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illSitJMtt takrac.
■ •■'. N N \-
‘ FEBRUARY 21,1861
'jf: mjftiWhero partiesaro /£Uhbwn to n*, our rule ior ad
rtiflng isto require pqyfnofit 1 n-ltd vance, or aguarantoe
lstSerebirb useless for all such
of three
Where advertise meals are accompanied
ouo, five or ten dollars, we will
;i;^^«tlio^«drcrlisertUe : ni!l benefit of cash rate*. '
IW ■ , -■ I ■ ■■■ ‘ ■'' '" 1 ' "
; pEifi'sxmiaL & c«., .
- .Advertising Agents, 110 Nassau street, New York, and
<>lb£t4ta afreet, arotho Agent* fir the Altoona
Tribune,pud■. the most luflucnlinl and largest circulating
United Statcsand. the Canadas. Tlirjr
'laarbOasatlsOrlsctl tp contract for as qt oar lowest rata.
■>' rikthon't'Ladies' National Hagatine, fur
■.March, ■ualready upon our table. It is n most
number, and every have
it. r .JThe lending engraying, BtySd •■.Christ,
j;sttlc Children,” is a beautiful one. j
per year, ijii.QO ;-three copies
■fprs&(lO. Address Chas. J-. Petorcon, No 80G
fChesthttt Street, Phi la. ,
~ T ■> * J- r ' " • . .
jLadt’b "Book.—The March number
before us. This popular
is pronounced by everybody to be the
nnd iiiost usaful in Ilia world/
fushiourplate isa mag
-ptQwat. thing,.and the other plates are of the
It is ’ t ruly the model magazine.
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, , »- - ■
Secretary of war, lad a salary
ipiqh&.wfienfio.entered office. He field rbe place
:nbdtit lfiree years and :sis months. From fils
shipped by Express to Ins
■<!»«■ hundred and twenty ifiou
' eafioid:dollars.. This is nn extraordinary exam-
sfid ceonspiy. '
4urjr of Savanuah, Ga,, have
Aho several lawless acts lately com
ttttUcdtipon the person and the liberty of van
■... resident of that city. They de
' nqgijopipstroQgterinsthe more recent outrage
. Upon the person of Capt.. Vaughn, of the ISrit-
who was tarred and feathered".
ho. extended a civility
thivt ktitudo to a negro.
Vjijgfc if...
LaTESTv—Tho following is the latest
dated Feb. 19th;—
\ Colonel' St)pater x : fpi;uter .member of Congress,
WtU««ibei‘C from -South Carolina that Fort Sam
'ttfrdwifl be either before, or immediately /
after ,^tits 4th pf JVlnrch, whatever sacrifice of
fife jtindy occasion; /This he states is a sure
thlpg, hnd till arranged. The writer says that.
'engaged in tha movement, cud
cinracter leaved ijo doubt.a.b<mt his sincerity.
. Sjfixri’jfesldont Tyler expressed him-tolf, this
moraiig, fts having hopea pf an immediate and
compromise. '
long- looketi -for Force BUI tvas up tills
motning,inthc .Uquso. -■ It looks\to the, jf. nc
; v forcible collection of the U. S.
PFhtcc>i°n pf U. S. properly.
.Stanton, (Chairman of the Committee on Mili
< .fIP ieln.bpwtn and /croißle speech.—
I' The debate which followed, was very exciting.
Stantoudeclared that the incoming adniinisti'a
. tiofTjriU'euforpSV jlje. revenue law, even if the
tphoiejSoutbern. army oppose. The Force Bill
. lbd|Mreß* ovfer- till to-morrow.
, v ii?pRTAXT IK fntt llousK.—On
morning last, ,m the House of Ropre
sentatires, this BUI .for the Commutation of the
on the PennsyWunia Railroad'
--; jf;jbjtbd, yotc: v
? Abb-Qt*. Aofeer, Asheom, Aujt-
Rresskr, Rrewa
P jnglnss,.
Uuntup.Eilenberger, Cask ill.
, ilaryeyypitUunn,
l Koch, Lcisenfing, . tawyence;
S- J J oyther, ,M’l>odough, Jdprsjiftll,, -id’o<}mgftj,
‘Mpvmon. Mui 1i n, Ober, Osteiliout,
f tug%;r Randalti Keityj Ridg
w;ap’, ; Jtoljie?!* ■ Seltzer, 'Shafer, Sliep-
- Thomas, .Wttlkefj iYjidej, White, and Dayis,
JSfeakp~QOS ■ '
Alexander, Armstrong, An
dersoii, ißarrislej, Blscl, Bixler. Blanchard,
~ ' iClafckyi ‘Coiling, Cope,
V 4 ' Elliott; -J?iia3tie£’
_ 'Bill, lryin.Kliuo, Plcuten
i\;':-wiAu'e jrMiniifuhl; Alters, T’altcisoti, ft e iff,
, j IScbrock, ’ Smith, ;fßcrUs,J ,Btohnian; t
, SfwfiflfiaPS, 'Stntugj ‘TViov, -'Wißlupia nud Wil-^
• " ■ • ■ ■;
iftw BIU to change the name, and for.the tie
hef df .tho - Sunburj? ana Erie Rail Road also
he. House finally,- by a Tote of-72 to 26
-f& rr ——r-r—
- y Independent tKo'lr
libnda .of union between -the
• '/ • <A
s them; riverffbind
Ihft^^rHilyoAds,bind t}jetn> trade binds them;,
mutual wants and necessities bind them : ~ibe.
; '-laws <uf production and manufacture bind' them;
the ice “of the Kofth nndlfi'e'tropical fruits of the
Wfet;jr nghlhst forei^ - tfnnper;
b&dtrfbeitu; the kindred' blood that fldwa in
CdhstiVhtlon Umt was oyer formed by raau ! binds
■ tbito' V the W mdries of the past bind them; t he;
. influences. sderi and unseen; :
aliponepireto in
■ , diafidiuble bond ». ’* ■:■ v: • '■' AVI'
iSf-A- rlittip daughter of Samuel Meoober.
- JWjifihtowh. wu So' scalded. recently,
f \ • V:%-
I Jt3f No less than $1,660,000 are larested ln hoc culture
inOi% , - . .
is, a House inJTJnlon, Connl,t»najrtod by
$ Totals about |ojjjy«tjg6therhil-
a -£u« wotjtt
isl ; boj^oprliq. jfj, ’-v
hsMjkpbointod Foster
and Pearce, aljocamitteo to wait on ifr. Lincoln and at
tend hint to thefjtlace of inauguration.
tguTlio cotton exports for U*e-past year amotmtod to
nearly st2oo,oob,t)oo—Wo-thlrd* of the .total exports-of
domestic produce, exclusive of specie.' i
jgg- Odp. Scott has been tendered the services of over
one hundred thousand citizens of in case
a resort to arms is nocoisary to preserve the Union.
t®, Washington County is contributing nobly in aid of
the sufferers in Kansas. 31. Beod, treasurer, during the
past two wests acknowledged the receipt of $1,050.93.
. gjf-a Wlrat a,toll was there;”—The Memphis Avalanche
say* thatprofessor Wise, of'turouautjip lame, is at present
engaged' in selling apples and candy al the street corners
in that city.
' ggg,lhe bill appropriating $50,000 for the relief of the
sufferers in Kansas, passed thb Nows York Senato on Fri
day, as it came from the Assembly, now goes to the
C3J_Tbc grand jury in Richmond, on Tuesday, took ini
tiatory steps for preventing the circulation of the New
York IFon'd. New York Tribune and Now York Times in
that city.
4f3~ A man named Joseph Ft. BrllUngor, of Juniata
County, J'u., was frozen to dcath, on Thursday week, on
the tuwpatb in the Narrows, between, Lowiatown and
Stars Und Stripes still float iu Northern Ala
bama, and the people dufy the secessionists to-, coiiie ai d
take them down. \U! honor to the patriots of Northern
taulho Sous of Malta, of Johnstown, give notice .that
they have. purchased 500 loves of bread for gratuitous dis
tribution among the worthy poor of tUat phico and adjoin
ing boroughs.
fy Tlie-o-ster-nncking trade of liaUlmoro for the year
1860 reached tiro sum of three and a half millions of dol
lars it value. The home consumption was,estimated at a
Xy-Thero Is a j-oung roan no-v In Chicago engaged In
the highly respectable, but not vary lucrative business <>f
hill-posttug, who was worth $70,000 two ago. Hum
was his ruin. .
tES- There isa trod In IVilliamstown, Mas*., so situated
tlial it draws nourishment froni Massachusetts. New 1 ork
and Vermont It stands on the spot where three
States join. •
E®. there are nearly aoventcou tflotisanii' deaf and
dumb persons In Great Britain, of whom about $6O are fe
males, the greater portion uneducated. and
without means of self-support. i fj
The recent census returns ehovf that thc-jsmount of
money invested .u agricultural implements in Lancaster
County alone exceeds considerably that of the States of
Delaware and NSW Jersey.
Mrs. Mury-Currau gave birth to an infant at Jersey
City, a few nights since, Vvliil« in Mcep t she
was only Wakened by her husband, wild was aroused
by the cries of the new comer. 1
Major Kayue, of -South Carolina, lias lately pur
chased in Cincinnati and St. Louis foity-neven thousand
barrel? Of pork, four thousand bbU of bacon gud several
llamsaud bushels of corn for the use of the Carolinian
army. \ ‘
■Kip-TUe Cincinnati Times says that a few ceilings'
since, while n party of gentlemen w< re playing billiards, in
;hai city, a • rtm v was made by one of the gentlemen. (an
ex-Judge,) of Thirty-*tee hundred and tisaity-eight points
IVho will beat Ibis playing ?
ffw. In Montreal the skating ipojul or ring is roofed
over, so as to prevent its lining cover.-d with snow. It is
lighted at night, and the band of the Canadian Iliflcs g<sn
crally attend. The ladies frequent it, wearing short dresses,
looped up st as to be out of the way, and Turkish
• Pho Pittsburgh Chronicle soys:—On Wednesday of
last week, Dr. Leasure, assbted by Dr. Barker.'removed
four iuches.of deceased bone fiom tlye thigh of n young
man named Ail'.in. of New -Cuatle. Ue Uad liceii-lvickcd by
a horse thirteen years ago, since which there has been an
ojicu sore at the seat of the ity urji. The removal of the
dead bone makes the cure certain and speedy.
flr«, Tlitre is acid to bo a specie of worm that tats the
dykes of Uollaud, and occasionally endangers the cvei
throw of the whole country. ’ lu the cwut of an enfnri
ated: warfare between the' North and Souili, says the
Louisville Journal, might there not be troublesome ani
mals eatiug through the levees of the Mississippi in high
water T The bare’thought is ono of terror.
Xyjj, A practlcal man of business, has industriously
examined the Pennsylvania oil regions, stjya that tlio re
ports of large returns arc inflated by those holding land ;
that instead of woils j iclding twenty-five to thirty hartals 1
per day, five to eight is a nearer amount; that the Will*
fail soon after being .worked; that "here one sue ceds two ■
fail; and lie bcjdeves .tliat $500,000 more have beta spent
than produced iii tile 1 oil region.
A young married man named Jacob Dreilor, a tailor
by trade, attempted to'comniit suicide' last iycek in the of
ficc-ofcthc Democrat,'' in Bloomfield. Perry county, lie
stopped up on a cha|r. plaetd a rope around his neck'and
attached it to » staple ifi the ceiling, then kicked the cliair
away. lie was fortunately (ilacoyercd and "cut down” iu
time to barely save bis life. Ho received no serious dam
age. but coniplaiiia of having a “ stiff u'eck.”
Am the Presidential party was leaving one of the
railway statiohs in Oliio; a bustling little fellow ifcl up;
and hamiod the President elect nu apple; Some one in
the crowii, whose acc nt betrayed .his’ nitilesian origin dial,
loed— ‘-He’* a caudidnto. for Postmaster,. Mr. Linc,)lu.”—
Mr. Lmcoln was highly, amused, but it is apprehended
that he has not inherited chough of gmndmollier hive’s
weakness to allow kimsa)f to lie seduced a bribe.
Tiio Plan of tlie Cpmmitteo of thia
'iV Peace Conference.
The fcllotfiiig are the proposed amendments
to tbe Con3tita'iion, ngrceU upon by the Com
uiiltee of the Eeacjs Conference at Washington*
and to bo reported' to ttie Conference. It .Is
called Mr. Gritbrie’s plan.b'at ithas.beeu ma
terially modified from that; gentleman’s original
draft: 1
Article!. Inall .territory of. the United
.Statesnbt embraced within I the - limits of the
Cherokee treaty grant, north tif ;ja line from ■ eikt ■
to west. on-j>tbe of thjrty-isix degrees
thirty nvinulee nortlTlntitade; involuntary servi
indcr except in punishment of .cringe, r us p.rahibi
ledwbilst it shall beuuder’a Terri tori al G pVern -
'mertt i; rtnd'yu all the tejrrit’ofyiemth 6f said liue
the 'status of-persons owning-’service or iabor ua ;
it now exists - shall not'be changed by law while ,
BUeU terrUory shall be uiuler teriitprial Goyeru
meiib; apt! qeithor Congress nor the Terriroriitl
.Government shall^have'potter to fimd&|’or ! pre
vctii the biking to said territory of personn held
to labor or,invtilttutary servide within the United.
Slates. accprdiug to the laws or. r *BBge> of any i
State front which such , persons may,, be taken,
nor tO |inip«lr the rights bfiabig out nfsa?d rego- \
which shall hi&-Jiject to jn^ioiu 1 Ciigni- .
ziCiice in’ the federal
i-inoh law : and ■ when ;apy territory Writf-of-paid |
line, with in suhb tfUnroJary as ; may ;
i 'pnwr|l!e,i aball-' : et^l%ip/il|ti[p)>pit^i9n. ieqt|iil| i
for a taember accord ipgWtJietedV
f eral rafiq of shall; if it* ■
i otJGovernment be .B^^biicnn, t jpd fnitj.J:
i the tJn ion on an equal footing : with the .original
i States, with or without.i«v«ifontary service,or
i labor, ,as t}ie’ Constitution oflsuob new. State.
■ may provide. \ ,• ;
AW' 2 shall jthf be. acquired by.
i the JJnjte(| stdtij,B nor,' except
1 /OT &aVdl.BxrEl cbiptotfroial -dlationd l anddopdts,. 1
•y&.j .fi ( i "fi ~ tV WS, <«fV. 5 ~~ y., “
unless such trcntj sl>«l
of 'aiV flit- iii*-mbets’ i)t
; akt. 3. 'SI-itheir th;
i amendnieut tlitretif-ali
! Congress power to;«6<i
S rettoitwdiibii
hbimad-lolabor or iayd
1 or to’i^Piferowithw
j‘ yice-ra'tbe of
! consent oTv&hryland. i
of tbe'pwjietrs. oi-l mii\
not consent, just bomp ■
to interfere with, or pr i
others from bringing j
sons bo bovind to labor
fere with or abolish in«
j under the exclusive jt
States within those Su
the same is established;
; fcowet to prohibit thei
•by land. sea orjriver, 5
or involuntary 'service'
of x the United States tc
ritory thereof where tj;
■ nixed by Jaw or li.sag
j transportation of touch
| dandingsl and of lundu
I exist; nor shall Cougt
j ize any higher rate of v
to labor on the lahd. = x
Aut. 4. The third-, paragraph of the second
section of the fourth article of* the Constitution
shall not be construed to prevent any of the
j States, by appropriate: legislation, and through
j the action of their judicial and ministerial of
. ficers, from enforcing lithe delivery of fugutives
j from laber to the person to whom such service
or labor is duo. , ‘ •
Art 5.' Tho -&xeign slave tradp, and the
importation of slaves into the United States and
their Territories,,-froth places beyond , the pres
ent limits thereof, arc forever prohibited.
Art 6 The ;firstj| second, third and fifth
articles, together with this article of these
amendments, and' thd third paragraph of the
second section of the first article of the Consti
tution, and tho third l paragraph of the second
section of the fourth thereof, shall not be
amended or abolished, without the consent of all
the States. :
Art 7. Congress’shall provide by law that
the United States slinll pay to the owner the
full falue pf fugitive from labor in all cases
where the Mijrshall oh other officer, whose duly
it wits to arijest such fugitive, wus prevented
ftom so doing by violence or intimidation, or
when, after arrest, stjch fugitive wa* rescued by
force, mid'the owner jjthereby prevented and ob
structed in pursuit ot'ihis remedy for the recov
ery of suclr fugitives.;,
Objections tot
The Charleston Sftrcury does not like the
Constitution' adopted jjfdr-tho new Confederacy
and says sj with its useful frankness :
'We regretrtitai anjp Provisional Government
was formed at a l!, a-u Jiu one or two important
particulars confess tj. and sur
prise lit tbe Government and laws enacted. It
seems tbul the Unitec Stales Protective 'fariff
of JB5O has been adopted, and that a positive
condemnation of Institution of slavery,
through the slave trade, has been inserted into
the Constitution 'itself. Neither of these did we
expect. We did: not t urppose that any {southern
Government, wheihe • tor a month hr h year,
would sanction the policy of the Protective Tar
ifls Ihe Tariii, d l fc7 is odious and oppres
sive in .its discriminations It was made to fa
vor N rtheru enterprise at the expense ~f the
people ol the South—<a huge freelist for'them
the burden of taxation for us iu bear, and we
maintain is adverse Id revenue, unjust iu priu.
ciple, atid oppressive in practice. Whether this
is brought about by a partial remission of du
nes dr a partial imposition, it is still the same
in elicct. We cuter' our protest against the
scheme and policy, both as regards ourselves
UutHu the results sot'far as foreign nations arc
concerned, and their friendship, nl this time,
valuable io as. In pub respodt five trade is
the true 'policy 'oflKel'C«¥fclleraVe''Str{ea.
We deem it also unfortunate and m.ilapror./os
that the stigma of illegitimacy and illegality
should be pt-med upon the iusiitut-oti of Emverv
by a fundamental iuvv against ttie slave trade.
In our opinion it is a.matter of policy, and not
of principle, to be decided now and Hereafter,
from sound views of the necessities and safety
of our people. We think it a proper subject of
legislation. We are willing to prohibit it by le
gjal enactment, like any other topic o! legisla
tion. But while England imports her thousands
of Coolie slaves,' umj France hers, under the
farcical appellation, of •• apprentices’'’—wuile
they are striving by; these means to compete
i.with us and supersede us, in producing the
■tropical productions iif slave labor—while we
our>each a large scope of fertile
territory uncultivated iu Texas, and may have
erelong the silver |fiines of Arizona, and the
teeming States of Mexico, to populate and re
duce to agricultural productiveness—it seems
to us shortsighted. >feak and sentimel to pre
elude foreyer. by fundamental enactment, the
adoption of a policy ithat may become essential
to our appropriate growth liml expansion, and
'to our successful cnjijipefitioa with the llypocrit
ipitl notions of Europe ,
But the Conßtitutibn, ns adopleJ, is‘only pro
visional tiud temporary, and may, therefore, be
excusable on that. aobtHint, ffe hope the per
manent bo nmdeand establish
ed speedily, and without reference to anything
going on outside of the Confederate States
Tiiese have coinplete sucoeßs within their grnsp.
if they will only act- fearlessly, and with the
confidence of then who are competent to control
their desrinfes. ; Ton great a deference and de:
fay for the Bdinfer S; ntes still in the Union will
only encourage ftheji • dilaforiness and prolong
their stay, • Let the Confederate Statoa biit per
form their d,u.ty,; and their whole duty to them
selves, irrespective if the others, and we will
answer for the i ; esul ‘in u final Confederacy of
all the Slave Status. - .
Parsos Bkowslo i
the last issue of tiii
Bvownlofr- say's f — .
.W’e ayeJnforrnedi 1 1
civil dißvfict of KnO
company hi uiir tinK
hang Urc tditnr'of.titi
Monday as a simul
Union friends to ntf<
t ion,! propose ; t
gul 1 nws. and tofreVa
There’ will be n innkf
on lltalylaj'v' nnd tin
the occasion! iV '■■
, v A ytoLT BT tu«; [l‘AJt —WJhjlc.skating neaijJ
:§ti "J.oSepji, week, James G rah am!
caught sight of u wcjlf turning down the:river, j
;und infltiratly'gnre [chase; just oh the eve of j
bejng &uuglit. tiie affrightcd lirnte jumped into :
hn opou;6tn>toh ; flf rv| it ter. followed by-tbe eager ;
hunter, wb t seized |hi s gn me by, jthe -tnih"' • got [
suTely ij'heistfcil by some friends, and fin* I
, lUciwofF.-‘ i . < ; .> • 1
V s . estimated that 0/ the four
nnd‘ forty Southerns .officers 'bUIT in the army,
fully four hundred ,in the service;
let Wbnf'wiH-Ttakfi (ilace. Even- adding to .the
lift;of yegultiy in jthe linji of ,- the
Ufest £oiot Jeft tb,etnBgl,wB
- ce?biepßd,‘. tbMgjal
n wdl malconteu (a i^,uW I bftW»s«r
Ibe > Starvation in Kansas. , |
lie Sr»)#te ".■ . ' vSfciA 'K ; '~ ■ . ■
s’ C n'itituiicp »«r Tbe Bu£Ferlng,ih Ka«s»s is ssiid to be without
ill be, const ,vo‘gjvo . ft-pavallil-iaVliis cotHfcrv, 30.000 or-lO.ono per-
» Kfa#;|tay■■'• -»ou€' being without iibe means of eUbatefonce
relation estabUsbpd;, or ,•* • ..-ft - . .-i . ■ r -. , ;
thereof iQßChktg person* !' Thero-js » proposiUim before our Legislature fur
)ati^|!V«^i#: ‘ relierto shat jdeaftiutp people, whipb. wie tbiak
abolish atr- j shoald-be immediately passed.' "V. •' •'
with out it* j Tbe f„iw%ing stntctoMit is from N. B. dlaii
undwjt|i'outdbc>;coiis?ut * s ~ - • *
i ]|jg : :tlm oWntm; who Jo ' Stilts *V4U*
intuition; übr. : lbe power who.resides in* Humboldt, Allt-u county, on
! <b»bitffepiw^tjiw ; Sina'-f--tbe Ktoslio, dbout ICO miles from Atchisu:i: ■
• " ’**' ’H»mboitlt we are now, aa a- cmn.mnnitr, i
, ■* ~ j about alike in stares us
■? i 1111 in-tbefaeo-we have uotbu.g to live on, uud
military sefvico m places » ■
: risdietaon of tbe .United i w «. ha ;« « B«t,ug away ■
Lies and Territories where 1 , ou f, Wuek !l f° Heft my family with
!or - nor the; 5 * hau eigtlt d ** * PVOvui-ms; every hour
l«n»A*.urit. ’ S that lam Bttuy seems i day to hu?*— I shudder
nf nwenni'fcl*^ 1, *1 'i° U ’ . being so long absent from ihtm, and 1 treui- '
f- ' „ : C d ) 0 ; abor j e to return—there is nothing that can be bor- I
; n, -r ry rowed now .All are pour afko and destitute- I
: any other State or Ter- . .. • ,; . ..* . , .. . , ;• * M •
i ~ ♦ v.T i i i tbure ;a nothing lelt to be divided —we arc all
Jr is established or recce- i ' ° , ~ .. A .
I .■■.**! on one comumu level—the teams are last be
st and the right during ■ i • , , , „ , ,
, . A ® . * : coming useless—luey arc already too weak fr«»m
lung at shores; port* and ; _ : r . > . •
; j c */ , . want ol grain to haul heavy loads iousr dis- ;
gla casetdf distress, shall * *-» . J . „ , v
*V i , * | bmces—unless relict can be sent to our suucr
e s avepowe.r 9-fttlt tou i • people ywuy down iu the tar distant couu
uxes ou persons bound jjj they perish by whole— :
New Constitution.
W Firm to tub Eso — ln
e Ku'oxville Whig Parson
ihat Mr. —of tire ninth
has proposed to' join it
to come tn Ktioxville and
kit» paper. We propone next
hletlay, and we invite our
Emil find witness tl.e cseeu
:b make a speech - under the
de bur pollticul expui-ieiice.
f meeting of'the part f here
| hanging of th’eWiotoriijus
itljr add to the interest of
I? y.f-r* ***
-**» pCi w (
they cannot live—and it costs ouo half of every i Dr. Velpeau’s Canksriiio. ’*
j loud to feed Ehc starvuigteams p;:. TKI.PKAfS CaNKEUINK cures fiitiij SornMouth
I 'About a.tnouth ft go, one of my neighbors, a i>R. ysU’hAU’S CANU£UIN£ cures Sore Nipple*,
j Mr. Da . Witt, left Alchisou with 18 sucks of UK. VKI.I'KAC’S CAXKERINE cures Ulcerated Sore*.
: meal. When 'he reached home lie hud hut 8 DR. VKll'£AU*S CAXKLIUXE cures Cato.,
left; his team had Fftteu'up the rest! Vthal ; hit. VKI.t'KALs CAXKKRIXL cures Uurus.
remained did not half supply the famishing. I DTI. VKU’EAU’rf CANKEHIXE egres Sores.
Among the sufferers,' when I left, was u widow j DR. VELPEAUS CAXKERTXE cures Chapped hfp».
with nine children, mostly girls. This broke.:- | Dli. Vi;i.I J tjfL"S CANKEUIXE cure* Ulcerated* Gums,
hearted mother had literally nothing to fecd,her ! DR. VKLJ*kAU*S CAN KKRI.nI U the best Purifier of tbs
I luaiishing family with not ,a mouthful! 1 sent 1 Dreatli of anything l:n ova.
i her over to the next township to borr -w a tern I D' . VELPEAU'S CANKEUIXE cures Canker ia th»
j ponipy supply until our relief tenuis should get ! Mouth. Throat, or Sthoroac.i, resulting from Scarlatina or
in; but the poor woman was unsuccessful ; all Typhus K-vers.
j were destitute ; the teamsof that township were ; Laa;,-*. if j u u delight in « white teeth, use the CAX
i still absent ;.ithey too were anxiously counting Kutix:-;, and jour desires will be'p-alUcd. We pidge
j the hours UtDil food should arrive! But the .ur uonl that it is eutirelyjrco from acids'iind alj ikiUo
j ten ms could hot get i.l. for si severe snow storm <.as substances, and can bo given infant with perfect
j had rendered the loads impassable,’' and ibcre sr.icty. 11 will pu : -c?vc the teeth and keep Abe gums free
; they were ; tin* poor tarnishing people watching from ulcrs. li n equally eilictccmns for uursing sure’
[ anxiously and in agony nl i.omeg the husbands, unaitlis. In aii liio thousands rcmc-dios tlußbave bee-u put
, and parents w eather-oound upon liie snow d;ilt- f for tiie cure o; the various diseases above, uoiie cau
,ed prairies, witn loet frozen So.;d To I unit' ato; ,lv- ; equal the Cankcriue. Sold by uii price gei
| the supply diminishing boty- by hour {„ s..vo the 1 cents per bottle.' ' .1. m’Kltlhf. A ca. ;
• teams upon Which >:U their lives depended : iu;d Proprietors, U 3 .Maiden Lane. N. V
1 Thus suffering in the cabins nnd stiffen: g„u the ' * jr 3ti '“ * u ltolJ , lia ’ by t». \\. KhS3l.hU.
, way-side, with starvation settling steadily down |
. 'upon both rnati iinil beast, arid a hidrou; death ,
closing in upon them h ' 1
1 Bneh is cur unhappy condition— my heart
1 beats with anxiety to gel back to my poor fain;
| Iv. \\!:t.thur I bhi|ll find them ai;\e. i cannot j
' tell, or whether I'shall find them, -with my poor |
■ ne\ghbois. all aslehp within the grim embraces 1
of a terrible death, I cannot tell; but in-either
J event. 1 am impatient to bo with them ; if htinir,
to share their sorrow ; jif dead, to lie down be
side them in the same odd sic pi ;
: But as things now' are. yet worse even is pos- 1
; ethic; for prompt and judicious effort nine yet
; reach and save a multitude. But the fuelling
I snows of February will soon N bc upon ns; our
streams and rivers, will then overflow; the roads,
1 in every direction will be heavy and formidable
to even strong nnd well-fed teams; what they
will be to ours, f need not say. Belief then
will be almost impossible.
As I was joining here I met poor old father
Whitten, one of 'the Arkansas exiles, and a
Metli .Jist preacher; he had been up to Atchi
son and obtained a supply ; but the rm
ovcitoak him on the prairie, and there I found
him between Atchison, and Dskaloosa, weather
bound and frost-bitten ; iicenty seven days since
be had started from his home ; h:s (eel frozen!
his nose’and ears badly bitten by the fio-t;
his son's feet wrapped in old meal sacks, also
frost bitten: neither of them with sufficient gar
ments;_ half of his load already eaten up Uv his
wrath and famishing cuttle, and a full (<» ih y.,'
journey yet before them with the best kind of
luck ! ,
Ami this instance is one of many. ‘AH air,up
the road I njet poor lycst-tiiften, tgumster, seme
wholly nimbi* *n.«e fheir feet. others hol.bliuc
along iu jo, in ; some 'with frozen oars; and oil
hulking proper clothing to shield them from the
inclemency of the weather.
Puch is the frightful condition of our people
in the distant settlements—such the- jmnuMi.i-.c
prospect before them. What is to be the cad
el it all, God alony cun tell. (Signed 1
A Pj.ea run Mykcv. —The following signifi
cant paragraph appears in the advertising ooi
uiuns of the Charleston Mercury of Friday. The
dame attached to it is that of the President of
the South Carolina Collegeand who. about the
•imo that the Brooklyn was first rumored to he
preparing for n visit to Charleston, published
n pamphlet/imploring the authorities and citi
zens of that city not to oppose her entrance to
the harbor, and avoid thus the responsibility of
initiating civil war ;
The time is approaching whoa Fort Sumpter
will pmbilhly be attacked-. Let the assailants
romember that the garrison are, in the main,
poor hirelings, bound To obey the orders of their
superiors, add doubtless, not disposed fought
if they could avoid it. That they are not res
ponsible for the acts of the, president, or of the
United States, and that not one of them should
be put to death, hut ns a necessary measure to
secure the fort to South Carolina. Let not one
be killed after the fort is>ijsurrendered; let as
little blopd be shed as possible.
A. B Lokgstkebt.
The Wilu Best A etch OrriOE.— The mem
bers from one of the Congressional Districts in
the Mississippi convehtioii ..retired to nil ante
,ronm Tn the capitol to nominate a delegate to
the Montgomery Convention ‘' After several
ballots it was found that they were all candi
dates, and no ono received more than rue vote.
At length the name of an unpretending outsider
was proposed, and, ns no one supposed that he
could.ho Successful, they nil voted fir him. and
to the iiitenbw flisgiist of tbfcambitious patriots,
be yvaa clectjed unanimously.
■ KQ&. A. pljiiin, hard fisted old mhn called upon
Gey. Cuytiij> of I’ei.nsylvunia, the other-day.—
the Gorerripr, supposing, of course, that the
man wanted ft place 'somewhere, expressed his
appreciation' of his past services, .and said he
was sorry he couldnot reward him- with tin
office. I’Btit I don't want? an office/’ said the
old in an, *•! merely called to see if yon didn’t
want to buy a good dog,’’
■ To Consmnptives.
The lnlying been restorrd to health In a frw
hiringrtife'i'd'aev- ! fT|»p :Di«|f fin'll'' >Sfin4K ISAfif
eraiyear*vrltKaaaveroaJfeet}o d«art tfto- ! JMJ?. ”, ;W®s|
eaßecousumpilon—is anxious tumuhe known, to biafelluvr 9 •*■ luilUCj Ijtv U, Ia,IJAB Jjilji’ 1
nuJTorera tiin ihVtuui efeuro. ' '' tJ}Z}3 i* oek ? Ro-rta.
« il«i *' - ■ 1 v “ .-••*- f , He/will ogAln anrtauv bo cmmiltM q t John Woo«Va
• «o ttU Who wilt send a copy of the prescript
tion used(frenhTcharge,) With'tlio airoccion* foV proparlnft ■. 19th flay «f TK‘«ciiil»V, -'Alimi* ooedny fitmeh month fur
onre to
OiNßOwPTioN.iAsthma. ic. The only object of , - Srpt.’2<>! 1860.'' : ' •’WVJNfISTOJf.
the artvortibC£j -Sending the lYeaCTiptioii |« ; t<) tlie : •■:-"• ■• ■■' 1 l!
T7*.MU HpUSiS AJjp.lOr,
friyajuabTo, hopes every ' sufferer.wilt, try his rerao- 8' desmihlylocnted In tho BoroOßlr of AJtoqna. Anply
dy ia lt irtll c«'«t them nothing, and mny iirdvi ft btWjW. i J** \ - >* . i’; > ; SJfOSMAIOiR. v
* *>mie».*ishtog> prcicrlprinnajl! ploaab arfdrew. ' * j' A>teow. RK g .Mto«f. y , - '
J ' , Ret. J£DIYAIU> ; <
- -•■■■-■• r JVflUoap.hpi^-
Oft. ep t;r Jy. -- Grouty, itor ZtA.
N. B. BE'dNTtjN.
A Card to the Ladies.
mi. mii'ONC-rs ooLDii.N pills kok females. .
InJiiUih:t in cormffnp. rrgitUttiug, uml r?r'i l oh
itructiuin. /runt io-’ncttrer.tai&e. OinTufwilysj
at jfe- T t
There Is not a lady 1i v iairline-WSatat
life needs Jort «uch-a inprtkinorjM «
Pills '’ Oiie-ofth® first' ladle*ot' idfd
tin-re that bcncfltfi
of them, eltfwoiilAihe wilH'iijcio J(ilT $5 n N>x k ;
lit- \> :.r.„ut-them, if aUo cintld;
grioheiibt com;.o-‘!ni; these jdlls afa made knie
Agouti They will tell you they are perf-ctl,
and jet will do all claimed fur them. Kelt c
directions accompany each box.. Pxico- ifel.Oi)
Sold by O. W. E.ES3LEII, Druggist; sole is
10011:1. Pa,
l.a.lii'o by Heading bim Jl.OO to the AUnmti
cau have the [nil.-* sent to any part of.tlie'iom
dintiuliy iby malt, •• free of postage."’ Hold al*
ItLAD, Huntingdon, nini by one Druggist in ei
town and city iu ths State.
, s. d. uowa. i
(' ' Sole Proprietor, Now'fork, i’
i N. B. —The above Kills hare been counterfeited,'; md aro
uttered to Ladies at prices ranging from "Jo cents to 76 cts,
(dear at Hull) , leaik out fyr them.' The genuine, hereaf
■ ter, will hear the sigil&turj’of S.. D. Howe, sole proprietor.
; Price—sl. Purchase of the above gentletuenyaudiou wtU
tiud the genuine article, ami one you may rely:upon.
J muary 31, ISol.—ly. , ,
1 .’A ►•«■»* » :
To Consumptives.
And tlutiu tiUlictvd with
DV snips'! A
The midoralgatd, now seventy-five vouph old, has for
yosir* tlfvott**! his time to curing his Buri.-diouero.itnd. tho
poor in .No Von: uf thpse.dreiulful couq.hunts. which curry
Umu->?uidii tu an uuUmeiy grwvo; ’no has
HcM'jtii fail dto cuiV&ll xvlu» h-ve s\pjnl:-I iu him
I»ef. ami bvliwiiij; j; jo be a Christina'* duty to relieve
those abroad. a- wall as at horn©. he will send to tb'W* who
require it. a copy of Pichcrplion* used. i Froe of Char;:*;,
with*direction* for preparing and tflifc Alsu
lull-sun Diet. Ventilation, nml Exercise for the
they will find thesei-.outdit s teurc* cureibrOonsuiupv
Cion, ami all of the Throat ami Lung-, Fvver ami
Debility. ami Fts’nale C onpl»int3, and lu htq>oa every oy©
afflicted will ft-ml for a copy, as it will co*t nothing, N and
th«»se sufiVring apply before it b too lute. These
Proscription are by the inoit eylinoni riiy-sicintis in
London, Pan*, and New York. Those wishing them will
piva-e mldreH* KEY. DU. CHAMBERLAIN.
Nov. 16,*iX).-ly. \VTUiamsbi;.T,*i, Xew York.
Crying Cables! ! . Crying Babies !! 1
a n;x for thl Limit; om;s,
In cuna-. queue:* of the superiority of. Dr. IhiTos’b
Tiu; CouMAb over every other preparation of the kind, the
druggist of thici l«i\vu have almost ail vnlorvd and received
a supply of it; so duer up, .Mothers! No more crying
Lttbies! Don’t bf put c.ff with auy ntbor pr»*:>;ua;L.n by
any druggist who may not have received Dr. i nfau
tile Cordial, or u h » may on account of get*. me worth
ier* ui tide at a iaU* be a*vro mlerc-dcd i:i ‘•oiling
it. Let the best ; it is lor trfd'j iu town —nil you
find it.
P;*. Fror.souk ni.ioiT Food, far diseases of tlifc organs and
all puiumimiy c« mplainrs, is also frr in towb ; and if
at:v MjfiVfin*: 1.-mi ihc almve Complaints neglect U* Uy this
i-. - i-t; a;iv-u, Uk y itro gnil’.y uf sintidc. Xboro. una five
uc .W n, ol tlic blood Food—as u:t the smiki j riuci
j»l *, Lot graduated to the different of the blood
ihu diEVi *.-ut organs affected, ,Kj. 1 is for
Ft. ociiiii.s, C\;:i?u:i.puon. and other chronic com
plaint.- a:j»ing from overuse, general debility, or a«i veils
prooti atioii. N\i. E. fin* Laver Complaint*. No. f«-»r Dys
pepsia. No.-i. Woman’s Jlcbtoratlvo. No. 5. Man. 3 He
generator. Ack for the No. you want. Advcr
tiiuavur. Fur ha!& by A. Rouoh, AUu&ali, and C. D. GwLt &
Sou. PliiUuk-IphljAi. 1
closing years of lifts are often reidtml wretch
ed l*y ailrneuU which are trilling in thcnntelYfc* ami easily.
cured if rakou in time. Affection of the* liv<»r, stomach,
and oilier organs concerned in digestion; are thoiuust fro
qu -ut. They naturally’ make the sulfepsr nervous, irnta
bk 1 and complaining, and relatives and friends iho forced
lu b- ar the brunt of llieir.illdmmor. TUo use pit*, Hostet
ler* Colcbiat d Stomach Bitters will prove an efficient'
n im-ily for this evil: It will not only strengthen the
whole physical organization, but tnoiit
obstinate cases of Indigestion,, Dysentery, and
Livt-r Oniiplaii t. The first physic in the country are
K ud in (lo ir praise of this*preparation. Another recom
mendation of the fillers is that it is so palatable to.the
that It may be used even as a beverag^'
Sold by all druggists. ; •
An experienced nurse an i ;Vnmk» physician, basil fioothlug
Syrup for children teething, which facilitate* the
process of tfcthing, by potening the gum*, reducing all in
flamnmtion—will pllay all pain, and i* eure to regulate the
bowels. r Depend upon it. mothers. U will givere.-d tnyodr
selves, and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly
safe* In all ca*es. Soe advertisement in another column
@35,00 r
■ P.vya tho entire cost for Tuition in iho most popular nnd
successful Commarcinl School In the Country. Upward of
j twelve hundred young mcnr from twenty-eight different
; , States. hnv«i been- educated for businoM here within the
pan three year* mnif of whom have been einplolfcd-a,
Book Keepers at salaries of ,
$3000,q0 per An mi nr;
Immeiliatf-ly uiKin pradnhtlnj;, who Tuicwr notfiiDs ofac
counts when they eilierod'flioCoJlcCo. ' v '' :.T
-\ t£g- •in inter’s sons lm!f price.'’ Students enter at any
tiniu, and review when they, pleaae. witliant extra charge;
Kit Cetalopue of 84 pages. :S|oeinuaia of Prof.-C(iw|py , »
liusiuesx and Or ammrtsi I‘enmenship, and engrn
vin; of the lnclosA twentj-fivo cents Jit Postage
Stamps to the Principals, ■ j
f ■ j K?f KXA J 3 & SMITIf, Pittsburgh. P*.
Altoona. J,an. 24. ’dl-lyt. i .
■ Ttus-
XjL ew is ad Sfcoulditfßrac**; fcr sale at ?
l-tp‘ - . <£ ■'Br.’ SEjgi.UE'S. '.
\ T —TUKHDKS nift DISBAdBS; Syßowaw
jKjfSixGs. of
g-tv Vfl|Brinory <if PUUttfefeftfa, etc., etc.
Will TeU r&mibeOMSb, tralt»
SA-. Tiifalie bte«l*iM Karopean, Aeiartc,
V - •*-: X*s>J Amert#n libra*. with tlw.
n* fj-j' . ; ; i'physicaifcmifttou and p«cnlinritioe of tb»
; .' 4 Hnbnol.aniU how to seeortaln hie ago by the
'■■!■' ;;nnniberrinKl couiTitito of b|> teeth; lUluUa-
of her:
laid t-n
He na«:
../uu>«tVH VI UWKVUI',
ted tritlvnituii rous explanatory engrartugt-
.IRJtißdt XoU-if Ere.-dlug,' Brooking, feeding,.
' - ) '-Orwuniag. Shoeing,' and the gnnsrrd nuui
agomunt'uf tUu hoife, with thb lwt|Baitsftbt
, administering medicine, also, host tolfoht.
biting, kicking, rearing, allying, stnmbUug„
crib Citing, rcitlixwuees. aud otter trios* M>
- ' which honreubjact; with mnwHxmsssx.'
. plaimtory engravings. v• •
Mill Tull I'm of the cairns, symptoms. ami" tSrwatment of
strangles, aore throat, distemper,catarrh*
Influent, bronchitis, pneumonia, ptitlrUy,'
broken wind,, chronic eongb, roartpgand
whistling, lumpas. sore month antfAUesr*.
and decayed with otherdiabaSCooC
the mouth and respiratory organ*., •
Will HU You of tho ctiuaoa. symptoms and tiCattnentof
worms. huts, colic, strungnlatiutKstonycou
crctions, ruptures* pul*y,diwr|t(*a,.J*iin
dice. hepatinhucu. bloody stones In.
the kidneys and. blmldey, inflammation anil
other discascs of the Stomach, lk>weU,liTor
and urinary organs.
he in-
>r Al-
n'ili Tall You of the causes,., symptoms and treatment or
bone, blood uml bog, spavin, swoenio, ring
bone, strains, brukuuikiKJes, wind galls,
founder, Bole.bruiso and.gravtl.qraeked
buofc,. scratches, canker, UtruaboSndcsirns;
also, of inctrrlms, vertigo, epilepsy* stajjjura
and, other diseases of tHtf fiict, legkMidhead..
in;; Tail You of the onuses, symptoms nod trqatnieut of
fistula. poll evCl. ("landers, larcy. scanot 6s
. »ver, malice, nurfcii.-locked jaw.tbpuiuai’Uut,
\ crump, galls, diseases of the eyeand heart,
| ic,. Ac., Jtc., and how to managoiawU'a.tlou,
' bleeding; trephinuing; rowelihgifirlng. her
| nia.' amputation, tapping,. aud ,bther surgi
' cal Operations. ' .
ini, Tn'i Ibu of itarey's meilitxl of tnmluahorsisi; how to
uppruach, halter, or stable it colt;
I ' accustom a horse to strange sounds and
| sights, and how to bit, saddle, fide andbreuk
. him to harness; also, tho form and law of
)■ M .tr.itantt. The whole bimiir tho. result of
| ' more titan ctfraiyil study of tha
! habits, pectilhiiities.'waiits ttitif .wvakuOaacs
of this noble and useful li'ultngU t;.. ; c .
The book Contains . SSt pages, ” pptopriit tbly;Ultt»t«d«d
i by neat ly One Hundred KiiaiatTugs. It is prluted, lft u
i clear mill'open type, and will be furnished
IK'stage paiil. on receipt of price, hellhound,
cloth. cNira,cl,tlo ~ ■ '7,. ' ...
i£ I (Hlli A ' V"l7 AT? CIUI be.uiadeby ehterprU-
TpiUUU IV 1 XVillV muu every whew, la
.selling the above, and other popular works, Qur
■ inducements to aU such tpxs exceedingly ;ÜbcCsUf ■■■?■■
. lor single copies of the hook, or for terms to agents, w(lh
! ether information, apptv to or address
t Nov. S.-Giu No. 817 Sansom Street, b)illndelf>hlit, P«t
| MOBlvli'N COOKERY in 'nit .its
Eliza ACto.*,. Carefully revised by Mw. 8. J^XutS&p;V’.'
It Tells You How ta choose ail kinds Of meahTwiiltty, and
pCUlie. with nil the
cd inodes of . dressing iMKif and
pork; also mio best and simplest Vftty ofetdt
jiii/!, pjcklinit and.cueing
.11 Telit I'ou All the virion* and most approved mod** of
diseasing. cooking. anil boning nmttdn.Uiab,
veal, poultry, and gaum of all kind*, With
the diJ7erent dii-s-ilnga, gravies.aud stuffings
appropriate to ea*h. i
It Tells You How to cliooH-, clebUj mid pieaerve Jls?l of*U '
i kinds, and bow to.sweeten dt wbett.tetotsd;
I also nil the yariuna and mint Hppct'Willniodßa
i! of cooking. with the different dXESsinj{»i*«ae«s
1 ’ ‘ and flavorings approprlateto e«olr.:r ; .
i R Tell i Ibu- All the various and moat approved- nodes of
preparing overtlfty. different Itlode.df ilrmt, "
Tieb. Yowl. Ommv.aud Vegetable -Soap*,
Broths, and Stem!, with. the Relishes and
tseasouings 'appropriate so «-ach.' V,V'h, '
Jt Tells Tou All the various cndniostapproved mode* pf
cooking Vc-geUblesrit everydescription, yUo
. bow to prepare IMeUles. Catsup* and Currios
of all kinds, rutted Sleats.'PijiU,(iante,Jdu»h
ro-tos, Ac. ' . .
Jt TiUs Tou AH the. various and most' approved modes of
pvetv.i in.; ami cooking all kiuiid o*'riala and
fancy IV, try. puddings, Omelette*. fritters,
■ Cakes. Confectionary, Preserves! Jellies, and
Sweet llisle-a of every'li slription. •„
It Tells Tou Alt the. various and most approved.modes df
making Bread. Rusks Muffins, and Biscuit, .
the best method of preparing coffer; Chdco
i late, ami Tea. nml how to makeBjrupe, Col> "
ciiais: and Wines of various IfiHits; " -V>!
' It Tells You How to eel out nnd.<AhaWeiit iv
I Carve all kimUiif V’iah, i lesh« TfowW and
in'short. how to mi simplify the wßpld.Arl of
Cooking As to bring the ehoicwittatpvfci of
tlictnldo within everybisra r?jMfct|; - “ : - ■
The bo iV con l it ins 41S i-»ges.' and
rln’d ItcciiKw. nil ft tvhicb uni thv V!^u!ta|bfa<[twj3expert
hoNi rully rtod
«<*uul Mii»*ifntenrb*nc* of tho /It’ -Itf la »
. cicnr aut* is iU\s»?tnvi«fd Vliba^pr^pHat^siii-
:»iiU will Im furw4r<li«lflo
bnuinL an i postngp paid, on recfpfcfftlrt
cl«uli. cxt:*a, $1.25.' V - '•
selling the above iuduccuicnSa'tot^miit h !bclQX
very iUn-iat . tr. - ••• c ...
Kor idirgle copies of the Book, or for ten&af agtißU,
with other iutorniatidii, apply to dr itdiliies* S '
JOHN. B. PftVCRR. Pdttfilwc, v
No. Cl 7 Satiaau StrAetj ,
Nor. 7,*C0.-6m. . :: - ■ : r-y:>Af..v« ■' .
■■' ■ •'at tub ' "'l’ <;k
“ MODEL stotie sv
our friends that’ we ary again’oa' haai' V.ii *u
unusually large stock of . . . ' ' T
which we think have Tjcon bought at pricesn*-'
hie n.vhi compolefwilh ‘any otherhdnw inthlVeeftlonof
country! ’ \fu have mjw on, hands a larger "rtoCk 'of
Goods thttn'Ms liorcttftore Veen brought hv t hl» b "thU
vp liopothaladicrvrill appreciate oiir ciToH» tbpW»ert»lr
tastes by callin': and looking at take
p)easnis in' sliVhviiig. ’!VVV. liaVij many hovDrei*
Wool Delaines, -Mohair Mixtures, -Oriental Bustres,
i’aleslors, Brocade Mohairs, Silk Brdlidntt- p r
• Silk Poplins, Brocade VopUnOOKMi I ’^.,
' Valencies, Rep Poplins, FigursU'-ii^
Cashmeres, j Mottled Merinos,
Wool Plaids. Fig.-Preach ;
' ■ Merinos. PlavySa,- ;,
Together with a full stock of all kinds of J)rawt|l,kJiil
Staple Pry-Goods, Cloaking,
TwePtlsl Sc. bailies. SlisSea
'ana Cloth pustirw. Uasiery.orflvc*,'Woolen
Oil Cloths, Bed ’
IVo ask particular attention, to bar presetui oIm&oI. ■
which \vc Ipel safiiarwchbaper can''ib# ;Iswght
elsewhere. TVb hare'also our usual'sappiybf ‘i' ; ' ‘
Groceries, (fceen&ware, Ha*dw«:e,
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Boots and sho^s.—tlie mj
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sell cheap at fils store in the Mngbhic Te'mple, MSI .
a Hrgd and complete assortment of BOOTS > nS*
AJIjD SHOES. ready made, nr mode to order, BBS
Overshoes, Ladles’ Sandals. Onm Shoes. Cork Baa.
Soles; and everythin g-i uh Is line ut ImgJnoea, of ’
tfie best quality ahet on the most reasonable terms;* All
custom work warranted. i 1 ■
; Jan. 2, ’6<Mf.} ' ,• , J. BAOEMAKEB.
JLiwnninatiite RATS, MICE, nOACHEH ANTS, and
without danger ini® setfundwany drctmuUu
ccs for sale nt the Drugstore of <3. >V. UKSShKR, ,
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X foreala. Apply to JOUY SUOEMAJCRTI.i
Sept; ■■..,», a - A^thej^te.
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• Kov.. i», 1800.
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Jubu AUt«ou, ■
jDsfvii T. Caldwtll,
Jicmot. SiMctom.
WillmmUoydeu, 8
jo». P, UUcman,
SilvioA. Iteok, 2
William Debt, 1
■0» C u JUaton, . 8
&»<>* IK Spark$ f 8
1 ' /aeoi Wagner, 2
JvnttLotclhtr, 1
,- •
. C./& Hostetler,
Jwtf** Pitney,
jVy J.Mipint, ■
j>. J.Travit, ■
Joseph K. Ely. '
{-ii&avn./ '
. John SfoCloH&uJi
t - Autftttir* Amwoiu,
[ Solomokßo.y er, .
L "
* ■• J.
* JwAifa Mwjier,
Chat. J. Mann, 8
MoCuriuick, 1
&unutl Black,
V. Jp. Levan.....
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, -Jem. 5t10......
. -, ‘ . : wsr«ct
Ji K. Heilman.......
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