The Altoona tribune. (Altoona, Pa.) 1856-19??, February 14, 1861, Image 1

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ming the
l its sensibilities.
>ul u reliable.ptef'
uS'o, Duainav,
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:i!to, for Safin*
iitinpVu iftnceb,
,:i anii-tpamodio
s of CoxmsioM
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toti anti blighting
,u the use of iuxr
inlile OmjUainit
rtnluM, anil iM*
, 25 ccati. Toll
rod only l>y
ay, New-York.
-dtmenti, and
i\ ;c the lllrod of
l.iviT Complainy
it ry vutumje cep*
-1. yu;>;i/ylha#a
I-.. Blood I'oob t»
7 astonishing
1 In different <Ua
>>K any affsctieflr
Ing CosacKPtto*, “
xhSio.v or anuu.
■iPLitsia. arising
> kvol's Paosraa
fur Ditnnu. —
yaked or Dm», =!.> that wliat
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all coses the di
nt the Blood ibeff
av, New-York.
at tho country.
li) f omonn t, larger
tuey from the day
oin, whsnovsr It
. JiloMiMm,
v- it !u a place of
„V.i»iued for it. >
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and each other
6 o'clock, nod OB
bo oTouicg.
i i.ns,
.oil Buxmi,
)v. Bmr.r,
if. Third St Ptifla-’
ril Uth, 'i9-ly.
i' pro
all 111*’ now di«-
i.-l: language, by
a: liable and inter
im gi'for the gen*-
-uh Engravings.—
r.’.ymplating mar-,
t to" married life,
rt- that every on*
that moat .bo
1f will be sent ,t*
■> in specie or ia
m. No.4l6Sprue*
! .TK—No matter .
■C' y ourself under ».
:).«—native or for-
I jpi-r, get.a copy
it carefully. It
oiler, your health.
) rfie disease* de
-416 Sprnceßt.
• cii - and
" rtmeni of Gold
ah and Swiaemaa
r - in aiilit/onda.
1 made to order) tb
or Plated ware,
f-.h yoode aa »r*
■ eelry Store.
■! the enbserlbsr,
ited to call, and
••-■■iivy. • A* I ace ■
*' ■• I be eoliLrary
i ;hc motto of this
f ii- Conrad,
. ;erry, Phllada.
: - Criminals i» la
• -»t«l throughout
’ rrltln, Criminal
■le, togother with !
* i bo found is any
■ c eli months, ta
urne IWI nssiN
i' y reside plainly>
a co„
’■■•‘iee. Gazette,
. Vt* York CiXy.
second floor, A
J obtain farther
■r:'. of the Blair
l->«r, is at alt
l . - ty firs/JSWW;
” .'y, of del:
i . • rate* aa any
< .uston, Jack!
»V iILL, Agent, "
li.- undereigmed. r
>r .liimag* by £i«.
f r ficriy of trrty
ia? viable mMM
>! Twof/lt - ■
t*. ••'
•11 INVITE ATTENTION to soma of the most extraordi
ngey curea hy my
They are at home and any one who has doubts can in
quire of the persons who have been cured hv it.
ATTEND TO YOUR A case of five yearsstand
ing turod bv
lIK. KEYSER :—air wife hue boon afflicted with a bad
coiighand difficulty of breathing for lire or six years,
which for teveral yearn Dock had gradually increased in
violouce. The couiplaintha* Ken hereditary, and she had
W treated by teveral physicians without any relief. In
thisetato of her case I procured some of your Pectoral
Cough Syrup. T hought the first time n fifty cent bottle,
which relieved her very much; I then called pud got a
dollar bottle, which cured her entirely, add she hits now
iiotcaceof the.former disease, except weakness. 1 would
alio elate that I used the medicine myself to n cold and
cough. -The medicine cured mu, by taking one dose. I ex
press my entire satiefartion with the medicine, mid you
ure'nt liberty to publish this if you desire to do so.
Alderman, Fifth Ward.
Pirrentnw. Nov. ISth, 185 S.
Da. Keyset. ;—AUhonghtibf an advocate of Patent Medi
olno in gaueral. lt afforils ma great pleasure to recommend
your Pectoral Sytup". Aaa medicine il ts well worthy the
attention of any person who. may in any manner he affec
ted with coughs, colds and hoarseness of any kind, and fur
the peculiar qualification^for retnoriug all that disagreea
ble sensation atteiidiug a cold’.
I hare been moyo or less, in my life affected with the
severest colds of hoarseness. At times my throat would
bocqme so Closed as to prevent my speaking above a whis- !
per, nod by taking a few doses of the above Syrup it would i
relieve me entirely.
In recommending this medicine, I must unhesitatingly 1
ssy that R U the best medicine I over found, purporting to j
cure tbeaboro; nor should any family bu without this
remedy fof diseases so pccvalent.
Yours,•most res]Kctfullr,
Cashier, Citizens’ Deposit Rank, ‘
SriCBEXVitLE, 0., March 1-lth. 1339.
I have sited Dr. Keyser’s Cough Syrup for k had cough
of sbVoral years standing, and can cheerfully say If is the
Deal medicine, for the samo that,! have ever taken.
- ' J. W. PRICE.
C P.—Dlt Ksvskr— Deal Sir: ExCnSo the delay of tuv ac
knowledging tiio exreUvnce of your Pectoral Sirup sooner
L t ' l £°J ;r ~ t pleasure in saying that it ij all you any it i 3.
the worst one I was aver aHI ic ted with; 1 have not used
Wore then one half of the bottle. and can and do wuh that
all who are aQlicted would give it as fair a trial as 1 have
tliejr will bp proud tu Bay, ** It Jg ua ijiiack mptli*
cine.” 1 would not suffer another such an attach for-nnv
•onslderatlon. or at any cost. lam confident I can breathe
more freely than I over did. 1 shall always acknowledge
a debt of gratitude for inventing so excellent a remedy.—
You are at liborty to use my name in this reganLus "you
think proper. >' E. F. PRATT. ’
Messenger, Common Council, Pittsburgh. Pa.
V HnTSBtnG, May Ilth. ISiu. '
N. B.—l am no stranger to my fellow citizen?, and all
wuo entertain doubts can consult me personally)
READ THE TRUTH—Dm. Krmu; I have a daughter
who h«e takeb several medicines for a had cough, who has
taken'seWral medicine*, for ft bgd cough, without benefit—
among them Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. -I purchased from
yon a hottU of your SECTORAL KYRCP. and before sho
bed used half a bottle she was relieved. The second bot
tle cored her entirely other cough. x .
i Robison street, Allegheny.
. . PitTsntTro. December Slst. Ro3.
ii i ll , v f iu . lVol ' l ™ township, Allegheny county.—
a ld •Fating, which coihmericed about
the .4th Of February last, and continued eight months; I
•inpioyed the best, physicians in the country, aiid mV
' Continued unabated until earlv in October. At Unit
time Xwm advised to trvyour PECTORAL SYRL'P, which
I did. and alter X had token one bottle I was entirely free
Irora the' coughing ftmi spitting. I Ijrul dlspaired of ever
getting well, ond-Ithihx it should be known Urn this
valuable remedy iwilNb lbr other* what it hss done in
uiy case. JOHN.C. LIIXLK, Peebles township.
Witness—B.U.i’KeES. ' . .¥■ 1
■ . _ is*?.
■- A tln»e;arf»;Jw»«ld neigh
#bor ofaMpirVi very IlCwlth A bad conchSifilchbrerv one
: ga PP'*t&ftf|>*- cnnsnmpttoi. 'His. relativestohltdeJic hod*
•taken efafeJetuedy Umjr heard of Withottß^neWt: Ids
brothaedmafe to conBria^lyuAhe
bottle of.ytrarPelc ttwirf' Syrup, wlileh t’* R wwi htds, «■*>*, ■
sutlrely tojbe
makes thrlSSk-mpre the of
ths man.WjfengabontSJS^euV old. Ihftv^Sdoubt'
the Psctortf saved his life. JOHN MTHNNI3.
> r Alnusttosrenbody around us has tho
cold «nd anf ionniriug Pcctpihfeyrun.”
• ***Tf sjmYslxtesn
• ? nl fu their
lentiliet. ’ln Waut It again.
_ i . , 3. a WAtTERSON k SON'S.
' JnnujaqrJOAj-ISCo. - ,w ; .-
“ d weeks—so bad was it
sleep. IKftCrae advice and- prescriptions from throel of
the best (9iy*|ci«ii« In the «ity; whom X could nftme, but
, 2»i ot ao w. .i a bottle of your pectoral
Kyrnp, which chnO we enUfuly. Signed,
v J; w; sniONTON. -
V s - S 3& Liberty St, Plttsbmtf, J»a, Jaa. »th, 1860, *
1 6T <>P tHAT, COCOHISG."-“How can I do it??—
; J.-1 o enATood street and gat a bottle of ids
Cougli Pectoral, and If that don’t cure voiij yourcaee tnhst
be despertwfmleed.”' This is a specimen of thb coltodtnr
eno bean almost every da* in cold catching seasons of the
? ** r : • actnal experiment; eheiffttll/con
'? r . JfA"* *del»er ■ admonition as abate, for wd bite tried
‘ hi a; most stubborn case, with; entire #<ic
weeks agowewent to rittsbqrg-witliono
S? 8 ! d, * trtts ™Z contrary, mnlisli, unsqbdnablo
thl» S mnhdan!ri o w* r *loee ,«hr advent' upon
ly for one coU S tl < d steadily and laboroua
no Ko. ? In '". h °Pf of tir “K it out, but It was
amfto have ra , tllt>r to improve by practice
by the oner-lion iV ii? 8 * 11 ’ P° ,euc . v nr >d dhtro.dbilltv
oirTayU, te *° r 11,8 **«•. we coughed
cent bottle of tha pLctoml st^et ., I‘rocurad a fifty
I ■ ■JM Wood street, Pitsbnrg, jfa.. '
H 'odtiiachk RjssiKDr.— • •< •
I Jan. 31. IECI-Sn*,
,- 0
H .
toi 1
\ o
: S
' g
PITTSCCRO. Jan. 11th; 1360.
t-.' >i
cc 5
to >
* t
GEQ. : Gr. EVANS, .
Xo. 433 Chestnut Street. Phila.
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AR lbe writings 'of every standard author in every do'
partment Of erery etyle ol binding,' at the
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more thenyou would at any other establish mept, ah d ’ vi>n
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:"' v ' '•‘''■■^■ : ! i
Originator of the Uift Book Entorprite,
3 rr.. rn i
; ;Td j
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gagld|piHan*'o':r 'isttr-^attKS-'- : » j.«t.voJaV' -ivt 1
Requiring but little timeand no ontly of rtoneyjandby
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'AVtAuaUtlArary, ;
. ; A sae Void Match and Chaim,
A Uahdimkt SerrOtf of Pla(*, "
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Or any otlicr choice articles cnimicratedintheList of Gifts
can ipo eo by acting as nti Agent for this esfabUsbhient.
pcrtKio, in any part of the country* can bean Agent
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. Send for a ralalogue. which contains «R the .desired in
formation relative to agencies and tlio formation dTclubs’:
ahd'to insnrn pfolhpt and honorable ‘dealings, 'address dll
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K. F, P
"•'* ‘ “wfefererojS ot tiir otckair, *ab ■> s
>• . ; ~W#TBeWO»U>, . t, i
So. Stirect, PgbdS.
£♦l* B.ISW. Cm. . ■
■ A*
Original Gift Book Enterprise.
Tht iaryettin theworld; permanently located at 43U tVicsl
, nut Street/ I‘hiladelphia.
Having purchased the spacious Iron Building, No. 438
Chestnut Strcet-and fitter! it up with every - convenience to
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1 will furnish any book (of a moral character) published
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Strangers visiting Philadelphia arc invited to. call'and
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where all hook* are sold at the Publisher's prices. and you
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GEO. G. EVANS’ Original (lift Book Enterprise boa been
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' ieiuliiig city papers in the
United Suites:
'•120. (1. EVANS’ Punctual business transactions have re
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citizens-of the United States, each of
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LcilU'l XrtFrpnpfr.
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Great work on the horse.
—THE HOUSE AND HIS diseases ; By Koiiekr
JvNMxafl, V. P., Professor of Pathology and Operative Sur
gery in the Veterinary College of Philadelphia, etc., etc.
HVii Tell lou: of flic Origin, History and distinctive traits
: of the various breeds of European, Asiatic,
African and American Horses, with, the
physical formaton and peculiarities of the
: animal, and how to ascertain his age by the
number and condition of his teeth; illustra
ted with numerous explanatory engravings.
' »HB JWI lb<of Breeding, Breaking, Stabling, Feeding,
Urooming. Shooing,, and the general man
j ; tigemont of the horse, w-ith the best modes of
I , administering medicine, also. how to treat
l , biting, kicking, rearing, shying, stumbling,
I : crib biting, reatlcssness. ami other rices to
, which he ia subject; with numerous cx-
J • plauatAvy engravings.
; 111(1 TtU Yoa. of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of
| : strangles, sore throat, distemper, catarrh,
j ; influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy,
I broken wind, chronic eough, roaring and
whistling, lampas, sMWe month and ulcers.
and decayed teeth, with other diseases of
the mouth and respiratory organs.
Will HU You of the causes, .symptoms and treatment of
i worms, hots, colic, strangulation, stony con
cretions, ruptures, palsy, diarrhoea, jaun
dice. bepatirrhcea, bloody urine, stones In
. the kidneys and bladder, i nil animation and
other diseases of the Stomach, bowels, lirer
: and urinary organs.
Hill TtU l'uu of the canoes, symptoms and treatment of
'bone, blood and hog, spavin, swoonie, ring
bone, strains,- broken knees, wind galls,,
founder, sole bruise and gravel, cracked’
I .hoofs, scratches. canker,-thrn»h and corns;
also, of megrims, vertigo, epilepsy, staggers I
and other diseases of the feet, legs audbeud. ■
Imß Tea You -of the causes, symptoms and treatment of
.fistula, poll evil; glanders, farcy, scarlet fe
rvor, mange, surfeit, looked jaw, rheumatism,
.cramp, galls, diseases of the eye and heart,
Ac., Ac., ic., and how to manage castration,
bleeding, trcphimiiug. rowoting. firing, her
nia, amputation, tapping, and other surgi
cal operations.
IFtR Tell loti of Barey's method of taimiug horses; how to
approach, hdlter. or stable a colt: how to
accustom a horse to strange sounds and
Sights, and how to hit. saddle, ride and break
• him to harness; also, the form and law of
, iWAUßurry. The whole being the result of |
more than fifteen years’ careful study of the 1
. habits. peculiai ilics, wants and weaknesses j
bf this a.ible and useful animal. I
The book contains 38-1 pages, appropriately illustrated j
by nearly One .Hundred Engravings. It is printed in a I
clear.and,open .type, and will be furnished .to any address,
postage paid, oh receipt of price, half bound, *l.OO, or, in
cloth, extra, JVIS. ~
Siooo A YEAR can he made by enterpris-
A mg men everywhere. In
selling the above, and other popular works of ours, Our 1
inducenients to all such are. exceedingly liberal.
¥or single copies of the book, or for terms to agents, with
other information, apply to or address'
„ ; JOHN E. POTTER, Pnblishcr,
Xov. 8,-6m , Xo, Sl7'Eansom Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
-JL MOMJRJf COOKERY in all its branches, by Miss
| Eliza Acrox. Carefully revised by Mrs. a, J. Hale.
J Tells You ili>w to choospall mads pf meat, poultry, and
\ game, with nil the various apdmoit appmv
' *4 inodes'of dressing and cooking hdef and
P<>rk also the best and simplest way of salt
, iijg. pickling and curing the sumo. •
It Tolls Jem All the various and most' approved inodes of
dressing, cooking, and honing mhtton, lamb,
real, poultry, an«l game of alt kinds. With
tile different dressings, grayles, aud stuffings
appropriate to each. . .
It Tells Tots Il<iw to choosy, clean, and preserve Fish of all
kinds, and how to sweeten if when tainted;
1 also all the various and most approved modes
of cooking, with tlie different dressings.sauces
_ and flavorings appropriate to each.
It Tells Tim All the vmi.jus and most approved modes of
preparing over fifty different kinds of Meat.
F«h, Fowl, Game, and Vegetable Soups,
Hfoths, and Stews, with iho Relishes and
Seasouiugs appropriato so each.
It Tout You Ait the various and most approved modes of
cduking Vegetables id every description, also
hdw to prepare Pickles. Catsups Hpd Curries
ofjuli kinds, I’otted Meats, Fish, Game, Mush
rooms, ic.
fit Tells You Alifthe various and most'npproved modes of
preparing and cooking all kinds of Plain and
i’atncy i'aatry, J’nddinmj. QmeJettes. Fritters,
Cases, Confectionary, Preserves, Jellies, and
-Sweet, Dishes of every dwtriptlnh. .
it Tells Xou All jtho various and most approved modes of
making Bread, Rusks, Miifflus, and Biscuit,
the best method of prepjringcoffee, Choco
late, nod Tea, and ho wto rhako Syrups, Cor
dials, and Wines of ,various kinds.
fi Tells Tou Dow to set out and .ornament a Table, how to
■i . kinds ofilslv lleeh or Fowl, and
-J .inßhort, how to so simplify the whole Art’of
Cooking aa to bring the choicest luxuries of
table within evefyboa’s reach;
Hie book contains lIS pages, arid upwards oflwelvc hun
dred .Recipes, all|of which are,tho results of actual experi
ence, having bcch fully and carefully tested under tho per
sonal supenutehaenco of tho writers. It! is printed hi a
clear and open type, u illustrated with appropriate off
gravinge, and w£|l bo forwarded to anvjaddress. neatly
Ixmnd, and postage paid, on recipt of the price, 41.00. orlu
cloth, extra, $1.25. ,
$lOOO Ai YEAR '? ri U made by enterpri
, Sing men everywhere, in
selling the above work, onr inducements to all such being
very liberal. - K . _ . »
w ,¥? r ‘{"8 1 ? or to agents,
with o.her information, npplvte or address
- * PQXIEH. Publisher,
- - No. Cl 7 Sansah 6treet 7 J > hHid«lpbia, ra.
J«ov. 7, CO.-Can.
FQKSTft6jcitlrM*'of'Altnona ftndficiriltVthat Ills
COX FECTIOXIUIY, X tTT .ind Flt UIT STOIIS, la ; nl ways
supplied vith'tbb very beat articles to be bad; and in great
'' HeJbas alVrajrs cm hand a idt of - '•’■•
- He Uat *U tidies prepared to supply &ikM, candies. Ac,
for pic-nic* and othei- parties. > He Invites a share of jwb-
Ilp jiatrotiage, bcltering that ho can Tender satlsfcetion
to alb NfS.-v;- ■ ';; x .,
Keincinber,lili| a tore and saloon is onVlrginia.strcet.two
doors betow Fntbpa’s Hall'. ~ ■ OTTO: ROSSI, r
JL# dcrtl£Bea ’bar noir on' hariaind will'
«*Udnatikt In the ilhsoaic Tmn- .|3B
IHO made; 6r m»dn to order, .-•
Owrehotf,L»<ttef I >‘«nilnl*. Ounraiiom/Cork'
Bolet, asd erwjrahig inliia line of hasine*»,of ’ W^PPi*
atogtTt, “ 6n * **™« : «?»
•■ n ■■'
The Root and Herb Doctor,
10th ,ouo dayjn catarmontli for
ceverawgopths thereriTer.'tootlce of u-hfeturUl be riven In
this paper. ; DK. W. LEVINQSTOJt.
Seflt. 20, 1S00.: ,
N -.. • I *
/termbaiting KATSf, 3JICE, AtfTS'ril’d
-bugs without ln' its too Tinder atrcircniastia
for orient thejDnig"Store of - : -■ ■
■ . p; W. J
j dwlrablyjacnted li»tliollorcrori*<>f Mtoaan,-;: Apply
*<» v: ' jotis shojjmaki{L
Alloonn. gob. 9. IMQ.-tf. ■ : w.;. ; , ; ... i; ;. . ■ , v '
‘T-VIV ; \ . ‘ ■ ' .-'Si ' : '
£. B. MCCBIJM,.. ; ....H. C. DERN,
Per. annum, (payable invariably in advance,) $1.60
All papers discontinued At tho expiration of tbs time
paid for.
leans or ADTXRTtiasa.
1 insertion 2 do. 3 do.
Fotar lines or less '. $25 $ 37b£ $5O
One square, ( 8 linesi-. y 50 lb 1 00
Xwo r‘ (16 “ Jr?......:... 100 160 300
Three ’• (21 ) 1 60 2 00 2 60
Over three weeks and less than three mouths, 25 cents
per squar e for each insertion.
3 months. 6 months. 1 year.
SiV lines or less $t 60 $3 00 $5 00
One square, 2 50 4 00 7 tW
Two " 400 .6 00 10 00
Three •• „ 5 00 8 00 12 00
Four “ 600 10 00 11 00
Half a column ; 10 00 11 00 20 00
One column./. , 14 00 25 00 40 00
Administrators and Executors Notices 1 76
Merchants advertising by the year, three squares,
vrith liberty to change, 10 00
Professional or Business Cards, not exceeding 8
lino* with, paper, per year 6 00
Communications of a political character or individual in
terest xyill be charged according to the above rates,
. Advertiseinen ~s wot marked with the number of inser
tions desired, will bo continued till forbid and charged ac
cording to thy above terms.
Business notices fire cents per line for every insertion.
Obituary notices exceeding; ten ilneb> fifty cents a square,
Jlflcd Jjnetrjr.
She, is modest, but not bushel ;
Free and easy, but not bold ;
Ljko an apple—ripe and mellow ;
Net too young, and not too old;
Half inviting, half repulsive.
Now advancing, and now shy,
There js mischief in her dimple,
There is danger in her eye.
She has studied hum-nn nature;
- She is schooled in all-'her arts;
She has taken her diploma
Asa mistress of all hearts;
She can tell the very moment
When to sigh and when to smile ;
0, a maid is something charming.
Hut the widow all the while.
Are yon sad? how very serious
Will her handsome face become;
Are you angry ? she is wretched,
Lonely, friendless, tearful, dumb, .
Are Vuii mirthful ?.how her laughter.
Silver sounding, will ring out;
She can lure, and catch and play out,
As tho oiigler does the trout.
Yon old bachelor of forty ,
Who have grown so bald and wise.
Young Americans of twenty,
■ With the lovo-look in their eyes.
Yon may practice all your lessons
Taught by Cupid since the fall,
But I know a little widow
Who could win and fool you all.
c§dfct HJiscfllang. •
“ What is the price of this dressing
gown, sir ?” asked a sweet faced young
girl entering the elegant store of Huntley
& \\ arner in a city anti the street of a city
whi(?h shall be nameless.
It was a cloudy day. The clerks
lounged over the counters, read papers
and yawned. The man to Alice
Locke addressed herself, was jaunty and
,middlc aged. lie was head clerk of the
extensive establishment. of Huntley &
Warner,and extremely consequential in
his manner. /
“ This dressing gown—wo value it at
six dollars—you shall have it for five, as
trade is dull to-day.”
Fiyc dollars ? Alice looked at the
dressing gown longingly,; and the dork
looked at her. Ho saw that her clothes,
though made arid worn genteely, were
common enough intestine ,rinu that Tier
face, was very much of the common line.
Howit changed Inow shaded, now light
ed by the waned play of her emotions.—
The clerk could almost have sworn that
she had no more than that sum, five Hol
lars, in her purse or ppeket.
The gown, was a very good, one for; the
price. ‘lt was bf common shade, a tolera
ble merino, and lined with the same ma
terial. ■' ■
1 X think’—she hesitated a moment—^l
think I’ll take it,’ishe said ; then seeing
in the face before her an expression which
she did not i ike, she blushed as she hand.-
cd out the ibill the clerk had made up his
mind to take ;; *
■■■: '*^rin^,\eri§| JlorKnt) the head clerk,
in a (juick,.;ppmpons 'toner ‘ pies up . (he
bank<dctoctor.- • ' > w y : ,^,r
. ■ h *; Boy, : frith the dc
pyfrom -'i column to polpmn. -Thcn jip
looked over with a sharp glance ex
claimed— ...
; < pat?» a'«opterfeirbaiy - -S
• .sweet I; ia^-gtew ; !‘ ai!i
ao yi»:jnuBfc b© sir/.
1 '*■ I’m tiot fflistakeo' j Pin never rnistaif eir,
3?s is counterfeitr i
offered us of ]ate 4hat we intond to see»re
such persons v as.pass it. ynjaday
I setttrit?- r ■ ;er!.-b- 'ft: ■..•! *:£■.•* '
i; v,: ?ijte.fC ■ '■■• • sir,".of Sfat'Ytiti&i We
: ~ ,L ■* J 3<yfe*it'rir «*xft a-yflai Ao? jactf'i
no-doubt about thk j you cAQ fcok for
yourkelf. Now md ; see i yoti
here again until you can bring good money,
for we always suspect such persons as you,,
that come on dark days with a well made
‘But sir— ’
‘You need make no explanations, Miss/
said the man' insultingly. 4 Take your
bill, and the next time you want to buy *
dressing gown, don’t intend t<i pass coun
terfeit money,’ and, as h$ banded it, the
bill fell from his hands.
Alice caught it from the floor and hur
ried into the street. ’
Such a shock the girl* had never, re
roccived in all her life before. It was the
| first insult sho had ever known, and it
| burned her cheek aud paitied her heart,
j Straightway, indignant- and grieved,
i sho hurried to a banking! establishment,
| found her way in, ana presented the note
to a noble looking man 'fvith grey hair,
faltering out, ‘ is this billja bad one sir?’
The cashier and his son happened to be
the only persons present.! Both noticed
her extreme youth, beauty and agitation.
The cashier looked at it closely and
handed it back, as with a polito bow and
somewhat prolonged look he said :
‘ It’s a good bill, young lady.’
‘I knew it was,’ cried; Alice, with a
quivering lip— ‘ and he dated ’
She could go no further, but entirely
overcome, she-sbent her and the hot
tears had theft* way.
‘ I beg pardon, have y-<
with it V asked the cashier.
1 Oh, sir, you will ploasfe
givir.g_way to my feelings
so kindly, and 1 felt so sur|
And I think, sir, such ' ]
those clerks in Hunter & VS
be removed, lie told: nn
counterfeit, and added sot
am glad my father did not
the publisher would not
money ’
‘ W ho is your father,'yox
ed the cashier, becoming in
‘ Mr. Benjamin Locke, si
' Benjamin—Ben Locke
a clerk in the Navy Departi
ington V '
! ‘ Yes, sir; we removed ft
plied Alice. ‘ Since then’-
he has not Been well
somewhat reduced. Oh, v
you these things, sir ?’
‘ Ben !’ j
cashier; ‘the man who was
me ! Give me his number
child. Your'.father wag on
perhaps the only friend- I
not-forgotten him. No. 4,
I will call this evening. : M
have the bill—let me.see—
another. Conic -to look* I
five— is a, ten; we’ll ma 3
•ilhai evening the inmate
genteel house received the
M-tt—- Bank. Mr. Loo
grej hair, though numbe
years, rose from his atm ch;
afiectcd, greeted the famili
son of the cashier accompa
while the eldest talked toget
the young man grew quite <
‘ Yes, sir, I have been
said Mr/Locke, in a lo\v t
but just ipecovered, as jo
rheumatic fever caused by i
—and had jt not been for i
of mine, I know not what
done. She, by giving lej
and French, and by writio
ca % has kept me, so. far,' al
He catnc obsequiously.
‘ You Bball hever .know l |ran^
friend,’saiA Hfc was/ki n d
w ence tbatfsentfc your ds .tighter to
8 :i 5 ®m»K vy:
the death pfa ,!e bfewia
# hf your C«?phsal. IC bin my gift
and valued at.twclve hundreiayear/ r}'
Peu cannot : describe the! joy with this
kind offer was accepted. The day of de
liverance had coine;
'* ■ *
•♦ ' ' r j' *"■ ; *v
Qnthe following n|grning .the cashier
entered the handsome istoropf I&intlej &
Warner/and askedfor ithehead olekk.-r^
;; ‘ Sir/ said the cashier/steWly, * is that
a had note
stammering., ,V /
nia carriage stepped I.a y ouuggirl in com
pany with his daughter.. • •
this f<t ing lady, my
wrt\eJriu9je, 4id yoa not so far forget
the interest ofyour epir
p%ierr, o% her an insult ? ? v
' confound jd—he dared
nplbing for him
year employers keep, you, sir, they
will jip longer have my custom/ said the
storuly; ‘ You deserve to be
sir/ : ;y" '■'
. parted Tfith'. jtl eir unworthy
muk that my day, and hnfleft the store
disgraced, but rightly punislicd. ,t
Alice Locke, became the daughter of Ihe
A^ ;V °C' whicb grew out of
a geuuinc bill counterfeit. ‘y
wr9r*|l= eays; fhq
m*;m a■ g<?o4' JBpqfe m
pwcjatitei, hurieauit in ithn polfia with ?lile>
grandmother, as
iu bad trouble
excuse- me for
-but you spoke
J it was good !
non as one of
garner’s should
> that it was
icthing that 1
iear. I knew
scud me bad
ing lady?' ask
-was ho ever
lent, at Wash-
■6m there/ rc
-she hesitated
[by do I tell
nurmurcd the
the mating^of
1 3 of the best,
had. I have
Liberty street.
; Janthnelet me
••I’ll give you
fhavn’t got a
tp it all riglit.'
ij of a shabby,
jasluer of the
i re; a man of
! ring -but -fifty
fir, and much
iir face. The
lied him, and
bee, Alice and
batty . .
i unfortunate, ?
line.. * I have
:'k. sec, frogj a
c bdue exertion
h*it sweet girl
I should h&se
iapna ia music
ig fbr periodi
iirve wUnt. ,;
■ V; 7: .*>’s
; -JfP??, ar P so jseTdbm found {done, and
own company? a»
are on % Bafterm*
Vcensarcs of bur cbcmwk.
ties’ of our best friends.
.• • ipco b.het as to who could
pystets.' (Me ate four&n
-ares up! mnetjr-mhc, the olieV afe'
hundred and won. llbW many #‘dP i:
? ; '''■ 1 f: £Sp*,;-
“-•i' •!
, g?T»rteiqan, j'«s t £ married, told Ifoofe
|Tia| be l>a<i that morning laid' out three
thousand pounds in ■ jewel* fer.bis deju
*-* She is, your dear wife,” **-•
plied the wit. .... ,
■ boldness is blind ; whereof it is still ap
counsel,, hutgoodin executW ,Fnci»i
counsel it : iM gbod-to : see dangers) itxexe-'
cation, not to see- them, except tlfeVife
very great "V' ; " ' ! V •
_. Religion is not a thing "which spends
itself. It is like a river' which ~vndcns
continually, andia neve? 80 ? broad‘otij|
deep as at its mouth, where it rolls i#tft
ocean of eternity.. _ 1.,
Some years ago the Knickerbocker •
Magazine Used to offer abrass nuart*
dollar to the person who ipado a 5
the yord “ window.”; ffhe fend.wlbg'Jjk '
the u effort” of a successful rhymer; v !
W»H6» speaking to afriend, the other.
day t respecting the merits of »“ celebra
ted tragediau," when we had ocwion_feE
com meat pa thqrant of the
loud mouthing,! the outrageousvgesture,,
. the furious rolling of the eyes, the stride,
that rattle in the aU the
‘‘pomp and ciroumstaQ«e”ofJhnmodern
drama. Fancy this style carried in to.real
life. On being introduced' to a lady yott
would say, throwing yourself into a ejilon-'
did attitude—-* f Most gracious madaiu/oa
my knees I greet you,-
cing your right hand on your heairfc- ®>-
a creditor who would not pay— -<< Freud n
lent knave, payest thou me not ? By ypor
der sun that blazes la the zenith, th& will
I sue, and thou shall ‘'sOe; thine ; implodr
name darning the streets posters hiSa’l**'
At dinner—“ NowyW my soul and an nrt>'
h ighest hopes, those beans are royal. W«8-
I Jupiter, beans"'should grace eadl royal*
banquet. ’What/ ho! waiter; hither'niOre
beans !” To your wife—“ Madam,
ware, thou dost excite me not ) else. being.
too hot witb>'Wrath, ; ‘I do ; 'myself Bmw
harm. A needlehere—abuttoaeh>£m«
shirts—and see:it instantly i perforin
Do it ? not leave the.- task ta-me*’ :
your butch cr-Vf Thou ensanguined : v do*
stroyer of bovines, send me SOmQWattOft
and some beef|aud, T
tenderer than love, and.,-.sweeten than l tha
bees’ rare burden. ; I K
To n frieird—“ Excuse, a n»sh intrW(m c«v
your grace, but hast thou" in:’thy* W.«.
portion of tßafe - pkuitj,.
anist arqioug the ffgiius
“ Most noble friend,.' 1 wilt
with me some strong libati6d : ? Ifhßiti
lookest dull to-day; ’twill cheer thVtiokH
ing heart.” noble* *duß
alas', not all the wine of Bacchanalian is
vels could Case this sorrow crcMhero; V-*
hero \ (Left ami atmok stetoWl tnae|6j®Li..
On, what a fool and arrant knave
the very sport of' fortune'!'-*
scarcely more : ridiculous tbafr ihreo-qo«r>
ters of the nonsense on thantage: ii x;J a . , ;
¥auac ho pies, all hjs intpoj^apgp t tp;i^. £;: ,
, Wha toucans ofcenvpyanop: r
what by spa, are fctr&Hfc
ses and smacks* - V< ’ u \“
hake fears hrihg true venations; IK*
imaginary grievances of mardife arenaors
titan the real ones., , :
Two wen undertook' to see whtoh*jp«l4
run the fastest. Oao was a caastabla*jmd
the .other a thief r ■■ L-
Don’t undertake to throw coicfwatwoE'
year wile’s darling schemes* poles* yom
want to get into hot.:; :-
Some malioioua
letters 31; whiph atw-pEOdaVafteropp
siciaoa’ nameSj signiPjr M Mbney Oow^l^j
’ ! All men wh<r do , hnyfch{Qg mimtehdnrd
a d^tetration^MKiir
dirt which their chariot' wheels' throw
One-rose upon % 8i lm8l£:' ttmda-tfbutw
that whi A%6afcr : k'-to- he -atriie : rbim*tits«h.
One reason why the world H-ndf-ifei
formed Is, because "feMry man is bent on
refb>min»ofchew,rf "MnlcfrfciW “
forming &fflsel£ K ‘ , ! f <<l ■<^t**rae*T.i'iiU-j
- Jfo doiob? of it Walk
am: I have - heard
8aul; ,: ” ’ • •’•■'• -i-. Vi -.'s . s ; .:;U
pest man s •
head, ft would T&
his eyes.” .. .- •;!-•• :> /?.
=- “ A cruel nian a fcefltl# caogbti ;
■ ; Arntfo the waif him planed, oht • ••'-•
Thonsaiaihe bhelle Wthe crowds • -sM
fboUgfe rtn.Stuek UpilOim not pWudj.'fe :
■ t seal #ipfr-o»t
f- T
m &.
rr v itis'yiirr ■
,v*^ v
V Jr