, in and emp
ties UseJf into the large vein of tho lot shoulder, near ila
juucti u with the veins *>-f the bead and neck, and thcuco
the bile is conveyed to the heart and becomes mixed with
the blood.' The bile in this manner being diverted ftom
its proper coarse, and circulating in a part o f the body
where it never was designed by nature, produces much evil,
and often disastrous effects upon the health of the indi
vidual —because, for want of healthy bile to mix with tho
half-digested food, a complete separation never lakes place
between tho.chyle (the milky liquor which forms tho
blood) and those port! ous of the food designed by nature
to be ejected from the bowels —for tho bile,.when present,
purili-s and separates tin* healthy fr. m the unhealthy por
tions. in the same manner that isinglass or white of eggs
separate wine or cider from their impurities—and, conse
quently, the very fountain of life is vitiated and coiruptcd.
Costiwncss prevails—or alternately cottivencts or diar
rha-u— wind in the. stomach and bowels, uud the patient is
often annoyed with worms, and frequently with tho piles.
The coarse particles of the 141.. thus mixed with the blood,
more or less obstruct the pores of Hie akin and small blood
vessels, and hence give rise to various diV«-»sc» of the skin,
such os erysipelas, cozcnm. itching*, small watery vessels,
blot chess tumors, pimples, scarfii.eb*, bulls. Pore eyes, sores
and, ulcers of various kinds. The skin is more or
■yellow, and (when the disease is of long standing.)
Very tfu/'C, and,has a disagreeable, dirty* grexisy appearance,
and sometimes there is a perfect jaundice. The wfufcoi
the cyra also has agreed or yellow tinge,
MOKE OK LESS bile is strained from tho Mood in its
passage through the kidneys, and, by its acrimony, pio
duces- pains iu the Lack, and scalds and irritates all the
urinary passage*. Some days the passage of urine is pro
fuse, and natmal in appearance; at other limes it is scanty,
and the desire to evacuate Is frequent uud urgent. Some
times the color is nearly white and milky, but usually it is
high colored, red or yellow, with a rank, offensive odor,
and sometimes it is bloody.
The tongue is usually more or loss cosited with a brawn
scurf. There is irritation, and frequently chronic Inilam
matiuij of the inner surface of the stomach and bowels,
with (i‘tenderness on prepare, and a soreness along tho
lower edge of the riL.-u
other times there is a voracious appetite. There is often a
feeling of chilliness, and coldness of the foot and knees*
and along the inside of the thighs—sour or bitter or.icta-,
tions, and ii spitting or throwing up of the food
after eating.
There is a feeling of oppression across the stomach and
chest, as if'pressed down by a weight; troublesome and
often frightful dreams, low' spirits, languor, want of ener
gy, melancholy restlessness aud discoutcutoduess. dreami
ness of mind—timorousuess and a great deal of trouble,
and a disitositiou to magnify everything, sometimes great]
wAtchrallness and m inability to sleep—at others great
drowsiness, weariness, and disinclination to motion. ; •
AT TIMES THE FACE is flushed, with more or. less
fever, especially at night or iu the afternoon. Sometimes
violent colics, and wandering pains in various parts of the.
body. Frequently there is a short hacking cough, with a
huskiutt-B of the throat, and sometimes a very severe,• dry*
and hard cough, which is often mistaken for consumption.;
This cough often commences in the latter part of the night
or early in the morning, and lasts for hours, frequently,,
producing nausea aud vomiting. If there bo any expecto
ration, it is a tough, ropy, tenacious phlegm, which «d
-kererto everything it touches. There are also frequently
chronic pleurisy pains in various parts of the chest, which
Miifl about from one part of the.breast or side to the other.
Sometimes abscesses form iu the liver, and pressing up
ward on the lungs, produce constriction and cough, and
breaking, discharge their contents into tho lungs,, whence.
it must be ejected by expectoration, or the patient lade-'
strayed. Some pcrKons are troubled with .spasmodic
twitches in various parts of the body,Bometime*.£sljutns«e
and sighing, difficulty of breathing; reading or talking"
producing weariness. THERE IS A BEATING *£sSAri
TION near the pit of the stomach, with palpitation and •
fluttering of the heart; profusion of dandruff and 10w.0.f
the hair; indeed,'to sum up Iu a few rtllur, *
dirty, greasy appearance of the akin, a fetid*
tinge of the white of the eyes, an aching' jtin acroas tho
kidneys and hips, with irritation or Hat lb * discharging,
mine—a sensation of fullness or disTfeOston across the ab
domen. with tenderness on pressure—lowneae of spirit*,
frightful dreams, acidity of stomafch, with otherdyraptio
symptoms, billions fevers, billions colics and blltous dtor^
! rhoca and dysenteries, obstinate Custiveness, Intermittent
and remittent fevers, jaundice, fever all
[..originate from th« same cause—a dtranacdMatt of th*
1 7irer. \ iclent remedies always do more.harm than etied:
by a persevering use. of these pllfc, all that cua'bo
desired will be accomplished. . .
PS. t i e , n Vt CTory Hl 6 ht ,°“ S° i;J S tc bed, from two four Saga
pßls; or enough ot them to insure one and übt moro
tnan two evacuations from the bowels next-moriiluSL—
The dose of the Pills can bu increased or dlmtafehta Vf
pleneun-s so as to produce the above effect, and their uso
should be continued until a euro is completed; and also,
at the same time give the Alterative threo times.aAaY
lain'S to ,l '° dirccti ™ s . unless there Is a want of auB£.
’’'ll l "onhness and debility or symptomsof «£■
Sr 0 ..' 11 v" ,le lr' the Alterative, give a tefftpoonfnl
’.niS'.n c , rn,lf “ t : p ’ (nilse.l In a little cold water;aM»we«t
mmltnilfH M ,h ,bp,aste, “ l ' on> liair aa hour before each
rtmild he e- h symptoms »» r -moVed; and 1C there
snouia be c„„gn, or oppression nboat the throat or chest,
men -, TO tho expectorant as often and in such d u ees na
may be found necessary to quiet the cough and make ex
pectoration easy. - - ■> ■
TJie Sanative FWs, and all of DU. D. JAYNE’S ramila
Medicine*, are sold by 0. JAOQARD and Q. \\\ KESSLER
Altoona, and by Agents everywhere, from whom may aim
be obtained, gratis, Jaym't .VidicciV Almanac and ftrtrfs
to Health, containing besides a valuable calendar* a Cata
logue of Diseases, together with the symptoms by. which
they may he known, uud_tlia jproper remedies for thoip
Has been for Thirty Yfcars the
Stand'akd REjfEbr,
arc quickly and effectually cured by its diaphoretic,
soothing and expectorant power.
ASTIIM Ait always cares. It overcomes the spasmodic
contraction of tho air-vessola.and by producing free-ev
pectorntion at once removes all difficulty of breathing.
BRONCHITIS readily yields to the Expectorant. It
subdnes the luflnmpvatlon which extends through tho
wind-tubs, prodneeat free expectoration, and soppreojee at
once tho cuujr> and pain,
COEMPTION—For this Insidious and fiscal disease
no remedy on earth has ever been fonnd so effectual. It
.obdnrs the inflammation, relievos tho cough and pain,
removes the difficulty of biftallitae, sad produces ah essy
exiMMJtorntion, whereby all irritating and obstructing mut
ters are removed from tho longs. ' ■
WHOOPING COUGH is promptly relieved hr this Ex
pectorant. It ahorteus tho duration of the disease one*
half, and greatly mitigates the suffering at the patient.
BIBI,etc.-it will be found to bo prompt, Safh,pleasant,
and reliable, and may be especially commended to BfcKls
rsas. Txacrkxs. and Smoots for the relief of hoareenees,
and for strengthening the organs of tho voice.
This KiricToxatcr and all of DR. D. JAYNE’S JMfty sold By C. JAOOABD and O. W. STS? SUER,
Alt--cm. and by Agents everywhere, fsep. St-fat.