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    idioal and Toilet
ml IHreciiont for making all
i-parations in use; also R|-
actions for making all tbs
irt ica," Perfumes, Unguents;
rt Articles. If youare sufi
—if you'wish a beautiful
a smooth face, a clear skin j
it —or if you wish to knot#
o Toilet and Medicalline, ypti
copy of this book; for foil
ho work for perusal, (free.!
631 Broadway, I^ew.Tork.
ilc physician, has a soothing'
hich greatly facilitates tbs’
g the gums, rednclnlg all iu
:i, and is euro to regqlatathe
hers, it will give feat tbyour-'
to your infants. Perfectly
srueut in another column J
IASON! - ■
Tbo undersigned l
rs and the public gene rally, I
> the Fast with his fall Stock,. 1
lie has eySry Taristy ta 1
d Quality, of*
Winter Ttfear.
and qualities of Ladies and -
md FLATS, to which the at* ’
iy thing in this Unela .special-
! liandtomeit auortmeiit of
of Alt joiuv, embracing
{• S, CUFIS, ’
for LndiPd arid Chlldren.of
ifncture, and of every, qaali-
ling In ,the above line, will
iiohnsingeldo whore, aa 1 am
lowest po««il>le prices,
site the Lutheran
ned would bog leave to an
euiinty and vicinity that he
Virginia tlrtU, three door*
-. where he bos Jnat received
go assortment of ■,
tic Liquors.
. ME
C o'gnae Brandy, Reach'
'-iy. Old Burgundy
>!*,- Jamaica Bum,
■1 Rye Whiskey, ' .
Whiskey, and Vt r
I. Retailers of Itiquor* sad
advantage to toy of, him,
*S. * . . . ,
-ou hand aa aMortnapt of ‘
;ries, .
all, Fish, Tobacco, ‘
Cofee, se., se,,
' for cash or Conn try Produce.-
.-.. IK 1 rally are respectfully tor
urchasiug olsowhere. ,'i
illS will opoo in Al
a October, ISA), a School for
good English Ednrattoawllf
iihtructed in Preach, .Untie,
ho received at the fOUeving
■ gin ■
its one quarter In any of the
romposed of two terms of,*
for tuition gl&> per month,
number of pUpils limited to 3S.
I. but firm.. Lesson* will hr
>a t homo; and for absence or
v ill lie demanded.
lit- cars and direction at Jt*7-
; 110 USE & GO .y
VhulcsiUe Dealers in
m of the citizens ofthe.Unilerf
md Liquors, put up under their
and Medical use. in eases as*
Iul»«, Military utad other public
rase in large or" small quaflli
be liberally dealt wltlu fries
; physicians as the best rwnsiy
dm ion, Debility, and all pure, wholesome, anq
bv all Druggists. ;
I HOUSE 4 CO, Proprietots,
3 k .b Exchange Place, V
Jersey City,
ah to engage a few active men,
ats for their house, ,to whom
offered, for particulars, ad-
■ w*. f..uab. j
ER & LANG,' .
a Merchants,
Cheese, Iron,
ooms, Yams, &c*
Liberty Street,
f Altona and riclirity that b?!
from 6 ,cts to jo cte;
do 10 ' do 121
do 20 do . '
do 12f
do 50 do >2,00
do $1,60 do 6,00
,B & RETAI^*
KiMilics, parties,
s.iit-y of Oyster*, Ajiy ly
i Oysters ate roceitea <»W
r. -hand of the rerybest q^ ll^
K ' rr jouN alexakdkb-
) : ,e Door Mow the Po6tU^_—
cable assortment^
, SUPPORTERS; ?* ua *
Jii r;rr;' for «.M« »*
7 15 A. M.
~r B - : 7 is ■«
JSSn Vl5 and 11 00 “
SSSnbw* " 7 oo P. M.
703 “
E*,‘ ernT MAILS AKBIVB. - .
7 30 and 11 10 A.JL
„Jlid*« barp -"iT • 745 « f
sJ!tcrn Through-;-■ gl3 “ • Tlnongli . n2o.j «
— 140 p. si.
Jeters ' v ® s ' During the week, from 7 00 A. M. till
Ornc* from 8-00 till 9 00 a. m.
. jjp.H- On J()UN gHOBMARER. P. M
RAILROAD schedule.
Trail. Bust Arrives 9,20 P. SI., leaves 9,40 P. M.
W* at « west “ B,IS A. SI. “ 8,33 A.M.
S 5 “ 7.15 A.M. « S.OOA.M.
t„‘ „ west “ 8,50 P. SI., « 9,10 P. M.
. EMt “ 11,20 A. SI. « 11.35 A.M.
»«3 „ West “ 1,40 P.M., “ 2,00 P.M.
The IIOtLIPAVSBURO BRANCH connects with all
TRAINS connect with Johnstown
jVD IA N A -• t d West, Mail Train East
KAprcAS Train East atul Wert.
***•s£* ENOCH LEWIS, Gtn'l Supt.
»^ C T. 10W.
local items.
copy with pleasure the following Which
find in the Pittsburgh Gazette of the 17th inst.
Xbe success which has crowned the efforts of the
, B cipal. Bev. C. Pershing, is a sufficient
f oof of his qualifications; We know of no in
vitation of the kind in the country which We con
more cheerfully recommend to parents and
a,rJiuns who have daughters or Wards to edu
wte. Send for a catalogue. The Gazette says t
PiTTJBUJion Female College.—Thofalliterm
I f fdiis popular institution will close on Tuesday,
‘’7th inst. During the usual epm
ihtiions will take place, and in the evening the
Voung ladies will give a literary entertainment.
The last term has been the most successful in
the history of the College. Such bos been the in
creasing popularity of the institution that it has
become somewhat difficult to accommodate all
w bo attend. Nor is this popularity confined to
Pittsburgh. While it has grown rapidly in favor
here, its good name has gone abro id. Lou
isiauna, lowa, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey.
Virginia and other States have sent their repre
sentatives. Among the causes that has contrib
uted to this result are, the energy and activity
of the President, Rev. I." C. Pershing, A. M. t
*bo is determined that no similar institution
shall excel it ; the superior advantages offered;
the ability of the Faculty and the healthfulncss
of Pittsburgh. Cue point deserves special at
tention. The stockholders are men of means,
who invested their money, not for personal
profit, but to have an institution of the highest
,prade in-our own city. The tuition fees, instead
of being appropriated to individual purposes,
are used to promote the interests and advance
ment of its patrons and pupils. There is no
temptation, therefore, to take an inferior teach
er because she can be had at a lower price, or
to employ less than are really necessary. Every
department is provided for. It is not an insti
tution for private gain, but pays all its teach
ers and professors fixed salaries. 'Owing to
this fact, and its large patronage, the Trustees
arc enabled to employ an unusually large, able
and experienced Faculty. Whatever profits
may accrue are returned to the patrons in the su
perior advantages afforded over smaller schools,
or those established for private gain only.
A fine Philosophical and Chemical apparatus,
selected by a gentleman of experience, has been
recently purchased in Boston. Preliminary
steps hqve alsobeen taken to secure a, Gradu
ate's Gallery, -m which will be {Raced the like
neas of ;ekch otasa as it graduates; a gallery of
he pointings as models for the pupils in this
department; a cabinet, &c. A system of prizes
to be distributed at the cud of the year, bos
alto been adopted. And, as an additional stim
ulus; the next session will close with a Literary
contest, the successful contestant to receive a
silver cup. ,
W.c arc requested tp urge those who desire to
enter to make early application, and especially
those who wish to enter as boarders, as but few
more boarders can bo accommodated.
Mis Killed. —On Tuesday morning la«t,
Mr. A. Sloss, of Pittsburgh, flagman on the
westward bound Fast Freight train, met with an
accidental Kittanning Point which resulted in
his death in about six hours afterwards. He
was riding on the “ pusher" of the train .and
when it stopped at the Point he jumped off the
engine, (intending to get on one of the curs of
the train,) and not noticing that the Eastward
stock trains were coming down the mountain,
be jumped against the engine of the first train*
which was then passing, by which he was struck
on the sile and face and knocked down between
the tracks. His forehead was broken in and his
face much mangled. He was brought to this
place and medical aid ‘summoned, but his inju
ries were such that aid could be of no avail, and
after lingering in misery, for about 6
hoars, death came to his relief. He leaves a
wife and oao child.
TniiKsciviKa—.We frequently hear this fes
tival spoken of as if it were a fast day—a reli
gious occasion for self-denial and humiliation.—
Such is not the design. It is a feast day—a
% of rejoicing and thankfulness for the many
blessings we enjoy. The custom of appointing
Thanksgiving Day was an early New England
one, and spread" oyer the other States. The first
Thanksgiving day in Pennsylvania was appoint
'd by the beloved and lamented Governor Sbunk.
&>w it is a regular institution of the State, al
®oBt universally observed by oar people. Ar
rangements having been made , the different con
pegations of this place will .meet at the Pres
byterian Church at IQ} o’clock, A. M , where
»n address appropriate to the occasion will be
delivered. The pnblio schools will meet at the
Methodist church in the afternoon for the pur
pose of hearing an address. •
lupdre Watbb.— Set a pitcher of water in a
*w>o, and in a few hoars it will have absorbed
Warty all the respired and perspired gasses in
room, the air of which will haye become
purer, bat the water utterly filthy. The colder
***• water is, the greater its capacity to contain
these gaasea. At ordinary temperatures a pint
water will contain a pint of carbonic acid
P>. and several pints of ammonia. (This cnpa
city is nearly doubled by redncing the water to
the temperature of that of. ice* Hence water,;
kept in- the room awhile, is always unfit for
?cr .the same reason, the water in a pump
fwck should all be pumped out in the morning
wrore any la used. Impure water is more in
jurious to the health than impure, adr. :
Chakos op ScHKDutn.-r-The winter arrange*
toent forrunnirig trains on
«■’ f l Effect on Mo’ndtwr "last.r - For p»r
rt,» U t to.passehgSf eoiuult
wifhedule at the head ’;%l«mn.
Council Proceedings.
. • Altooka, Nov.llth, 1860.
Gonneil;nUt Present A. A. Smyth, B. Green
wood, D. F. Baughman, J. A. McDowell and D.
M. Green, ConnoU,.-«nd Win. 0. McCormick,
Chief Burgees. .
Minutes of last meeting read trad approved:
pn motion^Setohed, That the fines in the
hahdsiof J; M." Cherry, Esq., be applied to re
pairs of the “Lock Up,” N and that Wm. W. Sny
der, Supervisor, bo authorized to lift said fines
and apply the amount to sqid repairs and report
to Council at their next meeting.
On motion, Resolved, That the Chief Burgess
be requested to invite the officers of the Altoona
Gas and Woter r Con»pany, to meet the Council'
at tbq Council room as soon ns may be conveni
ent for theta, T for the purpose of coming to some
specific understanding relative to the charges for
fire plugs and water rent.
On inotion. Resolved, That the Supervisor be
hereby directed to put down-pavement in front
of the two lots in East Akooua, comer of Har
riet and Catharine Streets, owned by 11. Unupt,
and that the necessary expenses for. tbe same be
entered up on the County Docket as a Lien
against said lots.
On motion, Resolved, That the Supervisor be
directed to proceed immediately to open and
extend Catharine Street in accordance with n
late decree of the Court of Blair County, and to
soe that tbe buildings now on that portion of die
ground to be occupied for said street, be imme
diately removed, by the proper owners.
On motion. Resolved, That an order be grant
ed to Daniel F. Lauglnnnn for the amount al
lowed him for that portion of Lot No. 11 tAken
for the purpose of opening and extending Catb
rine Street, to be paid ns soon as the amount
can be collected from tbe proper assessment
tnado for that purpose.
Adjourned to meet again on the first Monday
evening iu December, (Sd,) at 7 o’clock, P. M.
“ Extracts from the minutes ”
ggy If our patrons imagine that we are go
ing to take many excuses for not publishing a
paper last week, they are mistaken. Our only
excuse is that we hod a harvest of job work,
which pays better than printing a newspaper,
and which was of a kind that could not be de
layed. so we attended to it first. We, not our
subscribers, lose by laying our paper over a
week, qs we make up the year if it takes us
thirteen months to do it, consequently they
should not complain if we do uot; and
those only who have paid in advance have a
right to complain, aud to them we make this
To be ficwG.— Cathcart, convicted recently
in Clearfield county of murder in the first
degree, for killing his wife, was on Thurs
day last sentenced to bo hung, the motion for a
now trial having been overruled. Our readers
will probably recollect that this murder was
committed near Janesville, a few miles from this
place.- It created some excitement at the time,
and the feelings of the whole community were
decidedly against him. He alleges that he shot
bre accidently-.— Star; t ■
, llkf.kan Aqoux.—John C. Heenan, the cham
pion nose-smasher and eye-bqnger passed
I through this place on Friday mdrnrng last, on
„hia way to the West to exhibit his proficiency in
his line. As a matter of course the news of his
arrival spread rapidly, and there was soon a
large crowd at the depot to get a look at him.
He was accompanied by Aaron Jones and other
lesser lights in the fistic arena.
A. S. S. A.—The Altoona Sabbath School As
sociation will meet in the basement of the United
Brethren Church, on Friday evening, December
7th, at ? o'clock. Several interesting addresses
will be 4blivered. Friends of the Sunday School
cause ore invited to attend.
Large Turnip. —We were shown, a few even
ings since, a turnip which measured 24 inches
in circumference, 4 inches in depth, and weigh
ed Tibs, 7oz. It was raised upon the farm of
Mr. Martin Cell, at Elizabeth Furnace, in this
county. Can any farmer in this section beat it!
\ • -
On the TSth of Nov. 1860, at the. Lutheran parsonage,
Altoona, Pa., by the Rev. Chas. L. Ehrenfeld. Mr. SAM
UEL B. TREES to Miss MARY E. ARTHUR, both of A 1
In this place, on the 20th inet., THORNTON TROUT, in
the 31st year of his age,.
Buffalo robes.—a supply
of Red River Buffalo Robes J ast received and for sale
1 bushels gas coke for
I (j\j for sale at Gas Works.
Altoona, Nqv. 22.-3 t R. BEACHAM, Supt.
Boarders wanted.—a few
gentlemen can be accommodated with .'boarding at
reasonable, by applying Immediately to Mrs. Liv
ingston. on Caroiide street, near Virginia stieet.
Altoona, Nov. 24, 2800-3 t.
BISSOLUTION.— Notice is hereby
given that the partnership heretofore existing be
tween the undersigned was dissolved by mutual consent on
the 21st day of. November, 1860. The business of the firm
will be settled tip by Mr. Thompson who will continue tbo
business in the old ; stand. ■.
; Altoona, Nov. 28, 1860.—3t.] MOSES THOMPSON.
Notice l. of a— a meeting
ofTFashington Capitol No. 4 120 L. of €., willbe held
at their hall, on Thursday evening, November 29th, at I]A
o’clock. .Members are all requested to be present as busi
ness of importance Will be transacted.
” Altoona, Nor." 28; 1860.
The undersigned proposes to give instructions in Draf
ting, in Altoona, commencing December 3rd, 1860. ‘'
Machine Drafting, and Architectural
Drafting. >
Plans, Specifications and£stiniaterofbnildingB prepared
and drawings executed for patents on reasonable terms.
For particulars, inquire at the Exchange Hotel.
NoV:24th,’6o-am. EDWABDHODNKTr.
OTIGE IS here-
I / bjr given that the partnership entornd into on'the
28th of January, 1860, between Klchard Tinkolpangh. Ke
’ beccaTirikclpaughhls wife,' and John Lehr, to be termi
nated at the wilbof either party, tvas dissolved on the 20th
day of May, 1860. JOHN LBHR.
■ Altoona,Nor.'B,lB6o-3t.' '
DENCE of the subscriber, residing -V--. ■■ ■
in Hogan township, Blair county, some-
time in Jnly last, a BIIINDLK STEIiB, |^^^Klf w
-about two years old. white spot on fitee dßwflPHf
and white strine on rump with left ear/11 M <a
crqppbd. 'The owner wHI please *
forward, proto property, pay charges and take It a way
otherwise it will bo disposed of according to law.
Kov.lkti i860.-3t* JONATHAN HAMILTON.
valed success attending the
Art Association,
hare made itahottsehold word throughout every quarter
of tiic count; y.
Uudur the auspices of this popular institution, over3oo,-
000 home* have learned to appreciate—by beautiful works
of art on their wails ami choice literature on their tables
—the great benefit derived from, becoming a subscriber.
Subscriptions >;rc now being received in a ratio unparal
leled With that <* any previous year. ,
Any;person pan become a member by subscribing three
dollars, for which hum they will receive
Ist- -The large and superb steel engraving, 3QxSB inches,
entitled. ' fc
2d—One copy, one year, of that elegantly illnstrated
3d—Four admissions, during the season, to
2'he Gallery of Paintings , 519, Broad
wag, NetO York.
In addition to the above benefits, there will be given to
subscribers, as gratuitous premiums, over
comprising valuable paintings, marbles, pariaus, outliues,
&c„ forming a (truly national benefit.
Thesuperbctigraving, which every subscriber will receive,
entitled, "Falstaff Mustering his Recruits,” is one of the
most beautiful'urd popular engravings ever issued in this
Country. It Is done on steel, in line lino and stipple, nud
is printed on heavy plate )iaper, 30 by 38 inches, making a
most choice ornament, suitable for the walls of either the
library, parlor or office. Its subject is the celebrated scene
of Sir John Falstaff receiving, injustice Shallow's office,
the recruits which have been gathered for his ‘-ragged regi
ment," It could not he furnished by the trade for less
thau five dollars.
The Art Journal is too well known to the whole conn try
to need commendation. It is a magnificently illustrated
magazine of Art, containing Essays, Stories, Poems, Gossip,
ic„ by the very best writers in America.
The engraving is sent to any part of the country by mail,
with safely, being packed in a cylinder, Hostage prepaid.
Subscriptions will be received until the evening of the
31st of January, 186], at which time the books will close
and the premiums be giveu to subscribers.
Nopcrson is restricted to a single subscription. Those
remitting $l5, are entitled to five memberships and to one
extra-engraving for their trouble.
Subscriptions from California, the Canadas, and all for
eign counti ics, must be $3,a1l instead of $3, in order to de
fray extra postage, etc.
For further particulars semi for n.copy of the elegantly
illustrated Art Journal, prommcetLthc haudsomet maga
zine ip Anierlcd. It contains Catalogue of premiums, and
numerous superb engravings. Regular price, 50 cents per
number, Specimen copies, however, will be sent to those
wishing to subscribe, on receipt of 18 cents, in' stamps or
coin. Address,
C. L. DERBY, Actuary C. A. A.
546 Broadway, New York
N. B.—Subscriptions received and forwarded by 1). T.
CALDWELL, Agent for Altoona and vicinity, where speci
men Engravings and Art Journal can be seen.
f,, .V
JCSL-BE3 Jfc''' CO& JECL 3&JBC m
Hew-York Benevolent Infirmary,
established mo,
And devoted to the CuUse of Medical Reform I to the Dif
fusion of Medical Knowledge for the Prevention of Disease,
and fp the .raltef of those suffering and afflicted with Chro
jiicand yirnlput Disorders. -Totals end tills Infirmary is
to enable the sick and suffering throughout the
length and breadth of our land, to avoid the Poisonous
Drugs, Extortion, and Ignorance of professed Physicians.
through which thousands and tens of thousands annually
The following are some of the diseases wo cure, not only
at the Infirmary bat in all parts of our country :
Consumption ami Pulmonary Complaints, Fevers. Scrof
ula. Dyspepsia. Eye and Ear 1 Disease, Cancers apd other
Tumors. Jaundice aud Liver Complaint. Seminal Weakness,
and all diseases of the Urinary and Sexual Organs froth
whatever cause or whatever nature. Our object will be to
give joy to theafflicted by effecting in all cases n speedy cure.
Our rule is to charge nothing for advice and written pre
scriptions; but will furni-hi when requested the very Lest
medicines at the lowest nti-s.
These renlcdies are prepared in our own Laboratory, un
der the core of able Chemists, and are tiro most reliable
known to science, including all thrf recent discoveries.
To all addressing u- by letter, containing fall account of
symptoms aid appearances of disease, age, occupation, Ac.,
wo will write a candid r iply, with advice ami directions
lor cure, Any fees sent us when sending for advice will be
devoted to furnishing medicine for the poor. In all cases
medicine can be sent by mail or express if desired, gend
lor one or more of our works and judge fur yourselves.
Also published at the 1 nil rmary, to aid these objects,
Ccutahiing Simple remedies easily obtained fur tlio cure of
Diseased in nil its forms', with full explanations of the
causes, symptoms, diet, bathing add exercise. I’ricc 50 cts.
A work on the cause, symptoms and treatment of all
complaints peculiar to the sex, on marriage, its duties,
abortion and its results, on Children, their ills, and on tba
prevention of conception, with Invaltiable Instructions to
them on subjects of a private nature, Price 25 cents.
The GejQilcmen’s Medical Companion,
A book for tbe old and young, embracing the Patholrgy,
Prevention and Cure of all Diseases Of tire I!rinary and Sux
ual Qrgans, and a warning voice of advice and counsel,such
os to be found in no other work. Price 25 cents.
Foe every one.
It exposes'all the Humbugs, and the various Tricks to
entice the sjck and well. It illustrates the plans of the
Quacks and Kogues to dupe every one. It guides the un
wary through life, and shows up every swindle of the age.
It shows bow aft kinds of Pood, Medicines, Liquors and
Goods are adulterated, with the means of detecting the,
frauds. Price 25 cent:.
For every family, having over IOOU receipts on Cooking,
Preserving. Dyeing, Cleaning, Ac. How to plant and what
is the best to raise. How to cure animals, advice to house
keepers, farmers and mechanics, on lout) subjects of inter
est.: Price 25 cents. Wurth $lO to any one.
For those who wish to get well from that awful disease,
a full description of ail the remedies used lor it, witli a
careful statementf of the results, and other useful informa
tion. Price 10 cents.
Tiie information in them is not to be found in any works
published, uor obtainable from any other source. These
botiks are published on fine white paper, and beautifully
bduiid. •
Atiy oft ho above works will bp nioilod froo, on receipt of
pride,in stamps, or money; or the whole in a handsomely
bound volume for one dollar. No family should bo with
out Ahern. ■ They arc illustrated with beautiful engravings
and contain the condensed experience of years.
Agents Wanted for the above wuVks, who can makesl6o
a month, i Send fur a circular for agents'.
To the young ot both sexes suffering from secret habits;
prostration of mind; loss of power; nervous debility';'loss
of sight ; wakefulness; love of solitude; eruptions on the
face, Ac., Ac. Hend before it is too late-; before you suffer
incurable damage to both body and miud. \
TO females ,who want safe, pleasant and rare remedies
forlrrognlarities, Obstructions, Whites, Ac, send to us.
We are convinced that there are many parents of scjrofu
lous, consumptive and diseased condition to whom «| nu
merous offspring only brings suffering and poverty;- To
such we would say write, and we will send Information of
a ante, well-tested, and never-failing Pbbtebtitk. 1
We wIU mail free, to any one applying for it,’
It is a large and beautiful'paper, and contains the most
valuable information on Spernmtorhoea, or Seminal Weak
ness. Tliq cause, effects and cure, showing toe awful ef
fects of the disease, r
On all other diseases of the Sexual Organs, a full expla
nation Of the origin of Syphilis, the means of prevention
and cure.
On Consumption, that fearful disease. N
On.the |4Vetj Beatt l .Stomach and Skin.
On Female Complaints. \
On the vm-lons Schools of Medicines.
' ,(hi tfco modes of Treatraent uow practised.
On thcßftlte Treatment of Diseases.
On the Taiious Medical Quiubngii.
On the Physiology of Marriage.
On the Common sense of Medicine.
On Diet, Exercltes, and Ablution.
Bbtrth£- Physician should bo.
■ How to pyevent Pregnancy;
And tnn«y other things. Send posit. I
Thts journsl should be in the hands of every one. -
J. Bussell, ML D., A. CJitef .PhysicianJ S. S.Mostus,
Sttrgeoni lir.'J. Boyle, Cbemlflt.
• OmctiinNear York, 15L Chambers street. ' , v .
Office inWilliamshurgh, South 'Bth add 6th streets. : '
» Correspondents ■will pteaso encloso tvrb or three stamps
for returnposluge. and address ■ , r : ,
DB. A-BEBNET, Secretary,
(Bo* 141.) Williamsburg, New York.
Nov. .c-- - ■
1* i tiona lost received and for sale bv.. ' l'
X!pi HItEMAN. •
. THsAxußMUtios or I^dusoi*.—Tliero to a growing
tendency in this .age to .appropriate the most expressive
words of other laogaagaa, and after a while to lucorparate
them into onr own; thus the word Cephalic, which is from
the Greek, signifying “ for the head,” is now becoming
popularized an. connection with Mr. Spaldlng’p great Head,
ache remedy, bat it wRI soda be used in » more general;
wty. and the word Cephalic will become as common as
Electrotype and many others whose distinction as foreign
words has been flora away by common usage until they
sebtn “native audio the manor born.”
*ardly Realized.
‘Hi ’ad ’n ’orrtble Vadache this haftenwon, hand ,1 step
ped into the hand says hi teethe man- *
you of an VadsclieJ" - Does it bacbe’|ard”BayB
V. “ Ucxceedingly,” says-hi, hand upon that e jgavem?a
Cephalic Pith hand ’pon me ’onor it cured me so qmck that
1 ’ardly realized 1 ’ad ’ad an ’eadache.
gw* Headache is the favorite sign by which nature makes
known auv deviation whatever from the natural state or
the brain, end viewed in tills light it may l-e looked on as
a safeguard intended to give nottee of disease which mlgot
otherwise escape attention, till too late to be remedied,
and its indications should never be neglected. Headaches
may be classified under two names, viz: Symptomatic and
Idupatbic. Symptomatic Headache is cxceedingiMommon
and is the precursor of a great variety of diseases, among
which are Apoplexy, Gout, Rheumat sm and alt febrile di
seases. In its nervous form it is sympathetic of disease of
the stomach constituting tide headache, of hepatic disease
constituting bilious headache, of worms, constipation and
other disorders of the bowels, ns well n» renal and uterine
affections. Diseases of the heart are very frequently at
tended with Headaches: Auieraia and plethora are also af
fections which frequently occasion headache. Id opatbic
Headache is also very common, being unusually distin
guished by the name of nervous headache, .sometimes com
ing on suddenly in a state of apimreiitl.v sound health and
prostrating at once the mental and physical energies, and
in oilier instances it comes on slowly, heralded by depres
sion of spirits or acerbity of temper. In most instances
the pain is in the front of the head over one or both eyes,
and sometimes provoking vomiting; under this class limy
be named Neuralgia*
For the treatment of either clnes of Headache the Cepha
lie Pills have been found a sure and safe remedy, relieving
the most acute pains in a few minutes, and by its subtle
.power eradicating thediseoses of which. Headache is the
"unerring index. ■
Bridget. —Missns wants you to send her a box of Cepha
lic Glue. no. a bottle of Prepared Pills, —hut I’m thinking
that's not just it uaitlier ; hut perhaps ye’ll be afthor know
ing what it is. Ye see she’s nigh dead and gone with the
Sick Headache, and wants some more of that same as re
iaired her before.
Druggist. —You must mean Spalding’s Cephalic Pills.
Bridget. —Och! sure now and you’ve sed it, here’s the
qaarther and give me the Pills and don’t be all day about
it aither.
Constipation of Gostivenesa.
No one of the ‘"many ills flesh is heir to” is so prevalent,
soliltlc understood, and so much neglected as Costiveness.
Often originating in carelessness, or sedentary habits; it is
regarged as a slight disorder of too little con-iquonce to
excite anxiety, while in reality it is the precursor and com
panion of many of the most fatal aud dangerous diseases;
aud unless tally eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an
untimely grave. Among the lighter evils of which coative
ncas is the usual attendant are lleahache. Colic. Rheuma
tism, Foul Breath, Files and others of like nature, while
a long train of frightful diseases such os Malignant Fevers,
Abcesscs, Dysentary. Diarrhoea, Dyspepsia, Apoplexy, Bpi-
Icysy, Faralvsis, Hysteria, Hypochondriasis. Mel.incholy
aiid Insanity, first indicate their presence ir the system by
this alarming symptom Not unfrcqueutly the diseases
named originate in Constipation, hut take on an indepen
dent existence unless the cause is eradicated in an early
stage. From ail these considerations it follows that the
disorder should receive immediate attention whenever it
occurs, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cepha
lic Fills on the first appearance of the complaint, as their
timaiy use will expel the insiduous approaches of disease
and destroy this dangerous foo to human life.
A Real Blessing.
Physician,— Well, Mrs. Jones, how is that headache ?
Mrs. Jones.—' Cone! Doctor, all gone! the pill you sent
cured mo in twenty minutes. 1 wish you would send
more so that I can have them handy.
Physician.—You can get them at any Druggist. Coll for
Cephalic Fills, I Cud they never foil, and 1 recommend
them in all cases of Headache.
Mrs. Jones. —I shall send for n box directly, and shall
tell all my suffering friends, for they ore a real blessing.
Twestt Miluoxs or Dollars Saved.—Mr. Spalding has
sold two millions of bottles of his celebrated Prepared (tine
and it is estimated that each bottle I saves at least ten dol
lars worth of broken furniture, thus making un aggregate
of twenty millions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by
this valuable,invention. Having made his dine a house
hole word, he now proposes to do the world still greater
service by curing all the aching heads with his Cephalic
Pills, and if they gre as good os his Glue, Headaches will
soon vanish away like snow in July.
jfcjf Over excitement, and the mental care and anxiety
incident to close attention to business nr study, are among
the numerous cases of Nervous Headache. The disordered
state of mind and body incident to this distressing com
jdaiut is a fatal blow to all energy and ami ition. Suffer
ers by this disorder can always obtain speedy relijf from
these distressing attacks by. uMng one of the Cephalic Pills
whenever the symptoms appejir. It quiets the overtasked
hraiu. and sooothes the strained and jarring nerfes. and re
laxes the tension of the stomach which always aecompa
uics and aggravates the disordered condition of th^fbraiu.
Fact Worth Ifxowiso.—Spalding’s Cephalic Pills are a
certain cure for Sick Headache, liilions Headache Nervous
Headache, Costiveuess aud General Debility.
Great Discovert. —Among the most Important of all the
great medical discoveries of this age may be considered the
system of vaccination for protection from Small Pox. the
Cephalic Pill for relief of Headache, and the use Quinine
for tliC prevention of Fevers, either of which is a sure spe
cific. whose benefits will be experienced by suffering hu
manity long after their discoverers are forgotten.
Did yon ever have the Sick Headache? Do you re
member the throbbing temples, the fevered brow, the
loathing and disgust at ihu sight of food. How totally un
fit yon were for pleasure, conversation or study. One of
the Cephalic Pills would have Relieved yon from ail the
suffering which you then experienced. For this and other
purpose you should always have a box of them on baud
to use as occasion requires.
Nervous Headache
'By the use of these Pills the periodic attack* of Nervous
or. tick Headache may be prevented; and ift, taken at the
commencement of an attack immediate relief from pain
and sickncSs will be obtained. '
'They seldom foil in removing too jVausea and Headache
to which females are So subject. -\
They act gently upon the bowels, —removing Cbsiioeness.
For Literary Men, Students, Delicate Female*, and all
persona of sedentary habits, they are valuable as a laxative,
imprjoving the appetite, giving tone and vigor to the diges
tive organa, and restoringtho natural elasticity and strength
of the whole system.
The CEPHALIC PILLS aro the result of long Investiga
tion and carefully conducted experiments, having-been in
use many years, daring which time' they haveprevented
andreliexod a vast amount of pain and 'suffering, from
Headache,'whether originating in the nervous system or
from a deranged state of the .stomach. ’ '
• They are entirely, > vegetable in their composition, and
may be taken at all times with pefect safety without
making any change ofdiret, and" the absence of any disa.
greetfUe taste renders it easy to administer them to children.
Thepnntne’haye five Signature* of Henry 0. Spalding on
cacl/llox. . ; -
Sold by Druggists and ati other Beaten in'Medjcinea.
A Boz -wUI be teat by join prepared on receipt of the
PRICE 86 *
All ordere should be oddreued to " V ;
Nov.'lS, ’M.-Jyj ,■ It.,
*??SSJSr £ »»V
WOLFE’S Pure Cognac Brandy. " . :
WOLFE’S Purt Madcrie, Sherry and Port Whiz,
WOLFE’S Pure Jamaica ahd St. Croix Rum.
WOLFE’S Pure Scotch and Irish Whisky. „
I beg leave to call the attention of: the citlzins of the
United States to the above Wines and Liquors. iwported by
UnuLPUO Wolfe, of New York, whose name is Cimillsr In
every part of this country for the purity of his celebrated
ScuicnsM.Scuits.FPs. Mr. Wolfe, in hjs letter'to me, speak
ing of thu purity of his Wines and Liquors, says: “t will
spike my reputation os a man, my standing as a merchant,
of thirty years’ residence in the city, of New York, that all
the Brandy and Wines which I bottle ire pure as imported,
and of the best quality, and can be relied upon by every
purchaser.” Every bottle has the proprietor’s name on fh*
wax, and a fac simile, of his signature of the certificate,—
The public are resiiectfhlly invited to call and examine for
themselves. For sale at Retail by all Apothecariesand
Grocers in Philadelphia.
Gums ell. Asutox, No. 832 Market St., Philo,
' Sole Agent for Philadelphia,
Rend the following from the New Yoik Courier:
Ksormocs Ucsixess for one New York Merchant, —We
are happy to inform' our fellow-citizens that there’s one
place in our -city where the physician, apothecary, and
country merchant, cm go and purchase pure Wines and
Liquors, ns pure as imported, and of the best quality. . We
do not intend to give an elaborate description of this mer
chant’s extensive business, although it. will well repay any
stranger or citizen to visit Udolpho Wolfe’s extensive ware
house, Nos. 18, 20 and 23, Beaver street, and Nos; 17,19
and 21, Marketflcld street. His stack of Scbnapps.on. hand
ready for shipment could not hayo been less than thirty
thousand cases; the Brandy,someten tliousandcases—Vin
tages of 1826 to 185(1; nud thousand cases of Madeira,
Sherry and Port Wine, Scotch and Irish Whiskey, Jamaica
and St. Croix Bum. some very old anft equal to any in this
country. He also had three largo cellars, filled with Bran
dy. Wine, Ac., in casks, under Custom-House key, ready for
brttling. Mr. Wolfe’s salesof Schnapps last year amounted
to one hundred mid eighty tliousand dozen, and we hope In
less thau two years lie may be equally successful with his
Brandies and Wines.
His business merits the patronage of every lover of his
species. - Private families wHo wish pure Wincsand Liquors
for medical use should send their orders direct to Mr. Wolfe,
until every Apothecary in the land make up their minds
to discard the poisonous stuff from their shelves, and re-'
place it with Wolfe’s pure Wines and Liquors. i
I We understand that Mr. Wulle. for the .accommodation
of small dealers in tile country, pnts up assorted cases of
Wines and Liquors Such a man, apd such a merchant,
should be sustained against bis tens of thousands of oppo
nents in the United States, who sell untiling but imitations,
ruinous alike to human health, and happiness.
Sept. 13,
WE ARE HAPPY to inform
our friends that wo ora again on hand* with an
unusually large stock of .
which we think have been bought at; prices that will ena
ble us to compete with any other house in this section uf
country. We have now on hands a .larger stuck uf fine
Goods than has heretofore been brought to this place and
we hupe the Ipdies will appreciate oof efforts to please their
tastes by calling and looking at onr stock, 1 which We take
pleasure in showing. We have many no\ el ties in Dross
Goods, among some of .which are the.following.
JKooZ Delaines, Mohair Mixtures, Oriental Lustres,
ralestors. Brocade Mohairs, I Silk Brilliants,
Silk Poplins', Brocade Poplins, Chens
Valencies, Kep Poplins, Figured
Cashmeres, Mottled ; Merinos,
Wool Plaids, Fig. French
Merinos . Plain do.
Together with a full stuck of all kinds of Domestic aud
Staple Dry Goods. Cloaking, Cloths. Cossimeree, Satinetts,
Tweeds, Ac. Ladies. Misses and Children's Shawls, Cloaks
and Cloth Dusters. .Hosiery,Gloves, Woolen Goods, Carpets
Uii Cloths, Bed Comforts, Blankets, Ac., Ac.
Wo ask particular attention to onr present stock of
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elsewhere. ’ Wo have also our usualsupply of
Groceries, Gueensware, Hardware,
Wooden and Willow flare.
Xu a word, wc think our present stock of Goods worth an
examination by persona wishing to buy, and cordially in
vito our friends to drop in and see US.
Got.-1.1860. s ’ J. 4J. LOWTUER.
The subscriber informs his
customers,.anti the public generally, that he has just
received a large and beautiful assortment of
which, for magnificence: extent-and variety, bare never
before been excelled in Blair count}!. Particular attention
la invited to our stock of ■
Such as Black and Fancy Silks , C’hatlies, Bertyet, BrClianls,
Lawns, Betaines, Chintzs, Deßeyes, Crapes, BrinU,
C ropenmi Stella Shawls, Vndersleects and
Hosiery, Bmnctsemd fliubons, Collars, Hand
kerchiefs, Kid Gloves. Hooded Skirts, Skirt- •
iny, Lace SUUs, (ft.. <fc.
We have Cloths.' Cassimeres, Vestings, Tweeds; Jeans, 4c.
Heads of families would do well to-call and examine our
stock of Winter Goods for Boys.
Boots, Shoea,.Jlur lware, Glassware, Queensware, )Vood
and Willow Ware, Oil Cloths, Carpets, 4c., in any quantity
and at prices that cannot fhil to please.
Onr stock of Groceries is moro'extenaivo than Over, and
consists of Uio aud Java Coffee, Crtshed, l.oaf and N. 0
Sugars; Green, Y. 11. and Black 'leas; Molasses, Soaps,
Candles. Salt, Fish. 4c. - .
Thankful to the pnbile Tor tbei very liberaf patronage
heretofore received, be hopes by stHct attention ' to busi
ness, and an endeavor to please, to merit a continuance of
the same. "
•»* Country Produce of all kinds taken in exchange for
Goods at market prices.
Oct. 26,1860. J J. B. UFLEMAN.
Salt River Passengers, Ho!
under the necessity of leading early in November
for the, head waters of gait River; In the ship UNION,
which will pcs-ttt-cty sail about that time; abd. knowing
that many of my friends will go ; along and will want an
outfit, I take this opportunity of Informing them as well
as all my old friends and customers, that 1 have Just re?
turned from the Bast, where I pdwhased a large stock of
Goods; which I am now opuning at my ttore In North
Ward, to which I invite inspection; It is the -
as well as. the CHEAPEST lot of Goods brought to the
town this fall. The reason why I say the cheapest is ob
vious to evcry roflecting mind, because as this season ad
vances {the merchants in the east say)prices decline,there
fore I advautage of ftom 20b> 25' per cent, over
those who purchased early intoo;soason, and I elniand
will sell cheaper than any other tujnsa in the place. 'Pur
chasers will thus at once see, the propriety of at least ex
amining my stock before buying elsewhere.' My stock
consists of all the newest styles oft
for the season, also a.foll assortment of
Misses’ Fell and Sfraw Hats,
and everything In the line of Dry Goods And Notions which
it is unnecessary to enumerate.« AU of which will be sold
for cash, or to prompt paying monthly customers, or ex
changed for ail articles of Produce which can be ctmsdmed
here orexchanged for goods in the East.
N. B.—The subscriber has arrangements in the East by
which hecan supply Any article aMhort notice.
Altoona. Qct. 25. , . A. McCormick.
Bakery oad Grocery Store.
The subscriber keeps con.
StXNTbY on hand :
Fmb*Baked Brcad, Cakes, &c
AUo,» dholcelot of SEOAJSS ahd TOBACCO. ■
, Nov. , Virgin!* below Anal* ffnat,
And testimonials. new and almost without Bomber might
be given from ladle* and gentlemen in all grade* of Soda- .
ty, whoee united- testimony none could tesia*. that Profteerrr
fv’o.-d’« Hair Restorative will restore the Md and gray,
and preserve the,hair of the joatk -to old age, in all it*
youthful beauty. ...
lurrt* Caxxr, Mich„ Dec. £Ut,ltsfl.
Ptor. Woon:—Xheo wilt please ocrept a line to inform
thee that the hair on my bead all foil off ovcstweatyyeor*
ago, caused by a complies tedqhronlodiseaee, atteaoed wtth
an eruption on tUo head.. A continual cemrse et ssnsriar
through life bating reduced me to a state of dependence, I
hate not 1 been able to obtain stuff for cap*, nettltsr bate I
been able to do them up, ixi consequence of which •?*•**
ha* suffered extremely from cold. This induced roe to pay
Briggs A Hmjgee almost the last cent 1 bad on earth for * tvm
dollar bottle of thy Hair Restorative about the first of Afe*
gust last. X have fattbruUy followed tlic directions andthsr
bald spot ia nowcovcretl with hgir thklf and black, though
short, it is coming in all over my bead, Feeling confident
that another largs bottle would resloro'it entirely and per
manently, I feci anxious to persevere id |ta use, and being
destitute of means to purchase any more. I would ask tbs* .
. if thee wouldst nut bo willing to send mo an order on thin*
•gent) for n bottle. and receive to thyself th scripture' d*-
claratlon— u the reward it to thoee that are kind to th* wi
dow aid the filth ericas." Thy friend, '
r lamaim. Noble Co., Ind., Feb. 6th, IBBfi.
Poor.' O. J, WooVi:-r~Dfar tStr,*—lu.the.latter part of the
year 1862, while attending the State apd National Lav
School of the State of New York, my hair, from a cans* '
unknown to me, commencedftiUingoff very r»plOiy ( sothat
In the short space of six months, the ethole upper part of
my scalp was almost entirely bereft of It* cowing, and
much of the remaining portion upon the side and bockp*rt
of my bead shortly after became gray, so that you will uot
be surprised when I tell you that upon ray return to th*
State of Indiana, my more casual acquaintances w*ru pot'
so much at a lost to discover the cause of the change ip mg
appearance, as my more intimate acquaintance* to
recognize me at all. . \
I at once made Application to the most skillful physi
cians m the country, but, rsce.ivlngfrom them uoassaranee
that my hair could again be restored, I was forced to be
come reconciled to my fete, until, fortunately. In the latter
part of the yea) 18(7, your Restorative was recommended
to mti by a druggist, as being the most reliable Hair Reste
native in use. I tried one bottle, and found to my great
satisfaction that it was produciug the desired effect, glpee
that time I have used seven dollars’ worth of yonr Rsstoi
ative, and os a result, have a rich epat of very toft bl*sh
hair, which no money can buy. .
As a mark of my gratitude for your labor and ik|ll In
the production of so wonderftil an article. 1 have reCO*U«
mended its use to many of my frleuda and acqualpiantofe
who, I am happy to Inform you. are uoiug It with Iftte of
feet. Yery respectltally, youto, i ,
» Attorney and Cqbmmlot aVLaw- ■<.
Depot. 414 Broadway, attt sold by all dealer* through#** •
the world. . .
The Restorative is put up in tyotttoa of three »lxo#,vf*i '
large, medium, and email ;-the small hold* a'pint, and
retail* for one dollar per bottle; the.medium wipe at tract -
twenty per cent, more hi proportion .than- the email, retail*
for two dollars n bottle; the large holds* quart, 40 per
cent, more iu jiroportien and retails for $3 a bottle.
.0. J. WOOI» * CO., 'Proprietor*. 4M Broadway, Saw
York, and 114 Market Street, St. touts, Mo. .
Sold by all good Druggists and Fancy Good* Dealers,
Sept. 6, ISOO. . '
scuts to the attentlou of mothers her. : ■ '
which Cicllltatos the process of teething, by soften- .
ing the gums reducing alt inflammation wßl'sHay pain and
spasmodic action, and is sure to remdatk Oie Jkrwelt,
Depend upon it mothers, it will give: rest to yourselvtft -
and-SriiV and Health to your Infanlt. ,
' Wo have put up and sold this article* lor oyer ten years,
and can say, in confidence .and truth of it,- what are have
never been able to say vf any other medicine—never has It
failed, in a single instance, to effect a cure, when timely
used. .Never did we know an Instance of dissatisfaction by
any one who used it.' Oh the contrary; alt sredellghtoa
with its operations, and speak'in terms of highest commen
dation of its magical effects and medical virtues. We speed;
in this matter “ what wo do know," after ton years*, expe
rience, and pledge .our reputation fur the fulfilment of whit
we hero declare. In almost every instance where tbs' in
font Is'suffering from, paid and exhaustion, relief will bo
fonndin fifteen or twenty: minutes after .the syrup Isad
Tills valuable preparation is. the prescription of one of
the most experienced and skillful nurses. In New England,
and has been used with never-foiling success in (tovsmis
of bates. ' ~ h '■ 1 ' '
It not only relievos the child front: pain, hut invigorate*
the stomach and bcArels, corrects acidity, and give*' ton*
and energy to the whole system. 'lt will almost instantly '
relieve .Griping in the JlmotU and Hind Cbiic, and
come convulsoina, which, if adt tpeoddg remedied, end la }-
death. Wo believe it the hat and ruresf remedy in the :
world, in all cases of Dysentery and Diarrhoea iu chQdrett.
whether it arises from teething or Irom any other causes—
We would say to every mother v who has a child Buffeting
from any of the foregoing complaints—do nut let your pre
judices, nor the prejudices of others, stand between your,
suffering child and the relief that will bo sure—yes, abso
lutely sure—to follow the use of this medicine, if timely
used. Full directions for using will accompany each bot
tle. None genuine unless the fhc-simile of CURTIS ft
PERKINS. New York, is on tho.odteide wrapper.
Sold by Druggists throughout the world, and by 0. W.
Kessler and ATuonsb, druggists, Altoona. Price S 6 sent*
per bottle. ' \
49- PrluclpalOfike, No. 13 Cedar street, N.Y. .
July 12, ISaO.vly. . ‘ " ,
Great Rush to ‘MjAH’S,”
Cheap Clothing Store,
In Kessler’s oldDrugStore, on Viiglait St
“Tl AN ” IS determined not
1 f to be outdone by any one In tho sale ef ;
and otberNotions. He baa a largo stock of Overcoati,of
tho best quality and latest styles, black and (hue; «cd
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Ladies fine Stress and Morocco Boots, Men’s!
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Hoods.Oent's Shirts,
Undershirts and 1 ; |
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Also. a large assortment of CARPETING ofall styles
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Ladies’ Morocco Sachets, Dmbrenss, Parasols, *o. Al4o,
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Bingt, Lockets, Bracelets. Gold and Silver Fob Chains,
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Ladiea undent's Sleeve Buttons, silver Table and Tea
Spoons, Portmonaies, PocVet Knivea, Pistols, Pocket, Bids
• 2*®)? Combi; Tooth, Hair and Clothes Brushes; Soups
ahd.Toilet Articles, 4c., ic., all of which will be sold at
the lowest prices. Be sure and call at “ Dan’s” before you
go elsewhere and you will save money. '
.. D. BAUGHMAN, Agent.
Altoona, Oct. 4,1860.-3 m
More good news !
The nndergigned faas jnst received ton tto Iml
*l*rge end Teriad asHtrtment of
consisting of
Cloths, Cassimeres, and
tutorial foe
i material for
aooh m Onderebirta, Drmvoiv. Sus,
Neci-tiea, Dandkerchleft
*ilf%>?k gO, . d ** ‘ he lowe *‘
wfli bo inaJe Bp j„ tho Terr M«t atria.
e< Nov , l K ltt^»f ateet f “* hlon, >abort notice.
& bourke,
Hianuiactnrers and Importer*
1 '■
. PAPER hangings,