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mpmstoaß or ta*B. or Tji-3)*r Saturday/
■nrniof lut, P' B. 6. B.,.' ! Bei>j.
by Bros. 31. Clabsngh. W; C. M'Cormiiik,
R. M’Creft, »• M- Green, 3. Delo, J; iVV.
I Kenner, and J. R. Finley, opened,
pifigtoDS of the Sons of Temperance ntßir-
and Tyrone City, the former in the
Bwrn | 0g and the latter fn the afternoon. After
(j,, Birmingham Division bad. been formally
instituted, the following officers, were elected
md dfllj installed by the D. D. 6. AV. P.: --
pW. p.—John R. Thompson. W. P.~Gco
<T, ctMenreod. -W, A.—Rowan Clark. R.
]faa C. Clark. A. R- S.—Oscar Beaty. ?F.
5,-fleo. W. Owens. ; T.—D. G. Owens., C.—
gunnel fowling, A. C.—A. 31. i Gwlffiius. I.
g jlaril Clark. 0. S.—D. JS. Robeson.
Tyrone City Division elected the following
officers, who were dnly installed
pW. p._F .51. Bell. W. P.—D. M'Kinaey.
W. A.-John H.'Paterson. R. S.— Thos. C.
Ileochcy. A. R. S.—J; JI. Galderwood. F.
' «_Cal*b Gayer. T. —Jolm .ilarks. “ C.—J.
M’Klimqr.’ A. C.-Heniy I. S-.
Edward lUU. 0. S- Chap
-1 tin—John D. ' ' p
Both Divisions have veif favor
able auspices, and we long to hear
that they have worked reformation
in their different Jocalitias. arc
•tid to be men q£l|be stamp to carryontbe
neri, and we Gie cause pros
pering in their bauds. The indiscriminate licens
ing ofpUeesfor the sale liquors
-jwe should not soy. liquor—ns the jstuff now
manufactured and sold is a libel on the name—
it should be labelled-poison) — and ibe conse
quent increase pf drunkenness, has aroused the
temperance people of this section of. the country
io t sense of tbeir duty. ■ They are now going
w work, and although their works.can.not yet
be seen they will certainly shortly be felt.
M. E. School Pic Nic.—On Wcd
a sJay moi-n'nj last, the officers, teachers,
•chvlars ami friends of the Methodist Sunday
(iclmol of tiiis place, met at the school room at
!1 o'clock in the morning and proceeded from
thence to the grove.adjoining West Ward, j There
«it a large turn out of old and young, and the
diy promised to be one of much mirth and
pleasure. About noon, however, while the La
dies were spreading out the dainties provided
for the occasion, the sound of distant thunder
broke upon theeprs of the assembled multitude,
Ud a few, drop? ,pf falling rain warned them of
the approach of a shower,-. The warning was
unheeded, and the ladies continued to busy
themselves in spreading the.tables. When this
part of the programme had been .PonP\uded and
all were seated .around ,thp festal boards, the
flood gates of Heaven appeared to have been sud
denly oponed and-thejraln descended |n, torrents. wafti anyth in£g but pleasant to be. com
pelled to stand out and take it, it was really
musing to the-wilting down of-linen
costs and iarfies dressQj genorally, and the va
rious shapes into .which stifiy starched hoods
sod suubonnets werc.almost instantly converted.
One could not langfe ai ihe otber, hpwerer,,and
»n took' it goftLbuftprpdly. After, the shower
had passedover, most of the party returned to
loan, changed garments, and again repaired to
the grove, where the afternoon was. spent in a
most delightful manner, the cooling off received
«ppearing,tn.have ; adiiefl;*efit Ip thp CJUoyments
of-the occasion rather than detracting therefrom..
The shower served to cool the air somewhat, and
tll kiads ofexerciswcould dip ‘indulged in with
out iadaupg fatighe. The company returned
i» town tbpMt sis. o'clockJp. tl»e evening.
TheSejir .York iTffli\ine of Thursday lust
contains the following, which, will pe
news to many persons in '’ibis locality. The
ro*4 referred to Is tire Tyrone anti Lock Haven
lUilroad. -Whether this transaction lunl any
thing to do with bringing about the present de
pressed condition of the ;fi uaireM^ affairs of th c
I’cntnil Uaak. fecennotsay jThe^V^^saye:
“ The railroad which has alluded toss
suffered a Idee of 00ft of-Its bonds,
w falling into bod hands here, is f a roadtpudiug
from HolHJaysburg, Pti, to the
r.ri» road. The parties intbis road,
aw in the. Central Bunk of_ Hjoliidassburg arc
•ue saipe, and the Central Bank beeaibe embnr
*WUythe extension, of, its jud ip., f thß.,r.pad.
In order )o' relieve it', tlfls oncers ’*6x thet;&»d
ofiw here, to endeavor tanegotlkteisOrac of tits
b ? njß -. fbcy.fcU into. f|y> JuwdsL ofpnjtn.ajivjh
thab tbeiHstfteir®
JWOSOW bTthebonds for $200,000 6f thhnotes
.“Pttthcrn Bank of-Qeorgial u.concern
had a tilnck mark
hStfiadh* isspeidahle lkofc jroteißdportfcrs.--
the notes were.wpftitters,
jne road officers endeavored to regain tbjfSir
wnde, but have not yet been ablh tO diwSlter
i' ! ‘ ■
, For s time past,- tiie; &llef^tp ; 'pnjpws
h»ve been dlßcussing the propriety 'of"
t “« *<***» which'
the contractors and ttjic. road refer-
.^, wc on. 'JrOm the abovejt
appear ih
of hioney «o fiFTOtttr'lmufr*
v// r... .
ikts »-
rj*r ty? ‘ alrcsujy''^Uensire
tB W n »es-*r ; cieuii'f)|. *Haf& f is
.?* ffßfoS&iir &e Howal&ld
JJ. oif rtad^-
jS SWp* wass f oqy}« ;&>£«
'S? #!£& f 0
lwwr : i **THJK?®,F,*'»?!»n,lMg<ir,roomthan
s&&***&» a&irtepo^ngis&-
«2w7 fl to ’ toy*st», da«M»t win 3*.
: ; f/'
>v a» t^^^ l *'*~ ,^t^B e “oath* two of
■;rai» animals bare been tap-
»T ' at an oro bank neat
<w tiie other on the branch tail- 1
is~a long -time isince wo hate
fonnd 4n the most aeolactal
paaitJt .
-P«WMee taoartownon Monday gfteimnmv iwt
goifg throcgft $ e rr,ftri
?*?:«*®|ting the cariosity of meQ
°- e
be: deUtered <mo of .bis Inimitable declares,
abounding in eloquent Sigh* «por^
ling .«it, sublimepathos, e«ellentpoetiy, gide
fitting anecdotes all ending in a.proof of
the extraordinary -virtues of bis saponaceous
jwttwtfcg tar, paiit, oil aPd grease
silk, woolen, cotton or linen goods,..repior
apdall eruptionsfrom
raeskin, softenjng the the teeth,
beautifying the hair, purifying the breath, and
theconditioo of mankindih every
imaginable way from the removal of the smal
lest speck on skin or clothes deem to washing
him ashore in case he wrecked. with a
cake of this inestimable soap in his pocket.—-
Tjie Prof, carries with kith the Very best testi
monials, as fc» tb c superior qualities of his soap,
i from the thPkt distinguished men in;the country,
. also taro beautiful medals awarded by j(he Lon
don, and Pans.ExhibiUoua of thejntjustry of all
Nations—thelatter in person by the
Emperor. This is certainly sufficient to con- }
vince all that the soap is no humbug, and we (
have yet to hear itso prpnonheedby those who !
■have tried it. From the rapid manner jp which i
the quarters were passed upend Ihc.soap passed 1
down we think the Prof, talked to some advan- j
tage Should he again visit us, we !
hart no.doubt ho-will draw a rouch’Jarger audi- j
epee reap a heavier reward, .as neither he or his j
soap ever become unpopular. ' ; I
* / i' .
How in A Bakbkb Shop.—On "Monday even
ing Jast, between the hours of 9 mid 10 o’clock,
we were startled by the Sound oferashiog win
dow glaqs, repeated at intervals and accompa
nied by loud yelling, proceeding from the neigh
borhood of Shorter’s barber shop, next door to
to the Bank. Qn inquiring into the cause of
the distnrbahce, we ascertained that young man
named MgGlaughlin, who.bad beeu imbibing free
ly, had entered the shop apd commenced imposing
upon a boy who was in attendance, and even
went so far as to pick up a loaded gun, fortu
nately uncapped, and attempted to shoot the
boy. In the scuffle which ensued the boy suc
ceeded in wresting the gun from the hands of
his assailant.and dealt him a couple of blows
over the head with the btitt of it and finally got
MoG. outside of the shop, whereuppn he
tinned, and picking up a stool, demolished the
window at a couple of blows, and again effected
an entrance through it into- the shop, the boy in
thp meantime waking his exit through a back
window. Once in, lie! seized a stool and pro
ceeded,to smash.up a couple of large mirrors
and other brealisable .material? and succeeded
admirably. Having' satiated his destructive
propensities inside, die cpme put by the door
where, he was met by thp boy, who, aimed with
a stool, dealt him a blow over the head which
settled his “ camomilp” far the time being, and
caused a visit to the .suVgcon’s -office, to get his
scalp sewed up, indispensaiily necessary. Mr.
Shorter had McG- arrested on Tuesday and on
Wednesday morning he was conveyed to the
••institution” “ over the hill” to await his trial
at’ the next Court.
.(- ■ "f 1 "/;'. 1 -"r-
Mas Pat Aixkntios. —Don’t be a
loafer—don’t call yourself a loafer—don’t keep
loafcro company—don’t hang about loafing
places. Better work.bard for nothing and board
yourself, that sit around day after .day, or Stand
around corners with your bands in your pock
ets. Better for your own mind—better for your
own health—better .for your prospects.—
Bustle about if you mean to hare anything to
bustle about fqr. (Many .a poor physician has
obtained a real patient by riding hard to attend
an imaginary one. A quire of blank
up with red tape* carried-under a lawyerls arm
may procure him his first case and make bis
fortune. Such is the world; to him that bath
shall fie given. Quit droning and eqinplaimng,
keep busy, and, mind yqpr chances.
aiv!l 'S tlic causes of the War, with Biogra
phic.-.) Skt.t|.fies ana Andy engraved Portraits of Its Heroes,
, . , together the accounts of the Bottles oi Monte-
CQMP.vsy,—A new military s* 0-i ate;, and Maps pfitalv, Aus
.v. .r„ . h. frin, nnd ail the adjacent Countries', by Madams JcilE De
company, to be styled the Keystone , introduction b/i>r*^Stlm
1S T.°“- - e,n * . e *»' ,n 11,18 P lace ‘ A P rclim * iiandstmtely bound in one v..| umpi iSao. doth,
iiiflry raesitlng ,Wjaa he)tl a few evenings since, ' Puififabcd by. 0, 0. 439 Chestnut St.,
i imisope^placed upon tbclistttf.mem-. rh,l!Ukl i >lli *‘-
|<i / Jt.l 1 * t .ft l’ v U Li! ■ “ItAi.Y A3o>tnc )V*R OF ISo9.”—'This handsome volume
{■ss&'•• \ Wflibfn I,y &adim* Julio do Margucrittcs, and suitably
| f I,all > 114 WblCh the .illustratcd vrith llujft And Portraits, bos Jn«tbeen published
I mbmbera are requested to be proaent, and those by O. G. Bran* (th« original Gift Book Publisher) of Phlla
j wishing tpjoio‘ th'fc jfiteipaijy fire’.cordiallyiinvi- dtdiihi*,at the_jow fa as%eQ famed os it
jteJtoattcnti. We wiib the new company pros- j and "ti *° pASI
( *‘ i• $ ?*, ‘ti-w*i■' k •* ■*- ;v - •l l # \v, ■s. - 1 ; au “ “*usk>t # .8o tuut tUe reader may tmdentand on. wbat
00 wy* | f There , W 6 jaea .eaaoglt m this place to ground she base* here*pc*(ahey of a glorious Future, tfatit
gboil' companies. 3&C kpOlfe .tlds nuthfir, who lias .travelled largoly through
oompomestheire l are in » place or feduntV. the r ba*re4!l«ied ibr period ifiMilan,
each. Opposition a&2ivfe
i .. “K . jv...r’ Wtfal which,she personages Whom she
5 “ PA U !N , 0 r ‘ »%»?? fcfaumtely kheW; • SPbc slutfafartof Wrarions Stttca^ow
jBSF? ... j i. digged in htfafalil|es,ar« given, withbiograjihical sketches
oftbefovercigtiß generally, and' Statesmen, whom thewar
! A deal
jMdSte' ? i«~Wt*o(racipa w^ib.
W Of Uii worlti ihs canacs of tb?
nuf Mi''ybflrb: .-fa nppeniaj an
A/^ount^f Waj-ltaeUnpl to tho ■ presont tmie,
of EaUaatGue
rrOla.lcaiicr. ~ J' .
! -r )T?W[ tI ? o !. tlult ito iba work) Br. S.
jSbfiftoo and foreign .Editor
■ Warmly aa%fa«; to Resigns
. rA; “HW of fate 9oak, ontt« handsome prescttt. trili bo sent
A-|wiwCl!»Wjfi*d CaWßgnaofjßooks and Gifts;wlthtoduce
mentafo Agentsj-will bo sent free, pn^^topliaUlon'..
4 iP' i n I
’ Xtems.—The GraudDivisionof SonsqMenl
perance lielii i'iwmion'in ibis 1, place' yesterday.:
A tejnpwaww was held m tfi®
' T'-
>jU S o*.<rf/Jl. 31., to CJreck, came
= y l :i \<
j'ejtoifee used as'*»■ armory: -•'
>sp; IrOAt,, qf
Homan, Jtio Uvestost, and jibe
e&nyalespeati r!! fi "-
.... v ., ... '7 ■ ~. ~' V• •• . .Nr-; rj-ir ‘
Coqsrr Fair.—We notice large' posers,
eround town, stating;ithaiti'aJDonntj|Ejijir
■ uitt .be held id HplUdaysburgoil the 4Uf[ 6th;
,ftnd sih j&t October, 1869. Qaery~-How many
rasre jpepplp nill bp attracted to the Fair by
-thoseonehnndred mammothppstprs.thapwpuld
have attended, bad several hundred posters ofiv
respectable size (printed at ono of the county
offices, thereby costing less) beenproperly dis
tributed throughout tbe county ? J-
Brio a dike Genebae.—Our next doorneigh
bor, 'down stairs, Maj. \U. Wehn, is, tre
Stand, a candidate for the abate office,
by Uip election of Oeu. Bieil to tbe posi
'Wti&SS&Ff an|»-
ceWmtbfficer. t
faw-.fiftjr Mfto extra for a berth. Hthlsfetruv
iw 4oobt. ««r other xoads wIQ-do theßame.
»ale ffeß mow w* see of theiA, *he
eorrieS oorafortfl/iha
actlre for achfering
tom (tf railroafl mahagemeirt ■
THB .Qo»OEM.-,The Weleh Miner’s Club Con
cert, advcrtiaed to come off atfikultz’s Hall, on
Thursday evening last, proved a faaure, there
being only some half-dozen of persons in atten
dance. Although they have now met with two
plaoe* /we understand that they
ara not jto five it Op, bat
long to arrangement by which they
can secure : ah; audience and prove to the people
that they are worthy of patronage.
EbtuEhbd.-— Harry Bell has just returned
from the city pith a large supply of the fresh
est apd best groceries ever brought to the town,
and he intends to sell them as cheap as any oth
er establishment in the place. CalPnroaud and
-examine his stock.
Look out ; foe Them.— -Spurious “ fives” on
the Allegheny Bank of Pittsburgh are in circu
lation. The genuine “ fives” of this Bank have
fi View plr the steamer “Allegheny” passing the
j unction i of the two rivers, 9, locomotive on the
right end, and a female head on the-left.
S&T. Joseph' W alker, a printer, who worked a
considerable (length of time hi the Whig office,
Hollidaysburg, ay-car or two since, died in Bal
timore a | few days ago.
local corrgspohoekce
Hollidaysbup-o, July 26th, 1869,
Messiis. ■ Epitobs;— The July term’of our
county Court, commenced ou Monday, Judge
Taylor, presiding. Very little businca has been
done up to the present writing. The attendance
of the country folks is yery tair, considering
that tliis is a very busy season with them. We
shall endeavor to give the proceedings of this
week in our next.
On last evening, (Monday) the Rev. George
J.unkin, ,of Virginia, delivered a our
citizens in thc;Court House. The subject of the
lecture Was: The bearings of Mechanical In
dustry dpou National Wealth.” He is a very
able am| eloquent speaker, and well informed
upon the subjects pertaining to all branches of
I’olitical jEcontimy. lie wos listened to by a
very large and-appreciated audience.
On last Thursday evening, the Welsh Choir
connected with the Rechabite Chnrch of Johns
town, gave a concert of sacred music, in the
Court House in this place. We regret to say
that they did not meet with that,encouragement
they deserved—the audience was very
slim. They rendered entire satisfaction to all
who Hatched to them. -
We nrb very sorry to announce the sudden
death of one Of our citizens, Daniel H. Hofiup,
Esq, On last, evening he was sitting on the
front porch of the Exchange Hotel, listening to
a friend, who was sitting by his side, reading
.the latest news; His friend noticed him cough
ing and .apparently choking, ‘and upon tuning
round found -that, h? was dying In a very few
minutes |he whs a corpse. The deceased was
one of tho ablest and most talented member* of
our bar; indeed he had few equals asacriminal
lawyer* in this section of the State. His unex
pected death pas cast-quite a gloom over our
community, as he wa& highly esteemed by all
his follow-citizeiis.
On to-morrojir.evening, (Wednesday) H. G.
Uoyers, will deliver a lecture to our citizens on
the “ Geology of the Alps and Volcanic regions
of Italy. 1 '
Wew - Books.
PEOPLI!. ByEcti jffcaii S»wm
IKttnrtf. ’tf thoSlyrtle Street£hapcl, £impooL Jrint
- aunt withth(>Avtlwr, ’<?rt« Vtinjnr, 13mo,cIot hi NrtUi
J,r l?rleo$1.00.
'Owkkmt or ine Vwctoni Ru»s.—“Tfo have rkdMr.B.
BtSroWn’s “.Lectures” wrtUmu'ciMti*£Mtloru Mr. Brown
knows hoar to apeak to “ the popple.” ItobualmotteverT
'qualification for it, if w« majy judge from hia printed as
drosses. There is. no maudlin sentimentality abouthim;
but all Is healthful as the breeze on The hill. Th6to
Clap trap; lie is both too honest and too earnestfbr that—
There is neither a'Pharisaic korn of vice, nor any effemi
nate apoligizing for it, but* wise Christian man's right
coos hatred of lt, wbo knows how to lookbn those who arc
sin-degraded as his brethren.. He speaks tot tho penile al
most "ait oitoof thejnselTcs, only from a higher level; and*
'ptadar to
ow ltoito4y|:f6uitooh senk proverbs, and craployslh'em
tellingly. There is no affectation of extraordinary o con- *
P*« Jfcr tbe pool er Mr
amaijr coodsrn ..which esSHdfohl to djspstMiwtriSttfpsnfei
: itoelf.chivftr, In calm bat bravo aad ■
sensiblyeameet endeavors. The proverb, “ Much crysusdt.
•Httle hi* caac. Dtstrimdastre
;t«Cbeii*flt BhoWntqr thep*ia* ■pith;
which he collectaand prepare* the statistics ef vice, pover
ty, wclbrnandulledßu^may
prtsdi to thohmfersSandfr*. 1 lie genuineness cfhie car-,
waatnemto tke ehMifbtncss with which it toUa,.
ahmg the hlgfawayof nomaion tense. ItehasaoracourSe'
.torockless, undisertminating oharr»>*hdT* toostrirng
■ for-oxaggeratlon.Ttuth I* enough s>r him; would that
this were ho fidUiCulljr- toadies the
wont vices, yet you neverfoel that the censor himaslfmust
have a coarse .taateor prurient imagination. Thsee Sunday
afternoon lectures are not “ sermons,*' nor bo.
In them he grapples with acknowledged evils; bat Still,
while opening tho eyes of the people to the teal nature of
much of what tholr dally life too often is, and showing
what, it might be, be is never ashamed of the Gospel of
Christ, nor chargeable with even seeming to let them go
away with the impression that anything else, and not the
kingdom of heaven, a the Erst thing to be sought. In Mr.
Brown wb have a man who, we'shonld judge, can afford to
go where any classes of Ghat's creatures are domesticated,
for he is strong, and his strength is holy.”—iAndAty Ckrts
tiau Spectator.
A copy of the book, with a splendid gift, will be sent by
mail, post-paid, upon the receipt of one dollar and twenty
A new Classified Catalogue of Gifts and Books, with In
ducements to Agents, will be sent free on application-
Address all orders to 0.0. EVANS, Publisher,
459 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
The great standard medicines of (he present
age, have acquired (heir great popularity only
through years of trial. Unbounded satisfac
tion is rendered by (hem in all cates; and the
. people have pronounced them worthy.
liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Debility pf the Nervous System,
Diseases of tbe Kidneys,
and all diseases arising from & disordered
liver or weakness of the stomach and digestive
organs, are speedily and permanently cured by
The Balsamic Cordial hat acquired a
reputation surpassing that of any similar pre
paration extant. It will cure, without fail,
the most severe and long-standing
Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, In
fluenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient
and hat performed the most astonishing cures
ever known of
Confirmed Consumption.
A few doses will also at Once cheek and
cure the most severe, DUurhcea proceeding
from Cold is the Bowels.
f These medicines are prepared by Dr. C. M.
Jackson & Co., No. 418 Arch Street, PhUa
delphia, Pa., and are told by druggists and
dealers in medicines everywhere, af]f6 cents
per bottle. The signature of C.. M. Jackson
will be on the outride wrapper of each bottle.
In the Almanac published annually by the
proprietors, called Everybody's Almanac,
you will find testimony and commendatory
notices from all parts of the country. These
Almanaee are given away by all our agents.
U®, For sale. In Altoona, by .A. Roush and G. W
N Kessler, and by all Druggists. [may 1», ’O9-ly
ns~ The following, from a customer, shows the demand
which this great medicine has created wherever it has been
Messrs. Fleming Bros. — Gentlemen:'- — ln consequence of
oie great consumption ufyour “ Worm Speeific’-in this place
and vicinity, wc h«v« entirely exhan.-ted our block. We
should feel obliged by year forwarding, via Corning, N. Y.,
20 dozen, with your bill, on the reception of wbicli We will
remit yon the moucyl
From the wonderful effects of mid “ Specific” in this
neighborhood, there conld be sold annually a largo quan-
if to be had, (wboh-Mlo and retail) from some local
agent. If you would compensate a .person lor trouble and
expense.of rending, I think 1 could make it to your advan
tage todo so.
Purchaser* will lie careful to ask for DK.M'L AXE’S
ING BROS, of Pittsburgh, pa. All other' Vermifuges in
fumpari«m are worthless. Dr. M’Lanea genuine Vermi
fuge, also bis celebrated Liver Pills, can now be had at nil
respectable drug stores. : None genuine unless Vie signature
°f ... FLEM j >acaos
Wo Believe wo can not do our readers a more Important
service, than by againcalling their attention to that most
remarkable preparation, discovered by Dr. Seth 3. Fiance,
of Baltimore, Md, which possesses tho power, of alleviating
that horrid visitation of man—Epilepsy, 'or
Fallibg Fits. In coinmcn.flng tijf preparation to our
readers, we do so with a conviction that we arc not ng
our columns to puff a common patent medicine, biff are
placing before them a. whJcin ;,' folly known,
would probably do more
• any iuvenUoa ofmodi-u tim,**. la
to 'uia preparation favorably iu our editorial depart
tnent, bag sent us for perusal a iramteroflrttersfroin per
sons who have uredhiaMla.and have bced cured theriby.
All M them speak inlho most grateful and eulogistic
advantage {his m'cdicind pp’ssesses is the
U capje trum®f»rWd through the thcrdiiy
jyffoipug everyone «atbpporfuidtyofdeolingdirectiy wjth
’tpe inventor, knd idsb' a)X jr of
imposed oh- by a counterfeit orspnijbmaiaiitation. Sr.
DAhoe pAys his puis feintir part of tho
°fj :?>£•» Ap*
1 receipt of"® funmtance. '“Ills piiccsare as fo(lowaj
for the
modhaneshould baaddroasod to Seth 8. Hance, 108 Baltl-
DTE. '
, frrptue4iif
you wish to escape ridicule. '■•’■•■ ■ -■’ v■:. •*■ - \
ORAF.RED, or HAIR. VyvA ;jto. a
beautiful and naturalßroivn,orßlack, wW*wt7the hut
iitfniY tojbo ' ’■* j ; ,
A. Batohelor (literlB9o, and o«rBP,000 applfcatloß* hs4o
been mode to tbo hair ofW» patrons of Bye:
' ini. a. BkTCttEtoivs «Aik vis v&fcA icofyr
not to- be distinguished from, pa hire, dad fc:#A*teiictro&t
idlpjtmlttthd feist,* Wratevcd to ng ip
and tlie ill effect of Bad byes remedied; the' Hair invigo*
rit&rorUbVj '
Mode, Mid or applied (in 9 private roonu) at Bie {Tig*
Factory, 232 Broadway, Now Yotfc. " ' -’ ■' ' ■* i
Sold by Drujrgtsjs in Altoona, *nd by ln till
*nd tpwns oj the-Vqitied, iStajUg^y-i" s 7
s * ! ■■••= ■ ■ w>i. A. v »ti»eHia«B.
i 33 Broadway, Kcw York. ■
.Vot.OS. ISW- ly
’•v ■* “*-{•» y -yrs irw
Blossbcro, Tioga Co. Pa., March 30, 'lB5O.
Yours, Respectfully, W.M. .M. MALLORY’,
Per W. B. Porter.
a certain cure.
Gout, Swellings, Rfaeamatlmr, Scald HeM, Salt
Baldhat, Rrysfpol**, Ringworm, Barbers’ itch. Small Poa
Measles, ’
TOsomelt iwyappearihcmluldu»thati»m*hy diseases
Shonld be rcached by one article; such >hWeb wfflf vanish
when reflection points tothe feet, that the salvefeaeom
bination oflngredients, each and every one applying a per
fect antidote to its apposite disorder. .
tla»|;l* so shorthe
tween disease and a permaMntcare; it is aw aVtfwy
lor, as it draws all dJaeosa tmt of the aSectsd port, leaving
nature as perfect as before the ln|ury. ; 'lt b searcely ne
cessary to say that no house, work-shop, or mann&otory
should be one moment without it. .
No Pain Extractor is genuine unless box has upon it
a steel plate engraving; with the name- of Henry Dailey,
Manofeotnrer. -
BoM byQ. W. Kessler, Altoona; George A. Jacobs, Hul
lidaysburg; and by all the Druggists apd patent medicine
dealers throughout the United States ami Canadas.
Principal Depot, 166 Chambers atreet, New Tork. ■
Nov. 11,185fi-Jy j C. F. CUACK.
Important to Ohebsk
hxx’s Pniiu-Tho combination of ingredients in these
Pills are the result of a long and extensive practice. ‘ They
are mild in their operation, and ccrto|d in cortedUug all
irregularities, painful mem>truattous.j removing aU ob
structions, whether from cold or otherwise, headache, pdin
in the Side, palpitation of the heart, disfiirbed sleep, which
always, arise from interruption of nature, inducing with
certainty periodical. rognlarity. Warranted purely
blc, from anything Injurious to ijfdorhealth. Bx
phnit directions, which should be read,, accompany **y-h
box. Price $l. Pent by mail by enclosing $1 to any
authorized Agent.
R. B. HUTCHINGS. General Agent fur (he United States,
166 Chambers street, New York.
ib whom all Wholesale orders should be addressed.
Suld by G. W. Eeasier, Altoona; Geo.- A, Jacobs, Holli
day sbnrg; imd by all Druggists in tho United States.
Call on the Agent and get a pamphlet hoe.
Not. 18, 1868-ly
This disease con bo cured by Da. EktUEH’s ToojraACHE
Rzsttar, prepared by him in Pittsburgh,-Pa, which Is put
up in bottles apd sold at 25 cents each.,; it is on occcUsat
medicine. when diluted, for spungy and lender gums, and
is worth ten times iU price to all who need it. Sold'hore
by Q. W. Kessler. [Deo. 9, ISflb-ly.
BATCIItLOH’3 WIG 3 AXD TOUBEES surpass all.—
They tiro elegant, light, easy mid durable.
Fitting to u charm—no taming up behind—no shrinking
off the head; indeed, thin Lj tho only UjtubUshmcnt wherv>
thcee things art* properly understood-and made.
Not. IS, 1868-ly 233 Broadway. New York.
JL. KRTi in tbe best bu-iness location in Altoona.
APP'J to h. Wi HALL,
, , „ Attorney at Law,
July 2S, IS»9.—_t Altoona, Pa.
heretofore occupied by 11. Tuck, db the corner of
Main and Caroline streets, la now offered for rent. -Inquire
of the subscriber. C. C. SHANNON.
July 28th tf.
hereby notified not to purchase or'iet) any lager beer
kegs with the stamp of the ALTOONA BREWERY there
on, as such kegs lever have been and; never will ho sold
from the Brewery. All kegs containgiqg;'said stamp will
he claimed and taken, wherever found, byi the proprietors
of the Brewery to whom thpy belong.
July ,28th 1860-tf. . WILHELM 4 B!tO.
Hotel for rent.—the hotel
property situate on Rail Road Street immediately
above the Pennsylvania Railroad Ware House, heretofore
occupied by Matthias Otto, is offered for:rent. It te a good
two-story frame building, with nine bed-rooms, a dinW
room forty, feet long, a bar-room, parlor awf -kitchen.
The house fronts thirty-air foet on Rail Road Street and
runs bask fifty-eight feet. There Is a well of good water
a good stable and all necessary, out-buildifigs on tho prem
ises. For further particulars apply to the undersigned
next door to the above property. >• •
July 28,1889-3 t. SIRS. GRADY.
Notice.— all persons know
ing themselves indebted to"the Cap hf Bunyan A
Sanford, will please call and settle their accounts without
delay, as ample time has been given. : In thirty days-hcre
after, all accounts unsettled wUI bo phuiedln tho hands of
u proper person fir collection.
Altoonm July 23, ISM.-St BVXYAjr 4 SANFORD.
The undersigned fuels gratcfuT.for tlm patronage hereto
fore bestowed oh tho hinPaud himsulf by tfie citizens of
Altoona, and expects still to servn'fhb public with all kinds
of meat as usual. All persons failing to settle their ac
counts ev.-ry'lhlrfy days," must not expect longer Indnl
gciwe. Ky capital Is limited, and long: credits wlll'hoen
place me wherb others are that litre indulged soßmcli
credit to their ruin. MAREtN RUNYAN. ‘
Give ns a call and secure GREAT BARGAINS in
Wt will continue for WEEKS Ip sell the balance
of our Stock of Sunnier Goods >
to make room- for an early Fall Stock.
Tiit Peopie*’ Cheap Shoe Store,
Virginia Kt, two doors below Superintendent’* Office.
Altoona, July 28,1858. <£lW-KIWBSLS.
JM Qfflce at Altoona. Js!v 28tii;18Wi
AWworth, JdmH -
Adelahelmer, Jacob Tn j,£ "
Baker, Aafow
Bj>‘thcrtoa, Joseph Mnl!&rv*t.L».
Baty, Aim BbnrtsohJJaa
Brunkcr,- TBomas Miner, L 4 " ’
Corkrln,Cathartßt 2 MatUck, Sarah A ‘
rr ,
B«T*ha % «
.EfchionTSD S; .
Prlningcr, Chi istian
Foster, WE Heehfo; MarlU g—■ -
■ /■ ■
GaltaheTfMfcWfcl ’ Rft&r jsiteaiSSE » *
Hosken, W K RcyuoWs. Rdbt
-tofrickpElltUhett •- - W - -v .
IfauHn. Y DMlss ’ ' * 7 l!m&‘Wfl»nCP ’ '
King, Ann B- :J " ;1 ' r ' ,,;
KWus;Fern ‘ - 1 ‘
«Hnc, Perry Young,'Bftmtmlj
Sec, Slargt ( • t • J ,■Young, JoUb
JLi toes of the subscriber, new 'XI-' I '''Vl " -»
le6henygiirnscc,---Btair eoontr.* aboht
•Ip* W^fu^^hS|tli(9!^a’£££iL
afiputMoyair; hid. The owner u n- ; dPIw ?■
’qnbstwtofconiS fijrwarJ. wore orom-r-’/nfci'ill aca*.
it away.
■WMe rt wHI be'dlsposed of according to law.
y> -r^TTr: : vc. b. sink.
'ijLat .that. jAe Book Notes of Dr. C.J. Hirst,
ffnaaisoof the lat 6 flrrtf of Hirst i (loot!, are left in my
Whds.ibr collection, where all persons knowing themselves
iMebfeeu wBl make payment. ' I
. Altoona, July 14,-tf ■ JACOB GOOD, J. P*
'"r\ - is hereby'girco that ah EAminition of Teachers to
'jSKodlWgo of tii*i*txhH« Schooli oftuaßorough of Al
. toena. wifi he hold InWeat Ward School House, on SAT*
jyßßA'y,. AUGUST 13,185 U, commencing ntil o’clock AVM.
•/, . The Directors deajro to secure the sorvlJßtf $ Teachers
—Xntalahttid* femaie—lbr A terni of B'■ mbn tin, Schools
ta'opah ah lhohrsl Monday In Beptembw^. t
Joly-U..Xssa.-tJ -B. r. ROSS, Sec’y. ;
SSfe Company.* Agency, A^ > |ti«et, )> iUtoea».
17 ; m». J 01& 9HOBHAKEB,A g ent“
■ ! »T»»S»S*A, ■ ~
" ’ '*•*«!* W TBE Wlftrtgf'
■'■■ ; ‘^vi^-qo^PLA^^,
A** l U»« wfcM tUßsrtletif coo—q asp t upon h disordert4
Sachaslndl ® ft i^Sjtikky
■Und and mrediw^a^^UNema^Wm^ito i u4
JfUualglc Affectionate has in numerous instate* DroveJ
WBclai;«Wju others affected a j^Km.
. is a compound, preparSfon sirletlv
principle*. after the mannsr of the* celebrated
tt>Uand Profresof. Sberh&ve: Became of Its gMai (access
b Jba most of tb* European States, its fatru)i|wßan into
tho United States Was intended mors es^UltyJbr lho*o
of onr fctherland scattered hen and there onMMflhc* ol
this mighty country. MesUagwHh grihi sbc^'Cmon*
constitutions may hare been unßabed by the sordtonou*
“i'n* &***> OT <* 4J*dpattet^afc
ritfiy instantaneous in effect,*! duds its way directly to the
seat of life, thrilling and qnfckeulug every nerve, raising
tip the drooping spirit, and, in ftet, induing now health
and vigor in U*antuoK . - > ¥
' C / vTlON.~3fts*greatpopularity 4)f fete dsllithtfttta
ma^s ttbich te^MiblfcshoiiUl
thing-eSe unti? you hive given
a fiiir trial. One bottle wUljcohvlnco yon hfcrltinnely
inpci lor it is to all lliege imlfaiiotui. ” K f
■iO* Sold at $l.OO pee ur *U bottlbe kt s»,'by 4u
sol* redMuieoiw, “ 1 i
BENJ. ?^CO.,
Manufacturing PhqrmacinlifU and GhanuU.
m ■ .f ; v; 4
> JuUn D- Park, Gucmiwtl} totw^AAwofcdSi...
— R OUdII, Altoona, ?»., :aodJb&.lH»Mkit«
ant] Meidiauts generally throughout the UjUM JSSlctci
and Canadoa. .» [Qctobcr j^lM». 7 lr
A li. Wanting farms fif Mm-
X3L- MatfWtJt CLIMATE, iliti «41l
frosts. sceadVertUcincntof Uathtncytoft liSfiSlHanofluT
column* 1 ■ v
>ybod t.—btabtunu
gnat wot It lb* thiintti
of_ fhr those coßtngDlH
, nuinlnge—3oo twWHCfuIl
'I.ATBB. Price 25 ?Wtih
t to ill tinrtC'Qiidepriß}, by
lea sold the Iwftyear, The
!«,- married.«wH»o mar
impjry, A tidtOTTion
, or how: twchooses ran
»co*ti&ti yUfk ifi llM
'*• fi gpaUi&altvitAreda
»wo lojrjt, 26 cents in specie or
postiige stainpr encloseilj will hy return of
DB. TELLBII lint Uarotcil p llfctimeto tbs ijbHf of ilia
o»ao on which his hooka treat. Address J. TEfcLBK M. D
Slarrlftl ladles should pot use then). • Sant by Jim. Ad
dress Dr. Teller, as abort. April flfnsT~<Q-iy
TO all wanting Farms.
ment of Uanimouton lancfe
-Li The undersigned Is prepared to'lociUe LASB VAR.
n AJjIS in ■ the Onudui and Nebraska Cfty IMnL.-
Oood •H-lcctlonacan übw be made beer the taWtoteutii
and settlements The Lands of UiU
Market, aru of the beat quality: •
M,u,«aw, °*^WW‘***"-
Rev< A. B/Cmrk, Altoona, Pa.
Tno*. A. Sew, Saps. P.TL.VL, « ' •• "
D. McMi rteib, e«i4 Huntington, Pa.
T)EBSPNS wanting c&gjge of climate
tpanofte^plmnuT 0
Levi *
importer of
N Allegheny Ifaeet, iforik If&d,' \
A. largo Stock of all kinds of virr
kept constant}/on hand, «ndv4Q*bea6M
i»n°i t^ n t l^™ n prices a* rcaaoajjlo as the*
can be bid anywhere in the country. flt*y ’6SHf
QHOE Business and Factdwescan be
kj! atrriod on profitably at HaaniOntoßv See witertito
mentof llammoaton Lawte. - r .: .r
X5/\JF. B* lo to ***M» - > ,*- . , »
rOMy ICnltoii, . i\.;
'■: «nJ Varnish. Brushes. -
Titter fans,
, logwood, ,
■‘ • Kxtrnot logwood, * -j
C**X*o9t(l r i t- $ .
* Qci(«.
■ v yenHioe
‘“Hi 1 te
piisfai ,tmm\ itf-Ji
d Cases Chrono TdW.-.
J&SS&*?** t* «api%j&
' .-S? ■
*' -^.
Extracts for .■} .
Butterfly BOquot, •
■v ■■■■.■’-■’■■
:i ty Trt
fe; ■:»-
FPriele c by
pitsr •
VJr P*»*»(brtdt.inwed CM!, •
■' ■' ?pre •.. i • !. V, !,• .’ »7"
UeroseniOH, ;. ■- ' f |
CotopSww nhdßurttoTrniiJ'v
. Birnet’s Co«*lne, ‘ , ( '
X-yon’s Kstb&irob, -
Superior Bay iliim,
Cologne* ofail XI
May 12,1859.
Cutter’s ImproTßd SHOULDER BSACWfIir tidies.
Gentlemen and Children. Fpr ra!e hy~ ~ ;;
, In Quart. Pint, Hal Wnt a»f4 o«.BoW|s«.
Fine Block. and Red at -—■ •■
:mmnwe-v. ■*<mn
A. RCV.m.
For Mle by
. t
Seo advertise-
•-Vi -
■ •;- ’V-iyi). ■?
■’ ‘ £3- ~>.
its acs.