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    hie preparation of I ron
combustion Jn PtaHUn
ical Authorities,
i proscribed in their pra^t^ o *
amis daily proves tli»V« "*• .
pared with it.
: bc-rgy. pale and otherii!? ( ? fu ‘*
iccotaity in
Tcclinns, Emaciation r>.— .
Hity, '**••
I diminution of nemnii^*® o **
complaints, one
sful to an .extent which*!}!? s*'
lotion would render cwdns«**"
■as to have become
.are suddenly re-appeaJS {?“.£*
ned from a
siKUai instances of tills kind.}?
?■ cm “ciate<l victims of sppsr ent
hanshon, critical change* ,2d
is and dj speptic aversioato air
■ physician has no name. ***
d ail hinds, and for reasons ft
operation of tills preparation
for unllL fhTold^!
" thont being exciting ”,.
regularly aperient, even fn
■Stiveness without ever beS,!"!,
mg a disagreeable sensation
among others, which makli u
permanent a remedy for Pile*
to exert a distinct and S|**ma
col tendency which fornwuJem
lie as arjyits causes, asfnglrSl'
has often sufficed for
10 ChsUrenofg
even when advanced toOyasn.i
g. and apparently molSani
y de = wiT ? rind
flesh and strength, debilitating
, which generally indicats lm
remedy haa allayed lUklanni
ia several Tory gratifvingY^
w, till* medicated Iron |m i„j
ct of the moat cautiously SS,
ic, without Any of their inK
cnnnot he too canft.l» n n^~ > tn - l
native, la tIU
mile and Inflenjantory— fa the •
I wily—it has boon invariably
Hting the pain and raduciuirth.
e Joints and muscles,■
umit necessarily be a neat ri-
I yo.aad its progress in the new
II probaby ba one of high re-
vcreal in the whole history of
prompt, happy, and fully re
nte. complete dlgreHoiTnujl*
an unusual dlipoeitlon {or
immediately follow Jte nae
* containing- 60 pil(a, prlce io
iia K ist* and dealers. %n u
ocejpt of the price. AU lettera
to -. • *
it CO. Gktoul Aonm,
20 Cedar BL, Hew York,
ing in the praiee of
cult to afford instahtaskmu re
act* as if by magic, and one
that what we say is true. It
ilieves by remeringihs nffkr*
' by deadening/ ilt tmtSbmlei.
i itself as the only reiiaUs prap
iildhm Tirrnwa, Bimmip,
towsLs, ActDtiT or thi Srtm-
d. and Croup, also, for soften
motion, regulating the Senods,
dual— being an antLepumadit
cess In all cases of CONTULStOK
: the life and health of your
m from those sad and htigkting
n to, result from the list ejtwr- '
•dies for InfantiU Qstnplainls
)r. Eaton's X-vrismsOonnui,
is perfectly harmless, and ean-
Infant. Price, 26 cent*, fall
ortle. Prepared only by
i. 409 Broadway, Nsw-Yerk.
n being
Fame essential elements,,***
(bard. Analyxe the Blood of
nsumption, Liver Complaint,
we find in nery ifttianct ear
doles of Blood. Sujtply thett
ade well. The Btoon Kop U
y—hence i,le astOntahlngsa*-
of the Blood In different die
r.nQscnrris, or any affectlqe
.r*ua, inducing ConstfMPnox,
!o. for Dkprmsios or Swam.
Ciiromc Coßfuixts. arising
ii.itt, and N xavoc* Paosra*-
Ai.vre, No. 3 for Dtspepsia.—
K'irplim It i* iakxbt DMW
tlie circulation, ao that what
p 4 is for rtMKLE IBBMOIAIU
.(.c. gee special direction*for
: rnovs, Scrofulous, Knw*T,
;n Xo. 6.- In,all cases the dl
wed. Price of the Stood too*
. 409 Broadway, Kew-Tfark.
idclpbia, andG. H.KBYBBB*
T. Murray, Hollidayrimrgi
its throughput the country. •
sICE gazette.—
f Crime and Criminals,to h»
ri.Vly circulated through!)**
the Great Trial*, «ndn*ll
risen the some, together w«r
:iers, not to be found in wjt.
nnnm; *1 for six month*, M
■ho sliould write their name*
where they reside plainlyd
few- York Police Gaiette.
iVcte TortCtty-
anc6 and Trust Co*
li, $500,000.
nut St., 3. Corner of
agest, ALTOOSAv
[Oct. 27tb, 1868'W-
CEXCr.-Tho ntidertlgn»jj
-1 Fire Insurance C°inpM>y,
must loss or daroa«p by
if are and Property ofeV‘
-v. at as reasonable raws
in the Masonic TcapJ'-
IN' SUOEMAKtB, *9***
[Dec. 23> ’58.-«-
a LEY BE- /
. h professional
) na and the
ee heretofore oc- HHB
t to dt*oharw W ,^P #
Ud upon. U"“ -
VQL. 6-
At the People’s Shoe Store.
JS Take pleosuro iti announcing to. the citteens of Alfoo
surrounding country that they have just received,
rT their store on Annie street, two doors below the Post
mßce. n large and handsome assortment of BOOTS, SHOES
JJaii GAITERS. for Xadies, Gentlemen and Children's wear,
, -ii ,i W s aniMtinds. Their stock is of peat finish and the
-lleot idmifrcturo, which they will sell for CASH only,
•t least 25 I’Kll CENT. CHEAPER than tlie same can bo
purchased elsewhere—a: will bo seen by the
allowing price list
lien”, flue calf Boots, $3 25 to $3 50
Men's fine ki|) Boots, - 75 to 3 25
Ay's kip Boots, 1 76 to 2 00
Youths'. . 1 75
Men's Calf GaiUm. 2 00
Men's Oxford Ties, X 62 to 2 00
Hen's Brogan’s, 1 12 to X 05
Jims' Brogans, . 75 to 120
Youths' Shoos, ' 02 to 87
Children's SUoss, 25 to 65
bade - ;!' Congress Gaiters, 150 to 1 65
1,1 lies' Lasting Gaiters with heels, 137 to 150
• Indies' Superior Lasting Gaiter*. 186
Ladies' Morocco Boots with heels. 130 to 155
Ladies' Morocco Boots without heels, 1 25 to 1 37
Ladies' Goat Boots with heels, 1 25
Ladies’ Calf Boots with heels, 1 20 to 1 25
Misses' Calf Boots with heels. 75 to 1 00
Misses' french SXorroccoßoots, with.heels, 1 2-5
Haring bought nnr goods for cash, they were put at ths
lowest figure, and by doing an exclusively cash business
tuit n.ei, are not made to pay for bad debts Lance our
tow price*.
1 Ami if yon want a good and fashionable Coot or Shoo
siau*. bare yonr measure and they will have it made-at
iiiort notice, Repairing dune in tho neatest manner, and
nrt U-nus.
u ejuspectfullv solicit n libeml shore of public favor.
Sept. Kl. TOO.-tf.
Literary Emporium and News Depot
’J| keep constantly on bond all the best literary papersand
i i*n.i-licals. daily papers from Philadelphia, New York and
Pittsburgh, together with a good assortment of Books. All
the School Books used in this place and vicinity always on
hand. *
Also, a choice lot of Confectionaries, and knick knacks
of all kiu-ls for children. Also the -best Tobacco A Segar.*
t- ho had in town, together with a fine assortment of Gold
ami Silver Pencils, Oold Bings and other articles of Jewel
ry. Call and,examine- ' 11. FJJTTIXOKR.
AI tooiia, July 213, ’GO-ly. .Vo. 1 Altoona U'juse.
8 1 The undersigned is prepared to locate LAND VTAB
KANTS in the Omaha and Nebraska City Laud Offices.—
u.ksl s- lectioas can now be made near tin large streams
iad settlements. - Tho Lands of this Teiritory, now in
lUrki-i, are of the best quality.
u’i. Selections carefully made." Letters <-f Inquiry re
qui'iied. ALEX. F. McKINNEV. ...
Orbafous, Cus* County, N. Ter.
July 14, 1569.-tf
Bov. A. B. Clark, Altoona, Pa.
Wm. M. Lloyd A.Co., Bankers, Altoona, Pa.
McCkdm & Dees, Editors, “
• Thus. A. Scott, Bupt. P. 11. K., “
V. HcMcntm*, Esq., Huntingdon,Pa.
W. Mi LLOYD & COi.
{Late “ BeU, Johnston, Jack .J’ Co.")
Drafts on the principal
Cities, and Silver and Gold for sale. Collections
sisde. Moneys received on deposits, payable on demand,
without interest, or upion time, with interest, at fair rates.
r«b. 3d, 1859.'
Will practice law in the several Courts of TUair, Cambria.
Huntingdon, Clearfield, Centre and adjoining couuties. —
Also In th'e District Count of the United States.
*»a ‘
Collection* of claims promptly attended to. Agent for
the gale of ‘Real Estate, Bounty Land Warrants, and all
tn<lne«» pertaining to conveyancing and thjs law.
Repxrxxccs: "
Huh. Wilson McCandies and Andrew Burke. Epq.,PUN
> iirgh; Hon. Samuel A. Gilmore, pres. Judge of Fayette
Judicial District; lion. Chcnard Clemens, of Wheeling, Va.;
llos Henry D. Foster, Greonsbiirg; Won. John W. Killinger,
T-ebanon; Hon. Wm. A. Porter, Philadelphia; and linn.
6».,rge I*. llamolton, Pittsburg. Juno 16, 1959-ly.
RAL Courts of Blair, Cambria and Huntingdon
fftnties. , '
Having bad several years’ experience In the practice of
i the haw. be expects to merit public patronage. :
Office on Virginia Street, in the room lately occupied by
H«j. beet, Esij. [Sept. 6,
B. ». COOIi, M. B. J. M OEUWILL, M. D
Dies, good & GEM MILL HAV
ING entered into Partncrsldp in the Practice of
Me.!i.dn<-. respectfully leader their service* to the .public
in the several branches of their Profession.'
'’•ids will be ausvyered either day or night at their office
—which if the same as heretofore occupied by Drs. Hirst
t, C-yi.—or at the Logan House. . *
April 2Ut, 1?59 3m
Boots and shoes.—the un
duisigned has now on .hand and will
'nil cheep at his store in the Masonic Tent
s large ami complete assortment of BOOTS
iND SHOES, rawly made, or made -to ordoa .
"'•erfhocs. Ladies’ Sandal*!,Gum Shoos,-Cork
and everything inlusllno of business, of
i i:e treat quality and op, the most reaabnable.terms. All
out. an work warranted; h -
Jan. 2, ’66-tq . ■ X SHOEMARER. .
The Root and Herb Doctor,
jls for the Rocky Mountains, for a new supply ofßoots.-
Hi Will return again and can he consulted pt Johh.'WbodV
H f W, Altoona, on the 21st Say of November and oh the
’sth day of December. Also, one day in each month for
'itcral months thereafter, 'notice ofwbkh will be given in
this paper. DR. W.REVINQ3TON.
Sept. 20, 1800.
D AGEXCT,—TiIe undersigned, Agent of the Blair
onniy Mutual Fire Insurance Company, to at; all
times ready to insure against loss or damage by fire, Build-
Merchandise,’ Furniture and Property, of every des-
CMption. imtown or country, at as reasonable rate* a* any
Gimpiay in the State; Office -with Bell, Johhston, Jack &
1,1 H. 1.-CALDWELL, j^ent.
Jap. 27, ’J9-tf V, r V ; • : ;
XJ Si’P.CTFtlLLYoffertlieir professional services to the
citizens of Altoona and vicinity. Office on Bailroailstreet,
**o doors east of thoUcd Won Hotel, may he ,
at all hours, - except when profemlonaUr-cngaged."
not ary public .
' ALTOOKA, BLAIB 00., I*A , '
Onnat all times be fouud at tho storo ofj.B.llUeman.
Utoher 1,1857. - r ; .
-A. desirably tecated lu the Borough of'Altoona. Apply
- - joiinishobmakbL-
Altoona, Feh;9,' 186p.-tf. ~y ■' i :
' iANCK Company. - Aeouey, Annaßtreet, Altoona.
March I?.-im» JOJW Agent.
’ pgpm&aty exynted at fcUdßee..
Original Clift Book Enterprise.
The largut in the toorld ; permanently located at 439 Chest
nut Street, Philadelphia.
Having purchased the' spacious Iron Building, No. 439
Chestnnt Street. and fitted it up with every convenience to
facilitate my business, particularly that branch devotedtto
COUNTRY ORDERS; ami having a larger capital thaiwuiy
other party invested in the business, 1 am now prepared to
offer greater advantages and bettor gifu than ever tolmy v
customers. . --f
I will furnish any book (of a moral character) published
in the United States, the regular price of which Is One
Dollar or upwards, and give a present worth from 50 cents
to $lOO with each book’, aad guarantee to give perfect sat
isfaction, as lam determined’to maintain the reputation
already bestowed upon my establishment.
Strangers visiting Philadelphia are invited to call and
judge for.themselves. v G. GET AN.
».r_ - 7
where alt books are sold at the Publisher’s prices, and you
have the advantage of receiving a handsome present.
GEO. G. EVANS’ Original Gift Book Enterprjsc lias been
endorsed by the Book Trade and all the
lending city and,country papers in the
United States.
GEO. G. EVANS’’ Punctual business .transactions have re
ceived the approbation of over 0.000.000
citizens of the United States, each of
whom havo-rcceivyd substantial evidence
of the advantages derived by purchasing
\ books at this establishment.
GKO. O. EVANS lias done more than any other publisher
or bookseller in tho United States to
wards dhousing knowledge to the people.
By this system many books are read that
otherwise would not have found then
way into tile hands of readers.— l'i anlc
; - Leslie's jXiwspaper. s
GEO. G., EVANS Keeps constantly on hand the most ox
j' tensive stock, the greatest assortment, of
,r Books, and circulates free tdaii wiio may
‘ apply, ths:iuost moat complete catalogue
of Books and .Gifts iu the United States.
GEO. G EVANS Hus advantages offered Cy other pub
lishers and manufacturers which enable
him to furnish his patrons with a finer
quality anil better assortment of gifts
than Arty Other establishment.
GEO. G. EVANS Publishes nearly Two Hundred Popular
and interesting Books, therefore, as n
i publisher, he is better able to offer extra
premiums and commissions.
GEO. O. EVANS Guarantecsporfectsatisfactiontonil who
may send for books.
GEO. G. EVANS’ New classified catalogue of books em
brace the writings of every standard au
thor in cverjr department of literature,
and gives all-the information relative to
N the purchasing and forwarding by Mail
or Express of books ordered from his es
tablishment, together with full direc
tions how to
GEO. 0. EVANS’ Catalogue of Boooks will bo sent gratis
and free of expenso to any address in
the United States. ' _
GEO. G. EVAN’S Inducements to Agents cannot be sur
passed. The most liberal commissions
are qffered, and 1 by soliciting subscrip
tions to bopks in the manner proposed,
20 books can be sold in the same time
. that It would take to sell oho on the old
fashioned subscription plan. Bend for a
classified Catalogue, and every informa
’ lion will be given in reference to agen
cies. Select your books, enclose the
amount of money required,and one trial
wilt salt fyyou that the best place in tbo
country to purchase books is at
No. 4391 Chestnut Street, Phila.
Book* of Fact!
Books of Fiction!
Book* of. Devotion!
Books of Amusement!
' i Books for the Old Folks!
Books for the Young Polite!
Books for Husbands!
Books Tor Wives!
Books for Lovers 1
Books.for Sweethearts'
Books fur Boys 1 ’
Rooks for Girls!' ' '
Books of Humor 1
Books of Poetry!'
Books of Travel!
Books of History! i
Books of Biography! '
Books of Adventure!
1 Books about Sailors!
t , Books about Soldiers I
Books.about Indians!
Books About Hunters!
Bocks about Heroes!.
Books about Patriots!
Books for Farmers!
Rooks for .Mechanics’
' Books for Merchants !
Books for Physicians!
Books for Lawyers!
Books for Statesmen!
. Presentation Books
Prayer Books!
Hymn Books!
. Juvenile’ BoplCsl
Albums, etc., etc. ,
CECIL B. HARTLEY’S Interesting Biographies!
REV. J. INGRAHAM’S Scriptural Romances I
SMUCKER’S Lives of Patriots and Statesmen!
‘ J.T.LAUREN’S Revolutionary Stories!
r ’ T.S. ARTHUR’S Popular Tales!
.DR. ALCOTTS Family Doctor ’
•• • •'SIRS! WENTZ’S Novels 1 ‘ ’
, SIRS. aOUTHWORTH’3 Novels!
WAVER LEY Novels 1
PRYING’S Works! • '
AH the writlngs of every standard author in every de
pertinent' 6f literature, In every stylo of binding, at the
publisher's lowest:pricCB,’and remember that you pay no
more then you would qt uny otlier establishment,-and- you
have the advantage of receiving an elegant Present,’ -which
oftentimes is worth a hundred fold more than the amount
paid fos the book. •
O r der any book may want remit the retail price,
together with ,(bo amonnt required for postage, and due
trial will assure you that the best place in the country to
purchase hooks IsHt the Gift Book Estahliahiijidnt of :'
Origihator of tho.G Ht Book Eutorpriao,
i - , ' • «0.459 CffE3tKT!T StaBtT,
3 ' Philadelphia. .
"! .To 'whom greater inducements Own ererare offered. .
Any person, either male dr fuinaloi who is dcelr'ous nfen
.gaging In an ,
Kcnnirlng but little time and no ontly of money, and by
whjcKthcy can obtain gratia
A Valuable Library, -
j A Fine Gold Watch and Chain,
A Bandsome ServOteof Pltte,
An Elegann fUlk Dreu-Bittern,
: = A Sfiendid setp/ jewelry,
Or any.othcr choice articles cnuraerated intlie T,lst«f Gifts
can jo so by acting ns ; an Agent fbr this establishment. ■
■ Any person, In any part of the count/y, can bo an Agent
simply by forming k club, sendingia list of Books, and re
mitting the amount of mohey reguired for tlie same.' .
; Sendfora catalogue, ndi ich contalnsall the desiredin
fomation relative Jo agencies and the formation of clubs;
and to insure prompt and honorable dealings, - address all
■ oF. Taa oLnm axd
i atitwoß®, ,j ; :
iWmaasntly located at So, 130 Chestnut Street, Philada.
: *ept S/IMO.-Sm. - * ■. '
Sieves, Tin & Sheet iron Ware,
• fully iufurm the citizens of Altoona SSpjgik.
And ricinity, that ho keeps constantly on hand a
large assortment of Cooking, Parlor, Office and Hgjilga
Shop S lutes, of all styles and sizes, to sufe the 'i
wants of all, which he will sell at low prices, on reason
able terms.
He also keeps on hand a largo stock of Tin and Sheet-
Itoti Iffore. consisting of articles for culinary purposes—
CbaZ Scuttles, St(n-e Pipe, eC-c.
He has also purchased the right of sale in Blair county,
of R. V. JONES’ ’
ah invention which needs only to be seen to bo appreci.v
and should be possessed by every farmer, batcher or those
requiring such a machine.
Particular attention paid to putting up SPOUTING,
either in'town or country. Spouting painted and put up
en the most reasonable terms. fapril 14, 1859-ly
I RAILROAD COMPANY, having over 000,000 ACRES
of LAND lying in the State of Missouri, which was grant
ed, by Act of Congress, to aid in the construction of their
Road, offer the principal- .portion thereof for sale, on the
most liberal terms.
The greater part of those lands arc within six. and all
within fifteen miles of the Railroad, which is now comple
ted. and open for use throughout its entire -length. '2OO
miles.) and nine through a country which is unsurpassed
by any in the salubrity of its cliiuale. the fertility of its
toil, and the extent of its mineral resources.
For further information, apply at the hand office of the
or address by letter. JOSIAH HUNT.
L/md Commissioner, 11. A St. Jo. R. R.
Hannibal, Mo. Feb. 2, ‘.60.-ly*
The undersigned would in
form the public that he has purchased the interest
of A. MILLIRON in the Grocery and Provision Store here
tofore kept by them on Virginia street, below Caroline St.,
where he will continue the business, and will keep con
stantly on hiitid a large supply of
and evorythihg usually kept iu Grocery, and Provision
Stores, all of which he receives fresh from the eastern and
western cities; and will ceil at the most reasonable prices.
Having repently obtained license to sell li;ju,r by whole
sale. - Twill Keep constantly on hand a large assortment o!
liquors of life, best qualities to-be bad,
1 respectfully solicit a share of public custom.
July U. IStkl.-bm. J. BERKOWm.
rp(> THE -.PUBLIC.— 1 T H E 8 U B
-1 BCRIBER (having taken the establishment heretofore
owned by Sninuel X. Fries,) would respectfully an \
nonnee to thy cltizens of Altoona and vicinity,
that he'has removed his
to the new building on Annie street, between Harriet and
Adeline Streets, East Altoona,where he will keep constant
ly on hand a largo assortment of everything In Iris line,
which bo will dispose of on reasonable terms.
put up op short notice. Ho also manufactures Leaded
Iron Spuntifig, which is said to bo much superior to gal
vanized sheet-iron or tin.
He has also attached a coppcr-smithlng room to hi* es
tablishment and will keep on hand an assortment of cop
per and braSs kettles, Ac.
AH kinds of job work promptly attended to.
A share of public patronage is respectfully solicited.
Altoona, Aitg. IGth, 1860.
Red lion hotel, '
This old established and popular HOTEL, lormted nearly
opposite the place of stopping the.passenger cars in Altoo
na, has passed into the hands of the prcschf proprietor.—
Long experience in the business warrants [mo in assuring
the travelling public that no pains will be spared to,render
gucstsias comfortable as possible while sojourning under
my roof.
The TABLE will constantly be supplied with the very
best iljo market affords. 1
The BAll will fie found to contain an excellent assort
ment of LIQUORS of all kinds, including that choice hove
rage LA (IEIt BEER.
The STABLE is in charge of an excellent and experi
enced Ostler.;
The. proprietor hopes, by his long experience in the
busincp and the facilities, at his command, to make the Rod
Lioik. fn all tespocts, a first class ilotei. The business of
the Hotel will bo under my own personal supervision. A
liberal share of public -eitrouage is kindly solicited.
: 1 JOII« n. SOHWEIGERT, Proprietor.
May 19, 1850.-tf
Exchange hotel.—the SUB
SCRIBER would respectfully in
form tiic pubilc that he has recently re
fitted tho above Hotel, and is now pre- KggbT
pared to accommodate his friends and IB tdrSKn*
patrons in a; comfortable manner, and hnKfJJ"v ( ”y iijajr
will spare np pains in making it an agreeable home for all
sojourners. : His Table will always he luxuriously supplied
from tjie markets of the country and cities, and his Bar
filled with liquors (if choice brands. His charges arc as
reasonable as those of anjj other Hotel in the place, and ho
feels satisfied they ran not bo complained of by those who
favor him with their eastern. Expecting to receive a share
of public patrohage, and fnlly intending to deserve it, lie
throws Open'his house to the public and invites a trial.
I haVo just received a stock cf Mo. 1 French Brandy,
for medicinal purposes.
Also a largo stock of excellent Wines, for raedieinal pur
poses, together with a lot of the best old. Rye Whiskey to
be fouiiddn the couutrv.
Altoona, May 27, ISSk-ly] JOHN BOWMAN,
•poW agitates tho mind of every person
is, where can I get tho best article for myvwp
money? ; Iti regard to other matters, the sub- IM
scribcr wonldnot attempt to- direct, but if you 88.
want anything iu the lino of ' •
ho invites an examination of his stock,and work. •
Hekceps constantly on hand an assortment of Boots, Shoos,
Gaiters,’ Slippers, Ac., which ho offers at fair prices.
Ho will give special attention to custom work, nil 61
whichiwjll ho warranted to give satisfaction. Nonebut tflp
best workmen-are employed ‘ *
Remember my shop is onJV'irginla street, immediately
opposite Kessler’s Drug Store.
Septenibor 8,’57-tf] JOHN H. ROBERTS.
The : subscriber would in-
FOTIM the public that he has just received from the
which:hfj wfiiitnake to order onshort notice and reosoteiblo
terms, and ivarranfs to give satisfaction. Persons in want
of anyth!, In his It jo eaurclV upon being fairly dealt
withl - ! > • ;;l JOHN O’DON NEL.
aid- Shop on Main St., a few doors below.the “ Red Lipq
Hotel j’. ' ; [May 24,1800 i
' undersigned respectfully informs tho public that Ife
has taken the waro-r6om two rtfaotw from the Brandi Ktud, N
where hd'w|iljkoep on hand all kinds of
and attchd totho duties. of an UNDERTAKER.
. Twd good; CttbincbMakers and-onq ppiiremtice want’d.
Altoona, Apr. 12.18P0. ' JAB. T- MOORK.
T) F: ROYER, M. D.,' .
I) m rbffofs his profotsiohal semcea to the citizens of
Altoona jiud vicinity. -‘ \
. Theibtjßt pfi/rufcmices can be given it required. ; .
Office at rfcsjdpncc on« Brandi street. East Altoona, three
doors Ab6ve!Conrad’s Store. ; ■ ‘ April 28 ’Sit-ljr. '
HoitfotHfe JitofcwttcU arise fh>w.the ejgKwsi State o£ the
E. B. McCKDM,..-. U. C. DERN,
, *
Per annum, (payable invariably in advance.) $1,50
All papers discontinued at the expiration of the time
paid for.
1 insertion 2 do, 3 do.
Four lines or leas $ 25 $ $ 50
One square, ( 8 lines) 50 75 1 00
Two “ (10 “ ) 100 160 200
Three " (S 4 “ ) 150 200 250
Over three weeks and leas than three months, 25 cents
per square for each insertion.
3 mouths. 0 months. 1 year.
Six lines or less $1 60 $3 00 $5 00
One square, 2 50 4 00 7 OO
Two “ 4 00' 600 10 00
Three “ 6 00 8 00 12 00
Four “ : 600 10 00 14 00
Half a column 10 00 14 00 20 00
One column 14 00 . 25 00 40 00
Administrators and Executors Notices 1 75
advertising by the year, three squares,
with liberty to change, 10 00
Professional or Business Cards, not exceeding 8
lines with paper, per year .■ 5 00
Communications of a political character or individual in-,
terest will bo charged according to the above rates.
Advertisements not marked with the number of inser
tions'desired, wiil-be continued till forbid and charged ac
cording to the above terms.
Correspondence of the Altoona Tribune.
Messes, Editors : — This morning, I again sit
me down to address another letter for your val
uable paper. I dated this letter at Dublin but
I may finish writing it in Belfast, for the time
from noon until the train leaves is too short, and
1 dare not finish my letter, unless I do justice
to all the “wy&s,” and they are many. I se
cured a guide (-an old man to whom I gave half
a crown for his services) 8 hours yesterday and
2 hours this morning. But 1 will not give you
as minute ft description of Dublin as I received,
but, only the history of the principal objects of
this the principal city of Ireland. Dublin is
situated on the banks of the River Liffey, which,
running from West to East, divides the City into
two nearly equal parts. After leaving the town
the river expands into a noble bay, which is
guarded on the one side by Killiney hill, near
Kingstown, and on the other by the hill of Houth..
The river Is navigable as far as Carlisle Bridge,
in the .centre of the City, but the heavier vessels
seldom pass above the Custom Bouse. Well for
the sights—and the first is the Bunk of Ireland.
This building is situated In College Green and
was formerly used as the Parliament House, and
occupied the s ite of q building which was begun
early in the Seventeenth Century by Sir G. Ca
rey. Originally intended for an hospital, it be
cn.itoe successively the seat of justice and a man
sion, The present building was commenced in
1721) and completed in 1787, costing altogether
$46,000. The huildiug is somewhat semicircu
lar in shape, with a beautiful Colonade of lonic
columns facing College Green, and portico in
the centre, in the tympanum of which is placed
the Royal Arms, appropriately surmounted by
emblematical figures of Hibernia, Commerce
and Fidelity, The entrance to the former House
of Lords was by ft portico oq the eastern side,
th,C Columns presenting the anomally of the
Corinthian order. - The figures here ore Forti
t’udß; Liberty and Justice. The western on
tranco, like the Colonade, is in the lonic £tyle
of ’nrchitecture. The old Hoa«o of Commons is
now used os the Tellers office. The House of
liosiucss notices five cents per lino for every insertion.
C/biLuary notices exceeding ten lines, fifty cents a square.
Select |)octn).
Backward, turn backward, oh. Time, m your flight;
Make me a child again , just for to-night I
Mother, come back from the echoless shore,
Take me again to your heart as of yoro—
Kiss from my forehead the furrows of care,-
Smooth the few silver threads out of my hair—
Over tuy.slumber your loving watch keep—
Rock me to sleep, mother—rock me to sleep !
Backward, backward, oil, tide of the years !
1 am so weary of toil and tears—
Toil without recompense—toaiA all in vain—
Take them and give me my childhood again 1
I have grown weary of dust and decay,
Weary of flinging my soul wealth away—
Weary of sowing for others to reap;—
Rock me to sleep, mother—rock me to sloop
Tired of the hollow, the has--, the untrue.
Mother, oh. mother, my heart calls for,you 1
Many a summer the grass has grown green,
Blossomed and faded, our faces between—
Yet with strong yearnings and passionate pain,
Long I to-uigbt for your presence again :
Come from the silence so long and so deep—
Rock me to sleep, mother—rock me to (deep 1
Over my heart, in the days that arc flown,
N o love like mother-lovo ever has shone—
No other worship abides and endures
Faithful, unselfish' and patient like yours ;
None like mother can charm away pain
Front the sick soul and the world weary brain ;
Slumber’s soft calms o’er my heavy lids creep,
Rock me to sleep, mother—rock mo to Sleep)
Como, let your brown hair, just lighted with gold,
Fall on your shoulders again as of old ;
Let it drop over my forehead to-night.
Shading my faint eyes away from the light—
For with its sunny edged shadows onco more
Haply will throng the sweat visions of yore.
Lovingly, softly its bright billows sweep—
Rock me to sleep, mother —rock roe to sleep!
Mother, dear mother I the years have been long
Since I have slept to yonr lullaby song; v
Sing, then, and unto my soul it shall seem
Womanhood’s years have been only a dream.
Clasped - to yonr heart in a loving embrace,
With your light lashes just sweeping my face,
Never, hereafter, to wake or to weep—
Rock mo to sleep, mother—rock mo to sleep!
Cljt #11) OEmmtrg.
Dublin City, liUel,vnd. )
Scjitember 3rd, 1800. /
Lords remains unaltered, save the site of the
throne is now occupied by a statute of King
George the 111. ‘ The chairs are in their places,
the long table in the centre and the old tapestry
still hanging on the' walls. i This has on the
left a representation of,'King William crossing
the Boyne with poor Schowberg expiring almost
under bis horses feet; and on the right the
siege of Derry. Both pieces .of needle-work are
in excellent preservation. Directly opposite the
Bank of Ireland is Trinity College. This is a
very fine building; I weht through it, but shall
only speak of the museum belonging to it. Tho
collection is email but very creditable to allcon
cornod. Tho skeletons of' the ancient Elk of
Ireland, which have been dug up oat of the bogs
of various parts of the country, are truly a cu
riosity ; the series comprises: two males and a
female, together with a group of six heads of
Antlers of various ages, from two years old to
the adult size. This collection is unique. -An
other collection of value to the College student
is a series of human skulls, | geographically ar
ranged, intended to convey at a glance tho dif
ference of cranial development incidental to dif
ferent countries. The collection of Irish birds
is very fine, the specimens in i good con
dition, and tho series nearly-complete. Among
them may be observed with interest the Golden"
Eagle, Errie or White Tailed Eagle, the Spotted
Eaglo, and a Vulture, all shot in the South of*
Ireland. In the Library room I was handed a
book, called “ A Latin copy of the Gospel,”
known as tho Book of Kells,; and attributed to
Saint Columbia, which was written 1300 years
I waa next taken into the Castle of Dublin,
which is by no means an imposing structure.—
Wo next went into the Viceregal Chapel which
is beautiful in the extreme. The Viceregal
apartments are easily found. You eater under
a Doric Colonadn, and by the grand staircase
into the presence chamber, an ornamented hall
containing the throne of the representative mon
archy, (in wltieh I sat) which, as well as the
hangings, is richly embroidered with gold.—
We went through St. Patrick’s Hall—the Coun
cil Chamber and the private Drawing Room,
which contains the most magnificent furniture,
costly mirrors and marble tables. I was next
shown the Christ’s Church Cathedral, or Church
of the Holy Trinity, which was built in 1038—
and about which I took copious notes, bat will
give them at another time ; also the Cathedral
of St. Patrick, the Post Office, Custom House,
the Four Courts and the Phoenix Park. But
now we will goto see Nelson’s Monument, which
is in Sackville St. It is a tall fluted column
121 feet high (exclusive of the statute,) and
stands close to the Post Office, It is of granite,
consisting of a pedestal 80 feet high bearing
-the names and dates of four of the heroes’ victo
ries. The pillar rises above 70 feet, bearing on
a Doric capital, a second pedestal on which tho
statute rests—it cost $34,280. The statute
which stands 13 feet in height, is a beautiful
specimen of art, and is from the Studied h na
tive Sculptor, Thomas Kirk. On a fine clear
day such as we have now, if. you ascend to the
safely railed summit as I did, you have a most
extensive and beautiful as well os 'delightful
prospect; embracing a panoramma view of tbe
city and surrounding country—from the Mowme
Mountains in the County Donrne on the North,
to the Wicklow Mountains on tbe South, the
plains of Meath and Kildarr in the West, parted
by tho Dublin Hills and Dublin Bay, and a wide
expanse of sea to the Eastward. But we must
not pass unnoticed the Zoological Gardens in
tho Phoenix Park—some pf the animals are liv
ing and some are dead, yet of the latter there
are very few ; I saw wolves),such as formerly
infested Ireland, bears, leopards, pumas, ja
guars, hyenas, bisons, llamas, and various spe
cies of doer, kept here, together with an assem
blage of those amusing little gentry, the mon
key. I observeS a large cage containing a whole
colony of white tailed eagles, and a number of
other birds, but I saw no foarfy or makes, “nary
time.” But I have but 15 minutes time to get
to Belfast railway station, •which is one mile
'distant, so I must bo off—well I jump op .to a
a jaunting car—and I got there just in time, I
get my ticket, jump into/ the train, the whistle
is blown, and we arc off—aud the first place of
jntercst wo came to is Malahide Castle, the fine
haronical mansion of Lord Talbot de Malahide.
Tho Castle is a large square/building flanked by
lofty circular towers. It was erected in the
reign of Henry 11. The Oak;Chamber exhibits
the most elaborate carving in oak and lighted
with a pointed window, of stained glass ; close
by is a Malahide AbbeyAan interesting ruin of a
church in tho Gothic style, liut wc must be (iff
we pass Swords and Lurk and stop at Drogheda.
This town is situated omtliej fine-! river /Boyne.
The town was formerly wallcd in,'&nd consider
able portions of its walls, with two of its gates, ■
still remaining as ruins. St. |jpwrenoe's Gate, pn
the northern side of the river) is a.perfect spe
cimen, and the Wept Gate, pn the southern or
meath side, forms p jn ore picturesque tain, as
sociated with Drogheda, arc the histories of the
memorable siege by Cromwell) and. the “ battle
of .the Boyne.” We leave Drpg heda and Pars
Tara—the history pf wbiph ip mpst interesting,
yet too lengthy for the pyoSent .occasion,! )7e
next come to Dundalk which was the lost town
in Ireland, when a monarch jifas crowned, and
resided in royal Tjtpre are
in the town; that were built |p 10()V.G.N e w?X
the next Station.though the town is- sitnated a
short distance fromtheßailrtad,inthe vale of
;the-rireirNewry,*sliKo; A
gentleman who sat beside me in the ear, and
was faihUiar of Nowry, staled
that Dean Swift described It. in these words
‘‘High Church, low steeple, dirty streets, and
jiroud people.” The next stopping place is Ar
magh; In 444 St Patrick fixed his see at Ar
magh, and. here on the sight of the present Ca
thedral, sprang of the first Christian
Churches in Ireland. Here he also foonded the
first College in the Kingdom, and while the rest
of Europe was in darkness. Armagh was a
shining light, which so increased in brilliancy,
that ip the timooftho Tenerable Bedey eleven
centuries ago, it attracted thither the : nobility
and gentry of Brittain for their education, The
Danes destroyed the city and its Cathedral in
the ninth oentnry, and from this period v, to tho
twelfth century it was destroyed seventeen
times, so that not many of theanoient-bolldings
are left; but we now; leave Armagh, 'and oof
next stopping place is Belfast I shohld bare
stated that at Postadom we left tho main, lino
ahd came through the country, temples and a
half distant, to. get to Armagh. It cost nothing
and we had time. Now we go back to and take
cars for Belfast Weamve“at&p, m„ and will
remain two days, so I uavjtov at the Plough
Hotel in Belfast, and will |tart on Wodnsday
for Colerain and other points of Irelaad. •
1 am yours truly,
This stupendous monument of human. art
industry exceeds every thing that wetead of in
ancient or modern history. The pyramids of
Egypt aro little when compared with ft
which is conducted over highmountains,some ■
of which rise to the height of five t vo
hundred and twenty-five feet, ■ across thb deep- I
est vales, over wide rivers by means of arches,
and in many parts is doubled qr' trebled,to-com
mand important passes; at the distance, ofal
most-every hundred' yards iq a tower ofmassy
bastion. The extent is oompntod at fiftan hun
dred miles, and is each enormous thickness
six horsemen may ride abreast upon it
Sir George Staunton, who accompanied Lord :
Macartney in bis embasy to China,' considers
this great barrier to have been erected at least
two thousand years. Du Raids also; says ° this
prodigious work was’ constructed tfq hundred
and fifteen years before the birth of Christ, by
the orders of the first emperor of the family of
Tain, to protect three large provinces from the
irruptions of the Tartars.’* One-third pact of
the able-bodied men of Chinn were employed in
constructing this wall, and the workmen were
ordered, under pain of death, to place the mate
rials of which it is composed so closely that the
least entrance might not he left for any instrn-t
ment of pointed iron; The labor in its con
struction must have been immense, ae the mate
rials mast have been earned over a desert coun
try to eminences inaccessible to horses or* car
riages. This ?* wonder of the wortd'Vwas com
pleted in the short space of five years, is
reported that the laborers stood 90 close for
many miles that they oonld hand the wiatojriaN
from one to aabrher. -
Liberality is the beat way to gain, affection
for we are assured of their friendship: to whoa
we ore obliged. : " ; i,-■
The greater the; man is, ’ the mocer -bq hath
need of a friend; and the pmirediSonlty there
is in dnding and knowing him..
Worthy miads deny themselvesmany advan
tages to satisfy a geherboa beneficence, which
they bear friends in distress. ' ' t
Inquisitive people are the fennels of conver
sation; they do pot take in anyth ing'for
owp use, but merely to pass it to another.! .
pboose thy wife wisely; open not thy bosom
to the trifler; repose not thy head on the breast
which nurseth envy,' and folly, and -vanity. : ’ .
More hearts pine away in secret anguish for
unkindness from those who should be,their.opin
forters, than for any other calaputy inUfe. : j
lie who would-bring. home the - wealth of i the
Indies, panst carry the wealth of the Indies with
him. So it is in travelling; roust 9 airy
knowledge with him; if he would bring home
knowledge. ' ■ ’ f ‘.
If & man coaid be conscious of all (hat to said
of him in bis absence,'he would probably te
jeomeatery modest man indeed. ' " r ?? : v ’
; BQu If you barb great tolebto, industry will
iippro™ them; if moderate abilU>«B,in(iaBfry
will supply them; -Nothing is deniewi'
directed[debar; nothing is ever to lie attained
without it Remember, a man’s genius is : al
ways in the beginning of "fife as much-unknown
'to' bibiself as is only after frequen t
trials, attended with success, that be dares think
himself equal to the undertakings' in which
those who bare succeeded, bate fixed the ad
miration of all mankind. '
sew# the matter of plaint speaking ire are,
like the soldier; wbi>; ib bis first battle was
afraid to fire off bis buisket, lest be-might hert
•Jr ■' J •-—-
B®* ~;I f in instructing a child ychaxaffc^sd
6t'adtoii&i<»M, fay, if
• :
NO. 39.
■ (