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|e pwma Crikne.
'AY, JAKUAEY 8, 1860.
AS. Where parties are ttnknown to ns, our rule for adrer
isingUto require payment in advance, or a guarantee from
lt to therefore useless for aiUsneh-to send
« Advertisements offering to pay at the end ot three or six
months.'. Where advertisements are accompanied withthe
nionaj! whether one, ftre or ten dollars, we tfill {fire the
the foUbeueht of cadi rates.
Advertising Agents, 11® Nassau street, j Kew Sork, and
10 State street, Boston, are the Agents for the Altoona
Tribune, and the most influential and. largest circulating
Newspaperslnthe United States and the Canadas. They
are Mtborbed to contract for us at onr Uneut rale?.
Thanks. —Hon.S. S. Blair, will please
accept our thanks for numerous favors in
the way qf public documents and spceqhcs.
BenjsV Subscriptions.--We :yrould
remind our subscribers that now is the
time to tcnew their subscriptions to the
S&» T|io Legislature of this State was
organized on Tuesday last, without diffi
culty ordelay. See “Letter from Harris
burg” foi| particulars.
K&> Gerrit Smith has so nearly been
restored Jto complete health, that he, on
the Ist iiisfc., his home, by the
desire of his nearest and dearest friends,
and the approval of his physician. A state
ment is afloat that he will go to Europe as
soon as ho is sufficiently restored to health
to bear,the fatigue of travel,
Fpr some time past, rumors of a
duel between two Congressmen, rGtrow, of
Penna., and Branch, ;of Carolina,
have been afloat, and gained some cre
dence, but a letter from Grow to Branch,
dated Dec. 30th) entirely settles the mat
ter. Grow announces His determination
not to fight a duel, but to defend himself
in dcbatcj whenever assailed.
8@» Gdvernor Black, of Nebraska, in
his'message to the Territorial Legislature,
dated Dec. 6, warmly jirgcs the admission
of that territory into the Union. He con
fesses that she does not possess, at the
present time, a sufficient population to en
title her tb a representative under the ex
isting ratlp of 93,428, but he .enters into
an elaborate argument to prove that this is
no legal barrier to her .admission, and cites
the example of Florida and Arkansas.
Bennett’s Dollar Monthly.— We
have .received the first number of this new
candidate jfor public favor, and find it all
we had Anticipated. The story entitled
* The Mountain Lilly ” promises to be one
of deep interest. The .poetical contribu
tions are' of the best, and the humorous
department is side-splitting. We are of
the opinion that the Monthly wil 1 be a
deeded sqccess, if the publishers can af
ford to get up as good a copy each month
as the one'before us, for the small sum of
$1 per year. Bennett & IJameliu, Phila
delphia. |
President’s Message.—The annual
tbe President was sent to both
Houses on Tuesday of ijast
treek. Quite a discussion sprung up in
the House in reference to reading it be
fore a Speaker had been elected, but the
objections ,were voted down and the mes
sage read; It is about the usual length of
such and too long for; our
space,c6nsequently, wehaveuot published- 1
it.. Htope who read it, havej ere
oh|sdnod it in<some of the daily or
poUti(»d.jpapers. ' ;
“No Speakee Yet"—This is a stad
ding (rfourexchanges.—
_ Ooul4 ;
at an £tt|y : ; daj,' we might have same hope,
fcaf we we are at. a
whafcvdlfbe. the. result of the fight.'how
going oii.j Our Congress instead of be
ing an ornament to, and the pride of, btur
country is really a disgrace. There are a
ft W- .jiinong the "number who haye
•omeddea what they were sent to Wash
ington ito |do, but the most of them are
afraid to ©pen their mouths to speak their
wtoimetofe Disunion and buncombe
Speeohesiurethe order of the day. Mem
bers who have not the ability to make
their mark in any other way, have endea
vored to render themselves notorious by
the propagation of disunion sentiments.
Like the todies of Other days, they may be
permitted to do their worst for a time, but
will die and,unsung? ;
if so fortunate ;a?.to die unhung.
.... ; l ,<.■
... j. •,. -
Letter from Harrisburg.
*, BABwskuiu,, j„; iggo
.Jfyun. Editor* --—The politieaLwaters, which
harebeen 90 fearfully agitated for the last foiir
.**•*?», beoome smooth andcalm
iriflfin the mot twenty-four hone; #within
ihattimethe hopes of who
caolfr ' here strong beUi?feerrioes
would be recognized and rewarded, will be ut
terly blasted, and he wQI go from henee mut
tering ‘curses deep, but not loud.’ This thj„ g
of getting a petty office at jHarrisburg Is, after
all, nothing but a lottery, since I have noticed
the,Yery wheel-horses of a party shored aside
to make ;room for a mercenary drone, a rant
ing, brazen-faced demagogue without a redeem
ing trait in his character. The army of office
hunters here has: been four-fold larger than on
any former occasion. • /All were sanguine of suc
cess, and some of them' Would scarcely realize
the faet of a decided and most unequivocal de
feat. ; \ ' •"
The Republican caucus of the House last
evening nominated W. C. A. Lawrence for
Speaker, E. H. Bauch for Clerk, and John Hall
for Assistant Clerk. Capt. Bell was an appli
cant for the latter office,/and at one time I
thought his success was certain, but by some
bargaining h® ; got but ten votes. lam sorry
for the Captain, hut “sick is life.”
The Senate caucus ' allso met last night, and
nominated Wm. M. Francis, of Lawrence coun
ty, for Speaker, and Russel Erret, one of the
editors of the Pittsburg Gazette, for Clerk.
The Democrats of the. House last night nomi-.
n(tt«d Mr. Dunlap, M Philadelphia, for Speaker,
and Capt. Jacob Zeigler far Clerk. The Senators
this morning re-nominated the old officers with
the exception -of Messrs. Ycrkes and Africa—
the former haring gone over to the Republicans
and the latter having been elected a member of
the House. Of coarse the Democrats go through
the motions merely for form sake, being, as your
readers know,' wofuliy in the minority!
Your Senator is on’hand, prepared to dis
charge bis duties. It is not improbable that he
will make his mark before the end of the session.
Yoar Member, Mr. Burley, I notice, is also
circulating about, making hosts of friends by his
easy, agreeable manners. • :
The House met at 12 o’clock, when the new
members were sworn in, after which they ad
journed until to-morrow at 11 o’clock, whes
the Governor’s Message will be read, after which
I presume, business will begin in earnest.
The Senate met. at 8 o’clock, when the mem
bers were swoim In, Mr. Francis elected Speak
er, and Mr. Erret Clerk, after which they ad
journed until to-morrow at 11 o’clock, when the
work will probably commence. Yours,
The Fayette Railroad was opened to Umontown, on
Monday lasi.
Conservative chaps—our d Is, judging from the
tone of their New Yearls Address.
a®'The Methodist congregation of Johnstown hip ad
ded a fine toned organ to their choir.
A fire occurred in New York- City, on Thursday
last, which destroyed property tp the proount of $BOO,OOO.
WE, Over tho hill—the bull whose tail the little Jokers
have placed in a Tice, just to see him “pitch around” a
AS* The loss to the American Tract Society, by the re
cent fire In that city, is SSO,OOS. It is entirely covered by
S 3. A St. Route gentleman recently paid $BO for the use
of a six-horse sleigh for Tour hours. “A foal and his mon
ey,” Ac. ; ;
S3,, Campbell, of the Blairsville Record, has been con
victed Of libelling Thos. Svßoid, of the Blairsville Ameri
4®-It is currently reported in Washington that the
mail service will lie (.topped' in a few days, unless the
House organize and appropriations are made.
Enormous—the vanity and pretentions of the bull
of the “ Standard Dutch breed.” Wonder why ho notices
the little Jokers oi the Tribune t £hcy must annoy him.
49* Xwp men, named Francis Singer and Andrew Max
well, were run over by the Express Train, andktUcd, at
Blairsville Intersection, on Saturday ovoniug last.
4®, The Commissioners of Cambria bounty have sus
pended payment of aU debts now being contracted nntil
sundry loans bearing,a heavy interest have been paid.
49* Wm. Boydcn, of Chicago, has been appointed Re
ceiver of the Ft, Wayne A Chicago Railroad, by mutual
consent of the Bondholders and Directors of tho Road. .
4®* The nogro Hnlsinger, executed at Harrisburg, on
Friday week, confessed that he killed his wife with a clnh,
as charged in the Indictment on which ho was convicted.
t*. 1 ! Misery loves companions” —vide the attempt of the
editor of the Standard to include aU the members of Van
Tries, Baud in our notice of himself Can’t du it, old fel
low, your'e nil alone. ‘
, S3L. E. F. Paige, better known os “Dow, Jr.,” author of
tiro ‘-Patent Sermons,” died of mania polu in tho house of
a prostitute, in San Frhncisco, in the most abject poverty,
a short time slnct.
8S- Coming.—Wo learn from, the Huntingdon Journal
and American that the Rid Republican of the Egyptian
■Spy is coming on a visit to this part of tho country. Hope
. he wont check his “Michigan bandbox’-’ past this place.
tKS»Thc editor of tho Tyrone Star says his is a respecta
ble devil, newr having been in, Altoona. If the editor of
the Star measures respectability by such a standard, he
must havo a iirigbty small opinion of himself.
tS- As Loap T«far, and thfi'ladies have a to
"pop tho questionj’.’ pay allbilis, get up parties, order where
the wedding cakes shall bo sent, etc, etc, wo will of course
look tor one with each wedding notice, shall we not!
49“ A young lady of .New 0 cleans, who recently; per
formed a remarkable feat |n rowing, has boon presented
with a beautiful yawl. A cotemporary-anggesto a
mack would have been more appropriate. Tv -. . ' ,
43p Hon; Judge hiason, of lowa, who made himself so
-popular sdjh the Inventor? of the'Country, while he. hold
iho office|Komnils«ioher of Patents has, wo leerh, asso
ciated himself with Mnnn*Co.,at the Scientific <H>«.
office, New York,
*h> A Hit-—Helper seqt a splendidly botutd copyof
the uiwbridged edltion'df his *“ Impending Oridto n td Mis- -
witha letter,, returning that gentleman his
sincere thanks for themagnificent advertisements he has
beatow»d,free of eharge, upon hla book: ' ' r ‘ "
' AWthtfy—the hull of the,“Standard Jhitcb
JheUttle Jokers hive him by thetaUand
judge \by his bellow
ing.. 4h«y wem’t let go £helr hold and he can’t maho
themdoit, to “ctrt andrun"
Tbs Harrisburg Ihirioi £ CTnion, after noticing the
fact that the -President did not send an advance copy ofhls
message to that paper, says. ‘‘Wo shall ,giye it; to our
readers to-morrow lf wo have soffiediut space, and if it is
worthy of so much type.* Bathereool, ah' Ad
ministration organ. ’ ■
. <®,Tho editor of the Standard tries-to maltera “bull*
out of our remark that business would he suspended in
this place on “ Christmas and New rear’s day,” by lmlici
sing the word day. We have always beard the 25th of
December colled “Christmis* anid the Ist of January
“New Year’s day." Not much of a “b«tll” after aB,
The Pittsburgh'of Friday contains an ac~
Count Of a confidence man luynwl Wtlilmjj lf«ilfai'yfe<iii W«
winter diddled the Allegheny Bank oirt of
$2,000 on a forged ch ock. Uo aflerwirdietarlodaßcjik
>nS Hrowin Michigan and succeeded in fltecingMine of
V* ' ■ ■ j
too iMichigander* to tho amount 'of about $lO,OOO. He
Ijivejs as)hia reasons for thus acting:, that his father ew.
ciieatedout of a-stim of money, by
Korihaiid beik determined to be revenged.
Stated— to fndneethe.little Jokers to lot
rtd on- Ilia tall of the hull of toe “Standard;
Jd/Var he can neither frighten them awayhy
orahakethem off, ud they arc annoying him
Wtsomo of the members of the bend “pitch
Ip himf. : .
*gro inanrrection occnrred at Bolivar, Slogan’
ight week, which created consMerableexclto
e negroes collected in toe public square and.
Commenced an indiscriminate attack bn the whites, with
ftre qrm« and stones. They were, however, boon driven to
the Woods. A number wore arrested and lodged in jail.—
Only one person was seriously injured.
■ lond bellowing and great pretentions availed in
Siaymaker’s bull might, on a memorable occasion,
have-ftighfenod a locomotive off the track and thereby
savedhh| hide.. The pretensions of the qaodmpod over the
hill Are ffke'y to prove pbnut os available in frightening I
theljttla Jokers. The fcte'of the former should proven
Warajidpto the latter. |
Ap Irish coal-miner, named Thos. McEnally, help
■*4 sjj’ ;bhtty” to drink a quart of tanglefoot whiskey, at
Johnptpwn, on.Satnrdupeveiiing week, from the effects of
whidjJj^became so “darkly, deeply* beautifully blue”
that iie opuld not get home that night, and has not been
heard <if tince. Suspicions of foul play hare been excited
in consequence, We think the whiskey would put him out
ofthe without the aid of a knife or bludgeon.
.*»-Sightly riled—the bull of the “Standard Dutch
breedp at the notice we took of his bellowing around our
the day of the celebration. lie intimates that he
will noser do so any more” unless proffered agood hread
bosketfuhof bran) in tho absence of which, wo presume, wo
tahjdl not he !>ermittcd to -“ look upon his like again,” In
the sajme Opacity, for some time to come. His attempt,
however, to construe our reference to himself into nn in
sult t) ill; the members of the band, is ridiculously silly.—
We atpofthe opinion that nil of them have sense enough
to |iisto|g;tish between an allusion to one of their number
.and « reference to nil, unless, perchance, it should be the
bull qf . Ujo “Standard Dutch breed.” We imagine the
“ wish wof father to the thought,” in his case; but if he
really took it ns lie says, he argues a very small amount of
perspicuity for the members of the band, certainly much
loss than we%ave them credit for.
Opposition County Convention.
Agreeably to previous notice, the delegates
elect |of the Peoples’ Party, met in County Con
vention in the Court House, at Hollidaysburg,
ob Tuesday, December 27, 1859. On Motion!
SETH i|. McCUNE, Esq., was chosen Chair
man, .and H. C. Dbrs and H. C. Nicowsavs,
Ihe following persons presented their creden
tials and were admitted as Delegates;
Allegheny —Jno. M. Gibbonev. Jos. Higgins.
Mnlw-4-Jno. Irvin, E. B Tipton.
Altoona—X. W. — John W. Humes, H. C. Bern.
‘ * VT.—Peter Reed, W. U. Boyers.
•' j AV. IV.—J. O. Adlum, J. Good.
Ferree, Sam’l B. Confer.
CUtharfye —Frederick Kyle, 0. W. Reed.
Q&y*pojsr~Jno. Dean, Joa. Burr.
Bollidaysburg— W. IV.—Geo. Port, F. McCoy.
_ * N ? i>. W.—Jo*. W iiliiima. Jod. Smith.
Jim m/u—Abraham Yingliug, Geo. P. Kelly.
Bogan— Abraham Loudon. L. Tingling.
Franicstown —Seth R. .McCone, Samuel Smith.
FreMovi— Dr. L. F. Butler, Benj. Farher
Tyrone -ftoro.—F. M. Bell, S. Berlin.
2yrone-fCurtfe Kidder, Robt. Stewart
Snyder-jilticai Burley, Caleb Guycr.
Woodherry —Sftmuel .Dean, David Yingliug
Taylor— R.’Shiffler. John Kemp.
Bnislo a—Jas. Roller, Henry Wike.
Greenfield —Jacob Walter, David it. Lingcnfeltor
Martuaburg-S. P. McFadden, Henry 8. Iflicodemus.
On mqtion, the Convention proceeded to elect
a Representative Delegate to the State Conven
tion, which resulted in the choice of Wm M
Lloyd. ;
On ipotion, tho Convention proceeded to elect
Senatorial Conferees, which resulted in the
choice of the following persons John Half
penny, Geo. W. Patton and Samuel Dean.
On hddtion, the Convention proceeded to the
election of Congressional Couferrees,-which re
sulted ?inj the choice of the following persons :
Geo. AY, Reed, Caleb Guycr, Job Barefoot.
The following resolutions were then offered
and adopted:
Jtesdlved. That the Delegate just elected to
the Harnsburg Convention be, and he is hereby
instructed to vote for and use all honorable
means Ip secure the nomination of Hon. Samuel
Calvin fpr Governor.
Resolved, That the Delegate be, and is hereby
instructed to vote for the adoption of a resolu
tion by the State Convention, recommending
Hon Simon Cameron as the choice of the people
of Pennsylvania for ' President of the United
States. '
Resolved, That the Senatorial Conferees be
and they are hereby instructed to vote for Jacob
Campbell, of Cambria county, for Senatorial
Delegate to the Harrisburg,Convention.
Resolved, That we will discountenance every
effort, no matter from what quarter it may come
to disorganize the-Pcpples’ Party of Pennsylva
nia, and that our Delegates to the State Conven
tion are hereby required to use all proper means
to secure ;a victory for the Opposition candidates
for President and Vice President in 18C0.
On motion, the' Convention adjourned.
SETiI R. McCUNB, J'res't.
H. C. Pees, 3 „ . .
H. C. . Nicqdemce, / S ecTclaries -
Tub Mill Decided Urolr.—The votaries of
the manly art and admirers of muscle in our
neighborhood, will doubtless feel interested to
learn that the great contest for the champion
ship between Heenan and Sayers has been at
length dccided upon, and the month of March
fixed] fori its settlement. Heenan leaves onWed
nesday next for England. He is now in Balti boxing' exhibitions at the Circus,
and-is tp; popular with the pugs of that city that
he draws crowded Louses every night. His
friends are very confident that the veteran Sny
ers will have to succumb tohis greater strength,
i j amount of money has been
ataked on,his success. In England, where Tom
Sayers is .considered invincible, the feeling is all
m his fat6r, and the defeat of the American is
therefore considered as much of a certainty as
if it had.been already accomplished.
? Huirs.—Hall't Journal of Health
rM a * *he tendency of India robber shoes is
to j jnhko tbe feet cold, thus endangering the
hence they are useful only in walking,
when; the ground is muddy or woshy with molt
-5“ ! In these cases they aria invaluable.—
Wh»a fibers are on the feet persons should
keep moYihg, add remove them on entering the
house, j If the rubbers have been on the feet for
seveirpli hours, botkshpes and stockings art ne
oessarily damp by the pondensation and confine
ment; of the pertpiration;' therefore. all should
° e -f and th ® “kked feet held to the fire
until they nre perfectly warm and dry in every
i P? same .rule holds goipd in relation to
leatherjbpots and ahoes made wafer-proof. For
oompon purposes leather boets and shoes are
the,besp, if kept tell blacked, with several re
newals lof dry sooks during the day, if the feet
pertpirt profusely.
condition of affturs in Mexico does
not Iniprofe, arid robberies and murders on tho
v? j tilings of daily occurrence. So
haye things becomo tbattJie State Company
WVfcfven notice that they wM. not be able
mpcn longer to run a lino between the city of
; for (scarcely day has
fr ol * l nuumen,” said
tyiultyro#, **forltfnce had mypocketplal&t
% the milcst Sever
Horrible of a Family.
'■ Oh Saturday Afternoon Inst, any the Pottsvillc
Journal, duringthcprevalence of a ssvere snow
■ ’ * young mAh who bad been seett from St.
■ Clair, to Hazleton-with a team, for thai purpose
of removing the family of Mr. Valentine Frantz,
to the former place, - found it necessary to un
niteh Jus" horses, and leave the Wagon* which
contained the* family, on the mountain, to go
home and have his horses’ shoes sharpened.—
The persons composing the family,'left in that
dangerous position, were Mrs, Frantz, fivesmall
children, ~ And an elder daughter and her hus
band. After the'driver had'been absent some
time, the family left the wagon) for the purpose,
if possible, of reaching home; but the rain fall
ing fast, and freezing as rapidly as it fell, impe
ded their progress. Mrs. Frantz sank to the
ground a dozen times in a distance of between
one and two miles, yet she clung to and protec
ted her babe with the fervor which characterizes
a mother’s love. At last, Mrs. Frantz, overcome
by cold and fatigue, could proceed no further.
The young man placed her and four of the chil
dren on the ground, in as sheltered a position
as he could find, picked up the remaining child,
a boy, in his arms, and with his tyife proceeded
home as rapidly as possible.
On reaching bomb he informed his friends of i
♦he occurrence, and they strrted in search of!
tho unfortunate sufferers. When discovered, !
Mrs. Frantz and the children were insensible.— !
The mother was lying on her back, with the .
babe pressed tightly to her bosom, while her !
clothing was frozen to the ground. One of the !
children, a little girl, while attempting evident- |
ly to crawl up the hill, had slipped ; her clothing i
was stripped’ from her person, and she was i
found and frozen to the ground. The !
The children were taken to a place of shelter; i
but Mrs. Frantz was hot removed until a wagon 1
had been procured. The first inquiry from her |
lips, when restored to consciousness, was for i
her children. The boy first taken home, has ;
died. It is thought (hat Mrs. Frantz will reco- ,
ver. The babe is well. There is, however, i
some doubt of the recovery of the other chil- 1
dren. - ;
Great Luck.— By tho following Certificate it
will be seen that Wood, Eddy & Co., the great
Lottery Managers of the United States, are still
selling large Prizes, and what is more impor
t|uot, ore paying them with their usual prompt
Frog Level, Newberry District, 8. C
December 7th, 1859.
THIS CERTIFIES, That having drawn to
Numbers 18 50 74, the Grand Capital Prize of
§40,000 (Forty .Thousand Dollars,) in Wood,
Eddy & Co.’s Delaware State Lotteries, Class
C 24, drawn in Wilmington, Delaware, on the
30th day of November, 1859, I have this day re
ceived from the Agent tho full amount of said
Prize, and hereby give permission to publish my
nanie - I. M. SPENCE,
?. UU ' J , aj ' •• • i SlPliS-p"-'- Sunday.... 511219,26
Monday... 2 916 23 30.. Monday .. . 61320 ”7
Tuesday .. 3101721 31 . . Tuesday ... 71121 28
Wcd’sday . 4 11 18 26 . . . . Weds' Jay . 1 8 15 22 29
Thursday . 5:12 19,26 . .1. . |Thursday . 2 9 16 23 .
Friday.,.. 6113120 27 . ,|. . | Friday. ... 31017 24
Saturday.. l 7 14 211281. J. . iSaturday . 4lllllb!25
Sunday. , . .
Monday. .
Tuesday. . .
Weds’day. .
Thursday. 1
Friday. ... 2
Saturday.. 3
4ill!18 25
5 12119 26
6 13 20 27
7 14 21 28
8 15 22 29
9 16 23 30
10 17124 311
Sunday. ~ . 6132027 . . Sunday.... 3'lo 17 24
Monday ... 7 14 21 28 . . Monday ... 41118 25
Tuesday .. 1 8152229 . . Tneadnv.. . 51219 26
Weds day. 2 9162330 . . Weds’day. . 61320 *7
Thursday. 3 10 17 24 31 . . Thursday. . 7 14 21 28
Friday.. . 4 11 18 25 ... . Friday.. . 1 8 15 22 29
Saturday.. 5 12 19 261. . . . Saturday.. 2 0 16 23 30*
. July. |( august.
Sunday. ..1(8 15)22(29}. . igundav. ;. i, 612 19 2«i
Monday. . 2 01023 30 . . Monday. . . 6 1 13 20 271
Tuesday. . 3101724 31 . . Tuesday. . . 714 ’1 28
M eds’day. 411 18125 . • . . Weds’day. 1 sIIC 22
Thursday. 5 12 19 26 ... , Thursday. 2 9 16 23 30
inday. . . 6 13 20 27 .r. . . Friday. . 3 10 17 24 31
Saturday.. 7 14.21 28 . . Saturday.. 4111 *lB!asi. !
Sunday... -I 2 9:16123 30 Sunday... 7i 14 21 2iT
Monday. . . 310 17 24 . . Monday . . lj 81622 29
Tuesday .. 4111825 . . Tuesday ..2|9;10 23 30
Mods day A 512 19 20 . . Weda’day . 3 10 17 24 31
Thursday. . 613 20 27 . . Thursday. 4*ll 18 25 . .
Inday .... i 14 21 28 . . Friday .. . 5|12 19 20 . .
Saturday.. 3 I 8 15 22 29*. . Saturday.. 0'13i20-27
Sunday. . . .1 4111118 251. . I Sunday. .. I ! 2 9 10 at; 30
Monday . . . 6 12119 20 . . | Monday. ... 3 10 17 34! 31
' ‘ 2 27 • ' [Tuesday ... 4 11 18 25 . .
Weds day. . 71421 28 . . Weds’day . . 512 19 20,'
Thursday. 1 51522 29 . . Thursday . . 6 13120 27T. !
Friday ... 21 0 10j23 SO . . Friday .... 7 14121 28 .
Saturday .3> 10'17*241. .. . iSaturday.. 1 8 15122 2oi. !
Wo do not think a person can evince a more benevolent
trait 6f character than being moved at the distress and suf.
forings of others, and furthermore, anxious todoallin their
power to alleviate by every possible means human Buffer
ing. In this view of tho case, wo. do not know how the
humane and benevolent can do an action more in accor
dance with pliilanthrophic views, than by calling the
attention of their afflicted friends and acquaintances to the
fact, that Dr. Seth S. Hasoh, of 10S Baltimore street, Bal
timore, M. D. has discovered a preparation, which is put up
in the form of a pill, that has a specific action for curing
Rpilepgy, or falling fits, spasms, cramps, and all forms of
nervous diseases. Among those who have been perriia
nently cured, wo might mention a member of tho family of
James U. Beadle, Huntsville, Alabama; Mr. M. 1». Sledge,
Cabin Point, Surry county, Va., and Mr. W. D. Ligon,
Grenada, Mississippi. We might go on enumerating a
number of othefs, until we had entirely filled up this col
umn of our paper; but wo think we have said sufficient to
(satisfy every person that the subject under consideration
is one of vital importance to every one. Reader! if you
are a well man or woman, iyid have ho need of a remedy,
perhaps yon know some person who is not equally blessed
as yourself, if so, cut out this hbtice, and send it to him or
her. Jt will cost you but Utile trouble, and probably it
wiU make you instrumental in curing some poor, afflicted
mortal of that dreadful visitation, 'Epilepsy, or falling
Dr. Hance sends his pills by mail, free of postage, to all
Ijarts of the world, on the receipt of a remittance. His
prices are.: one box, $3; two, $5; twelve, $24. Wo have
given his address above.
■ Dr ; Celebrated layer Pills;
43T Being, hnwdi, and not knowing whether it proceed
ed from derangement of the liver or merely hysterics I was
persuaded to purchase a box of Dt STLAXES CELEBItA
TED Lived riLLS, prepared by Fleming Bros, Pitts-
had used them all, was entirely re
lieved. lam how enjoying perfect heid th, and* cheerfully
recommend Dr. IPhone’s Celebrated' Liver Pills to all Sim
ilarly evicted. “ - . .
Nejr Tork, March 25,1852.
wm becaref ’ il t 0 Mk fiw Dtt, M’LANE’S
UTEE PILLS, numufeetiired by KLEM-
PUk, W b.lbro tho public. »r.
M’l«ntfa genblao liTer PflU, also his Tehni
B*>>wm wiUMmt tiwtfgoat arc of
—• 4 -4-#
Sunday. . . 1
Monday. . 2
Tuesday. . 3
Weds’day. 4
Thursday. 5
Friday.. . 6
Saturday. 7
'■ '■■>&s■ ■■ '
The great standard rkedkines of the present
apt, have acquired their great popularity only
through year* of trial. Unbounded satisfae-
Hon it rendered by them in all cates; and the
people have pronounced then worthy.
liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Debility of the Nervous System,
Diseases of tho Kidneys,
and all diseases anting- from a disordered
liver or weakness of the stomach and digestive
organ sfare speedily and permanently cured by
The Balsamic Cordial has acquired a
reputation surpassingthat of any similar pre
paration extant. It will cure, without ran.,
the most severe and longstanding
Cough, Cold, or HoarSshMsrDro&ohitia, In*
fluenza, Croup, Pnsqiaonis, laoipie&t ‘
Consumption, '
and has performed thsmbst astonishing cures
ever known of . x
OonfirmodOoilsiunptioix. „
A few doses will also ’at once check and
cure the moet severe Dlnrrhoah proceeding
from Cold in thb Bowels.
These mediants are prepared by Dr. C. M-
Jackson & Co., JVb. 418 UrcA Street, Phila
delphia, Pa., arid are sold by druggists and
dealers in medicines everywhere, at 76 cents
per bottle. The iignature of C, M. Jackson
will be on the outside wrapper of each bottle.
In the Almanac published annually by the
proprietors, called Evbbvbodx’b Almanac,
you will fold testimony and commendatory
notices from all parts of 'the country. These
Almanact are given away by all our agente.
WS- For sale, in Altoona* by A. Ruu*h an.l G. W.
Kessler, and by all Druggists.; [may 19, ’59-ly
The combination of ingredientsrin these Pills arc the re
j suit of a long and extensive practice. They are mild in
| their operation, and certain lu correcting all irregularities
i Painful Menstruations, removing nil obstructions, whether
i from cold ot otherwise, headache, ;pain in the side, jwlpita
: tion of tho heart, whiles, all nervous affections, hysterics,
j fatigue, pain in the back and Ihtlbs, ic, disturbed sleep,
which arise from intorruption.of nature.
was the commencement of a now era in, tho treatment of
those irregularities and obstructions which harecunaigued
; 80 n,!U O' thousands of the young, (he beautiful, ami rl.e be
loved to a premature grave. Nq female can csgoy good
| health unless she is regular, and whenever an obstruction
j takes place the general health begins te decline,
■ are the most effectual remedy ever known fur all complaints
peculiar to Females. To all classes they are invaluable, in'
, dating, with certainty, periodical regularity. They Qre
I known to thousands, who have-used them at different pe
| nods, throughout the country, baying thcsauctiouof some
of tlie most eminent Physicians in'America.
Explicit directions, stating when, and when they should
not be used, with each-Box,—We' Price One DMar each
Box. containing 40 Pills.
A valuable Pamphlet, to bo bad free, of tho Agents.—
Pills sent by mail, promptly, by enclosing price to tho Gen
eral Agent. Sold by Druggists generally,
R. B. HUTCHINGS, Oeszbai Aoest,
14 Proadway, New York.
Sold in Altoona by O. W. Keseiex; in Hollidaysburg by
Geo. A. Jacobs. (Dec. S, 1839.-ly.
8 15 22 29
9 16 23 30
10 17 24 . .
11 18 25 . .
12 19 26 . .
13 20 27 . .
14:21 28 . .
■ftß-Itisa common observation that there are more
sufferers from debility, among Americans, than can 6o
found among any other civilized; nation. The reason Is
obvious. We take too little exercise, and forget the wants
of the body in the absorbing pursuits of business. In all
such coses, ordinary medicine caii do little good. What
is required is just such a tonic anil invigorutor as Dr. J.
Hostetler has given to the world, in his CELEBRATED
*’ BITFURS.” The weak an-1 rieryous denizen of the
counting-house, the exhausted toiler upon the shop-board,
and the prostrated gtudent of the midnight lamp, have
found a wonderful regenerator in tjio “ Bitters,” and pre
fer it to more pretentious, but less efficacious medicines-
But it should not be forgotten, th.ajt the agent which is so
magical in its influence upon a frame which is merely de
bilitated, is equally powerful in assisting nature to expel
the most terrible forms of disease. ' Who will uot give it a
Sold by druggists .and dealers evL-rywhero,
*3* advcj tisement in another column.
fcS- *’ O n TIUT me skin of ah innocent sheep should ba
made into parchment, and written on to the undoing of a
man: - ’ quoth Shakxpeare. Ho might also have deplored
the ruining of men’s forms by tflie nnconth manner in'
which some ungracious tailors butcher up the clotli mtiis
from tho wool grown by theec.same harmless sheep. To
see the perfection of the art of working up cloth wisely'
and well, and so as to set off to tfe best advantage the
forma of its wearers, call at the Brown Stouo.Clothing
Hall of RockhUl 4 Wilson, NoS. 603 and 605 Chestnut St.,
above Sixth, Phila. and examine their stock of garments
for gent lemen and youths. ’ i’ ;
in(j.nuhi B old CUH-
S£S« SE£*
CLOTHS, Cassimeres,
. * ND vestings,
which ho 13.n0w offering for gale.
SSS saaas
1 b^GOO#?-
snratftDrawew, 8 ! Stock*
YM » ADK Cl '9 Tl ”^o<all,of;Which hois determined
d .lnW.,“ C 'n eap a f , t . hc y c & n be hpPkht this side of Phila
delphia. Tlie pnhllc are respectfnfly invited tocailand
examine my stock, .h« I shall taks : picasaro In showinr
MtHZ? r T a * tm m * fr? ®
May S‘ 1859-tf ; JHOMAS BUVAX.
*•»« news fromiKuropof If yon have
* ,mt lt '*• Mm TUCK
plyof t tUnie<l fr0!0 *« lafge stip-
*t y,eB qwlito of Dress
F 0 * 4 * l ”. e vf? f antg > Boots and Shoafc apd everything kept
In an establishments* theklndrpqW which ho offcrsat
nnprocedeutedly low prices forcssh, Having purchased
low °° k at Cft! ° P r * ces > he is to Sell very
. invitis nil Oiose in want off anything Jn his line to
grve him acall, foelincWuro that be will bo ablb to rive
satisfaction. ( I. ■ HEKRY^Df#
Altoona, Sept. 30|f858.-tf M “? TLCK -
bio standard. They wi)l^crea|t«r ; be servtd° '
or way. at prices * logan HonscfHolfj^hnrfe.
A mewcSS .? T 4 PATENT
_Hfa workmen are hßknowladg*rfn.t ,~ AGJ^
?%e vary best -work
net Malting, ‘ Ut «-
«n<! all those who entnut him with their
uj»n receiving finiehMt work. 11 ordn * nuj
He keep* a constant supply of T«n.:h,w 1
which he invitee to attenttoi of thorn touSdfa. °? >«M. w
Cull oh him at at bb room hi Loadon«.!i’i
Plank Road. #,»r a
November 11, ISSB. ,
X? SES,—Thb b a how article in tiiti JL.c 1 ' ‘
country, although extensively iu th« t!!?™ 'h.
a sure protection against '
and possess many other'advantages 0 »,. r n* '
(ln». Tiic remains of tho lamented CUy • •■'•■won
Were encased in these cases. aftt * « £f!Sl£ g
For sale by
November 11, 18S8
Cm <E> CE) t2> raq ER
-the iiort'Ules in UWKU,
A/f IdA. IFVSL a uts *■
ami texture* of
together with a full lusortiueut of goniblbr
wear, such an Cloths, Cawlmeroa and ‘
AUo a full stock of Hardware, Uma nXaad
and an Mftortmo'nt of
of an ana styles, which canal to ' ,
and will i w *,ld llt fi, ir prices/ ’“* u "»-wark.t.
Having recently enlargctl my store-room i „
dispjay my largely Increased stock to U ttjr . "
uml would ros|>cctfully invite everybody tb call atKM * u i<
May 12,1859. . J
Worm Syrup,
A FTER A TRIAL of over TEN years
/X.. I" private practice, the subscriber is prepared i„
H ‘o' 1 " !»“»»«** “ WORM SYKtli* which bis It™ tit
to perform cures where others have been given ia lain i
is beyond dispute the most pleasant and effectual n~L.
tion of the kind ever offered for sale. p
It performs its cures safely, speedily, and effecta-dl, • io
jurlug the nervous system in no wise—unlike, iu thiirll
pect, to the Pink RodUnd Turpentine preparations-*!*-
does it contain mercury in any shape or form- lotu .
purely vegetable production, and so harmless iu'itssrii
that the moat delicate infant may-take it. **“ J
It is one of the best and most gentle purgatives that
administered to children, in case, oven, Shere mWorTt
exist, end w nil that may bo required, in nine cases out of
ten. to restoi* the deranged condition of the digestive J
gaiis so frequently met during childhood; and uve
childiea from severe spells of sickness, or convulsions.
Those Physicians who llavo used it are perfectly del.cbv
ed with it, and use it in-preference to any other ptviars'kia
ever offered. 1
Manufactured mid Sold Wholesale and Retail at \ w
Corner 1 north and Ocorgo St., Philadelphia, Pa.
For Sale by A. BODSUi U
vision STORK.
The subscriber would respectfully inform th. cith.m „r
Altoona and vicinity that hs has opened* storeoflhoabovo
kind, near the corner of AduUne and Julia streets, hut
Altoona, where ho will keep constantly on hand atoll sun
ply of everything in Uls line. Hiq
are all fresh and will bo sold at prices as low as thus U
any other establishment in town. Uis stock of provision!
consisting of - _ '
' Flour, Hams, Sfiouldcrs, Sides, Ac.
will bo sold a little cheaper than they can be honzht ear
Avhorc elee. His Floor Is,obtained from the best mills lit
the Western part of the State, agii is warranted to be what
it Is represented.
l aud ° f FevJ for hom3 > cows and hogs, always ou
1 intend to keep such an assortment that I shall at all
times be ablb to supply my customers with whatever Ui* t
may need, and I intend also to sell at prices which will
make it a saving to those who patronize my store.
Jnly*2i 185S-3m. v HESRT BELL.
• .men tot
Quaker City Publishing House 1
Siqtf Hor Inducements U> the -Pnbhr:
i ~ow HU ' l sure Plan for obtaining GOLD an 1 SII
V ERA' ATCUEs I , and other valuable Prizes. F'. Ipart!:-
titans giVin in Catalogues, which will he sent free to all
upon application.
}^ n “b!e Gifts, worth from 50 cts. to $lOO, GUANAS
TEED tu each purchaser. |lOO,OOO in Gifts bars been dis
tributed to my patrons within the past six months—sl3o,-
000 to Iw distributed during the next six mouths.
The Inducements offered Agents are more liberal than
those of any other house in the business.
Having been in tlje Publishing add Bookselling tnsincsi
for the.last eight years, my oipcrlenee enables mr to can
duct tho Gift. Enterprise with thagroatest natlsfacliso ts
AOENTe- WANTED in every Town and Connty.
For foil particulars address PHASE RCLISOS,
Quaker City Publishing House,,33 South Titlrd St.
Sept. !51, ’5O-tm. ' Philadelphia, Pa
Bed lion hotel,
This old established and popular UOTKL, locab:J neatly
opposite the place of stopping tho-paasenger cars in Altoo
na, bos passed Into the hands of the 'present proprietor.—
Long experience in Upi business warrants me in Msaring
tho travelling public thst no pains will be spared to twist
guestaas comfortable as posable while sojourning under
my roof. " "
the TABLE will constantly ba (applied with the very,
best the market affords. - ; " ' .
The BAR will l>o found to contain an excellent assort
ment of LIQUORS of all kinds, including that choice beta
The STABLE is In charge of an cxctlK-uC sod osperi
euced Os-tler.'
Tlie proprietor hopes, by his long experience in
;hu»me» and the facilities at iris coniajand, to make the Kt-J
thm. in all respect** first claksTfoleL The bosinws »f
|!ic Hotel will bo muter myowupe mono 1 supervision. A
libera) share of public patronage is kindly noHicitH.
JOaN U'. aCHWEIOERT, Propria*.
May 19, 1859.-H i- *
A, SCBIBBH wouldraapectfiiilv announce «
to the citizen* of Altoona ana ricinity. that he iffß
baaopcoodn . MfljVi
tin Helen etroot, between Annie and Julia street*, Bait Al
toona, whate ha will keen oonetawtly on band alargo *»•
■urtraent of everything In hi* llnevwhich he will dI*P»»»
of on reasonable terms.
PW VP 00 notice. lie. ftlsamaimficturc# X»w p^
which is said to bo roach superior to g*»*
van teed sbeet-iron or tin, -•- • * • .
A!k kinds of job woi k promptl y attends {o, A ib**® **
public patroimg* Is solicited. ■ SAiIU£L I. FBU23.'
Oct. 27th, rMMf. ' : , ; V •
. K. B/SEttEßS’lmpetoCOTgli SjrflPi
iloojlantfa Gtrman. J&ters,.; i \
‘ Sarkavd* ' Holland'Bititi'i,
Sandford't Liver Invijyotdlor,
1 Jilocd Seecrther,
Clarke't Female Pille,
Puponco's Goldtn PM*>
Wrioht% Ayer's, JR faon%tnidscLan< > s Pilb>
’ '
Perry Daviaf Pain Killed,
- : r Ma(chtU's FouT/oldLmimenl,
Mtii^n % Mrvt lmid J3one Lenimtni,
instore wul lot M]e«t
Sept. 2, WM-tt] . A. KOOBITB »ni« Stort-
Apply to - .. 4. SHQWAJWy:
Albania, l'».
V. r V
isfflpk* l
tfala, IWff- „
of th« Vaitaii
which, ♦•lt*
broofMln A i
receipt* were
Jodgeoof Ihi
pUpoon th« 2(
1L Cromer,. of
d0n0r*..... Hon
Boturdoj loot,
mandi^U.... <, (
arrived in Son 1
on eqfcrprising
of Bioireoanty
woUffc- (vilued
regordfor him i
broted iti. non
week, with » 8u
tb*t p1»00......t
mow on Jnlin
school It dumist
hill MfMn tb
low degree, tnd
tbeygodpna “
(peo£....;A shot
theWeitond of
hunt, «n the hill
tdlfdttne npon
“drt# Wibead,”
Goodfrrthein t
trectfdin front.
a dufeabl* impr
?o*t (Msco aftt
I «nd ntii dtpot,
with frit best apt
■uthttailo# ,wm(
to eoaplate a
•w bo remembei
»nd makaott firei
“frwo,’* aadE no i
•*•1 »Mtaaoes, wi
they mlaaed
wwttar by a pen
to thtift, All tl
t * ien L Shortly u
| equ
b y w
*fll any
K*k«ti>sww in t
bicb o
> : '4V«
S •fNctod I
«q with the
2* *•*«& for o
nL w^‘i»«u e v
L «frfkaa-b«cn t
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