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Where partiee tre-antoown to ne. onr rale tor adrer
ttetog i* to require payment lu a4ranco,or a guarantee from
■ frvyn porfinw. It ii tberetoraw»»le*» for nil each to tend
aeaSrertfeemeiite offering to fay it the end of three, or aix
««ltlw. Where advertlsemenUare accompanied with the
whether one.flveor ten dbUare, we w«lg(ve the"
: adrertUerthe full benefit of cash ratee. -
Advertising Agents, U 9 Nassau York, and
10 gtateatreet, Boston, aye the Agents for the AUoona
andthe-most influential and largest circulating
HsiTspapers iu the United State* and. the Canadas. The;
to contract fcr us at onr>;ic«t rotes.
1 ■ • .• f
Political Abase.
; wreck’s issue of the u Democrat
' sn& SeMind,” a Durbin paper, published
A& Jphensburg, Cambria county, comes
. hwUmedwith low abuse and false inuendoes
gainst the Peoples’ candidate for Senator
in this District. If the writer of the
editorials of that paper expects that by
snob a course he will further the prospects
bf ftlrr Durbin, he is very mhch mistaken.
After the manner in which he commented
bn the attack of the Johnstown Tribune
bn Mr. Durbin, we thought he would be
tho hist man to indulge in any tiling of the
kind i but it seems that bis fear, or indig
nation gbt the better of his judgement
and betrayed him.' Here, where Louis
iff . Hall resides—where he is well known
to every man in the town and surrounding
Country,-we say- to the Sentinel that not
one man can be found, of any political
patty, but will admit that he is an honest
an able advocate and a well-read
•afcyar—* man whose private character is
ikboye reproach. The vote he will receive
here next Tuesday, at the hands of all
parties, jfill show that the people of Al
toona esteem their neighbor and will fitly
rebuke the Sentinel man’s false insinua
tions. {
This journal has taken no part jn the
present political contest, further Hhan to
recommend a neighbor and friend —a citi
zen of our town--to the conference, as a
'Suitable candidate to be placed in nomina
tion for Senator. We did so because we
-Believed him better qualified than his
competitors, as veil as froin a feeling of
local pride. Not one word have Vo said
against the private character of Mr. Dur
bin, nor do we j intend to j but wc do not
believe (and this we say in the kindest
ibanncr) that D. is qualified to repre
sent this district in the Senate This we
:,-have been told by good and honest Demo
crats, and we have never heard it denied
'except in a party paper. Even in the
excitement of a political campaign, no
n)fln has pretended to say that Louis
W. Hall is not qualified to ’ represent us
in the Senate and to adorn that body.—
Admitting this to be so, v wc are for Mr.
Hall because be is the better suited for
the position.
The same charges him with being
(he Attorney for the Pa. R. 11. Co., and
says as he ia paid for that, he would go
:to Harrisburg to do the bidding of the
Company. A ,firie specimen of logic, tru
ly, Capital reasoning, ain’t it reader ? Sup
pose he is a Solicitor for the Pa. R. R.
Go., is it wonderful that it pays him for
hia lf Mr. J. pr any other At-
tprpey of Cambria county, is’ employed
'■ (o defend a horse-thief, bitto be inferred
that Be will steal a horse if the horse-thief
should bid him dp so? Preposterous pre
sumption. But that ~is what the logic
would lead to, placing the Company in the
samp category which the Sentinel wpuld
seem to do. That paper b hard put to
for arguments, or else tho editor b ex-
trtmdif acute.
We say to our readers, independent of
party, rehukethe vile slanderer of your
Col.' Hall,v by giving him such
a .vote in this, place; as- .no man, ever .be
fore jreceiyed. He will legislate fairly .ands
honestly for yon all, unbiassed by part*-
*ao icings, ,fOr' have never knbwn
p&rty jnan. The day has gone
bp when elections are .to be carried by
a!l«rieß, or by strict .pajcty drill, no
whp the oandidaW for the suffrages
eif jibe people may be. The ballot box is
understood to express the popular will of
district or State, where the
•iMtiODiB held; Let the popular will be
in this district~>let the
for the candidate most lit to
them, find who yrill Jw* attend
’^^! ir .fill be 1
- fe,- '. if
... . ,->. v—JV •■*• •
i QnxMfKJATiONs of Voters —The
law requires a, person whoi okimi the
righfcio vote, to have of
tb&Ubtembnwealth “at leasft ope year,
> an3 3n the at least ten
dayslmmedWely proceed ing such electjpn,
undwithintwo yea?*, to have paid A State
at least ten days befoifcsiil'election;
But a citizen of the United States, who
.has preyipudy; Ja^n, yoter of
the State, and removed therefrom and
■■■■*■ \ ;
returned, and who shall have resided in
the Election District, and paid taxes
aforesaid, shall be entitled to vote‘after
residing In this State six months. But
? m the
twenty-one and twenty-two years,
• who have resided In the election district
ten days, as aforesaid, shall be entitled to
* vote although "they shall not have paid
Th? States Union Hotel. —While
in Philadelphia last week, during the Fair,
we, together with several of our citizens,
had the pleasure of stopping at the States
Union Hotel—Jas., Proprie
tor,' We have never stopped at a house
where the “ accommodations for strangers
and travelers" were as good as at the above
hotel. The table is the table of the city,
and the proprietor, Col. Power, appears to
make it his , whole study to please his
guests. We advise all out readers who
contemplate visiting the city to pitch right
into the States Union Hotel, and the good
things to be bad. there.
The Artisan. —We have received two
or three copies of a paper bearing the
above title, published at Cincinnati, by
the American. Patent Company. It is an
exceedingly neat paper of eight pages and
is well filled with matter of interest to all,
but especially to inventors and me h nics.
The low price at which it is published,
81,50 per year, should place it in the
hands of every mechanic *in the coun
try, and they could not invest the same
amount of money to the same advantage
in any other way. Address American
Patent Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.
California Elections. —The latest
arrival from California brings intelligence
of the State election held on the .7th ult.,
which has resulted in the undoubted
• ■ • —'
choice of Mil (on S. Latham, the Lecomp
ton Democratic candidate for Governor,
by perhaps 20|000 majority. Scott and
Burch, (L. D.) j are alsq probably elected
to Congress, although it is stated their
opponents Baker and MeKibben (who
received the united vote of the Republi
cans and Anti-Lecomptou parties) have
the benefit of a slight doubt in their favor.
Methodism and Slavery.
The division of the Methodist Episcopal
Church in this country, several years ago.
through the slavery question, did not settle that
question in the Northern division. Several Con
ferences, located in the slave States, adhered to
tho Northern division, under a promise that the
“ General Rule” of the' Church, relative to sla
very, would not bo disturbed. This rule simply
forbids the baying and Selling of human beings.
The membership of the Church, within the Con
ferences alluded to, embraces many slaves and
’slave holders. 1 Tbe.latter are content with the
Rule of the Church as it exists, having no dis
position, to sell the slaves now owned by them,
i or to add to their stock of human chattle by the
purchase of others. Tho Conferences of many
of the Free States, however, have within the
last year or two expressed an unwillingness to ex
tend church fellowship to those whin, under any
circumstances, will hold a human being in sla
very, or will, to any'extent, support the insti
tution of slavery, These Conferences have agi
tated a change of the general rule, by the next
General. Conference, so as to exclude from the
membership of the Methodist Cnurch North all I
persons owning slave property. The question
seems to have been pretty well discussed by tlie
clergy and "the organ's of the church. The con
ferences-this year elect the delegates to the
General Conference, and enough elections have
beqn held to warrant the opinion that there is
great probability of the Rule being changed.—
If it is, the Southern Conferences attached to
the Northern I division will at once withdraw, and
then must follow another vexations distribution
of the property of the church.
We notice that in some sections societies, con
sisting of clergy men, and laymen; are being or
ganized to prevent, .if possible,'this second divi
sion of the /tlethodist Church.' The design, we
presume, is to bring an outside pressure of sen
timent to bear upon the General Conference
Among the declarations of these societies is’ the
following:— , ' '
“We an convipcedthatjnstead of altering
the Genem sple op slavery, and thereby .making
a new condition of membership, tho true policy
• of our Church in its legislation on the subject
is. to pdd to the chapter on slavery such provi
sions as shall define moro strictly the duties of
masters to their slaves, and gradually fit the
slave to assume ..the position of a freeman.
Tbp Chrittian Advocate of Cincinnati, ;one of
the organs of the Church, is. opposed .to pro
posed alteration Of the general rule;— Jfarruiura
Mtstkbiocs Case. —lt is reported
that oriTuesdayafternoon, W little hoy handed
Miss Rebecca Stall, a young' girl, of McVey
town, an apple, stating that it was the gift of a
yonpg man, whose name ho was not permitted
to give. She ate the apple, and was shortly af
ter seized with violent sickness, accompanied
with all the symptoms of poison; Drs. Worrell
and Vanvalzah were speedily called, and suc
ceeded in saving her life, though had they arri
ved five minutes later she would have been past
g®* Ralph Waldo Emerson says that wjhen a
man claims more consideration than bis facul
ties'entitle him to, be is a politician.' Emerson
himtelf then has as fair a title to be considered
rspUSmw is any map ye knotf of.—iowtmffo
t>irw Airo ■ ; occurrence.
afiKPle&tr—Agricultural •week. V "Gur citizens vprit aUriled early op Saturday
L } * • - toomioK Insfe by tho iunounceiuent tliat James
cure of luxury wporerty. . pj**. county, a pri-
IgjuGood edaeation is the foundation of vate in'the“Jaci son Artillery," was mortally
iinniithif i ' - i ~ wounded by a shot from a musket in the bonds
v!1- i* .) A !»„_»*,*, Twm Worts Edward Mills. of Patterson, a private in the
Snorted— ftat the lron Works Inf^tt y f » ftt C amp Ground, on
wore ito be; started last week. \ i tbe' pterions niglit betwoen 9 and.lo o'clock —>
Weekly Harrisburg Telegraph has Mtl Milk) was on duty as a Sentinel, and was
- . , . . strictly charged not to permit any person to
beea|Onlarged and improved. pass the line without giving the couptenugn. —
Bale-faced —that ** Bear w»«. Bare 1 ’ pun Mr. Platt, approached the Camp, and was cbal
in the Johnstown Echo , oTKatTweek. longed by Mr. Mills with/* Who go« «herer*
, to which the former replied,— Hold on,-stran
'WSp' Which is the best at araving—hn artist, | ger _i want to speak with you,” and walked
a dentist, a horse, a^tar-actor, or a tapster? j towards the latter. When within a few puces
, . • - m , ia ! of him, Mills ordered him to stop, and was in
Horace Greeley returned home, from bis |th(j of charging bayone t. when his foot
overland trip to California, on Monday evening atruc (- a Btone) |l»e concussion of which dis
of last week. ■ i charged'the musket, the c intents entering the
. ... . ~, „ abdomen of Platt. The musket was loaded
eleven English cricketers beat the wUh nn ei{ , ht .p e nny rail, which entered the
twenty-two Canadian cricketers, at Montreal, ieft epigastrium, pierced the stomaoh, passed on
bn Saturday and Monday, 24th and 261 h ult. through the body, and made its exit about an
' J ,V, x . „ . , .inch from the vertebral column, inflicting a
JB®“ In blast the Blair County Agricultural haßt , y wound Mil!fl - ialme diately surrendered
Fair, at Bollidaysburg, and the Huntingdon bimself, and was placed under guard. On the
County \Fftir, at Huntingdon. - following morning, after an investigation, he
'!' . . was'released, all the facts elicited showing that
Why is there no difference between la- tUe diBcbarge of tho WOB accidental. Dri.
dies’! fair and fair ladies? Because they both Worratl anJVan Valzah were sent for without
attract the beaux, delay to dress the wonnda of Mr. Platt, and
■ ! ■- , * were unremitting iu their attentions to him.
Left-Old Billy Smith, whoopened a I rting n „ lha “ Dl^}ca i and surgical skill
restaurant in tbe room under J. &J, Lowther’s coul ,j suggest, nutil Monday afternoon, when ho
piilled up stakss” and left a week or | expired:
two since:; Both Mr - Mills and Mr. Platt were esteemed
in their respective homes as quiet, sober, res
pectable, inoffensive men—both are married
men, the latter having a wife and three chil
dren—and both are members ot the Methodist
church, the former, it is said, a class leader. —
While the sympathy of the wb.l j community is
extended to the bereaved family of the deceased
in their deep affliction, the Bore distress and
bitter agony experienced by Mr. Mills over tbe
unfortunate occurrence, enlist fur him tbe war
mest feelings and c. mmisserntion.
Mr. Plait, upon his death bed, exonerated
Mr Mills fioin ail blame.
The remains of Mr. Piatt were token to M !-
rev, in this county,-where he formerly refilled,
for interment. His funeral took place on iocs
day afternoon at 1 ocb c,k the Ued Loir. 11 • >tv I.
P. S.—Since writing the above, Mr. Mills has
been arrested by the civil authorities, but, upon
a'hearing before Judge Wilson, was permitted
to enter into a recognizance for his appearance
at November Court. —Letvislown Dem.
Do—Qur yoang friend Geo. M. Smith, i
who kept A confectionary store a few doors be
low ’tother Smith, has sold out his stock and
vamoosed Good-by, Smithies.
Pardoned—Hocker, convicted some
three years since of murdering a man in Wil-
and sent to the Penitentiary, has
been pardoned by Gov. Packer.
Jaincs Pitt is a candidate for office in
Georgia. One of the Georgia papers says that
he hasll ! t*le speed and no bottom.” lie is
the ‘‘bottomless Pitt,” wc suppose.
jgijjgF* A non of Michael Boyle,'of Millville bor
ough, Cajiibria county, while getting nuts in the
woods, a short time since, ate seme poisonous
substance/ from the effects of which ho died
shortly afterwards. ...
BExcursion tickets are now being sold
froffrthis; place to Huntingdon Fair, Blair Coun
ty Fair', pi Uoliidaysfaurg, Conemaugb Valley
Fair, at Blairsville, and Cambria Ouunty Fair
at Ebenshjurg.
Ai number of our merchants have been
to |the and laid in their supplies of Fall
Goods. 0f course, if they expect to .sell them,
they will give notice of their arrival through
our! columns next week.
9Q, Horace Greeley thinks the cheapest
method of managing the Indian affairs of Cali
fornia, and perhaps the most humane, would be
to hunt and shoot down all the Indians from the
Colaradatothc Klamath.
The expense of running the caloric en
gine used in printing the Cincinnati Penny
Press bftB been for six months but $l5, while
that of steam would have cost upwards of four
hundred; dollars.
A Ltvß Alligator. —Among the many curi
osities on exhibition at the Huntingdon County
Fair, is a genuine live Alligator, sent from
Alabama, as a present to Master William Dor
ris. So We learn from the Globe.
jSS?" A Premium for Rat Scalps.—Parts of
Illinois are so terribly infested with rats that
onp of the county agricultural societies—that
of Logan—has offered three premiums of §6O,
$3O and $2O, for the three largest exhibitors of
rat scalps at their fair.
Mr. Alex. De Armitt, of Oaysport, was
stabbed by a man named White, while settling
a partnership account ever which thev quarrel
led. White drew a knife and stabbed De Ar
mitt in the hip, fortunately touching no danger
ous part White immediately fled.
Leslie, the fellow who hired a number
of ladies to go South as teachers, swindled them
oat of their money and baggage at New York,
was arrested at Washington and brought to
Philadelphia for trial, and was sentenced to
three years hard labor in the Penitentiary.
B&. As the season for putting up slaves has
again arrived, we should like to have the names
of those * who £o through the Operation with the
use of sundry expletives. It is said that no
mpn can put up a stove pipe without an oath
either express or implied, therefore we should
like to have the names of those who can do so,
just to list people know who ore the good natured
mjen of |be town.
iJSjgF* Great Human Endurance.—A slave in
Station county, Georgia, recently stole $3OO and
fled. He was pursued for thirty-six hours, and
kept cehstan tly on the tun. As one party would
give out fresh pursuers would take their place,
apd he was thus kept unceasingly on the run
fqrtho'fpace of time above mentioned, when-ho
fell dond in his tracks, with a bowe-knifo clench-'
;<B(Sk» .Sacred Relics.—la the grading of the
Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad,
at Ford, the bpnea of a large number
of (Soldiers who fell at the Battle of Bmudy
wine, have bequ dug up. A number of men
having ou the Hessian uniform were dug up.—
The buttons on the uniforms were made of lead,
and Wefe not much defaced. The bones of one
than were dug up measuring six feet six inches.
I ISSUiThere nro already three vacancies in the
ihirty-'sixth Congress, before it has even as
sembled. Hon.Thos. L. Harris, (dem) of the
sixth' Clinois district i Bon. Cyrus SpHnck,
(yep) ol.the fourteenth Ohio district; and Hon.
vyilliam 0 Goode, of the fourth Virginia dis
trict, hate all died since their election. Spe
cial elections trill be held in each of these dis
tricts this fall, so that their successors can take
t|ieiri seats at the opening of the session.
■ strike oftho four thousand coni dig*
gjers'inlthe Pennsylvania; mining districts has
resulted unfavorably for them. Atameetingof
the coalmaalers, Leia.atMcKeesport, last week,
rjssoltttions wpre. adopted Winch pledge tbe own
ers ;to • employ noman tobp belonged to the
‘I Equal Justice” Societies established by the
*| tr *K? r !K It was i determinedAp raise sab*
jtbe aod of
As Infernal Machine —The Chnutnnque
Democrat learns that Judge Chamberlain, of
Randolph, recently received a package from
some place in Pennsylvania, by mail. The
package looked as though it might have con
tained miniature likenesses, but upon removing
the outside wrapper, the Judge became suspi
cious of a certain string that seemed to be con
nected with the contents of the package. He
called in a neighbor, and the package was care
fully opened,, and found'to contain two pistole
loaded with powder and ball, capped and cocked,
the sfring communicating with the triggers.—
The Judge has strong suspicions as to who was
the friendly donor of this valuable present.
The enterprising editors of the San
Antonio (Texas) Herald have lately imported
from New York a steam engine, which, besides
dou-if t’o.e work of the office, is used in connec
tion with a mill for grinding corn. The editors
justify tncmselves for this strange procedure by
the following logic:—'»lf any explanation
should be though necessary why’ wo have some
what unceremoniously entered into k .field of
labor somewhat to the newspaper fcu i
ness. we have merely to say,that our engine
baa been procured at a heavy outlay, as our
printing will only occupy a very small proper
lion of its time, we have attached the mill to it
to assist in lightening our expenses.”
Our Government pays the Choctaws and
Chickasaws $801).000 in consideration of u per
petual lease of territory from them, on which to
locate the Wichitus, Cumauches and other wild
tribes of Indians. The Camanohcs of the Texas
•reserve have already reached there, together
with the Wichitas. and other small tribes, who
appear to be satisfied with their new homes.—
The Choctaw and Chickasaw country embraces,
in all, 20,600,(JUQ acres, equal in value to any
Western teritory. There are 8,000.000 acres
now set apart out of this fur the location of the
Wichitas, Camanches and other wild tribes of
A Boston hay dealer has been detected
in a curious fraud. The hay 'was so loaded
that a person could crawl into a bole left near
the bottom of the cart, and in this place a col
ored man in the employ of the h«y speculator,
was in the habit of concealing himself while the
hay was being weighed.. Of course the. live
freight was upon the ti y. of the Toad when it
was delivered, and the purchasers little suspec
ted that either themselves or the animated one
hundred and fifty pound lump before them bad
been sold. Some of the purchasers have-paid
for.him a dozen times over, and begin to think
it about time to take possession.
Shrewd. —An insurance agent in this city
tells the following in illustration of the verdan
cy of a gentleman in Pike county, Indiana, with
whom be had effected a policy of iTffhraaee :
“In the list of printed questions in the compa
ny’s blanks there is olie li;ke this :■“ Ashes—
how kept?” The Pike county gentleman was
burned out, and after the fire discovered this
question in his policy, and, resolving to make a
sure thing of this premium, wrote o,ir informant
something in this wise: “ Dear Sir. I was burned
out on the—day of—,. and,! according to your
laws, I have kept the ashes. , They ure iu, bar
rels; what shall I do with them T”
. Served Him Right.— -Mr Elisha B. Smith, •»
democratic candidate for Congress, has recov
ered $2,000 from Mr. Stewart, editor and pro
prietor of the Binghamton 'Republican, foe alle
ged libel. Mr. Stewhrt alleges that he publifth
ed in his paper, in aid of thq Republican,candi
date, Mr. Henry Rennet, matter reflecting upon
Mr. Stewart, and for whidi Bennett promised
to pay and to shield the elditor from* any un
pleasant consequence; but Bennett, it seems,
backed -out, and the unfbrt unate editor has lost
two thousand for'putting hist trust in politicians.
Terrible Suffering.— Ai Kansas paper gives
an account of two men, father and sou, named
Frost, from Pottsville, Pa,, who, retarding
from Pike’s Peak, nearly starved to death, when
relieved by Lieut. Griffin and two soldiers from
Fort Riley, who went with'provisions to them.
The Frosts had been at an' abandoned express
station for eight days, living on grasshoppers
and mildewed corn picked up among the excre
ments of animals that had (been fed at the star
'tion. They caught twenty jto thirty grasshop
pers every morning until to<weak to do so. and
tt»ade a stew of grasshoppers, corn, and buffalo
hide. I
The Chinese Warn—lt’ i's stated by . the
Chinese, in justification of theirmurderous
attack on the English and I French, that they
attempted to ascend the wpong mouth of the
said also that the commercial men
at bnangbui all condemn the hasty and ill-ad
vised proeeediiigs of the EirgHsh.- The Amerl
c«ns are highly pritised for! tfaefr assistance in
towmg up boats. v takingohreof
Md roptJylng fteih mHt vcgetaWef; <
A Man (hot while laWni W* Pwn
• Frail. :
The Chatham (C. W.) Jfbmet narrates ttbe
1 following singular and mournful incident; *
! On mondayjqMrninglas^^
I of the
| by his ;f|i»>»£thW : etldenOeadd#'
: ced at the,
around, |g #pjftared that 'Mr. Smith, jfto. wit
an excell&tSthd JoAxsfjjh ; agriboltamt and
horticulturistsliad offsite biien greathr annoyed
by persons trespassing upon bis premises and,
; stealing therefrom any choice fruit they may be
' able to find. Every means almoathad been
I tried to put a stop''to these depredations, bat
| without effect. Tderefore on Sunday last, after !
i talking the matter over, and referring to his
{ grapes, of which he had a fine lot just getting
! ripe, Mr. S. addressed his servant girl while at
1 the tea table, and. said to her, “ Now, Julia. I’m
i going for the cows; you take the gun, which is
j loaded with shot, and shoot the first person who
! comes to the grapesafter uttering which he
I proceeded on to the pasture , • Having brought
up the- cows, instead 1 of coming back - the usual
| way, from some unknown' reason—probaLly to
: see if thieves were about—came through the
i garden, and directly between Itho’rows of grapes
behind which the girl Was stationed with the
, loaded gun at full cook. th the girls
• testimony, she “did not see Smithy but saw
! some one’s legs I shot” He cried oat,
*• Oh, my pod! whaihavo yad done ?” and fell
down, the whole charge taking effect on the in
side of the thrgh,. completely severing; the femo
ral artery. The poor, frigliteiied girl, scarcely
knowing what she did, tied a handkerchief
round the wounded limb, to ’ stop, if possible,
j the great flow of blood. But all remedies were
ineffectual, and the unfoatunate man breathed
bis-lust before assistance ootdd bo procured to
■ remove him to the house.
ytfgf The frightful accident! on the Ohio and
Mississippi Railroad, briefly mentioned by tele
graph, is thus chronicled by the Cincinnati
As the ten o'clock night train was passing
along the banks of the canal, a short distance
below Delhi, and obout twelve miles from this
city, on-Saturday last, a rotten tie gave way
under the weight of the engine, which caused a
rail to br-ak. The engine; 1 however, passed
..vcr in safety, but the baggage car tore up the
i.i 1, thereby throwing the train off the track,
the first car falling bottom side up, full twenty
feet off. The second car was thrown partly off
and was badly broken. The third was capsizid
into the canal, ami partly’ filled with water, and
would have been ctuirc'y submerged and the
passengers drowned, had the coupling given
way : fortunately th.a was not the case, although
all state that under the cit zamstences it is im
possible to ccficeive how it held together against
the shock it received. The .cars were twenty
minutes behind time, and were going at the
rate of about thirty miles per hour.
Twenty-seven passengers were more or loss
injured-—one of them, an old lady named Sny
der, fatally.
SjughHy Mistaken. —On the occasion of the
Aariora Bureallis, ouo night last week, a man
named Houton, of this Borough, was led inm
the belief, by the great light, that dawn was ap
proaching, and being an early riser, he proceed
ed to the Agricultural Fail Grounds to mow the
grass off a patch largo enough for the Cricket
Clubs to display their skill upon. After mow
ing awhiie ho was much astonished to' find it
growing darker and finally, on going home, and
consulting a mantle piece, he found it to be only
two o'clock.
Another gentleman desiring to have Lis mar
keting at the railrocd station in time for the
early morning train; hitched up his horses and
found himself ot the Depot -shortly after mid
night, much disappointed as he foil sure the sun
was aboqt to rise when he smarted.
\ A farmer, a short distance fbora West Ches
ter. wishing to make a full day at plowing,
geared his horses, and comtmuced his work.—
lire lung it grew darker and darker; and he
was obliged to unhitch his teams and return
j home. He was much surprised to find it but
1 little after mid-night.— Westchester Record.
A Roiusso.v Gbusok Bog.—A very large
Newfoundland dog, by some means, drifted oua
rock just belpw the Niagara Falls, and which
cannot be descended without assistance, except
on the side,next to the rushing waters. Helms
been there years, and cannot escape
without assistance. A daring attempt was mice
made to rescue him, but wais rendered fruitless
by his ferocity. midnight howl is often
licard. He is a kind of Robinson Crusoe among
dogs, and, it is supposed, picks up bis precari
ous living trum the fish and small animals ou
his “ beat,” which is only half a mile in length.
Intense o’biee —Some five or six months
ago, the idolized bubo of a worthy couple resi
ding in Camden died, e.ud such was the poig
nant anguish of the mother, .that she was al
most frantic, and would not permit it to be re
moved from her sight. Tho necessity for bur
ial become apparent, but it was thought that if
its remains were interred, the mother herself
would die. The corpse was ke\ t some time in
the h mse, preserved in icfe, ; and no hopes being
entertained of the mother’d infatuation being
dissipated, jt was put in to, alcohol, and is yet
kept within sight of the mother.
Hero is a story told by the Providence
“ A.clcrgyman from a town near Providence
and one qV his elderly parishioners Were walk
ing home from church one icy day last winter,
when tho old gentleman slipped flat on
his back. The minister, looking at Lim a mo
ment, and being assqrcd he; was not much hurt,
said to him : “ Friend, BiAncra stand, on slip
pery places.” The old gentleman looked up,
as if to assure himself of the fact, and Said; “ I
see they do; but I can’t.’! !
-i. V STORE.—The uhdrrßigtued; would beg leave ‘an
nounce to the citizens of Blair County anti viclnJty that ho
has op -nod bin new Store .on •firffinfo itreet, three doort
below the Superintended ft OJJice, where he has j ast received
from the East and West a large assortment of .
Foreign and Domeßtiq Liquors, I^^
consisting as follows: aHHB-
French Olard Brandy, Cognac Brandy, Beach
Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Old Burgundy
TFine, Old Port H t?ii v Jamaica Run
Holland Gina Old Bye Whiskey, '
, Monongahelg Whiskey, and
‘ ' tthine Wine, ' .
which he has himself importedi Retailers of 'tiqnors and
Farmers will And ft to their advantage .to bay of him.
ns he will sell at CIIV PRICES.■ . ’
Ho will also keep constantly oh hand an assortment of
Such as Flour. Bacon, Solti Jfch, Tobacco, Se~
gariti Syrup, Sugar; Coffee, sc,fa,
Al Jl of !fl lich will be sold cheaptir cosaior Country Produce.
-£!i r J I ’l' ! . nc! * Ra(l th ,? P ublic goneraJlyare respStftiUy tn
vitcd to give us a call before else when.
Altlxma, May 20,1859.-tf P MTOa^tACK.
Mediated fue cJhest pro-
oo 2^ CoU »’ and other alfcc
vf the T.tigar wh ieh arise from the exposed state of the
t£na conHmrnlcmmgee ofow
climate, for sale at the Drug Store of G. IV. KESSLER.
IUTB’, M lo ®* BOACHEB, ANTS, and
Jan. 31. ;»-tn pi O. W.KWeiiBR,
v •
not fcr aMI course*the Irwtsiy .College, th*ki»,
n|il «tteMprp*t^nd, (w.
Four 1
For Writing, Commercial Calculations, ...
; Lectures, ,
" tTsual tfino to complete’ nihil course, from 8 tolo w, (4j
Every Student, upon graduating, (» guaranteed to he com
petent to manage the Books of any; Balinese and
to Mn a salary of front
$5OO to $l,OOO.
Students enter at any time—No Tacation—lU*,, H
pleasure. -4*
'■ First Premium ftrßert'Writing
Awarded this Institution. The host and greatest rtrtMt
of Penmanship In any one Hall of the Cnioa, 1>
S 9. Ministers Sons received at half price.
For full inforawtion. Circular, Specimens of
Ornamontal Writing and Embellished View of theOßtkea
enclose five letter stamps to T.Vt. JENKIJtg
Sept. 22,1859.—ly s Pittsburgh, p,.
-INO CORN —Gould’s Patent Hushing Thimble lith.
only implement known that will entirely pr.fct the aT
gers fmm the evils of excoriation, Ac., common to htuk
tug corn by hand. ***‘
• We are now In possession of over 200.000 letters of ae.
proval. ovw; tho dgnetures of reliable fitrmera and tlaen
ore in different localities In the C. 3., equatlv m8....*-
«a the following. . , ■ ’ “ rla »
Misses <3ocu> 4 C6-3ir»:-l aenU andose**! fore,
pairs o» yo'ir celebrated Husking XMabtas. I bouihl*
pair of yon last tall and I hare used thorn far huskier„„
since, if there aro any whqdon't think - worth while u
buy a pair. let them tear their Buzer mils «fft lor ou«. I
won't. They , will outwear anything of the kind I
saw, and for husking they, oan’t ha Mat.
Yours truly, WM. MORROW
Tiro, Crawford Co.. 0., Nor. Bth, ISBB.
Messes. J. H. Qocld & Co.—Qenta ; finJ rnclo««l i\ m
for' pairs of year patent Husking TUiiublo of th«*ii M
represented by tho measUrco tnclos-J. 1 used a pjif
year and 1 prefer th«m to all tho dfoat. small, and
giant Corn llu.krra. Youra JlespectfuliT. A. U. BULL
Hillsboro Montgomery Co., 111. No?. 27th, issi
J. U. Ootr«D A Co.—Alliance Ohio—Gentlemen; I rt
ceived in g.wd order tho six pairs of U siting Tlilmlllte Mil
ean sav thht tbi-y are »U that is represented of them, I
have distributed them among my neighbor!, and could
havo sidd a groat many If I had had them in season. 1
will myself, or g. t some one to do, so, apply fur on ageaet
fur their salu in Central lowa next season.
Your* 4*\, SAMUEL d. DYER
East Desruomoa Polk Co., lowa, Due. aith, ISJB.
The llu.iVlng ThimMos are aoßt by rad! (pn*t psiiii to
any P. O. add«e.*a fur «ms dollar per dozen, (Six pairs) As
sorted sizes with circulars, directions for using Ic.. in hi
press for fir,, dollars per hundred, (60 pairs.) CHrenkri
giving wholesale terms to theme desiring to become sgenU,
sent fur one letter stamp.
AtH;NTS WANTED. Mcmej lent by mill »t onr ruk
Ordert ullod with |iromptiiesi.
Dec. 12, ’ss—lt
popular Publications of the da;; a* fulions:
,V( w 1 "ert Ledger,
At w York Me may,
Fna lurk Hick ly,
! Scientific American,
j Fev Tirk. Ktvcrly.
I Flag of Our Cruicst,
I Fnti Flag,
I American Cnim,
' Saturday Evening IW,
Dollar Stytvuftt,
I Sunday DUpakS,
i Sunday Mercury,
! i Wdvtrly ihgatine,
> /Vnni lalit'i ISctervi,
j Harper's ’.lFukly,
BaUou’r Pictorial,
i Prank Leslie’s'lS. Demon Piper,
I Ike Illustrated World, ( German, )
7 At .V-.- Clipper,
< F~il , JK.-V
; Ca-taf .SWe/ T.A.-e CbrtK.','
j Durt'/n I'.b.e, frith Amtncan, .
; i/on- .A - Bhnner of Light,
i Aj'trt.'c. I Trligraph, ' Weekly Tribune,
J\rt- r'l Siirit, Lift Vlusiraltd,
Pn-nk Leslie's Budget o/Fun, Yankee FMmi,
■di/00.-ia Tribudc. Fir Fit. t
I’hiladdphia. Press, Few York Ifrraltl,
Public Ledger, Ft to Tori Tribune,
Pittsburgh True Prat, Xtw York Timet.
Forth American, Pittsburgh ChnnieU,
Erening Bulletin. Evening Argus, Pennsylvanian.
To -which wilt bo added the ucw publication* a* they »pp«*t
Magazines, Novel* and Romance*. Miscellaneous 80011,
School Books, Copy Books, Slates, Pens. Pencils, Inks,
Cap and Letter Paper, I.nvelopes, Drawing and
Tissue Paper,.Blank Book* and In fact every
tidng in the Stationary line. Toys, No
th, il a anil Qdtnes' of ovary variety, Pic
ture* and Pictum Vraihe*. Sc.
■ea- a choice lot of G( >.V FJ2Crf ON EH lES, of every vtrl
! ety. Also. TOBACCO uud SEtIAUS of the host quality,
| N. B.—We are sole Wholesale and Retail Agent. Ic tbh
■ itivetv curcatl sore* to which It is applied. Try it.
j 7-tf.r ! Il H. PETTI VOEK.
I" from Philadelphia by Railroad in tho State
.Ici-’oy. Soil ainonfe tlie best for Agricultural purp l ***.
being good loam. son. with a clay bottom. The UuJ U •
largo tract, divided into ymull Ciim 1 ', and hundreds from
all parte of the connin' tire now settling and building
Tho crop* produced ard largo and ran bo wen growing
Tho cHniota is delightful and fecurc fionr frosts. Tern*
from SIS to J2O per aero, payable within four yennby «c
-atalment*. To visit tho place—leave Vino Struct Rh* 7 *
at Philadelphia at A. M. by Baltrorul for llammi/nton.
or address H. J. Uyrnon, by letter, Uaramonton I’nst OBce,
Atlantic County, New Jersey. See full advertisement Is
another column. '
X w ING themselves indebted to tho firm of Rnnyso •
Sanford. will please call and settle their accounts witht«>
cl lay, as ample time ha» been given. In thirty dsy*
after, alhnccoants unsettled wul bo placed in the Studs »■
a proper person (dr collection.
Altoona. July 28,1850.-3* BWTAJi i gASrOBP-
Theundersigned feel* grateful for the patronage hntte
foro bestowed on tho firm and himself by tho eltltsn* «•
Altoona, add expect* still to sirre Hie public with all Uj> a
of rheat asusnul. All persons failing to settle tSsirsc
counts every thirty days, must not expect longer indti*
gonce. My capital Is limited, add long ci edits will*®*
place tuo where others ,ar« that have indulged so
credit.tMludr ruin. MARTIN HCNTAN-.
• ■ ■ - jRiRACTOVyUW-
Gold Embroidered papersfor Ptrfort, new itjl*.
Beautiful pavers for Holla. Chambers and paella
Cheap Tfhb /bptrj,frcm ct«. npwanff. r
Window Sh*drft r Teß(tim, Borde^vtc.
at mm o» staxs
Ko. 87 Wood St„
liars facil'tiea possessed by no other house Wist of “•
Mountain* fbr obtaining 1 newest styles, to *»teeo»wj
end at low; prices, from- tho • beet French end
manufkctnror*. > . ’ ■ fSept Zt”:L.
House and lot poh saik.-
The subscriber offers At Private Sale ffA
the HOUSE and LOT now occupied by her,
on' the corner of Adeline and Julia street*, WIIW
East Altoona. The Home 1* a good Two- BHIIIK
Story Frame Budding, containing a
Parlor, Dining-Room and Kitchen on tho^* - * t
first floor, tbnr good sleeping rooms on the second sew
n finished Attic. The lot is in goodorder. .
Persons wishing In yiew tbe premises and obtain iw" 1 "
imformatlon wQI call upon the subscriber. . -.mi
Altoona, Ang. 11th, ISo9-tf. ~ -
/v scriber would respectfully Inibm the
public Chat lie has now on hand at bis
eery, various kinda atPRVIT TREES, ready
for transplanting this Fall, consisting of Ap
pUt, Ptach-Plxm, Prune, Gage and ApricU
2Vas,gr«fted (n the root. All trots warranted.
Altooh*. July 14. ’59-3m ! ,R. P- TAILo ,
/' > !R APE growers can carry on theirhusP
\JT ness most successfully at Ilamnioatan, frH
frosts. Some Ibrty Tiiiyards act out tho past
advertisement of Ilamtnonfon Lands. In snnthsrcoi
QHOE Business and Factories
C 5 carried on profitably at llusmonton. B**
WwitofaummontonUnd* '
JD aeaHy aa4 «p*4l«t*jwly «*«** »♦,‘V*
j. b. ooru).
Aliianc* Ohio.
.i&es--* *LT<
' '.j
•£35?. M» *>'
h .1
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' lVBa» Tops
‘ *riT you poo r
lift, •• you
ft|||r poor i
80. BOt dUb
' Tnfcii. oarnei
yoa?Mlf i»
dcalinod ft ft
oloftjy <h« 1
profession. ft
early; follow
look back war
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To repino <
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joippg mBB, c
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of being the a
Ifoung man, a
dastrlous; hoi
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