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    to the Xiadies.
*W, rufatatina, and r rt»tmnz aU 06.
S»j* w|oftrer
but what rfvwow period of her
jp» ntedkino *a f Papoaco’s Golden
|r»t tedfe* of Chester the Agent
{gelMr> mtich benefit trom thetuo
bewitthls to W t*«rt»i,*«hetthan
ifc.VOoU get them in.
jthete pills arc made kDMnk
tell yon they are perfectly haralew
Claimeil for tin'jn. Fall aod axpliclt
(re e»eh bos. Price ?LOO perlman—
BSLER, Dnisglit, sole ARwrt tjr ai.
him $l-00 to the Altoona PoatOflfee,
rnt to any part of the toon try (cosfl
< ftce of postage.” Sold alaoty JOHn
,mid by ouc Druggist in every village
Pole Proprietor, MmrVatk.
rPilts have been counterfeited, and are
price* ranging from 25 cent* to 75 cts,
k out lor them. The genuine, hereaf
{nature of 8. D. Huwe, sole proprietor.
Ml oft he above gentlemen, and yon will
Iclc, and one yon may rely, open.
-*• _ ■■
►Ting been restored to health ina lew
(pie rein 'ily, after having suffered test.
stgre ln;ig affection, and that dread
fe anxious to make known toUtfefiow
It’be will semi a copy of the preterig.
Rrge,) with the dircctiona forprepaLTing
. which tiny will find a. sure ctßefer
HA. Baoxenms. \tc. Tho only ohfeEt ol
►ding the Pixscription is to benefit the
t information which he conceives to h e
ippes every sufferer will tryhisrerne
em nothing, and may prove n blessing,
»e prescription will please address.
William* bnrrh,
King County, Kow Yjrit
I to the Suffering.
Kgcove, while laboring as a missionary
I of Consumption, when all other means
obtained from n learned
t city of Jctldo. This recipe fans cored
were sufil-nii" from Consumption,
-oat. Coughs and Coldy, ami thtdebUlty
niqri cau*cd by these disorders,
ting other*, I will send tbis reefre,
bsowiih me. to ull who nccd-it,freeof
ulrei*.’! ■
■m, Fulton ATennc. ,
EttPonivu op tnfi Cjtjox.—
ma?t feplcmikl Clothing Bmpo»
. -It' U as tke pala*
ch the irameuse bu!sine«B of tlreotab'
d. mitl it in tonally eplcDditl in respect
* ami T.ak resourced. Bat to lts pa
rtloos p.n\ first, tho elegance of the
rvitm tmU Te nths, therc;
f and durability' of the materials, and
li- o of Hie fit, am\ lastly tlvo moderate
-•.•VN arc Suld. IV u refer, intbis dea
der than tho Brown Stoao GJotWnff
Vilsion. Xos. CO3 aaU Gos Chcfttntrt SI”
•/Xi! attention to the rulvertiwmentof
•'-'rc OmUal and Stood Senocater, In
•r \rtukiicjw«»d general debility thcr* •
’ill exhilarate, PKftto &n
{«! ite the bilioqsfystcin, aid digestion
• th* weakeated orgaas to ontbeir orlg-
So TaJaable a Tonic Cordial
da of otoj invalid and iu Mery tun-
fciv*l and : o*enjKl » Urge apl bcauli- f
{■■unit the fadgwlog
mnsnificPdt anti brlllUutjtVle* of
Silks, Nuntleh Poplin*, Cwllie Du
Atarvd Brilliant*. Fwrt«iwß|l>t
Oil American CttlicoeVltc.
|2-l>artmc«t, linens, Tacos, Edging*,
i, Naiuaooks, JacuneMs, ; Lainn, Mull
e French Collars, Ciu)erstuires,ie,oU
fully «sk a thorough examination In
Its that we burn these goods bettor soil
thu lowest.
Is very ample In every deportment,
y an d ’■G lov e s.
n and Uncn Hose for ImJleanadgeotle
vurfety for children. Ladlessßdssjfc
uilsbee, Silk smi Lisle Thread Olovcs.
Limed •' Buck Li loves.”
liuukuts, ami every, article in thepe
rsefe, in larger quantity and In more
i than con be foanirVhanyilOO* la
it assortment of . 1
VTihlu full stock of
'weemvcat% Bardvoarc,
i of a country store.
. J. B. Itn*KMAK.
t'iu:c, canbe consol tod at the AllOOfla
witfe. t! zi—Onihe “tk qf
©Miwitti—lie will ti»<» Tucate for
M I* pres in thii paper when n®
M>-T«rm win. ' M
lUat fleih id heir to. lie iowJto****
wiring'with d lucaaes pscaßw *°
f-xftmloe hi-H new mod* of tresttßJjw
ten restored to health irto tofioff 3
: - lie is *4o possession ofpwfi** lo '
ng ihs lungs and chest and Is
te the exact condition of tbo viwc r ‘
mb treat such compWntewltilgrt*JJ*
than it is possible for those
V-eninenf for its cur*. He b«K
h there is foufid In
LHJTv. „-l. . . = __*
*• treatment for $5 perTnontnt wgfr;
ad Tmnors., they wary frOjMKr
Ires. DU. W. LOTDlt*®®'
ik . - . * - v cataerJ.^-
net Altoosa Gas t
A L7OOJCI, June Tf»JS!k J
pa * divideud of tacit rm cesj
of the Company, clear of BW® ***>
duly Ut,ISCT.
r (or collection af dividend* e»n M
[ the office of the Treatnref. ' ,
I he dosed on the 27th of JnWi
hoSthof Jnly.iSdl.
p.F.RQSE, .jHaWtW!*-
I— The. subscriber
atnt Altoon*, wbo <le*lre
,*IU Aetircr It promptly »t ttift'K'
liwtlrm-j a wtk, MOifBATi tr;
>AT • ATCKRNOOXH. TertaA*®? 1
mt« pw.lwAel, SeUrerod lo" '
of Wm. 4
» ’ -■■ ~ ' n. J Mtfttpp,
-MIN BAER, laCb --
Joe’d, bare been encMd tap”
{ in Altoona. All p«HSßPkli«ff>®£
i> oAfate are
Mirf, for settfoacn^^.
' l 'A.-' l ' f ' j
TEsh 9. D. S,“
■rrmtaUr In AUoon* ••*
C. JtjsffiTd’iSiore.
Uteraa Crtee.
Eastern Way
Western Way
Western Through—.—.a.™..
Eastern Through t
IloUidsysburg - 7 00 A. M. and 6 20 P. M.
Western Through - 4 40 A. M.
►astern Through ..—A 7 10 “-»*
Western Way ...» i ; I .. 11 00 A. M.
Easurn Way .y....;.... 6 30 P. 31.
Otfici: Hours During the week, from 645 a. 51. till
• sup si. Ou Sundays, from 0 43 till V 45 \. u.
vjrrees Train East arrives 4,40 A. 51., leaves 4.45 A. SI
.I “1 West “ 7,10 A.M. “ 7,30 A.M.
“ East “ S,3OP.M. “ 8,50 P. 51.
.. “ West “ 7,55 P. 51., “ 8,10 P. M.
Mail “ East <• 11,00 A. M. “ 11.20 A. 51.
‘.l “ West “ 0,30 P. 51., “ 0,50 P. 31.
The lIOLLIDAYBBURG BRANCH connects with Ex
press Train West, aud Mail Train East and West.
INDIANA* BRANCH TRAINS connect with Johnstown
Accommodation Trains East and West, Express West, and
Vast Lino and Mail train East and West.
Proceedings of Council.
Special meeting, Jane 7, 1801.
Prescntr—A. A. Smyth, R. Greenwood, Daniel
Laugbmao and C. R. Hostetler.
On motion. Retained, That Dr. Wm. R. Find-'
ley, Dr. J. T. Christy, C. J. Mann and Lewis
Flack, be, and they ace hereby, appointed a
Hoard of Health for the; year IBGI.
Special meeting, June 19, 1801.
Present—A. A. Smyth, R. Greenwood, C. B.
Hoatetter, and N. J. Mcrvine. /'
On motion. Resolved That each occnpnnt of
property; in the Borough be and is hereby re
quired to sprinkle lime in their cellars, cesspools,
and guiters near their premises, to prevent all
impure, offensive, and unhealthy effluvia arising
The following preamble and resolution was
read, and, on motion, adopted, viz:
Wukbkas, A petition was received from sund
ry citizens of the Borough of Altoona, /asking
the town council to appropriate the sum of one
hundred dollars ont of the funds of the borough
for the purpose of aiding in defraying the ex
penses of celebrating the coming 4tb ofJuly
in an appropriate and becoming manner,
And Whereas, A petition was also received'
(tome time since from the Members of the “Good
Will Fire Engine Co.”, asking a donation from
the funds of the borough to aid and assist them
in liquidating the debt, of the said campany:
Resolved— That tho Borough Council after due
consideration, believe it to he out of their power
legally to grant the prayer of tho petitioners in
the first case, and as to the second they consid
er it inexpedient at the present time to grant
the prayer of the petitioners, as it would serve
to embarrass the treasury withidebt, not con
templated when the taxes were assessed for the
present year—and would hare a tendency to
cripple their efforts in discharging debts of long
s, standing, and contracts wliich must be promptly
met. ‘ i
Special meeting,'June 24, 1861.
Present—John Allison, Chief Burgess; A. A.
Smyth, R. Greenwood, C. U. Hostetler, Daniel
Liughman and N. J. Mcrvine, Council.
The resignation of Joseph K. Ely, High Con
stable, was received, and, on motion, Joseph P.
Trout was appointed and duly constituted High
Constable for the remainder of the year, at the
usual salary. 1
On motion, adjourned to meet on the first
Monday evening of lB6l.
Regular meeting, July 1, 1861.
Present—A. A. Smyth*, C. It. Hostetler, N. J.
Mervinc and Daniel Laughman.
Two bills from the Gas and Water Company,
for rent of water-plugs, were read, and, on mo
tion laid on the table until a settlement could
he effected with the Company.
On motion, A. A. Smyth and C. R. Hostetler
were appointed a Committee to wait on the Gas
and Water Company, for the purpose of affect
ing a settlement.
The following orders wpre granted, vie: Ope
£o Daniel Laughman, $20.71, for plank, fur
nished the Borough: one to the ap
pointed by the Court of Quarter Sessions, to
view and lay out streets and alleys, for $15.00;
one to Wv W-. Snyder, $30.00; to Daniel Ccylc,
$23.50; to John Haney, $21.00; to Charles
Maloy, 23.50; to John McCulloch, $23.50, for
labor on streets; one to James Gwinn, lisq.,
$B.OO, for making, drafts of the Borough.
The Supervisor was instructed to repair Grant
street, immediately:
On motion, Retolved, That the Gas and Water
Company be nnd is hereby requested-to put in
two water-plugs on Adaline street, east of An
nie, and one on Rebecca strpet, east of Annie.
On motion, adjourned to meet on the first
Monday evening in August, 18C1. —Extract from
the Einuta.
Sgt, We have received lately a pamphlet writ-
ten by Hon. Geo. Connell, member of the State
' Senate from ihi Fourth District of Philadel
phia, and addressed to his constituents, entitled
“A Brief Notice of what was done at Harris-
burg during the Regular and Extra Sessions of
1801,” in which Senator Connell, in referring
to the Speaker of the Senate, Hon. L. W. Hull,
from this District, pays him the following pretty
compliment :,
It requires not the gift of prophecy to fore
tell, that those who read these pages will here
after become familiar with the name of one
eminent in the service of his country, and cov
ered with her most distinguished honors, who
began hia early career in public life as ‘Hhi'
Senator from Blair," 1
History or Bail Road.— James
E. Giffin, A. M-, who visited this place a few
weeks since, for the purpose of opening a select
school for instruction in all the higher branches
and also in military tactics, is, we learn, about
to write a.history of tae Pennsylvania Bail
Road. He has the ability to get, up a readable
and valuable work of this- kind, and as all-the
needed information can be readily, obtained, he
can have it ready for the press in a short time.
Exmmbatiok or Teachers. — The examina
tion of applicants for the public schools of Al
toona will be held in one of the school rooms
m West Ward, on Monday July 15th, commen
<lag at 9 o’elock A. M. Eight teachers arete be
elected—two male teachers for first grade —
two female teachers for second grade—two male
teachers and two female assistants fur primary
schools. i '
lO 40 A. M,
... 700 “
7 00 A. M. and 6 00 P. 51.
—... O 00 P. 31,
720 “
The Fourth u»i Altoona—The glorious
Fourth was ushered in, in Altoona, amid the roll of
drums, firing of gitns, pistols, squibbs and
everything that would moke a noise, and the
shouts of juveniles jwho thronged the streets
long before the grey dawn. At four o’clock the )
different, companies jof “Home Guards” met at
their armories and proceeded to selected locali
ties U fire salutes'at sunrise. Company A..
Capt, Boyden, preceded by the Altoona Brass
Band, marched to the top of the hill above East
Ward and fired their salute. Company B„ Capt
i Turner, marched' to ja vacant lot in East Ward
for same purpose. Company D., Copt. Smyth,
fired salutes with a emall 1 cannon and rifles in
the different wards. ;At a quarter before eight !
0 clock, Company B met at their armory aud !
marched to the Episcopal Church, where dlvino' i
: services were held, and an address appropriate 1
to the occasion delivered by Rev. R. IV. Oliver, 1
Rector of the -chqrch. At the conclusion of
the services, the company marched to the line of
the Borough, on Allegheny street, and received
the “Mountain Rangers” under .command of
Capt. Hough, with wbbm'thqy. paraded through
the principal streets of the town, and rcturn
ning to their armory; at 11 o’clock, were dis
missed for the day. Owing to a misunderstand-.
ing, the “Eldorado Guards,” who arrived at 11
o’clock, were not regalary. received. The neat
time they contemplate visiting Altoona, wo
hope they will make positive arrangements as I
to the time of their I arrival,; in order ;that all 1
things may be done,up in military style.
In,reference to uics and celebrations,
four in number, wo hardly &now how to com
tqence to describe them. There were as handsome
fashionable, agreeable girls at one as at the oth
ers. There was mugic and dancing at three of tho
parties,.but at-Which the bust dancing was done
we will not Attempt to decide. There were
cakes, pies and-all kinds of eatables and lux
uries at ail points, but which excelled, our
limited capacities and nppotitfes would not al
low us to judge. Suffice it to-say, ■ .everything
passed off most harmoniously and none who
participated could have enjoyed themselves bet- |
ter anyplace else. - j
In the evening there was quite a display of i
fireworks in all parts of the town. Every one j
appeared to -go into, this matter on his own
book. The display iu tho Logan House square !
and in {rout of Mr. Wilson’s residence, was very!,
beautiful. But wc cannot particularize all,
therefore wo will not be invidious.
He observed but few cases of intoxication, and |
have not heard of any quarrelling. A couple j
of patriotic chaps endeavored tf got up a spree j
in the forenoon, but it ended'at [ bluster and |
hard swearing. iJt ; j
Terrible Rail Road Acoi dent.— l Yesterday
morning, as a freight train was conning west,
about six miles east of this city* a rail broke,
when tho enginelwas capsized ;nnd broken, and
a number of the freight cars were piled upon
it. The engineer, Andrew Glopser, jwas scalded
and bruised to such an extent that he died at
the United States jlotcl a few hours after the
accident occurred. The fireman, Michael Ro
gers, of Altoona, was also scalded and other
wise injured, and is now lying at the United
States Hotel, but if is thought will recover.—
The cars took fire, and some eight of them, laden
with Government stores, and consigned to J. R.
Eby, were destroyed. The stores consisted
mainly of groceries and prov&iuns. The Citi
zen engine was taken down, and saved some of
the property.
Thc man Glosser, repided jin; Columbia, was a
sober, industrious man, aridi leaves a family.
The accident was one ofitltose which no hu
man foresight could have avoided, yet it was
one of rare occurrence on the Pennsylvania
Rail Road. —llarridig Patriot § Union, Stkinst.
A Wrong; Impression.
Masses. : —l hare: heard a number
of people in this place speak of one of the pic
nics held in a grovq adjoining town, as the
“Masonic i’ic-Nic.” Some of the persons con
cerned in the pic-nio referred to are, I believe,
members of the Masonic order, and some of
them are not. Whatever may have been con
nected with the picnic that was commendable,
or of good report, Hip Masonic fraternity have
no claim to, because ij; Was only
and not as a fraternity, that they or
lot in it. The same ip true in regard to a pic
nic that was held in the same, place lust year,
by the same party.:
Altoona, July Bth, 1861
Summer Beverage.— Hero, is a recipe for
making ginger beer, a very wholesome And re
freshing summer beer: Pat tWo gallons of cold
water- into a pot upon ' the fire, add to it two
ounces of good ginger bruised, and two pounds
of white or brown sugar. Let all this come to
boil. nnd continue boiling for abquthalfanhour.
Thon'skim the liquor and pour:it into a jar or
tub, along with one sliced leinon and half an
ounce of cream of tartor. When nearly cold,
put in a tea-cup full of yeast, to pause the
liquor to work. The beer is now made, and
after it has worked for two days, strain it pud
bottle it for use. Tie down the corks firmly.
Officebs Elected, — The following arc the
officers of Altoona Pi vision, -No 311, S of T.,
for the ensuing quarter:
W. P.—David Irons. W. A—John Boyles.
B. S.—David Gaibraitjh. A. E. S.—Wm McCor
mick. F. S.—W. C,. McCormick. T.—Michael
Clahaugh, C.—Win. Marshall. A. C.—Samuel
Blake. J. S.—Uriah Hookinberry. 0. S.—Thos.
Hannon. Chaplain—A. H. Sembowcr.
, Cheap Det'Goods.—Messrs. Brownold and
Sam, at Tack’s old stand, are flow selling out a
large stock of dry-goods, snob as dress goods,
white goods, embroideries, &C-, at greatly re
duced prices. The goods must positively be dis
posed of in twenty dpys, therefore bargains are
Lost— On the fourth of July, a silver watch
marked “D. B. 8. Lepiino, M. T. Tobias, Liver
pool 32,877.” The hinder will be suitably re
worded by leaving it at this office, or returning
it to| the owner, Peter Lee, at Blair Furnace.
B®., Reader, have you seen Prof. Wood’s
advertisement in our paper. . Bead it; it will
interest yoq. V
List of Causes—July Term, 1861. j
rmtfr week.
James J Dali vs Margery O’Friel Jr
Hays & Son vs Kirkpatrick & Sons
G W Graham vs E Hammond
Jos Dysprt vs B O’Friel’s heirs
S S Barr vs Samuel Uenchy
T Banks vs P W Ranch '
T Barnes vs Paul Mauk
Charles Hughes vs 6 L Lloyd
George Wehn vs Jane Beals
B O’Friel’s Administratrix vs A M White & Co
C Garber’s Executors vs Shoenßerger's Exrs
Same vs A P Wilson
"E J Bollinger vs Downs & Co
John Fox vs Union Insurance Company
Henry McMullen vs A McClain
McNamara’s Adx vs Wm Lyon
Jacob Kessler vs Shoenberger’s Ears
D Good vs D Wafson et al
Daniel K Ramey vs W W Jackson
John Brotherline vs Hagcrty & Harmon ■
A/Al & R White vs R M Lemon & Co
EB Isett vs John Miller
J O’Donnell vs Dr J T Christy
Daniel Shannon vs Geo Wehn
Lewis Plack vs John D Hughes
Blair Co Iron and Coal Co vs R M Lemon
McFarlane’fl Admx vs Shoeuberger’s Exrs
James D Rea vs Kemp & Lust
Same vs C Lust
E S Lytle’s Trustee vs Joseph Steel
John Wall vs Harris & Reed.
Alsop & Shriver vs Alex Dobbins
W P Dysart vs II Haupt et al
John Miller vs Penn’a RR Co
Stout & Co vs A Patterson
Kline & Carrol vs W Casey
G L Lloyd vs H Mclntosh
Cornelius Wendell vs A M & R White & Co.
15 Lorenz et al vs J L Hemphill et al
Ashby & Rocap vs H T Coffey
Geo W Mauk vs M B Lingenfelter
A Byers et al vs Evan Williams
Elias. Baker vs David Trexler
J S Medara & Co vs John Brotherline
A L Holiday vs Same
Elizabeth McGraw vs J M Lindsey et al
Henry Irvin vs John Shoemaker
McLannhan, Watson & Co vs J Brotherlino
Ellen Bouslough vs Jacob Bouslough
E Hoover’s Administrator’s vs J B Hoover et al
H V Brady vs J K Ely
Peter Campbell vs Same
Devries, Stephens & Thomas vs H L Akc et al
C Campbell & Bro vs Tyrone & Clearfield R R Co
W Inucs’ Admr vs J C limes' Exrs
List of Jurors—July Term, 1801.
Acker George. Huston
Beyer Aaron, Antis
Burkholder John J, Logan "
Bfel 1 Martin, Antis
Burbank George, Allegheny
Brook William H, Blair
Beyer F D, Antis
\ Blackburn Joseph, Hollidaysburg
Charles John, •*
Cooper Samuel F, Woodberry
Crisaman, Obed E, Logan
Chandler William, Altoona
Emigre Christian, Greenfield
Fouse Dewalt, Huston '■?'
Gwin George H, Logon
Glasgow James, Gaysport
Gibboney John, M, Allegheny
Guyer Caleb, Snyder
Hoover Jacob, Huston
Haslett James, Tyrone bar
Hamilton David, -Huston
Darker George 11, Freedom
Hetrick John, Woodberry .
Hemphill John L, Hollidaysburg
Hnrbison Henry sr, Woodberry
Uaun Jacob, Allegheny
Irvine John £, Antis ■■
Kemp John, Taylor
Kelley Joseph, Juniata
Keller John, Frnnkstown
Lowthc James, Altoona
Long Henry, Greenfield
Lindsey Jossc M, Ilollidaysbarg
Lantz William, Logan
Lewis John, snyder
Moore llhamcr, Altoona
Myers John, Snyder
Morrow George W, Tyrone tp
Myers Samuel, Taylor
McGraw John, Huston
Prcgsel Jacob (of Isaac), Greenfield
Rice David B, Taylor
Stone William, Hollidaysburg
Wifco Michael, Huston
Wagoner Jacob, Altoona
Wopmcr George, Snyder
Tingling Abraham, Juniata
For the Tribune.
Arthur Christopher, Greenfield
Bollinger Jacob, Hollidaysbnrg
Berlin Samuel, Tyrone Bor
Carr William, Bogan
' Domer Jacob, Antis ?
Ebaugh Jacob, Hollidaysburg
Earlenbaugh John, Taylor
Falkner John, Taylor
Graffins E. W., Tyrone Bor
Gheer John, Antis
Henry Fflmklin, Hollidaysburg
Haggerty Jacob, Catharine t
Horrell Robert, Gaysport
Helsel Daniel, Freedom
Hileman Joseph, Frankstown
Hunter John, Antis
Hammond William, Catharine :
Harlin Frasier, Freedom
Kerr RAO, Altoona
Klepser Frederick, N. Woodberry
Rafferty Henry, Gaysport
Malone Charles B, Freedom
McFarland John, Snyder
Mulholland David, Antis
Mclntyre Jacob Esq, Martinsburg ■
Martin Jacob L Esq, Taylor
. (Minus Frederick Jr, Gaysport
Patterson Jams* U, Catharine
f Plummer James 6, Snyder
Sattergon Anderson Woodberry
oiler Joshua H, Catharine'
Beifanyder Joshua L, Altoona
Robeson Joseph, Frankstown
Roller Joshua, Woodberry
Singer Absalom, Altoona >
Stahely Martin L, Frankstown
Shifller Wm, Taylor
Shink Joseph, Snyder
Oeeglo Dreniol, Allegheny
Cyphers Moses, Altoona
Crawford Armstrong, Tyrone tp
Hilling Isaac, Huston
Deader David, Taylor
Dodson Samuel, Greenfield
Henchcy Henry, Tyrone bor
Hart Ellis, Allegheny
Holder William, Snyder
Isetl E B, Snyder
Kelley George P, Juniata
Kennedy William, Woodberry
Loudon William, Logan
Lingenfeltcr David, Juniata
Martin Henry B, Hollidaysburg
Marks John, Tyrone bor
McClelland John, Altoona
McFarland John R, Hollidaysburg.
Pruner E J, Tyrone bor
Reed Joseph, Hollidaysburg
Rolamer Wm, Altoona
Stiller Jacob H, Allegheny
Tussey Samuel C, Tyrone tp
Wertz John, Blair
On the S7th nit, by the Rev. W. Lee Stntstood, Mr.
this piece.
There ere exceptions to ell grtwral roles, bat it will be
found that there ere es few exceptions to that rule which
makes a remembrance of the printer, on occasions like the
above, the forerunner of future happiness, as to any other,
consequently we may predict for our young friends a hap*
py journey through life, and express the hope that they
may be long spared to eqjoy each others society. They
hare our thanks for that beantilhl and excellent cake.
• On Tuesday morning, the 3d instant, by the same, Mr;
samuel Caldwell to Miss Caroline brother*
TON. „
On the 4th instant, by J. M. Cherry, Etfq., Mr. DAVID
! BURNS, of Antis township, to Miss LYDIA A. HOUSE*
MAN, of Logan township.
Our friends above named have chosen a very fortunate
and auspicious day for the celebration of their nuptials*
They could not have taken this important stop under hap
pipr auspices. May the day which commemoiates Die
birth of the American Union, prefigure a long and pros*
. perous union to the happy pair. We wish them a success*
ful voyage .over the stormy sea of life, with all the Joys and
raptures incident th the marriage relations in full fruition*
CIOAL! COAL !—Having taken the
J Coal-Yard of F. Nothwang, at the upper cad of. the
Altoona Yard, we are prepared to fnruish tho public with
a good article of Bituminous Coal, cither at the Yard or
at their residences—os may be desired. gA. Terms Cash.
Call on F. Nothwang. JAS. M COOPER A CO.
July U, ISCI.-tt
E STRAY COW.—Strayed away from
the residence of tho subscriber, in Altoona, on the
11th ult., a middling sized Dark Brindlo COW, about five
years old, with a white stripe across her forehead, well
shaped horns, end of tail white, also mark of cut on tail
for wolf disease.
A suitable reward will bo paid for tho delivery of tho
Cow, or for information where site may be found.
July 11, >B6l~St PHILIP UALTON.
STORE FOR SALE.—The subscriber,
desirous of going out of business on account of fail
ing health, offers for sale, at a bargain, tho entire stock of
goods in his Store-Room, on tin* corner of Branch and
Annie streets, East Altoona, together with a lease of the
Store-Room for a terra of from one to ten years, af may bo
desired. Tho location is one of tho best in the town, and
tho stock of goods flrst-clas*. They will be sold by tho lot.
or at Philadelphia cost prices—carriage off. Cal! Immedi
ately, or apply by letter to J. E. ICKES,
Altoona, July 11, 1t>61.-3t.
List of letters remaining
ia the Altoona Post Office, July 0, IStil,
Ambrose, Chas Jones, Chas H
Amhisor, Q W 3 Jenkins, Isaac 2
Anguish, Jacob Johnston, Catharine
Ackers, R A Jeffery, Key C
Ahisbaugb, M E Jettemy. Mary B
Ball, Charles Kelly, John
Boodey, J W Klotz, Leah
Bailies, Fannie S Lyons, James
Bush, A Lcymon, A J
Beiard, Ann I<cidy, John
BottofT, Emily Miller, Frederick
Bottoff, J G Moore, John
Barnes, £ W Moore, Elizabeth J
Baly, Jane Miller, B J F
Bollinger, O O Miller, John
Bollinger, George Moore, James
Cupper, John McDonald. Jack C E
Colobino, James McConnell, Elizabeth
Cares. N V McAlcrouers, Mathew
Cox, S M Mcßlaiu, Jno
Crolo, Margaret Ott, Conrad
Creighton, Mary M Qtt, Catharine
Dalton, Dr C F Phillips, Chaplain
Daria, Mrs Elisa Jane Phissysk, John
Darts, Vincnt 2 Randolph, John
Eaton, Miss Kato 2 Ileojk, Wm
Eberlo, Alexander Swlers, James
Elliott. John Banders, John
Footer, Juba Shaw, Margaret
Klaugh, Miss Josephine Slmrpless, J M
Gardner. Wm Smatt, A
Giles, Edward Smith, Thomas
Gallagher, Michael Smith, Annie Bell
Orihapi, Eliza Smith, Miss Annie
Greenwood, John 2 Schmidt, Lewis
Goldsmith, Moyer 3 Earner, B II
Ooodwio, Charles £ Updik^Sinma
Galbraith, San\h A Wagoner, Miss Jennie R
Hart man, Abraham Wagoner, Mias ]>ate
Hcnsbey, M Wilkox, Jacob R
Hips, Miss F Warren, Lewis A
Ilayotton, Doyle P Wolfi Rev OTB
Heacbcoat, George Wakefield, Geo M
Henderson, Mary Wertz, Tobias U
Herell, Mr Williams, J
Haky, Susan, 09
Persons calling for letters on this list will please say
“ advertised."
July 11.-11 G. W. PATTON, P. M.
TS precisely what its name indicates, for while pleasant to
the taste, it is revivifying, exhilarating and strength*
cuing to the. vital powers. It also revivifies,reinstates and
renews tho blood in all its original purity, and thus re*
store* and renders the system invulnerable to attacks of
disease. It is the only preparation ever offered to tho
world in a popular form so os to be within tho reach of all.
So chemically and skillfully combined os to be the most
powerful tonic, and yet so perfectly adapted so as io act in
perfect accordance to ith the laws of nature , and hence soothe
the weakest stomach and tone up the digestive organs, and
allay all nervous and oilier irritation. It Is also perfectly
exhilarating In Its effects, and yet it is never followed by
lassitude or depression of spirits. It is composed entirely
of those thoroughly combining powerful
tonic and soothing properties, and consequently can never
Ipjme. As a wore preventive add cure of ~
Consumption, Bronchitis, Indigestion, Dvspemi.v Loss
o# Appxttt*, Faintness, Nervous Irritability,
Neuralgia* Palpitation op the Heart,
Melancholy, Night Sweats, Lan
guor, Giddiness, and all that
Also, Liver Derangements or Torpidity, and Liver Com
plaints, Diseases of the Kidney, or soy general derange
ment of the Urinary organs.
It will not only cure the debility following CHILLS and
FEVER, but prevent all attacks arising from Miasmatic
influences, and euro tho diseases at once, if already attacked.
Travelers should have a.bottle with them, as It will in
fallibly prevent any deleterious consequences following
upon change of climate and water. '
As It prevents costivonews, strengthens the digestive or
gans, it should be in the bands of all persons of sedentary
Ladies not accustomed to much out-door exercise should
always use it.
Mothers should use it, for it is a perfect relief, taken a
month or two before tho final trial, sho will pass tho
dreadful period with perfect ease and safety.
There is no mistake about it.
And to you wo appeal, to detect the illness or decline
not only of your daughter* before it be too late, but also
yonr sous and husbands, for while the former from false
delicacy, often go down to a premature grave, rather than
let their condition bo known in time, the latter arc often
so mixed up with the excitement ef business, that if it
were not for you,Jhcy too, wAultl travel in the same down
ward path until It is too late to arrest their fatal fall. But
the mother is always vigilant, and to you wo confidently
appeal; for we are sore your never-filling affection will
uherringly point vou to PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE
which should always be on hand in time of need.
0. J. WOOD, Proprietor, 444 Broadway, New York, and’
114 Market’Street, St. Louis. Price $1 per bottle.
For sale in Altoona by A. ROUSH, Agent, and all good*
Druggist. [June 27, IWI.-lyoow
CELEBRATED for Us medicinal and
' beneficial qualities as a genuine Stimulant, Tonic,
Dinretic and Sudorific, highly esteemed by eminent physi
cians, and some of the first families In Europe and America.
is not a mixture or manufactured article, but is pur?, from
epltivated Portugal Elder, recommended by Chemists and
Physicians ss possessing medical properties superior to any
other wines in use, and an excellent article for all weak and
debilitated persons, and tho aged and infirm, improringthe
appetite, and benefltting ladies and children.
becanie it wilt not intoxicate as other wines, as it contains
no mixture of spirits or other liquors, and is admired for
its rich peculiar flavor and nutritive properties, imparting
a healthy tone to the digestive organs, and a blooming, soft
and healthy sUn and complexion.
None genuine unless the signature of
ALFRED SPEER, Passaic, N. J.
iaover the cork of each bottle.
, A. SPEER, Proprietor,
Office SOS Broadway, New York.
■a-For sale'by A. ROUSH, Altoona: GEO. W. PATTER
SON and OEO. A. JACOBS, Hollidaysburg; ami by W.
NOWLIN 4 CO, Tyrone. [jsSMy
Has just returned from
New York city witfr n BenatUU assortment of
' eooiUtlng to jwrt of
IM De. He, Japanese,
Dthha Strips, ' De Ckexeer,
Crape DtStge, ■ ■ Lomu, AStts, etc,
a beautiful article, cheap and fashionable,
A Urge assortment of the prettiest PRINTS ever brought
to the town, so acknowledged by competent Judge*.
Ladies’ Trimmings in endless variety.
He coll* special attention to his beautiful assortment of
which is acknowledged to be the most complete of any in
the town, and sold at prices defying competition. • Iron
S tone sets for s4Jo—Tea Sets for. $3,00. ‘
directly from NewTork, and bought from first {lands,
OIL CLOTHS front 1 to 2-yards tcide.
His stack of
1. complete in every respect, snd will so sold at as low «
figure as any-house this Side of the city,
at lower prices than they can be had .elsewhere. Good
Carriages for $4.00 and $4.50, and Spring Carriages for
$5.00, just ns good as heretofore for $B.OO.
Wooden and'Willow Ware
in almost every variety, together with all tho outfit of a
first class store. (May 9,1861-lf
McCormick’s Store, in East Altoona !
and complete assortment of Spring and Summer
Goods, consisting of British, French aha American Dry
Goods, selected with great care to suit this region of coun
try. In tho line of Ladies Dress Goods for quality and
price, they will surpass. v
Mantillas, Dusters, Shawls, White Goods, Em
broideries, Irish .Linens, Linen Handker
chiefs, Hoopskirts, Clothes', Cas
ting ret, Kentucky Jeans, Vrints,
Ginghams, Muslins, Flan
nels, Etc., Etc.
Boots & Shoes In all their various make and material for
Men A Boys’ us well as Ladies, Misses and Children.
Beady Hade Clothing,
a full assortment to suit the season, with Hats, Capa, Um
brellas, Parasols, Carpets, Oil Cloths, MattiOß, Urooma,
Buckets, Tubs, Tin Ware. Quecusware, Hard Ware, Stone
Ware,'Market Baskets, Zink Rubbers, Brushes, Clothes
Lines, Ac., with all articles necessary to make up a full as*
sorlinent to moot the wants of the people.
ALSO, a complete
which will have odr special attention, first in buying and
selecting the best, and farthest as well ns keeping
it up at all times. Coffees of the very host and richest
T E A. s,
Black and Green of the beat qualify and flavor. Sugars
good and cheap? common Brown at: 6, good at 8 cents,
common white 10 dents. ■ -
Syrupi and Bating Molautt,
from tho boat Lovoring* at C2U, to tho lowest gnxlo at 40
cents. Cornstarch, Dryed Peaches, Dryed Apiilia. Karrcna,
Bacon, Dryed Beef, Mackarel, Herring, Lake rfah k Dry
Pish, Window Glass, different sizes, 4c., *ll of which will
bo sold very low for cash, or exchanged for Produce.
Always on hand. Spoor 4 Halls celebrated Iron. Plows.
Persona visiting town would do well before making
their selections to Call and examine one stock, as we ■will
be pleased to seo them free of charge, Very thankful for
past favors, we respectfully solicit a Continuance of pub
lic patronage.
Altoona, April ISth, ISOI-tt
Cheap! Cheaper!! Cheapest!!!
Huzza for north vward.-^
Tho undersigned would respectfully inform tho
ctfcizoQfl ofAltooua; and tho surrounding country that ho
has rcutedth© atom room formerly occupied by Jacob
Burkhart, on Virginia street, near A. McCormick’s store',
where he is about Opening a
Grocery y Plour, Peed and Provision
lie has just returned from the East where be has been
selecting his groceries with great caro and buying exclu
sively fur cash, which enables him to sell os low, If not a
little lower, than any house in the place. lie would
therefore say to all rho wish a good article of groceries,
and at a low figure, to call and examine his stock before
purchasing elsewhere.
His stock consists of
Hats and Caps, J ten and Women's Shoei t yuiom
kinds ,
Extra Family Flour, Superfine, Com Meal, Rye
and Com Chop.
Extra Loveriug Syrup Mulassce, 00 cent, per ml.
Gulden •* •» 45 »« « •>
Pennsylvania 44 44 55 44 . 44 44
Baking •* 37U *« 44
White Crush Sugar it * 4 44 lb.
White « 10 44 44 44
Refined 44 10. M 44 , 44
Best Brown 44 8: “ 44 44
Cuba 44 :7- 44 44 •»
UioCoffeq 15 to IS 44 44 44
Best Imperial Teas 90 44 44 44
2nd quality “ 75 a «« u •
Black 44 60 « 44 “
Rosin and Castile Sdip. Raisins, Figs, Almonds, Fil
berts, English Walnuts, Cream Nuts, Mackerel, Herring,
Lake Trout, Dairy Salt, Cheese, and everything that la
necessarily kept fti a good family grocery*
April 4, ’6l-tf.J J. A. SPRANKLE.
JESSE SMITH, Proprietor.
All the latest styles of,
lIATS qn4 CAPS constantly on hand. It la the
determination of the proprietor o f this Emporium to keep
up with the time# and fashions, and to do ibis huspares
no expense. He bos Just received his supply
among which Will be found styles and
ties to suit the tastes of old or youngs
or fashionable. ' -
To give the names, colors, qualities oind otyles of all his
goods in this line, would only oonfttso the reader, and be
would not then understand or appreciate the diversity and
magnitude of bis Stock. It must ho seen to b* believed.-*
Go and see J£sse If you want to see a ttvo hatter and a
fhchionnble stock. ■»
He has also a fine assortment of CHILDREN’S HATS
andFLATS, to which ho invites the attention of solicitous
mothers. At his Store they will find something which will
excel dll their neighbors in the war of Bullion and beauty.
Go, mckjiers, and examine and select from Josse Smithrs
stock. -
Store on-Virjinfa Street , opposite the Lutheran Church.
May 9,1861.
DR. CALDERWGOD. offers bis Pro
fessional Services to tho citizens of Altoona and
vicinity. Office on Virginia turret, nearly opposite C. J.
Mann’s Store.
J. B. Lena*. H. D., Huntingdon.'
Jtio. McCtftinOß, M. D, “
11. T. Cornr, “ Pittsburg!;.
Rev. J. D-Ceist, Birmingham.
Rot. Thomas Stxvxxbos, Tyrone City.
Jacob Bcioit, “
C. Germ, “
W. BcEtxr, “
M. H. Jollt, “
Altoona, May Oth, 1801-Cm
' TRIMMING Rtore, on Virginia street, Altoona,op
poeito J. B. HUeman'e store. The subscriberhating pur
chased with great care, an entire new stock of Ladies
dross goods, and Trimmings; also a large assortment of
Bonnets and Ribbons, Fine French Work, Collars and Un
dersloeres in sets; Glares, Mitts, naslery.Skirts, ic., all of
the latest stiles, and In great rarietiea, are now open for
the examination, pf the ladies; all of which will be sold at
the lowest cash prices. Ladies desiring goods of theabore
named should out on the undersigned and suit tbetaselvoO
before purchasing elsewhere.
Altoona, April 25,18614 m. -
signed would reopectf&lly inform the clifsehs of Al
toona and vicinity that ho Is prepared to put In
of an j length, at abort notice, and onreasonable terms.
Haring nod long experience ia thebufiiness.beVarranta
all bis work to giro aotUfeotion. v
Persons desiring work dono can lepre their orders with
Ssqaire McClelland, or call upon the tuheerCtar at his roe*
Idenco on £mnutstreot,_a few doom Item the Methodist
Altoona, March 81 v IB6l-3m : • • ■ ■»
for sale. Apply to JOIHC BKOEMAS2R.
- . At the Post Office.
By the use of these Pitta the periodic attacks of Skrron
or tick Headache may be prevented; ami if taken at the
commencement of an attack' tamed lata relief from pain
and sickness will be obtained.
They seldom fall in remoTiog Xko Skueca tad J7«k laete
to which females arc so snhfect.
They act gentlyupon the bowels, —removing Cbsfr'eeiiesi.
For Literary ifen, Belleato Females, and «U
peraona of sedentary habUt, they are valuable as a ttwati’w,
improving the appetite, giving tone to the diges
tive organs, and restoringtho natara] elasticity andstrength
of the whole system.
The CEPHALIC PILLS art the result of long iaveatigs
tloh and carefftlly conducted experiments, having been in
use many years, daring which time they have prevent*!
and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from
Headache, whether originating in the nervous system or
from a deranged state of the stomach.
They are entirely vegetable in their composition, amt
nt»y bo taken at all times with pefcct safety without
making-any change of diret, and Ou ahtenct qf any di*u
gntaUtUuU render* it easy to administer them to children.
The genuine have Are signatures of Ik-tury C. Spalding on
each Box.
Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medicines, •
A Box will be sent by mail prepared on receipt of the
AU orders should bo addressed to
Nov. 15, ’00.-ly.j 4S Cedar Street Now York
Cephalic Pills,
As these Testimonials were unsolicited by Mr. Spuding,
they afford unquestionable vronfof the efficacy qf
this indy scrffitijic discovery.
Mxsoxville, Coxa., Feb. 5,1801
Mb. Spudxnq.
I Imre tried your Cephalic Pills. ami I like them so well
that'l waut yon to send me two dollars worth more.
Part of these arc for the neighbors, to whom X gavc a
low* out of the first box I pot from you.
Send tho Pills by mail, and oblige
Voar obedient Servant,
llavebpoxb, Pa., Feb. O,ISCI.
31b. Spaihing,
I wish you to send me one more your Cephalic
Pills, / have received a threat ileal of benefit front them.
Yours, Respectfully,
Spruce Cbcbs, Uusnsanos Co., Pa., Jan. 18,1801.
1 Sib;
You will plcoso send mo two boxes of your CepliiHc
Pills;. Send them immediately.
Rcspecthilly yours,
P. S.— l have used of your JVU, and And them
Urn* Vkikcw, Omo, Jan. 1,% 1861.
Il.ixar C. Spalding, Rmj.
Please find Inclosed twenty-five cents, for which send ms
another box of your Cephalic Pilla. Thty art truly the
btst PUU J ever tried. Direct
Bello Vernon, Wyandott Co., O.
BcTB&Lr, Mass, bee. 11,1861,
11. C. Esq,
I wi*h for some circulars or largo show bills, to bring
your Onhalic Villa more pohicularly before my cunto
mcra. If you bore anything of tho kind, please send to
One of my customer*, who U subject to ecTcfe Sick
Headache, (usually lasting two Jays,) t vat cured of an at
tack in one Aour tjfiyour nils, which I sent her.
Respectfully yours,
i'c-isma Co., Ohio, Jan. 0,1861.
No. 48 Cedar at., N. Y.
Dsau Sm:
nebbed find twenty-five cent", (25.) for which send ono
■c (ft ** Ophallc Pilf*.” Send to address of Rev. TVin, C.
sitter* RpysoUsburg. Franklin Cou, Ohio.
Tour JVOs work litx a fiAarw—care Ucadacht almost m*
Truly yours.
Ypsiujoi, Uico, Jan. U, 1861.
Hm. Spau>l!w.
Not Ion; since I sent to you for a bos of Cephalic Pills
for tho cure of the Nervous Headache and Costivenesik and
received tho same, and they had to good an effect lhai I tout
induced to said/or more.
Please send by return mall. Direct to
TpalUqtl, Mkh.
From the Examiner, XorfoUc, Va.
Cephalic Pills occompUkb the object for’which the. were
mode, Tte.: Coro ofheadache lo all Its torus.
From the Examiner, Xor/oik, Va.
They bare been tested ia more than a thousand coses,
with entire success.. ■ - -WQI;
From at Democrat, St. Cloud, jcnn.
If you are,'or bare been troubled with the headache,
send for a box, (Cephalic Pills,) so that jod nttfati
them Incase of an attack.
From the AdverUxer, Providence, 72. 1. •
The Cephalic Pills arc said to bo a remarkably effect ire
remedy for tho headache, and ono of the Very host \lbr that
Tenf frequent complaint which has error been discovered.
\ From the WeitemS. X. Gazette, Chicago, XL
Cn<l o "o Mr- Sraldin & «K> his unrivalled
tVom the Kanawha Valley Star, Eanawka, Va.
We *re_Bnre that persons suffering with the headache,
who try them, will stick to them. ’
Pnm Uic-JoulAcm JR Uht\ndir, JVew Orttmt, Za,
Try them! yon that arc afflicted, and ire am tore that
yonr testimony can ho added to tho already namarona Hat
that has received hoaeflts that no other medicine can pro
duce. ...
*3. A single'bottle of SPALDINGS PREP ABED GLUE
- will sere ton ttniee Ha coat ann«aUy.*BS , -
Sava thb men! •n;/'”
«-“ A Sntcs w Ttm Sara* Nna?Ver
Aa accfatenta wiU happen, even- ih well regelated fcm 1-
1 le«, it Is Tory desirably to have some fflMeto cenve
nient way for repairing PnrnHnrO) Toys, Crockery, Ac.
meets all such emergencies, and no hoheotmtodko aiford to
be withont ft. IHeidways ready, and"hgMf W fiaijiSg
Pbtat ' IN EVERT lIOtTHI w ’
S, B.—A BiraiA itcMmpaniee each Bottle. : Prko gg cfo
As certain unprincipled persons are attempting to palm
off on the nnsnspeeting pnnHc, HnitatllmwaraitorUtPA
TTTTTt GTTTP T TrnnW rinttnn etl liliwwihi i SnnrffiftYisiriil ir
purchasing, and eee that the (tail naWtc .-■
■lsjjU SPALDING’S P®TOAlti|!i '
wrapper; in” other ato;a^tts^Hg(rfePC-
WM. 0. lULEK.