The Altoona tribune. (Altoona, Pa.) 1856-19??, June 06, 1861, Image 2

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IT CT***" 4 * XU*-W*WUe . Corr*ptm*ne ( Uttem tit fouloum rf tat Bar ■ ~ f __ I _____ have sot oxer 500 sick hack to WiadieUter. oftte rebel* were wounded, wtOc
«/ w /«4m XHifiritf octf LilillOM HAIPIiJ rXIST. mv wisiiT\TTAV A* preTft3i#| iswie beicg a»&poz :*ad tic «9»«UCMt of the Adt
*. r ** .M*mceo&, I€tl VjISHISSTOS; JcaeS*-—A reliable g«a-1 ' «u was k fry tfcei3rf* *** **
Jo Sob. rr»q' Ttt¥tt ; tVriilrßt Tn4m nf toi - ! rman -*>»«» H f h M i..iitir»itHi«H WAsaurero*. Jan* I—Tte eSe»< t«pqn c-f About na«» aide. memo «tok?y « jt»i»*o?sßgfc ft ,*
• Am » y• « TV.fuf ; ■ »® r , , ~. n 7* ; , • . t the i&ir &i Aqat* creek testenbj ivniu&u imr S&esatfdilevqy mI tlie ITsm sea n Ua* ? y dMCAre it 4tt] t* % 7$
rtalfcef dte£&a th* eoad»ct of «kra»t»l oiEcers m »od ryUad are aaxfea* tfart the 3U*yUsi*te-1 «ig*L TSiherSte cka% *
infJudcre uMvroaehhte,Ae un&wtozned mem- M . {*|ac«i bcre T re ss Hkkh Ferry efficient, ami deuOa, witt cMUcalarwy A* con- iccists who sre Wili going iato Virghto* iStUawl Cal** Gsafe wSriHar?
within twenty-foar hours. Hera u-;i«. The enemy s batteries xifci the range cnly return to be punished as trainer* | company Arm CW Spring. TU Ca;- ,• ;
'j-r ~t — wits formed th*t Jeff,-Davis. Besttrecird, and «f Aegaaacf Aestexawrei were aßeaedd. bataT Tae general balmf» teat Hsrper'i Ferny will j pan? from Sharpstmcg is oofsn way an tc b-
iaraC entire cm£M» in toot Wiedail trad Wb at Fan* with- « * Jis£A2c « from lit shore be tv senate d. Tit trtops are Bdcst >n with «at « tw»tM plni'
sa r, ,f."ES' .^s^l“*;■¥;»T*» s*. vk *?•**» „ *«.__ t „ ! - ui
lawn bUMltet>nd£?£ »to» lnfeaJ. fal toMgtri >:I te>n MU 4usW .' L tlemi=D Eraaa IDS E.ib3Tt S»*oa, ywai
oat resrect tc partr. y* rTOtaaaggggal fcaad leag sisee: waed»oe t& gebet*. 4< that the iaateu, of ege ■e^jia > -
lo tkas to-be a wW- beea esublkae-c, be soxs«T “- r^t OTtr V **** kave been coareTing news of :be Ualaa aot-e- : A 'Cara to the Tiifffn.
liexe we express tise general wish of ti* dtaeas .lLe;troop« art Lb tc-arir saticiDAtioa of aa ' - - ~ . . . a«abi os liu s.Jf of ibt .:=e cxer ; PllXs aos nx 4L^
: ofthelrjsrici, cf «3i jMnks. jU e T'Ei-n * were eTecss * :! :is ‘ “? •*« 3 .°? 5 »-«« •*»*- Pf* 15 * *»>»«•«
A- r: ’ —*.ua jt L J.a ««.• t a wbb!i she a fi«»eae«r kst* b«3 iai*J by tbt GBio&issa; eceobr»«d by- - - ■!
; **2* • fcj.pnshftasire of approasaea Jiwb uifftrent. withis-argh: if tfce «e*k Uas.sfwroooo, and the t!»* c«?f:K of s s:r«/ Ueca ifi-» L. - - a <>-« 1 .*»«*
« ' T |-mi ’ ■■■ 'iaArters, aad' if‘ths road to Mamssss * JfcstiMi/ •»* »a <a»fy<B.Mi.>t&ea geiug &a. . tie V««a:=«a* Secwsicajits M^*-'
■ , A-i.fSMK». I, ; Jwtsaoa shoaM' h& askoa feora tLeir CPU- . . "'P? m r Q !i~n' i tj the i-tTeair. laad to matsw, The fT«t«a ■ " !T^
_-=-!■?!.. i ' 1 ■ uol, thev-wonM.-jf »** *««*wg *•« «• onr«s»|rt wit! be«ffww«}iy |fok« «»iaa»t ■; **
;tS2» fv ■ I : ThVooppiycf thettoops *«
UST-. SkSSST* or three , ; FIIOM : V i
■irnmmtU. wW •!<-’j ( --i l ,‘-ei y--m*ad /.s. Hast . I . d»ys there was ibdadasce. btit the ctaer ■ Sa*hzsotox June i.— The fcJawaig aeecoEt . _• ■ ■ „ ™ , L -
Boss hour,. tbe C-. a **| jtb. H 1 6 -’ s - w -
t-c jriTates-wcre_desert:s;- ? . ao-i a feeiln.z . , ; - f. r .*» »x. a pn»*t*.
xrr ■.«. t, cr {rjfeabfe csffeit diSa-jeLsd the ardor t t~cs:t.« ai-a l4eut*6<-ii:B<Ti--6 >«w OrkiW »ita * c«g9 o£ eoffe* valaeg^t
if i*". ' . tte ? * ; B=.i i:rr c; - e S<« tert f:fu re' SS"'- 60 ? Sh« wbs sett to Ktj West J
.* Xvr ■■• It 25 the C-tslbicb of S-jai« of oar exrer- ’ f'®***’ Qu-xrf«Tß*eter Fe»Hno. Qear -br J.jw Or-e*c» are
_.w w rif iat. „.,■•;••■.a; t. r ; ters...-;‘.r C’.re» «c<i Aujanc-t- Frsok. r«- r -‘ s ?' e =- ; »3 *<se <tsspa». *f is* ft«* r^gtoes
iLa.i.aji. i T? V-- -r-JS e.h t - Sj;!V e fcanfln-i yanii of f»ir- . ea bosri the . re««b Uicta by pri
c=cttt Eii] ■ ' ■• ■ |.»ul evacuate Harris F.rrj fas n /»ve«. i>» u.eft-rocbesuirr»«i «ae«i J
i-S-Kua : ' OE It e approach cf tbe Fe-.vr?ai t.-h-or-t: l-ut ■ <hc; i.:;. eresi by t»o cf a pichf -. ri Tie I‘u.jyuHf, of tfc? 2 at. da-ya th»t »he siipj
' the Terr faehsd; their rehr.- v. b-ifiVc’i-C-* Out r •-- ?a<T t,--k prisefeer bbo ' tbe“otli-r Br*«xn «sj from Rreragn. Bad itSic
C.t . i will 1 *- <■♦'-- e -' J - ; f-'-uru firei s.t. • Tie ibtt • fesmer G Mitseo-e, froai Haeßav fjaxe
' ■' * ' •■-----” ' " " ' : ’•-' free the oenb si -it. •?.**.“ »W»y Jrvia P«* l’Uo»e hr «i. e
• ■ '! _ • B=i w. £r=d ca-froa tite ITtroa Itotet farmerlj ■ #si,Wli st< J« r . ■••• ]
7.H.Cuhci, • - C^ S A -*? City.— kept bv J a ._ = i wfc* Bordered E;‘s- TLe <leaßl « r P-i*b»t4a Mptarr-r the.Mhry
! XOJrtJ-SIX fan resrtsects. S SumW of bat- Wi.r« It* cti firiog «o i*>em w»« *c»'»of.v Cjt '- <;a ' itim to Xce Otlesos.? ts
• teh.jlto asd coaipasier. • aal five srtiikrr ibit -irwa r;.c tsea c.h*r-ed tbr.Ezfa p “ f :. 6s B-falt. Of ,
Sioi»l-Kpt. i corps, indepecdcEf <-■£ the srtiherv f -'- tlc prtLiEft; street of the sulage. acd sere r ' : j!' t ‘ : ; , 1 (i. ‘ . \Tj r Vplnfc»ij*« flsnhAnn
to •!»«* ■!» ISth a« of Ar.,li. U^JG^.VSi’ISUS, 4 , T ” W««r <«iJ r V- r ,■ S
lfax llth 1661 ti:e ciottecf regi-eDL tfce «sih rimrged bae.-. aid were tfceo met ox two «=- u:l “I* of tae If t3&™
lo the messfeera trf the Bur if Hahstagtbnl ■ C-.-load Cake. Of there ftoerahte deuehtoeßts «tti> atleid piece. Turn- |f°.:? s . !f,’* ’ »S. TEipSars CiSKSStisiiWto;.
BUirnnd Camhrtacountiee: about 22,900 ore is the hslzzcc. ■ ’:°« ;c t- 7 e ?; thr>.zh a thtrl dt-v-.mtat r ' Ulte a FF re^« ' 3 * a t%« wj. caswa^i^tol'
Coaiweiir—Jior eaaa&ckatioi: itcc-.I :* 20/Jf.r ajre lo sad suburbs. |r »»» lcix « .itate tairajstE s- se C -- e -- a-t Fr»nk4r- ; CA\xncf^e«MiCb«^ i~.
«> »«?* ««®f owing to the sad a: tfce Selav F-a-
Citraect since pervading the coaatrx, up-.s 1 A - S£ f-p _ Tr : o,__,-_ r to.'.;’-,-T fcT-V"''-?- .I*' '* - t T* h’wtiins; end Stole'ad-ireM** “ ‘“ i f & DI V V£iP£j.ihs CeJiKßitiSE i. w teh.-*,:!.,
snyect Tas44T more miereatms to hb al3 ~ ■-~ -*■ '*-• •-•♦-- • - —' *= '• - * •■- T . - . ■ «■»«;*: - * ->
reaaised to the present Uae. ssaaswecoL To -~g, tae grij of aaj, a carsbrr o> tr : . A i i: f; ait •daitterp.stsur Cir»;-- ;.: : -= c:! _“,’fc“jj J?** k-f »4 TEL?i:4r ' 5 CiSSBEB* wW-'»sii- -
toe teijeest ceauiaed ia it, I m rep.j «f ooee t£> - io tae Slxtj-oiatL left Fort Cor- :’ v> * 1 "I* *'‘}' L s “'‘ vr «« : , f - ’rt' u • -r, .-“ d-ij-. »fc*. Üb*e«. er Stiacses.. swa*Sa» fees sewslk"'
Md.fraokij.'thßt, eiace ir ' coran to briniia their They eSLted. smes sa.t naJ-r “* d y- ‘ -
f i!rf faWe' ■ ■
lbe Cii?^n lv t“h fawM -sd 3 aetauhiaee: sett out. who
*-*• B-*ect.-o, of na scr 7oiai»te=t3. era waaEg to b* a fcr rh-eitotioc io x«3aac<l ana captures tve uen. nca o ae«erg;r .-.r- , ihe . r varr.j{ is *3/ .rme-i it--- si/fx-j ’ sairr- l;«u: v-tti *ui kaep r^is
here beet ia the tewsfijers- r .=ow Uid _ _,f ; ; were broaght it and haad&i csfe to' - ' reek this j.-;ru;ag ty *t*Cs»o Trfca- ! 'N= Is' S» sOhßter 5* ,".
xeSccuog .xtry hanplr upca.O* ofiheersio «c- ■ “ *«- »y. xiews acsjdeswe ii' er *i jlaßsfitli. / c svc:. : sear EibSsnd, tro nties frrm the KS-a- t= »2sis tb.-tata*rapes*sfastifa•«.;.
They « yiftia. in.mscx ettser, - ! «OK F? C f* ’
byAC,tiiets to 4 _ea fnecds, wt destgaea'to be , s*a..fficat._ia waicc i neartiiy p*rucip»«s, tiiat IIAjGZfcSTOW3. '‘Juae & —K- r V‘? et-matt:.- ei s= e - t ret 'c---acacar t>' ‘ eshu jeriotfc*. iJ. »CEEttl Ip
pohlttbed, btu Jasded to the papers by the re a uuttge- sicaw _ &cs be » last , U: ;-ua Ti-.~^ r 'x F--v ' -i :-0 a u.-.- o -star- u . sus;e * ~t . i r s that w“V ‘a;.^-ie ; *3MaPL-r hir
eijoeota. Editor, sbenid know that by their there fcx-Woo cfcltj ten t.w:ce tost .rngta Union mean** ;«* prirstely io Settee Tor «Cs ia SHajca.»»Q. W. ZESSLZS
pabtortwo .era.os damage may fc» dons/both :I; U grsUng to oar iw'rf iiteraliv. The cutober ttry. wh;-h bsl beta
to the Center ood to the serrice. officer : one waose office it is to administer justice with . 'pat down, from half a dc-xeo ,s>. j day prexi.-.u-. h.i, ?* 4 se_.i_.e_i , bf to- ..-=vus s .j_-
refemd to !*s no persoasi rtaaoi for the sag- L^T^ 1 Ut ’ r ? w ! f* I * s * . 12.'->'-0. bn: the cr.rrtr’-cndcet ‘b~ 3ss « a r = ie ‘=- ■ ‘ later U etsnnwt at -\ashviiie. i.d DTiTEPSU
gestioe. 03 nil the tetters his comaiaad ia- ~ ?*!'• 5' ' '® S .’ ,? e * ceiial M--f ;“*« 4 s *'‘ tn be sb..nt 9.UOC. \ <s. •at--.- • -tr ng there bat least o0.»0 aaesnalaxei negrhesf in ' KEEVOCST DEBILITV
of to hint! Ihe news to dap cnnSm-s'tLe tepk T ..- f .. . f
Bod iriß offiaert: ;to wane extent, pablk eiafiaenee ia is* cnd«. bridges at Harper's Ferrj and .-fixe abets, when the th^ T c .
"I wish yon wcaid chli the attention of the ; l =“pecdeace and iasparfciiijy as a Judge. I;; pardstown hare been u.i&^.. and- lhai ; K catiet tb * cstfiict, toiiaz a oc-si- • m ~d )T e F. i.'..~“ B ii-"_, f. ,h_ _'f‘ l i ; . . . tyftSTlFAuy^
paper, to the letters from prixaieg, prsisiae : sneoanee tajself. therefore, in with!: trains of ennpowder are laid from the 1 * i6 S nearer ** . : Pebn-xix*n*a t» Mob’>-af of ; ?T i,c *f?f ,L . "* ,r *‘ A '
ofieenic. It I. «rictly forbidden by the armx * ue reqaest contaiaed ia jour letter before me,l niidd 1 * r*er- in w-x->r r>x : f c For tfce diet two boats the gre from tee shcre , c»»i us H 0-ux uo- M : s : ster 1, Pn«<i |af *vtahiii»a-a*|.»»rtak«»ißa,
regoiotioas, sad is a caase of pnaUbmeat by i ' a - » caipi’i&te for the office of President Judge f: J Wlth . b^s « «»7 brisk, fcci w« retutaei ; :b ri«a/^Sot^^
chart martial for any officer cr orixii» to write ; '* l “ e District- ■' with- -“= * u -_-tataed. -re exf-ej.tica bj the Darrag the : D „ ..,. j, i J ~*-*tods —sosacd* to ma wotiasalT trvv -m
orpoblisl. id any prying, or i ou ! P**" , ; f ii *L^ ritcr , sew| eleven deserters; she trei car handxei cad -xty | marked It i, SS? 4 -'" “ '
b.atnag. erdiscars-jig the eo3ftict of anx dffirer 1 1 would be doing xtolence to my own feeiings. i from Harper s Ferry. thepheraste wd. and cce &f wtsca *» » ee: * “> nju-l* ’-a ; a brief hat dec-iixe term- He an the r*xt 1' v' * «“J -•-- ’
1 3 «». »»« “« «« propriety *of this j gentietaen. and great icjastice to you,-Jlartiasburg to-day. Thtty escaped across i - e3s f tei ? oxer th? heads ; ..f :t.e rebel, waowrre , led Swtt , cabe sabdaed,: bb; that Uto |et f ’Z? tZ ”
while the derxieecentinaes; after the term « i »«. Ito cicse wititJbi. diwet nod briaf re-i t h e last n? dit ; the fcxtterv tee ebserxer. .hr-erf-x . r ,. s ej to-atjegite toem b«.-imalr tHut ‘
OT*- Otohoffioer and prixate will be fairly trl«* ’ s P onse t 0 the requesti ecclalaeJ in your ;etter. i ,-_ ’f - .. 1 ' b . t .„. „. . i telescope, sxw a somber -o« the rebels-e-.rr>i .jcFa tbexebei-ii-t citizens' He indtcftN dartrtwas6c p»satsag obb* ti* oaa su,
li-|kpjßdp»«Jt,of,hi4 neiglibar* at home. But « » coiamunichtic'n from the Bai- of the j- i.ifrj' t.liaffi?port.;,la;oa • away inwscoas. Dorlag tbat t«& th* QJ - ; . . tt t £ a j nu^-.3 ef Eagiaad is ‘to stacd by 1 'Zl* XaLti^^ !t = i
sMrot article .on ia officer writuEo from the tltstnet;—a district the coarts of which I «eni) are awaiting tas advance of the ■ meat amoae :h;- was exeesomgiy trl-h the Union, ard inooreS whether sb. Mh affi4 : «¥.• «bf ww^ewetwaswifa-Cjaa
Simp and pobJUhedot home, and then nodrsed : b * T . e fc ' r «W years, and in Which, t Federal troops to enable them to return to V s * f™'-*™ tire «- BheUf ,a saeessua ;u ■ ta theUcited State*, or if she is so seca-e ■ thalkwot alulae m
to tjie camp, migbt da most Serious mischief and that time a xery large amonnt of jadiA*] their homes i. ; toe. cesca bsitenff pereepubiy domagms ;a* . %ilt , Bl _ re !ilit fcca , rexolotioo-and fi-- : *****
uyualice. I msSe these snggcstionTtotbe pa- i taxi! and cnminal, much: ,of it xery Th . . „ , . , ' „ , i w;rts, wascb -o*i at so the effect of gren.y : eJsa SB{ii ,:oa to »o Wa*raa» he towiiKirir : W«l-»if“«ieOwjtaA udwhsa.^-'
J*r* with mars freedom, the tet that'! s«P««aat, has. been transited d.siricf lbe ra>te i have destoiyed Dam »,*. O, : th, lire. . toe
Hxarethiag I haxe yet seen from the men is of ! noting, la xiewof the amount and chariu;to-r of wa t * :e Fotoaiac, eight miles above Will- The /V.-.-iorr. receive! two shots, one of Wbkc ■' s f | totnto qn&. fate* ttAtssna. Tim
feadest deacriplio’a: bot no mao eba toil hew': h«*m«9B «ad ÜBgitios. amoogst the ffirakt im- : iamsport. to-dav. to prevent the cocstrue- ' through the carls, damaging acme oftb. ; FIIOM CINCINNATI. ; are om« kgt to. asm .*«•* Fij«*u •
toon he may be compelled to give orders which ' Partin the State—a district, too,; ia-wbich. tion of boarbridees ■•<■« its breast for the C! i ocie: 7- but ant the xesseh except making a : Cixcissato, Hi,- 30 The Ohio mi Vlrx'm 5 * ! u 5" !«*• Btaw a*Ssa* ties ..
wiH be distastefah ” ; you will pardon me. gentlemen, for aayihg. it -passage of the Federal troops, and it i* 1 P^ge ta " ******* of 3b 6 ht cs =- i troop,, caier command c:C.i I «*»mshv.
- ' .hi. always, been my beUef, mthoot ela|amg exneccti they r‘l J f.t™ ii-.K. V,i / :f, “p e ’ . . . . . . ! Grafton at half past twu o’clock this sftora*'«*; 1 S?®* 1 ht» {;;.
'..■ •■■-■• HJ «»«.«»„-„« ; any ctedufor tt myself, esnaes are.sis carefally ex t ‘f'f Wi “ .'*. c y tlo y Nq.4, _1 ce /»■-’•_-«; rec-rcd e:gbt cr nine sfc-.s. ba: , t b e rebel* faaxi ng'fled an their approach wimiit ; ■ '
AN ENGAGEMENT. ! aalwell tried as in any other. It is not cbiy to ' “J 1 *® 8 to niget. ,au too t:ga to ma.c: maSb damage. One straci • , firitp * Btot> ' PF : # - To CoBSOXBBtITOS
tt- j remmomeatica_ from, the Bar of the; entire d:s-- : lbe C-besapeaks asrt Ohio’ Canal men are ; 'rf > TiK f .*“ sch 5 4 * tiereb f 2a ',l- Toe ladiswt Sixth Regiment, .icier Coisdel : »«aa«rfUr, atoms ireo nonat*
-The Pailyielptjli.'ahc'io.of Tuesday eseaiag, ; hai-oae signed by all the gentlemen efthe very iedighoat, aa«l large notabers of them . r *. u ff_, 7“/',“'J - ’ ; Criueciva. faliy' armed and eqsippeJ. armjtd j -wwike by* rety *wK*w4r.
apntmne aa acconnt of an engageneat on. Mob- ' - *“* eounttes corctcsirg ;:. of . wiil loin the Federal ibices. ' r “'*^ e here at five - this evening, and /passid; ’ w.h«mvn)«c/i*ecto3. and to*; i.
4sy lie Eederei troops of Fortress CnasaKssrso. i
if„ wo ; • .•*■ „ I*. , ... k* x ~2 ■ 1 , . / ;...-, -- : . .. * . * : ftht.ic li.ej ciiJ-iuaS* - . PtlS*?*?* tbrSKSSt of csre.. ;
aem-oe a_a 2 «-*i Great Be.tfceV. life; many cf them yoing g-ntlo- :pf tbs awry eoitectei fimpH** c.-amenced ;:*« naxe »e--a -.tra.-s. ; ; =„ n is t 0 he Gtofua. They ware 1 •>
stfie .milfs from Bamptoa, ca the Torkwwa '. f* 3 Bao «*»« « th« Bar since Ifc this morning at eight t&:ck. ia splendid crlor : -if*** t3 * “ isl ~ ciJ i c»»! ecthdsiaatic.-aiy grated. : thmaMdl&sc wim
road. Gen. Butler haring leanted that th« been apoa the bench, aadwhess^steadypr n.cas ;. ...3 5,-11;;-. arC earasce. -is the acaiof th-= "’ir* *V—v,.. .».•- , 1 Another Indiana regiment passed Oaytss Ukt ; *n*;.a«fci;tiwmmw wtoriidu,- wffiMa nr ccr-ic
»«toU wore forming «s : » atebe3 J ia ? P K “ S ! ?o'n M kfr tie'tltrp, was --a off ! 8;5 i! -8 ■ ’? ! *s»». j*tomto
u f, • «“ a'-M.whom * haxe enjoyed the m.-« j ! Lu -“r i -; -- -- «, •*t—--J 7 V7-': ' 1: : - i-' 1 “ - ' i Singer has been .ppoiateJ saner- the .--v.n»r t. sreSsg tt. ftrec»kte«i«-»t»i=it--
. mt.aate sna esree*bte iktercooKe id the diffe- ■ *ad impsang—tae .ci.meaa _cu-iriag, sea toe • V-.f-t' - . :.v . : i«es-iuot tor .ni.itarx lf' the ,toie- ; aCfetri, wSrfe- -eas*™ 2..
*AeiSa f - ! iuy*n:cz we ka-re met ailag- • ec»!d!ers re.spoa'l'Cg. -while the feeila-z of bo;c _ r_ k -V.’ , .. i -f”" "'V* 1 e ’ ; irlibin ihe of Ohio. U. j In-riUtiaW^*srf t»werr csStorer wm tr»
seat Cot. Duyyea’s ‘Zooafes Atd "Col, ; r ■ S P7 S E2C) a 2; urcc f cammftcdcrs ani trseps wis fall cf hope, { \ y ' S ~* [ TeT ? aj-'u-m kas fct.ea >ioT-sr-i fer tie | 4j,is it w£i cost tlitaE: sottlag, And m»» pr»r« a
-Albany regimen: Ao ottack i* . | la /*P r^ ir - 3 and irienU- age sod ■animation. • I “'iV* ,v-o -m-j - --—d- ! T ths y- b s ra P b for nii-jUry a|d i Pan.a wtitingteeprsterip&c wd!plaaac *O.-**.
»u ex*, cmo'c ’, x> j. % 1 * - . f~*P» ■ uad cadre expresstre tma tne • -Tlic c-hitsn exrecied alone; a-iias of six cuk?. - ? ,/?•_»,_ : *” # _, " *“** w ”* , »: tue k a;sp-tftl oj M*j*r AJcC.eliaa. aid • • Rsr: EPWAXD A-wn^v
fee ea_e tupe Col. 3«ied;i s regiment and a -angusge watch too have employed; to co&vey . The tre-ii-s screii this Mans .coasiatei • v*. | a nomber of pr .-mines! and .experienced ! : •- '■ ;Waitoridnr
dataciaaent cf the. Vermont and Msssochnsetts' ;t ’ ar? l w bk.h I h ive no werds twt;.V.y to .’ of a 0.-rtioa'c: rl;.e Second Brgiment cf Unite! „• < ". f-'t'V*- ?i W °'l Ma ure co-t-pirating with Mr. Stager, to rep-, j Ij. f SIo» Coas^,>‘*» tv
regiments moved forward from Kewpen Kerr f-'to’hf 1 !n9J , b * a*»«rcd, mre States Cuiverxy the First City Ty<.v,.pi of P=;ii i- *'‘iVis'.'.r.V_*.V.."t''-V-V«’-'' ; “ cf th -°taivitp->i.ble 1 efficirasy for t|e | .' ■—. ««».
.to wUk- «« fca. regi-• J ? A Card to the Suffering.
fiieata fttXiiUe B-eib&l. aboat h&lf-mtv &i>*e osi«e is th* un-i I «k A t: *_7_ -.u _*te.. C-f t .jI s P-i*- £*;■ *: i ><- t r_. w nu*iv may be ■■r-c:. i. i . o.-—T»a cOunca.Q3of troops. ; K * T - Wjn_Cohgrors, »1 ftJfiffa"i u u • torsi.::-
r'wem* » T* i_ r . V c find r^-,- wi.v I.t'. t ' *,, ■ * J PfMtre . &£>} tf.e fc:*tu, Twenry-isrit aaO'fw'ea-- lv . , . ..,h \-i l ‘
and Great BetbeL In the darkness, f* a -! :isri ?■ vciunti-tr. ;T«LIV»e . e B -m ei ‘ :s i censuring cf tbs Fifcrt v|- ‘
TO Z«ar«-Md Albsnyr regicittit,. whioh bad re=, X e 'j Co!. Ksgie C<A. ■ f t —r rj ;. ; u dl:, :t ,S -assi lbs other S y -? in tLe gr**s city of Jedd?. XkkiecQttfeu c^-
been some two milts apart, mistook i * - ab -ns eight gnc-'mouatrf. " r ’ , /° : e-;t-.ead,n v coastsiing of the India:.. -xkT. j cumbers *h» were reaferieg from Crer=rh"
-*?•** ““•"»•“■ »»: ■’uKilSi.Z,‘Si i. Mt= „„ „■k - i' ctetmaaomo, :
.Miunrewi iwng. cae oa the other- Forte- ; . I '" !Cb lam sessile, 0.-eencsetie to atght; or.el-evenmitou toi-“.m. sppuo ..-une S -Tr.e Fir-;t :-_:u. .* «*mp of dOO sirung® wte «!«»*«■:•
Uwy iid but >.lfUl« dfcmftge «r£ ih»y Oil* ■ ; - L ? r * e£Cl ;- c '- J > our 1 ffc:o Cc«ai&er?lur b -, Jir, X wiihic. ?i few a-ics --• un irr r >:. Tohe arrived at P:*s?>ppi. Virginia/ routed comp.eie'X I kotos wiik aw. »»3 •*» i:.
conawd their mistake. J office the Mutyiand line. Tse merm U-moxrsw *i . •: ;,- r v, This OikM elewn foil kf.'.-g firteeo. sod capturing a iafge .moSulf : *&*■ ■ Adta«
) ir».« 4W _ , . ■ pear to sc.ose,}cuinntUted he to iiagxrstowa. > -■- ■-’-jui.t- -t t.iii p.-nat arms, horses, arnmnnitiot- r!roxi« : ons add 1
tl« a .dx*a«d upon fireat Bethel. .Jon aresr.gbt, ho-exer. when yon ntoid to me,.; The mexement of the jemeiainw farce here is ’ , commander of the Doion camp eqsipage Tuc surprise was complete, and 1 . 1 ' .** **£££:> '
Xberegimeats formed and endeavored to take a i bedexe atfo in tne opinion expressed 6iat act known oositixeiv. [hot it is uiuierstoui »!> H»-n- Gu -.ris, of Vtii : i*ms»ort. arrived here to- .at toe ias: tdxicos. ths ITnii»i s* »*». •#«... u. t >■
of Ih. Storerionists. but I ■ ’will be oxiifcrt<l iictce to jCbc sotitb id a few Javn. d J. '■‘ui -nz* 'or.;* fcrTari naov?aie:it troops wertf id bot pursuit cf rbe rttileis. Probably- r 1 Tumi]* org»ni2ati-n u often, u **■■*:
- Ijto*fc«was futile, the three tmaQniieetof-sr- 1 imre te B the C nerforaaM^bf^awi t ; s*?- ur " ! ‘ Ciscissavi, June special dpspetch from lu i ’ rect! '' :l C-iptata Kemwdy rep-rts many prisoner* will he taken, i ‘ i | a (date* Sower, tlaax dtotoaiur to» sa.-rjp
fiOuf. bomber. Tfce rebel battery was so com- ~• J nt _. „ r _f, ; t >._ r„-„ ? r Thrts compaines of toe Fifteenth Ilegjinent. -*". 1 ~ ! “-j /• t-igsoas, an .an the j T>n,,,. Hx t TT\ri ir>f : i aloxe. Udewtc-'i c»l*-wt«l etocack BS=r-wi; m 1
ptotoly masked that no men ccuidbe seen, but I 4 ts *%&£££*& 1 S H l■ “W i ZtStZ? -
thefijuhea efthe :to be mghv always if he can. - : '* tne. bixtn - . &m ; ,& of tie akfrto* ‘- • -T I ‘toiaaoom ured *,«* torekt by
' A w*U concerted tnovemL might have se- ! I Bare my lot with tn r jn- day/bitween hu comply U~l^
E,» 0.. V.,,«. I, I. r.n„.. «*•»».* 1=»»! w~ w-;
cmnmasded tie expedition, eeemed to have lost: merit in these of the legal profesioß who have ~ 1 When the rebel*, retreated they burnt a bridge extent I?l WO ! U ’ l . ! l««torat to Uk « a:bmnc*, arf r r.-c?t «•
kto {MMSce of mind, and left the Troyrcgiment been called to exercise jpdiciai rnnp^eafa-that : with vr*-rd D «' were ttoea^BhiapoJ 7 C! ''ks »'rect between Williamsport and ned as rf its^mnUarv^rfmrrio Wke^ ic "* tata “• It toftw-=*»'•“
«*d tor .« knar eapreed An 1 ttennrire of PenpyWanto fc* »%« The bridge i, ' p^"os",ke *****%£?*
WSetfo retreat .wasat ieeglk giyohi and -toW.! Pililippi, After the fight, the rebeies hid there **?&*******. r across the Potomac at the far ns Wheeling. Parkersburg, Grafton and their •
troop* returned td the Fortress. There were « «W«R0B. ‘ With re.-pect to the otter quality $ In4i!lna - <ltb . igt kcowing toe mraro and ready to be blown up. intermediate points are .tdSadj possessed i Jelled 10y wounded in tkekn- ' *^f wi -to*--if Acre qoalifiewtwn of a not dischnrircd ;beirMintiicr2esmtothe bash-- . five-Cwon men reached WilUuiwnart treens. y posse - *-*<««*■ \
■ ■ . .. ! < re.te d«t teem. ' •' ' - > irixen out of Virginia. 1‘ This movement, with ih* opcfreatJon of the ;
v. -'mW* ■- ; j I feel that, I_pight venture tecum,, to .s the j The troops will a forward movement . ptints bm cited, will ’mot! 1 •».*«« Oamr Oereme SmNHcK or t=« rs;-'-
.:; .A AnKE&L . LATBR. ■ ■- I of boding up a-qnest.i:qn and Hewing itt ; 1~ , ‘ tery soon. . rit.rV.betwern Martinsburg a na ; Fhe Point If «k» »■» rekndM Oothic* &l
-■ ;-_m- ■:■' . _ ■ Steadily in aD its aspects, without thinking, for Sbstisei ■ C-BaiKsoaij;—A gentleman late: Two regiments from Lancaster are expected Rocks (between 20 and 40dni W 1 ihoo«es.dl ttsrenwxy, U k qiieufid a. regard, a*
, to the New Fork ; the time, who ere the parties interested, cr how frpm ih® troeps at the Bcfaj House says the , here this exfemng I \ of tt# Confederate trooos l lt is'sunniedtLjU t** l in tka'tewitoi Vtoiaow ef ffie «»-•
Hjis (WedfiCEday-) mornitig, Kava • ’ Buoy will be affected by the decfejsn —l *m not scptinels Bave, In W»ny instanees, > pleasant ; Brigadier General Thomas, of As regular ar I he fadewl armies are accompanied by boreal firfmaut
: Abl a..! i • 'j ' v , J conscious of ever having feltitte temptation to way of making cballepges: , my, has arrived, ond win leadtta advance bri- sappers and imocrs. with bolich nf labcrii. ttn “ ftcriitb* asdtaM nMaiccs. Bet i»i‘
* ?S??- . tt " er W *kpt«**d tfce battery allow the* weight cf ia. feather,, in >ny, jttgdmcut, ;A fellow who hid been fishing on Ae Potaps- gsdei The first inijxement will be mvle direct repair de«t<u-6.1 bridpes railroad tra~k« anil tras* •*» chWaitractlrea w, tnt, the of m
•tGreat Pethel and taken 1,000 rebel to tbe £oosal pwiiion, f '-.Utica!. precUections, or CO, mid bad secured a fide string of fish, was to Hagerstown. MeMuiJia's Bangers has been ‘telegraph Ihiis to be u’srd by Ac eoreroment f S* rm t ßU * r OecriemraaadVooths, swimtictgr^itoiw
tofcA. ■ ; religjoas faith of Ae parties befere the court, : sapped by the usual qinestion, -‘Who goes assigned to lead Ae forlorn'hope, supported by ■ . , nto . j x-’cooOy. AebrewanS tomkakj or tbematoisle.
f 1 *'" 0 ® . . ■■ cr of Aeir counsel. Aprct” •‘Fisherman,” Was A6‘ answer ; the Scott Legion The latter regiment is attach- ; FIIOM HA6ERSTO(\VN/ r the.upeiwcicslleMeof the at, a»d Urtjy tin iood£;»»
. „ . I ’* ' 1 , I—r1 —r I hire only in eonclosion, genUemdny to re- 1 (“Advance, fiAermsn. and drop two shad,” cd td General Thomas brigade. !' ' B*aensiowji. Janwl.—Tkto the ni-! ■; ir««bb **
A wnos xnJiß Hogged a feecessionist ir- peat my gratefol acknowledgement and appre- eafd Ae alert sentinel, looking out for his own To morrow there will be a thorough inspection • bels attempted again to fakoroisessionof Ae hu tiwßrawa Stoa* Gcih-i
ftWr.lWttW., for expressing cUtion of yoar kind partiality; and to pledge commissariat. fof all Ae regiments lathe various camps, ineind- : ferry boat lying opoosite Winhuniport for Afe H»a o/Boekhm * Wdsoa. Sos. «)6«n44H ObsMato !'-
I ,i., r>< y°* Anects. The Se- myrelf Aat. should it reenll in my re elecVion, The Montgomery Confeitratom gives the i. Ing Ae officers puroftse, it is eonjeetared. ofaMnovinw’lt t& ■ TWtoklphl*.
- from a eerresnohdect; A serenade was pixen to-nigtto General Pat- : Failing Waters, a point shout four miies^belovr 1 ’r: —«"««.*» .
.Uito cne hogging was a mant of another jodicial term. I will endeavor On Ae fi«t night after ray arrival. In passing terroo by the regimental band. : where Aere i* a eunsiderahte Onmbto of reb4 ' HBB WINfiLOT ’
* oreamataace. ,to bring al! my enemas to she discharge of Ae fnim one quarter do another. I was etoptifd by*; Three batteries of flying artiilery. Dobleday’a. : troops stationed, who doubtless 'intended h* : —i 1
41 >‘ f ! , .‘"'-.~.: . '•:.. bttfij and Mdat/ue public dories sehUfiel whom 1 ,*» prixote P—. ; Dodge'e, and Saymonr’s, are expeotol here to- ; means of Ae bwt to cross to theMaryiand'side zXLZZ ■*
-, *ed‘twenty Aonsaad soldiers dexolfiag upon me under ane w commission. (thoogh he did not recognise me ) I was asked night, on a marandine exnsdition The Chinn Sj ? tMnp teeming, ineii greatly hcCiui»*
IrjteM States, dor- J ; - ; ft? .ndlwpliea “a friend with ; fhe.FoorteenA Pennsylvania. Under Colonel *at WUltoSltore^^Aavtt! *|Ml<
SffAteJggffr. 1 4? h * n ' w friend xndobHrerrani., :* «d dretr Mfah I was suffer- oar. for-the night. The Kegimeu* j S£nto
GEO. ‘cd to p^non toy warden.*, 1 under Mead OPsfoM, wiH arriv, at * open thb Fnicn men c” T™* 1
' E.
' , ; &. *. K^ii23 SS£
.--; .*• »• W2TTISGHJL * CO., : , iiSfcSS^-'
iis- Xascu «w*. Turk. ic-s.S. Ima
iss?*te nrws, iMa. i- u-t i Sl iu ts s. £i-
Trgfrau, ssi a» »sr: LirxnE .—-r- s ~ -.-« T~
Wjw» »f ;m 1. ifc lia ITmjad Sicas i=j 4» CtsiiM. Ti-r
■TW'iiirtfcnrtMt-lKtnctfg cf x-oc in« r^rt-r
"J.iJt- «. Sees.
■; Bkajph ox &rx?S23 A. P?rai^2- c«? ?-*£■ a**
. . ■ '••' . m. £t- jtsm, ■
«***•«. •pw ess iss SaSes. x trijit tijfc*. iLh-Zmsms,
fc«e» *t=e oot, a iorai cstta: attcrcs tie IS < iSSf.
departcreof esc »i»e ecScsali e>;aSg i< -Zt' S- w.u*au*,
■ ' • TPTs.. St—Vr»
*t US* crisis! jccetcre. Ve refer- ti s. a. si*:cr,
&aa Sadti A. wh«a
scoured st tc tie 3d iaet.- Tie ani- : I-’A-Ssantu
■•■••■•. *" • ; JuC. Vgr.- ry
wxsakl expressi-atii of sorro? DAcHcated erert*
Fi*re attest teal ocr people feat lass tier
tare statslaed. Ti>fit he trassgreat,
•Satis, si:l<.egi ticj- did set eadone eh his
He was, jjerhape, the etrccgea; d:-
M.Uz is. either Howe of Coogres*.
Sedge Paatas Wi is Eraad:a, Vt..
A?nl 2£d, ISIS, sad was therefore a little „-rer
-de jears of age.'
tei**by **235 1: ** ai-mi*. ;*.
«*$ *■** lie ?®* «eb£ to i*y jnetaf *» . y
iieatauir 1 ! by soS. ~ fi«e- jtfiii|r ~ Joi* Z
EJiiXv atKf frr ©ss ~i tt*z, T .
*a4 eiay at fcxre.
• ' v Self .\tiiV ,
S. 3.~Tfe »&t» 2i2p ba,*t b»«» docaastV.:•-; *,.,
rS|r€*4 ti la4£«9*s prlcit* tmT-gsag fna. S • •• t
as ibsL,* XrXJc iif *Vttt !2f?S J*' y-e- .
t«i Vi'; MV a« i
?rfcf—Psrria* c?sfca%Vrt* jpesLanats Ai- ; *
kid S3* t.'s n** rt>f v
V .V * ' *
?o Constuaptiva*.
•iai ti-tj ogfrard Thi
ntlTfW from 6tU 1
* S?m Oa Sundays, from. 646 till 745 a, ?*-
7 -®%f: * r JOHN SUOBSUK**, ;
a. s>. H-yx -
‘llfSis. MAIW CLOWS.
fjwteru Way
J 00 A.M. aiui« SO
. 440
7 Itt
.. n «o
. esa
" ' 'ipS AND AFTER MONDAY, JUNE 10, 1861.
irmHuYnlii East Ittlt* 4,40 A.M., 1»ICI 44i
■y*". :«M “■MOA. M. “ 7.30
, ' •• Ksst ■«• 8,30P.M., 8,80
•« « Waet “ 7.46 P.M., “ 8.10
« East « 11,00 A.M. “11.20
.. « West “ 630 P. M.. “ 6,43
nr<M Train West, and Mail Train East slid Wort.
-INMAN A BRANCH TRAINS connect with John
-A«&^ao* Ltlon Trains East amlWVn, fcxprcis Wes
3S siww and Mail Crain East.snd Wise.
A _ *—*
v" ■ ‘
C.\»p Cba«b**«.
CB\a»W»Ilt!lWlJCT«l! 8. li'
; Musas. McCWB A Bs»»—Omit.—Since my
u« aware that ear Encampment has been change'
York, to this place. Wo arrived hcr«. Oa the 29tb ut
warn gnarled ia the Court House whom we. remain?
til Mis Baton day morning following, whan »• took 1
lias of march for our present quarters, lituatsd tlKc.
.(com town. I cannot, in this oonustion, pnsstby me
jJatna and kind treatment received hy the maml
Company B. from thaettlwnsof Chamhcrsbur* whii
wora stationed tliara. Indeed, the ladies excellai
selves, In prattling fer thalr wants while they were
«a H I plokodgoard. through town, to keep down d!
,waew, and drnnkea soldiers, Ac. The boys were io
OmtbeJnd inet, Lieut, CUu>Otv«< »tirt ojut with *i
of men, to capture e euppoeeJ «py. «tba Bid t» fw"
about the dlfforebt Camps for htitjl day*. Tbe Lieut
«orrOttnded »bpu«J in the expedition with the tagf
that he,wM then; bat the bird Led flown. Alter ch
him through the country fay eome time, be wesflnell
tmod by Lieut. Clans, and three of Copt, Sitsss m
He wm then talten to town, since then I hare heard
lug pf him. , '
On Tuesday the 4th inst, the Scott Lcgkm arrestei
nan belonging to Company E,, U. 3. Cavalry, no* U
castle, some miles) from this. They were u
picket- The men in question jiroro' quaitered ih
ilcCluro, and having received £ pass camo out to
t»ok off their uniform, put on cltliens’ drew, and
tracts for the South. They worn taken to town find b
ia jail.
On Saturday ths Ist Inst, an affray took place 1
suburbs of town, be tv. oca two soldiers audauegn
appears that i\*a lator kept a low ‘ ; whi«koy mill/* am
former want Ih-ro to refresh thcma-lvcs with“K.l
qufek/* and were refused admittance. They then I
opao the door, whoa they wero £red upon by th S’ ucg
The shot took effect in tholr legs. The nswa oi Uihr
mag® teaching the oars.of thch Corupjvny, the datlu;
pursued aud killed. Upon a post mortem cxair iaatl.
balls wsre extracted from bis body. He was ah;
through with a sword. A prhfctb ofthbNltul Regi
itceired a shot in the thigh while tho tragedy was I
has been several fatal cases of sp'lbnl cr *
rletii laVhr among tho soldiers of the IQtfc lUgimc:.'.
tloned it Camp SUfor. This dhoaaa, I hare been inf ’,
carries therlctim off in about twenty-four bourn. Xin?
however, hare boeh few, not ao extensive- as tewit
reporters have madothem.' Thorcarc aeterul of our
pony sick } but none of then sLTh.n<d> to Xue chaU]
life has much to do witb.thcsc illnesses, and tic to W
pecCed to a certain digree. Dhtsblats hkblts and expo
fyaxe their result in diseases of s’ more serious nature
Yesterday morning the first divalou of the troop
Honed at Gamp McOluro marched south. It was tvr*
ed of fottrOompanlM of U, S. Cavalry, the I'hUndtjl
troopa, two Companies of regular artillery, actjng a
fin try, rpder lira command of Oapt. Doublouay th'.* .*
ttegimebt. Col. Davis regiment, and another, th- nv
wff Which Ido doT remember. Th* two O-napanled *..
Ulart were ii* Fort Sumplor, whoa tn was assaulted L
rffbfhC- This morning the third division marched
Miß consisted of tho 7tb, Rtb, an t l-’il..
imoT>ts encamped at Oamp : SUJor and the £ccU h«*g..
The 2nd Division conniaU of iheiat. 2nd, 3rd
th* Irish brigade. I Chink tbe beginning ::
.week, wHI suffice for oar present quarter*, sad wo w.
low tho rfvafte*d columns. There are now ip,the I
of Franklin County, ami close upon the Maryland I.:
tween 16,000 and 17,000 troops, and from what I can
on army of not less than 20,(MW men will move up ;
surround tlarper*® l urry. The troops aroalltagcr :
& brush with the enemies of thu UepublU. and your
era may 1 bo assured, that the t»oul of the
will acquit themselves ou the £old of tattle.
Our praest encampment located in e upst d~li•:
Section of this county. On hand, lbs era reel
richly cultivated fields, Jtuleu with the various ccr-ais
promiilng’an abundant harvest, Tim bulldibgc, h
and barns, are neat and well constructed* gif tag tvu
Ueaca of wealth, contentment and happiness. Tb* p
arc loyal and patriotic, audareklnd to the soldier*, ir
Camp are bountifully supplied with a stream of
limestone water, sufficient- for cooking, drinking
aquatic purposes. There is a largo creek,afeyp hur
yStdsfrom ns; bearing some outlandish Indian n
which JOVT cflcgffoadent cannot aud boa;
aouucs* the regiments can wa*h. The
method lean adopt to give you some clue, as to «;v
and pronouncing this name, la to write, '‘CinU'tnjyj
1 regret exceedingly to mention the (*ct,. that eland,
reports have reached your place, to regard to Capk &
and Lieut. Garunes., relative to the diauibuuou ut oc;
presses sent tythe citizens of your place, fat the U
of Company B. and £ Three eloricr are a web of
hoods from the qenjre to chcmuference. B-tb
are too high minded and honorable to bo guilty t,f
misapplication of the-gifts of a kind and loyal pew.
The pervun wtfb Invented and put them u>ith iu
town, will shortly reap the first of his evil speaking.
Our Company now practises firing, once a day? wit
cartridges, distance 200 yards. Yesterday Cap!. W
made the Imm shot having pul.ane buck«Uot iu the
and the bullet a HttJe to the k-:t of it. The shootin
Captain said, wa* vifry good lor the fra its rime, I
mostly id line.
In behalf ef thsmScers and members of Compai
I acknowledge the receipt of several invoices of rn
comforts* from the patriotic ladies of your town. 1
wa received a box of "Havelocks,’? tor. Com panic* J
E. from the Patriot Daughters” of Altoona. The;
been divided, and distributed to ths members. Tb
aoomfortabl* io«ttuti.m la Ihe brolliag sun*and tL
+ rh;al was tiiirely, and the gift very acceptable. Th.
ongb of Altoona, I have no fear la saying, has surj
“7 ot * Br to the' Juniata VaUciy, In; its attentl
ths wants or those who have left home ahd friends I
tls for the ‘‘gdrgeoos ensign, of the Ktpublic,” abd fi
parpetalty of the best Government the world has era
'■ are held in grateful remembrance by it.
.scarcely convoy U them an idea of the feeling’ ania
our hearts,' Ota memory they shall ever retain a pUc
ln 4«drwe should be recreant to every principle of
“9tho|dyouxcltixsnsin high esteem. They
aoldlert as gentlemen, and hot aspajsp
ths .earth,* I wish I could soyas
rOT along tbs Juniata.
nnnn Harper's
n Wfllftnd lathe iron u
wrthy of their steel.” They
pretensions and military sagacity o
hQMt»,b*t they.will find oro long, that venerable n
“•“loussoldisr .haacompletelycirru invented thria
siJ I** 1 ***played the game of brag all ah> n (
® n< * that fabric not In the comtUul
sae?> and that they will realize' this fact r;
evident to the whole country in ie£i
J<m*m*nd**i l* Indebted to Col. MoCujxe’s **
«M Wend Mra.Swli fbr
“•* llde apr Junhrta Udiea, gwWmv* l