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    %\t JUtontß Cnhm
‘ THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18,. 1860.
unknown to n», our rule for aim
ulag U toregntoe payment in advance, or a guarantee from
' Icaoiwn pertoni. .It to therefore ueeleee tor all such to send
WfilvetttoemenU oOoring to pay at the and of three or six
fittnithau where advertisements are accompanied with the
money, whether one, five-or ten dollars, wo will give the
idasrUser the foil benefit of cash rates.
i, B. H. PmfiS6IUL & CO.) '
AdTerttoingAgenU.UONauan street, York, and
it State street, Boston, 'are the Agents for the Atom
fWhMe,aQd themoet influential and largest circulating
•Newspapers in the United States and the Canadas. They
.are anthorteed to contract tor ns at oer lowest rotes.
The Result.
Sufficient returns bare been received to war
tpnttbeconclusion that Andrew Q. Cnrtin has
•been elected’ Governor of Pennsylvania by a
majority approximating 30,000. This result
was entirely unexpected by the supporters of
Sen. Poster,-in whom they had a candidate
Worthy of better fate; and such a triumph was
hot dreamed of by the most sanguine and en
thusiastic friends of Col. Curtin. Politics in
.Pennsylvania is not what it was in days gone
by. -Once the result of a Gubernatorial content
cod]d be predicted in advance with considerable
.accuracy, but it now requires the count of rotes
to arrive at a ( conclusion. It is not our inten
tion to comment upon the result at this time,
more than to'remark that “ doubtful things are
mighty uncertain” in politics, and that those
who “.bet their money on the bob toil nag” are
not, always sure of winning. We have official
returns from but few counties, consequently we
omit a table this week, hoping that previous to
out next issue we may receive the official vote
Of the State.
? The Congressional delegation from this State
stands 19 People’s Party to 6 Democrats.
On joint ballot in the State Legislature the
People’s Party will have a majority of between
46 and 60.
Indiana.-— ln this State the Republicans elect
their. Governor by between 10,000 and 16,000
majority, and have a majority in both branches
of the State Legislature, which Will give that
party two United States Senators, who are to
2 be elected this winter, to take the places of
Messrs. Bright and Fith, whose terms expire on
the 4th of March next
Omo.—The Republicans have carried this
State by 20,000 majority, notwithstanding they
Ibpse three Congressman and gain but one.
- Committee Meeting. —The Reading Demo
cratic State Executive Committee met in that
city on the 12th inst., and adopted a resolution
rescinding the action of the said Committee at
its meetings ,in Philadelphia and at Cresson,
and recommending the Democrats of the State,
to support the Electoral Ticket as adopted by
the Democratic State Convention at Reading,
on March Ist. Amendatory resolutions provi
ding .for the appointment of Cominittecs to con
fer with the Constitutional Union and Douglas
parties, were rejected. The Committee then
Godey r t Lady'* Book for November is one of
the richest numbers of that, periodical. The en
graving, “ Grossing the Brook,” is one of the
fiUest and prettiest we have looked upon in a
long time. The fashion plates and patterns for
needle work are of the latest styles and alipost
without number. Certainly no one ever regrets
the price paid for this Book, and those who may
chance to see it, who do not take it regularly,
must regret that it is not a visitor at their house.
Price $3 perannum. L. A. Godey, Philadelphia.
pß^T 1 . The October number of the Student and
Swooimate contains much of interest to the
rising generation, and every- parent who can
possibly spare ope dollar, could not invest it in
anything which would be of more. advantage to
his children .than by ordering this little maga
zine. Published by Galen James & Go., 15
Gornhill 8 t. r Boston.
. MBL. The Firmer and Gardener for October
contains much of interest to tiie farmer at this
season- ofthe year. This work is fast rising in
popularity and usefulness and will soon rank
sewmd-to-Boneia thecouotry,. as an agricultu
ral journal. Price $l,OO per annum. Spangler
& Saunders, Philadelphia.
The Douglas State Committee met at
few days since, and resolved to
recommendto all Douglas men throughout the
State to .vote, in November, the straight Doug
las Electoral ticket fcjnned at Harrisburg some
weeks ago. , . -v.;,. ■ <
Tyrone Star will receive attention
ngXtweek. v ■■'
' non*A B. B.—The Pennsylvanlaßail Road
Company has lately had the following notirt
poptedih all their ticket offices and also in their
passenger ears, viz.:—
J‘On and after OctoberTth, 1860, Passengers
from Stations Where the Company has an Agent,
who fail to procure tickets at the regular offices
of {he Company, will be required to pay an ex
erts to the conductor. The conductor will, in
eabh case*, give the person paying such excess,
a ticket, which will be a receipt for the full
amount paid, and will entitle the holder to re
ceive a drawback, equal in amount to the excess
paid, if presented to any authorized Station
Agent of the Company. This rule will be inva
riable, and Conductors will be required to cany
it out Passengers from Stations where the
Company has no Agent will be furnished with
tickets by the Conductor, specifying the amount
of fare paid, which ticket the Conductor will in
all "Oases cancel and take op before the passeu
gcofs. leave the train.’*, ‘
Letter from Ireland.
JUoomanamu. ..
■v'- Downy Om, 1
Mnseu. Bniroai:—l promised la .my last
shoidd hearlfcnnme agffii this week,
and'ln ordsTito make njr; promise I trill
pow give yea a daaarlption of fit* principal
towns from Qeenstown,at the bead of Cork har
bor, to Dnblin,. and further norths, twill roneh
for the correctness of all I write, and appeal to
all Irishmen to bear me out. Queenstown was
originally called Cove.and received its present
appellation from the Queen, in 1849. It is built
on the face of a bill sloping to the harbor shore.
It is much frequented by invalids on account of
the salubrity of its climate. I would not be
doing jnstiee were I to remain silent with re
gardto the harbor of Cork, which is one of the
ntost extensire in the lUnited Kingdom, being
capable of affording.shelter to the entire British'
navy. Into it Drake retreated when hotly pur
sued by the Spanish fleet, and Crosshaven creek
whs pointed out to me as .being the creek'into
which he sailed and where he was so effectually
hidden that the Spanish Were completely, lost
in conjecture as to his Whereabouts, and actual
ly spentdays in fruitless search for him in the
river, concluding that nothing short of magic
could have token him so suddenly out of their
grasp. The spot is to this day known as -‘Drake’s
Black Rock is the first promintory worthy of
note. From a distance its appearance is truly
picturesque, presenting the idea of a formida
ble old castle, standing out on a tongue of land
against the clear water of the Lee. Black Bock
is supposed to be the place from which William
Penn embarked for America. Here we enter a
.wide river called Lock Malion. Spike Island
is opposite Queenstown and is the most conspic
uous and largest It is a convict depot, with
accommodations for 2,000 convicts, I was
compelled to get an order from the Governor
before I could Visit this island. Rock Island
contains the powder magazine, which occupies
six chambers excavated in the solid rock. I
was told that it usually contains 12,000 barrels
of gunpowder, besides other kind of amunition.
The next island is Hawboline, which contains
the ordinance stores, an armory and a tank ca
pable of holding 6,000 tons of fresh water. To
this island I went without a grant.
Next we came to the city of Cork. Here we
were greeted by about three score and ten beg
gars, who sainted ns with “ och, butwould yon
see the brave Yankee boys!” “ain’t they dar
ling boys 1” “ welcome to Quid Ireland “may
God bless yees“ wouldn’t you be afther giv
ing a penny to a poor ould widow to boy some
bread.” To get rid of them I banded out a few.
English pennies, which 1 was tired carrying,
they being a huge coin as large as a P. B. R.
baggage check. I stopped at the Royal Victo
ria Hotel, in St. Patrick Street, kept by Mr.
McCormick, and a fine place it is to stop at.—
Better treatment you could not get anywhere.
You will find a very polite runner on the lit
tle steamer that runs out to the ship, ask him
for this hotel and be will almost carry you there;
and to him I .am indebted for much of the infor
mation 1 received concerning Cork and the sur
rounding country. This city is generally term
ed the capital of the South. It had long been
the heme of a Pagan temple on the site of which
St. Fionre Barr, the Anchorite, from Gongaim
Barra, founded a monastery in the beginning of
the seventh century. The Danes ore said to
have founded the city. The name “ Cork,” —
or “ Corraoh” or “ Coroagh”—means “swamp.”
I now start from Cork for Dublin, by cars,
and the’first place we stop at is called Blarney.
Here we find Blarney Custle, which was long
the residence of the young McCarthy’s, Barons
of Blarney. This Castle was built in the mid
dle of the fifteenth century, by Cormao McCart
ney, summed “ the Strong.” It consists now
of the massive dungon tower about 120 feet
high, and another portion, less substantial,
though almost strong enough to warrant the
conjecture that before the introduction of gun
powder it must have been impregnable. It is
almost ns marvelous as tbe x power attributed to
the “ Blarney Stone,” that a few lines contain
ing in themselves no merit save their absurdity,
should succeed in gaining a world-wide notoriety
for a place which otherwise would scarcely have
been celebrated beyond its own immediate vi
cinity. The “Blarney Stone” had long been a
bye-word among the Irish, but why, it was dif
ficult to conjecture, unless the glib tongues of
the natives of this locality were supposed not to
be the ordinary gifts of nature. A carious tra
dition attributes to it the power of endowing
whoever kisses it,, with the sweet, persuasive,
wheedling eloquence, so perceptible in the lan
guage of the Cork people, and which is general
ly tertned “ blarney.” This is the true meaning
of the word, and not, as some have supposed, a
faculty of deviating from the truth with an
unblushing countenance, whenever it may be
convenient. . It bears an inscription.
Mi fityi Fecit , A. D. 1446.
As. the kissing of this would be somewhat diffi
cult, yon, who seek for “ blarney” honors, will
be glad to know that at the summit, and within
easy access, is another “real stone,” bearing
date 1708. -; I feel indebted, very particularly,
to Ur. filake, for the following verses which
were written Convening this stone'
“The gravies of Blsriiey, they look so charming,
Down bythejrarlingof sweet silent streams,
Being hanked with posies that ipontaoeoai grow there,
' Planted In coder by the sweet rock close.
“’Ks Uiere the daisy, and die sweet carnation,
The blooming pink, and the roee no fair,
BIC dJdlbdowndUly, likewise the Ully,
i AUltoWetsthatscent the sweet fragrant air.
f* There is a atone there, that whoeverkisses,
(Hit he never misen to grow eloquent;
TOs: he may clamber to a lady's chamber.
Or become a member of Parliament.
“A clever sponter he’ll sure turn opt, or
; 'An out and on ter to be let alone!: ,
Don’t hope to hinder him, or to bewilder him,
Sure he’s a pilgrim from the Blarney Stone.”
Pretty well for Blarney. -
: About a quarter of a mile from the castle is
Blarney Lake, and it is a smart piece of water.
A tradition remains that at a certain season
herds of white cows rise from the bosom of the
lake to gme among the rich pastnre which
clothes its banks. Another story is that the
Earl of Glanearty, who forfeited the castle at
the Revolution, oast all his plate into a certain
'thrpp of the McCarthy’s inherit
■ ' Cknentor. Cbngra*. jUttaMy. Atinrintt Jmdgtt, 0. o**. PUL Att. Trtamcrrr Ptior. And.
■fi .#TOrifll|Tl IITIIIT
<< ****. ; i f f I : j I : I V? F r (L § r f 5
::s":s:j§| I j : : T S : : p
.i : i : ;:■ S i : ; i 1; ' i : : : ; l : i
Altoona, wTsffi 00 2U 94 210 215 iT“Sf 87 90 213 .90 213 88 216 80 213; 278
~ m 122 82 120 87 114 }24 84 124 88 88 U 6 93 116 02 115 94 1121 177
i « 58 100 ta 100 60 95 98 B 98 SO 58 92 57 95 63 88 ' 60 95 127
Him*OTb’K l W.W.. 99 143 101 141 88 ]5O 110 J 8 166 128 88 I*o 85 154 104 138 93 143, 224
“ T K. W.. 118 118 129 102 103 125 188 91 187 89 104 119 1U 116 103' 128 112 116 22l
Ante 5....;...... 28* 98 285 96 263 9* 259 252 103 96 263 97 261 96 268 9S 252 97 356
A11egheny.............. 170 102 177 102 181 99 178 00 135 96 136 128 148 121 170 103 176 97 260
Blair 70 81 68 80 70 80 90 89 79 34 83 66 59 90 .84 65 70 79 90
Catharine 94 71 87 78 85 f 74 130 59 87 108 93 78 85 79 91 73 90 75 165
O7 47 100 44 99 48 135 102 41 5 48 92 92 50 101 43 07 47 130
Fnakstomi 234 66 225 77 235 70 241 228 77 63 222 74 229 76 233 70 221 81 303
Gaysport....... 37 102 84 104 SO 109 34 35 112 04 29 106 28 110 30 108 35 101 134
Greenfield 128 83 127 83 125 84 131 129 86 72 112 96 127 82 127 83 127 84 208
Boston 154 130 75 208 162 113 176 IDS 140 133 137 143 142 14U 149 133 149 129 240
Juniata.................. 00 62 66 \56 59 63 67 67 64 67 44 70 62 60 GO 62 61 58 121
Logan 321 182 814 130 823 137 360 274 162 120 273 173 316 134 317 135 327 129 280
5nyder......... _ 186 76 188 02 186 65 181 180 64 63 182 64 186 j. 64 183 06 186 61 244
Tyrone .i. 142 63 146 48 139 6l 185 107 60 71 109 74 143 49 131 62 109 76 177
164 65 167 64 163 .64 196 163 S 3 21 108 111 167 53 161 65 162 63 178
Tyrone Borough 82 54 75 61 79 67 77 69 64 56 , 79 56 72 62 79 60 91 45 123
Woodberiy. 237 136 185 182 221 142 327 200 138 82 227 142 211 159 2361 139 232 140 357
North Woodberry.- 138| 146 138 146 137 148 171 131 153 116 132 153 135 146 134; 150 138 i 146 282
' 2172 2900 2285 tt 2187 3554 2656 23021 2706[ r ' 467*5
"•»8; Dei -,rata in Homan; Indci lent in
Total. ;
the secret of the place where they are deposited,
any one of whom dying communicates it to an
other of the family, and thus perpetuates the
secret, which is never to be revealed until a
McCarthy be again Lord of Blarney. Other
stories tire told, and if you lend a willing ear
and a tbree-pennybit you can get any number.
We now leave Blarney, and ; must be content
with a passing view of the country, since I can
not stop until I get to Dublin. Were Ito in
timate ; anything else of Ireland than that it
is exceedingly beautiful, 1 would not be giving
a correct description, as the tourist cannot help
but be delighted. Now, for the first time, I saw
the bogs—or turf lands. The turf is cut out
with a long-handled narrow-hladcd spade, and
very much resembles rotten manure, while it is
wet. It is wheeled out and stacked up in ricks,
and in pbout a month, good weather, it is dry
enough to burn. 1 took very good care to se
cure specimens of different curiosities for the
Library Association. I secured a piece of turf
and a number of very rare curiosities from the
Giants Causeway, the greatest curiosity on the
earth, of which I will give a minute description
in my next. I must not forget to say that at
a place called Mullinar, they manufacture gas
from the turf—from the residue they extract a
substance from which they make candles and
oil—from this second residue they extract an
alkali used by soap-boilers, and from this resi
due they obtain the best manure for land. Al
most all towns, large and small, use gas. The
turf gas makep a beautiful light. Gas sells here
at $l,OO and $1,25 per thousand feet—it never
exceeds one $1,25. This is quite a figure be
low the AUoona price. Can’t give the reason.
Befope 1 close this letter I must not forget to
say in behalf of the Irish that they are the most
kind and hospitable people 1 ever met. 1 never
was treated better than 1 have been by them,
and I shall ever entertain a warm feeling for the
Irishman. But to-morrow the ship sails for
America, and this letter must be mailed at 6 F.
M., so 1 close by promising that you shall hear
again from Yours Respectfully,
Fire and Thief Proof Chests.
For the benefit of our business men, we copy
the following from the Williamsport Press: —
The manufacture and sale of Fire and Thief
Proof Chests has become a business of immense
magnitude; and although confined chiefly to
one leading house in Philadelphia, Safes of
Philadelphia manufacture are now found in
every jjart of the country. The great amount
of security which is at so trifling a cost
makes it a matter of immediate interest to every
prudent business man. Ascertain degree of se
curity can be had by insurance, but the best in
surance policy is imperfect where the books and
valuable papers are at the mercy of the devour
ing element, and this fact is so generally un
derstood that no man who makes any preten
sions to being a careful business man can afford
to be without a Proof Safe, and hence the great
extent of this department of manufactures. It
may be objected that some “ careful prudent,
men” will not risk the purchase of a so-called
Safe which, in .the hour of trial, must prove it
self to he a cheat—an imposition and fraud upon
the purchaser—and the objection comes with
considerable force since irresponsible parties
ore engaged in the manufacture of them. Every
reputable business attracts imposters, and the
manufacture of Safes is not an exception. Par
ties even from other cities have been attracted
to Philadelphia by the well earned reputation of
Safes manufactured there, and to a certain ex
tent have brought the business into discredit.—
But the man who purchases from n house long
and well established, whose safes have stood the
test pf time and whoso integrity commands the
confidence of the business community can run no
risk. And it may not be out of place here to
say that Messrs. Evahs & Watson are without
a rival :in this department of trade. Their sale
rooms at No. 304, Chestnut St., always contain
a large stock suited in styles and prices to every
demand.' Their Safes have, wherever tested,
added do their well earned reputation, and what
ever iqiiy be said of other manufactures, certain
it is that Evans & Watson’s safes are what they
purport to be and he who seeks security will not
find it for a less price elsewhere.
Numerous—people who knew exactly how the'elcc-
Uon would go.
4®, The hills around Pottsville were covered with snow
to the depth of half an inch, on Monday morning last.
ia-Out of 500 sailors now on the United States frigate
Niagara, 1 only 31 take their grog rations.
Rats are said to dislike copperas, and if cellars are
sprinkled with a strong solution of it, they will vacate the
49“ Rider Kimball, one of the leading Uormon saints,
it ia said, recently had born to him, in one night, no less
than fourteen children. t
4E5. lt is reported by an English paper that King Victor
Sinahue) has'offered to a Protestant the Chair o'fPhiloso
phy at the University of Bologna, and It is accepted.
Mg' The dally Issue of the Harrisburg State Sentindhaa
Men discontinued, it is said that the Union Xhot, pub
lished at the some place, has been, or shortly will be, dis
;4®*Jt'is stated that the Hon. Edward Everett is en
gaged to marry the widowed daughter of Judge JPettin
gtew, OfJ Booth Carolina. The lady is described as a blonde,
atbMthte, intellectual, wealthy, and about thirty-three
years of'age.
MSf-Vte learn from the Tyrone Star that a man named
Jaioob Mingle was kilied nMir Henaheystown, in this coun-
on Friday night last, by felling from his horse, while
•Wring a four horse team, and being run over by one of
the wheels of the wagon. He was Intoxicated.
,fIS» The Baltimore Sun says that about three hundred
of the American portion of the Bell and Everest party in
that city, on Thursday night last, inarched to the Lincoln
head-quarters and Joined that party, This eras in eonse
qnence «if the election of the Reform ticket. it that city,
wfciGb dMroywt, the rule of American
e; • i
Eighteenth Congressional District.
The official vote for Congress in this District
foots up as follows:
Blair. McAllister.
Blair. 2900 2285
Cambria, 2208 2452
Huntingdon, 3042 2120
Somerset, 2980 1862
Blair’s maj
List of Jurors— October Term, 1860.
' Bairf! Martin, Former, Blulr.
Burbank George, Farmer, Allegheny.
Byres Aaron, Farmer, Antis.
Berfurd Anthony, Shoemaker, Hollidaysburg.
Bnttcnburg Jacob, Brakesman, Altoona.
Bma Jacob, Farmer, Frankstown.
Grains George, Laborer, Snyder.
Col bin Joseph, Laborer, Hollidaysburg.
Hughes James. Carpenter, Woodberry.
Hays Samuel D., Tanner, Hollidaysburg.
Isctt E. 8., Iron-master, Snyder.
jji.nes Benjamin, Carpenter, Tyrone Borough.
, Matecr Cyrus, Farmer, Catharine,
Nicodemus Jacob 8., Farmer, North Woodberry.
lb-ice Daniel, Carpenter, Aitoona.
i Roller Joshua 11, Former, Catharine,
i Kobesob William, Farmer, Snyder.
! Ramey David K. Carpenter, Holliday sburg.
i Sbiffler George R, Farmer. Huston.
, Sbiffler William, Farmer, Taylor.
if Stehley Martin L, Merchant. Frankstown.
Shiuefelt John B, Farmer, Huston.
Tinker John, Car-builder, Altoona.
Woifkill John, Farmer, Huston.
Alexander James, Farmer, Allegheny.
Bowers Isaac, Fanner. North Woodberry.
Burget Isaac, Farmer, Nprth Woodberry.
Boyer Peter, Blacksmith,jSnyder.
Coleman James, Miller. Logan.
Clingerman John, Teacher, Allegheny.
Crowther, James, Liveryman, Tyrone Borough.
Diehl Simon, Farmer, Juniata.
Fox Samuel, Shremaker, Catharine.
Gable William, Shoemaker, Altoona.
Green Robert, Farmer, Altoona.
Graffius Jacob, Tinner, Martinsburg.
Ooodfellow, Thomas M, Merchant, Hollidaysburg.
Hutchison James, Farmer, Logan.
Hoke Samuel, Cabinetmaker, Woodberry.
Hanley Christian, Farmer, Taylor.
Hetrick John, Farmer, Woodberry.
Hamilton David, Laborer, Huston.
Hoojier John W, Blacksmith. Altoona.
Knox Alexander, Merchant, Blair.
Kelly Peter, Teacher, Juniata,
Liugenfcltcr Johh 0, Manager, Freedom.
Loreuzc Bernard, Iron master. Freedom.
Ijenmcr George, Farmer, Frankstown.
Merry man Charles, Wagon-maker, Tyrone Borough.
Myers William, Farmer, Allegheny.
McAlister A,.lron-mrster, Woodberry.
McMullen Henry, Farmer, Tyrone Township.
Manning George, Forgenuui, Taylor.
Bright Jacob, Carpenter, Altoona
Patterson Anderson, Merchant. Woodberry.
Roney John, Laborer, Hollidaysburg.
Smith Robert M, Laborer. Gay sport Borough.
Stifflur James, Laborer* Freedom.
Vauscoyoc Stephen, Farmer. Antis.
Wilt Alexander, Farmer. Allegheny.
Wilt Peter 11, Farmer, Allegheny.
Wilson Albert, Farmer, Frankstown.
Bell William. Farmer, Jtogan.
Burley John 11, Cabinet-maker, Tyrone Borough.
Berry Jacob, Butcher, Gaysport.
Berry John, Butcher, Gaysport.
Conrad Jonathan, Merchant, Altoona.
' Dancan James,jFanner, Snyder.
Dobbins Alexander, Merchant Woodberry.
Hoover Daniel, Farmer, Taylor. i
Kessler George W, Druggist, Altoona.
Kitt Samuel. Black smith, Altoona.
McNamara Thomas Jr, Clerk Hollidaysburg.
Roller Joshua, Farmer, Woodberry.
Kodimor William. Qirpentcr, Altoona.
Reeder Albert, Butcher, Hollidaysburg.
Robinson David, Carpenter. Altoona.
Sliarar II B, Boat-Builder, Hollidaysburg.
Stokes William, Millwright, Tyrone Borough.
Stonerook John, Farmer, North Woodberry.,
Taylor K B, Nurseryman, Altoona.
Vauclain Andrew, Furman. Altoona.
Widensall John U, Clerk, llollidaysburg.
Tingling Abraham, Farmer, Juniata.
Bowers John A, Laborer, Woodberry.
Cramer John W, Merchant, Tyrone Borough.
Dysnrt Joseph, Farmer, Allegheny.
Billing Henry H, Farmer, Huston.
Emfteld Peter. Carpenter, Logan.
Fignrt Benjamin, Shoemaker, Altoona.
Funk John, Farmer, Allegheny.
Gardiing John, Farmer, Taylor.
Grabill John, Farmer, Greenfield.
Goosey Michael, Farmer, Frankstown.
llileman Philip, Fanner, Frankstown.
Hostler Jacob, Farmer, Tyrone tp.
Higgins Jacob, Merchant, Allegheny.
Hays John, Tanner, Hollidaysburg.
Irwin Joseph, Fanner Frankstown.
Igou Joshua, Former, Antis. . '
Jacobs George A, Druggist, llollid.ayi.burg.
Kelly Joseph, Fanner. Juniata.
Kennedy William, Founder, Woodberry.
Lovell William, Agent, Blair.
Loudon John, Merchant. Altoona.
Lewis Thomas B, Confectioner, Gaysport.
McFarland James, Farmer, Snyder.
Martin Henry B, Carter, Uollidnysbnrg.
McCune Seth It, Fanner, Frankstown.
' Myers Daniel, Farmer, Allegheny.
McKcnge John; Tobacconist, Hollidaysburg.
Rhodes Paul, Farmer, Huston?
Rule David S, Carpenter, Woodberry.
Roller George W, Farmer, Catharine.
Buggies Solomon, Blacksmith, Freedom*
Span Samuel, Farmer, Antis.
Smith Allen D, Farmer, Antis.
Stackhouse Charles, Blacksmith, Altoona.
Steward Harvey, Farmer, Frankstown.
Walton William, Gentleman, Logau.
Wertz Solomon, Farmer, Blair.
To Consumptives.
The advertiser, having been restored to health in a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after having suffered sev
eral years with a severe lung affection, aiid that dread dis
ease consumption—is anxious to moke known to hiafollow
sufferers the means of cure.
To all who desire it he will send a copy of the prescrip
tion used (free of with the directions for preparing
and using the same, which they will find a sure mire for
Asthma, Baosqutiig. Ac.' The only object of
the advertiser h. sending tho Prescription is to benefit the
afflicted, and spread information which he conceives to be
invaluable, and he hopesjetery sufferer will try his reme
dy. as it trill cost them nothing,' And may prove a hi— >»>g
, Tartlee wishing tne prescription will please address.
Kxv. EDWARD A. WltSOff,
Oct. *6o.—ly. King County, New.lbrkl
■ An experienced none and female physician, has a soothing
. Byrnp for children teething, which greatly tbr
processor teething, by aotening the gums,reducingall in
flammation—will allay sail pain, and la sure to regulate the
howelt. Depend upon Ifrnmtbera, it win gift net tdyow
and relief and health to your ibfietv perfectly
Hfcifr.all testa. BftadftttiseffleatJs wdtfeer eohuaa
M) op]
2999 i
11185 8219
Dr. Velpeau’s Cankerine.
DR. VELPEAU’S CANKERINE Curee Putrid Boro Mouth.
- DR. VELPEAU'S CANKEHINE cures Bdm Nipple*.
DR. VELPEAU'S CANKBRINK cure* Ulcerated Sore*.
DU. VELPEAU’g CANKgRINE cores Ulcerated Gum*. ,
DR. VELPEAU'S CANKEBINB k the best Pnrifter of thr
Bnatb of anything knows. \‘.
DK. VELPEAU’S CAN KERINS’ core* Canker in th*
Mouth, Throat, or Sthomach, resulting front Scarlatina or
Typhus Fevers.
Ladles, If yon delight in pure ijrjbite teeth, use the CAN
KKRINE,and your desires will be realised. We pledge
our word that it Is entirely free from acids and all poison
ous substances, and can be given'; to an infimt with perfect
safety. It will preserve the teeth: and keep the gums free
from ulcers. It is equally efficacious for nursing sore
months. In ail the thousands remedies that have been put
forth for the cure of the various diseases above, none can
equal the Cankerine. Sold by ail druggists. Price 25
cents per bottle. : J- BURRILL ft CO., ,
Proprietors, 03 Malden Lane, N. Y.
For sale in Altoona, by Q. W. KESSLER.
Read the following certificate from Mr. Weaver, a well
known Auctioneer at Pittsburgh:.
Pirnnraan, Sept 15,1800.
The undersigned, being sorely afflicted with the Neural
gia in the lower Jaw, which affix;tod my teeth, I stepped
into Dr. Keyser 1 * Drug Store to obtain some relief, when,
accidentally, I met the agent of Dr. Velpeau’s Cankerine,
which I applied and found Instantaneous relief. I most
cordially recommend it os a sovereign remedy for all pains
in the teeth or Jaws. J. 8. WEAVER.
The combination of ingredients in these Pillsare the re
sult of a long and extensive practice. They are mild in
their operation, and certain in correcting all irregularities
Painful Menstruations, removing, all obstructious, whether!
from cold oi otherwise, headache, pain In the side, palpita
tion of the heart, whites, ail nervous affections, hysterics,
fatigue, pain in the bach and limbs, 4c., disturbed sleep,
whiclj arise from interruption of nature.
was the commencement of a new era in the Ircatmeitoi
those irregularities aud obstructions which have consigned
so many thousands of the young, the beautiful, aud the be
loved to a premature grave. No female can enjoy good
health miles? she Is regular, and: Whenever au obstruction
takes place the general health begins to decline.
are the most effectual rpmedy ever known for all complaints
peculiar to timales. To all classes they are invaluable, »«-
ducing, with certainty, periodical regularity. Tiny are
known to thousands, who have used them at different pe
riods, throughout the country. Having the sanction of sumo
of the most eminent Physicians in America.
Explicit directions, stating when, and when they should
not be used, with each Box, — the Price One Dollar each
Box, containing 40 Pills.
A valuable Pamphlet, to bo Had free, of the Agents.—
Pills tent by mail, promptly, by ehclusing price;to the Gen
eral Agent. Sold by Druggists generally,
R. B. HUTCHINGS, General Aoent,
14 Broadway, New York.
Sold in Altoona by G. W. ’Kessler; in Hollidaysburg by
Geo. A. Jacobs. ( Dec. 8,1809.-ly.
Bead I Bead! Bead!
Messrs. Jons Wilcox & Co.:—Tour “Inpectlne,” or ‘-Per
sian Fever Charm,” has done wonders. 1 was wholly de
spondent and wretched when I ppplicd it, and in five hours
the chills were removed and no fever has ensued. It is the
simplest cure imaginable, and a wonder of nature or art.
I would not be without this “ Inpectiue” a single hour.—
By constantly wearing I seem to Bo “agus proof.”
Yours very truly, ' E. M. STOUT.
Gentlemen: —l have been snatched from the grave by
the application of your wonderful “ Inpcctino,” or “ Per
sian Fever Charm.” For several, years I have suffered ev
ery season from Fever and A gum Lust Spring my life was
threatened, but your remedy haft destroyed the disease am}
I am rapidly gaining an appetite and strengthf
Respectfully yours,
Tlris truly wonderful preventive and cure for Fever and
Ague and Bilious Fevers will Hi> sent mail, post paid, ou
receipt of one dollar. Also for sllle at all respectable Drug
gists and Country Stores.
prlncipaTDepot and Manufactory, 188 Main St., Rich
mond, Va. Brandi Office, Bank of Cumnierce Building,
New York. Address JOHN WILCOX.
[From the Easton Daily .Express.]
Chairs I Chairs I! Chairs I!!
Concentration is evidently the secret of success and, no
one can deny this fact who will visit. THE PREMIUM CANE
Nos. 223 and 223-North Sixth -Street, opposite Franklin
Square, Philadelphia.
Mr. I. U. Wisler, the energetic and intelligent proprietor
of the establishment, gives his individual attention to the
manufacture of this single article—Cane Scat Chairs, and
can without doubt furnish the test -Chairs for less money
than they can be purchased elsewhere. Ills stock embra
ces the greatest variety of fashionable and elegant styles,
, suitable for Parlors, Drawing Rooms, Dining Rooms, or
Chambers, also Ladies’ Sewing Rockers, Children's Chairs
Ac., that is to be found iu Philadelphia, His ambition is to
furnish the best article for the least money atnd with shrewd
business calculation he has located himself where rent la
low yet in a central and prominent place. Every body can
remember Franklin Square and; it Is the best guide to his
extensive Ware Rooms. To any one and every one wish
ing to purchase chairs we say emphatically that no one
•supply a better article or nfford to sell at a lower price tlian
Mr. I. U. WISLER. [Oct. 4, ISGO.—lm.
Weakness of the Stbmach and Indi
, gestibn. '
Another Gnat Can effected by Barbate's Holland Bitters.
The wife of Pictsr De Witte; living in Holland Town,
Sheboygan county, Wisconsin, Suffered much from Weak
ness of the Stomach andlndigeition She had been uuder
a physician’s care for some tims but the disease seemed to
baffle even his skill. She purchased some HOLLAND
BITTERS at bur office, which fins given tone to her stom
ach; her appetite and strength are I eturning, and we firm
ly believe that this is another gt-eat cure effected by your
medicine. Jf
We have still to record many jvoudcrful cures effected by
this remedy, but must wait Another oppertunity. One
thing you can rely upon, what }ve have published arefh>m
persons much respected iu onifi community, and are liter
ally true. ' J. QUINTUS, ’
, (Ed, Sheboygan Nicnwsbode, Sheboygan, Wis.)
tlC®—lt i* a common observation that there are more suf
ferers from dobfjity, among. Americans than can bo found
amoiig any other civilized nation. The reasons are obvi
ous. We take too little exercise, and forget the wants of
the body in the absorbing pursuits of business. In all such
cases ordinary medicines call do little good. What is re
quired is Just such a tonic and invigorotor as Dr. J.Uostet
ter has given to, the world, in liisCELKBILATEb BITTERS.
The weak and nervous denizen pf the counting house, the
exhausted toiler upon the shoprbpard, and the prostrated
student of the midnight lamp, have found a wonderful ri>
peneratoHn the « Bitters,” and prefer it to morli preten
tions, but less efficacious medicines. But it should not be
forgotten that the agent which.’ls'so magical in its influ
ence upon a frame which is mepiy debilitated, la equally
powerful in assisting nature tpexpel" tho most terrible
form of disease. Who would not give it ,
Sold by druggists and dealers every where.
l&.Bee advertisement in another column.
i J . .- . . ,
Infantile Cordial.
We would request particular. 1 attention to thdadvertise
ment of Messrs. CmnicH a Duron, addressed to “Mothers.”
The Inraimu OoanuLor Da.g&Mx is a medicine of great
Celebrity, and the standing of $s manufacturers will be a
sufficient gnsiianioe of the card]taken in its unvarying pu
rity. The » Btiwh Toon'’ is for k class of diseases unfortu
nately very prevalent in this vicinity, and its high reputa
tion should ensure a ready (Cbnn.) Jeur
not »3uBee advertisement. :
For sale.—the subscribers
offer at Private Sale, on excellent DRAUGHT MARE,
• JORK SPRING, WAGON, (with cover) and a
wU Oi,nAß{i£BB«
MUdE, which is competent to manufacture two barrel*
ofltour per hour. It la ready to s«t up, with the exception
otthe holt, widen can be ottitebed with trifling cost.
Ittocofc, Sept. 2T, *6O. JOHN ALljjiojfA CO.
Cairo, 111., July 29th, ISCO.
Mobile, Alabama, July 23d, ISCO.
A Hovelty in the Art World!
Stewed by fetters pete* tar the' United »*>♦— .
Earn*®* UelghS; **•*.
having secured their note! and
rUSanhy American and European patents, anffwn?* * 6 '
panel to execute oil orders for **“f Pfe-
Miniature Likenesses of Persons on China
presenting mil the attractive and advantages a-.-** 0 *
ordinary photographs, the brilliancy andfltasb of I 0 '** of
color drawing, and a hitherto anattataed oimli*-Vi
tality, by being rendered as imperishable as |L » *"*•
properties of the articles upon which they are tjr„!r"' r, l
As the patented procow of the Company enaliU. Q^ tT * 4 -
production of Photographs, not only onplaia snrfcirJ*
upon such as are round or of any degree of Ini—T*? #ri
portraits can be reproduced with fkultlws
delkacj of delineation, upon Porcelain warmof?’
scriptioo and dimension' used as articles of (,ls
household utility, such as XQI 7 or of
Vrnt, Poses, Breakfast ftps, JWei ArtoJo, .
thereby securing fitithftil portraits and toroWdn,. 1,
and exquisite style of ornamentation of articles in
In order to tarnish tacilltiee ibr the
popular taste, and to meet the wants <* h.,— ofth»
the *tae Arts desiroua of haring Portraits onS»SM W *.. of
Company hare imported frornKurope a «>o
rior porcelain goods, manutaetured to their«L~ * # . p<> -
which they soli at cost prices. orJ 'r,
As tho American Company are owners of tlm «...
right, and consequently the only persons authored'to*2l
tlm process, they have determined, in order
3b ajbrd itop/e in er ay section of the Vnion '
an opportunity to possess
to make the following proposition to I
Setidcnts«»the Cbtmlry, wAo ore imoUe to niit
the Atelier op<f GaUeriu it i Aeis Yarkf*™* 0^ 3
Person* sending a photograph, ajubrotype, ordncner«.«
type to tiie office of the Company in New Ywk,
nied by rv
they will secure In ll£o manner,'
A haadtume French rose or 3b (let Article,
with the Portrait reprodneed by the patented procem
By sending a pair of daguerreotypes and
they will receive in return ,
A Pitir qf rick Sevrt* Tiun,
with the portraits executed equal to miulaturc iKiintinn '
mid, iu like manlier, portrait) can he reproduced on '
lain Ware* or " PWe-
Vates of every Quality of Finbh,
ranging in price from
Twenty to One Hundred Dollars the JWr.
N. It.—Be particular In writing the ndilrwi, town con«
ty aiut State distinctly. “ coun '
All letter- to lw addressed to
781 Blum] war.
New York.
Oct. 4,18G0.-3m
• turned from New York City with a beautiful •*.
surtment of
consisting in part of
Fancy Winter Silks, only C 5 cents per yard.
Black Dress Silks “ $1,20 pet yard.
Japanese Cloth—a beautiful fabric for ladies’
dresses—Mexican Plads,
foil do Chcvres, a most complete assortment of the ktnt
patterns of Delaines, Opera I Cloth, pinin' Delaines oul* i)
cents per yard, they have always been sold at 25 eta. buhls
market. Also, a beautiful; assortment of the
Womsntta Prints, now acknowledged to bo the best priau
in market, and a handsome assortment of fast colored
prints from 6 to 10 cts per y.^rd.
Shawls, Gloats, Opera Caps,
Woolen Undersleeves for ladies and children, in uniur-’
passed stock of Hosiery, together with an abundance sad
variety of everything in the Notion and Trimming line.
' Ue calls special attention to his beautiful assortment of
which is acknowb-dgel to bo tho must complete of any in
the town, and sold at prices defying competition. Tnf sets,
consisting of 40 pieces, sold at $4 00.
directly from New York, and bought from first hands.
OIL CLOTHS from 1 to 2 yards vide.
Ills stock of
Is complete In every respect, and wlfl seaold at as low s
figure us any house lids sidirof the city'.
Oct. 11.1800.
our friends that we are again on hands with an
unusually large stuck of '
which we think have been bought at prices that will ena
ble us to compete with any ether house in this section uf
country. We hare now on hands a larger stock of fine
Goods than lias heretofore been brought to thU place and
we hope the liuliea.wlU appreciate our efforts to please their
tastes by culling and looking at onr stock, which we toko
pleasure in showing. We hare many novelties la Dress
Goods, among some of which are the following.
Wool Delaines, Mohair Matures, Oriental Lastm,
Palestors, Brocade Mohairs, Silk Brilliants,
, Silk Poplins, Brocade Poplins, Chent
Valencies, Rep Poplins, Figured
, Cashmeres , Mottled Merinos,
' Wool Plaids, Fig. French I
Merinos, Plain do.
Together with a full stock of all kinds of Domestic end
Staple Pry Good "/Cloaking, Cloths, Cndsimores, Sal Inctts ]
Tweeds, Ac. ladies. Misses and Children’a ShawUeCluaks I
and ,Cloth Dusters. lioslery. Gloves, Woolen Goods, Carpels .
OllCloths, Bpd Comforts, Blankets, ic, Ac. ;
Wb ask particular attention to oar present stock ul /
which wo feel sure are cheaper than they can he bought
elsewhere. We have alsoour usual supply of ,
Groceries, Queensware, Hardware, |
Wooden asiti Wtllnw Wore,
In a word, we think onr present ’stock of Goods worth «n ,
examination by persons wishing to buy, and cordially in
vlte our friends to drop In and see ns. • i
Oct. 4. iB6O. J. tJ. LOirTHER. I
•f\ Tlie undersigned
would inform his old customers and the PttWie geaewlljr,
that he has Just returned from the Kast with hie fimitoca,
which is tho
ever brought-to this place. Uo has every variety in
Price, Size and Quality, of
For Fall and Winter Wear.
Also, all sizes, colors, shape*, and qt|*Uf tes of 3S?xn!,«t-
Miaaca and Children's lIATS and FLATS, to wblA»»“
tention of those In want of anything In this line is spw*
ly invited.
I Imre now the largest <uid hendaomett MwfwW
Fare ©TW offered tb the ladiee of Alixmai embracing
and everything in that line, for Ladlre wd Owlare ,
American and Knropean mannfoctnrc, and of every t
*y ot Fora. _ ■ - x , «m
‘ Persons in want of anything in the al«T*ltt«r
please rive me acall before purchasing elsewhere, * 8
determined to sell at the very lowest H!fShrcl.
Store on Vlrgioiaatreet, opposite
Altoona, Oct. 4,1880-tt JBB3B
Tv • to the citisena of Altona and vicinity
liiisibretjo -
Cheap Wall Papcrj from 6 cts to j f
do do do 10 do 121
Glazed do do 20 do SI.W
Panel Oak do do 12$ do $0
Gold do do 60 do $2,00
Gold and Velvet sdo $1,50 do 5,W
Sept. IS, 1860-2 m
tl boarder* will find comfortable W**
the new house, coixor of Virginia and Ctor*
Altoona, If application be made »ooa.
Oct 11th, IMo.Bfc
at TUB
•■■■• w, .
. Jj.**
open f
««3®p. m.,
•yLW Bant
**%»« V»1
gjgpiM Train
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fSbi Rastwat
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Susie v. As tl
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