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*»’S bamahuc
great popularity onh ,
cL. Unbounded iatufac.
thCI/l 171 oW ...
''“**** and the
ccd (hem Worth#,
Dyspepsia/ Jaundice
‘ Nervous Syatem. '
f the Kldnejg,
■itmff from a disordered
At ' stomach anddig^
Cordial far aogtaral a
V that of any nmilar P r<.
“tU cure, WITHODT PAJt
ong-etanding ’
w*eness, Bronchi tia T n
iC ntonUhing eurte
also at once cheek and
■■ Diarrhoea proceeding
f prepared hy Br. £. M.
418 Arch Street, JPhila
■e sold by dniyyitu and
cven J w! <U.M eenu
atureo/C: M. Jackooh
wrapper of eaekhotile.
ullithed annually by the
■vr.nvßODT’a Aujajiao,
ony and commendatory
'of the country. ThUe
way by dUsovir apente.
by A. Hoitth nnj Q. \r
Im.iyl9, ’69-iy
<sy oyDr. HmcCt j^.UtptU;
(' IVAN’S Co., Ocf.Tsl, flf*.
•V‘“S W nfflisfini tfjtfi fetf.
' : “ t ■■riliilll'J to givp y(, ur
v ,;h 1 Silw /‘n of p«-
• • m for some njontlu, nutil I
Mo'm to'bo n Ora rate arti
■ hi. 1 have mjt had one attack,
■ t 'f guotl health.
V-nr,-, lc., " ,
if uiKal to mo by-Mr. Natli-
y- Jioau mldr^siyoujeut them,
i'l il ijiKVj are a»jJecUictor all
i -it.-o. Price iS per box; two
r. r f2t. PersoinieiieloaiDg n
i- -nt them through the mail,
t h 8. Hfmqo, No. 108 Haiti
-whom orders from all part.
i'--i inudcontshoep alumld b.i
:U«n ou to theuudolug of a
" might also bare deplurnl
i J >«| uncouth jjmpner in
; lui;.;h".r- uji tha eloth nuul*
->■ sum hnrnileia abceji, Xo
of working up cloth wisely
to the host tulnivtage _lh«
t the Prowu Sh^ns. Clotliing
uw. 603 an JOOS Chestnut St.,
In - their stock of garments
BATfil) ;
!- of oxer TEN years
; -nbscribur is prepared to of
'i: l I’ which haa tailed
• have been given in vain. It
i and ufToctunl prepara
i-rsalc. ' t ~
v; '.tlily, and effocthftlly; in
no wise—m»llke,' in this rat
u; pi-iitine preparations—Dor
:tr* Mmpc or’ form: but it a
a nil eo harmless in its action
n.iv take 1 it.
>t gentlnpprgative* that can
i. case, oven, where tfo Worms
uireil, in hinn caeca out ut
■ :iilitiou of the difiWtivo ot
g childhood; apt! savoyonr
fc'-kucse, or cojhhiUlous.
used it aw perfectly dolight
enco to any other prcparal loir
n 'legale and Retail at X. W.
, I'hnndel|lhia t Pft.
D.HmiiEf. M. D.
■ •oona, Pa.
ttfully inform the citizen* of
opened asWroofthoabove
.i;o and Julia street*. Kant
o;.stoutly oa hand a full aup
■ R IE S\
at price* a* lo#a* those of
■i.. ilia stock of provisions.
•ners, Sides, &c-
i'.i they can bobonpbt any
t.ied from the he»t mill*
..ud i» warranted tobo what
cow* and hoga )f altfay* oa
k ■ tini-nt that I shall at* ll '
i tiiers wlth wbatevor they
• -i ll at prices' wld«h wilt
.trunize my store.
r rally announce M*- ■
vicinity, that ho mHhK.
e nova
and Julia
r aUktly 48
ijeo nulndßujtWJ* W® .
bo much •weriw.®. 8
Lly attended
sAMtnst r. nazs.
t' second *
t.ou'fsMapd obtain ftort'> cr
! -sssssk m^*:
T S!—THf5 S^ B '
m tbo citlwns of Altoona
i'P to order i^nlo
iny. ■'j?cc’adjr:*'.# c *
||iif lilt.
b»rtrn Way at
\fo,teru “
ffesKrn Through and UoUidayeburg,
toutcru Through -Mail
Kworii Tirangli Mall,
VVrtlpru Birough and UoUidayab«rg,
U’otcru Hay,
K»»t«r" “
OUIuD open for, tUe transaction ofbusinnss from 7.00 A M
u, 8.15 1‘- M., during tliu week, ami from 7.50 to 8.60 o’
dock, on Sunday.
Ejiircss Traill East arrives 9,22 I*. M., leaves 0,40 P. M
“ “ West “ 8,20. A. SI. “ 8,40 A. Si!
fast “ East “ 7,40 A. SI. « 8,00 A. 51.
“ 3 8,45 P. SL, « 9,05 P. SI.
Slsfl " “ 11,16 A. 51. “ 11,35 A. 51.
“ “ Mat “ 7.25 P. JL, « 7,45 P. 5L
Tho lIOLLIDAYEBOBG Bit A NCII connects with Express
Train East and with Mail Train Bast ami West, and
with Local Freight East Irani and Westward.
Tlw BLAIRSVILLK BRANCH connects with Johnstown
Jft/ Train fllst and W«jit,Jsxpresl Train West and Moil
Train Kant.
NuTcmbcr 29,1858
Gas and Water
Ou THURSDAY, Deccmb’r 15, ’59.
Soldiers of 1812 and Mexican War,
military and Fire Companies,
Excursion Tickets
will be issued to Altoona fiom Har
risburg, Pittsburgh, and all inter*
mediate stations, good' from 1
I,4th to 13th, inclusive.
The Committee of Arrangements to prepare
for the grand celebration, met agreeably to ad
journment on Tuesday evening, Geo. 13. Cra-
mer in the chair.
Chief-Marshal, Geo. W. Patton, announced the
appointment of the following Aida; E B. McCrutn,
li. F Rose, Jas. S. Mann, E. -H. Turner, Geo.
V. Sparka, John Allison, John Shoemaker,
Jesie Smith.
All necessary arrangements having been made
by tho subcommittees, heretofore announced,
and there being ao further business, on motion
adjourned. G. B. CRAMER, Prea.
I>. T. Caluweli, Scc^.
The soldiers of the war of 1812, and the
.Mexican war,,met at SLulU’a Hall, on Satur
day evening last, for the purpose of preparing
for the colebraition. Wm. Garden, of this
place, an old aoldicr of 1812, was called to the
chair. Some 2® or 3(1 of -the soldiers of the
Mexican war were present. We learn that they
had spirited meeting. A commiUee-jvas
appoifftcd ,and! instructed to Invite all the
soldiers of 1812; and thoMexlcan war, who live
in this and Adj|uning counties, to /smite- with
them. A dag had heen cartled in Mexi
co, was brbdglft 'la during the' meeting and
presen Ud Ao of Out war to be car
ried -by them to-.dfiy. One of their number
present wpa appointed to proceed to Pittsburgh
■to procurt a Sag earned at Lundy's Lane, for
\ lhe oIJ soldiers of 1812, and omr carried at the
battle of Chepnltepeo for thi soldiers of the
Mexican war; ;
We can form po correct, estimate of the num
ber of the soldiers of either war who will turn
out, but presume there will be some 12 or 1G
of the old soldiers of 1812, and from 26 to 50
of the Mexican war. Should there be but half a
down, or less, of the old heroes of 1812, there
■«ill be enough to send the patriotic blood ting
ling to the ends of the fingers of every specta-'
tor, and a corporal’s guard of the soldiers of the
Mexican war will inspire feelings of veneration
for those who braVed disease and.death, in that
unhealthy clime, at their country's call.
The preparations making, and now almost
completed, for the grand parade to-day, and il- j
lamination and torch light precession to-night I
arc on the most extensive scale, certainly far J
more extensive than we had any idea they would i
be when wo first mentioned that our citizens ;
were moving in the matter. Should the day i
prove favorable, it will be a gala day and even- ;
ing in Altoona. _ j
The entire : «shops of the Pennsylvania Rail j
Hoad Company will be ,handsomely illuminated, 1
mtd all who know anything about their extent 1
can readily imagine the grand sight they will !
present with a lighted candle before every light I
f gIaBS - Tljp “Logan House” will also be I
handsomely iiluminated, aud it is contemplated
to have a display of fire- works in front of it in
liie evening.
Quite a number of transparencies, with appro
priate designs and mottoes, are being prepared
tor the torch-light procession, which will un
doubtedly be large, and much attraction added
‘Oit by being accompanied with so many Bands
of music. ‘ •
Our streets willbc handsomely decorated with
■ f al ecreral. points, during the day, and
*ith transparencies *t night.
Aa extra train*!!! be run between Spruce
»ek and this place, this morning, following
. El P ress *«>>» «tould it be on time, or na>
on Express Train time shoold it be much
md. n tvill stop at all stations, thus offer d
“E all who wish .to attend the celebration an'
Pportunity to do so.
An train will'leave this place for Holli
>b«rg at 9,30 this evening. -This arrange-
Jt mli afford the people/.of that place Who
ji l Circ t 0 witl^ oBB . ll »e illumination and torch
10 ttanv b r ;t?,f BCS ' 8bl “ d M dark spots among
P«ase, and * W B, *.* re s n; rea hut little ex-.
Wt will a dd t f!^ a - re ,, m arran gi“g the-lights,
"".Jit of »*„ f matc^ all y t 0 the appearance and
Of the Other not ° DG part ° f thC toXffi :
TUOS. A. SCOTr, Sup't.
temporaries have adopted a system of record
mg short Ibcal items, which suits our inclination
to * l J 0a ’ eft Bt ®nding in front of the
*\ ThUTßd&y became
fngutoncd at the cars and made tracks up An
thL 8 « ee V° WardS the reEOrvoir > a little faster
than the driver could follow. He finally over
hauled them as they turned a corner and suc
ceeded in checking their mad career ere they
did themselves or the wagon any damage....
Several of the board walks around town need
repairing very badly. Would it not be as well
for those who own them to substitute brick
pavements in their stead—especially on the
principal streets Bishop Simpson, of the M.,
E. Church, has consented to deliver a lecture on
Palestine, in the Methodist Church in this place,
some time during the month of January. Due
notice of the time will be given A conven
( on of the .Junior Sons of America will bo held
in Williamsburg, iu this county, on Wednesday
and Thursday, December 29th and 80th
Rev. Dr. Happer, formerly pastor of the Pres
byterian Church, at Tyrone, now missionary to
China, arrived safely at Hong Kong, on the 4th
of September, after a voyage of nine-two days.
Constable Bdyer, of Tyrone, on Wednesday
lost, arrested a man calling himself A. Mussel
man from Lancaster county, on the charge of
robbing a former of $22,00 at Kellerman’s Ho
tel, Hollidaysburg., ....Rounding a corner up
street, the ether evening, in somewhat of a hur
ry, we came within an ace of having a collision
with a fair wearer of crinoline, who was descen
ding the grade at a rapid speed, with brakes
down, but they wouldn’t hold. Ladies.who ven
ture out on slippery pavements should be pro
vided like locomotives, with “ tenders,” os a
tumble would be found neither amusing nor
agreeable with the fashions as they now stand.
Whose duty is it to see. that the gully’s in
the streets, occasioned by the laying down of
the service pipes of the Gas and Water Compa
ny, arc filled up ? A short time since the j
springs of a carriage were snapped completely :
off, on passing over a gully in front of our office.
\ irjginia street is full of such carriage breakers.
Judging from the amount of pork now being
brought into town, we think this weather must
be death on hogs People who consult the
safety and convenience of pedestrians, will
sprinkle ashes or salt on their sidewalks in icy
weather, instead of scrubbing them with water.
It may not look quite so well, but they will re
ceive thanks therefor, where they would other
wise receive curses The Railroad Company
has erected a lamp post at the corner of the
street opposite our office. W e have no fault to
find with the arrangement “ Young Ameri
ca” has been making good use of the x icy hill
sides for the past week, to the no snHftl detri
ment of corduroy and sole-leather Turkeys
have been pretty plenty in market for a few
days past, but the prices asked for them are a
few pennies above our pile, partial as we are to !
the critters We are sorry to learn that Capt.
Jaa. Cramer, of the Hollidaysburg Branch Train,
has been seriously ill for a few days past. His
tralp is in charge of Gapt. Franks Col. L.
W. Hall repeated his lecture on Dr. Franklin, at
Martinsburg, in this county, on Friday 'evening
last, to a large and appreciative audience. .
There are now over eighty inmates in the coun
ty Poor House .An enlargement of the jail
of this county it urged by the Whig Ed. Mc-
Graw has been re-elected Stewart of the Poor.
House for the coming year.,....The TWty of tliis j
week details a sickening picture of the condition
of some of the inhabitants:of Hollidaysburg. If
all it snys be true, and we do not doubt it, the
officers of the law,should bo stirred up a little'.
t 30 A. 11.
« 00 A.M.
8 00 “ i
? 00 P M,
810 «
$ 20 A. M.
740 “
11 15 A. M.
7 20 p. M.
726 “
! Electiok ! — Great Excitement I — The colored
folks of our county have an organization they
call the “Sinking Fund Associationand on
Monday last the election of its officers came off,
and occasioned a high excitement among the
members. There were two tickets in the field;
one denominated the “ Regular” and the other
Guerilla; and the supporters of each brought
into requisition every cunning expedient to win
the day that they could devise, even to the
“ double-header” dodge; but the “ Regulars”
were too many for their opponents and laid theni
out “flat,” electing for President, Wm. Nesbit;
Vice President, 11. Molson; Treasurer, Moses
Brown; Corresponding Secretary, Thos. Shor
ter; Recording Secretary, M. B. brooks; Man
agers,' John Alexander, Daniel Williams, jr.,
Samuel Thompson, Charles Ambrose.— Remitter.
Atxektion ! ins Right ! — -Of course every
body will want something to eat to-day, as peo
ple can not live on excitement alone, (although
it has been said that a few do,) arid about as
convenient a place as we know of to obtain eat
•ables in the line of oysters, cakes, pies, apples,
&c., is at George W. Cunningham’s .saloon be
tween the “ Model” store and the Post Offiee.
He will have a fine stock on hand to-day and
can accommodate all who may call on him.
Chkistmai Notions— Our “Yaman” friend
Jacob Rink, who keeps the grocer/ over the
way, requests us to state that he has just recei
ved a full supply of notions, confectioparies and
cakes for holidays, ard invites everybody to
°ff an^ eee * hem * a lB ® keeps broad, cakes;
prts, and a general assortment of groceries, and
flour by the barrel constantly on hand. :
• *' - r®*»'A*'T-'-M. and those of other Lodges,
partkvpatein the celebration, will
JS^P^r^ 11 m 15th, at 1
B F EOSk, My *' ° EAMER ’ W -*
Notice.-— The members of the Good .Will En
ff are requested to meet
r «o».totter’s Shop at 1 o’elbcW p. fr
precisely, on Thursday December, loth, 185 d *
1 Another on* Gone. —H. Fettingerleaves for
the city to-night to lay ia his supply of toys,
notions, confectionaries, & C J for the holidays’
Of.courae he will, ashe always does, bring the
Y«y articles that will pleaSe the people He
will have handsome gifts for gentlemen to pre
sent to their sweethearts, % parents to present
to children, and io : fact something for all ages
and sixes. Lookout for Feta, re tun?., *
T ■ ~
L W « C °P7 the following i tem from the
Harrisburg Telegraph, of Nov. 80. The meeting
alluded: to was held in the Methodist Church,
fmd the minister was Key. 'Wilson, one of the
thfee ministers from Ireland, who lately visited
this country. We had the pleasure of listening
tohis and we shall ever feel grateful
to Col, Weltsel,*that through his instrumental!-’
ty we were ebabled so to do: . '
That Christian Conductor.— In a recent Is
sue wcu published an item, extracted from the
UnTon K£- th % Phil ?; <lelphia Suada 7 School
Union, in relation to a Conductor on the Penn
ifterTe , fiadin S on hoard a min
heard lecture the night previous,
: ““ kecl ho would like to have him hold a
at where the clergyman
2 1 night< The latter con
ented, provided the Conductor could make the
necessaiy arijingements. “The Conductor jump
a!the aext station, telegraphed to Al
toona, that, a meeting be called for one of the
cnurches at once—that it be notified all over tho
town, that on the arrival of the train everything
“ lgh *. b ® “ readiness. It was done. At the
Bta^ oa > the reply came through the tele
grapn that the order was obeyed, and every-
IS, sdy ’ JP 19 meeti “g was held—the
house filled to overflowing, and a solemn occa
.,° au was to;all." Wo have since learned that
the Conductor alluded to is our townsman. Col.
Joseph Weitzel, one of the most polite, accom
modating and popular officers on the road, and
a very zealous and consistent member of the Lo
cust Street Methodist Church.
Fra at Home.— Doti’t° be afraid of a little fun
at tome, good people! Don’t shut uproar
house, lest the sun should fade jour carpets;
and your hearts, lest a hearty laugh should
shake down some of the musty old cobwebs
there! If you want to ruin your sons, let them
think that all mirth and social enjoyment must
be left on the threshold without when they come
home at night. When, once home is regarded
a» only a place to eat, drink and sleep, the work
is begun that ends in gambling houses and reck
less degradation. Young people must hare fun
and relaxation somewhere; if they do not find
it at their own hearthstones, it will be sought in
other, and perhaps leas profigble places. There
fore, let the fire burn brightly at night, and ]
make the home-nest delightful with all those lit
tle arts that parents so perfectly understand.—
Don’t repress the buoyant spirits of your chil
dren ; half an hour merriment round the lamp
and firelight of a home blots out the remem
brance of many a care and annoyance during
tho day, and the beat safeguard they can take
with them into the world is the unseen influence
of a bright little domestic sanctum.
Fricks oi Gab. —-The following compilation
shows the price of gas in all of the cities and
most of the towns in the State, where it is now
Private Price per
, Population, s Meters. 1000 c. ft.
>...60,000 2024 $1.50
A egheny 25.000 900 3.00
A1ent0wn........... 6,000 300 3.50
S e ll e , f 1 nte *’ soo 105 4.00
Bethlehem 2,000 207 3 80
Catasauqua..., 1,000 106 400
“ a . ston 6,000 667 3. GO
£ rie """ 10,000 300 3.00
Honesdale 3,500 180 -4 00
Huntingdon 2,000 107 s'so
Lewiatown 3.000 160 3 10
Norristown a. 10,000 360 3.'76
Williamsport., i.i. 4,500 267 3SO
P0ttari11e.......... 10,000 225 330
•••—• 10.000 320 700
Lancaster 18,000 620 N 300
20,000 s'so
Philadelphia... 2.26
Hamsborgi.• 0.50
Lbcture.—Rov. W. S. H. Keys -will lecture
in the United brethren Clmrch, in this plate,
this (Wednesday) evening, on the Heathen
World, during tliodelivcry of winch he will ei-
a number:of Heathen Gods , and other cu
riosities obtained from missionaries who have
visited Heathch countries. Those who have
heard the lecture pronounce it excellent and well
worth a hearing. The proceeds of the lecture
are to bo applied; to liquidating the debt of the
Church. Doom open at 7 o'clock,—lecture to
commence half an hoar later. Single tickets
25 cents—family tickets 50 cents.
BSL. The following note, received a day or
two since, wo' give to our readers to criticise,
think, or laugh pvefy ns they may feel inclined:
East, Dec. 12, 1859.
Mcssn. Editor^— Next Thursday the celebra
tion will take-place. Then the whole town will
be alive, like a beggar's shirt There will be a
general stirring up of the genus homo from one
end of the county to the other. The fires of en
thusiasm will be kindled in every heart, and
many of those who look on in patriotic glory
wiU doubtless supply themselves with the arti
[ cle at the houses around the corners. Dear
friends, this sixpenny patriotism is horrible stuff.
It is patriotism: of the head, and not of the
heart; it makes you feci too independent alto
gether. It induce# you to fight in time of peace,
and takes all the starch out of your courage in
time of war. While this artificial patriotism is
effervescing; in your cocbanuta, your boasts of
independence pro loud and clamorous, but when
its spirit has evaporated you are the veriest ser
▼il«s that ever writhed under the lash of despo
tism. If you suppose, my friends, that th e pro
per way to observe our celebration is by drink
ing brandy slingji and gin cock-tails, you arc
about as much mistaken as the boy was who set
a bear trap to catOh bed-bugs. My dear friends,
I like to see you celebrate the introduction of
gae and water, if ft be not done in N a vain and
braggart spirit, land my gratuitous prayer is,
that you may enjoy it as long as you are per
mitted to squat ojn' this side of Jordon. To pre
serve your collective strength, your hearts must
all be joined together like tie links of a log
bhain. You must all hang together like a string
offish, and-itick; to one another through thick
and thin like a bunch of burdocks to a bell
wether’s fleeide. Remember, my friends, that with
all your boosted gas and water, you are poor,
weak*.miserable, dependent beings. The same
hand which jprovides you with soup and shirts,
beef and breeches, I can take them all from you
in a little lass thhn no time, and leave ybu as
naked as an dapple jbt|p in mid-winter. Yes, my
friends, you musti Remember that you are depen
dent ka Well as' independent, and that all the fa
vors you reejeivo fire donations from heaven, ’ tod
brought down by angels of mercy and distribu
ted impartially nnppng the grabbing, snatching,
(alien (tons of 4daim H.
| Lutheran Colony.— A meeting for the per
j manent organization of the jproposed Luthefah
Colony, to locate in Missouri, will be held in
Altoona, Pa., bn Thursday, itho 29th insfc, at
10 o’clock A. M. All persons .who feel inter
ested in the success of the Interprise, are re
spectfully urged to attend, ay business of impor
tance ,to the members of .the Colony will be
transacted. For further information address
Geo. W. Fatten, or Dr. D. R. Good, Altoona, Pa.
Public Sale. Tho American Hotel and
Washington Hotel properties in this place, are
to be sold at Public Sale, on the premises, on
Thursday, December 22d. The first named is a
large three story brick building, well adapted
for the purpose. The second is a good frame
building with a basement. Also, a large two
story frame dwelling house situate in Loudons
ville. For particulars inquire of
Altoona, Dec. 1,1859-3 t.
Notice.— Notice is hereby given to the Stock
holders that the 7th instalment on the Capital
Stock of the Altoona Gas and Water Company,
will be due and made payable at the Banking
House of Wm. M. Lloyd & Co., on Friday,
December 16th, 1859.
BENJ. F. ROSE, Sec'y.
November, 17th, 1859.
tte i tb '“b, at the resilience of the bride’s
father, by the Rev. D. X. Junkm, Sol. SAMUEL 11. BELL
*““7 Ann Forges, to Miss SAHAII ELLEN, daughter of
Wm. fihomo, Esq., of Uollidftyshurg. *
feUw,r Tl h't r t! lOJ i’t tljo r Bth *"«•• at th “ residence of tho bride’s
to Mila SARA min/'s' 1 ",",’ Mr JOS ’ BTOMRAUQH,
to Alisa SARAH DIEHL, all of Logan township.
• In this place, on the 15th ult., of Group, MART MAR
THA, aged i years and 8 months, and on the (ith inst of
the same ducase, MARGARET JANB; aged 11 months,
children of Thomas and Lydia Ann Carsonf 1
14,°1869-It d Slik ' “ th ®
i'ii j nJ for flale than ever at tho “MODEL
uuu andsoe.
Dec. 14, 1853.-It,
“I?**?. an excitement in Altoona. So is the
great floods at tho ‘'MODEL.”
,vS- invited to cal! and examine 'our second supply of
>r inter Goods. J A t t nur'rwwo
Dec. 14, ISoS.-lt. * J ‘ LOWTHKR -
T SCOTT & CO., New York, continue
_L. » to publish the following loading British Periodicals.
\ THE LONDON QUARTERLY” (Conservative).
2. ‘
JHteso periodicals ably represent the throe great politi
cs parties of Great Britain-Whig, Tory, and Radical-but
politic, forms only one feature of their character. As Or
f?“ 9 m Ule “ I, ' st , Profound writers on Science, Literature,
nnrit.if they stand, os they over have stood,
unrivalled In the world of letters, being considered indls
lHe Bch . olur aad tho professional man, while to
the intelligent readers of every clos's they furnish a more
th-adat 8 ?? Batll, v llCtor l rocord °f <lie current literature of
tlirou K ho “ t tlie world, than pan bo possibly ob
tained from any other source. 3
Vl* ? f d’lntnce Sheets from the British publish
tbrv additional value to these Reprints, inasmuch as
they can now be placed in the hands of subscribers about
as soon as the original editions.
f Formally one of the four Reviews, S‘o“'
*, cr of the four He views, on
nuj three of the four JveTiovrs; 7 00
ior all four of the Reviews, c nn
Por Block wooiKs Mkgaziuo, 3 m.j
* or Blackwood and one Review, sqq
yor Blackwood audtwo Reviews, 7 ha
ior Blackwood and three Bcvlcwh, 9 qa
ior Blackwood and the four Reviews, iq 00
current in the State where issued will be received at
A die-onnl of twenty-fire per cent, freru the abore pri
ces will bo allowed to Cixus ordering four or more copies
°( na K rao S a of tUo atK>Te works. Thus : I‘our co
pies of JHiickwood, or of oho Review, will bo sent to on.,
address for $Q ; four copies of the four Reviews and Black
wood for $3O ; and so on. u
In all thei principal Cities and Towns these works wi.l
T?r* U t ITm J fr 'i e When ““nt mail, the I*os-
Tage to nnj part of the United States will bo but Twenty
four emt, a year for “Blackwood,” and but JtorUrnCM,
a year for each of the Reviews.
N.B,—Thei price in Great Britain of the fire Periodicals
above named is $3l per annum.
By Hhnut Stbpuhss, P. R. S„ of Edinburgh, and the late
J. P. Norto.l Professor of Scientific Agriculture in Yale
College New Ilhven. 2 vols, Royal Octavo. 1600 pa
ges, and numerous engravings.
This is, confessedly, the most complete work on Afirricul*
turo ever published, and in order to give It a wider circula
tion the publishers have resolved to reduce the price to
When sent by maU (post-paid) to California and Oregon
the price will be $7. To every other part of the Union
“Pj* (post-paid), $O. Jt&-Thu work it not the
old “Sank of the Farm..”
Remittances for any of the above publications should al
ways bo addressed, post-paid, to the Publishers,
No. 54 Gold Street, Now York.
December S, XSS9.
-- \ having been granted by the Orphans*
2°'* rt^^ a * r Co. to the undersigned, on tlio estate of Dr
®-®- <loccnsed, into of Altoona, Pa., ail persona
having claims against such estate, are hereby notified to
present their accounts duly authenticated and ready for
settlement, to the undersigned at her residence, in Altoo
na, or to Mr. James Hutchison, of Logan township, one of
the former executors of said estate, on or before tie 16th
day of December ensuing. And all persons knowingthem
sthes indebted to said estate, are notified to come forward
promptly and mnke payment, as no longer indulgence’ can
AC™ v ,I**? THOMAS, Administratrix
Altoona, Nov. 1859-fit.
The general annual meeting of the stockholders of the
Pennsylvania Bituminous Coni and Iron Company will h.
held at thn Girard House, in the city of Philadelphia, on
the second Wednesday of December, 1859, at which meeting
an elecUou-will bo held for Directors, a Treasurer and Secr£
tary of said Company. The poll will open from one to two
o clock, P. M>\ . AS. BENSON, Fru't.
December 1.1559. 7 4
j - \ . • •
dence of the subscriber, in Antes township. Blair
county, on or about thb Ist. of November, 1869, a LIGHT
BED HEIFFEILwith a white face, supped to
two years old. The owner iH\requertod to coma forward
prove property, pay charges an&takc her away, otherwise
she will bo disposed of according tp law. '
Antes ti>., pec, Ist-fit sDAVUj CHERRY.
LOT of Thomas McCulla, in Alteoha, (formerly
Greonsburg;) Is offered at private sale. Lot i9\< feet front
by 180 deep. For further information inqultn of the ocan.
Dec. 1,1859. ■ T \ -
PERSONS wanting change pf climate
for health. See advertisement of Hammonton Lands'
in another colnmn. j . -
Blanks of all descriptions
heaHy and cj{*diciousJy executed at tbi» pfflco.-
W Annual Announcement!
costnnjxi) snccus ok nfat
s? * a
2d ‘lp A U^r° f Blunted A* Jo un*l.
3d - A Free Scpsdu Admission' to the Gaßarl ua
.Broadway, New York. wmuausries, 548
In addition to which, OTer/ottrAnndnrf valuable Work*
etvta to subscribers as
choice Paintings, Sculptures.
American and Foreign Artists ““ nrst
hu superb Engraving, which evertr subscriber will m.
ceivs .mmedtoWj, on roSipt of
“ Shakespeare and Ms Friends.”
h of a Character togive unqualify pleasure and satisfac
tion. No work of equal value was over before ulaced with,
inreach of the people at such . prtoe.
hv -ST? 61Z0 ,’. belt *S printed on heavy plate
by 3S inches making a meet superb ornament suitahle’for
the wails of either the library, - for
It can bo sent to any part of the country, by mail with
P acked “ a cylinder, postage pr/tSa ’
the l Such a work delivered dmrm, and
V or thra aoaartl **
TSwsilit »h« f UI 1,0 received until th,e Evening of
wiU an,? .'^ 0 .. anUnry ’w lS60 ’ at which time the books
WIU cI(M6 and tho Premiums bo given to Subscribers
remltfinwa^s 11 rostrict ? d to »single subscription. Those
«U For
ftv s3 > Bo inatead order tode
of&Ac WUllinB t 0 fona club * wUI apply for a circular
C- L. DERUY, Actuary C. A. A.,
D f nr tnvoi t “ud W 8 Broadway/Now York.
D. T. CALDWBLL, Honorary Secretary, Altoona.
JL pleasure of announcing to their frleSds dml custom
- 1, “ pu, * Uc “ “»> OnSftSfZ
which have been selected will) care and bought at nrlcos
On o? U,IUL ‘ “ t 0 ° ffer ?0 pmchK
p‘-„, r , K ''‘ i a,ld 'aned, including all tho newest stylos of
, f and Fancv SlU ' $ ' lk - Mto.ShawU,
C.ouAt un<i < hlh 1 fatter/ which have been brought very
low and will bo sold at a small advance. 6 ver ?
Wo hare Black and Fancy Cassinicree. SatinonU, Jeans
i weeds, Ac. Our stock of FLANNELS und DOMESTICS
s largo, consisting of Muslins, Tickings, Dunbams DriK
Mags, Bed Biaukotd and Comforts, Ac 3
»> e have aiao a flue stock of
7 , g BOOTS & SHOES,
itin U h We am ‘ U , o ‘ ler y- nnd Notions of all
stock of * C9p(;Ciul uttl - ,lltion to our large
Ail- 11 001, Wool Filling, List and Rag CarptU,
«iU 1 "!: t fy a ot\pet: t t i.,m d WbiCll W ° offur P*** *•»
FreightonlyTdded Sak ‘ WU ° lC9al ° “ l
i™. sijsiffiisfcwasf “*■
Altoona, Oct. 1d,’59. j. & J. LOWTIIER.
Pure Ohio Catawba Brandy.
oidy p'uIIE*BRANDY^ur 1^9 9b ° W9 tb “‘ « “ *«=
For Summer Complaints with Children,
A Cure it guarantied or the money will be re
as it will effectually relieve that affliction, as well as
Biarrlicca St Bowel Complaint.
The pure article is KltuKetluT superior, and a sovereign
and SLUE REMEDY' for 6
Dispcpsia, Flatulency, Cramp, Colic, Languor,
Low Spiritt, Gincral Debility, Nervous
ness, Liver Complaint, etc.
it s h M ‘T° : ,90tI uin tUcir «pcak or
It in the nios. fliutering terms, as will be seen by reference
to the numerous letters ami certificates. 3
A. HART A CO., Proprietors, Cincinnati.
Nov io, S! mle anJ Ju ’ t:iil As ' :ut for Blair c * uct y-
fertile Semhrai^
Cheapest School in the Land!
Send for a Catalogue!
Address M. McN. Walsh, A. M„ '
Sept. 22,1859-3 m.
1859. Pall Trade 1859.
£dm ost varied SSkSf *** "? a ° W °®? rin S
ever brought to this Market! In connection with the
Alto, Bacon, Cheese, Whale, Tanner’* and Lard
, Oils; Meet Pori ;
Together With all kinds of Pittsburgh slann factored irtL
d2im -U of f »hT Mc f **“ l r„? oM Khf Thlsftr 1 :
Oct. 27, ’59-2m.l WM. M. GORMLY A CO
271 liberty St., opposite JBagle BbtO,- FitUbu^h.
Bakery and Grocery Store.
The subscriber keeps con-
STANXLY on hand : . ' A/ "-
Frcsh-Baked Bread, Cakes,
Fresh Butter, Bacon, FLOUR,
. _ . groceries;
A Choice lot of Christmas Candies, &o.
Also, a choice let of SEOARS and TOBACCO' ‘
ftov. 10. Virginia Street, below Jthnle Street.
Levi riling,
... Allegheny Street, Norik Tffard,
■n large rtock ofali kinds of very best
Brandi, wilt be kept constantly onhand, and vriH l»-»Sd
in lota to suit purchasers, at prices as reasonable os the?
can be had anywhere in the country. pjay 12, ’69-tf
Dealres in groceries and
„ov. 31^8^2?* beCCa ;;
■■ ■ ■■ ■ • ■ ■ .. ■. i*......
ft. A. O, KERR
city with a taiga .tock
&t r attainable pr leas,' at the stand formerly occdnied bv H
Karr, and recently by. W.
Stock is the only one lii wUdiU **
but would say that, ho boa everything In the Unb of 1 * 1 * 1 "
which this meridian calls fbrj and all Jdvt ioIUhI ia’ tKA
JsssssaK^saaK^.^ 1^
ho has a groat variety—front which tW cad dot **
rrtmontT faCt J^g^ l^;
of thu idac^Jf^^g~~-^S§IES!g
u&cturo. Also, HARD WARE, QU^SBWAhß B^^?''
l^AlIZa' 3^0 ' ‘° eom^*.^Stogte
ho (eels confidont that heW ,t!fv
not In the purchase of Just such Mr
at the remembrance ot huviuc lookod v>U i •%
est stock of Uoods ever oxUwfcdTSote *“*W
Altoona, Oct. 20, 1539. <■ , . .
»to ST 9 tho unftuen „*■
In going to parties, Jiwl mind what yoiir dtV
liewaro of your head and take Caro of your IfAT *
Least you find that a favoritd sonSf ,o« "iMhJ/
Has an ache intj.c ouc and a brlck 15 IhuXer
Speaking ahoiif hats and - heads—tho sn&crlber wool t
respectfully announce that he has Inst li
city with a largo and well selected stoit of Ifetr Bb/s*
AND '■■■. ..Ai*y
Of ‘every color and shapes Also, * good aswctmout of
of different varieties, all of which will bo eold ,
»" »f, ass^«iSfe*sj^
determmed to soil at the very *
Btoro on \ irgiuia struct, opposite the Lutheyan Ansli
Altoona, April 28, ISSWf. '; ffSsSES^t^ -
I js t
<EK 8 great wort for (Ho mu-,
•led, or for those coaremriii
opK'M «o!J tho hmtyeay ,** Tlio
iOKtp, married, hud Oiimhr
.■leU happy. A {.retard dc
Love, or how to choose d tjart
,'ir L'i Co “ , P ,t ' to work 6n«Jii
I t contain*
jr «o tii-a to be Worth
P»Le enclosed, wiH
dress l»r. Toller, as
~-- ’ •
tovcs, Tin & Sheet Iren Ware.
TAS. W. Hide WOULD* i: w
Inrge Msortimut of Ojnkinn
Shop SU*„, of dll nty&d
sans- M ** «^ss?3S
CMlScultt", Store forcu ll»aorpUfpoei*_-
v*!: jo^r lwscd < ho * Wfc
an Invention which notoa only to lie -gem fn-i.'h mV if
requiring hucli
clth» tatownor conhto -
on thp Zhostrc.u.on^^^
The crops prodncsd nre IHrKo and ratf
tom a "J -wEftS.
delay,a* ample!£?£?**''wlOwnt
u '”*' j
. pgs^g?« r
of. meat« usual. All person* uffif
counts every thirty daySTmftst S “^K
gance.- Hy capital J» i oto^Lji^ 8 !^r I **'
placeme where other* that have SSSiSLh^ 01 **Z
credit to Uielr rniq. r MARTIN
Window Shade*,
AX THSJK OLD STAND n ...... .* ;
; h : 'J‘
manufacturer*! 108 8611 and Americas
■:■-•■•.--;• • i ; w ■•• -i ■ ■-. : 1 [Sept 2s»6*.J
GiS I ££iT^ LL PERSONS are
ItifCß with pr Sell any tear
onfaa SMli ? e AMOONA BBBWfcimiMT*
from I** a and never trill bo Sold
mm the Brewery. All kegs contalhglug said Maunt trill
ortfci fcndtaken > Wticrerer theprSs%j2S
• i“. e *9 whom they belong-. •“ •■■■:-**''• -
JJg 1 * *' <*>> j