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    -ader, have you seen Prof. Wood’#
lent in our paper. Read it; it will
To Consumptives.
Anti tliose afflicted Trit'l
signed, now seventy-five year? old, has for
hI hi* time to curing bis Parhhoners aud Iho
YurU of these drcadfulconipUinu, which carry
it I thousands to an untimely grave; ho baa
u to euro all who have applied to him for res
eving it to bo a Christian** duty to relievo
aa well as athome, lie will semi to thoso who
copy of Prescriptions used, (Free of Charge),
nw for preparing and using the same. Also
, milling, Vo:irilation ; and Exercise for tho
ill liU'l ivmedies a sure cure for Cousuiq.
d-.-ra.-irB of the Throat and Lungs, Fever aud
ipation, Heart Disease, Dy>pe|>sia, Nervous
Female Complaints, nnd be hopes every ono
in ml f-ir H copy, as it will cost nothing, and
ig «ds»/uM apply before it is too late, Tbefto
arc Hied by tho most eminent Physicians in
is. and New York. Those wishing them will
,-ly. William.-burgh, New York.
L Card to the Ladies.
cr.rftetihy. rcyulaiin;; . and removing all Ob'
from v-h ttexer cance, and always
sne-.rsx/itl t:s a jaxxeutativc
a lany Ininy but whalat eomo period of her
.st encli a in< (iici:.''' as “’ff GolUfn
r.f lb., first, ladies o{‘ Chester told the Apcnt
■ !uil r.t’i.'iW'l H'7 ns ucii benefit from the uso
o mM 1"; i. ihiiJj: to pay s."* a bos, rather than
i. if sli’’ couM get them noloßs. The in-
■o pills are made known to every
; will I''ll v
t’ir>y are perfectly harmleßa
v. - nil cbiiur.] for I'ull Sind explicit
•: I'ijViny I‘rjch In-x. PnV.e ,$l.OO per box.—
i’. KESSMiK. I>:-uggUt. koU* Agent for Al»
u-linu: liini to the Altoona Post Office,
il! - H-.-nt t** any part of rho country (confi
;•:MI; “ fri‘«‘ of postage.’ 5 Sold also by JOHN’
i i by oiv: Druggist ia every tiHag-o
... .
Fol° Proprietor, New York.
aU-vc Pill' havb Awn counterfeited, and nro
~ :r, ranging from -j emits to 75 ctn,
L,«<k out fv-r Uu.m. The genuine, Irercs?*
■ signature uf ?. I>. Ibnve, solo proprietor,
r of the above gentlemen, and you will
••ii tic!--, and r.ji*- vou mav roly upon.- ■
lv. *
Velpeau’s Gankerinc.
CANKMRINII cures Putrid SuroMotjf*.
U S CANKURINE cures Sore. Nippbfu
•' S CANKKRINK cur- J Ulcerated Sores.
' S CANKMRINK cuns - Cuts.
’ S CANKURINM cures I’unib.
c CAN K MKi N K cures Son's.
: "S CAN KURIN K euros Chapped Lips,
I ’S CANKKRINK ain-s Ulcerated Gums,
i. c CANKKUINK b. the best Purifier of tho
S CANKiIKINK cures Canker in the
r Stl*»ina-;h t resulting from Scarlatina or
n delight iff c white teeth, Uf-e the CAN*
y uir df-iro a will be realized. YPe pMgo
A is entirely free from acids afcd all poi«o
, and can be given to an infant with porfret
prv.'etvo the teeth and keep tlio gums fnsj
If is fondly otfidici-jus for nursing soro
1 tin; thousands remedies that have been put
ir<- of tie* various <lboa«fs above, none can
iii Jo. gold bv all drugiristi. Price
Propriete-rs. 03 Maldoli Lane. N. Y.
Mt.>e:m,bv G. YV. KMSSLKK.
10-ewijo are in the enjoyment of perfect
tly hare v.-y-d to have recourse to tonics
VTe are never too well arinomV
d •ii-vn.
u’ts of i; the illr? that flr»h is heir to.”—
rater they may-find ia HpSTKTTER’S BIT*
ci’.f- that cannot hr- taken regularly without
a:>.l .-htstidty to tiiy system. At this sca
ly, the strongest nun is not proof against
n certain M-cri-.MiH of the country, 3a-all
ru: ngue, the Eitjltuj is more, potent than
Inin.--, while the rdangerous cases of
vhl m i:e v.vmderful properties.. Those who
ra-'ilicliiO will ncvi-r'-use another, for any of
hii.h ihv Bitters professes to sub
• who have- not made the experiment, wo
r:;« - jul an early application to the Bitters,
stricken hy uUea 3 »-s of the digestive
• ; i by d;u~;:; s S,a:i.j d-.-alcibeverywhere.
*{'env-nt ir; another column.
.Te ar, pleasure j?> calling the attention of
fuhvrti-jem'nt of Prof. Wood's Kcstora*
UI-".d K;-u. v;.t: r. in another column o
\ir I'-.Myrn v.-.' take any notice of patent mod
on ): refrain iron; speakingof this Cordial,
ll:- ■ afiheted as well as ourselves, We
■ogrc.'a of this Cordial since its first io
. - satisfied that thorp is
cb.-nuing the system and renovating the
coinj-arr;.! with Prof. Wood’s Cordial.—
r;il debility, after using one
We have a long ac*
preprh and know him to he skilled
■n eicino: and anything compounded by
r>.-ly upon ;is being just what it is re*
vreuM advise all sick or well to get 0 to the taste, ami exhilarating to tho
rvfraiu from further comments, as any
bottle, wiU ho satisfied as to its effects.
o Consumptives.
■ul-li.*, we- are
n-Jki:;! <ll- ct=.
'i.tving hem rc-storcti to health fn a few
rcrii' ily, nftf-r Laving suffered scr
lung am ction. and that dread dis*
•“i s *u- to make known to bis fellow
of n:r.
i‘ he will f'-nd r, copy of the present*
i vvitl> the directions for preparing
n which tin-3* will find a sure euro for
tuma, Pr.oxnn?:.". Ac. The only object ot
e nding the Prescription is to benefit the
■n l suf->rmution which he conceives to bo
*: isopr-A every sufferer will try bis
them nothing, and may prove a blessing*
' me prescription will please address.
King: County, New \ ?rk
.rd to,the Suffering,
C'>sgrove« while laboring os a missionary
t d of Consumption, when all other means
ccipe obtained from a learned physician
tat City of Jeddo. This recipe baa cured
h j were Buffering from Consumption,
Throat, Coughs and Colds, and the debility
caused I>y these* disorders#
tutting others, I will send thfc reetps,! vitli ,uc s to all who need it,free of
Address \
key. ■ vk.
■J39, Fulton Armor.
Brooklyn, N- *•
t Cterniso j]c i ‘ r.r.'x or tuz Cmoif. —
the- most splendid Clothing Ethpo*
[-’■■ is splendid os regards (be pals -
F’lidi tlio immense business of tlio os mb'
ci. and it is equally splendid in respect
ill's and east resettles*. But to its pa*
frictions are, first, the- elegance of the
tinmen and Youths, manufactured there;
sty and durability of the materials, and
lienee of the fit, and lastly the moderate
pe goods are sold. We refer, in this dea
tather than the Brown Stone Clothing
t Wilson, hies. 60S sod 601 Cheetnut 61"
SUtoflna Crilume.
tfcftern Through.
pu s rcrn Through.
7 00 A.M. and G 2'j P. M.
4 40 A.M.
7 10 “
ll 00 A. M.
0 no P. M.
r,rr;c~ Hucni: —Ihiric?: the we~l:. from 0 4j a. m. till
•* «• c‘a Suudayj. from C 4'> till 7 40 a. m.
Kejstcrn Through
WosU-ni Way
j; is t<-rn Way
railroad schedule.
. , eal Train F.nst arrives 4,40 A.M.. leavt-s •«.•»;» A. M
- W>*t “ 7.10 A.M. “ 7.H0 A. M.
- KtMl “ »,oOP. M. “ 8.;'0 I*. M.
J ' !. 1 « West “ 7*wi> P. M... “ 8.10 P.M.
.. *< E.vt “ A. M.' “ IRCOA.M.
•», « wr.-t u unnop.M., «< m.
rt,.. HOLMDAVSnUKO BRANCH c«mnfcfs with Es
, -c«'-Train V»'*M. ami Mail Train Ha?! an-.l Wf?t.
INDIANA BRANCH TRAINS will'. .Tunii-t-arn
AroaurtMatwi) Trains Kust ami V»VR. Express West, a:;d
]>VLino ami Mail train East and
u F TII n
Blair County, “Sharp-Shooters.”
r.v >v, i. i.r.MN
•“ Ctj and Ihpy.jy
Air. —‘
liA iblAwing lines wore suggested by t!ie report that
«Juthera troops were- advancing rapidly on to uttu-'k
Citvof Washington. Respectfully inscriLed. to tho
’• lil"ir County Sharp-Shooters,’’ C*rr. R.J. ] -
Harkl those fearful sounds that greet as.
Falling sadly on our cars;
100, cur foes advance to meet us,
Calling forth cur direst fears.
Cr.'i’.t;:—Strike with a will, —let tho foe iV I your might;
Tho echoing sound reach the nations abroad!
Strike for the Union, for Justice and right,
t The* effort Kill meet with Ihe'lhvur of God.
:Ae.-<‘Ur brothers come upon us.
iin their sunny Southern home.—
,t-y who should spread peace among us,
L.k.j a fearful storm they com*
of Frt edijin, will \v pondei I
.'Aw your country needs your aid
WAX ye stand there, lost in wonder;
ye! strike! nor sc-Ar. afraid,
ih.-y w-idd rend, tlds gbui,.us Union,
Giv-m to them and us aa One,
Where T7c*ve lived in sweet communion
.Since the days of Washington,
U.oi ye will yc:—dare y«. Ibbn
bi.-ny r to that fearful sutitid!
Up!; while swords and bayonet* gll.-it’.n.
Scatter thick tho foe around,
i\-. ye will rise up in numb •:?,
Strong and fearful in your might;
While your deep-toned cannon rhund<-rs
Pack Disunion from our sight.
Then your names will shine in glory
l)n the brightest page of fame;
And your deeds will live in story
Cherished with an honored nun:
lirnr.v Up, Bovs.—All those who desire to
cniist in the cotnpany of Scouts or Skirmishers,
now forming in this place .ami Holiidaysburg,
to be under command of Capt. R. J. Crozicr and
First UieUt. Bolts, and to be attached as a flank
ing company to Col. S. Black’s regiment, should
ttcD up at. once and give in their names, as the
company will most likely leave this week, or
certain!} - cn Monday next, for the war. This
must prove a “crack company'’ in every sense
ot the word. It will have as good officers as
v;:il take the field, will be equipped with rifles
r.aj sword bayonets, and wili have an honorable responsible position in one of the finest and
iost officered regiments in the service. Capt.
t’roiier's company is composed of nearly, if not
aa, tarec months men, and consequently they
arc well drilled, and ready for immediate and
active service. Certainly this is an inducement
to join this company.
Amt Co.ntbacts. —Messrs! Dill & McAuley,
-i this place have contracted to furnish some
two hundred grmy wagons, and they arc now
finishing their work rapidly, turning out a num-
wr of wagons weekly.
Messrs. Allison & Lowther have a contract to
■ apply the Government with five hundred horses,
and they are gathering up and forwarding nags
as fust ns they can obtain them. Those who
have horses to sell, and.went the cash for them,
ilividd bring them along.
■Mr. John Shoemaker also hos a contract to
furnish five thousand pairs of shoes for the
'■nay. Ho advertises for one hundred journey
men shoemakers. Here is a chance for jours
out of a “ sit.”
A Noted Tp.avellek —On Friday evening
Inst, Prince Jerome Bonaparte, first cousin of
the present Emperor of the French, arrived in
'this place on the Mail Train and tarried all
night at the “ Logan House.” Ho is a rather
portly gentleman, and, if the portraits of the
great Napoleon we have seen are correct, Prince
Jerome bears a striking family resemblance.—
He was accompanied by some four or five offi
cers of the French army and navy. He travels
without ostentation, preferring to pass along
quietly rather than be lionized at every stop
ping place.
How to Distinguish the Bank of Officehh.
—By observing the shoulder straps worn by of
ficers of the armjqtbeir rank' can be readily as
certained. A major General is distinguished by
two silver stars on his shoulder straps; a Brig
adier General has but one star; a Colonel has a
silver embroidered spread eagle ; a Lieutenant
Colonel has a silver embrodered leaf; a Captain
15 known by two embroidered bars; a First
lieutenant has but one gold bar on the strap;
'-Second Lieutenant none at all. The cloth of
‘ke straps is as follows: Staff officers dark blue;
Mtillery scarlet; infantry light (or sky) blue;
twcinea medium (or emerald) green; cavalry
'•ftnge color.
For the Altoona Tribune.
OrncE or Geseeal Sept. P. U. R., 1
Altooha, August 10th, 18G1. /
_ General Superintendent of the Ptnnsyl
'^ c ‘ a Road wishes to acknowledge the rc
c-pt,at the hands of the Reverend John Twiggs,
en Dollars —that amount having been placed
-o hands to bo returned to the Company as
I! Setluay b’onging to it.
comprising hia suite, sojourned incur town du- i Washington, Aug. IS.
! _• l* ««i '' 1o * i * ! Inc statement made in this correspondence,
i rmg Friday night, and on Saturday morning I 6CTera , days ftgo> that the rebels w £ ssow jl
| took Ins departure westward. His advent was moving their femes to the line of. the Potomac,
I unaccompanied by any unostentatious show, and ' a v ‘ ew of entering Maryland, and cncour
| comparatively few of our citizens knew of the 1 a £ lD £ and supporting the revolutionary spirit in
■ ... i. 1.1 ,1-, ~, : that Mate, with ultimate designs on Washington
: presence of royalty, and those who did probably City, is now repeated with increased assurance
| lelt but little interest in the matter. It is fair of its truth, and with such evidence as cannot
|to presume, had not the stay of the Prince been 5,0 disregarded. With a view of meeting all
; necessarily brief, that he would have paid a visit I J . osaib ! c contingencies that may arise in coanec
;” ““ <»•; »- s
; .Murphy ec McPiUe, corner of I irgmia and Car- prompt response to which it is not doubted will
inline streets, where everything to comfort the be S iv y-n, Thus at once securing the Capital
: outer and invigorate the inner man is to t, O f rpm _ invasion, and at the same time affording
I f . ... • additional confidence to the country of the car
| found in immense profusion and at exceeding!; , nestncss of the Government in the protection of
| low prices. The failure of the Prince, however, | the general welfare;
lO 40 A. M
7OO “
7 00 A. M. ami C CO P. M.
C 00 P. M,
| Fall In! Fall In! —Those who contemplate
i enlisting the service of their country should
| fah into ranks at once: as all regiments now
: formed, all ports of regimeuts.aud parts of com
j panics that are being recruited, are ordered to
report at V, nshiugton City with as little delay
las possible, whether filled up or not. All com
panies now being recruited in tiiis place will
leave for the seat of war this week, therefore
those who desire to see the whole of the cam
paign, and got a fair start with their fellow-sol
diers, should immediately report themselves to
some one of the recruiting officers now in town.
\ krakda &odce Pic Nic. — On Saturday last
the members of Veranda. Lodge, I. 0. 0. F., hold
their Annual pic nie in the grove adjoining the
Vest Ward School property. They had a tine
day for it, and pionty of good eatables, music
and dancing, and altogether, we think they en
joyed themselves delightfully.
JEST" The sudden changes of the weather, of
late have been productive of a great number
of colds. Winter bed-covering is very com
fortable at night, and a warm stove in the morn
ing is almost indispensable.
i The Sixth Annua', Catalogue of this flourish
ing institution has just been laid upon our table,
and we deem this a fitting time to call attention
to its chums upon our citizens. An examina
tion of the catalogue is Sufficient to convince
any one that no Seminary in the hind affords
I greater facilities for acquiring all the elements
of a solid and ornamental education, while in
some respects it is in advance of any with which
we ore acquainted. While many institutions
during the past year have either suffered a ma
terial, loss in their patronage, or been compelled
to succumb to the financial storm winch has
swept over the land, the attendance here has
I gone up to two hundred ami thirty-seven, a
marked increase over any previous year. From
I the Fast and the far West: pupils have been
i gathered within its walls,-while at homo the
| patronage has steadily increased,
i h srst class institutions for young ladies and
young gentlemen, were fur years a desideratum,
and their want a reproach tn Pittsburgh, Wc
| have the one in the Female College, and the
[ Trustees of the University arc making vigorous
■ effort? to supply the other. And why not have
tncun here? The of Pittsburgh,
its accessibility by river and rail, the beauty of
our surrounding scenery, and our central loca
i tion between the East and: the W’ost, combine
’ to make this point eminently fit to build up in
stitutions which shall stand abreast with any in
the laud. _ The Female College must ultimately
lead ah similar institutions, if we may jo-hue
from the vigor of its management, and 'the lib
erality displayed by its Hoard of Trustees.—
Every dollar of tue income is expended in that
way, that will give the greatest efficiency to the
College, and be most beneficial to its patrons.
Its management, too, has always been liberal.
While kept under moral control’ .as it certainly
should be, nothing of a merely sectarian char
acter is over permitted. .Mono need fear to
commit their daughters to the tuition of those
placed over its interests.
The Trustees, notwithstanding tiic pressure
in the times, have .elected', a very-full Faculty
for the coming year. Many of the teachers are
well known in the community, and the few new
ones, we arc informed, have had years of expe
rience, and come with the hi pi a- a recommenda
tions irom parties well known to the Trustees
| Several important §teps have been taken
\ winch must add greatly to the efficiency and
i attractiveness of the institution—such as the
| collection of a Library: a Graduate’s Gallery,
in which will be placed, from year tn year, the
likenesses of who gradate; a Cabinet to
which hundreds of specimens have already been
; donated : an Electro-Magnetic Telegraph, and
1 a Gallery ol Tine Arts, rieveral of these are
: novel, not being found in other institutions, but
; they are moves in the right direction. The
j Graduate's Gallery will net only be attractive
| in itself, but a source of pleasure in coming
. years to these who may come to spend an hour
| in their Ai'inu Mater, The telegraph will afford
i to those who wish it, an opportunity to become
‘ operators, and thus put them in possession of ,
: an excellent .resource for the future. Young j
, ladies have already been employed as operators,
; and must ultimately fill ail our telegraph offices, \
i and where so fitting a place to learn as in a ;
i Female College? The Gallery of Fine Arts :
' must necessarily accumulate slowly, but a com- \
| ir.enccment has been made, and wc will have a ;
! permanent Gallery in the city. The influence S
upon the young ladies connected with the school, i
cannot but be excellent.
In giving this extended notice of the College, !
i we arc doing a favor to our patrons who have i
| daughters to educate, and a duty to those who j
’ have so nobly'contributed.and labored to build i
i up a first-class institution., i
| Many, and possibly some who have the least ■
: oec.ason to urge it, will plead tiie stringency of i
| the times; hut a few months may bring about a i
: vast change. Should this not be the case, the .
j very pressure of the times is a strong reason for i
j the course indicated. Why doom the child to a',
I life of ignorance, to hoard up for it wealth
j which one of these financial orisises may sweep ;
j away in a day. Some who, last year, might |
j have educated their children, but were indiffer- j
l ent about the mutter, this year are unable.— j
i Far better give the child an education and no j
I wealth, than wealth and no education.; And .
i there is no one in even modepato circumstances I
I who may not, with tv little economy, give his j
! daughter an education, aad thus leave her a rc- j
I lianoe for future life. . i
I With unsurpassed buildings—an unusually j
j large and able Faculty—an extensive course of |
I study—and the new features which aro being ,
j introduced-7-tho College will dcscre, and doubt- j
I less will receive, a patronage second to none in j
J.the land. j
I The next term wll! x commence Tuesday, Sep-■
j temhor 2d.—/’iiVilary Gazette. j.
I £gs“Thc difficulty of sending troops into East i
i Tennessee grojvs out of the neutral position of •
; Kentucky, which renders it almost impossible i
. to forward to aid our friends in th*it quar- {
' ter.
Prince Napoleon. This distinguished stran- ’ Important Order from Washington,
ger, nccotDpnnied by some half dozen personages ; ——•
should not deter the less piretending from avail-
ing thcmsoive.s ol the bargains now offered at
this establishment.
Pittsburg Female College.
i War Department, 1_
j Washington, August 18, 1801. J
| The commanders of the regiments of volua
| teers accepted by this department in the States
l of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Con
j necticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island,
j New Hampshire, Maine and Michigan, will take
| notice of and conform promptly to the general
j order this day directed to tiie Governors of the
j States above named, which is as follows:
i To tiie Governor of the State of
By direction of the President of the United
States you are urgently requested to forward,
or cause to be forwarded immediately, to the
City of Washington, all the volunteer regiments,
or parts of regiments, at (ho expense of the Uni
ted States Government, that may be now en
rolled within your State, whether under your
immediate control or by acceptances issued di
rect from the War Department, or whether such
volunteers are armed, equipped or uniformed,
or not.
The officers of each regimental organisation
that may not be full, shall leave recruiting offi
cers at their several rendezvous, ami adopt such
other measures as may be necessary to fill up
their books at the earliest date possible. All
officers of volunteer regiments, on their arrival
will report to the Commanding General, who
will provide equipments and other supplies nec
essary for their comforts. To insure the move
ments or troops more rapidly than might other
wise be none, you will please confer with and
aid all officers of independent regiments in such
manner as may be, necessary to cfficct the object
in view. All clothing or supplies belonging to,
or contracted for the several regiments, shall be
forwarded to Washington for their use, detailed
reports of which shall be made to the Command
ing General. Signed,
Simon Cameron, Secretary of War.
By the President of the United States.
Whereas, A joint committee of both Houses
of Congress has waited upon the President of
(he United States, and requested him to recom
mend a day of public humiliation, prayer aud
fasting,' to be observed by the people of the
United States with religious solemnities, and
the offering of fervent supplications to Almighty
God for the safety and welfare of these States,
his blessings on their arms, and a speedy
ration to peace; and whereas, it is fit aud be
coming in all people, at all times, to acknowl
edge and revere the Supreme Government of
Cod, to bow in humble submission to Ilis chas
tisements, to confess and deplore their sins and
transgressions, in the full conviction that the
fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and to pray with all fervency and contrition for
the pardon of their past offences, and for a
blessing upon their present and prospective
actions; and whereas, when our beloved coun
try, once, by the blessing of God, united, pros
perous and happy, is now afflicted with factious
and civil war, it is peculiarly fit for us to recog
nize the hand of God in this visitation, and, in
sorrowful remembrance of our own faults and
crimes as a Nation and as individuals, to hum
ble ourselves before Him and to pray for His
mercy; to pray that we may be spared further
punishment, though most justly deserved; that
mir arms may be blessed and made effectual for
the ro-cstablismcnt of law, order and peace
throughout our country, and that the inestima
ble boon of civil and religious liberty, earned'
under Ills guidance aud blessing, by the Labors
and suffrages of cur fathers, may be restored
in all its original excellency, Therefore I, Abra
ham Lincoln, President of the United Stales, do
appoint the last Thursday in September nctxtas
a day of humiliation, prayer and fasting for all
Ahe people of the Nation, aud I Jo earnestly
recommend to the people, and especially to all
ministers and teachers of religion, of all de
nominations, and to all heads of families, to
observe and keep that day according to their
oral creeds and modes of worship in all hu
mility, and with all religious, solemnity, to the
end that the United prayer of the Nation may
ascend to the Throne of Grace and bring down
plentiful blessings upon our own country
In testimon
whereof, &c.
By the President'
Wm. 11. Suward, Secretary of State,
nounce myself as an Independent Candidate
for the office of Sheriff of Blair County, and if
endeavor to discharge the duties of
said office faithfully.
Ilollidaysourg, Aug. 15, 1 SOI.-to.
J \ / V / to make Amy Sbocn for tbo United States.
Li bo ml w.iirou given. Apply to
Altoona, Pa.
Ang. 22. ISC,I.
Outbreak in East Ward !
Si, TTi > , GUARD?: AND AT ’EM!”
We don't want yen to Kill anybody', but wo
want yon to got up aid go at and carry away some of the
■ Cigars, Tobacco and other Articles,
just opened to the public, by
at their S.t«r;‘-rooni uii the corner of tho alley above Ickcs’
‘building. 1 in Fast Altoona. They will keep constantly on
hand a good supply of all kind? of Groceries and Confec
tionaries. Cigars and Tobacco of the best quality, all kinds
of Provisions, such an Hams, Shoulders, Sides, Fish, Flour,
Feed, etc., etc.
' They invite a call and a trial of their good*', feeling con
fident that they can pleaso both in quality and price.
Aug 8, 1001-tf
X X family to get hi-their supply of coal for tho Winter,
and the suhscribhr would therefore inform the citizons’of
Altoona and vicinity, that, he is prepared to supply them,
on short notice, with a superior article of ANTHRACITE
by the Train.--Car, or Cart Load, or by the bushel, deliv
t red at tin? door of the purchaser.
£2?* Yard on cho North side of the Railroad—upper end
of Altoona Yard. 11. R. MYERS.
July £. r i,
E STRAY COW. —Strayed away from
the residence of the subscriber, in Altoona. on the
Htb ult- a middling hijed Dark Brindlo COW, about five
year* f'lld, with a white «tripo across her forehead, well
shaped.burns, end of tail white, also mark of cut. on tail
for wolf disease.
A suitablereward will be paid for the delivery of tho
Covr, or for information whore fdu> mav !>« found.
Jaly.l!, ISnl-Ut PHILIP HALTONh ,
Blanks of all descriptions
haatiy und expeditiously executed at thia o®ce.
Has just returned from
New York citv with a beautiful assortment of
consisting in part of
Toil Defile. Japanese,
J\huo Strips, ' Dc ChcvrcS,
Irish I’uph'ns , Ducal*,
Lavell-is, Polartls,
Crepe Delude, Lawns. Silks, tfc.
a beautiful article., cheap and fashionable,
A large .assortment of the prettiest PRINTS ever brought
to the town, ho acknowledged by competent judges,
ladies’ Trimmings in endless variety.
He calls special attention to his beautiful assortment of
which i? acknowledged to bo tho most complete.of any in
the town, and sold ut prices defying competition. . Iron
Stone sets for $i.G0 —Tea Sets for s3.uo.
boots and shoes,
directly from New York, and bought from first haml«,
OIL CLOTHS from \ to 2 yards wide..
Ills stock of
is complete in every respect, ansi will so sold at as low a
figure as any house this side of the city.
at lower prices than they can be had elsewhere. Good
Carriages fur $4.00 and $4.50, and Spring Carriages for
$5.00, just as good as heretofore s.dd for ss.Oo,
Wooden and Willow Ware
in almost every variety, together with all the outfit of a
first class store. [May 0, ISCI-tf
S R. A. O. KERR, g
g Agent for Blair County, g,
I to he the over offered to tho public, and thor
superiority is satisfactorily established by tho fact that in
the last eight years,
Over 14,000 More
of iho=- - ' Machines haw- l-wn sold than of any other man
ufactured, and more irodahi have been awarded the pro
pri‘'t"rs by tiiif< rent Pairs and Institutas than in any oth
ers. Tho are warranted to do all that is claimed
Lr them. Th--y arc now in uso in several families in Al
toona, arid in < v -ry oi-i.- tliey give entire satisfaction.
Th“ Agent refer'- those iKsiring infwmation as tho su
periority of the Machines, to Col. Jnlm L. Piper. Ilcv. A.
L?. Clark, George Havrkesworth, Renj. F. Rose, and 11. H.'
Turner, Ksqrs.
TIo machin ’s can 1.0 scon and examined at tho store of
the Ag.-nt, at Altoona,
Price of No. 1 Machine, silver plated, glass foot and new
rryle H»nimor—No. 2, ornamental bronr.e, glass foot
and now stylo Ilemmor —$55. N*o. u, plain, with old stylo
Hemmor—s4s. ~ [March 21, ISGI-tf.
Pay? tb*' entire ec«t for Tuition in the mn?t popular and
successful Commercial School in the Country. Upward of
twelve hundred young men from fwenty.Jight diiTer-nt
State??, have been educated for business Imre within the
past thr-.'o year?. some of whom have been employed an
Book Keeper.-; at salarF-s of
$2000,00 per Auuum,
immediately upon graduating, who knew nothing ofac
counts when they entered the College.
Minister’s sons h:»df price. Students enter at any
time, and review when they please, without extra charge.
For Catalogue of SI page?, Specimen? of Prof. Cowley’s
Busin-*?? and Ornamental Penmanship, and a largo engra
ving of the .College, inclose twonty-fivu cents in Postage
Stamp* to the Principals,
The Dcroes of War,
9 NEW YORK, is dovp publishing, in addition to
other portrait*, the celebrated collection known iu Europo
and America as
Brady’s National;PhctOvjraphic Portrait Gallery,
in which is included* Portraits of nearly all tho PROMI
NENT MEN OF AMERICA, not excepting Jo ft". Davis,
Gen. Beauregard, Floyd, and a licit of other confederates.
Price ot Portraits $3.00 per dozen. Can be sent by mail.
Scenes of the "War for the Union,
are published, card size, and in stereoscopic form,
Stereoscopic Views of Scones in Paris, London, and in other
part* of England and France{ in Scotland. Ireland,
Wales, Holland, Switzerland. Spain, on the Rhino,
in Athens, Egypt. Turkey, the Holy Land,
China, India, Cubit, Sc., ad infinitum.
Our Instantaneous Stereoscopic Views
Are the Greatest Wor.der of ihiPAgc, ■
These are taken in the fortieth part of a second, and tho
rushing of wafer, the moving of leaves, or the march of an
army, docs not in the slightest degree affect tho taking of
these views. They are t-dd for $3.00 per dozen.
Wo have also on hand and nmnutacturo the largest as
sortment of Stereoscopes, Photographic Albums, arid Pho
tographic Materials in the United States, and perhaps in
the world.
Cataloguer containing lists of our Portrait?, Views,
Stereoscopes, ia, sent free bv mail, on receipt of a “stamp.
E. ANTHONY, 501 Broadway. .
AngS-ly near St. Nicholas, Now York.
JENKINS £i SMITH. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Altoona, Jan. 21, 'Ol-ly.
STANT practice, can ho consulted at tho Altoona
House, Mr. John Wood's. vi7..:-»-0n the ~l!i of June, the
S.'A r>f July. c.r.d the 7 th of August —ho will then vacate for
3 months. Notice will-bo given in this paper when ho
commences lm ‘Winter’s Term again.
He treats ail diseases that flesh is heir to. He invites .all
female?: who may h*' Futfering with diseases peculiar to
their sex, to cull andtxamino his now mode of treatment,
as thousands have been restored to health who have been
abandoned by others. He Is in possession of perfect in
struments for sounding tho lungs and chest and is there
fore able to determine the exact condition of tho vital or
gans—cons.-qtioiiily can treat, such complaints with greater
safety and certainty than it is possible for those who guess
at the disease and experiment for its cure. lie believes
that for every malady, there is found in our soil a sure
and never-failing remedy.
Patients can receive treatment for £5 p-v month, except
in cases of Cancers and Tumor;?, they vary from $lO to
$lOO. Examination free. DU. W. LEVINGSTON.
N. B. —See Handbills. [May 8, J Cd,
TAR. CALDERWOOD offers his Pro-
JL I fessjonal Services to tho citizens of Altoona and
vicinity. Office on Virginia Street, nearly opposite C. J.
Mann’s Store. .
J. B. Ludex, M. D., Huntingdon.
Jno McCulloch, M. P.. “
11. T. Coftet. “ ’Pittsburgh,
llev. J. ILCuiaT, Birmingham,
Rev. Thomas Stevenson, Tyrone City
Jacod Burley, **■
C. Geyer, «
W. Bit.ley. «
■ M. 11. Jolly. t«
Altoona. May Oth, }.S6 I -ly*
Carpeting, Druggets, Oil Cloths,
the State House.) I'HILADELTUI A. [maril/dl-ly.
A HOUSE suitable for a small family,
is wanted to rent, on jnoderats term*, about tho isrt
of September Apply a’ this e£re. July 'Jo. *6l.
Universal Confidence add Patronage.
Ladies and Gentlemen, in all parts of tho world testify, to
the efficacy of Prof. O. J. Wood's Hair Restorative, and
gentlemen of tho Press are unanimous In its praise. A fow
testimonials only can bo hero given: ,see circular for more,
and it will bo impossible for you to doubt.
47 Wall street. New CO, 3558.
Gentlf.mkn Your note cf the 15tb lust., has been re
ceived. saying that you had heard that I had been bene
fitted by the use of Wood's Hair Restorative, and request
ing my certificate of the fact ill had no objection togivoit.
1 award it to you cheerfully, bccanso I think it due. My
age is about 50 years; tho color of my hair auburn, and
inclined to curl. Sonic five or six years since it began to
turn gray, and the scalp on the crown of my head to lose
its sensibility and dandruff to form upon ih *E?.?h of these
disagrceabilitica increased with time, .and about 4 mouths
since a fourth was added to them, by’hair falling off the
top off my head and threatening to mpke mo bald.
In this unpleasant predicament, I was Induced tr» try
Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the falling off
ofmyhair, for I had really no expectation that gray hair
could ever be restored to its original color except from
dyes. I was, however, greatly surprised to find alter tho
uso of two bottles only, that not only was tho falling off
arrested, but tho color was restored to the gray hairs and
sensibility to tho scalp, and dandruff ceased to form on ray
head, very much to the gratification of my wife, at whose
solicitation I was induced to try it.
For this, among the many obligations I owo to her sex,
I strongly recommend all husbands who value tho admi
ration of iheir wives to profit by my example, and uso it if
growing gray or getting bald. Very respectfully.
To O J M ood £ Co., 411 Rroadwaj', New York.
My family are absent from the city, aud 1 am no lunger
at Nu. 11 Carroll Place. ,
Siamastcn, Aid., July 2Qth, 1850.
To Prqj. OJ Wood: Dear Sir—Your Hair Restorative
has dniio my hair so much good since I commenced tho
use of it, that I wish to make known to tho PUBMCof its
effects on tho hair, which nro groat, A man or woman
may bo nearly deprivt-d of hair, and by a resort to your
•• Hair Restorative,” tho hair will return more beautiful
than ever; at least this is my experience. Relieve it all!
Touratruly. WM. 11. KENEDY.
P. tk—You can publish the above if you like. By pub
lishing in our Southern papers you will got more patron
age south. I soo several of your certificates in tho Mobile
a strong Southern paper. IV II Kenldv.
Frrf. OJ Wood: Dear S[r —Having-had the misfortune
to lose the best portion of niy hair, from tho effects of tho
yellow fever, in New Orleans In 1851,' I was induced to
make a trial of your preparation, and found it to answer
as the very thing needed. My hair is now thick and glossy,
and no words can express my obligations to you in giving
to the afflicted such a treasure. FINLEY JOHNSON.
The Restorative is put up in bottles .of throe sizes. viz
large, medium, and small; tho small holds a pint, and
retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at least
twenty per-cent, more in proportion than the small, retails
for two dollars per bottle; tho largo holds a quart, 40 per
cent, more i.u proportion, and retails for $3.
O. J. WOOD & CO., Proprietors, 444 Broadway, New
York, and 114 Market Street, St. Louis; Mo.
For sale in Altoona by A. ROUSH aqd.G. W. KESSLER.
Agents,liod all good Druggists and Faucv Goods Dealers. ’
July Ist, JSCI-lycow ‘
Cheap ! Cheaper !1 Cheapest!!!
Huzza for north ward.—
The undersigned would respectfully inform tho
citizens of Alfcmna aud tho surrounding country that ho
hajs rented the store room formerly occupied by Jacob
Burkhart, on Virginia street, ucar A. McCormick’s storo,
where ho is about opening a
Grocery, Flour, Feed and Provision
ITc has just returned from the East whore ho has been
selecting his groceries with great caro and buying exclu
sively for cash, which enables him to sell as low, if not a
little lower, than any houso iu tho place. Ho would
therefore say to all rho wish a good article of groceries,
and at a low figure, to call and examine Lis stock before
purchasing tlscwhero.
His stock consists of
Hats aud Caps, Men ami Ifhmcx’s Shoes,. Rations fifdll
Extra Family. Fleur , Superfine, Corn Meal t Rye
and Corn Chop. .
Extra Levering Syrup Molasses. 60. cents per gal.
Golden “ u 45 44 44 4 *
Pennsylvania 44 44 50 44 44 44
Raking 44 37.1 £ 44 44
White Crush Sugar li u “ lb.
White “ 10 44 44 44 *
Refined- 10 44 44 44
Pest Rrdwn 44 8 41 44 44
Cuba 44 7 44 44 «i
Rio Coffeo 15 to 10 44 44 44
Rost Imperial Teas 00 44 44 44
, 2nd quality * 4 75 44 44 44
Black 44 60 44 44 44
Rosin nml Cnatilo Soip. Raisins, Figs, Almonds, Fil
berts. English Walnuts, Cream Nuts, Mackerel, Herring,
Lake Trout,'Dairy Salt, Cheese, and everything that is
necessarily kept In a good family grocery.
Wheat’s the News?
TTTTHY this, the subscriber
T f has just received and opened a largo and beauti
ful itock of
among whivh may be found the following
Fancy and Plain, magnificent aud brilliant styles of
spring Silks, Black Silks, Norwich Poplins, ChallieDo
Laines, colored and figured Brilliants, French and English
Chintzes, English and American Calicoes, ic.
Wo have in tliis department, LinouS, Laces, Edgings,
Cambrics, Brilliants, Nainsooks, Jaconelts, Lawn?, Mull
Mu'lins, Ladies Fine French Collars. Undorskoves. Ac., all
of which we respectfully ask a thorough examination In
order to satisfy Ladies that we. have theso goods better and
lower in price than tho lowest.
Mourning Qoods.
This lino of goods is very atnplo in every department
Hosiery a n.d GIo v e s
Silk, Woolen Cotton and Linen Hose for ladies and gentle
men. and an endless variety for children. Ladies and gen
tlemen's Kid, Kid Finishes. Silk and Liblo Thread Gloves.
Call and see our fur fumed Buck Gloves.”
Muslin.-. Flann. Is, Blankets, and every article in the Do
mestic. line of Dry Goods, in larger quantity and in more
complete assortment than cun bo found iu any house in
the interior of Pennsylvania.
Wo have also a fine assortment of
together with a full stock of
Groceries, Quecnsware. Hardware,
and all the vt cctoras cf a country store.
/CELEBRATED for its medicinal and
beneficial qualities as a genuine: Stimulant, Tonic,
Diuretic and Sudorific, highly esteemed by eminent physi
cian?, and some of tho first families in Europe aud America.
is not a mixture or manufactured article, but is pure, from
ccliivated Portugal Kldor, recommended by Chemists and
Physicians as possessing medical properties superior to any
other wines in use, and an cxcellcntarticioforali weak and
debilitated persons, and tho aged and infirm, improving tho
anpetite, ami benefiting ladies and children.
because it will not intoxicate as other wines, aa it contains
no mixture of spirits or other liquors, and is admired for
its rich peculiar flavor and nutritive properties, imparting
a healthy tone to the digestive orgnns,-and a blooming, soft
and healthy skin and complexion..
None genuine unless the signature of
ALFRED SPEER, Passaic, N. J.,
ia over the cork of each bottle.
A. SPKER, Proprietor,
Office 20S Broadway, New York.
£s^For sale by A. ROUSH, Altoona; ,QEO. W. PATTER
SON and GEO. A. JACOBS, Uollidaysburg; and by W.
NOWLIN & CO., Tyrone. [jc27-ly
1 TRIMMING Store, on street, Altooaa, op
posite J. B. Ililoman’e store. Tho subscriber having pur
chased with groat care, an entire now stock of Ratto
dress goods, and Trimmings; also alarge assortment of
Bonnets and Ribbons, i'ino Vrcnch Work, Collars and Un
derscores in sets. Gloves, Mitts, Hosiery, Skirts, &c.,allof
th*'latest stiles, and in great varieties, are now open for
the examination of tho ladies; all of t hick will ho sold at
the lowest cash priew, Radii* dcairiug goods of tho above
named should call on tho undersigned and suit themselves
before purchasingjclsewboro.
Altoona. April 2- r ). ISGI-Gm,
Timiijus V, HEftiDf, . Sailor.
(late EAOLE noiKE,)
Third Street, above Race,
RHOADS & SAILOR, Proprietors.
TKUMS, $1 *5 PKU :PAV.
>!.ir‘*h 7 ; 1561-ly
“They go right to the Spot."
Throat Confections,
03'They relievo a Cough instantly,
-05'“They clear tho Throat.
05c*Tbcy giro strength and volume to tho voice.
impart a delicious aroma to the breath-.
03*They are delightful to the taste.
03*They aro made of simple borbe, and can harm no ono.
I advise every ono who hits a Cough, or a Husky Voice,
or n Had Breath, or any difficulty of tho Throat, to get »
package of my Throat Confections, they will rtdieve yoU
instantly, and you will agree with me thak “they go right
to the spot.” Yuu will find them very useful and pleasant
while travelling or attending public meetings for stilling
your Cough or allaying your thirst. If you try ono pack*
age I am safe in saying that you will ever afterwards con
sider thorn indispensable. You will fiud them at tb«
EruSoiids and Dealers in Medicines.
My signature is on each package. All others aro coun*
A package will ho sent hy mail, prepaid, on receipt ol
Thirty Cents. Address,. *
No. 4S Cedar Street, New York.
, **%.,
By the use of these Pilla the periodic attache of Scrvon
or del: Headache may bo prevented; and if taken at the
commencement of an attack immediate relief from pain
and sickness will bo obtained.
They seldom fail in removing tiro Haase,z and Headache
to which females arc bo subject.
They act gently upon the bowels,—removing Gutiivnees.
■For Literary Mai, Students, Belicato Fomaies, and all
persons of sedentary habits, they are valuable as a ZaruhVe.
improving the appetite, giving tone and vigor to the diges
tive organs, and rcstoringtho natural eias t hit y~and strength
of the wholo system.
The CEPHALIC PILES are the result of long investiga
tion and carefully conducted experiments, having been In
uso many years, during which time they have prevented
and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from
Headache, whether originating in the nervous system or
from a deranged state of the stomach.
They are entirely vegetable in their compcfilioti, and
may bo taken at all times with pefeet safety IHthout
making any change ofdiret, and the absence of any disa.
yrecatle taste renders it easy la administer them to children.
The genuine have five signatures of Uenry C. Spalding on
each Box.
Soli by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medicines.
A Box will bo sent by mail prepared on receipt or the
All orders should fca addressed to
43 Cedar Street New York,
Nov. 10, ’60.-ly.]
Maposvilie, Conn., Fob. 3,1861.
Mr. Spalding.
I have tried your Cephalic Pills, and Jitfe thin to wett
that I want you to send me two dollars worth more.
Part of these arc for tho neighbors, to whom I gatb &
few out of tho first box I got from you!
Send tho Pills by mail, and oblige
Your obedient Servant,
llAvtaroni), Pa., Feb. 6,1581.
Mr. Spalding.
I wish you to send me one more box of yohr Cebfaalio
Pills, I have received a Threat deal of benefit from them.
Yours, Respectfully,
Spares C?.EES, llcntingdon C.% Pjl, Jan. IS. 1 SCI,
11. C. Spalding.
Y’ou will pleaso rend mo two boxes of ybur Cepbrilo
Pills. Send them Immediately.
liespoctfully years,
„ c .. , . dQUN- B. SIMONS.
,f* have mrA one hox n f!/° lir FVs, and find them
From'the Examiner, SorfoVe, la.
Cephalic Pills accomplish tho object for fchich thevwera
made, viz. : Cure of headache its all its forms.
Fivm the Examiner, XcrfdtJc, Va.
They have been tested in more than a thousand case*,
with entire success. *
From the Democrat, Xi. Cloud , Minn.
!f VOT are, or baro boon trouble! with tho boa-hob-.
Bond for a box, (Cephalic Pill*,} so that you mar bar,
them in caso of an attack. '
From the Advertiser, Providence. R. t.
Tho Cephalic Pills aro paid to bo a remarkably pffectiro
remedy for tho headache,<ind ono of the very bwt for that
very frequent complaint which has over been discorereil.
From the Western I!. It. Gasctle, Chicago, 111.
Wo heartily ondorso Mr. SpalOins, and hb. untiralled
Cephalic Pills.
From the Kenm.-ha Val’vj Star, Kanawha, Fa.
■\Vo arc Bure Hint perm;ns suffering with the headache,
who try them, will stick to them.
Freni the JbuOiera I'alh Finder, Xew Orleans, La.
Try them I you that are afflicted, and wo are sure that
your testimony can bo added to tho already numerous list
that has received benefits that no other medicine cap pro
will save ten times its coat annually.*^Oi
t*. " A S rural nt Tine Satzb Nntt.”,air
As accidents will happen, even in well regulated fami
lies, it is very desirable to have some cheap and cenvo
tllcnt way for repairing Furniture, Toys,Crockery, Ac.
mods all such emergencies, and no household can afford to
bo without it. It is always ready, and np to the sticking
N. B.—A Bru»h accompanies each Bottle. Price 25ctl
No. 48 Cedar St, N. Y,
Ab certain unprincipled persons aro attempting to palm
off on the unsuspecting public, imitations of ray PBEPA«
RED GLUE, I would caution all parsons to examine belbr©
purchasing, and seo that the full • *
Unn the outside wrapper; all other are swindling