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    C|e Jtona Cttknt
'THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1860.
• Where parties are unknown to na, oar rule for advcr
fitting is to require paymept in advance, or a guarantee from
Jtaown persons. It is therefore useless for all such to send
-'«t advertisements offering to pay at the end of three or six
'months. Where advertisements arc accompanied with the
money, whether one, five or.ten dollars,’ we will give the
advertiser the fall benefit of cash rates.
Advertising Agenta,-110 Nassau street, New York, and
10 State street, Boston, are the Agents for the Altoona
tribune, and the most influential and largest circulating
Newspapers In the United States and the Canadas. They
Me anthorised to contract for us at our luteeil rata.
The World.— This is the title of a
bow daily paper, the publication of which
. was commenced in New York, on Thurs
day las(. la typographical appearance
k veiy nearly resembles the New York
Tribune. It is printed op good paper and
«lcsr type, and is altogether a handsome
i sheet. |ln politics it is independent. So
far -it has .discussed political - topics with
freedom and in a manner which shows it
to be above more party scheming. It
contains the very latest, intelligence by
telegraph and correspondence from' all
. |»rte -ofthe world. It is edited with that
. ability and boldness which most make it
a successful rival of all the other dailies
in New York. It is a large eight page
paper, yet it is Varnished to .carriers or
news agents at the low price of one penny
a day, or mailed to subscribers at $4 per
annum. The semi-weekly is furnished a|
83 per annum, and the weekly at $2 per
annum. How snob a' paper can be fur
nished at: snob a low price, wp cannot un
derstand, one penny a day; will hardly
furnish the paper on which it is printed.
Those who wish a' good New York daily
should subscribe for 27ie World.
. POU Tb« Japanese are now. enjoying.
(W*ahould rather say suffering) the hos
jpitoKty of the New Yorkers. Their hah-'
itscf-lifo are so widely different from outs'
that the regime to which they have .been
snlpeoted must have well nigh driven
them to the verge of diespair, and they no
. doubt long for the day of their departure.
The fact is, the accounts of their recep
tions, doings and sayings in the different
cities.through which they have'passed,
which monopolizes so much space in the
difily papers, has become bore,
tittle" Tommy/' the ladies pet,
!' fads to attract and amuse' as formerly
expected that great ben
efits, commercially, will be derived by this
country from the visit of these cmhassa-
dora from a country heretofore sealed
' against all intercourse with foreign na
tions, and such willbc the result; if they
do not becoipp disgusted with our people.
: -*^l4st ; T*eek we published the pro
; ceeditogs of the Peoples* Party County
Convention, whiph was evidently more
- than many of its friends sup*
•Ppaod it would be, and much more so than
its opponents desired. With most of the
candidates nominated the people of this
plane are unacquainted, all the offices, as
; usual,‘having been taken by the other side
■ of ;tJie county, with the exception of the
-?Ehe resolution endorsing the
Chicago nominess, although passed by a
oleyer majority, could not, as it was sought
to l», passed unanimously. That the tick-
et nominated will be elected, previous re
sults would lead us to infer, but as there
are “many the cup and the
Bp/’ wA will make no rash predictions un
>til.the returns are footed up.
Peterson’s Magazine for July con
tain? a beautiful steel engraving entitled
“Saved,” representing a large New Pound-
land dog with a boy whom he has just
. saved from drowning. The fashion plates
' are beautiful and give all the new fash
ions now out. The reading matter is in-
teresting as usual.
an extra number in point of attractiveness,
only $2 per annum. Chas. J. Peterson.
Pictures.— We have received
fioaP. 8, Hemline &-Co., of Philadel
phui, copies of two engravings just pub
hshed by them, entitled “The Landing
of .Columbus'’ and “ The Raising of Laza
rus. They we excellent engravings and
wedl worth the price asked for them, $l,OO
each. In another column will be found
the of the firm offering,
pictures named and a valuable gift for
Upon the whole it is
Vote of Censure.
;On Wednesday last, the House of
reseUtatives at Washington passed the fol
lowing series of resolutions, censuring the
President and Secretary of the Navy.—
These resolutions were reported last year
by the Committee on Public Expenditures,
but were laid over. They were adopted
by a vote of 119 to 60 :
Resolved, That the Secretary of the Na
vy has, with the sanction of the Presi
dent, abused bis discretionaiy power in
the selection of a coal agent, and in the
jmrehase of fuel for the Government.
Resolved, That the contract made by
the Secretary of the Navy, under date ■ of
September 23, 1858, with William 0 N.
Swift, for the delivery of live oak timber,
was made in violation of and in a
manner unusual, improper, aifd injurious
to the public service.
Resolved, Thatthe distribution, by the
Secretary of the Navy, of .the patronage
in the navy yards among members Jof
Congress, was destructive of discipline,
corrupting in its influence, and highly in
jurious to the public service. J i:
Resolved, That the President anil Sec
retary of the Navy, by receiving and con
sidering the party relation* of bidders fist
contracts with the United States, and the
effect of awarding contracts upon pending
elections, have set an exampledangerous
to the public safety, and deserving the in
proof of this House.
. Resolved, That the appointment, by the
Secretary of the Navy* of Daniel B, Mar
tin, chief engineer, as a member of the
board of engineers to report upon propo
sals for constructing machinery for the
United States, the said Martin at that
time being pecuniarily interested in some
of said proposals, is hereby censored by
this Honse.
Both Sides op the Grape Question.
is the title of the now work an
nounced some time since, and which has
just been issued by A. M. Spangler* ed
itor of “ The Farmer and Gardener/- It
is a neat.volume, in which the important
whether the present system pf
cultivation, pruning and general manage
ment, is better adapted to promote health,
vigor, longevity and productiveness in the
grape vine, than a closer approximation
to nature's system, is/ ably discussed. !
The article on the olaseuficatipn of the
species and varieties of the grape vine, is
not Only wow,, but of the highest impor
tance. Every grape grower, if he has b#
a single sne, should have a copy,: par*
ticularlyas it can .be had for the trifling
sum of 35 cts. in cloth, or 25 cts. in paper
binding. Address, • ~»
A. M. SPANGLER, Philadelphia.
Fatal DiSEASE.~The Washington
(Pa.) Examiner, states that the disease
which has been so disastrous to cattle ip
the Extern States has broken out among
the sheep of James Morrison, of Charters
township, in that county, and carried off
a large number On Thursday he lost
about forty, and others were in a dding
condition on Friday. Mr. M. saylthe
disease is very similar to the cholera in its.
operations, carrying off the Sheep In a:
short time after being attacked. Iti be-;
moves our farmers to be on their gdardj
and take every precaution to prevmit the:
spread of tiie malady.
Xo ■B| Revived.—Our legal friend,!
M. H. Jolly, Esq., informs us that ha in
tends reviving the Tyrone- Star in iithei;
course of a few days. Wo were of the
opinion that that star hadset, Irat fiikdi;
Mat thinks it necessary to the succesS of
Bell and Everett it should agsdudhed ’
its light upon the world. !»y i
the way, jolly gave us to understand
that he intends to be an independent can
didate fot the office of 1 Pistrict Attorney.
If so there will most likely be three can
didates in the field in this county for that
office, and we may expect a pretty sharp
triangular fight. ;i ; 'i|
A Cobpokaxion Thank TNo Ifjpp ii—-
It was stated at a recent ..meeting of the
New Jersey Railroau Company that since
the road went into 33)000$00
of Passengers have been transported safe
ly, and no passenger has been killed or
maimed in the cars during the entire
period. In view of the above fact, and
the satisfactory state of the company's;af
fairs, the stockholders passed a resolution,
offering thanks to God for his providen
tial care. ,
A. Valuable Loo.—Recently the ad
ministrators of one Elisha Harris, deceas
ed late a resident of Luzerne county, Pa.,
offered his effects at public sale, among
them an uncouth block of wood, supposed
to be part of a cheese press, and which
was purchased for 15 cents, by one David
M. Hatmacher. On the morning succeed
ing the sale, the purchaser, in a spirit
of inquiry characteristic of the age we live
in, split the block open, when he discov
ered a queer secret door, opened by the
pressure of a long rod, and containing
bonds, notes and other matters, besides
about $2,000 in silver coin. To test the
right of ownership in the treasure, an ani
icable suit for its recovery was instituted
in the Common Pleas of Luzerne county,
Resulting in a verdict for the executors pf
Bill Killed at Last,
that Mk
passed thk
has been k\
meat. We\
though not w\
"bill was very \
would, when fairlV
much to restore vigv
seffering industrial \
try. The Senate has\
clnsively occupied with\
has had no leisure pr inch
late for the white man, orv.
striotions from free labor. K
tor’s motion to postpone tall Deh
vote stood yeas; 26, hays 28* \
pawn and absentees. The affirmak
exclusively Democratic, and the nei
Republican, except Messrs. Bigler anV
them. Mr. Hunter’s speech on the po.
ponement was a deliberate attach on thv
whole policy and principle of Itfr. Morrill’s
bill, and a denial of the necessity for-in
creased revenue. Mr. Bigler controverted
his positions with &cts and figures which
wore unanswerable. Mr. Seward spoke ef
festively and ably in favor of the protec
tive policy, showing its beneficial effect
upon our industry, and the prosperity of
the country. Mr. Simmons demonstrated
that the present revenues were insufficient
aud it was the duty of Congress, if a loan
was created, to extinguish the floating debt
of $21,000,000, to provide the means for
its;extinction. These arguments produced
no. effect on the foregone conclusion of the
ruling side, which deliberately voted the
postponement in disregard of political
era will be sorry, to learn
Tariff Bill, which lately
ie with such flying colors,
the Senate by postpone
this exceedingly. Al
>66 from faults, this
ly considered, and
eration, have done
buoyancy to the
of the conn-
A Singular Transformation.— The
following occurrence, reportedby the York
Republican p) have taken place at Stew
artstowin, in that county, on the 20th of
May, belongs to the records of the “ won
derful.”' The story, the truth of which is
vouched for by responsible persons, is as
An Albino, or white negro, living with
Mr, Abel Kirkwood, fell, from the effect
of ah epileptic fit, from the stoop of the
house, where he was sitting on a,chair,
down to the distance of some ten feet.—
There he lay, struggling in his spasms for
the space of half an hour, when he turned
as black as the ace of spades. By Tues
day, the 22d, he was able to walk about
town, and complained of nothing saVe a
few bruises, occasioned by the fall, and the
ebony hue which still shaded his once fair
face.:. Poor fellow, he was quite loath to
part with the resemblance he once core to
a white man, in exchange for his present
shadowy phiz as a black. What is more
remarkable, is that while Ms face is just
as black as Egyptian his hair is
I>eifectly white; thus forming a most beau
tifid and striking contrast. The name of
the man who has undergone this remarka
ble transformation is "Nicholas Billingsly,
and he is about twenty y ears of age. The
affair has quite mystified the good citizens
of Stewarfctown, as doubtless it will all
others who read or hear of it
Wind Wagons. —Andrew Dawson, of
Oscaloosa, Kansas, recently constructed a
wagon, furnished witL sails, rigging, etc.,
prdpeUed by the aid of wind, with which
he Went to Pikers Peak mines in twenty
4hyß; Encouraged by this success, 'other
parties in the same town set about the con
struction pf the same kind of wagons and
on Monday a party of eight started out on
the prairies to (ary one which had just been
finished. The wind was blowing a gale at
the time; every thing worked to a charm.
The occupants, gliding swiftly over the
prairies, were delighting themselves with
anticipations of a speedy and comfortable
triu to the mines, when the velocity of the
vehicle created a lively alarin for their
safety. The wagon sped onward before
the driving wind faster and faster, until
the axlettees broke and deposited them
aH on the ground, and in a somewhat
damaged condition from broken heads,
bruised limbs and bodies. The speed of
the machine is said to have been forty
miles per hour. ',
.Sbw-Sbajlino W bappebs.-— Tke Post
Master General and the Committee on
Post Offices of the House have recom
mended this hew postal article to the fa
vorable action of Congress, mid a htt is
hpw hofore that body fpr its adoption.—
Considering the countless millipus pf news
papers that are read throughout phr vast
country,,apd the trifling postage on each,
it is believed that the stamping of these
wrappers with a cent stamp by the Gov
ernment, and sale at all post-offices, the
same as stamped envelopes, will furnish
the public with a neat, cheap, convenient,
and much-needed means of enclosing
newspapers, and all transient printed mat
ter, and thereby largely increase the sum
of such matter dispatched by mail, and
thus add to the receipts of the Post Office
Department from a quarter to half a mil
lion dollars annually. They will alsp bene
fit fc he press, by increasing their sales, for
the purpose of enclosing to friends. The
bill should be passed immediately.-— JVa
tional Intelligencer.
Milk in Feanoe,—Every drop of
milk brought into Paris is tested at the
barriers by the lactometer, to see if the
“ iron-tailed cow” has been gidlty of dilu
ting it—if .iso, the whole of it is remorse
lessly thrown into the gutter—the Paris
milk is very pure in consequence. If a
tradesman adulterates any article of food
bffered for sale he is first fined, and then
made publicly to confess his fault by means
of a large placard in his window, setting
forth the exact nature of the trick he Has
played upon his customers.
en ' Thos. S, Jessup, Quarter
General of the JJ. S. Army, died
at xesideace oe. Thursday last.
time so ex
it that it
to legis
iove re-
> the
** V
Terrible Accident.* _
About three o’clock Friday afternoon,
says the Cincinnati • (( •Enquirer,” as the
steamer Jacob Strader was ploughing ber
way up the river to this city, when-near
Westport, Ky., a short distance below
Madison, Ind., the pilot observed a man
and a woman in a skiff, crossing; the Ohio,
from the Indiana shore. When first seen
the man was leisurely resting, upon bis
oars, and the pilot, presumed he jwas wait
ing until thw boat would pass, in order to
ride the waves. To bis surprise, however,
as the grafts neared each -other, the man
in the skiff vigorously applied bis oars to
the water, and endeavored to cross the
line of the steamer. The engines were
instantly reversed, but the velocity of the
boat could not be checked in time to pre
vent a collision. The steamer struck the
which was instantly capsized, and
'th its occupants swept under the lar
■k yawl was immediately
unfortunate couple had
i were lost to view forever,
iothing and an umbrella
and conveye'd to the Ken
ere an old man,, who bad
latastrophe, was standing
* horses. He informed the
1 that the woman was his
band, to whoik I company with her hus
married, was refit |* ad but recently been
to. some friends from a brief visit
tations of the sorrij aDa - The lamen
who refused to be coEfcf icken old “an,
ful in the extreme, an& d > were P ain *
steamer remained in sighV lon S “ the
wringing his hands and r& continued
with his cries. \g the air
Wives op the
letter-writers describe Mrs. LincoX The
lady about thirty-five years old.andX®
ous Presbyterian. Mr. Lincoln atttfT
the sariie church, but is not a memberX
He, however, is a moral man, and a strict
teetotaler. Mrs. Bell is a lady of decided
character, energy, and is not bitterly Pro
olavery in principle. At the murder of
the waiter at the hotel in Washington, by
Herbert, of California, she took the occa
sion to express her strong abhorrence of
the manners of Southern ruffians who
chanced to obtain seats in the National
Legislature. Mrs. Douglas has been for a
tew years—ever since her marriage, in
fact—one of the queens of
society. Whatever people think of°the
Little Giant, it is settled by a unanimous
vote that Mrs. Douglas is charming. If
she wer& a candidate for nomination, no
convention would ignore her claims. If
she were running for President, she would
unite all .suffrages, unless some fanatics
went against her on religious grounds j for
Mrs. Douglas is an earnest, practical Ro
man Catholic.
Brutal Outrage.—Jirs. Mills, wife
James Mills, of Cambria township,
while returning home last Wednesday, on
horseback, from a visit to her > parents, in
Jackson township, was met by a man na
med Welch, also mounted on horseback,
just as she was turning into the road lead
ing to her residence, a short distance west
of the farm* of Gapt. M’Vicker, on the
Pittsburg road. He immediately rode up
to her, caught hold of the bridle of her
horse, and jumping from his horse, com
pelled her to dismount. He then, in spite
of her resistance, violated her person.—
phe states that when he pulled, her from
her horse, she supposed he was a
thief,, and that his object was to stcal her
horse. He was arrested next day in Johns
town, and is now safely lodged in jail
Hb residence is, we learn, in Allegheny
City, and h t e is said to be wealthy. He
came to this place on Tuesday for the pur
pose of obtaining a pcdlcr’s license from
toe County Treasurer. He was on his way
to Johnstown when the outrage was per
petrated. It occurred three miles west of
this place. —Ebcnsliurg Sentinel , June 14.’
litebaby notice.
One of the, most Interesting and useful publications
which comes to our sanctum is the Scntsimo American,
n publication, devoted to popular science, now in
ventions, and the whole range of mechanic and mannfac
turlhg art. The Bcnsstmc Ammcxs, has been published
for fifteen years, by the well-known Patent Solicitors.*
Messrs. Mows * Co. 37 Park Row, Now York; and has
yearly increased In interest and .circulation, until it lias
attained, we understand, nearly 30,000 subscribers, which
Is the best evidence that the publication b appreciated by
tao reading public.
To those of our readers who may not bo familiar with
the character of the paper, wo win state some of the sub
jects of which it treats. It? illustrated descriptions of all
the most important improvements in steam and agricultu
ral machine) y, will commend In to the Engineer and Far
mer, while the new household inventions and shop tools
whlcb.arc illustrated by engravings' and described in its
with tip practical receipts coutainedWiu every
number, renders the work desirable to housekeepers, and
almost indispensable to every mechanic or smith vrhp has
a shop fer raanufiicturing new- work, or repairing old.
The Scwarmc Americas is universally regarded as the
inventor’s advocate and monitor; the repository of Ameri
can inventions, and the great authority on law, and all bu
siness connected with Patents, The official list of Ciaiihs,
as issued weekly from the patent Office, In Washington
are published regularly in its columns. All the most ta
portaat Patents issued by the United - States patent Office
are illnstrated and described on its pages, thus forming an
unrlvailed hlstory of American inventions.
It is not only the best, but the largest and cheapest pa
-pe* devoted to Science Mechanics, Manufimturew, and the
Useful Arts published In the world. Hon. Judge Mason;
formed, Commisrioner of Patents, is not only engaged
afth the publishers in their'immense Patent Agency de
partment but as a writer on Patent Lavra and Practice,
his ability ia forcfldy portrayed in the colnnms of this pa-
Scajmro A«wca2t is published oncea week, (ere.
tj Saturday,} each number containing 16 page* of Letter
prea, and from 10 to 12 original Kngmyinga of New in
▼potions, GoubUng of the most Implored Tool*, Engines.
MlU*, Agricultural Machine* and Household Utensils, ma
fioo original engravings, printed pn heavy, fine paper, in a
fcrhi expressly for binding, and all for $2 per annum
A new volume commences on the Ist of July, aadwfe
hope a latgo nmmber of our townsmen will avail them
selves of the present opportunity to subscribe. By remit,
ring maU h> the publishers, MoSr * Op, 87 Park
W W- *** ** one ye£
at the end of time yon will Have a wuS
yon would not part with br treble |fo co& fee p^.
their willingness tefoafi a single copy of tile
P*P«nto«uchas foay wisJMo *»i*wito o at charge. .
tm akd scissors.
' ‘ED* All the rage in thla rtgfon—pic nfea. i
at large—numberless vicious looking canines.
<9. When you receive a kindness remember It; when
yon bestow one, forget ft.
*9-Thailand*burg Tyeprophsaysit ha* been shown a
Japanes* Lemon weighing three pounds and seven ounces.
O- Brigham Young; the Mormon Mogul, had 217 chil
dren at the iatt accounts. Probably there has been an in
crease since then. v
49*t)no hundred and forty-three negroes were manu
mitted in Frederick county, M 4, from the first of March
to (he first of June test
fiA-d grand steVeosCople cosmorams of views along the
Klver Rhine and the principal cities in Qerhuuiy and France,
U now on exhibition at Shulta’s Hail.
49f* Wheat harvest ha* already commenced in some seen:
tiona of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In Dorchester
county the fiy has disappeared. * \
The Cincinnatian* haven passion for marriage on
the street railroad earaj; Three couples hare Bern married
in these cars within a short time. ,
A boy, Chari* Ryors, while carrying locusts in his
hat, in Wotael county, Ya, recently, was stung oh his head
and died from the effects of the Injury.
ts. A darkey exclaimed in Washington, after gating
intently at the Japanese: “If de white folks is as dark as
dat out dare, I wonder sirhatf# do color oh do niggers."
45- An admirer of dogs, having had . a new litter of a
fine breed, a friend wished him to put him doom fur a pup
py! “ I set yon down 4>r one a great while ago,’.? was the
Mr. L. 0. OolvinV of Ctoctanatus, N. Y, has inven
teda machine for mllktegcows. He soya the cows stand
quieter, and UkotobftoUlked by the machine bitter than
by hand. - ■;J . 1 .
Mr. John B. Goftgh nceatiy made tills forcible and
true declarations “Every moderate drinker couW abandon
the intoxicating cup, ifhe widd— every inebriate wouW,
if he could. Such is the case.”
4E®“ The Stat? Committe of the People's Party will meet
at Cresson, on the 10th of Jnly, whct£ arrangements wUI
bo made for a complete canvass of the Stite by Col. Curtin,
the People’s candidate for Governor.
Wyv. It is stated that twenty thousand Swedes and Nor
wegians are preparing’to embark for the United States,
and it is believed that not less than that number will reach
the United States be for* the close of the present year.
R. Reynolds, late a clerk in the Auditor Gen
eral’s office at Harrisburg, whs presented with a lumdsonie
silver mounted ebony cane, by his friends and follow board
ers, at the U. S. Hotel lit that place, a few days since.
s9* On Saturday afternoon a week, three little gtrlaj
■irs of the editor of the Johnstown
nwugh river, at Johnstown, and
[owning, by a couple of young men
.Carpenter, of Philadelphia, leaves
' . . , . , 1 . ...
y to keep his fours out of the poor
lue item alone of the property *
listing of stores, dwellings, and foc
*3. A bcllof about , ... .
. , . , ■ xpounds weight was cast in Bos
ton lust week. It was ort‘ ~ “ . ... „. .
„ ... ... ; ->ed by the Massachusetts State
Committee of the Constltui, ,„ . • - ~ ,
. , ... ; .... Nal Union party, and is de
signed for use at the politieaK . I
... ~ Athermgs of the party du- ;
ring the present Presidential can .
mgn. ,
wtw! ,a t r8 ° n Whig editor and 1
he accepted, as follows: “We select a lmn>ai>te :
ly after a.hani rain, and dung forks as thdL awn> _ wlro .
ever lifts the other out is tobe acknowledge^.^,.,,
A®* - Loved Her—A: feflbw living on the ttjikn. shore
of the Obfo river, neorVeyay, haying a w
his wife, went over to the Kentucky side >{ tj le .
ited a grave yard there, and stole a which
placed over the remains of his lamented better '
■*3“ Rev. Mr. SUlpdel, a Pennsylvania State SCi Vor '
, from the Lehigh diatrict, who had beensuspended from
ministry for allowing himself to bo elected to Apolitical
office, has been united, with the Lutheran Synod again, ha
ving written a letter tbtho Synod expressing his intention
of retiring from political life at the end of bis present term
S - Mri Portingtonand the Japanese.—Mrs, Partington
called on the Japanese at Waahiugtpn and told,’em “she
was mighty glad to see them as she understood their Pre
sident wps Ty-Coon, who, she doubted not, was nigh kin to
Zip Coon that the Whigs run In 1840. If they wanted him
to, Ike would a song about old Zip,”
The Baltimore Sun says, the cost of the reception of
. tk° Japanese embassy jo the city treasury was $3,164 "5,
out of the so,ooo appropriated for tlie purpose. The,items
were—hotel hill, }B6l'; carriages, S79T; fireworks, s3oo*
miscellaneous, sl,2ott 65.- Thp last item Includes the pay
|of the special police forte employed fur the occasion.
V Four hundred tfnd eighty thousand people on a race
course- —It is computed by the best authorities fur the Lou-
l'ielJ, that 480,0QQ people were on and about!he race
course, at Bpson, on tlje Derby day. And all of this im
mense concourse there was not one out ofa thousand but
will want to go aguifi fiextyear, if ho or shertau get the
chance. '
fi®»The St. Louis ptmothit say* that Capt. Simpson
passed through that city, en route for Washington, with
-despatches from Utah containing propositions froth Brig-
ImDi Young to sell the Mormon property u( Salt Lake to
the United States, the Saints to remove to some point on
the Pacific coast, cither in the British Possessions or the
United States. >• ' -
fifth-We regret to learn that Capt. Jim Cramer, the
“ model” conductor, has had another attack of the iufinm.
atory rheumatism, and been compelled to foniakehia train.
This is unwelcome new* to Jim’s many friends. We hop©
soon to see him out again, lib place of the Brand. Tmiu
is filled by Mr. Miller, ftom the Western Birision, who ap
pears every Incha gentleman.
W®. The St Joseph,(Mo.) Democrat, Jf June Bth, repre
sents the drought as being fearful in that vicinity and adds;
A general feeling of gloom is beginning to pervade all
classes in this usually moot prosperous of the State,
and unless the parched earth is speedily/visited with copi
ous rains, it is evident that we ar© to hive a repetition of
the tamous famine year/of 1633. J \
Queer suicide—A man named Dean Gilbert, living
in Prescott, Maas, committed suicide on Saturday night in
a very singular mann|r:. He balanced a ruck weighing
nearly a ton, and fastened it up with a piepe of board, and
he had crawled finder, kicked the board out, and the
nHtk fell, crushingliim to dcath. Ho wi a temperate man,
In comfortable circumstances, only flftyiycora of age.
The meanest mfiei in the country ,1s in Koble conn
ty, Indtana. Having primed «dtvprcfijrt«. his wlfo,she
was left without the means of living, anil consequently be-
a charge on the county. It being the custom In that
met ion to let out the pafipers to the persons who will keep
them for the smallest price, this man underbid the whole
.£2* an<l DOW ““nttbia his former wifeatthe public ex-
brought an action agninst
procured a divorce from her eight months ago. She knew
Mfttogaboutlt, and lived with him, perilling b J^
J® "jj JJ for Months’ so™ ce him whichhis
own act had legally released her.
Bc hool teach*
«•. of Cambria wnnty, recently convicted of ravish-
s£. Bcholar ?’ » Uttfe fourteen
3"» w, hM been eenteimed to the penitentiary tor twelve
»etn, and was yesterday lodged in. amt institution. His
cle " « »!*•' Md the Court gave
him the full extent ofthe Taw-no doubt regretting Oat
eouldnof^ be consigned witSTtheprison
,£"£« »««NKfa.-Ibe Journal * CAcwfe
an acqonnt of the discovery of a new
Slrffii££: SSSSe j ? tT? Dr -
***- 2 ‘-owrempl^
«U. . One drop mixed wiTh 99
bstbLn ° f constitute the first dilution. It
has boen tied upon anhnsl, and patlenU with remarkable
* *“■ whichhmTre-
SISa co curedbythU-
W»0»2e« trled ln dental.aeuraigia w ith
t • DR. CURBSEMAX'S ptt.t.h ’
The combination of ingredients in those Pm* ate u„ I
suit of a long and extensive practice. They an • ■
their operation, and certain in correcting all
Palnfhi Menstruations, removing all obstruction*,
from cold ot otherwise, headache, pain in the ,id*. ***
tion of the heart, whites, all nervous-affcctioo/i t * I ’ iu -
BUigno, pain in the hack and limbs, 4c,
which arise from interruption of nature. ,lw E
was the commencement of a new era in the
those irregularities and obstructions which *
ao many thousands of tho young, the beautiful,
iovcl to a premature grave. No
health nnisas she is regular, and whenever an
takes placje the general health begins te derlirJ^^***’ ll j
are the moat effectual remedy ever known for all l
.peculiar to fimaite. To aU class* they .* i.
*itk certainty, periodical regularity |
known toj thousands, who have need them uimL? ***
1 riods, throughout the country, having ti.. mar T Wtl>t I*-
of the moat eminent Phgticbnu in America. a '* r *“ l “*
&P**it direction*, dating when, « .
not he ww; with e«h Box,-4*
Box, containing 40 iVH*. IWa '
A valuable Pamphlet, to be had free, of to. s
Patamnt ip waft, promptly, by enclosing pJ^^lT
end Agent. Sold by Druggists pmemlly
1 :
by - f
!!! DEATH!!!
Roach, &c., Extor’r.
“twor'S" Bed-Bug Exterminator
Roaches—Mice—MoK»— Ground Mice—Bed-iw. ’
Moths—Mosquitoes—Vteas—lnsects ua PkuuZl
te ■ ‘"t* oTW3r fcn “
Kfyears cstabilshtd in New Tork Clty-nsed h . Uk ,
Post Office—the City Prisons arid Station Uon*»-il,e Cit«
Steamers, Ships, Ac.—the City . Hotels, “st. NX
cholas,” Ac.—and by more than $0,1)00 private fitmair*.
and retailer* everywhere sell them.
43-Wholesale Agents in all tho large Cities.
O-Regular sixes, 25<%, 80«, and Ilhoxßs, botilei,
4®-!!!Beware!!! of spurious Imitations.
Box, Bottle awl Plash, and take Miking hat
♦i" $l.OO boxes sent hymoll. -o;
and $5 boxes for Plantations,Hotels, t,rrt
4Qp*Addres» orders—or for “circular toDeakra - ’ in
Pbiscip.m. Bum, 440 UaoAovAi, X. y.
Sold by U. W. Kessler, Altoona.;
March at, |Boo.<3m. '
Wo have varied feeling* In seadtyg *o sattrtiemmt 0 f
.Dr. Bboksox’S Fooiv ln anoUercvliuua;'b ß t»«
tbmk gratification predominates;
tk so <*fcbrttted « maß comlug forwarl, even U> «ppc*,,
mnce.nader feesameflagwquacks—tfcd b, by
to advertising—yet we take wtis&rtionako (a luKrrtq
that" there bnow a reliable preparation kfare tin peoyh
.for that moat melancholy sal fatal dtseak 'Coßseaptlge,
and other organic cotuplatats. I
Dr. peotoos iaaJecturtr in oar Mcdii
his success in hhl speciality has been so wl
has consented, at variance with the prJ
regular practitioner, tp make it known, si
flw benefitof suffering humanity.
He has swured for however, a
Bpcctability separates entirely his prepa
j *ijgc of qnnekery, Messrs. Cmmca A Dei
mat '^ SEfßj as they are also for that most In
potations, j) r . K.,fo i.vrtsta* Cotntu,
could know (Ve great carp taken 1 m putting
—some idea of whieb tkey.ean form by cm
with any other articleof tho kind—they woi
anything that has ever been offered Client,
part, if wo had a child suffering, wa would t
administer this knowing that
druggists would not engage ha anything that
fcctly safe and ineffectual.—Quebec Oiattf.
»S- See advertisement. ,
ior sale by A. BODSIU Altoona ?a.
Alledlciue of long tried efficacy torpurifginff
easentialfcr the foundation of good health; «
reeling disorder* of the stomach and boucl-st
Isowisncw, j lihunAcne,
llubt-Bcbs,' .‘loss or Appetite,
Acinmt; ' biuovs donruisrs,
■ Cuxn,
CoOTiyKTH^: . Couc, £
I *?Wr. - ficjntnt Confirm, ic
• In Nerroon, Blimiinlle .and Neuralgic affection
frequently boon administered with marked tneem
wwlhjre tbe’aiWeied of:
stomach nrllt speedily regain iU it
a healthy action of the Urer, W«eb and kidneys i
idl jr take place, and renewed health be the quick n
Mexicciii Mustang Liniment]
Intrinsic virtue alone could insure the sncccu wbk -tt
article has 4|>dncd. For Rheumatism, Salt Rheum, I a
BrjibM, Sim joipu, or Gatdsj Sprain, Poll KtUuKri
inga upon Horses, It hag nuetjinL No penen w H
without who has once tested Its value. “And with 4t
ence to the general estimation of the Mustang Llnlmc t,
can checrfuilysay that bo article ever. jx-rionncd to s i
cures In our neighborhood as this. L. IV. SMITH, Si j
fiMupami,” 8. LKITCU, Esq-. l\xrl, lLwr<
tbehurse was considered worthless, (hi. ease
spavin,) but since the free use of tits Mustang Lmiax-oj
have sold him for £l5O. Your Liniment is doltg vwdj
up here.” Such testimony Is reaching ns every day. T
it. t°iJ- Every Ctmily should halve it. .Beware
hte dealers th** geil ’ ,tae l,Mtlul « Is sold hy all iwpccl
«*• Sofijrti is the great physician. This is now adndtW
hy the medical profession, at a fundamental principle w
healing science. It Is wisely provided hy the bnmaa eces
®ey) that whenever anything is wrong in the human aye
tem, tbe'natnral forces oftho body ate brought to bear t«
**l*l the disease.' The great aim, therefore, is to alrtngtb
on the natural powers. This has been kept in tie* by d*
skillful compounders of Dr. J. HOSTBTTEK’S BITTERS,
which operate to give fresh vitality to all the organa of the
hody. ■ The effects of tide medicine upon the stomach, the
liver and the kidneys, are prompt and decisive. Ibepatirnt
who is wise enough to quit drugging, and try the Burnt
won* feels as If he had taken a new lease oflife* and *• k ®
continues toe use df the article, he is overjoyed to ford tl»
streams of health coursing through his frame. Let all from
whose cheek the bloom of health has departed, ffiw Vr. J-
Hostetler's Bitters ntriaf. Sold by drngghU and deaian,
generally, everywhere.
. ■®3“See advertisement in another column.
*S-“ Oa THAT THE sxix of an innocent sheep rfwuMbs
made into parchment, and written on to the tmdutot of *
manl" quoth Shakspeare. Ha might also haw
Oiie ruining of men's forms by the' uaoouth msnnff i*
which some ungracious tailors butcher op tbecloth
from the wool grown by these same harmless sheep. 1°
see the perfection of. the art of working hp cloth wisdj
and well, and so as to set off to the best advantage _
forma of its wearers, call at the Brown Stono Clothing
Hall of Bockhill * Wilson, Nos. 603 and 605 Chestnut S'-
above Sixth, Phils, and examine tkeir 'stock olgat®*®®
for gentlemen and youths.
This disease can be cared by-Dr. Kry/er's ToModn &
needy, prepared by trim In Pittsburg, Pa., which I* P B * a *
in botUes and sold at 25 cents each.. It is an
medicine, when diluted, for spongy and tender gums, **“
ia whith. ten times Its price to all who need it. BoWh«f*
by, O. yf., Kessler, Druggist; ;
, Altoona,Jan. i860.—6m.
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